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Special-Ed Student Who Recorded Bullies Tormenting Him Accused of Felony Wiretapping

When a Pennsylvania sophomore with learning disabilities could not get help from his teachers, he decided to take matters into his own hands.  The boy, who was not named, had been regularly tripped, shoved, nearly burned with a cigarette lighter, and generally tormented since moving to the South Fayette School District, just 20 minutes outside Pittsburgh, PA.

According to sources,

“The student and his mother, Shea Love, testified before the magistrate that the boy has been repeatedly shoved and tripped at school, and that a fellow student had even attempted to burn him with a cigarette lighter. The defendant is, according to school records, a well-behaved student with no history of disciplinary action. He was, however, previously diagnosed with a comprehension delay disorder, which is a slower processing speed for information than is normal, ADHD, and an anxiety disorder. He says the bullying treatment is especially harsh and academically disruptive during his special education math class, in which students with behavioral problems are also placed. On February 11, after doing research on several anti-bullying websites, he used his school approved personal iPad to make a seven-minute audio recording of his classroom experience. He played the recording at home for his mother. Outraged, Love, a former Air Force Morse code operator, transcribed the audio before calling school administrators.”
“According to Love, as the teacher is heard attempting to help her son with a math problem, a student says, “You should pull his pants down!” Another student replies, “No, man. Imagine how bad that (c**t) smells! No one wants to smell that (t**t).” As the recording continues, the teacher instructs the classroom that they may only talk if it pertains to math. Shortly thereafter, a loud noise is heard on the recording, which her son explained was a book being slammed down next to him after a student pretended to hit him in the head with it. When the teacher yells, the student exclaims, “What? I was just trying to scare him!” A group of boys are heard laughing.”

The boy had been diagnosed with comprehension-delay disorder, anxiety disorder and ADHD.  According to his testimony, he recorded the audio to show his mom that he “wasn’t lying” about the continuous abuse.

“I was really having things like books slammed upside my head,” he said. “I wanted it to stop. I just felt like nothing was being done.”

Angered by what she saw, she took the audio recording to the school principal, Scott Milburn.  What Mr. Milburn did next is nothing short of shocking.

“After listening to her son’s evidence, Love eventually reported it to the South Fayette High School principal who, instead of disciplining the bullies involved, called the police to interrogate her “visibly distraught” son.  When Love arrived, the principal said the student was facing felony wiretapping charges because he had made a recording in a place where there is an expectation of privacy.  The officer agreed but eventually reduced the charge to disorderly conduct on the basis that the student engaged in offensive actions ‘which served no legitimate purpose.'”

Despite the abuse that the boy had to endure, he was eventually found guilty of disorderly conduct by District Judge Maureen McGraw-Desmet.  This marks the first time that a bullying victim recorded abuse, and was later charged with a crime.

They plan to appeal the ruling on April 29.  The bullies were never punished.

About Salvatore Aversa

Salvatore Aversa attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in History in 2009. He currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA with his wife Nicole and their Chocolate Labrador Godiva.
  • Chris Bordeman

    Nope, the law is this way due changes in privacy laws in most liberal states several years ago. I remember it happening, and I remember Republicans saying at the time that it would be abused by wrongdoers and police. And it has. The “Tea Party” would have never approved of a law like this being passed restricting your freedoms in favor of something so nebulous as ‘privacy.’

  • Chris Bordeman

    Don’t think it’s this, though that would be easy.

  • Chris Bordeman

    Geez, don’t go off the deep end you looney.

  • Jenifer Ferreyra Brindis

    Stupidly law does state that recordings like this one can not be used as evidence and is unlawful despite the good purpose. It’s a disgrace that they didn’t do their own investigation into this for their own evidence at least. The bullies should ‘ve punished not the victim!

    • Chris Bordeman

      One of these stupid radical privacy laws that were fashionable on the left a decade or so ago.

      • Jenifer Ferreyra Brindis

        Honestly, regardless of what side it was fashionable on I think that at most they should have restrictions, but not a flat out disregard of recorded evidence. In a case like this it just allows the attacker to do more harm to the victim when it should serve to back up the victim.

  • Carlos Rojas

    When a bully like Trump is a leading candidate for president, and has a huge following nationwide, it shouldn’t come as a surprise in our country when those in charge of our safety, not only show complete disregard for justice, but total disdain for those who are victims of bullying. What a disgusting world we are creating.

    • Chris Bordeman

      Trump just got his ass handed to him in Iowa, after all his bluster. :D

  • Larry Brautigam

    We have sunk below 3rd world.

  • James Melandy

    the cops and judge should be hung by there balls in a public square so people can ridicule them.

  • Beaugrand_RTMC

    Post the names of the teacher, the principal of the school, the police officer, the judge and the prosecutor and let the internet do what the internet does.
    Maybe start a GoFundMe for the kid to go to a better school.

  • J. Fischer

    This is a year old, and I’d bet that the authorities STILL think they acted appropriately.

  • Jared Ladd

    Wow, just wow! I’m glad my school isn’t like this, but this just turns up the stupidity meter that the United States has been having since the 2000s. This school district, no, the town should be sued because of their stupidity.

    • Chris Bordeman

      No doubt the teachers’ unions closed ranks around this principal and these awful teachers.

  • rui oliveira

    I hope the principal gets fired, the officers get fired and the judge in court that thinks its ok to make a thing out of this gets fired as well. America get your business together.

    • Devin Kedward

      I don’t even know if we have enough pieces of “our business” to get “together” anymore :/

    • Chris Bordeman

      Judges really don’t have the discretion to let the kid off. It’s everyone else who could have behaved differently. I think.

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  • VerityHeld

    No wonder the bullying happened for so long, the schools and the cops are part of the problem! God in Heaven, what does it take to get through to people that obtuse? Why such stupidity isn’t considered a mental disability is beyond me.

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  • Josef

    What is the name of this school? They are going to get a lot of strongly worded letters.

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  • http://none SlickRCBD

    I’m surprised at the amount of surprise people have. The only new thing about this case is an actual criminal charge for the act of recording, instead of merely a school suspension and confiscation (and destruction of the recording) of the recording device.
    Almost 20 years ago when I was in high school, I used a mini-tape recorder to do the same thing. I wound up with the recorder forcibly taken from me and the tape destroyed along with getting a suspension for making an “illegal” recording. The boys who were harassing me were not punished.
    Before that, I’d been called a liar, and been repeatedly told “I didn’t see it, I can’t do anything”, or “It’s your word against his. You don’t have any evidence”, as I couldn’t get anyone to back me up as they didn’t want to risk becoming victims themselves.
    This has been going on for decades, it is nothing new. I’m also shocked at how similar the few “Zero Tolerance” stories about self-defense that made the media are to my own experience with self-defense in school.

    The school administrators are acting to protect the school from lawsuits, even if that means covering for the bullies. If they crack down on the bullies, that means admitting that there is a problem and that these criminal acts are going on during their watch, which opens them up to liability from lawsuits, so they will do their best to discredit those potential future lawsuits. That includes doing character assassination on the victims and making them look as bad as the bullies so that the school can say it was as much the victim’s fault as the bullies, and therefore it wasn’t the school’s fault since he “brought it on himself” and that he’s a “known problem child” and also “has a record of lying” (those false accusations).

    It angered me when I was in school, and I wish the system was better, but as nothing has changed in 20 years, I’m doubtful of it ever improving.

  • David

    Man if that was my son I will fuck beat the shit out of the kid I don’t care if the family , friends, police , anyone really who thinks fucking with my boy and getting away with is good no I’m fuckin shot them all till no one is left alive and this is just an example

  • http://gravatar.com/largentjonny Jonny Largent

    Ladies and gentlemen I present you the nominees for dumbasses of the year. I agree that the school, police and the judge should be punished for their outright stupidity and ignorance, I mean if it were my niece or nephew I would drive down to their school demand to meet with the parties involved and ask them what’s stopping me from contacting the media about this, and if they try anything well…as the old saying goes “If I’m going down, I’m taking as many people with me.”

  • https://www.facebook.com/tina.ruffgidron Tina C Ruff Gidron

    This is awful. The young man has been victimized twice
    How devastating. Lord we ask You to intervene on behalf of the young man and many more who suffer similar abuse
    In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

    • https://www.facebook.com/luxord.the.gambler Salamander Elric

      you really think that a false god will do anything? instead of praying to your crazy ass mind go do something constructive

      • JessC

        Why don’t YOU do something more constructive rather than attacking other people’s freedom of religion and speech, Salamander?

        • anonymous

          You tell him, sir or ma’am!

      • anonymous

        Salamander Eric, who the hell are you to Tina that? You’re such a hypocrite liar in that you called God crazy-ass and false just as you told her to do something constructive when you can’t or couldn’t seem to do that. If God notices what you posted about Him, be prepared for him to strike your ass down all the way to hell where you belong.

    • anonymous

      Very well typed, ma’am. I side with you the whole way.

  • Anon

    What a horrible pile of injustice.

  • Kathy rowe

    They are tolerating bullying. I can’t believe the unjustly way this was handled. As much as bullying is talked about how can these people with the authority be so outrageously ignorant. I’m mad as hell. The wrong people have the power and it’s so pathetic. Give stupid control and we have a problem. Something has to be done. How can this happen? So sad.

  • Anon

    Absolute fcking bullsh*t. The district judge should have her head examined.

  • Greer

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bU1bv9gOsNI Just… Watch it. He expresses pretty much how i feel about this.

  • Tony

    I don’t have dignified words to express how pathetically unjust this is. It shows the school principal to not be interested in initiative, creative problem solving and pragmatism in students. It just shows pedantic respect for rules and instilling deference is top priority with some people; unless you’re a violent abuser of course…maybe those qualities are more useful to society and so don’t qualify for a court date?

  • Sam stretton

    If all the above is true…. These idiots need to be sacked and look how they are running a boys life.. Complete and utter idiots . Some people need help!!!!

    • A_Concerned_Reader

      Personally as things are now days i could think of allot worse things that kid could have done instead of Trying to acquire evidence of what was happening … what would you rather have the kid do? Jump off a ruff to his death after having enough and getting no help to have it resolved.. or even worse as it has happened before in the past.. showing up at school with a gun and start shooting up the place? i mean really what?… i think that kid handled it in a very professional manner. So what if it was not Allowed.. how else was he to show that it was really happening? as a kid that had to deal with that kind of stuff myself.. I know for a fast that Bullies do not admit to bulling unless they are caught in the act and even then a lot of times they still try to deny it. So yea It may not be right that the kid did what he did. but all things considered he did handle it very well, considering it could have been a lot worse. Give him a break! Don’t attack the Kid attack the problem that was causing that kid to feel the need to do that to begin with…its this kind of stuff that is making kids take things into their own hands now days, after all whats the point in telling someone about it if nothing ever gets done about it. Just a little food for thought.

  • Flumme

    He is here to trying to talk about how bullying is bad,
    and how the system can be so messed up sometimes,
    and you respond by bullying him via grammar-fixation?
    YOU should not be here.

  • Nathan Merrill

    While I doubt they will bother, the reality is that this is a trumped-up charge; there is no expectation of privacy inside a classroom, so the idea that this would consist of illegal wiretapping is quite questionable in the first place.

  • Jessica

    Way to go idiots for letting bullys get away with breaking a kid down and showing him its legally ok to bully someone and provide proof of bully and still get aways with it.

  • Michael

    My little brother has down-syndrome and ADHD, basically the same things. Looking at how the problem was solved disgusts me, ugh I hope something gets worked out to fix this issue, with the school, how the kid is treated, and how the laws are enforced :/

  • Abelard Lindsey

    Yet another example of how sending one’s kids to a public school constitutes child abuse.

  • Anonymous

    Ohohoohhoho… ohohohoho!

    The principal and judge aren’t going to hear the end of this. The internet will respond en force. And this grave mistake will not go by unnoticed.

  • Scooter

    What is going on here is two things. The principle nows that if he did not take action he would be under fire. Also teachers would be interagated to find out what is not being done . As we’ll some ones kid that is doing it is more then likely a kids of some one important

  • Will Myers.

    That kid for filled the right to Offend him self. IF by any mean’s the legal system is this fucked up should not be ignored… The system need’s fixed and the school need’s to be taught a serious lesson on school bullying… The judge being part of that legal system is a FROD for not recognizing the kid’s right to fight upon the fact that he was fixing a School mistake… Being as such the Kid had Every Write to what he did… It is those Ass clown’s that need to be brought to justice. The fake ass cop’s… Fake ass judge… Fake ass school… The kid diserves better…. That’s all I have to say.

    • Anonymous

      Please come back when you learn proper English.

      • Will Myers.

        Seriously? You can come back when you know better about this case I’m commenting on. Till then FCK OFF!

        • paul fredine

          i always love it when someone has nothing more to support their case they resort to the ever popular ‘fuck off’. i don’t care what side you stand on….why not just resort to the juvenile ‘i know you are but what am i?’

