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Psychotic WI Senate President Breaks Gavel – Women To Be ‘Educated’ By Vaginal Probe

In this disturbing video we’ll see just how insane the TEA/GOP are when it comes to controlling women.  Wisconsin Senate President Mike Ellis blew his top, screaming and yelling at Democrats who opposed a bill which forces women to submit to an invasive vaginal ultrasound to ‘educate’ them about the pregnancy.   Yes, folks this is the “small government” Tea Party-types for you.   This is not about reducing abortions but about controlling women. TEApublican misogyny in full swing. The bill, SB 206, passed 17-15 with all Republicans in support and all Democrats against. SB 206 now heads to the Assembly, which was expected to pass it on Thursday. Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he would sign it into law.

Wisconsin State Senator Fred Risser said,

“I’ve been in the Legislature over 50 years, through different majorities and different minorities, and I have never experienced the abuse of power by the majority party that I experienced today.

The arrogance shown by the Republican Majority today is unprecedented. This is
supposed to be a democracy. The Senate is supposed to be a place where the elected
representatives of the citizens of the state debate issues. Cutting off debate, preventing female Senators from talking about women’s issues, is not how we do things in Wisconsin and I am disgusted.

The Republican Majority is afraid. They were afraid that they would lose some of their
own members who were less than enthusiastic about the measure. They were afraid that they were losing the debate publicly so they had to ram the bill though so the public wouldn’t find out what they are really up to and who they are beholden to. They’re afraid of what’s going to happen in the next election and they should be afraid.”


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • Glenn West

    This is obnoxious tyranny by a small majority. Republicans should be ashamed of the Senate President’s behavior and the arrogance of the tiny majority for subjected women to this unnecessary procedure. Shame.

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  • http://gravatar.com/xenubarb xenubarb

    Surely this will violate rape laws and women’s constitutional rights not to be vaginally “educated” by a bunch of mouthbreathing old men who spend far too much time fantasizing about transvaginal probes and uppity women who need to be controlled.

  • rrjgeni

    I think that all the uptight Tpub men and women should take a deep breath, forsake politics, and start their own fringe religion, which will sooner or later put them on the wrong side of the law, like all the rest of the fringe religions who have gone over the edge in their desire to control women. Then they will be able to be arrested for their “rape is a tool to understanding” bull, and the fact that they have been married several times. To show how manly they are. All in all it would turn out better for the world then trying to dominate the free world with all their fringe like ideas. I have really never been so disgusted with a group of politicians since I read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William L Schirer.

  • Sarah

    These ultrasounds can cause Pudendal Neuralgia, I know 2 women in constant pain because of them. I now await this comment being deleted like the last one

    • AATTP

      Not deleted, just not moderated yet.

      • Sarah


        • AATTP

          No problem. :)

          • Sarah

            Moderator, please remove this thread, it is a repeat of my other comment, thanks :)

  • Sarah

    I know of 2 women who have Pudendal Neuralgia from a vaginal ultrasound. I have had Pudendal Neuralgia for 7 years (not from an ultrasound), PN is constant nerve pain in the lady area. Nerves can be crushed by this procedure, it should not be done except when absolutely needed. Pudendal Neuralgia is nerve pain that is present whenever you are awake, it is very expensive, it costs more more than I earn to treat, it is covered by nothing health insurance-wise where I live

    • Sarah

      *me more

    • http://gravatar.com/sheikyerbouti2 sheikyerbouti2

      I was unaware of Pudendal Neuralgia until you brought it up. This is yet ANOTHER health issue that ONLY women can suffer from because they possess the wonderful capability of MAKING babies.

      I believe that women should be allowed to make the choice of how they want to handle all aspects their sexuality. Reproduction is fraught with MANY complications that men are ignorant of yet, arrogantly insist on making BAD laws about, like this one in Wisconsin.

      • Sarah

        Yes, that’s right, these laws are ridiculous. Pudendal Neuralgia affects 70% women and 30% men. Cycling, impact injury to the lower back, entrapped pudendal nerves by the pelvic sacral ligaments, vaginal mesh, carrying a baby in the womb/ childbirth are common causes

  • https://www.facebook.com/jane.highwater.5 Jane Highwater

    That man was sweating hate. Good news for all Wisconsin women. The borders to Minnesota are still open.

