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OOPS! Student Used By Ted Cruz as Example of ACA Failure Actually Loves Obamacare (Video)

Tail Gunner Ted Cruz might want to do some research before he decides to cite an example of how badly President Obama has damaged this country and its people. As reported by The Huffington Post, in his faux filibuster against “Obamacare” he cited the plight of Rutgers undergraduate John Connelly who has crushing debt from his student loans and still no job lined up for after his graduation this winter.

Ted’s implication, of course was that somehow “Obamacare” is responsible for all of the woes in this young man’s life. Of course this was not even close to the truth, Connelly’s problems do not have anything at all to do with “Obamacare,” his problems rise mainly from his student loans.

Ironically, back in March of this year, Tail Gunner sponsored an amendment that would have repealed the ACA, at the same time it would have eliminated the student loan and Pell Grant reforms which were attached to it. His amendment would have cut Pell Grants, raised federal student loan payments, and cut funding for community colleges and historically black colleges.

The irony does not stop there though, as Cruz was using John as an example of the damage that the President’s policies are doing to the nation, Connelly was on his way to an Optometrist appointment, an appointment which he says he would not have been able to even make were it not for “Obamacare.”

Appearing on MSNBC Friday morning, Connelly said, “A friend of mine called me the next morning as I was on the way to an optometrist appointment …. [and said], ‘While Ted Cruz was talking about why the ACA’s bad, he mentioned your name.’ And I said, ‘Well, that’s funny. I’m heading to an appointment I can only go to because of Obamacare.'”

Ted’s supporters like to say that the “liberal” press goes out of its way to make him look bad. Could it be that it is Ted himself who is making him look bad? This kind of research says only one of two things is possible, either he is hoping that no one is going to do any fact checking or, he has no idea what he is talking about. Feel free to choose which you think it is.


About Bob Cull

I'm retired and live in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. I have strong opinions and my political bent has not changed since I was in high school. Most of my family thinks that I need to find a "real" hobby to fill my time in retirement, but I am content to share my opinions with others and exercise my "right" as a cranky old retired dude to express my views--which are based on many years of real world experience.
  • g. Brown.

    I find it extraordinarily fascinating that so many people of a certain age, myself included, instantly and viscerally associate Ted Cruz with the late, unlamented Sen. Joseph McCarthy, aka Tail Gunner Joe. Having read Ian Stevenson’s “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation” and having observed the rise of Ted, and his distinctive physiognoymy, so like that of his predecessor, with whom his lifetime does not overlap, I have, since my first exposure to the phenom that is Cruz, asserted that he is indeed the reincarnation of Joe McCarthy. In the disgusting flesh.

  • Scar

    If the right really believed that the Affordable Care Act is going to be bad for Americans, they wouldn’t be trying so hard to repeal it. Because, if it IS going to be bad for Americans, they would let it be implemented, watch it fail, and then they would have enough ammunition against the democrats to win a national election.

    But, they know it is going to work. They know the public will embrace it. They’ll be exposed as wrong again about social programs (i.e. Social Security & Medicare). Pair that up with the hateful & discriminatory legislation they’ve been pushing for the last decade – and it will be a long long time before they ever win the White House again.

  • https://plus.google.com/103604730023609331119 Dennis Thomas

    the GOP is extremely scared that if “ObamaCare” is implemented the general population will see that all the scare tactics were a lie and it is actually a good thing. Their current strategy is to delay it for one year, meaning it won’t help the democrats until after the 2014 elections.

  • https://www.facebook.com/rebecca.york Rebecca York

    If your views are the same as when in High School, how can your views be because of life experiences? Just curious.. Great article, by the way! Ted Cruz needs to go away!

    • http://BetterHealthIn31Days.com/abrams Sandy Abrams

      He didn’t say his views are the same as when in High School, he said his political bent has not changed. He has found that politically his opinions, which are shaped by his life experience, have stayed with whatever party or non party he thought was good in the first place.

  • Bobbi

    Sadly I can’t see the video. It says Watch: but the video isn’t there, it goes straight to the pictures for other stories.

    • AATTP

      It’s been fixed. Thanks for letting us know.

  • debbie Day

    I think he’s an idiot but he’s crazy like a fox and he playing for all the tea party people and anyone that hates Obama. These people and cruz believe anything said to them if it just says how terrible Obamacare is. They would and will bite off their nose to spite their face just to stop Obamacare, which could be the best thing to ever happen to them. So stupid!


    Of course he’s a liar, just like the little man claimed there were WMD in Iraq, any time you see anyone of Texas ilk moving their lips they are lying. The State with the lowest IQ constituency in the Country, it’s their ignorance that brings you Louie Gomert, Ted (Fidel Castro) Cruz and don’t forget the Ass Hat they have for a Governor…..

  • http://facebook Linda

    Amazing that anyone could advance to his age and still be able to care for himself…I’ve never heard such blatant lies and even says them with a straight face…WOW

  • Steve K.

    now hopefully this means Teddy just earned a one-way ticket out of Washington

  • http://gravatar.com/sheikyerbouti2 sheikyerbouti2

    If the fate of our economy wasn’t on the line this would be funny. And if our economy goes, what happens to the rest of the world? Canada Cruz and his cronies are playing with fire too close to a munitions dump.

  • https://plus.google.com/110429349059788558087 G Wiz

    He couldn’t even get the Dr Seus story right.

    • https://www.facebook.com/mrallnightjohnson Stuart Johnson

      Without a sense of irony people say and do the dumbest things. “Green Eggs and Ham” is a story about not liking something although you’ve never tried it.

  • Teacher Kurt

    Either he is hoping that no one is going to do any fact checking or, he has no idea what he is talking about. Feel free to choose which you think it is.

    Definitely both. Ted Cruz (Senator Joseph McCarthy’s Clone) thinks everyone else is as stupid as he apparently is. It would actually be quite funny to watch if our country wasn’t going to hell in a hand basket while this Senatorial Yugo tries his best to crash the economy into a brick wall….

  • Kenneth Johnson

    doesn’t take the press to make this asshole look bad. He does just fine on his own.


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