          • Victoria

            Wow, no way to support his case? I think we all agree that this is messed up and to call someone out over a comment with some slight broken English is BULLYING as well. Shame on both who commented. Will, your argument is just as valid and true as anyone else’s :)

    • Tony

      Well said Will, you communicate fine mate ;)

  • Barker

    That’s the most grossly outrageous outcome ever. Then after someone is killed at the school all the “effin adults” wonder what happen, what went wrong? I’m so mad about this, wiretapping Really, WTH is going on. Hope the family get the Hell out of that district. If they can. Take this matter to a higher court, immediately!

  • Christine

    I am absolutely disgusted that “grown ups” would handle the situation this way. Shame on the teacher, the principal and the police officers!!!!!!!! The kid had every right to record the ignorance that was taking place. Someone needs slapped in the face!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/cristy.hodgkins Cristy Elizabeth

      This is what we as parents have to look forward to sending our kids to school, would things be more justified if the child was killed or committed suicide then would the teacher, school district, and enforcement officials actually take actions towards bullying. Really whats wrong with these people? Would they care if it were their own kids? Any caring family would have done the same thing the kids who are bullying should be suspended and be required to see a school councillor after all that’s what they’re there for.

  • Exalar Her

    Honestly, This is getting way too harsh on the kid, he was just trying to take actions for his own problems, it doesn’t make sense why it should go against him. this is one of the top reasons why I hate mainstream school’s, I know for a fact, because I’ve been there. I was just like him. people like these insects, are the reason why psycho killer’s existed.

  • http://Facebook Abdulla maflehi

    What’s this world comming to, some one breaks in your house you diff end yourself it’s you. If some one picks on you it’s you. The whole system is screw in all countries. My answer be strong stand up to the bullies.
    Keep your chin up x

  • Darlene

    The bullies, policeman, principal, and teacher are all at fault! Why would there be an expectation of privacy!? This was done in a public school classroom where anyone within the school could walk in and hear/see what was being said/done. Idiotic move by the principal! I hope justice is served for the young man.

  • http://gravatar.com/petis76 Pete

    Federal law clearly states that as long as one person in the room knows the conversation is recorded it’s perfectly legal. And there is no expectation of privacy is a classroom, maybe a principles office but not a classroom. And since the teacher was there listening to them torment this kid that chic should be summarily FIRED, and the school board reprimanded. The POS bullies probably have a parent or two either on the board or in an office of power. Cowards!!!

  • Alaya

    It’s a PUBLIC school. He’s a KID. Lay off a little, he’s the victim, NOT the BULLIES.

  • Vivian chavez

    What they want next another shooting at the schools another suicide because of the bullying the torment this kid is going threw the mom should sue the school and he’s the one in trouble and they wonder why there is no respect for are justice system Smith

  • James

    It is not plausible that an expectation of privacy exists in a public school. Many school use video monitoring as a common security measure. Video monitoring, including voice recording are even common on school buses. If an expectation of privacy did exist these devices could not be used.

    • http://reydtutto.wordpress.com Rey d`Tutto

      The message is clear: Take no steps to protect yourselves, or else the bullies will be the least of your problems.
      Zero-Tolerance programs arresting 4-6yr olds for making a Finger-Pistol & yelling “Bam!”, Arresting a child for biting a pastry into a “Gun-like shape”. & then This bullshit.

      Lotta folks are noticing the water seems a bit warmer than we asked for…

  • Dawn

    I totally disagree,this child clearly reached out for help from the school and clearly did not get that. This child should not b charged for anything! The people doing the bullying and the school should b charged. Totally disturbing.

  • Lisa Nash

    Our justice system is broken beyond repair what happened to common sense. What if he taped students planning an attack with guns at school I bet there would have been a different outcome. They need to sue the school system for a hostile learning environment and force them to pay to send him to a different school, teacher and principle are incompetent and should be fired. Students should be expelled.

  • Lori

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE SYSTEM!!! Keep fighting my prayers are with you!!! The teacher needs to be fired for not sticking up for him in class!!!

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  • Amber

    That’s messed up, wrong, backwards and what the HELL? Why are these bullies allowed to get away with this heinous behavior while the victim in this case suffers more than is humanly possible and then HE gets charged with a crime?! WTF! It’s not right! It’s time for petition! Bullying needs to STOP!

  • P-0

    The world needs to be reset. Once all starts anew, justice can truly be repaired.

  • A Muhammad

    Darn right, Paul.

  • JM

    This is disgusting. That poor boy takes a non violent stand against bully and gets charged. That police department and judge should be fired as well as the priciple and teacher who just stood by and let the bulling happen. Stop blaming the victim and start prosecuting the offenders. My heart goes out to the mother and son fight this injustice.

  • https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.mason Paul J Mason

    It’s called, “justice”. And it wasn’t done here. I just hope you’re never caught in a complicated situation that sees you unjustifiably jailed by a cop who you claim is “just doing his job”.

    “To serve and protect” means nothing anymore. Especially if we have people like you to rely on.

  • http://aattp.org/special-ed-student-who-recorded-bullies-tormenting-him-accused-of-felony-wiretapping/#comment-181011 Alex

    Nobody needs to abandon their moral compass, ever. For, what is a man but the code he lives by? Nothing, I say. Morality is the only thing preserving compassion and empathy in our society. It may take a grand gesture such as a man or woman putting their career, or in more extreme cases their life, on the line in order to abide by their moral code, but if that is what it takes, then that is what should be done. It is through this refusual to uphold unjust laws that corruption will be eradicated from the system. It is through this courageous act, going against the status quo to do what is right, that the human race will prosper.

  • http://facebook randall

    i think his parents shood have taught him how and to defend himself! had he fought back the bullying would have stopped special ed kid or not! i was bullyied until i fought back then it stopped and no i didnt strt bullying in return STOP BEING A VICTIM! stick up for yourselves for cryin out loud! parents, stop raising momas boys/wimps…

    • Jen

      Oh, just shut up. People like you make the problem worse, not better. Go die in a hole somewhere.

    • Ded10c

      As a trained martial artist, this should absolutely not be the first port of call. Fighting fire with fire will cause more problems; it can’t hurt to try water first.

    • A Muhammad


      Imagine that you work in a very strange city, and a guy in your office threatens you to give him the money in your wallet. Your boss calls it hearsay. HR says they can’t touch it. “Why not?” “Sorry. Have a nice day.” There are no cameras, no sensitivity seminars, no strikes on that guys record. You could call the police, but it’s cash: no evidence. Plus, for some reason, assault in this city is a very peculiar charge: rarely does anyone get arrested for harassment or assault, but the cops bring you to your spouse and kids and give a mortifying speech.

      Some pretend they don’t see the thief doing this right in front of them. Others ridicule you, even on the internet. You can quit, but almost every job in this strange town has one of these people, and you’ll be called a coward, even by the more spineless bosses. You could ambush him after work, but he’ll just cry victim and get you arrested. You have to challenge him head on.

      You wait until 5. You follow him away from the building. You tap his shoulder. You tell him it’s time to settle this. You pummel him. He is bruised, as are you, and he runs to his car, driving away. You won. You think you have, at least.

      The following day is about to be the worst day of your life. There’s a reason that guy is feared. There’s a reason why he seems to get away with this. On the way to work,three other coworkers grab you. They take you to an alley. They only bruise you at first. But then they do other things. Things that don’t leave bruises. You don’t remember the humiliating details.

      At work, the thugs have spread rumors about you in the alley. You tell people it’s not true, but it doesn’t matter. The four perpetrators don’t have to bruise you anymore. They take your financial report and throw it away, so you’re late turning it in to the boss. They spit on you. They “accidentally” knock your lunch off your desk. They whisper derogatory things. People laugh and say “it’s just a joke!” You tell your counselor, who is useless. You tell your family, and they are just embarrassed for you. You tell the boss, and he finds every possible excuse to avoid getting involved, since it’s hard for the bosses of this city to get fired. And then you see a plaque behind the boss’ desk showing the names of investors. One of the names is the same as the thief, excpt with one difference: “Sr.”

      Yes, iI know this can even happen to adults. Yes, sometimes you have to suck it up. That still doesn’t give you your peace of mind back, watching others succeed and socialize while you are stunted, exhausted, and not given support. All because people didn’t care enough about you to step in.

      But hey. At least you’re not a wimp. Right?

    • [email protected]

      I agree that parents should raise their kids to defend themselves. But, that doesn’t always happen. There will always be the stronger and the weaker. As a society we should raise kids not to persecute others who are physically weaker than themselves. We can do this. And we can provide a safe environment for all school kids. It’s people like Scott Milburn that keep that from happening.

    • Bryan


    • Darlene


      The bullies should stop bullying him and the authorities should step up and do their job! He is not trying to do anything! He just wants to go to school! People with views such as yourself are the reason why bullying still exists as much as it does now. If you were a victim of theft, should the police advise you to stop letting yourself get stolen from? Even if he did defend himself, who is to say the bullying would stop? There are other instances as well where people who fought back are bullied worse or reprimanded for it. The police, principal, and teacher all need to do their job and protect their students from unfair treatment.

  • Patrick

    And yet the teacher who witnessed everything did nothing….as a former victim of school bullying it is a living hell.
    I would like to know the schools policy on bullying as the teacher had witnessed the events that would be proof enough thestudents should be punished accordingly…..ZERO TOLERANCE

  • Empractical

    Most of you have a hard time understanding the concept of Police Work.
    I see a lot of ignorant minds trashing this Officer for doing his Job and even Personal Army Attacks using his email.

    First thing there is a difference to being on Call and being on Patrol, Call means Police Discretion at best is how to diffuse a situation, but main purpose is to respond to a committed crime therefore the crime must be a direct violation of a statute law or policy (Including School Policies) and must always end in an arrest. Now not all the time must a Police respond to a call with arrest and those situations are usually able to be solved or diffused: Example being: Two guys arguing over a car accident. A Police Officer can be called to the situation, but if the situation is diffused a Police Officer can leave it at that and not make any arrest. In this situation an arrest had to be made and though you may not age he did his job correct.
    Now Patrol is different, patrol is by situation and Police Discretion can be used to determine if a arrest should be mad.

    Police officers must leave their moral compass at the door… what this officer did was called “Doing the job Right.” I am sure he doesn’t agree at all with this case and what the school did in response to the actions of this child.
    But what he thinks does not matter, not at all… His main purpose is to respond, make an arrest, and follow the law and procedures that go into play when dealing with the law.
    He responded to the job involving a student for “wire tapping” and so he went to the school and did the correct thing and make an arrest… no one asked him what he thought and no one cares what he thinks he is there to do the job that the Principal can’t legally do himself.
    Officers can’t just act on what they think is right or wrong to a limit when responding to a call they must follow the law and procedures and thankfully this officer handled it correctly without escalation or controversy.

    I am currently in college for Criminal Justice, paralegal, and Criminology.
    I in no way agree with the School’s decision, I believe the teacher and Principal should be fired, because they are incompetent assholes.
    It is a shame to see this kid be punished for trying to take a stand on bullying…

    • Nico

      Empractical, for those of us having a hard time understanding the concept of police work, shouldn’t the bullies be charged with assault or battery or both???

    • http://aattp.org/special-ed-student-who-recorded-bullies-tormenting-him-accused-of-felony-wiretapping/#comment-181011 Alex

      Nobody needs to abandon their moral compass, ever. For, what is a man but the code he lives by? Nothing, I say. Morality is the only thing preserving compassion and empathy in our society. It may take a grand gesture such as a man or woman putting their career, or in more extreme cases their life, on the line in order to abide by their moral code, but if that is what it takes, then that is what should be done. It is through this refusual to uphold unjust laws that corruption will be eradicated from the system. It is through this courageous act, going against the status quo to do what is right, that the human race will prosper.

    • jack

      The cop did not need to arrest the kid. He is not machine, he can think and use logic. Obviously he doesn’t have any since he still arrested the kid.

      • Fraktal

        Cops are most definitely machines.

    • Cyka

      TL:DR – Kid is crying that cops are good people. Fuck off.

  • https://www.facebook.com/neldora.holdenbell Neldora Lawrence

    That’s so wrong the boy was just trying to reach out ..shame on the teachers principal and the judge .

    • Amber

      Agreed. Well said!

  • SR
  • Kat
    • [email protected]

      Done. Thanks for the link

  • http://Facebook Tina

    That is sad…What happend to the Zero roller emcee rule? Those kids should be Expelled he was just proving to everyone that there is a bullying problem and that principal needs to quit eating doughnuts and drinking coffee and get up off his ASS and reprehend the ones at fault…Prayers go out to this Family..Hope everything works out for them.

  • Simone

    is this fucking serious?! first of all, in school, there IS NO “EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY”. the supreme court has ruled in many historical cases that the provacy of students is less in schools and their freedom of speech is limited. second of all, this is the most pathetic excuse of human beings ever. what a disgrace as a principal, a police officer, and a judge. they must really be stupid to completely try to sweep the bullies under the rug and disrespect both the special-education community and a mother who was a FORMER MARINE. this is disgusting and should be taken to a higher court. if i was in the school with that kid, i’d be standing with him 200%.

