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Stealing Election 2014: Ohio GOP Kills Sunday and Weekday Early Voting! (Video)

According to a report from the Associated Press, thanks to Secretary of State John Husted, Ohio voters will no longer have the option of early voting on Sundays or weekday nights.

Instead, voter will only have two Saturdays out of the fall to cast early – in person – ballots.

Speaking in a press release, Husted rationalized his decision as a matter of being “fair and uniform,” suggesting it was a matter of making the process more agreeable for everyone:

“In 2014, absentee voters will have the option of voting in person for four weeks, or they can vote without ever leaving home by completing the absentee ballot request form we will be sending all voters. Our goal is to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat and to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity in the voting process no matter which method they choose.”

As usual, African Americans be most negatively affected by the measures. According to a report from MSNBC:

There’s little doubt that cuts to early voting target blacks disproportionately. In 2008, black voters were 56% of all weekend voters in Cuyahoga County, Ohio’s largest, even though they made up just 28% of the county’s population.

“By completely eliminating Sundays from the early voting schedule, Secretary Husted has effectively quashed successful Souls to the Polls programs that brought voters directly form church to early voting sites,” said Mike Brickner, a spokesman for the Ohio American Civil Liberties Union, in an email.

Read Husted’s press release here.

h/t: Huffington Post

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  • David

    The Ohio GOP is insidious, but the Ohio Dems are whiny. We knew this stunt would be coming and that the Governor’s office AND legislature would do this, and all Dem leadership did was pull out more Ed Fitzgerald signs.

    One wonders why the Ohio NAACP doesn’t march up Broad St., why the ACLU office on Main isn’t overflowing with citizen activists to address this.

    • lucybeckett35

      Wow, David, I like the way you think. I’m a left-leaning Democrat, but I didn’t have my eye on this ball. If, as you say, this was known to be coming, I wonder why there wasn’t more/some warning from the Ohio Democratic Party leadership? Where were the petitions to sign, expressing our outrage at this cheap power grab? Why weren’t we all marching?

      • GeniusJunky

        We weren’t marching for two reasons: first, the Ohio Dems can’t afford to lose the suburban vote, so they can’t make that sort of policy a big enough issue to garner momentum behind it without popular support. Second, all the big money that normally goes to the left is tied up with right-to-work.

        This one slipped through the cracks because no one who had any disposable cash had time to care about it.

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