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Tea Party Circle Jerk: ‘Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment’

Some days I just don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I’m exposed to right-wing rhetoric on social networking sites. If there is one truly altruistic thing the Internet has given us it’s the daily exposure to just how far over the backside of reality the Republicans in this country have let their fringe elements take them. When you combine the fact that we’re a nation built on freedom of expression and thought with the Internet you can find yourself down the rabbit hole of TEApublican propaganda pretty easily. Recently I was clued into a couple of really entertaining items from Teabaggistan, and I felt the need to share them with everyone.

First up, we have the folks at “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment.” You can find their Facebook page here if you want to see some of the most cringe-inducing propaganda about Ben Gozzi (seriously, I saw something that said “Remember Benghazi” as if it’s the goddamned Alamo or something) or more lies about IRS targeting or birth certificate falsification. You can just scroll down the page and find real gems like the meme that has a picture of Obama on it and the words, “We no longer want your resignation, we want you imprisoned!”

Look at these “brave patriots!”

overpasses 1

All four of them!  LOL!
overpasses 2
Delusions of grandeur?  There are more signs than participants! LOL!
overpasses 3

What reality do these people enjoy? They are the ones who voted twice to put into office NeoCons who spilled blood and treasure all over the map in wars that the American people by and large feel were not worth the price we paid. I feel deep-down to the core of my being that Dick Cheney and George W. Bush are heartless, war mongering profiteers that lied through their teeth to get the world to sign-off on the Iraqi invasion they’d been spoiling for since they took office. If anyone needed to be brought up on some kind of criminal charges it was the people who willfully put our young men and women — my contemporaries and peers — into the meat grinder based on lies, lies and more damnable lies.

What I find particularly amusing though is the fact that they’re resorting to ripping off the Overpass Light Brigade — a group of liberals in Wisconsin who began stringing up messages in lights on their states overpasses. The messages at first were in support of recalling Governor Scott Walker, and even though the recall effort stalled, Overpass Light Brigade has continued to rig up their progressive messages, becoming quite an Internet sensation. I guess since Obama lifted the idea for the Affordable Care Act from the Republicans and Mitt Romney, it’s only fair that TEApublicans steal this idea from liberals.

Next we have our friends at Tea Party Conservatives of America. I admit I don’t really frequent that page at all, but it was brought to my attention thanks to a meme that was inboxed to me and it just made my toes curl. It’s an image of a painting that depicts Christ’s second coming (White Christ of course, not Historically and/or Genealogically Correct Christ), apparently on a battle field chock-full of soldiers from all eras of human life with the caption “Every Knee Will Bow; Romans 14:11.”

tpcoa jesus

I’ve got to be brutally honest here. I was exposed regularly for a good part of my childhood to Christendom and their texts. I get the reference, and I understand what the Bible verse’s meaning is, but in typical TEApublican fashion, they muddle everything up with their message. Why is Jesus on the world’s most historical battlefield? Also, are they saying that Jesus has the powers of time travel? If that’s the case, couldn’t he just go back in time and stop all the wars and famine? Why would he choose instead to come back, go back in time and bring a bunch of long-dead solders back with him?

The reason I’m even talking about this confounding meme is that it illustrates perfectly why I bristle every time someone injects their religion into political issues. I acknowledge that for some there is no disconnection between political ideology and religious dogma. That’s their right as free-willed human beings living in our free society. I just wish they understood how many people don’t want them using their religion as a cudgel, bashing minorities and members of the LGBT community and using God as their reference point and excuse for doing so. No this meme doesn’t represent that, but it reminds me just how far into Stupid Land you can travel when you think God’s on your side.

There is a Facebook page dedicated solely to debunking the Tea Party Conservatives Of America page, as well as a local right-wing talk radio program. To visit that site CLICK HERE!

About James Schlarmann

James is in his thirties and gets really passionately angry about politics. Sometimes that anger foments into diatribes, and sometimes those diatribes are comical. Other times, they are not. For more of James's work check out his blog, ThePoliticalGarbageChute.com.
  • Wayne Modgling

    You state that this is a Nation built on freedom of expression and thought, but you don’t like MY thoughts. “AATTP has a no tolerance policy for …personal attacks, vulgarity, profanity.” I say that your first paragraph dispels that statement.

  • http://acepylut.wordpress.com acepylut

    What’s hilarious is watching the hatred that’s inherent in you. idiots like you are the problem, not the ‘teabaggers’, because all you have is hatred and ad homs to make your “point”. Whatever that may be. Actually, I was wrong, this isn’t hilarious, it’s pathetic. That is the epitaph of the left: pathetic. Nearly every single thing they do, you can be assured that it can be described as pathetic.

    • https://www.facebook.com/sdfrenchie Richard La France

      Excuse me, acepylut, but it’s not hatred you’re seeing from the left. It’s anger and contempt for groups of self-righteous individuals who have convinced themselves that America should be run their way and not guided by the Constitution.

      You are the pathetic one for approving of the outrageous, intimidating, negative attributes of the Tea Party personalities. You haven’t seen hatred out of us yet, but when our anger rises to that point you’ll be sorry you ever opened your mouths and spewed out all the bullshit anyone could ever stand to hear in a lifetime.

