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Student At Christian School Shoots Parents In The Head (video)

I’m sure the TEAvangelical Christians have a good explanation as to why 14-year-old Nathon Brooks shot both his parents in the head after being grounded from playing video games. We have been told repeatedly by the likes of Pat Robertson, Mike Huckabee, Bryan Fischer and others like them that violence like this and the Sandy Hook massacre happens because God and prayer have been removed from schools.

What now, lunatics?


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  • Gigi Jones

    Did he try to blame it on an African-American person? Oh, there aren’t any where he lives! LOL! Not just dangerous, but stupid, too! There’s no way to legislate against that combination.

  • Kaeylyn

    Nope,that was NOT an insult whatsoever,it was pointing out the TRUTH.HOW many times have these Fascist Theocrats from The Christian Taliban said”If only we’d put God back in schools,we wouldn’t have all this violence&chaos”?.And now,because of their insistence on wrong-headed, ridiculous&dangerous policies,teaching their kids utter nonsense&leaving them defenseless,fearful&ignorant,the chickens are coming home to roost.

    They allowed things to get to this point with their non-stop assaults on common sense&reason in every aspect,now it’s THEIR turn to deal with the fallout&come to the realization that putting God in schools& disdaining science,reason,common sense&decency does NOTHING but beget tragedies like this,and obviously their God was off somewhere too busy helping Tebow find a new gig&assisting The Duggars with their Clown Car uterus,to actually give a damn about what happened at”His”House,or notice he had been invited.Hmm,maybe they weren’t “Christian”enough,like these Dominionsts always accuse everyone else of..Nope,they deserve every bit of Coals heaped on their heads,because they sowed the seeds of discord&lies first.

    They are the ones who have drug this Nation back to the Dark Ages with superstition&fear,and this is what you get when that happens.If they can dish out the damnation,then they sure as hell ought to be able to take it,if not,then they need to get a grip&get a new Religion&re-examine their own non-thought process.Karma,it IS a beeyach&their God does NOT exist.It’s time to rely on things that DO exist,instead of fantasies that protect NO ONE,and leave the door open for tragedy to waltz in with a loaded gun.

  • lastpersonalive

    this is a result of bad parenting not video games and not gun sure the guns should have not been available to him but if it was not guns it would have something else.

    • observer44

      Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy, too?
      “… if it was not guns it would have [been] something else.”
      If it was not guns, the parents would still be alive. GUNS ARE MEANT TO KILL.

      • Hi I’m Joel

        Not true, he could have easily killed them both with a knife, or a bat, he could have smothered them in there sleep, point is, there’s uncountable ways to kill limited groups of people, now, before you get all butthurt (as internet posters are wont to do) and start calling names, know this, I’m very anti-gun, i don’t like them, not one bit, but cases like this are really a poor example as to why there should be tighter gun control, because he really COULD have killed them with a hammer, it might have taken a little more thought, but he could, easily. A far better argument is to point out shootings like Columbine, Sandy hook, Virginia Tech etc, and ask could someone do THAT with a hammer

  • Raji the Green Witch

    OK, calling people names and insulting them is NOT a good way to open up a dialog. Yes, maybe they ARE on the unreasonable side, but pointing that out to them is counterproductive to your intended goal, namely getting them to join with you in helping to reduce the availability to guns by those who should NOT have access to them. Yes, I acknowledge that insulting IS a tactic which THEY use against US, never the less, when they do it and WE respond in a polite and rational tone, it is THEY who come off looking all the worse for their behavior. In this case, do NOT fight fire with fire. fight it with water, instead.

  • joemarcinello

    Guns and violent video games need to be outlawed. That way in the future when all the killings are done with knives and poisoning, it’ll be a lot easier on the cleanup crew.

  • KB

    It’s NOT the video games all the way! It’s the parents for letting him play 24/7 come on! Also they knew of problems before this! Consoling comes to mind!

  • kriste

    obviously video games were to blame. what other reason could there be for this to happen?

    • Meg


      • Sylvie

        A gun available?

    • so much herp theres hardly time for derp


    • Tony

      Could it be that he was just another rotten, spoiled, kid, like lots of kids these days?

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