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OOPS! Boehner Accidentally Admits His Tea Party Congress is a FAILURE

You know, when people like me talk about how Republicans live in an alternate universe, some may think it’s a joke. Anyone who thinks it’s not true should listen to the words coming out of Republicans’ mouths these days. Take for instance the latest eye-roll-tastic comment from Speaker of the House John Boehner that he thinks his congressional bodies should be judged by “how many laws we repeal.”

What kind of inanity is this? I get it, there are some laws that are morally reprehensible — like pretty much any law that allows for discrimination for instance — but the vast majority of our laws were written to address a need at one time or another. Of course all Boehner was doing is playing to the cheap seats among his base. These are people who see the government as the enemy. They’ve completely forsaken the notion “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” and have instead embraced a distorted view of government and what purpose it can and should serve. So of course to loons like these every single law is wrong.

Or is it?

What about abortion laws, Speaker Boehner? Shouldn’t we then also repeal laws banning abortions? Or what about murder laws? Rape laws? At one point do we get to call “bullshit” on this entire sham? Oh, I know. Right now. Right now is when we get to call bullshit on this entire scam. Boehner doesn’t want to just repeal laws — though believe me Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare are most definitely on the chopping block if Republicans ever found themselves in the position to do their worst. What Boehner and his cohorts want to be doing is writing the laws of the land. Sure, they’ve taken to their roles as obstructionists with aplomb and no small amount of joy, but we all know that playing spoiler isn’t enough for them.

Meanwhile, the reality of the situation is that we desperately need bills to be written and passed. We need jobs bills. We need student loan laws that keep college students from being indentured servants for the rest of their lives while they try to pay off their debts. Our infrastructure is falling apart — bridges are collapsing, levees are breaking and our highways are a jumbled mess all over the place. We don’t need a hands-off government right now; we need a government that leads us forward. It’s one thing to repeal laws that are amoral or are truly hurting the country, but in this case the one law that Republicans have their sights set on is Obamacare, and repealing it will actually create a deficit, not shrink it.

I suppose in the end we should all be grateful to Speaker Boehner. He and his cadre of anti-populist sociopaths in Republican clothing have clearly embraced their roles as the antagonists. The problem is that while the GOP sees themselves as Obama’s antagonist, their actions have actually put them directly in conflict with the continued peace and tranquility of this nation. They refuse to address gun violence. They refuse to address immigration in a way that doesn’t include spending billions to turn our border with Mexico into a militarized zone. They refuse to give more funding to the veterans of the wars that their own party was the most responsible for starting.

Indeed, congressional Republicans are the enemy of the president’s agenda. In a way, that shouldn’t be surprising at all. We’ve operated as a two-party system from the beginning and a strong argument can be made for the need for both sides to exist to keep the other from pushing society off a cliff. But when you have a party who is most proud of tearing down the laws that were written to help the American people as their primary legislative accomplishment, something has gone terribly awry.

The 2014 mid-terms are going to be crucial for this country’s next steps into the future. There is a party in Washington that is hell-bent on pushing our economic and social values back at a minimum of forty years. If things remain as they are and the House stays in GOP control, no matter what happens in the Senate we’ll be stuck with yet another two years of gridlock because Republicans aren’t ashamed by their lack of productivity, they are proud of it, and want to have it gold-plated and mounted on a pole that sits even higher than the American flag at the capital — a symbol of the party who puts their political theatrics and backwards social engineering above the country they’re ostensibly in office to protect.


About James Schlarmann

James is in his thirties and gets really passionately angry about politics. Sometimes that anger foments into diatribes, and sometimes those diatribes are comical. Other times, they are not. For more of James's work check out his blog, ThePoliticalGarbageChute.com.
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  • blaKE

    there all nutbags

  • https://www.facebook.com/johndhutcheson John Hutcheson

    Of course it is a failure, they are working very hard it and they have earned their failure. Obstruction doesn’t just happen you have to make it happen.

  • Deborah Reagan

    Actually their wet dream is to push it back a hundred years into pre-union and pre women’s sufferage. No nasty labor laws and no women voting against the man of the house.

