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Watch This Unintentionally HILARIOUS Right Wing Anti-Contraception Video!

And now something from the “sane” world of the anti-women, anti-contraception crowd.  This unintentionally hilarious video from a group of Roman Catholic nuns calling themselves the “Children of Mary Order” links women’s birth control pills and other chemical contraceptives to an “increase in homosexual activity among men!” DUM DUM DUM!!!!

The video entitled, “You Deserve to Know the Truth: Contraception” also cites a 1970s-era study in which a male monkey became “confused” when female monkeys were injected with birth control drugs, and began to have “sexual interactions” with other males in the tribe…” Ultra low budget, with sketchy numbers and dated artwork, we’re pretty certain the monkeys from the study cited could’ve done a better job.



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  • Ari

    This is patently ridiculous.

  • CathyC

    The youtube channel for this video disabled both ratings and comments. No surprise there!! What a bunch of cowards.

  • Heidi

    Will these idiots pay for the children I have? They want to ban birth control pills but birth control pills saved my 12-year-old daughters life!!!! I guess it is relly ok to sacrifice those who are here for those not even thought of being conceived! My daughter was on her period for three weeks. Her hemoglobin count was so low she was put in the hospital and had to have a pint of blood!!

  • LauraJ

    This is too ridiculous. Growing up Catholic, I had to endure lectures similar to this by church representatives and it is the reason I bailed on the Catholic Church by the time I was 12.

  • Angel

    Talk about a load of BS!!!

  • Jean

    LMAO!! If “contracepting” keeps men un-attracted to women and less likely to want to have sex with them…why does my husband want sex every chance he can get? and with me? his contracepting wife! LMAO! oh the ignorance!

    • Pixie

      I think maybe both he and my boyfriend didn’t get the memo that all this “contracepting” was supposed to result in them being “confused” and “un-attracted” to us.

      • tez

        I’m not an expert on contraception, but don’t women on the pill still miss it for a few days? Doesn’t that make them fertile for a little while?
        (Complete novice here)
        Regardless ladies you are correct, you are beautiful to me regardless of your ability to make babies! I’d even go as far to say there are men out there that find that more attractive lol!

  • http://imabadcat.com Quintus Maximus

    So, wait. The increase in the divorce rate since 1965 doesn’t have anything to do with states adopting no-fault divorce laws? Fascinating.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chase.smith.182940 Chase Smith

    In short, birth control makes straight men gay, gay men promiscuous, women into whores, apes into monkeys, unfertilized eggs into babies and can shove the entire population of the planet into Texas.

    What are they complaining about? They just made birth control seem magically badass!

    Too bad it doesn’t turn water into wine…

  • Tammy Madden

    I can’t believe I spent over 13 minutes of my life watching this mindless garbage…My attention could not be drawn away from the damage it could do to impressionable youth.

  • Phillip L Harbison

    The creators of this video are not even capable of simple math. It says each person would have 1065 square feet or “about a quarter of an acre”. An acre is 43650 square feet, so their math is wrong by a factor of 10. That is about the size of an apartment in the USA, but where would you grow your food? Where would you drive your car? Do we really want to live on a planet that is wall-to-wall housing with no room for parks or forests?

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.maginity Rose Mikaela Moon

    I really don’t find this hilarious, just really sad.. really really sad.

    Even their “replacement rate” we’re well well above that.. but OH NO those babies are not native white catholic babies! (in before no such thing as native whites, many are born here, native to this country, if not this continent.)

    Are these idiots even remotely aware of how many unwanted children there are? How many children in foster care? How many children born to abject poverty? But of course none of that matters, we should have every woman have 6 babies if it kills her right? -.-

  • BSS

    “what is a man to do?” ROFLMAO!

  • http://www.facebook.com/glenna.joneskachtik Glenna Jones-Kachtik

    Is contracepting even a word? I guess it might be like “truthiness”? I live in TX by the way; the whole population of the world COULD NOT fit here….(not even if some lived in water or on the desert floor….)

  • http://www.facebook.com/glenna.joneskachtik Glenna Jones-Kachtik

    It has taken everything I have to finish this video…Such idiocy! Such hubris. This from a group of people who don’t even have SEX?

  • http://www.facebook.com/joanna.morse.9 Joanna Morse

    This is basically a piece of propaganda that Pravda would be envious of. It is nothing more than a Right Wing attempt to shame Christian Whites to procreate at a higher rate to retain a majority within the USA. Just enough facts to sound truthful but upon examination find it is largely false. The population of the world has been increasing at a rate that is unsustainable. If you were to believe their video claims, we would be seeing a decline in the population of the USA and the rest of the world.

