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Sarah Palin to Frothing NRA Crowd: ‘Waterboarding is How We Baptize Terrorists’ (Video)

We expect ignorant and obtuse things out of Sarah Palin. That we expect these things doesn’t make them any less ignorant, nor does is make them any less obtuse when they arrive.

While firing up a crowd at an NRA convention in Indianapolis this weekend, Sarah Palin stated that gun-free zones are “stupid on steroids” (she knows all about stupid, folks. We should trust her on this) and that our founding figures “knew that if the Second Amendment goes, the rest of the Constitution is not far behind.”

Actually, the way things are shaping up, the Second Amendment will be the last one to go, if it goes at all. But let’s not let reality step in the way here; if we wanted facts and truth, we wouldn’t be turning to the NRA, much less half-term Governor Sarah Palin.

During her 12-minute speech, Palin also reiterated a favored anti-regulation argument: “Gun stores are an accomplice to crime and that fork made me fat.” For the curious, you can debunk this argument easily enough by reminding people that it’s possible to eat fat-free foods with a fork. After all, a fork wasn’t made to make you fat. A gun, however, was made to make you dead.

She mocked Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent testimony on Capitol Hill, troubled over Bloomberg’s push for gun control, and went after Biden’s recent advice to fire in the air to scare off attackers by saying: “Just aim up in the air – that was his directive, his advice. Well, fine, Joe Squirt Gun, if your rapist is a bird.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be Palin if she didn’t bring that extra blood thirsty twist:

She also derided those who she said place an emphasis on political correctness in handling the country’s adversaries “instead of putting the fear of God in our enemies.”

She said later in her address that if “I were in charge” — a line that drew applause from the crowd — “they would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.

If you really want to, you can watch the whole speech below. All 12 minutes of it.

If all this sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because it’s a rehash of the garbage they spewed in 2013. They put a different color lipstick on it, but it’s still the same pig.

You can watch Jon Stewart cook this pig in the video below. It’s over a year old, but apparently (and sadly), still very relevant.

h/t: Washington Times

Image via National Gun Victims Action Council

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  • Dan

    Lol. No personal attacks? Only you can attack our good people then? You are a disgusting turd, and don’t deserve the rights that we sacrificed for you to crap on.

  • dave

    It’s the intelligent woman who can make a humorous statement and contain truth in it.

    If you are a real American, what would you rather hear:

    ‘Waterboarding is How We Baptize Terrorists’


    ‘It takes a village’ or worse yet, ‘Vast right wing conspiracy’?

  • http://AATTP Robert

    Robert: April 30 2014 The very dumbest of the U.S. population call MRS. PALIN stupid & much worse! That goes to show why this Great country is in the state of despair that this nation finds it self. “Stupid is as Stupid Doze” fits all the comments condemning Mrs. Palin to a “T”.

    • Rusty

      You’re kidding, right? I’ve got “deposits” in the cat box with higher IQs than Palin and Cruz COMBINED. They’re DANGEROUS idiots with enough potential power to blow the world apart. But then the religious whack jobs WANT the world to end, they’re SO fixated on “armageddon” that is literally vomit inducing just hearing them spew their ridiculous clams.

  • Sam Houston

    Hot damn I Love this woman! Pissing you Libtards to no end. This really makes my day. So, this website is a spin-off of the Onion? Man, y’all sure have some zingers in here but y’all got to work on them Obama jokes. Sorry to sound so condescending but they just aren’t that funny. Maybe you should practice your punch lines on someone other than a pack of illegals “dat no speakee da engrish”.

  • Rusty

    Too bad we can’t create birth control laws to weed out the Baggers. It’s kind of difficult dealing with people who have low double digit IQs who diddle their sisters.

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  • Scott

    I just love how all the libtards on this site think that imposing more laws will actually lower crime as far as gun laws are concerned. They’re criminals for a reason folks, but you’re too dense and lacking in common sense to figure this out.

  • http://gravatar.com/johnmcarollo johnmcarollo

    Sarah needs to go back to school, obviously the education afforded her because of beauty pageants (and she is not what I would call a “beauty”) failed in that the 2nd Amendment came WAY AFTER the founding fathers … and that was only to SUPPRESS NEGRO/SLAVE REBELLIONS … is she a fan of that?

  • Kevan Scott

    Who really cares, except for Sarah Palin, what Palin thinks! A half wit saying half wit things.

    • http://gravatar.com/rburnett2861 Bernie

      Sarah Palin is nit half wit , she’s dim witted. Has the brain of a roach. And anybody who would pay to have her speak is just as bad.

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  • labman57

    Sarah Snarkmeister strikes again.
    Yet another reason to be thankful the closest that this dingbat will ever get to the Oval Office is as a tourist visiting the White House.