  • http://Facebook Janina Shedaker

    Sound like the whole anti-bullying is a joke. No wonder students turn situations like the Columbine tragedy. Maybe the principal and police officers were bullies in their day that’s why they see no problem with the bullies behavior. This principal position should be re-evaluated

  • Garrett

    Those corrupted teachers, police, and judge should be held accountable. This is unacceptable, and the bravest one is the kid who did the right thing to try and stop his constant torment during school.

  • Dexter vonDidi

    Still think Liberals in charge make things better?

    • https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.mason Paul J Mason

      Who said these people were liberals?

    • daBob

      Doesn’t sound like any thinking was going on with the teacher, principal, cop, or judge so I doubt that any of them are “liberals”. Since the principal, cop, and judge were all behind some semblance of “law and order” without any regard for justice, I would bet that they are all conservatives. And, as everyone knows, having conservatives in charge tends to screw things up, sometimes for years afterward. The Bush administration, and the current House of “Representatives” are perfect examples of both.

  • Karaya

    Merica fuck yeah!

  • http://Facebook colleen

    You may be SHOCKED but this stuff happens all of the time now!!!! I have 3 sons in the public school system (which is failing our kids in the most horrendous way academically, characteristicaly and scocially.) Its a shame but unless we are willing to Stand up for our rights nothing will ever get accomplished. You’ll just continue to see this sort of thing posted say aww what a shame and continue as you were.

  • https://www.facebook.com/amanda.l.stauffer Amanda Stauffer

    That’s terrible. A student should feel safe and comfortable at school. The child only what he could because no one was listening to him. He shouldn’t be charged for that. So much for zero tolerance for bullying at school. This principle and police and clearly that judge are all for bullying.

  • Dawn

    This is nothing new there is a ” zero tolerance” but it refers to the one being bullied when they have had it they either stick up for themselves and get suspended or they commit suicide. THAT IS THE ZERO TOLERENCE

  • Diana

    Time for a petition against these bullies…change.org

    • Kathleen Kennedy

      Where can we start one? Change.org? Who will actually see it? Shouldn’t one be put in the lap of Michelle Obama? She has come out against bullying. This would be a perfect cause for her…

  • Kiro

    It sounds like the principal just wanted to make the kid guilty of something just so that he can say, “he’s not entirely innocent either,” when people come to let him know how terrible he and the teachers are at their jobs.

    And why did this go so far? I can understand what he did is unlawful, but did they even consider giving him a slap on the wrist after taking into account he is both mentally challenged and a victim of bullies’ cruelty? Obviously not, the hardest they tried was a lesser charge, an insult to the victim himself who according to them had recorded them for “no legitimate purpose.” So, foolproof evidence of verbal and physical attacks don’t to try to make them stop isn’t considered a legitimate purpose? Then what is? From the message this article gives me, thebullies recording their attacks to show eachother and laugh at would have been perfectly acceptable.

    I bet the teachers frowned with disappointment at the kid as he was taken to court, or as they read this article in between tweeting and watching a music video on youtube in the middle of their lessons. I bet the bullies themselves laughed when they heard but were also slightly troubled they had temporarily lost someone to target. I bet the principal wiped his forehead and grinned, elated that the attention of higher authorities had been directed to the victim’s minor offense in the place of his school’s obvious lack of acceptably caring teachers, underperforming/non-existent bullying prevention system and his own worthlessness in keeping control over his own school.

    • Anonymous

      The kid isn’t mentally challenged… He’s just a slow reader. It’s pretty typical for kids with ADHD, it just means he need more time than others to comprehend what he’s reading. He may be in a sp-ed class, but that doesn’t mean he is mentally challenged. Sounds to me that he shouldn’t even be in that class.

      • Concerned

        What does that have to do with this story? Kinda missed the point, didn’t you? Whether or not he is mentally challenged, he was still bullied. And he was the one who was punished!

  • http://www.minecastvideos.webs.com William

    This shi” would happen in the UK as well.

  • http://www.minecastvideos.webs.com William

    This is crud. What the heck doea this crack endused principle think he’s f7,”‘:;#@ doing?!. The highrachy of the US Government thiks they can do what they like because the law books say so. Has everyone lost common desiency?!??!??!? I know I spelt that wrong but that isn’t the bloody point here.

  • https://www.facebook.com/brenda.yetter.566 Brenda Yetter

    I am happy that the biy stood up fir himself snd recorded the bullying. The school principal and the bullies should all be made examplee of. This makes America look mean and uncaring. I say kudos to the boy and his mother.

  • kevin

    Bloody idiot people run a bloody idiot system

  • Danny

    Maureen you are a disgrace to the American justice system and should be banned from your office and the legal system. If I had my way you would be strapped in public for all to see. The principal would receive the same punishment too. Disgust and utter abhorrence is what I feel having read this article.

  • Adam

    I wonder how important tourism is in America. . . Coz I am sure as hell staying the frick outta there.

    • Calieb

      haha ya I left the US and moved to another country for this reason, it is just freaking retarted, and while I know not all americans nor schools are like that I have worked in way too many US schools to see that this is the norm if they do not like the student.

  • https://www.facebook.com/emmanuel.k.shannon Emmanuel K Shannon

    Served no legitimate purpose….really? I would of never known about this is it wasn’t for a this guy on you tube called Alpha Omega Sin who was so outraged by this that he put his usual video game focused rants to address how shocking this is and it is. How in the hell do you call the cops on this boy and how in the ever loving hell do you as an officer or a judge justify your stand that a child being bullied shouldn’t try and get proof showing that he is being bullied however he can? They should resign from their positions of power right now this is so ridiculous that I honestly don’t have anything good to say to these people in charge other then shame just damn damn shame

  • Rocky

    This is just too despicable for words. What kind of messed up school is this that the victim of bullying is found guilty of trying to prove he was getting bullied?! Seriously this is just too stupid. And speaking of stupid, the PD and the judge are complete idiots!! The School board ought to be FIRED from their positions, and those bullies expelled to the fullest extent. There should be NO tolerance for bullying. PERIOD!!!!! THIS IS NOT F***ING OKAY IN THE SLIGHTEST!

    • Jesse

      And that’s why people bring guns to school :(

      • Keith

        Touche, sir.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/inuyasha.carlos Carlos Mendoza

    i agree and everyone but the mentally challenged kid went full retard and i wanna see bad shit happening to even the retarded justice system and they can go stick a giant tree where the sun dont shime and can kiss my metal shiny ass. and as for the victim, i hope true justice prevails and if he does go shoot the bullies, the teachers, principle, police, and the judge and i wont even feel sorry for them and will applaud the kid

    • https://plus.google.com/112990876003021341828 Lennon O’Donnell

      *shiny metal ass

  • me

    Only in the us….

    • Aaron

      No. Just…no.

    • TP

      Unfortunately this is not the case. This happens in many schools all over the world.

  • Onions

    So now that this is getting all this publicity, is anything going to happen to those disgusting waste of oxygen and help that poor family? I mean this is just too terrible to let this slide, there’s gotta be someone with enough power and common sense to make things right.

  • http://alwaysnintendo.com Jelani Thompson

    I have ADHD and I can assure you that it’s not a learning disability. Sure, it can make learning hard at times, but I’m actually quite offended when people use ADHD as an insult. Don’t call this a learning disabiltiy people.

    • Betty

      I don’t think they are calling ADD a learning disability, but the proceeding delay, which does strongly impact learning.

    • Merle Lester

      Typical ADHD, didn’t read the whole article. Topkek

      • Billy

        Please go back to /b…
        No one thinks you’re funny

    • Louie

      How the fuck is that even relevant to this article? Did you just miss the point or what?

      • http://alwaysnintendo.com Jelani Thompson

        To be honest, you’re right. It’s not related to the article. But when something like this occurs, (that offends me) I feel like I need to speak out and defend myself. Surely you don’t have an issue with this, do you?

    • Robert

      What it says is “Special Needs”.

  • AC

    So much for anti bullying efforts that schools say they do. Just wrong!! The bullies need to be charged, NOT THE VICTIM! He was defending himself. This is what strengthens bullying. Stand by Love people!

  • Amy

    Privacy? This abuse occurred in a public place witnessed by many. Hardly an invasion of privacy for the perpetrators. This is a disgusting misuse of our legal system. How about we go after the administrators for not enforcing anti bullying!

  • jojo

    The PRINCIPLE needs to be FIRED!! You don’t get away with stuff like this. Your day WILL come! ! The judge needs thier ass whooped then needs to step down!!! Sick, disgusting people who probably never done anything good in their lives!

  • http://twitter.com/eviltroll1 evil troll (@eviltroll1)
    • mike

      tnx m8 ill fucking kidnap his harddrive for some bitcoins

  • Janet Wright

    I stand behind the mother and her child. No one should be subjected to bullying. Shame on the Principle for not defending the victim of the bullying. He sent a message that it’s ok to bully someone. I am appalled.

  • dearLeader

    lol an expectation of privacy in a classroom

    what’s next, an expectation of privacy on a bus?

    passengers don’t even have an expectation of privacy when driving around in a friend’s car.

    law in the US sure seems to be ridiculous. in canada that would never, ever happen. sometimes the proof obtained on a breach of privacy is even found admissible if there was no other way to obtain the proof.

    • WWW

      What about an expectation of safety???

  • nomorebullying

    Really? Of the government supports all these anti bullying campaigns, who would they punish a special needs kid for just trying to make it stop? This makes me super mad. There are far too many bullies in this world.

  • Lyz

    So in essence they’re saying is ok to bully. That the bullied can do nothing except to accept it. And forbid if they act out and hurt/kill themselves or someone else. Frackin idiots. The boy had no choice. He obviously was crying for help, didn’t get it and tried to settle things in one of the most peaceful ways. Kudos to him. May he win in court and his bullies be punished.

  • Erin Williamson

    And they wonder why kids are killing themselves instead of coming forward with their bullies… Shame on the principle the police and judge in this story

    • https://www.facebook.com/robert.kriegar Robert Kriegar


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  • steph

    Where is self respect? Confidence? Control? I think bullies r made from home. Teach respect n values! Stop catering to kids! Yes people only take so much. Stop allowing it to happen in the first place. Love urself. Stand up n take pride

    • https://www.facebook.com/david.a.gilbert.3 David A. Gilbert

      Bullies are made by the same kind of system that prosecutes boys for recording conversations while giving a pass to their tormentors all in the name of “upholding the law”. In that kind of system, do you really expect to be raising mature sensible children?

  • SR

    Principal Scott Milburn MUST BE FIRED immediately. Charging a special-ed student victim for such a ridiculous and unheard accusation: “Felony Wiretapping”! What “expectation of privacy”? It is a classroom and this is just outrageous!

    Bullies get away with no punishment.

    So you’re just gonna let the victim sit there and take it and be continued to be abused and harassed by bullies?! Scott Milburn should owe up to everything he has got, if something terrible or fatal happens.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jimmy.mckee.98 Jimmy McKee

      F**k The School System! – that’s all i have to say!

  • Eleanor Clemons

    This needs to go to the higher courts if the local ones don’t grant the right course of action. Those who mistreated the boy should receive due discipline for their actions and the principal needs to have his requirements reassessed for his position there. Safe environment for learning is what all should have the right to have. When it is endangered then the ones making it hard to learn should face proper discipline for their cruelty.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/compuaid/index.htm Ather

    ” the student engaged in offensive actions ‘which served no legitimate purpose.’”

    On the plus side, good by security cameras. They too, serve no legitimate purpose. Bye bye Nanny Cams. Sure, kids wills till be shook, but it’s not like recording the abuse serves a legitimate purpose.

    • paul fredine

      ‘it’s not like recording the abuse serves a legitimate purpose’
      really? what if it was your child being abused or bullied? you wouldn’t want to know? you’d prefer it continue? you wouldn’t want someone held responsible? putting it mildly….you are a dimwit!

      • Ramona Anderson

        Paul, I do believe you are the dimwitted one. Ather was being facetious at the incredulity of the statement uttered. It’s called sarcasm, and to me and the other non-dimwitted ones, Ather got the point across.

      • kudo5795

        I believe you missed the sarcasm there. What Ather was getting across is that the police were very very wrong in their judgement of the audio serving “no legitimate purpose”

      • https://www.facebook.com/amisha.smith.37 Amisha Smith

        Paul, do you even sarcasm? lol

  • http://www.freewebs.com/compuaid/index.htm Ather

    Bullies – Assault, harassment. Send them to Juvee.
    Principal – Aiding and abetting the bullies. That’s child abuse right there.
    Bullies’ parents – Child neglect by not teaching them right way to behave (or basic human anatomy). CPS needs to take their kids away and put in loving homes where the kids will be taught right from wrong, basic human anatomy, etc.
    Police & Judge – Gross incompetence. Fire their sorry butts.
    All adults involved – attempted murder. because their actions demonstrate only a gun will solve the bullying problems of that school.

    • jojo


      • Toni

        Well said! Absolutely agree!

