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GOP/Tea Party All About Bombing Brown People When White GOP President Wants It!

By AATTP contributing author E. Henry Schoenberger

So the “pranksters” are now against the possibility of diplomacy actually working to get rid of poison gas in Syria. McCain and his sidekick, Lindsay, are not pleased with (what they would call) the “prospect” of not bombing. But hey, you have to give them credit – at least they are consistent.

The Neocons who are really only for America’s military industrial complex are confounded by Obama’s lack of conviction to just bomb the “hell” out of another foreign country. Neocons consider this weak and, as a result, they think that now America will appear weak. Therefore, the Neocons’ best rebuttal is now America will appear to be militarily incompetent to the ‘entire’ world; yet just a few weeks ago the GOP party line was against bombing because Obama seemed to be for it:

  • WND EXCLUSIVE: 8 REASONS TO OPPOSE U.S. ATTACK ON SYRIA – Read more by attacking here.

Now the GOP wants to bomb because Obama, with Putin’s joint leadership, has hopefully and potentially resolved the problem of the gas. Go to these links to see disgusting examples of the GOP, their outright lies, their lack of intellectual integrity, and more racist “concern” for hating Obama rather than the best interests of their own country:

  • CONTRARY EVIDENCE ARISES AS U.S. CONSIDERS PUNISHING ASSAD REGIME . . . read more . . . and more . . . and more . . .

I thought the objective was to do away with Syria’s ability and will to use gas in the future. Has America lost face because our President stepped back from the edge of a new conflict to give it more reflection?

Presidential leadership is weak because Obama did not immediately bomb a middle-eastern mishmash. Additionally, the rebels are unhappy because their cause to overthrow Assad would have been strengthened if Assad’s military capability was diminished. So, we should be chagrined because we have not provided the usual-customary-knee-jerk macho to support rebels where it is ostensibly populated by an Al-Qaeda majority that resides a leader who could be worse than Karzai.

We know the Russians, our arch-cold-war enemy(ies), never were crazy enough to use nuclear weapons or attack any country that they did not believe was in their sphere of influence. And, although it is distasteful to many to be involved in a Russian solution, is this not what we have always wanted from Russia in the UN Security Council (a modicum of agreement with our interests)? Yet so many journalists have announced that Putin won, and Obama lost(?). Isn’t this about not bombing unless it becomes astoundingly unavoidable?

A Syrian minister declared “victory” for his country on Sunday, thanking Russia for orchestrating a chemical weapons deal to avert U.S. Military action.

Obama Hails Syrian Pact, Calling It a Crucial Step
New York Times‎ – by Michael Shear‎ – 3 hours ago

US, Russia Reach Agreement on Seizure of Syrian Chemical Weapons Arsenal
Washington Post‎ – 2 hours ago

Syria, could have easily not used the gas, and suggested that they get rid of gas on their own… but now Syria can declare “victory.” Syria must have been concerned for what the US could have done to its military capacity which would have weakened Assad’s ability to wage civil war in a country that is fed up with how many Syrians have been murdered by Assad.

Alan Grayson has pointed out that Assad could now be afraid of losing his control of the gas and the rebels using gas against him. Of course, Assad is in no position to go against the wishes of Putin.

And the media is confused, questioning and parsing everything, because it gives them something to do. What I am going to do is tune in to CNN to find out what their newest featured great man of wisdom, integrity and judgment thinks – can it really be Newt, the not a lobbyist, Gingrich?

Check out Henry’s brilliant book here:


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  • https://www.facebook.com/jannisares Jan Badinski

    Unfortunately this is spot on. Our economy is based on war and on food production. This is basic economics I learned decades ago, and nothing has changed in this mentality.

  • https://www.facebook.com/EmeraldScales Digi Frennson

    Just a good way to prove that the GOTPublicans are only about being contrary. That is their sole plan. Do whatever is opposite of what is being offered (to the point of losing credibility), and then lie and draw things out.

  • Bob Cull

    Of course I cannot say I am surprised, but it is mind boggling that they actually think that no one is going to notice when they are in favor an issue one day and the very next day after the President comes out in favor of it they are suddenly opposed. They truly must believe that we are all a bunch of drooling morons…oh, wait, that’s it, their supporters are and since they only talk to them, they are understandably confused and think that everyone is.

    • https://www.facebook.com/jannisares Jan Badinski

      Wish that wasn’t true. Yet they think this is what disturbs the credibility of our president.

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