    • http://AATTP Norma

      Better to JOIN TOGETHER and work to get all their useless, psychotic asses out of Public Office!!

    • Janet Hanley Key

      Let us use an ultrasound of Ellis’s rectum to see if we can find his head. If we cannot readily find his head, I suggest a continued deeper probing in case it’s way far up in the rectum.

  • Vicki

    I want to hear a conversation about all the potential children that men are killing when they masturbate.

    • sharky

      Lets have a debate about how many sperm die in the acidic folds of a woman’s vagina when the man ejaculates hoping his sperm will fertilise the egg. If only one out of several million sperm make it to the egg, isn’t the conceiving woman just as guilty of infanticide as a man who masturbates? Statistically, several million minus one is just about the same as several million dead sperm.

      • Vicki

        You’re saying that a normal female bodily function is the same as you making the premeditated decision to masturbate? Is it safe for me to assume that women who miscarry, who desperately wanted a child, and now live each day with such a loss are guilty to you also?

        • jenmae21

          Masturbation is a normal female AND male bodily function.

          • Vel

            But female masturbation doesn’t kill babies. ;p That’s the point being made; all these men trying to control women to keep them from “killing (potential) babies” but they don’t stop to think about how many “babies” they are killing when males masturbate (or in biblical terms, “spill their seed”) nor do they try to control male sexual health.

    • Cpt. Justice
  • http://twitter.com/rrjgen Rachel Johnson (@rrjgen)

    It is amazing that they cannot see the depth of their hypocrisy. But they don’t and they just keep getting worse. Where will they be stopped?

    • http://www.miriamnewman.com Miriam Newman

      The buck stops with the voter. They will be stopped when the people vote them out of office.

      • Norma

        They also have to deal with the voter registration manipulaton and Gerrymandering that has been allowed to continue in many States for the past 15+ years..People need to pay closer attention to the moronic riders that are attached to Legislation at both the Federal and State levels!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/AndrewCLivingston Andrew C Livingston

    Maybe the female senator should use her 2nd Amendment right to ensure her 1st Amendment right is not usurped.

  • http://www.miriamnewman.com Miriam Newman

    If a politician has a strong, genuine moral conviction that abortion is murder and opposes it on those grounds, I can respect that. But the current state of the GOP is far more about reducing the role of women to that of the incubators of more cannon fodder for their fascist ambitions. That’s assuming the cannon fodder survives to adulthood in the wake of cutbacks that will in many cases limit access to food and medical care. Perhaps they should give a little more thought to that part. High infant mortality tends to thin the ranks.

    • Cpt. Justice

      I can NOT respect ANY legislator who tries to impose his own religious convictions on others. Seems that the ONLY part of the Constitution they’re worrying about is the truncated version of the 2nd Amendment.

    • Norma

      Legislators should not be voting based on their “Morals”..nor their own , individual self interests….Their job is to represent the Will of the People in their respective Districts/States…Not the bankroll of Corporations or Political Party agendas!!..If they are unable or unwilling to do their job appropriately..then they should be removed from office!

      • http://www.miriamnewman.com Miriam Newman

        I have felt that way for a long time, Norma. I live in a very small rural township, but one thing I’ll say for the supervisors is that they vote for the electorate. It sometimes gets them into trouble with neighboring townships and even the other supervisors, but they run on certain campaign promises and by and large keep them. Otherwise they get cornered at every gas station, barbershop and local function and read the riot act! Now if only we could get this going at a national level! Or even state level! Our politicians are too remote and detached from us.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/stan.ubeki Stan Ubeki

    I think all elected officials should be required to prove that they cannot maintain an erection before they are given a prescription for ED medication.

    • Bob Cull

      LMAO, Stan, wish I had thought of that!

    • Cpt. Justice

      & don’t forget the prostate exam, to make sure that he needs the medication, & not some sort of operation!

