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Study: GOP Food Stamp Cuts Hit Disabled, Children, Elderly

A new study by the Brookings Institute has revealed that last month’s $36 billion cut to Food Stamps will hit some of the most vulnerable families in America, shattering Republican & Tea Party claims that poverty in the United States is a result of fecklessness and lack of aspiration.

Food insecurity as defined by the USDA soared in the aftermath of the Great Crash of 2008, and has deteriorated ever since. In the meantime, thanks to the largest bailout in American history, the stock market has rebounded, thanks to soaring profits for corporations and financial institutions.

Despite the reality of food poverty in America, the GOP saw fit to cut Food Stamps by $5 billion per year, in the face of muted Democratic opposition. This cut is the equivalent to a $36 per month cut for the average family of four receiving $668 per month in food stamps.

67% of Republicans polled by the Huffington Post and YouGov were in favor of cuts to food stamps. During the debate in Congress, many Republicans claimed that anyone on benefits was merely workshy, and that hardworking Americans were subsidizing able-bodied people who would rather collect government checks than look for work.

New research from the Hamilton Project, which is affiliated with the Brookings Institute, has revealed that 87% of households on food stamps have at least one child, elderly person or disabled person living in them. Just 3% of households are non-elderly, non-disabled persons with no dependants in a multi-person household.

As expected, 91% of food stamp recipients are families living at or below the poverty line. Despite this, the GOP and its reactionary Tea Party wing remain determined to starve vulnerable Americans who they will never meet and whose lives they will never understand, with only their fundamentalist opposition to public assistance to guide them.

h/t: Huffington Post

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Liam O'Connor
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