  • http://twitter.com/stanhopesbitch Stanhope’s Bitch (@stanhopesbitch)

    Let me know what you think about Obamacare when the companies make everyone under the – what – 28 hours per week? Foodlion is doing that right now. They just hired 500 workers here, part time, and when Obamacare kicks in, they will have fired most of the fulltime people. A friend of mine just lost his job after working for them for 22 years!! This nation is a disgrace. Obama could have made Universal Healthcare like I had in Italy, yea, it’s not perfect, but they saw off the wrong legs here with out PAID healthcare!! Obama is just another Bush – a puppet for the 1% – and the Kosh Brothers… He is no different from the rest, and they are all driving this country into the ground. We will be like India in a few years. Super poor and super rich only!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

    • RichardR

      Most of us couldn’t agree more, Stanhope. A big part of the country wanted to go to a single-payer (universal) system like most of the civilized world has. Unfortunately, the president was faced with a Congress that was Hell-bent on criminally obstructing everything he did. It’s our own fault for allowing those a**holes in office in the first place…we panicked after 9/11, and became a nation susceptible to just the kind of fear-based manipulation that the 1% specialize in. But that situation may be rectified in 2014…a year that I think many would say represents a make-or-break opportunity for this country. It might well go down as one of the single most important elections in our history…for better or worse. At this point, we can’t afford to just lay down and die like we have for the last 30 years. Now is the time to FIGHT to take our country back…not just for our own sakes, but for the sake of the world. So much rides on what we do in the next few years. But I’ll tell you this: One way or the other, the rich won’t stay in power here for long. If we can’t get them out at the ballot box, sooner or later it will come down to burning them out of their homes.

      • AATTP

        You’re so damn smart! Expect an email from us soon. ;)

        • RichardR

          Lol…sarcasm challenge: Accepted. Well, I have been waiting for the “never post here again” email for a while now. Go ahead and send it ;)

          • AATTP

            No dice, chief. You see, we have this once-in-a-lifetime timeshare opportunity for you…

      • Bob Cull

        It wouldn’t be the first time and probably not the last, those who see themselves as entitled to power by virtue of birth or wealth seldom learn from history.

      • CJ

        The thing is those companies are panicking from the “facts” presented to them by the party who wants to make them believe this is the worst thing in history and it’s gonna cost them all their fortune when Obamacare takes affect.

        • RichardR

          @ CJ: See, I don’t think they are. I think that they’re ACTING like they’re freaking out. But they’re not. They’ve got stock analysts, accountants, mathematicians aplenty…and these aren’t ignorant Teabaggers running their lives on Fox News. These corporations are just acting stupid and insane because they want us to feel panic at the idea of them spending money. They’re taking the Irish approach to self-defense: “Don’t mess with me man…don’t MESS with ME! I’m craaAAAZY, man. Come on, come on…watch me hit myself in the face with a bat!”

          @ Bob: Well said. Greed comes from the reptilian medula oblongata. And crocodiles aren’t the best students of history.

          @ AATP: Full speed ahead, then, ensign. You know where to find me. And, BTW, I’ve got this bridge in Arizona for you ;)

    • http://www.thedogclass.com boomxtwo

      There is little sense to a company firing FT workers and hiring PT workers simply because of Obamacare. Did they not provide benefits to their FT workers before Obamacare? They could have changed their benefit plan to eliminate paying benefits before and kept their FT employees prior to Obamacare. Now at least it’s harder to do, and will be more costly for them in the long run to hire all PT workers with much hire turnover and training costs. You need to look no further than what happened at Darden restaurants when they tried a PT experiment.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mel.h.sr Mel Haun Sr

    You got it Bob.
    And of course 2014 could decide if we manage to survive as a country or not.

  • Jo

    Anyone who cries as much as he does couldn’t be any more than pathetic.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jim.haldeman.5 Jim Haldeman

    i couldn’t agree any more whole-heartedly. please put out the trash in 2014..

  • CJ

    I love how the pubs scream that libs push for bigger government and they don’t want it running their lives. YET…those are the very things they do all the time with pushing bills to abolish women’s medical rights, laws to prevent the LGBT community from having legally recognized marriages, laws that let you shoot an unarmed kid just because you feel he may be a threat to you…law after law after law…telling you to do/don’t do what THEY believe you should/shouldn’t do. Their repealing laws my ass! They are adding in their own version of how things should be and trying to repeal the things that they don’t like…regardless of our their constituents feel about it.

  • Bob Cull

    Boehner is without a doubt the WORST speaker the house has ever had! The man cannot control his own party, they ride roughshod over him and he doesn’t have the spine to stand up to them and get them under control. Who ever heard of a lawmaker who was proud of doing nothing at all and claiming that it was “good” for the country? He is beyond pathetic!

    • Ming


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