      • https://www.facebook.com/mjbehnke Michael Behnke

        If they did get a prostate exam, they would probably willing ask for a second opinion. :-/

  • larry chavez

    What can I say, you didn’t vote them out! To busy, they have the “Right”, idea. The only thing to do now is open up and let them in. Don’t forget the 2014 election, and take them out!

  • noitall

    If Sharia law comes to Wisconsin it won’t be the Muslims that bring it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/zbudapest Zsuzsanna Budapest

      I dont think Sharia law has any vaginal probe in it. Nor ultrasound rape. wake up usa, Xians grew into the T
      aliban and worse.

      • https://www.facebook.com/irene.fisher.14 Irene Fisher

        Not too sure about that. Heard recently that in Saudi Arabia, a woman can’t see even a woman doctor without a male, husband or male family member being there with her…that’s pretty oppressive in my book.

  • http://crafternoonnap.wordpress.com macstabby

    I’ve seen several comments in here noting that the bill doesn’t “require” transvaginal ultrasounds- however, in the first trimester, when one looks at a uterus, it is standard practice to use a transvaginal probe to perform the ultrasound, because it provides a better visual. An abdominal COULD be used, but might not comply with this (completely horrible, medically unncecessary) law. Normally, abdominal ultrasounds are used second trimester and forward; that likely wouldn’t work for the 88% of all abortions which get performed in the first trimester. In either case, there’s no way anyone could get me to use a transvaginal probe unnecessarily on a woman, without need or consent.

  • MJG

    Next up on the Republican agenda:

    Lets make it so only white male land owners can vote again! No women, no minorities need apply!

    It does seem to be heading that way.

  • Eric

    My man seriously needs a Zyprexa, or a valium; Hell dude, just smoke a joint or have a drink, something, or else your blood pressure is going to kill you. I say this as a person with an anger management problem as well. Had he pointed and screamed at me like that, I would have probably charged that podium like a pitcher’s mound, and do you know what? I would have been wrong to do so, just as he was wrong to act like this. Attitudes like this have no place in actual legal debate. This is why I knew I could not attend Occupy, because I would have been THAT guy. The guy who suddenly made it all worse. Instead, I just sit at home and make snide comments on the internet; A place where I can do little actual harm. This guy should try it.



  • Jim H

    There’s a probe with needles that’s inserted to test for prostate cancer that’s quite pleasant. Perhaps the elders of the Senate, male variety, should have to have that before each election, to make sure they can serve a full term? Can’t see any objection to that…

  • emily

    What’s your source for “women to be ‘educated’ with a vaginal probe”? I don’t hear that quote in the video.

    • http://gravatar.com/chermoe chermoe

      If you’ve been paying attention for the past 2+ years, the men in the Republican party are trying to force women to view a vaginal ultrasound before obtaining an abortion. They want to force women to watch so they can be “educated” as to what a developing fetus looks like before they’re allowed to go ahead with the procedure. They’re also forcing doctors to claim that abortion causes cancer. Amongst other lies.

    • http://gravatar.com/justwinbb justwinbb

      Ah the Governor is the source. Just last week the house passed the bill that he has said he will sign into law.

  • Merrie Ritter

    Okay, I just read the bill and it doesn’t require a vaginal probe, only an ultrasound, done externally. However, the conditions that are required in the bill before a woman can obtain an abortion will, in many cases, deter her from obtaining that abortion. It is one more big step down the path to making abortion unavailable to women. Period.

    • http://www.facebook.com/laurajakers Laura Akers

      Incorrect. It makes specific reference to “transabdominal and transvaginal ultrasounds.” The latter is inserted into the vagina.

      • Merrie Ritter

        Thanks, Laura, you’re right.

  • Fairuse

    I can think of a better use for thar gavel.

  • I am a Democrat

    I just glad that I dont live in Wisconsin. I am worrying a little bit because if it passed, it would open the passage to other states. You know how stupid people love to copy others’ bills. He is not the one who is an as-hole. It goes to all people who live in Wisconsin who voted him.

    • http://gravatar.com/chermoe chermoe

      They are passing laws like this in most of the states. It isn’t restricted to Wisconsin. Every single state that has a Republican governor or Republican majority is working on regulating women’s bodies and depriving them of their rights and reproductive health care INSTEAD of creating jobs and fixing the pressing problems in our country. They’re more concerned with legislating morality and forcing religion on people.