        • Empractical

          Police have no say in what they must do it is their FUCKING JOB they don’t even get to know the full story…
          Their job is to arrest, I am sure the officers didn’t agree but you leave your fking opinions at the door…
          It is the law regardless if it is right or wrong that is the part of the job.
          I don’t agree with any of this myself , but if I was the P.O. I would still have to make the arrest regardless if I think it is wrong.

  • https://www.facebook.com/lc402 Amanda Lam

    There is something wrong with this world.

  • Paul Sloan

    President Obama should be made aware of this with a request that he intervene by granting the boy an immediate PRESIDENTIAL PARDON. If that is not available under state law his state Governor should grant an immediate PARDON. Both Obama and the State Governor should publish a rebuke to the Principal and local School Board. This incident makes the USA look like fools and I know Americans are NOT fools, are they?

  • https://www.facebook.com/Inkydog Peter Jimenez

    High Schools like this make me sick. The principal needs to be fired.

  • Tiffany

    Horrible. I’m shocked.

  • Trae

    The worst high school ever everyone.

  • Nick

    Shame on the school board, police, judge and the bullies. Imagine if that was your child! I hope they realize that because of their lack of action, they are directly responsible for bullying and every tragedy in our schools! If they take no action, as their job prescribes, perhaps they should reconsider what they are doing as a profession. Shame on them! Do your job. Stop violence in schools. You may have a degree, but there are many other uses for paper!

  • http://Facebook mike agate

    School district is trying to protect themselves with no regard for the student and without punishing the. Bullies.

  • Danielle

    These schools disgust me! Shame on the principal and the teachers for not having a backbone and standing up for this child or any other that’s going through something like this on a daily basis. Shit my 8 yr old son has more of a backbone to stand up for other people than these “adults ” ..,.., sickening!

  • Kay Ross

    There are processes in place at my granddaughter’s school where bullies are NOT tolerated at all and there is professional counselling for ALL parties involved…so much better than prosecuting THE VICTIM…but there again we live in Australia….

  • Kay Ross


    • mike

      that souns like no other school ive ever heard off, what is it full off retarded redneck poorly rised children? what a shame bot for the school and the parents of those brats

  • http://Pond Melody

    How much to you want to bet the bully’s were members of sports teams or something.

    • Joe

      That’s not fair. Not all bullies are athletes.

      • Doug Roberts

        Melody’s point is valid. Of course bullies aren’t always on sports teams. But favoritism frequently does in this manner, whether it’s public grade school or in college, “valued” athletes tend to get away with far more than other students. Just an unfortunate fact.

  • Norwegian

    Only in USA….

    • kelleth

      No pretty much everywhere. This is why I found no way out of bullying. They essentially put you in a Kobayashi Maru scenario, You can’t win. No matter what you do you can’t win, If you do nothing they win, If you fight back your the bad guy, and they win. If you kill yourself they pretty move ignore you ever existed and move on to their next victim. This world’s global society is fundamentally fucked up.

  • Tammy kwiat

    I think the school should be more concerned with their duty if keeping our kids safe while in their care than a protective recording. And why oh why did this teacher not send these kids to the office write them up issue detentions or any type of discipline ever it obviously has been happening right in front of the teacher. Those kids parents need to parent the kids. Shame on them and the police

  • JAA

    Ummm. Maybe I’m misinformed but expectation of privacy in a public school class room? In the restroom yeah. Is anything done in front of 10 or more people really private ?
    Failure one. That teacher needs some serious training on managing a class room. Failure two. That principle needs to be fired or significantly demoted. When confronted with proof of a student being harassed he basically blamed the victim for speaking up. How much you want to bet had the kid fought back he would have gotten in trouble for not just taking it? I can hear it now, ” No excuse for fighting ! Sticks & stones & all that”. Failure three. The judge should have tossed the case & didn’t ergo he is an idiot. A minor used a non violent method to seek help when the adults tasked with teaching & protecting him failed completely.

  • Kristy Wienken

    How is it that there is an “expectation of privacy” in a public school?

  • Leon

    One punch? What about the follow up from those he hits? What about when he’s on the floor and being kicked? What about the time that someone threatens to throw him out of a window or break his legs? What if this person is threatened with such force that he’s forced in a position where he fears for his life and kills someone?

    As one who has had extreme violence used against them, used extreme violence as well, this is not the option. I learned more about the human body and my own pain tolerance from many a fight. Some of them against one or two, others against four, seven.

    The problem is that the system creates victims and then turns around to blame them. That they need to endure it, that if they don’t react it will stop. That the system itself is allowed to do nothing to stop the bullying for any number of silly reasons.

    I’ve been threatened with rape and expulsion in the same day, maybe even the same hour. Was I supposed to let myself get attacked because I didn’t want a criminal record? Am I not allowed to have a moment’s peace just as the rest of the students in a school?

    Why is it that the school defends those who are the bullies from their victims? Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

    I was lucky enough to trade on a bluff for a very long time. I was lucky enough to not do so much harm that I ended up in a jail cell. I was lucky that when I did enough harm to make the abuse stop, the other person could recover from it. I do not preach or support violence, as the cost of it stays with people for a very long time.

    The system fails so many, let’s fix that. Let’s listen to those it hurts the most, not the least. Let’s stop making excuses and look to what can be done to end, minimise the harm done to so many. Hopefully before there’s another Columbine, Sandy Hook. Let’s hope it never gets to the stage where someone kills another, because their mind and body has become such a weapon from the constant, casual cruelty that so many are capable of.

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  • Viola

    If my kid was being bullied (and he has) the first thing I would do is get him help from those in the know as to how to handle and deal with the situation himself/herself. There are many groups, like Girls and Boys Empowered that are there to help parents and kids stand up to bullying in systematic and strong/empowering way. It may take some training for a kid who has been bullied for a long time but they can do it with help and practice. The parent cannot stop until the bullying is put to an end. I have a child with special needs and he has had issues over the years but he knows he can come to me IMMEDIATELY and I will IMMEDIATELY help him take action. I have had to go to a parent because the principal and the social worker were not handling it very well and have more success having a cup of coffee with the other parent and talking about our kids in a nonconfrontational way. But I go to groups like Girls and Boys Empowered to get my kid help and give me advice on how best to handle the situation. If your kid is having these kinds of issues, GET PROFESSIONAL HELP so you handle the matter in a good way and don’t make it worse!

  • Ronni

    The boy was abused by the school system, as well! Stand up and stop this!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/carl.obrien.3194 Carl O’Brien


    • cocksmasher

      haha!!!! stupid cunts!!!!

  • Julie Andrews

    Somewhere along the way the government has blurred lines between their right to tape us unlawfully because of “terrorist” but a child who is being terrified at school is punished and charged with a crime shows how unjust this government is. I should think there is a major lawsuit that needs to be filed. Bullying isn’t going away even our own president is a bully. There are no suitable laws and punishments for bullying and we wonder why children being guns to school. The entire public school system across the USA is a battlefield for the week and impaired. The sad truth is these bullies never grow up and they never stop. We just call them terrorist when they are older.

  • jrsword

    you think a high school kid is going to know that it’s illegal? let alone a special-ed one? most adults aren’t going to know that either off the top of their heads, and i doubt that they’d double check the laws before doing so.

  • edna gordner

    I live in a small town in pa my son was extremely bullied by another male student I went to the principle three times nothing got done do I went to the superintendent and he just called her. One day she called me into her office and told me that she sat in the lunch room and watched this other student hit my son repeatedly but since he did not defend himself that she did not
    interfere since I went over her head she has made being at that school a nightmare for my son and I ( I work at the school not for them thought). There is no punishment for bullies and thats why some of these kids go and shot other students they feel thats they only way out. It is a very sad world we live in.

    • V900

      Seriously?!? Your son just sits there and takes it?

      No wonder he gets bullied… Tell him to man up and fight back. Have his father teach him how to land a good punch…

      • Concerned brutha

        A have a brother who is in classes similiar to this child and some of these kids have social disorders and it sounds to me thats what this boy has. Asking them to do that defeats all purpose of stoping bullying. Some of these kids can barely have a conversation with people they are not comfertable with so how are they going to fight them.

      • nate

        thats what im saying. fight back. dont sit and be bullied. people now a days are pansies.

      • Leon

        Believe me when I say this, it’s not the answer and solves nothing. Look for my other comment, as that is what I thought was posted here as a reply.

        The cost of violence is more than many understand. I’ve been the victim of it, more than I should have. I used with glee for far too long. Even to this day there’s not a moment where I know if I let even a little of it out, it’s a poison and it’s the worst sort. It digs at the soul and never lets go. The scars I will carry for a very long time and constantly remind me of exactly what I am capable of.

        The school will damn him to receive such treatment, yet if he fights to defend himself it damn him for being violent. For not trying to work the system, for not taking it like ‘like a man’. It will damn him for having feelings, just being human.

        When you understand force, physical, psychological, as some do, you can’t support the use of it. When you’ve had so much taken from you, so much that you no longer even value yourself, you wish that on no-one. All you can do is offer an ear, maybe even friendship to show them that not everyone is like that, that for one moment, it’s okay to be broken. It’s okay to be hurt, that someone understands you don’t recover from it, you deal with it piece by piece, day by day, until one day you’re lucky enough to forget that it hurts so much. If you’re very lucky, forget that it hurt at all.

  • Marcos Columba

    and justice for some…

  • Jason

    Man that principal is a joke, he really should resign and let some who is humble and actually responsible take his place. Wow.

    • http://gravatar.com/sebeticus sebeticus

      It is illegal in PA to record others without their authorization. Though it is regrettable this child is being bullied, it is illegal to record others without their permission.

      • Suzanne Arena

        This law should be amended in such cases whereas a crime of abuse continually occurring and the lesser crime of recording in such a case would be trumped by the obvious bigger egregious behavior. This is disgusting and if I had been this bully’s parents, and heard this then I would have made him be held accountable and given an opportunity to make better choices. But, then again I have integrity.

        Legislators should pay close attention to this and use it to cite reason for change.

      • http://gravatar.com/prettyfull3 prettyfull3

        How is that right? Charging those who are bullied instead of punishing those who are the bullies? IF I were the parent then I would be pressing charges against the school, students, teachers and parents.

      • Jon

        It is also disorderly conduct to use vulgar language in the classroom. Also, public schools are permitted to record in order to prevent such disdainful activities. The victim had almost certainly reported incidents of abuse by his peers to the administrative staff, but clearly it was not even looked into. I would have written the bullies up for disorderly conduct on their language alone rather than the mere pat on the wrist displayed by the teacher.

      • Balsac T. Baghar

        It is not illegal in PA to record others without their authorization, as long as their is no reasonable expectation of privacy.

        • a3m10

          And yet…. the government isnt being charged for wiretapping an ENTIRE NATION

      • http://gravatar.com/knittedwomb knittedwomb

        The law says that you can’t record in PA if there is an expectation of privacy. I can not see HOW students would think that things they say in a PUBLIC high school are somehow “private.” I sincerely hope this kid has a good lawyer who wins this case for him, and then I hope he owns that principal AND the teacher for what they did. That is disgraceful!

        • Kay Ross

          I agree

      • https://www.facebook.com/tex.arcana.12 Tex Arcana

        I guess it’s open season on victims in Pennsylvania, then. :tard:

  • Stacie

    This is absolutely sickening. I don’t have any other words for it. How could someone of authority stand by and let something like this continue to take place? You’re supposed to trust the faculty at your school will do the right thing, not call police and charge you with a crime.

    • dildobaggins

      I got the herps from a stacie

  • terrielynn

    That is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard you should be the bullies being punished not the child who is only trying to get help because the principal and the teachers didn’t give two hoots

  • Jonathan V

    Apparently he should have ‘stood his ground’ and shot the bullies because that is the american way. He wouldn’t have been charged then…

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  • Matt

    A bunch of communist liberals up north. Literally! You won’t find bullies being defended by technical laws for this or that, no, you will have people with commonsense making sound judgements. This is what you get when society takes God out of their every day life. They are too smart to need God.

    • Mandy

      John V. All I have to say is “ain’t that the f****n truth!” So sad society today. Laws protect the criminals not the innocent. On another note. The mother should’ve blown up the place after all that bull****. Isn’t that what the normal response is in today’s society?

    • https://www.facebook.com/dwwild Dan Wild

      Commonsense and sound judgments… unless the bullies are picking on a gay guy or a transgendered person. Or a girl who got an abortion. Or an athiest.

      Honestly I don’t know who you think you’re kidding. If there’s one thing “communism” does well it’s defending the weak from the strong.

      • good fries, jojo

        Please shut up forever.

    • Adam

      With all due respect, you’re a bully too, and I will thank you to show ALL your fellow humans respect, wether they be Hindi, non-religious, Jewish or otherwise.
      By the way. . . For all you know, the child being abused could be atheist. For all you know the bullies, teachers and law officials are all Christians who simply will not show this poor boy and his mother the light of day. . . because they believe “that’s what you get for taking God out of your daily life”. Just like you do, Matt.

  • Bee

    Why the hell aren’t those bully’s charged with assault?

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  • http://gravatar.com/kaytman Keith

    Unfortunately in the United States the rights of criminals far outweigh the rights of victims. In a society where the majority of authority figures and law enforcement are themselves nothing but armed bullies do we really expect anything else?