  • Hooper

    Thank for finding this AATTP, that is a helluva good line. I love it!!

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  • radpat_USA

    Perfect speaker for an organization that is generating unjustified fear of government confiscation of guns for nothing else but recruitment of more members, specifically those seemingly more interested in having their apathetic ignorance confirmed rather than the recognition of simple truths.

  • joebbz2

    And the Hague is how we punish war criminals, think ,Mitt, think….

  • http://dotofoz52.wordpress.com dotofoz

    Gun nut women like her all seem to be convinced that someone is just waiting outside their doors to rape them. They just can’t wait until they can shoot them. Men too. They watch all the crime shows, and are certain that rapists and burglars are everywhere. Even when you show them that crime statistics have dropped, they just know they are going to get their chance to kill someone breaking into their house. When I was young I used to have a friend who would drive the few blocks to my house, unfortunately drunk, and knock on my bedroom window to see if he could crash on my couch, because he couldn’t drive any further. Good thing I wasn’t one of those nut cases. He would be dead now.

    • Bladewalker

      I agree that Sarah is a nut and her views should be mocked by anyone with both a brain and a pulse, but I take offense at your suggestion that all gun owners can’t wait to shoot someone.

      I’m a devout liberal AND a gun owner. I haven’t been a member of the NRA since I was a boy. I’m not worried about being raped and I would never look forward to shooting anyone. In fact, I’d prefer that I’m never in a situation where it might happen, but since the houses on either side of mine, the one across the street and several others in this area of town have all been broken into in the last two months, keeping a loaded gun for personal protection and to protect my family seems like a very rational idea.

      The typical NRA crowd has always been closer to extremism than sanity, but to include all gun owners in their numbers is dubious at best.

      By the way, I doubt seriously if a real burglar would ever knock on the door or window and anyone who shoots someone because they knocked on either deserves the prison time they’d likely receive.

      • http://dotofoz52.wordpress.com dotofoz

        My daughter has become a full blown NRA person and she brags about carry her gun with her, and how she will shoot anyone who tries to break into her house, even though she lives in a low crime area. It’s almost like she can’t wait for it to happen. I took the concealed carry class, because I thought they would teach me about guns, since my husband had inherited his father’s guns, and I thought I should know about them. We just learned about laws, and fired the guns at a target. They even loaded the gun for me. I do not carry, because I do not consider myself trained enough. And I have never felt threatened by anyone but my ex husband when I was married to him, but back then battered women couldn’t declare self defense. My point is there was a woman in that class who knew less than I did about guns, she earned her license, and kept talking about how she couldn’t wait to carry, because she didn’t feel safe anywhere. Sorry, it scares the heck out of me that this woman is out there carrying a gun, and has probably joined the NRA.

  • Eleanor Earley

    She continues to remove all doubt that she is a fool and moron every time she opens her mouth.

  • http://notagoodideasherlock.wordpress.com alyssamwbc

    Ugh… So that was the hot air I felt coming from the west. Having her in my state (on top of the NRA convention) makes me sick.

  • Rusty

    Sarah Palin, making rocks look like Mensa members for her entire life.

    • jan

      It’s such a shame that all you liberals think you are better than the average person and that you know so much more. It may be because you graduated from a prestigious college and because of a college education taught by a bunch of liberal professors you think you are smarter than anyone else! You people are the reason the world is the shape it is in today. Just look at your liberal president..you are just like him. It’s funny when you don’t agree with some one then your sarcasm starts in..making fun..ridiculing. If you have all the answers why haven’t you come up with a great solution for the world by now. I sure am glad I believe in God because I know one day he will make it all right! and guess what he’s not a liberal. He’s more down to earth and has common sense and values like Sarah Palin.

      • Rusty

        Wow, when’s the last time you actually READ the bible? Your “savior” was a liberal. He wanted to feed the poor and heal the sick and threw the “money changers” out of the temple.
        This is everything the GOP / Baggers HATE. If you’re falling for the nonsense tax evading rich people are spewing, you’re voting against your own existence. Liberals wan the best for the people of this country. They want jobs, medical care, education and more equality. GOP/Baggers are narrow-minded, bible thumping racists who could care less if low income people die as long as people like the Kochs and Dick Cheney (SATAN personified) make money. To use a Star Trek reference – GOP/Baggers are FERENGI!

      • Eleanor Earley

        This lib believes in God also but not the God Pallin claims to represent. The God I believe in cares about the poor, elderly and middle class and not the wealthy only. You are welcome to make her your idol and follow her. I follow the God of the Bible who contrary to your assertion is much more liberal than the Palinites.

      • Eleanor Earley

        Oh and by the way, He did not baptize by waterboarding His followers.

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