      • james

        more like a hostile takeover of the usa. as much as they like to wrap themselves in a flag and shout that they are a patriot. their methods are not patriotic and walking down the road of facism as they try to do away with education as an intelligent person is not as easily swayed as one who got cheated of it. unions as they fight for the middle class and not the wealthy, obviously women and minorities as well as they can pose a threat and challenge to thier power.

  • kathleen peery

    This display of government in process was disgusting. Where are the educated women in this fight. Oh I forgot, Scott Walker broke up teacher unions to have a voice and may of our our teachers are women!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.roussel.90 Brian Roussel

    It is sad when facists are freely chosen by the people to control their lives. Wisconsin is sliding downhill fast.
    This kind of legislation is the result of a population which chooses fear-based belief systems over true knowledge and education.
    Or maybe the Republicans in Wisconsin just have a choke hold on the electronic voting machines.
    Less government = shoving probes in women’s vaginas. Good move GOP.

  • http://gravatar.com/foggedin Sandy

    I’m of an age with these old, white Republican men, so they and, alas, I will be gone or too sick to hold their jobs. It’s the young ones who need indoctrinating, starting with Paul, Mr. Smirk, Ryan.

    • Bob Cull

      I’m afraid that ship has sailed, Sandy. Ryan appears to be stuck in a perpetual state of adolescence.

  • http://gravatar.com/theliberalbuzz Buzz

    AND YET, the idiots in that state KEEP RE-ELECTING THEM. If the women of that state would wake the hell up none of them would be re-elected. Yet they vote for republicans all the time even though it is the same as taking aim between their own eyes. Fools

  • http://gravatar.com/ccrow1221r Erik

    The author shouldhave checked his facts. This bill doesn’t say ANYTHING about a required “vaginal probe”.The original bill gave the woman an option between a transvaginal or transabdominal ultrasound, later changed in an ammendment to ONLY a transabdominal.

    • Norma

      Either option is REPREHENSIBLE!!…and infringes on a Woman’s Rights…including her Right to choose!…Nothing about that bill no that behavior should be tolerated ANYWHERE in this Country!!

    • Bob Cull

      Trans-abdominal or trans-vaginal, it really doesn’t matter, Erik, it is really about control and subjugation. They want to remain dominant and will do all they have to in order to achieve that goal.

      • RichardR

        2 Bob: I think that probably is the case insofar as the Teapublican leadership is concerned, but I’m not sure the base universally feels that way about it. This is one of those few issues where the Left and I part ways. I know it’s probably not the most “liberal” or “progressive” point of view, but I’ve got very strong feelings about unnecessary abortions of any kind. From my perspective, life begins at the first cellular division…at that point the fetus is an organism with its own DNA, its own mitochondira and it’s in an active state of growth.

        At that point, if nothing else happens, you’re looking at a human that will develop into a fully functional adult. Interceding with the process of expected human life would be called murder at any other point in development…why isn’t it called that just because the organism is on one side of the uterus and not the other? I’m not saying we should ban abortion…it is medically necessary sometimes, and I’ve always maintained that anyone willing to kill their own healthy children shouldn’t be in the gene pool anyway.

        I know it sounds cold, but we’ll throw a person in prison for double-homicide if he kills a pregnant woman…but somehow that standard only applies if the woman WANTS the child? We call it murder if the woman picked out baby clothes, but somehow it’s not murder if she hasn’t? Needs to be one or the other, or you can’t make a case for either. Seems awfully convenient to me if you want to punish someone who kills YOUR kid, but not if you want the freedom to do it yourself. It’s just illogical.

        Anyway, I do agree with giving a trans-abdominal ultrasound before an abortion. It’s not about controlling anyone…it’s about giving the woman a chance to see what she’s doing before she does it. Seems like SEEING the thing would make it more real…would at least give the woman one last chance to really think about what she’s doing before she does it. I know enough women who have terribly regretted abortions that giving her one last chance to change her mind seems like the fair thing for both mother and child. I don’t know if you want to call that “controlling” anyone, but I see it as giving her the chance to really think it through first.

