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Papantonio: Oklahoma Deserves Better Than Inhofe and Coburn (Video)

Mike Papantonio appears on The Ed Schultz radio program to discuss the disasters in Oklahoma, which are being made worse by Republican incompetence.

Watch here:



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  1. These Teapublican legislators seem to feel they can treat ordinary Americans as petulant children. They feel that natural disasters are our fault (Obama’s fault?) and repairs are to be taken out of our allowance. Can’t wait for the mid-term elections.

    • Haven’t you heard, Perry? Alex Jones thinks that Obama caused that tornado to take the spotlight off the “scandals”, you know the ones that don’t exist except in the deluded minds of the Teapubs.

  2. I find it hilarious that Inhofe, thinks that we are all so stupid that we don’t know what he is really saying when he says that those who were receiving relief for Sandy were frauds. It is obvious that he means, “well this money is going to blue states and everyone knows that liberals are all crooked.” It won’t happen in Oklahoma because it is populated by upstanding, honest Teapubs. LMMFAO!

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