  • tari

    as a parent of a child that had been bullied for 3 years+. I went thru the system, vice principal, principal, school board and the NYS education department. The federal law states that any and every child should be provided with a safe learning environment free of harrassment if the school cannot or will not comply then they are required to provide a private tutor at their expense until such a time that they can and will comply. The parent needs to ask point blank if the school can and will comply with the federal law that their child can be guaranteed a safe learning environment free from any form of harrassment in writing. They will say of course we cannot guarantee this. Then they need to tell them that until such a time that they can do this we are requesting a private tutor at your expense until such a time that you can comply and we are removing our child to protect him since you cannot guarantee his safe learning environment. After a month of them paying for a private tutor they said they would comply. The bullying continued after that and my child finally defended herself. I went and picked her up from school after they refused to let her call me. One of her friends called me. The school told me that they were going to file charges on her and I told them to go ahead and I would see them in court and file a law suit against them for non compliance. Documentation is the key. I did everything in writing right down to getting a protection order. No charges were ever filed and we removed her from the school to another district as well as my younger child. To this day the vice principal and principal will not look at me. They will deliberately turn their heads the other way. The school board did reprimand them. Now they want my youngest back in their district because she scores in the top 2 in the state. I told them no way in hell will they get her back. The bully wound up with a broken nose and a black eye. I however am happy to say that my daughter graduated school.
    Get your state education department involved and watch how fast things change.

    • Matt

      A bunch of liberal communists up north, literally!

      • Nibble

        But Liberalism is a capitalist ideology. Lmao idiot.

    • https://www.facebook.com/tex.arcana.12 Tex Arcana

      Best advice yet.

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  • http://gravatar.com/fucktal docthal

    Apparently this school does not take bullying very seriously. The teacher’s students are insulting and scaring her poor student right in front of her, and her only response is “stop that”. So pathetic.

    • [email protected]

      Having taught middle school, I can say that unless the administration will back up the teacher with consequences for bad behavior (removal from team participation, after school detention, in school suspension, finally out of school suspension) then there is not much a teacher can do aside from get in the kids faces and threaten them – and not every teacher is able to be a classroom drill sergeant. A school that is serious about stopping bullying will have consequences in place that are triggered the FIRST time bullying occurs. I am fairly confident that Scott Milburn did not have any effective system in place to support teachers dealing with bullying.

  • Chris

    The principle needs to apologize to the boy and his family. This family will never again trust anyone in that school district. That’s horrible!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/JOSHUA.CORYELL Joshua Coryell

    Thats f__king bullshit both the teacher anr principle should be fired. All this shows os its ok for. Kids to be bullys. N why didn’t the mom believe her son. Thats not right

  • Jerry

    More and more we see policies which are intended to serve and protect being used against people whose own rights have not been protected, leaving them with no alternative but to try and catch the bully red handed for proof. First, the teacher should be held responsible for allowing this behavior in the classroom. Second, the principal should take responsibility for obviously not fostering an environment in which the teacher would take action. He should also be reprimanded for turning the situation and punishing the boy for telling. You can be sure he taught everyone that bullying is allowed and protected by law, through his terrible actions. Third, law enforcement and attorneys should be publicly reprimanded for allowing an innocent child to go through still more abuse by the very people who should have protected him. I see bullying all the time among adults. And no one has the courage to protect the innocent for fear of policy being used against them or for fear of being covertly harassed. We have to stop this at all levels of our society.

  • jacckie

    Its on public property, should be able to record that type of behavior!

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  • James

    This is absolutely disgraceful, this goes to show that the only real justice is to fight fire with fire but of course the student was unable to fight back, unless he hatched a plan to recruit people to get the bullies in unexpected ways they would stop through fear. This is a terrible injustice, the police should of acted in favour of the evidence provided. The system is corrupt

  • https://www.facebook.com/Asnakesview Matt Olsen

    So sad, bullies always get away with it. That’s why the keep doing it.

  • jennifer

    Expectation of privacy!? Yet they state that once a student enters a school that they should not expect any privacy regarding their belongings to be subjected to search.

    • Kristen

      That’s what I don’t understand. How is there “An expectation of privacy” in a classroom with a number of other students (some of whom were presumably not involved in the bullying) and a teacher present? I understand that laws for the consent to record vary by state (my state only requires single party consent). Nonetheless, the only thing that would make sense to me though is if the charges were based on violating the rights of OTHER parties’ present, but not directly involved. IE: students that were NOT engaged in bullying the young man. If that were the case, I could see the argument. I would still disagree, but could see the basis for the stance taken by the officers… Bottom line, it’s a VERY sad situation.

  • http://Facebook Donna lussenden

    Praise GOD! He used a recorder and not a gun…THE parents of the “Bullies” should be held accountable. ..the court system should be SLEEPLESS. .

    • https://www.facebook.com/themizchiefoflove Shea Love

      So very thankful he used the iPad. My child is such a sweet boy-shea love

      • Nancy

        Shea, Did you see the post from Tari regarding her child being bullied for 3+ years and how she used the legal system to curb the bullying activity, which included the school paying for a private tutor? Check it out – might be useful info!

    • AnthonyJ

      Yes, He used a recorder this time.. Who’s to say that the next time he will use a recorder. Now he knows that he will get in trouble if he records anyone at school. So now, The school wont help, The police wont help, The Courts wont help and mom can only do so much for him.. this terrible and brings tears to my eyes because this child probably feels helpless.. ” the System ” Just opened the door for Violence to occur..
      Mom, Please pull your child out of that school and File a CIVIL SUIT against the police and the school. as well as the Principle and the Teacher. You may have to get you a lawyer out of town but Get him out of there before his next course of action is violence!!!!!!

      • lordsofinsanity

        Agreed Anthony, the best course of action is to get the child out of that environment, as they are obviously incapable of handling something as simple as behavioral problems. This kind of misuse of the judicial system is why so many students are feeling isolated and unable to cope with the strains that our society is placing on them. The best and most important thing is to find a school that WILL help the boy, and which has a better policy in place in dealing with the differences between behaviorally maladjusted children, and those that have a REAL problem. That being said, I’m surprised that the principal took legal action, and truth be told, I hope that he and his bosses find themselves taken to task for this blatantly idiotic maneuver.

  • tammy

    Our justice system fails once again. This is so sad for the victims of bullying!

  • http://fightingthefoodwars.wordpress.com Shaman Sister SinDelle

    We recorded a landlord here – in our house – for acting like a crazy lunatic and the cops said it was a felony to possess the recording because it contained audio. They tried to force my husband to delete it.

  • Dorothea Bennett

    This sentence is a joke and this CLEARLY shows that the judicial system is a biggest supporter of injustices and crimes! How is this child’s recording of his own abuse a crime when the police USE them to arrest and convict the students involved in these shenanigans? Our laws are so outdated. SMH

  • cribbooky

    It’s just like ACORN. When confronted with evidence of malpractice, they attacked the whistle blower instead of focusing on the crimes and failures of the institution.

    • smitisan

      No, it’s not.

  • Patricia

    This is so many terrorized teens and children commit suicide they feel lost, alone and helpless, which when there is such ignorance this of course they would feel this way… the ignorance and tolerance of this kind of behavior toward any child, let alone one with learning disabilities is appalling.

  • Cassandra

    Those boys have no right. They should be punished and so should the parents for having raised them like that!

  • Calli

    I have seen comments that basically reflected the idea that the kid or commentor as a child should have recorded what was said, when, etc. Whenmy friend and I were being bullied on the bus every day it took me a couple months to start writing down what they said and did and at what times. I began wearing a watch and armed myself with notebook paper and a pen. I would get off the hour long ride and my hand would be exhausted from recording half the stuff they did. At one point, my friend realized they had spilled ink in her hair right before she got off. I found gum in my hair not long after. I took a picture with my phone, which suspiciously went missing on the bus less than a week later. After over 3 pages of hastily written actions and times, I presented this evidence to an administrator. He was already familiar with my family: my parents had emailed him before. He explained to me that I had a compelling argument, but no proof. I mentioned a few names as witnesses, even though they asked me not to, but I was so fed up that I called in all the reinforcements. That’s the way I saw it anyway. I was called out of class and questioned again, this time with most of the people I named present. The truth came out of our mouths and the administrator subtly implied we could have made this all up. I got called back later and told the main bully confessed and that he was being suspended from the bus for a week. His friends were still on when I went home that day. They took the short leap to figure out I was the one who had talked and continued some rude comments. After a moment, I threatened the same punishment their leader got and more if they ever spoke to me or my friend again. they shut their nasty mouths. I was in seventh grade. Becaus of these guys i had to google a lot of swear words and insults. 5 years, dozens of hate messages, more googling, and one teacher that yelled at us and said our lives were crap (and went unpunished, since it seems to be a yearly thing) later, I realize the school acts in their best interests and doesn’t care about the victims, especially when they fight back.

    • AnthonyJ

      I commend you. You were one of the strong ones. Unfortunately, a lot of kids are not that strong and will either take their lives or find a gun to take theres…. We are praying that God will Step in and help these admininstrators to fight for these children!!!!! Our children…

  • Jan Koza

    Principals either don’t care or want to be politcally correct, but to pull the expectation of privacy. The principal is a coward. Bullies backed by the school. Wrong on so many levels. This child deserves better.

  • https://www.facebook.com/john.st.john61 John St John

    Where is Anonymous when we need them?

    • Jon

      You know I’m getting really sick and tired of people asking this question. Anonymous is not a group. Anonymous is a collective idea. You want to know where Anonymous is? Go look in the mirror. Anonymous is an individual that’s willing to stand up for what’s wrong. For those of you looking for Anonymous to just come and save the day, you’re what’s wrong with this country. You want to see change? You want to get rid of some of the corruption in this world? Then I suggest getting off your couch, and actually taking part in becoming the change you want to see instead of just waiting around for somebody else to come and solve all your problems for you.

  • Sandy

    I am appalled that this kind of nonsense is still happening in schools all over. Where are the teachers and cameras and dam it so he shot a video it’s better than shooting the students who bully him. This HAS TO STOP … And I thought schools was where you got a decent education and that it was safe…. I guess not… Let’s all home school… I guess that would put all teachers and the principals out of work now wouldn’t it…. Let’s not forget the rest that work for the school system and the ones tht really care….

    • cinesimon

      Because this is about “all teachers and principals”. Such a childish belief is at the level of the principal’s understanding of what constitutes reasonable.

  • Joe

    Here is what the law says about a victim protecting himself! Pa. Crimes Code Wire tap act. I hope the parents get to read this. Their Son IS NOT GUILTY!!! He protected Himself. I hope They Sue the P.D. the School and get the ACLU Involved!!

    (17) Any victim, witness or private detective licensed under the act of August 21, 1953 (P.L.1273, No.361), known as The Private Detective Act of 1953, to intercept the contents of any wire, electronic or oral communication, if that person is under a reasonable suspicion that the intercepted party is committing, about to commit or has committed a crime of violence and there is reason to believe that evidence of the crime of violence may be obtained from the interception.

    If anyone read this and can contact the parents pleas let them know. I am P*##^D off about this abuse!!

    • http://facebook.com/evilliberalagenda John Prager

      One of the parents (it seems) replied on this article, actually.

    • http://gravatar.com/tzianakakis Tonya

      Absolutely! This is a perfect case for the ACLU in PA. Go to it!!! Good luck.

    • https://www.facebook.com/themizchiefoflove Shea Love

      The aclu did not want to get involved -mom

      • susy

        Shea, I am so very sorry that you and your son are going through this.

  • Shannon Wright

    I am enraged by this. I grew up in a time before people ever thought to punish bullies. It was horrible, and I do not wish that level of abuse on anyone. I hope the poor child gets Justice.

  • Brian

    schools are public facilities, and as such there is NO reasonable expectation of privacy. what’s more, as a public facility, there ARE laws in place that protect a person’s rights to photograph or record. finally, there is assault and harassment. sue the hell out of that school.

  • Kim Byrd

    Totally and completely shameful! What exactly are these poor kids supposed to do!? But when they shoot up the school, everyone is wondering why? I don’t by any means condone school violence, but I have to believe the frustration is real, the poor kids don’t have adequate coping mechanisms. Even with adequate coping mechanisms, how much can a person take? Where is the protection for our children?

  • Thomas jones

    Gotta love it when the laws work

  • http://facebook Rob

    The other kids should face charges or have the kid beat the cap out of them bullies only stop when the target is to much for th to handle

  • a Man

    They don’t care. They only want these kids run thru the system. The Principle is an uncaring ass and should be fired. And will be when the mother decides to sue. She has more than one ground to stand on. The system doesn’t. Good for the kid to record his classmates. And mates they are not. Felony, ha. If it was a sex case there’d be no charge here. Those boys need to be punished. It’s obvious to me they haven’t been before. To bring in the police is usually the last thing a school system will do, or should do.

  • stretchwithme

    A child has the right to self defense. This is clearly what happened here.