        Besides, on a personal level…If somebody were going to kill me, I’d hope they’d at least have the integrity to look me in the eye while they do.

        • Bob Cull

          Richard, I don’t totally disagree. I don’t like it when someone is called “pro abortion” I don’t think anyone is. I prefer to call it pro choice. I don’t actually approve of it but I don’t think that it is my place or anyone else other than the people involved to make that decision. There are many reasons a woman my choose to have an abortion and I think it is a deeply personal decision.
          I don’t approve of the second murder charge in the case of a pregnant woman either. I don’t think that second charge is appropriate for a person who has not yet been born. Like many other things, just because it is legal it isn’t necessarily right.

          • RichardR

            Yeah, I always figured “pro-abortion” was one of those Teabagger labels. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard anyone but a Teabagger use it. Have you?

            I’m not sure if I agree with the second murder charge or not, but mostly because it’s a logical paradox. It has to be one or the other…either a fetus is a person and you can get charged with murder for killing it, or it isn’t and you can’t. I don’t really have a problem with them changing that…mostly because if it were my girl and my kid, I’d prefer that the person who did it WEREN’T safely locked in prison.

            Seems we’re never going to resolve this thing until somebody defines the point that a person becomes a person. For me, it’s at the first cellular division. Past that point, it isn’t just the woman’s decision. The future of everyone involved should be considered, in particular the person with the longest future of all.

          • https://www.facebook.com/irene.fisher.14 Irene Fisher

            For you who wonder when ‘life begins’…well as far as Biblical truth goes and you can fact check it….In Genesis, when God supposedly made Adam, he didn’t have life till God breathed life into him, so I think we can safely assume it’s when the fetus draws it’s first breath when it has been born. Think that solves that dilemma, doesn’t it? I mean you gonna argue with God?? End of argument, right, next story!

        • kjheida

          I will start by saying that I agree with you that the number of abortions should be limited and it is reprehensible to use abortion as birth control. However, I do not believe that abortions should be banned. You may have heard everything I’m going to say before, and I’m sure your mind won’t be changed by me, but my feelings on the matter are terribly strong so I have to put this out there.

          In a vacuum where nothing else besides the embryo would be effected by the decision to abort our nut, this argument makes sense. In the real world, however, there is so much more to consider. Let’s start with the legal aspect of a blastula being afforded the full rights of a human person. There is no way to be certain that a pregnancy will end with a live baby. Your argument seems to assume that where there is pregnancy there will be baby, but I have seen stats as high as 50% of pregnancies ending in miscarriage. There is no way to know for sure since many pregnancies end before the woman realizes she is pregnant. Would women who suffer miscarriages go to trial to determine whether she committed involuntary manslaughter or murder? Would she have to prove that her pregnancy ended naturally and there was nothing she could have done to continue it? What would be acceptable proof in a court of law? This line of questioning might sound absurd, but I’m honestly curious about how such laws would handle things like miscarriage and still birth.

          Moving on. Your only focus (and that of most anti abortionists) is the embryo/fetus. And yes, that is a valuable human life we are talking about. But what about the life it and it’s mother will live after birth? Why is the life of a fetus more valuable than the life of a woman and her current and future children? Most women who seek abortions are low income and have very few resources. Many are single. Studies show that women who seek and obtain abortions go on to become better educated and have higher earning, more stable jobs than women of similar socio-economic status who seek and are denied abortions. The other children of the former group do better in school and have fewer emotional and behavioral problems than other children of the latter group. In other words, the families of women who seek and obtain abortions are more likely to be tax paying economic contributors, rather than receiving government benefits.

          I’m not going to go into the physical demands of carrying a baby to term. I’ve been there, done that, and I’d be very, very reluctant to put myself through that again for a baby I wasn’t thrilled to be expecting. And my pregnancy was relatively easy as pregnancies go. There are more than enough adoptable kids bouncing around in foster care and orphanages in this world, so there is no need to force women to continue a pregnancy so someone else can have a baby.

