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Right-Wing ‘Christians’ Would Rather Abandon 2,000 Children Than Support Gay Rights

Not even two days ago, a Christian charity organization called World Vision announced that they would hire gay and lesbian Christian employees, with the caveat that it was, “not an endorsement of same-sex marriage.” Predictably, as with any attempt to recognize gays and lesbians as people, the Religious Right exploded in self-righteous rage.

Conservatives Christians hammered World Vision, claiming that it was, “enabling homosexuality,” and a mass defection began. Never mind that World Vision was helping children. Because if there’s anything we know Conservative Christians care about more than helping living children, it’s… well, it’s everything else, like Benghazi.

Shortly after this announcement, the Assemblies of God urged their members to stop donating to World Vision. John Piper, a McChurch Pastor, called the decision, “tragic.” Franklin Graham, who’s doing everything he can to drag the Graham name through the mud, said he was, “sickened by it.” Some of the sharpest criticism came from compulsive liar Tony Perkins, head of the poorly-named Family Research Council. Writing on their website, Perkins said:

We cannot and will not support an organization that exalts the approval of the world over the authority of the Word. In the end when Christians desire the praise of man over the glory of God: they earn neither. The church should continue to support Christian aid and humanitarianism, but only through organizations that remain true to the word of God.

The result of this? About 2,000 children lost their sponsorship and the organization took a $840,000 hit because Evangelicals, being the pro-life crowd they are, were happier to see children die than they were to support an organization that gave gays and lesbians jobs. Rachel Held Evans, a progressive evangelical blogger, said:

No official numbers have been released yet, but my contacts at World Vision report that thousands of children lost their sponsorships yesterday as evangelicals withdrew funds in protest to World Vision’s policy of employing people in same-sex marriages.

…Deliberately cutting off funding to your sponsored child affects that child and her community. If you didn’t think that money was actually making a difference, then why were you sponsoring to begin with?

This sudden desertion from the right resulted in World Vision issuing the following statement, via Religious News Service:

We’ve listened. We believe we made a mistake. We’re asking them to forgive and understand our poor judgement in the original decision.

Meaning they caved to the pressure.

That’s pro-life in action, folks. In the words of Fred Clark, another progressive evangelical blogger at Patheos who has been watching this unfold, “score one for the bullies.”

h/t Opposing Views


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  • http://gravatar.com/seamonkeymusic Sea Monkey

    I don’t like this. BUT, I must say, I have not supported Chik-Fil-A for about a couple of years now because of their anti-gay support. I guess that’s the price we pay for our opinions and beliefs. I put my money where my mouth is, so does the conservative Christian, I suppose. I’d say that’s fair, but I still think it’s a shame that we’re talking an innocent child losing sponsorship. Tough issue.

    • Ronald Nolette

      Well the wonderful thing is , is that there are dozens of orgs. that help children that are right, left and kind of in th middle. So children can be helped from all philosophies of American society.

  • Derek

    There’s a strong logical fallacy in the argument made by this blogger: one cannot disagree with gay right and, therefore pull support from World Vision, while also trying to help children. That’s a ridiculous assumption. One can pull support from a group whose basic tenets they disagree with and still find the ability to support children in what they would consider would be a more effective way. World Vision is not the only organization that supports children around the world. Many who do/did support World Vision supported them because of their formerly Christian qualities and tenets. If they decide to stray from those, those same people can make a statement (free speech) by withdrawing their support from World Vision and supporting another group (Samaritan’s Purse, etc.).

  • https://www.facebook.com/norman.bedard.14 Norman Bedard

    Dirt bags, religion is the source of most evil in the world today!

  • Hooper

    So Christians wish to align themselves with people who share their same values is bullying? I see… and when homosexuals target a business, knowing what its reaction will be, in order to muster all the condemnation from progressives, including closing down the business by the FORCE of government… what is that again?

    • Josh Kilburn

      And what business would that be, Hooper?

      • Hooper

        The baker in Colorado has been ordered to serve homosexual marriage ceremonies under threat of the government FORCING it to close.

        • Josh Kilburn

          Just like all those other poor businesses that suddenly found they couldn’t ban Blacks and had to start serving them, huh?

          My bleeding liberal heart feels for them.

          • Hooper

            You asked for an example and I gave you one. I assume from your comment that you support the government FORCING a citizen into a contractual obligation with another citizen? It’s not even with the public sector, the government is FORCING you to do business with another private citizen.

    • https://www.facebook.com/skip.moreland.5 Skip Moreland

      Hooper no business has been forced to close by the government because of any opposition by gays. Why do you continue to lie. And the businesses that gays have protested have never affected children like this protest does.
      Plus aren’t christians suppose to have values of love thy neighbor and other such things? Aren’t they suppose to by the word of christ to actually help people? In fact christ gathered the people that society despised and made outcasts and helped them. He healed them, fed them, fought for them.
      It seems to me that these people are christians in name only.

    • Ronald Nolette

      Well as their are scores of Christian organizations helping children throughout the world- one should stay true to the teachings of Jesus and not yoke themselves unequally. A Christian organization should follow Christ and not the newest politically correct idea. That doesn’t mean we hate people, it means we must obey God above all else and be willing to accept the hatred of the world for it like our brothers and sisters have done through the centuries.

  • ted holland

    They make it very clear to me. This is no Christian organization, this is a hate group.

    • peterunbeliever

      Fundamental Christianity IS a hate group.

  • http://jakrabt.wordpress.com Jakrabt

    To abandon the poor and embrace the hate of your neighbor is unworthy of a Real Christian. These are the fake ones who use the Bible to suppress others they don’t like and justify their hate. Thanks to the True Christians out there that put charity before their own personal bias.

    • kinlersnitchet

      I sincerely think there are many who use religion as a crutch to reinforce their self esteem because they dimly realize they may not be too swift. If you can belong to an “exclusive” group who support you in your hatred of people different from yourself, it gives you a feeling of self righteousness that can be intoxicating.

      • Hooper

        Similar to AATTP? Agreed.

      • Ronald Nolette

        Well your sincerity has merit in some cases, but most bible believing, trying to practice the NT tyoe Christians, hate sin, but not people. They support aid programs to all tyoes of societies, help the poor regardless of ethnicity, . See most christians that don’t make the headlines, but just live our lives day to day, because of the love Jesus has for all mankind and the hatred Jesus has for sin for what it does to mankind- we try to do the same. Love the sinner but hate the sin whether it be in an unbeliever or a believer.

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