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The Next Step: Rand Paul Brings His ‘Original Thoughts’ to That Bastion of Honesty, Breitbart.com! (Video)

In a move that is surely sponsored by Kinko’s, Rand Paul’s column, which was removed from the Washington Times amid a torrent of plagiarism allegations in a surprising demonstration that the Times has some ethics, has found a new home.  Paul has taken his column to the intellectual graveyard and lie factory that is Breitbart.com

Larry Solov, presumably suppressing a laugh, said that Breitbart was “pleased to add Senator Paul to [their] lineup of fearless, ORIGINAL THOUGHT leaders.”  Solov adds, “Most of all, we think the fighting spirit he has become known for is a perfect fit for Breitbart News Network and reflects that of our founder, Andrew Breitbart.”

Breitbart, an alcoholic and likely cocaine addict, died in his early 40’s soon after revealing to CPAC that he had video from Obama’s college years that would crush him–then BOOM…heart attack.  Conservatives have decided that Obama had Breitbart killed to protect himself from this information.

Breitbart.com is truly the place for Paul to be!  Now that he’s a member of the Breitbart crew, he won’t have to worry about facts at all!

Watch Stephen Colbert Tear “Doctor” Paul a New One:

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