          So, while abortion is never a good option, there is too much else to take into consideration for me to be comfortable with a law making abortions difficult or impossible (or unsafe, as in back ally abortions) for the average woman to get. I trust women to know if they can or cannot handle bringing a baby into this world. I’d rather focus on lowering the number of abortions with comprehensive sex ed and access to birth control.

          I could support outlawing abortions around the time of viability, which most doctors place around 23 weeks gestation. Most women know they are pregnant by then and have had time to do something about it.

          • http://www.facebook.com/zbudapest Zsuzsanna Budapest

            Why are men so self entitled that they can easily imagine being in charge of the American female citizens private parts. Who cares what men think about abortions. they would care more if their part was brought up ,women didn’t rape themselves,
            nor knocked themselves up.

          • RichardR

            Hi KJ :) Oh, no, dear…if you think I’m suggesting banning abortion, then you’ve read me wrong. I absolutely don’t think that we should ban abortion outright, for exactly the reasons you gave. That’s not a can of worms we can afford to open and then try to legislate later. Women need to be free to choose what they do, because this isn’t an issue we can effectively legislate without shifting our entire legal system from observable definition of crime to an intent/causality model. But human beings CAN use an understanding of causality to make decisions…we don’t need to legislate morality to know the difference between right and wrong. It’s Mom and Dad’s job to teach kids morality…not Big Brother’s job to legislate it.

            As far as being concerned with the life of the child after birth…of course I am! Life might begin at the first cellular division, but it doesn’t end at birth lol. I got into this same debate with someone else on facebook a couple days ago, so I’ll just copy and paste a little piece of the conversation here. It was actually a pretty interesting conversation on the subject…I’ll put the link in so you can read the rest if you want to :)

            If you don’t want to read it, I’ll just sum the thing up here. 1) Poor and unwanted kids don’t necessarily grow up to be any less happy than anyone else, 2) Even if they do, who’s to say THEIR kids will? 3) In all of our families trees are unwanted children, children of rape, and children who were born poor. Are you any less happy, or any less human because your great-great-great grandmother was any of these things? 4) If you don’t want kids, use a damned condom, diaphragm or pill. Every time, no excuses. Don’t kill a freaking baby because you (general “you,” not specific) were too dumb or horny to plan ahead.

            As far as those studies go…I can’t argue with you on that. I haven’t seen the data, so I’ll take your word for it. That said, here’s my rebuttal: There isn’t a job, a college, or enough money in the world to convince me to murder an innocent child at any stage of its life. Money doesn’t buy happiness…and even if it did, a college education and good behavior in school aren’t prerequisites for making it. Being ALIVE, however, IS kind of a prerequisite.

            Good parenting helps, too. And I know that there’s no way in Hell I could ever tell my kids that being good is the highest good…but, also, I killed your little sister so you’d always have the latest XBOX. Nope, you don’t have to get good grades and get a scholarship…Daddy can PAY for your college AND a new Mercedes, because him and mommy murdered a baby one time. Yeah, nooo…f**k THAT.

            So, that’s where I am on THAT matter lol. Here’s the link to that pic on my facebook if you want to hear more clearly misogynist ranting ;)


        • http://gravatar.com/justwinbb justwinbb

          So you want to give the woman a chance to see what she is about to terminate, cool. Then these slimeball Republicans should also have to spend a month working at a homeless shelter and see who they are trying to starve to death, kids and women that don’t have alot of options. But hey lets cut foodstamps, the unborn matters awhole lot more the the actual out of the womb babies.

          • RichardR

            You’re preaching to the choir, man. I’ve been saying the same thing for ages now, and for exactly the same reasons. If you’re going to do something awful to someone, deprive them of life, food etc., then you should have to look them in the face while you do it. It’s so easy to hurt people you never have to look at…never have to acknowledge as human. It’s a lot harder when you have to look into someone’s eyes as you hurt them, see what you did and let it haunt you forever. This world would be a better place if people had the balls to not turn a blind eye the the shit they do to each other.

