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Racism Alive and Well: NY Police Arrest Students for ‘Standing While Black’ (Video)

Edison Technical High School is one of the best schools in the Rochester City School District. Like any inner city school they have their problems; there is some gang activity, but for the most part the students there are good students in a good school.  That is why it is surprising that a dozen members of the basketball team who were meeting as they were instructed at the corner Wednesday morning to wait for a bus to take them to a scrimmage, three of them ended up in jail.

Main Street merchants have long been clamoring for the police to keep young blacks off of the street and this appears to be part of that campaign.

Police, acting on a complaint from a merchant who has a history of these kinds of complaints, charge that they were obstructing the street and loitering at a location where there is a bus shelter and bus stop.  The boys maintain that they were doing nothing wrong and were only waiting for the bus as instructed.

Their coach, Jacob Scott who is also the guidance counselor, says that they are all good students who have never been in any trouble.  He says that he informed the officer that he was supervising them and they were waiting for a bus — at which time the officer told him that if he didn’t leave he too would be arrested.

Scott said, “He goes on to say, ‘If you don’t disperse, you’re going to get booked as well.’  I said, ‘Sir, I’m the adult. I’m their varsity basketball coach. How can you book me? What am I doing wrong? Matter of fact, what are these guys doing wrong?’”

The officer, backed up by his sergeant, said that if he had a big enough vehicle he would arrest them all.

School board member Mary Adams appeared at the arraignment and said, “I think the charges should be immediately dropped and I think the district attorney’s office should be stepping in an looking at these kinds of matters.”

The parents of the three arrested had to post $200 bail in order to have their sons home for Thanksgiving dinner and they will appear in court again on December 11.

Watch the video below from WHEC 10.


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  1. So you think that telling the cop that they are there waiting for the bus to go to a basketball game, a fact which was corroborated by the coach, is being rude, Joe? You have a strange definition of “rude.” I would refuse to leave the bus stop if I was waiting for a bus too, would that make me rude?

    There have been problems and those problems have been addressed, the school bus passes are no longer honored to go downtown after school, the students have to go to their own neighborhoods. To go downtown they have to have a regular pass or pay the fare out of pocket. These kids had just as much right to stand on the street at the bus stop as anyone else.

    The store owner and the cops both over reacted, there is no other way to see it.

  2. Sorry ,but this store owner is sick and tired of school kids walking thru his store en mass and stealing stuff .Every day after school the same shit and he can’t do a thing about it. He got it wrong this time but, all he saw was yet another morning of getting cussed at by kids and getting stuff ripped off ,so he called the cops, like he was told to do. Stand your Ground is a bit much so he called the cops .The cops show up and the kids get rude, rightfully so, and get detained. In Florida there would be dead people at this scene.

  3. Things like this are why today’s republikkkans don’t deserve to be in this country.

  4. Must be HE** being Black. Also police department all over need to be retrained. Too quick to shoot and too quick to make decisions if person is Black. Yes there is many, many good ones walking around and not planning to rob and kill you.

  5. Please note: this was not the NYPD, as stated in the headline(s) for this article. It was the Rochester NY police department – a good 350 miles away in distance, if not mentality.

  6. I think the AATTP Facebook description linked to this article is wrong and misleading. “NYPD showing its racist side again.” This occurred in Rochester, not NYC. An entirely different police department was involved, not the NYPD.

    • The headline could have been more clear, you’re right, Rob and E. Thomas, but I made it clear in the article where it took place. I even double checked on Edison Tech with my sister who is a teacher in the RSD, I was pretty sure that it was one of the better schools in the district but to be sure I checked with her before I wrote the article.

      I live 20 minutes from Rochester and know the city well, I have lived in the area all my life. I am also aware that there have been problems with SOME students, these are not among them from all available information.

      As I noted in the article, there is some gang activity but not as much as some of the other schools in the district and as I also noted from all available information these are all good kids who have never been in trouble.

  7. Cops are acting more ‘n more as Royal Guards instead of public servants…the private, tax-payer funded army of the few, Sheriff of Nottingham types.

  8. what ridiculousness! they couldn’t even take the word of the coach, an adult, but of course, he was black. and we all know (sarcasm alert!) you just can’t trust a black man to tell the truth (think the t-pers and obama).

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