  • Remove Bullies

    And we wonder why kids bring knives and guns to school. If this doesn’t make your stomach turn, and your blood boil…..you were probably the bully of your class.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.secrist Jeremy Secrist

      you are right, bullied kids get pushed so far in a corner they see no other choice but to find a way to end the hurting. it is a very sad choice if they take things to school to solve a problems that adults should have done. its even more sad that some just take their own life. we need to add new sections on existing laws that will protect kids that has to do with harassment, civil disobedience and reckless endangerment.

    • Exalar Her


  • Katlyn Baehr

    I think that they all need fired this is ridiculous and they wonder why kids are shooting up schools and stabbing people because they hold so much in and finally flip.. That’s why there is so much violence…. As for those three there pathetic

    • https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.secrist Jeremy Secrist

      i agree with you, back in school i had these sort of ugly thoughts, but i knew i was better than that and was raised properly, it finally stopped when i started throwing people around. we need new sections added to state laws they will protect children from low life’s like that

  • http://www.twitter.com/ericlarokk Eric

    The principle is obviously just trying to cover up the wrongdoings that are going on in his own classrooms to save his own ass. This is an abuse of power and he should be fired immediately. There are way too many corrupt people in power today.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.secrist Jeremy Secrist

      yes if they would start firing people just maybe people would start doing their job right rather than abusing their power

    • badass


  • Wendy

    I am going to write (and you should too!) to the district administration, who are the people with power over the district personnel, including making hiring and firing decisions.

    Particularly, the District Superintendent, Dr. Bille Pearce Rondinelli:
    [email protected]

    Dr. Nanci Sullivan, Director of Pupil Personnel:
    [email protected]

    And last but not least, the School District Board Members:

    • RobLopes

      I wrote all 3. This is unacceptable.

      You of all people should be ashamed of how you run your school. A child is being abused by your students and there’s nothing stopping them. Not you, the teacher or other students. He/she has every right to protect him/her self AT ALL COSTS!

      We are all in this together and we’ve all been through school and we are all sick and tired of hearing about defenseless kids being picked on over and over.

      I’m a father of 2 children in elementary school and I will not tolerate any abuse from any persons.

      You are the system in that school. Change the behavior for now and for future generations to come.

      Teach the students and parents how to report incidents like this. ALL children while attending your school are your responsibility. You all should be held accountable.

      A concerned parent in the USA

    • http://gravatar.com/tzianakakis Tonya

      Thank you for sharing that. My letters and phone calls are on the way! I have an autistic son who endure similar bullying; luckily I had school admin that was sensitive to this matter and helped. From the bottom of this rung (the teacher standing by to watch) all the way up to the Judge who convicted this child should be dealt with accordingly. I do believe a Judge can be reported to the American Bar Association for disciplinary action. He/she may have ruled according to the ‘law’ but there are other laws that can refute the bad conduct charge. I certainly hope his mother contacts the ACLU and gets justice for her son.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mary.hughes.5895 Mary Hughes

    I think that principal needs to be fired and those bullies need to be expelled cause obviously their parents don’t hug them enough and maybe if they are home they will get more attn from their parents. and this world wonders why people commit suicide these days. when they ask for help they are the ones in trouble…I think it’s SAD!!! all I can say to the boy and his mother is, keep your chin up cause KARMA will have her day!!!!

  • shasta culp

    My heart aches for this student! Bullying is a horrible act of violence. It should never go unpunished. This boy and his mother did exactly what they should have. They committed NO crime! The only crime is these students, faculty, and law members allowing it to happen and punishing this child for standing up for himself.

  • Pam Fields

    Inexcusable. Every “law enforcement” person involved should be fired. The students should be expelled and the principal should also be fired. This mother should not stop until she has found justice for her son!

  • CJ S.
  • Daniel D


    From Page 37 of the “South Fayette High School. Student-Parent Hamdbook, 2013-2014:” “Understand you have the right to live without fear and harassment. If you are harassed, there are people who can help. Report the incident to a teacher, parent, guidance counselor or another adult.”

    OK, a disabled student has been verbally assaulted, allegedly IN FRONT OF A TEACHER. This student reported these actions (which have been incessant, not a “one off” occurrence, although even one time is UNACCEPTABLE) to his parent who, in turn, submits proof (so his mother can “believe” him) to the school principal.)

    So, not only did the bullies not get disciplined, but the bullied student gets charged with the crime of “wiretapping.”

    Me thinks the principal, the police officer to whom this incident was reported (by the principal), and the court magistrate are all “good ‘ole boys” (and I mean that in a negative context), perhaps former school bullies themselves.

  • https://www.facebook.com/kurt.anderson.94 Kurt Anderson

    Ms. Love’s attorney should subpoena videos that have been made in the school classrooms and on campus (that were made for school use, projects etc) and find out if the school had the student’s parents sign releases, then file the same charges against the principle, superintendent and school district if there were no releases signed in those instances.

  • Candace

    What the hell is wrong with this principal, cop and judge? R u kidding me? We keep telling our kids to tell a grown up. Don’t suffer in silence. There is help and then this is the kind of help this poor kid gets? He gets punished and charged? What is wrong with this picture? And on top of that this poor kid has special needs. These people should be utterly ashamed of themselves. I suppose the boy should have just let the abuse continue until it was soo bad that he couldn’t take it anymore and just killed himself. Absolutely, unequivocally DISGUSTING!!!!!!!

  • steve chartier

    This is the most discus ting action by a school administrator and a local police department that I have ever read. This Student and parent acted so responsibly. And the Magistrate that found this young man guilty should be removed from the bench YESTERDAY!!! Oh this is far from over young man I am going to send this to every PA State Agency and Federal Agency that I possibly can. Children are not at fault for the rising violence within our schools. People like the ones that did nothing while a handicapped student was feverishly abused are exactly the reason that todays youth turn to violent actions within our school system. I am looking into this now and will stop at nothing less than resignation letters from the school administrator and the Magistrate Involve!!!!

  • Paige

    Most school never cared about us speacil ed students teacher were to lazy or they were to worried about winning the big Friday night games or something I’ve always hated my high school till I got into a great one but I’m happy to be out of school :)

  • virginia Jarvis

    Andrew, you are so right. This sort of justice only encourages the bullying to get worse and believe me it will.

  • Cindy

    This is absolutely ridiculous! A classroom is a PUBLIC place. There is no expectation of privacy. That was bull! And this crap about disorderly conduct? Where did that get THAT from? He didn’t do anything that you can even remotely constitute as disorderly! This poor kid!

  • idic5

    why is this being reported in an anti tea party zine? is the principal and-or judge tea partiers?

  • Trinity

    This is sick, disgusting, and disturbing!! Principals should be fired for doing this & self defense is NOT A CRIME!! This country is SUPPOSED to protect the innocent & not arrest those who r trying to protect themselves- this sets a HORRIBLE EXAMPLE to children, especially ones in that school DOING the Bullying & sends the message that it is bullying is ok & that the school & law is on the bullies’ side & that approves of such cruel manipulative inhumane torture treatment & behavior- funny, cuz if these kids were tormenting an animal like this, they’d b charged with animal cruelty- yet instead for humans, they seem to approve- ppl video tape things in school every day & put those videos up on YouTube & they aren’t all tracked down & charged with felonies for “wiretapping”! The kid & his mom shoulda posted it to you tube to make headline news & let the principal & bullies face the disapproval from the world which would prompt the correct arrests & proper charges to be made against the bullies- & since the principal was unable to do his job, he should be fired- Principals are there to KEEP the peace by handling misconduct & mainly to protect the students- when they fail to do that principals should be replaced!! I’m OUTRAGED by this story & mad as hell- & the LITTLE faith I have left in this country, the govt. & the system- has me HOPING that the outrage from the public thru the internet & other mediums will make a difference in this twisted case & will hopefully influence justice to come to this poor kid & his mom & get the bullies prosecuted for verbal & physical abuse (works in divorce court!) & will get that principal replaced!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/IanDJE Ян Кариси

    I think this school needs to be burned to the ground. The principal, arresting officers, the bullies, the bullies parents, the bullies siblings, and anyone else involved needs to be publicly executed.

  • http://gravatar.com/xenubarb xenubarb

    Time after time, cops bust someone legally recording for “wiretapping,” and time after time, the accusation is shot down in court because it’s not the same thing at all. Apples and oranges, wiretapping phones and recording in public.

    That school staff needs to go to reeducation camp or be relieved of their positions for supporting this idiocy. One expects school staff to have a modicum of competency…in this case clearly this school is run by people who lack empathy and intelligence.

  • Ashley

    The school’s mission statement it this:
    “The mission of the South Fayette School District, in partnership with the community, is to cultivate academic, artistic, and athletic excellence by instilling a spirit of collaboration and communication to develop confident, ethical and responsible leaders.”

    The student being harassed can have a cease and desist letter sent to the bullies on his behalf to stop the harassment.If it doesn’t, things can progress to court, restraining orders, etc. The Americans with Disabilities Act, information on disability discrimination, and the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania may be able to help right the wrongs in this situation.

  • lisa

    We are fighting with our sons school right now. My son is 10 years old and has autism was hit by his substitute teacher. His school principal is acting like nothing happened.looks like we are going to be seeking help from a attorney soon.

  • https://plus.google.com/106032459220285618389 Tommy “Guitarface” Marshall

    ASSAULT is a felony. There was an ongoing pattern of assault and harassment against this student. To say it is a crime to record an ongoing crime against one’s person means it would still have been a crime to record the act if they had been trying to kill him – which is somewhere this ugly behavior could have escalated if not curtailed. Recording this was not an abuse of electronic technology, it was an absolutely necessary act of self-defense.

    • lordsofinsanity

      Considering that most bullies are apt to use their electronic devices to continue bullying the child even after they are out of the classroom and off the bus, it’s only conceivable that having recorded the “crime” taking place, the bullies should have been punished, whatever the legality of said recording was…

  • http://aattp.org/ Paul Kirsch

    Most principals and teachers are really intelligent, that’s why I’m perplexed that they would support bullying which logically is the only way to interpret their actions

  • Haythem Kenway

    if this kid ends up going on a school-wide killing spree, there will be no one to blame but the principal himself. but of course, the media will be saying how the government should be banning guns and restricting access to deadly weapons instead of delving into the past of psychotic killers to see what pushed them over the edge

  • teryl

    How about instead of arming the school officials with guns… they get asked with some common sense.

  • Pingback: Love’s Labors Lost: How An A**hole Administrator Encourages Bullies Everywhere | Blind Noise()

  • patsy

    I’m not surprised at all. Similar things have happened to my son. The Principals are absolutely ridiculous in their actions. It’s no wonder we have school shootings and stabbings.

  • http://Facebook Linda Stallsworth

    How sad the boy is going to do something far worse then recording he can’t get the help he needs to stop the daily harassing. Pray for the ones that are ignoring him

  • https://www.facebook.com/lindsey.craumer Lindsey Craumer

    This needs to be brought to the major news networks until something is done. I’m completely disgusted by the administration and judicial system in this town

    • kent

      well said it is a sad day when the faculty does nothing to protect the students in need. This poor boy has resorted to a non violent way to let it be known

  • http://www.facebook.com/phillipmarsh69 Phillip Marsh

    The principal should be fired for gross incompetence in this matter!

  • Laurie

    Get ready for the world to condemn your actions! Blaming a VICTIM of BULLYING? Common sense and compassion obviously are a foreign concept to the school principal and the law enforcement of this town. I am sharing this with everyone I know on every social media site I know of! I hope there is a petition started soon if there is not already one online!

  • Ali

    How is there an expectation of privacy in a classroom, exactly?

    • https://www.facebook.com/chantsellers Angie Chant-Sellers

      Because it is a Special Education classroom, that is why. I am a Special Ed teacher and the rules of privacy are higher there. I disagree completely with what the adminstrator did. The bullies should be charged.

  • Molly

    If it was know there were bullies at South Fayette, the school wouldn’t be so desirable and property values would drop. Hence, the coverup.

    • http://gravatar.com/thehummelr thehummelr

      Methinks it has more to do with the kids who are probably suffering from affluenza. Their daddies have more power within the school system and the principal knows it. So he becomes a bully himself.

  • Molly

    This sounds typical. My kids go to this high school. My son received a detention for something he didn’t do wrong from this same principal. He was backed up by the superintendent. My daughter has a mild disability and has gotten nothing but bullied at that school and this same principal has done nothing. What a jerk. This poor kid has been tortured all this time and HE’S the bad guy? And they wonder why kids get violent? I’ll bet nothing happened to the bullies. Ms. Love should sue.

    • Leslie

      since your daughter was bullied and nothing was done, maybe the two of you and other families that have endured the sense treatment, should get together and file a class action lawsuit.

    • http://gravatar.com/blogimus blogimus

      The ACLU should sue for her. Focus the eyes of the nation on this school’s insensitivity and lack of effective policy or follow-through.

    • Fletch

      Sounds like the parents need to go before the school board and get the administration changed over if they are both targeting disabled children and also doling out punishments to the abused instead of the abusers!

