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Sarah Palin Puts The ‘Twit’ In ‘Twitter’ (Video)

Sarah Palin’s Twitter page is a treasure trove of idiotic nonsense. On Friday, the “Quitta from Wasilla” tweeted about the IRS targeting criminal money-laundering Tea Party groups posing as social welfare organizations.  And then something about phones?

See if you can figure it out.

palin twit



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  1. Thanx Bob for a lucid,researched, INTELLIGENT, reply!!!!!

  2. I mean, I seriously dislike that woman and wish she would just go away. Unfortunately, those tweets make perfect sense. If you’re paying attention, illegal phone taps have been in the headlines.

    • Sorry, KW but you are wrong. The Teapubs are once again proving that if you tell a lie often enough and loud enough people will believe it. The so called “phone tapping” in the news of late was in fact nothing of the kind. There is a difference between tapping a line and looking at phone RECORDS. All the government did in this case was look at records to see who was talking to who, they didn’t listen to any conversations. This is reminiscent of the “23 Executive Orders on gun control”, those were never issued either. What they called, and still call, “Executive Orders” were actually Executive ACTIONS, just another way of saying MEMOs.

      • Sadly its you and the liberal kool-aid (or whatever you did in the 60/70′s) clouding your judgement… Brother the right is right this time. Do the research and open your mind.

        • I have done the research as I always do when I don’t already know something for sure and everything that I stated is FACTUAL! There is a difference between wire taps and phone records. Those 23 EO’s were in FACT EA’s, completely different entity. I know that Teapubs are allergic to facts that do not support what they want to believe but that doesn’t make them untrue. I’m really getting tired of pointing out to you guys that while it is true that you are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts. No matter how annoying you may find them facts are immutable. I think you probably know this all without me saying it since you resorted to the tactic of he who has no factual argument in his favor with an ad hominem attack on my character based solely on my picture. You’ll notice that I didn’t suggest that you were a beer swilling drunk, I don’t need to make personal attacks, I have facts.

        • Yeah, as if Republicans EVER bother to do research. That’s why every time they say something the fact checkers go on overtime.

      • Thanks, Bob! You just saved me a whole lot of typing. I owe you one.
        Now if you could just deprogram my Mother…

  3. Sadly, I think I can get into her little TeaBagger brain on these. 1) The sequester was a good thing because it shut the evil gubbamint taxmen down for four days. 2) The IRS is wiretapping our phones for tax audits.

  4. Good Lord she is idiot times 2. Alaskans probably hide their faces knowing an idiot like this was their leader at one point.

  5. lol Woops, this one was Palin, not Bachmann. They’re so easy to get mixed up sometimes….

  6. @SarahPalinUSA? Does this mean there’s also an @SarahPalinRussia? And an @SarahPalinSomalia? Is @SarahPalin a franchise?

  7. At least we don’t have to listen to that fingernails on the chalkboard voice when she tweets. After reading the tweets shown all I cold think of was, wait…what? Even for her these are amazingly nonsensical.

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