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State of the Union Unleashes Online Trolling Fails from Leaderless GOP Members

The President’s State of The Union Address last night was thankfully devoid of the tactless heckles or controversial head shakes that in some ways defined previous speeches. Yet when it came time to gauge reaction to the address, representatives from America’s Republican Party seemed to trip over one another in their attempts to bash the annual address.

Beginning first with the flat and eye roll inducing official response, as delivered by Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers, who attempted to sew the GOP narratives of small government and the presumed evils of the Affordable Care Act into a touchy-feely, motherly sort of speech. Though to her credit she did to a certain extent defy convention by partially acknowledging income inequality, the efforts to paint a “hopeful” and inclusive picture for the party which is struggling desperately to remain relevant, failed to land, leading to her speech being generally panned by those who watched.

Following McMorris however, came Senator Mike Lee who gave the “official” response for the Tea Party. Seeming to have the ongoing civil war between the Tea Party and GOP in mind, Lee went on both to espouse the prototypical Tea Party talking points one might expect, while also seeming to suggest that the Tea Party itself is some form of third-party option, regarding the GOP and Democratic party as ‘the two mainstream parties’ in America. In addition to these were addresses from Senator Rand Paul, Senator Ted Cruz and a Spanish language response delivered by Representative llena Ros-Lehtinen.

However, beyond these competing schizophrenic single party reactions to the President’s speech on the state of the nation, it was to Twitter that numerous less relevant Republican representatives and right wing pundits took, to shake their digital fists and express their electronic ire with Obama’s words.

Perhaps the most widely circulated Republican responses, which came before the speech much like Senator Cruz’s pRE-action, was tweeted by Texas Representative Randy Weber who said:

Kansas Congressman Tim Huelskamp was equally enthusiastic via twitter, calling the President everything from a “crony capitalist” (a favorite euphemism of conservatives who are themselves generally in the pockets of big business anyway,) to a tyrannical king and dictator. In his twitter-tirade, the Congressman seemed especially interested in pointless invocations of the Benghazi attacks, clearly failing to properly defy conservative talking point convention in any original way.

In addition, Karl Rove, Steve Stockman and Erick Erickson all lined up in the Twitterverse to take pot-shots at the speech, with each falling short of really conveying the sting they clearly had hoped to affect. Curiously racist cave dweller Ted Nugent‘s Twitter feed was inactive during the night and has remained so since Jan. 26th, following a string of well publicized racial epitaphs made by the gun crazy psychopath.

All in all however, GOP and conservative responses to the State of The Union fell generally on their faces throughout the night. It could be for lack of proper leadership, lack of proper vision or simply that there were too many cooks in the kitchen, but regardless of the reasoning, the once great and venerable opposition party seems last night, to have demonstrated that the troubles which exist within the right are far from over and the infighting which defined the party in 2013, is likely only to increase with only reactionary opposition to everything serving to bind together the increasingly fractured party of no.

(h/t: ThinkProgress & PoliticsUSA)

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  • Sean

    Rachel Maddow brought Huelskamp on after the SOTU address. And he proved to be just as insane on camera as off. Can’t wait to see the response here to that, where he called Maddow a cheerleader and insulted her journalistic integrity. Repeat after me: “Excuse you?”

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