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Simone Sanner
Simone Sanner, the descendant of a long line of politicians, hails from the corn fields of the US, surrounded by neo-conservatives and klansmen. Among her many hobbies and interests are marketing, statistics, gardening, medicine and of course cats. They really rule the world, you know.


  1. Apparently Mr. Paul does not have an original thought to offer! So why would I listen to him!

  2. Rand Paul is a crook + liar=Republican

  3. Oh, one thing.. the original report says that they “plagiarized” the pleading.

    Can’t really do that … Filing documents are NOT copyrighted.

    Paralegals crib from previous cases ALL the time. Ya know, one minor in possession case is pretty much like the other most of the time. Same is true with many types of common cases. In fact, I’d say 40% of the cases I’ve written up have been identical except for the names on it.

    So the original report is just whining.

  4. Yea, he’s as stupid as a fox. Look at all the attention he’s getting. Just like Palin, that is what it’s all abound. They still believe any publicity is good publicity.

  5. Simone Sanner

    Paul has a law degree. Honestly I am unsure how he managed it – I guess daddy’s money and influence helped.

  6. Paul didn’t even have an attorney file the papers?!?!? It will go nowhere if he did it himself. He will get lost in the legal system.

  7. what a tool!not sure what kind but a tool all the same!

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