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Scary Walmart ‘Ice Cream’ Sandwich Refuses to Melt! (Video)

Many of us suppress guilty summertime memories of leaving a half-eaten ice cream sandwich somewhere, later finding it melted and crawling with ants, getting scolded by the folks, and having to clean up that nasty mess. Apparently, times have changed.

WCPO reports a Cincinatti, Ohio mom found her son’s half-eaten ice cream sandwich lying on the patio table early one hot summer morning. To her astonishment, the thing had barely melted even though it had been left out for at least 12 hours and the temperature had already reached 80 degrees.

It’s kind of like those freaky conspiracy videos you find on YouTube, with the chemtrails and fake snow, only this is real.

This Scary Walmart 'Ice Cream' Sandwich Will NOT Melt! (Video).

Eeeew… What on Earth does Walmart put in their ice cream? Christie Watson found her son’s half-eaten ice cream sandwich lying on the table in the sun one 80 degree morning, and it hadn’t melted. Photo: Video screen grab, WCPO Cincinatti.

Unsurprisingly, this creepy treat came from a box of “Great Value” ice cream sandwiches from Walmart.

News reporter John Matarese and his crew came out to investigate, and Christie Watson told Matarese:

“I noticed that my son had left his ice cream sandwich outside, and I was wondering ‘why is there still ice cream in there? I thought that’s quite weird. So I looked at the box, and it doesn’t say artificial ice cream. It says ice cream.”

Is she sure it didn’t say “ice cream,” in ironic quotes? We can’t tell from the video footage.

Was this non-melting ice cream sandwich some bizarre fluke? Nope. A curious Watson left a second ice cream bar out overnight, and encountered the same results the following morning.

“Monday I came out and looked at it, and there was still ice cream there. So I thought to myself: what am I feeding to my children?”

Matarese and his crew then performed a second experiment, leaving a Walmart “Great value” ice cream sandwich, a Klondike bar, and a cup of Häagen-Dazs ice cream out in the hot sun for 30 minutes. The Häagen-Dazs melted into a puddle, the Klondike bar got a little squishy, and the scary Walmart “Great Value” ice cream sandwich barely melted at all.

The Häagen-Dazs melted into a puddle, the Klondike bar got a little squishy, and the scary Walmart "Great Value" ice cream sandwich barely melted at all.

After 30 minutes in the hot sun, The Häagen-Dazs melted into a puddle, the Klondike bar got a little squishy, and the scary Walmart “Great Value” ice cream sandwich barely melted at all. Photo: Video screen grab, WCPO Cincinatti.

Why Walmart’s “ice cream” sandwiches won’t melt.

Why did this experiment show such dramatically different results? Gee, maybe it has something to do with the ingredients.

The  Häagen-Dazs ice cream contains nothing but cream, milk, sugar, and eggs, and vanilla. The Klondike bars and Walmart Great Value ice cream sandwiches had a lot more ingredients with a lot more syllables in them.

Not-melting Walmart ice cream sandwiches - ingredients.

Why won’t Walmart’s ice cream sandwiches melt? Maybe it has something to do with the ingredients. Whoa, look at all those syllables… Photo: Video screen grab, WCPO Cincinatti.

When WCPO contacted Walmart, they refused to “officially” comment, but “sources close to the company” explained:

“ice cream melts based on how much buttermilk, butterfat, and cream are in it. Walmart’s sandwiches contain less, so they are more affordable. But they are healthy and meet all FDA guidelines.”

So… um … in other words, Walmart’s ice cream doesn’t melt because it doesn’t contain enough of the ingredients ice cream’s supposed to be made of. But that’s okay, because all these chemicals are perfectly safe and make Walmart’s “ice cream” sandwiches way cheaper.

Wow, didn’t the fast food chains and supermarkets say something similar about “pink slime” they put in “hamburger” meat — which is also supposedly “healthy” and FDA-compliant? Yuck.

Matarese takes great care to point out that for the $3.00 you’d pay for that dinky cup of Häagen-Dazs, you can get a dozen of those ice cream sandwiches from Walmart. And, “again, there’s nothing unhealthy about those sandwiches.”

Yet a skeptical Watson insists that she misses the kind of old-fashioned ice cream that melts.

Here’s the video with the news report from WCPO – 9 On Your Side.

h/t and screen grab/photo: WCPO.

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  • B Jones

    What a bunch of tools! if you go to ANY grocery store and get an ice cream bar, most will have the same effect! If you look at the ingredients, the “ice cream” part is mostly different types of thickening agents, “gums” (guar gum, carrageenan, etc.). These are the reason it doesnt melt to liquid form and are all made by out plant byproducts. The reason it is made this way, is to make it easier to make in the processing plant. If you check the ingredients of your favorite ice cream manufacturer (if they have ice cream sandwiches) you will find they use almost the exact same ingredients in their product as well. Ice cream made in tubs or cartons are made differently, because they are poured into containers then frozen, so of course they will melt to goo when warmed. Because sandwiches are semifrozen then added to the wafers, thickeners are added so they can retain shape during this process.

  • Deborah L

    My great aunt’s way back in the 50’s said that if a roach or bug won’t get in bought cereal, then people don’t need to eat it either. And now we have the same thing going for ice cream. Don’t even mention the fake margarine either.

  • gorgojr

    As head of Wal-Mart’s ice cream division, I can reveal why. We use finely pulverized synthetic fabrics and metals treated in vast amounts of chemicals which then are blended with small amounts of ice cream. Our secret formula thus stops the melting process.

  • Sassafras

    Ew! No wonder I love Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, it actually melts.

  • Kim Serrahn

    I wonder if all the ingredients can be linked to the chemical make up of plastic?

    • J. Fischer

      No. Despite the claims, no food product is ‘one molecule different’ from any plastic compounds.

  • Valk-Orion Yoder

    Ive always wondered why McDonalds cheese burgers dont decompose either.

  • Robert Kennedy

    Reminds me of the early 70s when there was a meat shortage and the joke was that McDonald’s was down to their last pound of meat and could only make another million Big Macs.

  • queenbee14

    Harmless by today’s scientific standards. Deadly tomorrow. Non melting ice cream is totally un-natural. Those that think so are some of the same that think that Wal Mart and business types like them really care about our health and what they sell us. The frighten thing here is that this “supposed ice cream” was partially ingested by a child.. If it don’t melt, then the ice part in its name shouldn’t be removed.. This may sound corny, but, ice has been melting since time began. Then to, what little melting that was noticed was probably done by the amount of ice it contained. What a possible scary scenario for the future.. “cold ice free cream bar” at a cheap price that every kid can enjoyed any where and at any time without the mess of old ice cream . Wait, one don’t have to wait for the future.. “it is already available at all local Wal Mart store!!!

  • smb11

    Where are the bugs. After 12 hours, the ice cream bars should have been crawling with a bunch of different critters. If fruit flies, ants and bees don’t want anything to do with Walmart Ice Cream Bars, neither should we.

    • George M Melby

      Bugs are smarter than human beings. And bugs won’t touch… margarine!

      • smb11

        Neither will I.

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