      If you people think you’re going to steal this country from the rest of us and run it under your idea of Christianity which is entirely fake and false Christianity (we know the difference), you’ve got another thought coming. You might stand behind your guns and your threats and your praises to the Lord who despises your behavior, but you will not take our country and continue to ruin it as you are doing at this very moment.

      We’re not weaklings like the people who live in third world countries and are beaten and abused by their leaders and raped and tortured and murdered by opposing clans. We’re strong in our love for our country and when the chips are down, you are going to rue the day you ever thought people on the left were pathetic and you’ll be begging for mercy.

      You want to play martyr and accuse us of persecuting Christians? Go right ahead. The real Christians in America have already joined us against your brand of Christianity and you are way outnumbered. This isn’t a threat by any means. It’s a promise. You guys keep up your shit and keep pushing us around and you’re in for a world of hurt because every act your Tea Party is taking against the people of this country is illegal and you can’t buy enough lawyers to say otherwise.

      I suggest you motherfuckers back off and learn what real Christianity is about because we’re not going to stand by and let you people make children go hungry because you think their parents are too lazy to work. We’re not going to allow you to continue your war against women and the LGBT community because this is our country, too, not just yours, and as I said, you are far outnumbered and you’ll learn all about oppression when the warden smacks you around for no reason other than he or she feels like it. The shoe is going to be on the other foot for you assholes and we’ll get down to the business of repairing the damage you’ve done to this nation and taking care of the poor and needy and hungry like we’ve always done, and the Christians will go to church and praise the Lord and do their acts of charity and keep their religion completely separate from our government because the real Christians in this land know it’s the right thing to do.

      You people have committed treason over and over again against the Constitution of the United States and you will payy dearly for that. And we’ll see how far you have your noses up the Koch Brothers’, the Cheneys’ and the Waltons’ asses when you’re all sleeping in bunkbeds together behind bars.

    • Bob Cull

      Really? We have nothing to go after the Teapubs with other than ad hominem attacks and hatred? So denying the lie that the President is not a natural born citizen is just an ad hominem attack? Proving that he has taken less vacation time than any recent President while they claim that he is “always on vacation” is an ad hominem attack? Denying that he is a Muslim when they insist he is, is an ad hominem? Can you say delusional? I knew you could!

  • kafirboy55

    How fun it would be to stand a dozen feet to the right of these morons with a sign that said ‘These guys are assholes’, with a large arrow pointing to the left. Ya think they would be all on board with the concept of freedom of expression? Yeah, that’s what I thought. As a previous commenter noted, you can’t ever fix stupid.

    • kafirboy55

      Sorry for the double post .. damn browser and firewall security.

      • Joe American

        Well, you can’t fix stupid.

        • djdiva

          Or asshat apparently.

  • kafirboy55

    Wouldn’t it be fun to stand a dozen feet to the right of these morons with another sign simply saying ‘These guys are assholes’ and a large arrow pointing to the left? Ya think they’d be all ok with that freedom of expression? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Teabaggers=asshats=massively stupid=far shallow end of the (questionably) human gene pool.

  • mysticsigil

    Anyone else finding it funny that the anti-tax Tea Party members are protesting on an over-pass paid for by state and federal funds?

  • Dondura M.

    OMG..they have nothing to do than this….well, keeps them busy I suppose. But I also suspect that they are all in red states where they TAKE more in government money than they give…kinda an awkward moment there ( you know, the ones who think it’s OK as long as THEY are getting funding but not OK for someone else to). Let’s see..you can make sure you are not two faced by demanding that your governor takes in 0 as in NO federal money till you pay us all back for the money we already gave you…or STFU!

  • Lee Baldwin

    i notice that none of these brave Teapublicans are willing to show their faces in the photos. their arses & guns? yeah, buddy! their ripped off Gadsden flags? sure. but too skeered to show a face.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jkarki Karki Meade

    Some people really really want a President Biden.

  • Radmon

    I know these guys. Their the usual fridge out case bunch who date those same toothless hoes. Every one of them with something strapped near their crotch in an attempt to make up for the short comings at their crotch. Losers.

  • Juliet

    Never occurs to Teapubs that if there were any real grounds to impeach the President, he would have been impeached long ago. Instead, they’re throwing things out (just as they did with Clinton) until something sticks.

  • https://www.facebook.com/gazoscreek Paul Keller

    Flip them off and they will shoot you.

  • Bob Cull

    It is an exercise in futility to attempt to point out to a Teapub that there is no grounds for impeachment, I have about given up on it. I can’t count the number of times I have had them tell me that I am wrong and that a President can be impeached just because the people don’t like him and think he is doing a poor job. Of course they always do go on to trot out all of the non factual “facts” that give them, they claim, grounds to not only impeach but to send him to prison for life after he is removed from office. I’ve quoted him many times in reference to Teapubs but it never hurts to repeat Ron White’s line, “You can’t fix stupid!”

    • proudfootz

      If Johnson, NIxon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II went to jail first… *maybe* they’d have a case.

      • boobtube cowboy

        Soooo, your argument is, “well, these people were bad too”. That should excuse the actions of the current administration… That makes as much sense as reverse discrimination… It is still wrong.

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