        • http://na Awake Soul

          Excuse me. I happen to believe life is sacred from the moment of conception. However, the descion to bear a child remains THE FEMALE’S DESCION between her and God alone. No neighbor, friend or male can make that for her, nor will any third party suffer for her “sin” or be asked at death to account for it. Therefore the morality or right or wrong of it can only be established by God and not men.This law is nothing less than state sanctioned rape and completely contraindicated.Women don’t need to be educated…men do. I have a better idea. Let’s fit men with a chastitiy ring that tightly restrains their member and prevents copulation and masturbation. The key to it must be given to the parents, Tea Party Repub or the Moral police. Upon marriage only the key will be passed to the wife….yes that should do it.

          • Richard Rowe

            Well, you can do as you please. I wouldn’t be the one to stop you, or anyone else. You say it’s between her and God, I say it’s between her and her conscience. Same thing. I don’t believe in Heaven or Hell, so I could care less what qualifies as a “sin” or not. Everything’s a sin to somebody.

            However, I also believe that the father has a say in the life of his child, too, provided he’s willing to take care of it. That child isn’t “property”…it doesn’t “belong” to anyone. It’s a human being that can’t help being where it is for nine months. That’s somebody’s son or daughter, whether they want it or not.

            If I could pass a law that involves mens’ input at all, it would be that they can legally prevent an abortion of their own child PROVIDED that they sign for paternity beforehand, agree to take full responsibility for the mother’s medical costs, and agree to take full custody of the child afterward (if the mother desires). And they can only agree to that if it’s determined by a court that they, by themselves, are a fit parent and able to take care of the child, and able to support it. That takes the some of the weight of the decision off the woman’s shoulders, and puts something like half of it on the father’s. Which is exactly where it should be. In my opinion, that would solve a lot of the abortion debate, without any party having to call the other names or invoke any kind of subjective, religious belief.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stan.ubeki Stan Ubeki

      Erik, you are missing the point entirely. It is none of their effing business. The choice is between the doctor and the patient, The state senate has nada/zero/no place in the decision.

  • Jacques Lafortune

    Senator Risser is quoted as saying “…this is not how we do things in Wisconsin”. But it is! When will the good and balanced citizens of Wisconsin vote these dinosaurs out of office?

  • http://www.facebook.com/flibberdy.gibbet Addmecafeandvilage Flibberdy Gibbet

    Hows about we ‘educate’ this guy about his prostate in the same manner? KY anyone?

    • http://jakrabt.wordpress.com jakrabt

      Just skip the KY and use a dry probe…. the VAGINAL one!

    • http://www.facebook.com/tedtaylorsphr Ted Taylor

      Yes. With his own head.

      • Brett

        I don’t know if a probe will fit in there alongside his own head.

  • http://arielspensive.wordpress.com Ariel R

    In other words, 17 Republicans voted for rape. Because shoving an object into someone’s orifice without FREELY GIVEN consent is RAPE.

    • Doug

      You’re being lied to, read the bill…https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2013/related/proposals/sb206

      • Norma

        Anyone putting their hands on you or “performing procedures” on you without your consent is either raping or assaulting you!! .. Going By the logic exhibited by these ALEC backed fools in Public office…Perhaps we shoud push for laws that force men to undergo a vasectomy if they Father more than 2 children or Father children wth more than one female partner!!..or maybe…let’s really be absurd….and make it illegal for men to have sex unless it is explicitly for pro-creation!!..your ejaculations would be considered akin to aborting the possible fetus..if they occur outside of designated pro-creation coitus!!…I am not that insane!….But they appear to be!!…and NO ONE has the Right to tell Women what to do with their bodies….We are not Chattel!!

        • RichardR

          I couldn’t agree more, Norma. We all have the basic human right, as living, conscious individuals, to never be assaulted or harmed by anyone. It doesn’t matter if that persons means harm, means well, thinks they’re acting in our interest or theirs, or even considers us a person just like them. The fact is that we’re human, one and all…nobody should tell you what you can and can’t do with your own body, and nobody should force humiliation, harm or death on you if it’s not something you want. They can try to silence your voice with banging gavels…but even if you can’t speak for yourself, you’re still a human with the right to freedom and life.

          Of course, all those things apply whether you’re talking about a human on the outside of the womb or on the inside. Life is life, freedom is freedom, and we all deserve a shot at it whether we can speak for ourselves or not. But that’s a decision you and every woman has to make about the human life growing inside of you.

