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Prosecutor Won’t Press Charges Against Union Protester Who Punched Steven Crowder (Video)

The prosecutor has decided not to press changes against the union protester involved in a scuffle with Fox contributor and crappy comedian, Steven Crowder.  Crowder claimed the man, who was considerably older, punched him unprovoked, but video evidence told a different story, showing the man was acting in self-defense after being shoved to the ground by Crowder.

Crowder received a great deal of conservative media attention, even being invited to CPAC, after the misleading video compilation of the incident was released.  Of course, Fox played the heavily edited tape ad nauseam, implying it was “proof” that union members are violent “thugs.”

Watch the video, courtesy of the Majority Report with Sam Seder:

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  • Erin

    Figures Fox would pull this kind of stunt. How can anyone watch these losers?

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