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Racist Plagiarizer And Revisionist History Buff Rand Paul Wins CPAC Straw Poll!

It’s official: CPAC has elected Rand Paul President! In its mind anyway, which is about the only place Rand Paul has a chance of winning anything.

According a to a straw poll conducted at the gay hookup destination known as the Conservative Political Action Conference, Rand Paul has pulled out to a heavy lead to become the GOP’s sacrificial lamb in a 2016 loss to Hillary Clinton. With 31 percent of the vote at CPAC, Paul absolutely crushed the second place former golden boy Ted Cruz, who carried 11 percent of the poll.

This much is an interesting shift from the end of December, when we reported on another poll conducted by Fox. That poll showed Chris Christie as the front-runner, with 16 percent, followed by Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush at 12 percent, and Rand trailing at 11 percent. Of course, that was Fox, and this is CPAC, which is a slightly different audience. Still, though, early results would seem to indicate that Ted Cruz and Chris Christie’s respective falls from grace have added a few points to Rand’s standings.

(Christie’s next career move…driving a delivery truck back and forth over the George Washington Bridge.)

Not that Rand wouldn’t do well at CPAC anyway — as the card-carrying scion of the Koch Brothers’ once-upon-a-time vice-presidential nomination Ron Paul, Rand’s brand of pseudointellectual delivery has made him an ideal mouthpiece for delivering the two richest men in America’s twisted agenda to a gullible audience.

Time and time again, we’ve reported on Rand’s plagiarism…one instance of which got him canned from his regular column at the Washington Times. But that was just one among many thousands of lesser known instances of Paul outsourcing his thoughts; as he’s proven time and again, Rand has never heart a Heritage Foundation, CATO Institute or FreedomWorks idea he wasn’t willing to repeat. Or, to put it in religious terms that our CPAC audience can understand:

If the Koch Brothers are the Father and the Holy Ghost, and Ron Paul is the Son, then Rand Paul is the Voice of God…the GOP’s own Metatron.

(Rand Paul will cut your heart out with a SPOON…ladies…)

Of course, it’s not as though any of this really matters. As we said back in December, the GOP is so splintered at this point that they wouldn’t unite behind a single candidate if that candidate were Buddy Jesus himself. Just the fact that Rand Paul dominated CPAC, and was in fifth place in a national poll three months ago tells you what kind of cohesiveness defines the GOP today. And cohesiveness is what it takes if you want to win a national election.

Put simply, it’s like this as a best-case scenario:

31% of Republican + Independents standing with Rand is less than 70% of Dems supporting Hillary. And she hasn’t even said she’d run yet.

But, you never know…maybe the Republicans, in the next two years, will finally capture that minority vote they’ve been after, and pick up the 75 million voters that Ann Coulter lamented in her screed on “the browning of America.”

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(Or…maybe not.)


About Richard Rowe

Richard Rowe
Richard Rowe is a full-time freelance writer who has written over 3 million words in the last four years alone -- mostly on automotive and technical subjects. He's also a seventh-generation native Floridian, and was born and raised in the Ocala National Forest. A conservative soul turned Bull-Moose Progressive, he believes that "When change becomes necessary, the once impractical ideology of progress becomes practical, and maintenance of the status quo becomes the impractical ideology." And also, that "Rustoleum Black Enamel is a primary color."
  • labman57

    The Republican Party’s task is to thread a political needle — find a candidate irrational enough to placate the ideologically self-serving conservative base as well as the homophobic extremists of the Religious Right, the racist birther contingent, and the xenophobic, secession-happy Tea Party flakes, yet rational enough to satisfy the rest of America.

    And therein lies the problem:
    If the GOP determines that the “new normal” for their party is the “never say compromise” social conservative/tea party chest thumper, then the political ideology and policy positions required to attain the party nomination will be so extreme that the nominee will be completely unacceptable to the nation’s electorate at large.

    For example, by the time the GOP gets around to nominating a candidate that fully endorses gay marriage and other civil rights to all people regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation … the entire issue will have become moot to the rest of the nation.

    In other words, the Republican Party will continue to be chasing the caboose of the socially-progressive policy train.

    Enter Rand Paul … who has objections to parts of the Civil Rights Acts and strongly believes that private businesses should have the right to discriminate against prospective employees and customers based on race, religion, culture, etc.

    The main difference between Rand and his dad is that the Senator from Kentucky lacks Ron’s intellect and is more prone to make public comments that demonstrate his utter ignorance regarding … just about everything.

    Rand is yet another Republican who is inspired by the anti-intellectualism espoused by the tea party.

    For example, Rand Paul hears “stuff” from his constituents, reads “stuff” on a blog site, and runs with it without first investigating the veracity of the information. Who needs verifiable evidence, unbiased comprehensive data, fact-checking, and sound reasoning when you can rely upon highly speculative supposition and inflammatory innuendo instead?

    Furthermore, Rand Paul’s brand of “libertarianism” plays perfectly in the Bible Belt, as his viewpoints on women, gays, Latinos, and blacks convey the message:
    “Equal rights for me, and none for thee”.

    Sorry Rand — you or one of your fellow tea party brown-nosing POTUS wannabes may indeed by able to win the 2016 Republican Party nomination for POTUS, but there simply are not enough anarchists, racists, and conspiracy theorists among the electorate to get you into the White House.

    Bottom line: Rand Paul’s political epitaph can be summarized with the following phrase:
    “Control-C, Control-V”.

  • horace

    Rand Paul needs to explain his connection to the Neo Nazi organization, Stormfront and the fact that Neo Confederate, Jack Hunter of South Carolina, who calls himself the Southern Avenger, was his top aide in Washington, DC.

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