    • https://www.facebook.com/pat.tompkins3 Pat Tompkins

      Molly I am sorry that this has happened to your children and to this young man trying to seek help. It seems to me that the people in your community should put pressure on the Board of Education to remove all the people involved in this issue. Then your community should ask for the Judges removal. Facebook is a great place to start in getting people on board to put pressure on the Board. Good Luck.

    • http://gravatar.com/izabellesr izabellesr

      This is ridiculous…this is the kind of occurance that will just give rise to even more bullies. I was in the same place when I was in High School though….one of the main girls that tormented me was the daughter of our Vice Principle, I reported her once and nothing was ever done. She was his daughter, he couldn’t believe she’d be rude to anyone as he put it “she and her friends were just joking around with me and i took it the wrong way’. Needless to say I never went to either the Principle or Vice Principle again. Now even less children who are bullied will stand up for themselves if they are going to be charged with crimes, given detentions, suspended or worse if they speak to anyone in authority at their schools. I’m disappointed in the administration of this PA school system.

  • https://www.facebook.com/rene.lemostorrey Rene Humphry Lemos Torrey

    America is going deeper into stupid!

    • Leslie

      Yes it is.

  • Jay Jackdon

    This is a complete travesty of justice. The principal should be fired, the prosecuting attorney disbarred and the judge removed off the bench. People including children are supposed to do the right thing when others are not watching. A classroom is not a place of privacy. This kid should be exonerated and the bullies should be disciplined. I am outraged over these horrible actions.

    • https://www.facebook.com/martindeansloan MartinDean Sloan


  • Mark

    Fuck the courts

  • Jason

    Courts in PA are a joke. They only care about the money the comes in. Basically in pa you are guilty no matter what so they can get your money. This state needs a big change in government. The police are a joke as well. You can’t record them lying, or they will bring you up on charges of wiretapping and if you go to court they always believe the officer even when they are lying. You just can’t win. I lost in court before when the officer had no evidence at all and the judge was like well I just don’t believe you. The officer just lied in court saying I admitted to a crime? Really? Why would I admit to something I didn’t do? The officer had no prof that anything like that was said. How could he as I never said it. I lost the case.

  • Melissa

    Teachers must sign confidentiality agreements, which include non – disclosure of medical, academic, and behavioral issues, that may be where *expectation of privacy* is coming from(we can lose our jobs for disclosing info to anyone other than the involved child’s parents). But it seems to be used as a shield here. I in no way am condoning the behaviors of these bullies or the outcome of this horrific situation. Laws and expectations need to be changed in order to empower/protect the first tier of responders and the victims so that situations like this are dealt with at the classroom/school level. What happened in court is an embarrassment to the justice system! (I, too was a bullied child and now, a teacher.)

  • Rachel

    If there is a no tolerance in place, why is the school allowing tje bullies to continue their behavior? Special Ed or not, children undetstand righy from wrong. They learned how to be bullies. And somewhere they learned inappropriate language. Behavior is a learned trait!

  • Kirk Van Ess

    I’ve been in this kids shoes, I was bullied for two in years. Between 1998 and 1999, I had rumors about me ground school, people kept calling me names because of these rumors, was punched in the back of my head in class by one student. All this was going on while my parents were going through a divorce and my mom kept complaining to the school but nothing was getting done even when they said they would handle it. I skipped most of my seventh grade year because I was getting bullied so badly that the school called my mom and she caught me at home, it’s sad how they can’t call your parents about their son being bullied but they can call because he’s skipping school. It died down for the remind of the year until 8th grade so my mom was back at it again and my dad even though he was staying at my grandparents, he also knew what was going on from my mom and it was getting bad so he went up there and talked to my principle and that it is where it all stopped.

  • jondoe88

    When kids bring guns to school, and start shooting, we all wonder WHY. ‘nicest kid, quiet, not a problem’… And here is often the answer. Little incidental things, that build up incrementally. Like a pressure cooker. Then one day…
    HOW can teachers allow these small, blatant moments? Drop a book? Detention. Make rude, vulgar comments? Detention. Next offense, come in on a Saturday and clean the school.
    Most moments won’t be seen. Like comments, shoving, tripping, in the hall. But overt actions in the classroom? How can this be tolerated!
    And the principal who called the cops should find another line of work. He has NO business running a school. Maybe he would make a fine prison guard???

  • https://www.facebook.com/roger.n.kirkman Roger N. Kirkman

    When I was this kid’s age, I’d already had a lighted match put out in my cheek, “pretend” thrown off a cliff, beaten up in phys ed, ridiculed in school hallways — basically, in fear of torment almost constantly. However, I kept all of this to myself, mainly because I was much smaller than the others, but also because I believed nothing tangible would be done, except to egg the bullies on. In this story I see evidence that keeping my mouth shut was the best option.
    In retrospect of 50, all the bullies I knew have turned out to be business failures, stuck in dead-end jobs. One who sucker-punched me in phys ed remained 5’9″ the rest of his life. The one who put out the match in my cheek died in prison. Many of his friends spent years there. The lead tormenter in the hallway died about ten years ago of pancreatic cancer. His last days were, I hope, quite painful.
    Their activities dampened, but did not extinquish entirely, my own sense of striving. If you read this and know this kid, tell him these clowns are temporary setbacks. Unfortunately, there are many of them and apparently they have support from higher-ups. Suggest he go somewhere where there is support for success.

  • https://www.facebook.com/s0ulmotor Jim Chambers

    One can only hope the judge found him guilty in order to let it go further in order to change the law.

  • kitcumbie

    Educators obviously are not well educated nor are they compassionate, merciful or just.

    • Melissa

      I disagree with that statement. You cannot generalize to all educators based in one jerk that didnt seek disciplinary action. I am an educator, and I am very well educated, and seek what’s right in every situation. It’s necessary to be compassionate and caring- it’s a people business. I feel horrible for this boy, and the fact that the teacher didnt seek discipline and the principal filed charges demonstrates an isolated incident! Shame on them for being part of the issue that gives educators a bad name.

      • Melissa

        As I stated, I don’t agree with anything that happened here. But laws (dumb or not) do restrict logic in some situations. What seems obvious and logical and necessary for a safe and successful learning environment is being hindered by inane legalities. Change the laws, empower the schools/teachers, make every classroom a safe happy place to be.

        • Melissa

          I think there is more than one Melissa writing here. :) My above response is to a comment I mistook as a reply to my comment. Sorry for the confusion.

        • Molly

          Its not isolated when its your kids’ school and your principal. Not only was my daughter bullied and continues to be bullied, but, they denied help for her disabilities for years and they pretend to be such a great school.

    • Shaun

      Well that is a highly prejudicial and ridiculous generalization based on the actions of 2 educators in a one sided story. You are no better than people who blame an entire race for the actions of a small percent of its population.

      • Melissa

        Well said, Sean.

        • Melissa

          Oops, Shaun. :)

    • Marcus

      That’s about one of the most absurd comments I’ve ever read. Two educators drop that ball, and you make a generalization of all educators.

    • Melissa

      Wow. Please come and be a teacher, parent, nurse, psychologist, moderator, officer, confidante/minister…on a daily basis to anywhere from 17 to 40 students at a time and then try rephrasing your statement.

    • https://www.facebook.com/terri.tg Teresa Michelle Landreth

      WAY over simplification. the one teacher told them no comments unless it had to do with math. it was a backhanded reprimand but it was one. the “principal” is NOT an educator. name the class he teaches. he is an administrator. just because the are almost always a teacher in their past (not sure if all or not, could be exceptions?) doesnt mean they are anymore. they are worried about attendance, and class performance. thats all. the bullying etc are secondary for a lot of these people, its just a headache to them, the “man up” attitude comes into play for these types.

    • Ashlynn

      My mother is a Special Ed teacher for students with behavioral disabilities. And she cares for her students as if theybwere her own children. So mich so that we have gone and bought clothing for her students because their parents/guardians can’t afford it. Don’t lump one lousy teachers actions with the rest. Most teachers that I know genuinely LOVE their students.

  • James

    What if he had decided to go postal….. he is asking for help , and not getting it. and you wonder why some kids shoot places up

  • Robin Keenan

    Outrage !! The school is guilty of being bullies themselves ! My heart goes out to this boy and his family ! They should file charges against the school !

    • Fredrick

      I was put in chokeholds, hit, etc by teachers when i went to pace when i was younger.. i came home all scratched up once, my mom took me back down, she tried talking to them, they ignored her so she said, fine ” if a boy or guy hits you hit em back “.. i was 13 / 12 at the time..

  • Tarna

    I agree with all that was said and just wanted to add. Take this to morning talk shows, see how fast this gets turned around. I wonder if the police use video that was taken by bystanders because they then to are braking a law. hmmm. if this boy was my son I would request that my son needs a recorder to assist in his learning experience in his IEP. Legal document that the school must adhere and contact PA advocates office for special needs to negotiate the iep.

    • Pat Anderson

      Excellent idea Cindee!

  • Cindee

    Teacher should’ve done more about it!

    Detention and calling parents to start with!
    All this is doing is letting those kids get away with it and they will continue to bully and go further will bullying. If you don’t stop it at the early stages, then it’s just going to get worse, not telling what they are doing to this boy now especially after they found out he was recording them. I’m sure they are torturing this boy even more! Schools need to be more proactive with dealing with bullies and parents need to be busting some kids asses for doing it!

  • CJ S.

    this is beyond ridiculous and upsetting. But I know exactly how he feels. when I was in middle school in the late 90’s, I was bullied in school I was even push down a flight of stairs had my arm broken, all because I am gay, and nothing ever happened to any of the boys that hurt me. day after day they would physically and emotionally torment me. And the principal, V.P., the teachers and even the guidance counselor, no one would do anything. it got so bad I ended up having to get pulled from school and home schooled until I graduated.
    I only wish they had I pads back then so I could have recorded my attacks

  • Hugh Jass

    PA law is clear, voice recording without consent of all parties is illegal. Eleven other states are like PA, doesn’t matter that it happened in a public place.

    The main story links to a news reporter resource website that explains it all.

    I feel for the kid but it is what it is.

    • https://www.facebook.com/s0ulmotor Jim Chambers

      I’d agree it’s technically illegal, but I can’t imagine any other recourse he had as he tried everything else to get the torment to stop. Perhaps it’s time to change those sorts of laws to exempt recordings that prove illegal activities.

    • Niel

      ‘It is what it is??’ Is that supposed to be a defense of such a stupid law? If the people of Pennsylvania had taken this approach 238 years ago there would have been no Benjamin Franklin and Pennsylvania would still be a part of England! My irritation is not with you if you actually do not favor this law, but this ‘commonwealth’ of Pennsylvania has let far too many unjust, illogical, antedeluvian laws stand and all people do is shrug and say, ‘it is what it is’. That is pathetic, cowardly and disgusting. People such as this young man and many others who have been mentioned here suffer every day because others who could do something won’t – out of fear. When did fear and complacency define us as a people?? When did Americans lose their backbone and become weak-minded and pliable to accept injustice? Don’t be afraid, be motivated! We have a responsibility as human beings to defend those who cannot defend themselves and stand up against injustice wherever it happens. If there is someone who, as an adult, sees what goes on and does nothing they are just as guilty as those who perpetrated the initial offense.

      Captain America – I don’t like bullies – No matter where they come from.

  • http://twitter.com/ScottMBennett69 Scott M Bennett (@ScottMBennett69)

    as an attorney myself, I would like to know where the judge was able to find an “expectation of privacy” in a public school (or any other school) classroom. Other courts have even ruled that students do not have an expectation of privacy even in their own lockers, but in an open classroom? Absurd!

    • Hugh Jass

      Privacy doesn’t matter, consent of those being voice recorded does in PA.

      • Ricck W

        Pennsylvania Wiretapping Law

        Pennsylvania’s wiretapping law is a “two-party consent” law. Pennsylvania makes it a crime to intercept or record a telephone call or conversation unless all parties to the conversation consent. See 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 5703 (link is to the entire code, choose Title 18, Part II, Article F, Chapter 57, Subchapter B, and then the specific provision).

        The law does not cover oral communications when the speakers do not have an “expectation that such communication is not subject to interception under circumstances justifying such expectation.” See 18 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 5702 (link is to the entire code, choose Title 18, Part II, Article F, Chapter 57, Subchapter A, and then the specific provision). Therefore, you may be able to record in-person conversations occurring in a public place without consent. However, you should always get the consent of all parties before recording any conversation that common sense tells you is private.

        • Suzanne Arena

          Then they need to amend this when the student guidelines are out of compliance and violates their own handbook.

          When a law is being broken due to Self-defense in proving abuse, why doesn’t justice prevail in support of the victim? This is sickening and the Legislators in PA better figure this out and put in an Amendment to this law. I need to check the laws here and see what god forsaken RI has on this. We should all check our state’s laws on this. This bully’s parents should have held him accountable….oh right, that would mean they would have integrity. And that TEACHER!! and Principal. idk!

  • Magrat Garlick
  • https://www.facebook.com/Violetraise Amor Rays

    I will be calling and emailing the principal and judge to express my outrage.