      • http://arielspensive.wordpress.com Ariel R

        I read it, it’s rape.

    • Jake Zobrell


    • Jan

      indeed. And thank you so much to the women who pointed this out. A “vaginal ultrasound” with a probe is RAPE. Simple. So these idiots passed a law legitimizing rape. I do hope that women in WI sue. This is absolutely unbelievable. Is the year 800 AD?

  • Tom

    Women are just going to be educated on how to drive to Illinois to get an abortion if they so choose, nothing more.

    • http://gravatar.com/dancerboots dancerboots

      Illinois Cracks Down On Abortion Clinics.
      The closure of the two clinics has invigorated the efforts of anti-abortion groups to shut down others throughout the state. Abortion-rights advocates are worried the state’s heightened surveillance will restrict access to abortion for Illinois women. The closed Rockford clinic was Winnebago County’s only abortion provider, making the closest ones now in Madison, Wis., or the Chicago suburbs.

      Other states — Kansas, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Utah — are tightening regulations for abortion clinics following the 2010 raid on a Philadelphia abortion provider that regulators had ignored for years.
      **Women being ignored and denied their reproductive rights is unconscionable. Failing to inspect the facilities in decades due to a lack of funds..is also..Will the austerity driven Republicans/Tea Party allot the funds for the inspections? Very doubtful! More clinics will close. It all works for the anti-abortionist. Hard to believe that the majority of hospitals performed the abortion procedure after Roe v. Wade and now only around 1000 out of over 6000 hospitals allow it be performed in their facilities. Also difficult to comprehend that some medical schools do not even teach this procedure that could save a woman’s life if she is experiencing a spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) and being seen in the E.R.

    • Tabaqui

      Except for those women who can’t afford to take a couple days off of their job, get a sitter for their kids for those days, or the gas to drive out of state. And some women don’t *have* cars.

      So actually – what this will do is make more women desperate and afraid, and eventually the number of unwanted pregnancies and/or babies will rise, with the attendant social welfare costs.

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.clark.7921975 David Clark

    Disgusting Politics!

  • http://www.facebook.com/gmason55 Glenda Schloff

    These people are completely insane!!!

  • Bob

    Fortunately, Planned Parenthood will sue and the measure will never be implemented.

    • Ronald Ein

      HAve you sent your donation to Planned Parenthood so that they could, in fact, afford to sue to stop this bill?

  • Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker

    The GOP just wants a small government. Small enough to fit inside a woman’s vagina. To quote Rachel Maddow, “it’s jobs, jobs, jobs, jo…bortion.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexxmiller Alexx Miller

    state sponsored rape.

  • lovepopcorn

    Wanna bet that Mike Ellis has shown that anger to women in his life?

  • Shawn Crippen

    We watch clips of embarrassing moments in the governments of other countries (and uplifting moments that make us look like Neanderthals).
    They must be having quite a chuckle over this–especially the Taliban. They probably think the Republicans took a page from their book…’How to Control Your Women’
    1.) Make sure they can’t exercise their rights.
    2.) Pass new legislation that degrades and humiliates them.
    3.) Force health providers to give them completely unnecessary information or flat out lie to them in an effort to cause emotional distress.
    4.) Force them to submit to unnecessary medical procedures and force them to pay for said procedure.
    5.) Silence person or persons who object to this repulsive attempt to subjugate 50% of the population.
    And they have the unmitigated GALL to compare the President to Hitler??

    • Bob Cull

      Of course they compare him to Hitler, Shawn, it’s called projection.

  • Ganja Mon

    What we need to do is round up all these fascist nut-jobs and send them to re-education camps. Give ’em 3 hots and a cot, and the medication and therapy they need. We can do that on the cheap too. Have them spends their days tending fields of hemp, stoned out of their mind, listening to reggae and Phish all day. That should mellow them out, and make them kinder, gentler people.

  • Bob Cull

    Yep, looks about right to me. This is the way Teapubs typically respond to those who attempt to put forth an argument with which they disagree. They scream at them to sit down and shut F*** up or they will lay them out and shut them up! And they accuse the left of espousing tyranny!

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