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Sarah Palin To President Obama: Stop Using Vets as Pawns — That’s Our Job! (Video)

Sarah Palin is in high dudgeon because the White House is trying, in her words to use military veterans as pawns.

Frankly, the half-term Governor should come with subtitles.

Palin was a guest at Fox News, the network that finally fired her, to weigh in on the Presidency and the military during the shutdown.

Palin, together with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee must justify their presence at the rally by vets to reopen monuments on Sunday, since organizers of the event are very critical of their
barging in and saying stupid things.

Palin to Greta Van Susteren:

“We think it’s atrocious that our military is being used as political pawns in a political game. And we’re gonna change that.”

Sarah, please back away from the rally. Slowly and no one will get hurt.

Maybe it is not the job of Fox News, but the rest of the media must never stop reminding the country that all federal attractions were shuttered because of the government shutdown.

If workers are furloughed, then they cannot come to work.

It is remarkable that simple reality even has to be stated.

They accuse the President of using veterans, in what capacity is unclear, when the Tea Party gang is muscling in for first dibs.

Our military, current and past, deserve the benefits that they were promised. The conservative GOP has worked tirelessly to deny our soldiers needed services as well as a recent jobs bill focused on them.

But why not drag a man who honorably served in front of the camera with you?

Watch the clip but be warned it is in Sarah speak:

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  • https://www.facebook.com/larry.swain.37 Larry Swain

    I think you meant “high dudgeon,” not “dungeon.” Dungeons are underground, not high.

    • AATTP

      Thanks and corrected.

  • Can’f Fix Stupid

    You know when you shut down the government, you shut down the shit that the government runs!! You know like Parks, Museums and Monuments!! And she’s breath taking in her stupidity!!

  • Robert

    Go Sarah! This profoundly ignorant self serving loudmouth is the best thing that ever happended to the Democratic Party.

  • jo

    Surely no one in Alaska would vote for the failure Governor as a senator or even allow this attention whore to speak her own language,(round and round in a circle) as a representative !

  • Jack Banks

    I think that Ms. Palin might be in high dudgeon. Not dungeon, as in the first paragraph.

  • Chuck

    That would be “high dudgeon” (a feeling of intense indignation) not “high dungeon.”

  • Perry

    Tea party: where hypocrites go to roost.

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