  • Joefergs

    Principal should lose his job. Doesn’t care about the bullying just wants to cover his own ass.

  • https://www.facebook.com/worlds.greatestsinner Worlds Greatestsinner

    This type of crap is why this country is so doomed.


    I think “stand for the silent” should visit that school, it is an anti-bullying organization that really helps no one deserves to be bullied and especially have criminal charges because of it I completely disagree with this outcome. the bullies need to learn that that is not right to treat someone that way.

  • https://www.facebook.com/kelly.s.moore.68 Kelly Strodtman Moore

    I am truly at a loss. That a school administrator not only allowed this behavior but after given viable proof is bullying and an out of control classroom that his answer was to charge the victim.

    IMHO he should be immediately removed from his position by the superintendent and/or school board. The teacher should be given support from the administration. Finally, the guilty parties should be suspended and should be brought up on charges of harassment. Even if found not guilty maybe, just maybe parents having to hire lawyers might be motivated to kick their kids asses into shape.

    What kind of parents allow their children to behave this way. Not mine because they’d be begging for protection if I ever found out they had participated in such behavior. I see the kids in my children’s school and I cannot fathom such behavior. While I’m sure that some sort of bullying behavior goes on I’ve seen these kids support one another and lift others up who were not as fortunate as they were.

    Stories like this just make me sick and I hope that this mother is able to find justice for her son and I’m sorry that he has to learn about the ugly side of people and the world at such an early age. Best wishes to them both and my you find peace.

  • Sarah

    The bullies, who are behavior problems and not special ed students, are disrupting the students who should have IEP’s in a classroom setting that is designed for students with special needs. The young man has a medical diagnosis which should be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The principal is an idiot and the mom should sue.

    • https://www.facebook.com/Oceyana Talena Beaupré

      While I am NOT in any way defending the behaviour of these bullies, you are mistaken in saying that children with behaviour problems are not special ed students. Behaviour problems CAN be a medical diagnosis supported with an IEP. There are many reasons why some children have behavioural problems and it is not always just that they are a bad seed.

      This school system grossly failed this student in not protecting him. I believe any school or board employee who did NOT discipline the bullies should be held accountable. This case set a horrible precedent for the bullies to feel they are invincible and above repercussion.

  • https://www.facebook.com/josh.mcilvain.9 Josh McIlvain

    So, I don’t get it. Are they deliberately TRYING to create the conditions that spawn such incidences as the Columbine shootings and the Franklin stabbings? Where frustrated students made to feel that they have no recourse going through lawful channels resort to the unthinkable? Is this really what they want? What is the point of punishing this young man? What message is this intended to send? And why do administrators not consider any of this before making these decisions?

  • https://www.facebook.com/60.Ken Ken Shade

    This recording was made in a “Public” school where a “Public” education was being taught and ass such, I can see no reason for anyone to have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Class rooms are equiped with intercoms that can be opened to listen in on classes that are in session and desk are situated in such a manner where there is no means of privacy possible. The School Principal and teacher should be discplined and the school system should be required to pay this family’s legal expenses and the bullies should be expelled.

  • erin

    Really!!!!!!! A person who stood up to bullies who has disorders get publishes for trying to prove what’s happened to him to try and get something done about this.its repulsive to even hear that he was punished and the bullies get nothing I hope they appeal to the highest court n win n call some attention to this problem get it together punish the the ones who deserve it

  • Mary

    Police officers do not bring or reduce charges. They make arrests. District Attorneys determine if charges should be brought and what those should be.

  • kellygreen911

    Apparently students are not the only bullies in that school; the principal (who is clearly without principles) is a bully, too.

    • Molly

      He really is. He made up a school policy so that his actions toward my kids would be justified.

  • Bill Duff

    There is no common sense nor common decency in America any longer. We are slowly turning into Nazi Germany and doing it better than they did. I wonder who the internment camps will hold. It’s obvious, isn’t it?

  • Steven

    I am without words. Except to say it seems the innocent are being persecuted, the guilty are left untouched, and the justice system is being subverted into the opposite of what it is intended by judges who don’t know the law from their ass!

  • https://www.facebook.com/mark.danley.79 Mark

    As a native of W. PA, this is an embarrassment. The Commonwealth should enact laws that permit classroom surveillance in a school if it is warranted. If the student and mother complained to no avail, then there was reason for action. The teacher could also have given the boy permission to record the class. In any case, the judge should have seen extenuating circumstances and thrown the case out and reprimanded the principal for permitting an environment that promotes bullying.

  • http://twitter.com/TheChrisBlake84 Christopher Blake (@TheChrisBlake84)

    This is beyond outrageous! I literally have no words that can properly communicate my disgust and outrage with this!
    It is a PUBLIC SCHOOL…emphasis on PUBLIC! How can he be charged like that? Especially when he has presented CLEAR EVIDENCE that he was being bullied and victimized? I say that not only should the Principal and teacher(s) involved be fired, but the school-board should pay for the young mans attorney fees! Also, all the students who bullied him should be expelled!
    This is beyond a miscarriage of justice…This young man deserves proper action! I am just sickened by this bullshit!

    • BLH

      And didn’t he have permission from the teacher to record?

  • http://coachdeb8.wordpress.com coachdeb8

    Name the administrators. Name the police officers.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.secrist Jeremy Secrist

    this is why kids bring weapons to school, out numbered and out powered no one gives them support i don’t blame them for looking for a solution to the problem. i think bullies should be charged with Civil disobedience or reckless endangerment or Criminal Harassment then locked up in a detention center up to 2 years. you may say 2 years is too long well no its not cuz we want this to end we make sure the kids get the point that is not going to be tolerated period !!!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/gregory.mead.73 Gregory Mead

    I agree with Deloris, Paul, and AF. In what world is a public classroom filled with students a place where there is an expectation of privacy? This is purely CYA by the administrators to cover up the fact that they did nothing to protect the bullied student. I want to know what relationship there is between the administration of this school and the bullies involved.

  • austinbikergirl

    And this is why you have instances like Columbine, etc. A person has their limitations. I speak with experience. Lucky for me in my day, I had no gun. But a rock near the bullies head did the trick. He happily lives with only one eye since 5th grade.

  • http://Facebook Melinda

    Get a lawyer. That poor kid (I have a son with asbergers )This kid needs a life and the school should of helped him ! STOP the Bullying. Shame on the teacher and the principle -makes me sick.

  • http://fb Marsha Florence

    If I was this Mother I would be in the face of the school board and demanding that this nut of a principal be fired…and if not I would be in the paper on the news and demanding that the bullies be punished and the teacher in the class also..this is wrong..period…

  • http://Facebook Jane Thorne-Gutierrez

    The entire hiarchy of that school is guilty of harbor ingrained protecting delinquents. I would sue !

    • http://Facebook Jane Thorne-Gutierrez

      Harboring and protecting… No correct and autocorrect… Stupid.

  • Veteran

    Please publish the names of the bullies and principal so we may shame them online as they have no expectation of privacy there
    . And I hope the mother sues the school and the principal seperately along with the cop and that ass sucking judge

  • CAWright

    How about an expectation of a non-stressful learning environment?

  • https://www.facebook.com/themizchiefoflove Shea Love

    Our children have the right to thrive, not just survive!
    This story is about my child.
    I appreciate all your support!
    Shea Love

    • Salvatore Aversa

      I live in Pittsburgh, not too far from where you live. The judge that found your son guilty married my wife and me. I was bullied as a child. Stories like this break my heart. He has the right to enjoy life without fear.

      What kind of message are we sending to him? Would it have been better if he took a swing at them? He went for the non-violent (and correct) option. He did everything right, and still ended up getting in trouble. I can’t understand what McGraw was thinking, and I don’t want to.

      You have my full support, both as a writer for this site and personally. With everything that is going on locally, I would contact the news. It is inexcusable.

    • Molly

      Hi Shea,
      My kids go to your school and my daughter is bullied, too. She hates the boys at that school. After I complained, no one would tell me the names of the kids or if anything was done. The bullies tried to get her in trouble for the things she said when she tried to stand up for herself. That is a typical bully trick. I’ve had a bad experience with Milburn myself. He was backed up by the higher-ups. Maybe some of the local news or even a national talk show like Dr. Phil would be interested in this egregious miscarriage of justice.

  • http://twitter.com/DMW_JD2014 Deloris (@DMW_JD2014)

    OK – I had to calm myself before I answered this. As I could feel the blood rush to my head! I am just a 1st year law student…BUT THIS IS WHAT I KNOW!! The PRINCIPAL WAS WRONG!

    “… the principal said the student was facing felony wiretapping charges because he had made a recording in a place where there is an expectation of privacy. The officer agreed but eventually reduced the charge to disorderly conduct on the basis that the student engaged in offensive actions ‘which served no legitimate purpose.’”

    In a CLASS room there,”…. place where there is an expectation of privacy.” WRONG! In the RESTROOM = YES. In the SHOWER = YES! In the TOILET = YES! In the classroom = NO! There is a room FULL of people. There is nothing “private” there. In addition to that there are windows everywhere.

    THAT IS WHY THAT JACKAS# OFFICER “LOWERED THE CHARGES!” But also, many schools have anti-bullying rules that every student is made aware of from the first day. UNLIKE the “Wiretapping LAWS” which even the principle misquoted. So, the bully knew what he was doing was wrong, as did the victim. But because, the victim has a higher burden of proof…he was forced to tape his day(which he didn’t know was wrong.) The TEACHER (and PRINCIPLE) are suppose to help him. BOTH FAILED THERE DUTIES. Every child has EXPECTATION OF SCHOOL BEING A “SAFE PLACE TO LEARN.” This clearly is NOT!

    I hope this family will find a good lawyer (pro bono) that will help them get some justice. Because now the VICTIM has become the VILLAIN! This is messed up!

    As ADULTS we are suppose to protect ALL THE CHILDREN in our care. Oh…that reminds me there ARE LAWS ABOUT THAT ON THE BOOKS. I hope the victims mom sues that school. Because THIS IS NOT THE FIRST AND WILL NOT BE THE LAST CASE LIKE THIS.

    • usadisvet

      Do you not require intent to commit such a crime? I don’t see a moment of intent for disorderly conduct.

  • Kevan Scott

    Of course the “special needs student was charged. Of course it was also the special needs student that was found guilty of disorderly conduct by the judge. Protections for the disabled, whether students or adults have been disregarded, ignored and generally met with disdain by those who should know better but have become emboldend by the GOP & Tea Party thugs and their “personal responsibility” mantra that is used against everyone but themselves. As a disabled person myself I’m outraged by the school’s indifference to bullying and to the judges indifference to the plight of the child and his apparent zeal to “enforce” the law against the disabled student but NOT against the bullies. `Merica! God has surely taught you how to love and share his grace, hasn’t he Christians?!?

    • waterdragonvisions

      Oh please!!!!! Your reference to “the GOP & Tea Party thugs” is ridiculous and totally out of context with this story. Bullying is non-political, whereas ignorance displayed on public forums can definitely be skewed in any political direction.

      This story has absolutely NOTHING to do with political viewpoints.

  • http://irishconnell.wordpress.com irishconnell

    That wrong on so many levels.

  • JFischer

    That is so wrong. Those students have just been told that they can freely harass any student at any time.

  • Madbunny

    I’m sorry but I need to point out that the article needs a correction.

    This isn’t the first time a victim has been penalized for reporting a crime. This happens to women all the time.

    Unfortunately the reason bullying is so hard to deal with is that most of it is non-physical. You can’t arrest somebody for calling you a name, you can’t arrest somebody for slamming a book down on a desk, and you can’t realistically punish a large group of people who do it regularly. From the tone of the article it seems like the teacher is trying, but doesn’t have any real tools to use.

    The administrator however.. is a diiiiiickhooole.

    • newt

      I bet if the students were doing it to the administrator, there would be punishment involved whether it is detention or some other form of punishment. Im pretty sure if this was happening in a workplace, harassment charges could be brought up.

      • Madbunny

        Yes, you’re entirely correct. It would however be something of an abuse of the power privilege.

        Kind of like cops giving you a ticket for flipping them off.

        As far as harassment goes, you have a point. A valid point. My suspicion is if a case does result from this, that’s the direction it will take. Hostile work environment and continued harassment with no legitimate actions taken by the management. Those sorts of cases have won in court in the past.

        I still think the administrator is a dhole.

  • paul fredine

    what is wrong with school administrators these days? an ‘expectation of privacy’ in a classroom with other kids? this is so f***ked. proof he’s being bullied and the school compounds it? i’ll say it again. this is so f***ked.

    • https://www.facebook.com/TheAngryFag AF

      How does anyone have an expectation of privacy in a public place?

      Three people from this story need to be fired. Well, two fired, and one retrained on how to deal with a classroom.

      • [email protected]

        Teachers need support from the administration to deal with a room of rowdy kids. I would not be surprised if the principal is falling short in that respect, just as he is falling short in keeping his students from being bullied.

        • Michael

          Agreed. If the principal doesn’t support the teachers, there’s nothing much they can do about a bunch of inbred teenagers who think it’s “fun” to bully someone.

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