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Should Scalia Trade His Black Robe for a White Hood? (Video)

Two of our favorite liberal advocates, Thom Hartmann and Mike Papantonio discuss the recent comments by Justice Scalia, who said about the Voting Rights Act:

Now, I don’t think that’s attributable to the fact that it is so much clearer now that we need this.  I think it is attributable, very likely attributable, to a phenomenon that is called perpetuation of racial entitlement.  It’s been written about.  Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes.

NAACP President Ben Jealous told ABC News, “The protection of the right to vote is an American entitlement.  It is a democratic entitlement.  And those who would seek to use incendiary rhetoric from the bench of the Supreme Court should think twice about their place in history.”

We completely agree with Mr. Jealous and Papantonio who describes Scalia this way, “He’s a political hack with a robe on!”

Watch the video:


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  • Carolyn LeBeaufe

    Scalia has his white robe with his hoodie also.

  • Lisa Sage

    Isn’t it time to put our foot down and say ENOUGH! We are so close to people rioting in the streets. No man is invincible. If he becomes corrupted or shows his TRUE colors , there should be a vote by all Americans and FIRED. When Republicans walk out on the president on Thursday when the president is trying to find a solution to something that will hurt the country. FIRE them. We need businessmen running our country not polititions. This is a grownup world now, we need grown ups to run it.

  • fred flinstone

    Can somebody photoshop this racists into a white hood and repost

  • http://optional? Ben

    If Scalia does manage to impact the voting rights act … I would not care to be his insurance underwriter. I would not mind, however, being his undertaker. He should keep in mind that impeachment is possible but is not the only way he can be removed from the court … and a second method could be extremely likely.

  • Donald Parker

    Whoever has the power or the ability to remove this bigot should do it immediatly and save our country the embarrassment.

  • Robert Hillstrom

    Now in my 80s, I reflect on my life as a lawyer. The scotus is the biggest disappointment I have. I remember the great justices of my early life: Black, Douglas, Warren, Brennan, and of course Minnesotas contributions to the court, Harry Blackmun and Warren Burger. More recently Justices like Scalia have cost the Court the prestige it enjoyed for over 200 years . Scalia and others ignore the paramount attribute required of Judges from traffic court all the way up to the scotus; that is the integrity to decide cases by the law. Scalia’s opinions and extra judicial statements evidence his propensity to decide cases on personal emotional issues, and probably worse, on his own parochial or political interests. It’s not unthinkable that he could be the first Supreme Court Justice to be impeached.

    • Val

      If I remember correctly that would require the House to act. Hmm, I don’t see that happening with the current clowns sitting there.

    • Bascoda

      If it were to happen, he would be the second justice to be impeached. Samuel Chase was impeached in 1805 for alleged actions that, considering the historical context, were remarkably similar to what Scalia is presently doing, the House approved the articles of impeachment and sent the case to the Senate for trial. The Senate voted to acquit him, and he continued to serve on the court until his death. Ironically, one result of those proceedings was to make federal judges at all levels much more diligent in avoiding even the appearance of political partisanship. That doesn’t seem to have held. Today, control of the House by the conservatives would ensure that any articles of impeachment of Scalia would never even make it to the floor.

  • Jerry

    Until now I did not think that I could be a Supreme Court Justice but at least I know the difference between an “Entitlement” granted by the Legislature and a “Right” Granted by the Constitution and the “Right” for Citizens to vote is in three different Amendments to the Constitution. The Rights for Natural Born Citizens to Vote regardless of Race…The Right for Citizens to Vote regardless of Sex…The right from State Laws such as a “Poll Tax” obstructing a Citizens Right to Vote. For years there have been certain peoples within the United States that try to pass Laws to keen “Citizens” from Voting their will or “Obstructing” them from the polls. This Must STOP in the United States. The Right to Vote is NOT and “entitlement” under as legislative law ! The right to Vote is a Constitutional Right Mr. Justice Scalia and If you do not know this, how in the world did you get to be a Supreme Court Justice.

  • Eddie Powell

    The SCOTUS is the most deadly part of this new “Autonomous Republic” that is killing our nation ‘s freedom. Klan leader David Duke was dead on point in the early nineties when he made the statement about the future of the KKK. The actions of Scalia and other white men on the court speaks highly for his having members in high places of law and politics. This 3 branched Republic, (plutocrats, the Supreme court justices and certain high ranked republican politicians) exemplifies where we stands a nation of supposedly free people. Our courts are made to reflect the realities of a free and equal people. According to Scalia world it is perfectly alright that states like Alabama, Mississippi and the like can deny people of color to vote as they did before Section 5 of the VRA. Only in their “Autonomous Republic white only membership entitlements in any form” are perfectly legal as long as people of color are not allowed to express their entitlement of equality in voting.

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