    • Pixie

      This! OMG, THIS! Here was the nail, and you dear lady, hit it squarely on the head!
      Although, I even though my bloodline is as WASP as they come (3/4 German and 1/4 Scots), I wonder how eager these Ring Wing Christians would be to keep me in the brood-mare stock knowing that a). I am not a Christian (which means if by some chance I ever DID want to breed, my offspring wouldn’t be raised as Christian) and b). my partner is Puerto Rican. Which means any babies I would produce would be non-white/non-Christians – ergo no help to keep them in the majority what-so-ever.
      I guessing, giving these circumstances, these bigots would probably have no issues with mine and my boyfriend’s rampant “contracepting”.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thekaisho42 Michael Jardine

    Oh, My Dear Lord! So stupid. So…if we are comparing monkeys reproductive behaviors to ours, are we admitting that Creationism is a lie told to us by the Bible? Did I just see a video that surrenders Church Dogma to Darwin? I am pretty sure I just did see that. Also, funny how that whole chemical birth control thing came out, yet nary a mention of that other bane of Catholic teachings about birth control: the condom. Next thing you know, they’ll come out with some study from the Stone Age that says women can “smell the latex” of the condom and don’t want to have sex with men who smell like that. We have become a Church of stupid people. Well meaning, kind and polite…but frigging stupid. This video is beyond stupid…so much so I couldn’t watch the whole thing because I could literally feel my brain cells dying by the thousands; each taking a leap off of the cliff like the Japanese citizens of Okinawa in WW2. I had to stop the loss of life somehow. Sweet Jesus…

    • Krispen Nelson

      FYI, the Catholic church does not reject evolution unlike many other religions. While uptight, it is not fundamentalist or evangelical. You’re thinking of Baptists or something.
      As to condom use, it isn’t brought up because that is something men choose to use. Never underestimate the male dominance of the Catholic church. Sure they shame women for trying to control their fertility and for sexual freedom. Male sexual freedom is another matter. More of a wink wink, nudge nudge deal.
      That being said, yes this video is appalling.

    • RichardR

      Right?? Apparently, nobody sees the irony in evolution deniers using a primate study to analyze human behavior lol.

      • AATTP

        Good point. ;)

    • tez

      The bible has told you so many lies already why does creation being one of them surprise you?

      • http://gravatar.com/velska Velska

        Right. This ship sailed long ago, but then. About the lies:

        The lies that you refer to were not told so much by the Bible as the stupid preachers, whose mind doesn’t stretch to any parallel levels, like metaphors, allegories, analogies or parables. Everything for them has to be exactly as is written.

        Thus, obviously, when challenged about the fact that in the story about the building of the first temple (which eventually existed), the measures of the “sea” or a bowl of water where the priests did their ritual baths, were states as being ten cubits across and thirty cubits circumference; these literal-interpretation maniacs are reduced to ridiculous inventions, when the obvious answer is, that they weren’t familiar with Pi, or then the original writer just wasn’t all that particular about doing the geometrical calculations.

        So Biblical allegories can basically teach us what we want. It’s been used by the worst kind of racists and slave drivers, as well as Jesus, who said we shouldn’t do to anybody, what we wouldn’t like done to us. Or more modern preachers, who’ve been pacifists, peace activists; or people who set up soup kitchens, food banks, centres where people who’ve committed crimes can talk with their victims, and try to solve issues by trying to make restitution for crimes and earn some kind of forgiveness.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carrie.arick Carrie Arick

    It’s funny that no one brings up Romania while talking about banning abortion and contraceptives. This isn’t so much as about saving babies as it is saving white people.

    • RichardR

      It’s true. I think we should just rename it the “Save the Wild Crackers” campaign.

      • Pixie

        You sir, now owe me one keyboard!

        Seeing as this comment made me spit my coffee all over it. Easily the funniest thing I’ve read today.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carrie.arick Carrie Arick

    women contracepting? ROFL

  • Delores

    These idiots do not even realize that chimps are apes not monkeys. I am sure the chimps are embarrassed that the creator of this video is supposed to be on a higher level of intellect.

  • anastasi5

    contracepting? WTF? My pill keeps the migraines away… How about all the adultery, gays, and marital abuse before the pill was developed?

    More preaching to the choir… Makes me want to be an athiest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000941516003 Patricia Clements

    “What is a man to do when the majority of women are contracepting and he no longer finds them desirable?” I am sure HE can figure it out.

    Question: Is “contracepting” a real word?

    What a piece of junk this is.

    • Pixie

      “Is ‘contracepting’ a real word?”

      According to spell-check, no.

  • JC

    If it’s not possible to attribute the cause of death because the death certificate doesn’t call it the cause of death, then why bring it up? If you can’t count the deaths of “babies” … then why bring it up? This entire video is based on a lie and the lies to prove it only make it more absurd. The “Texas population” lie would mean that about half of the people living there would kill off the other half because there’s not enough food.

  • Sean

    Did anyone else catch “Vladimir Poutine”? Is that poutine with beets and a side of vodka?

  • http://www.facebook.com/teresa.longblevins Teresa Blakeslee

    The Bible actually has instructions on aborting a child. Apparently the people who made this video forgot to read that one. and about God telling Abraham to KILL his child. The Bible also has LOTS of verses about marriage, but they include a man and the woman he raped, a man his wife and his concubine, a man, his slave and and her belongings (read children), and TONS of others. Apparently, they only want to read the ONE verse about one man and one woman. Historians have also unearthed documents of the CHURCH performing a marriage between TWO MEN!

  • Velska

    WHO does NOT classify “chemical contraceptives”, or in other words, hormonal contraceptives, the same freaking hormones that a woman’s body produces spontaneously, as carcinogens at all, let alone a fictional “class 1″.

    And if there has always been homosexual behaviour, then the ancient Greek had the Pill, too?

    And the hermafrodite fish are because of poisons, or pesticides, that act like estrogen on both the fish and the amphibians.

    And their obsession with having more white babies (you see, not brown, yellow or black ones, because these nutcases are so afraid of becoming a minority!

    Come on people, at least tell the truth about what the birth control Pill consists of, and how it works.

    And the adultery she seems to talk about a lot, was just as common in the 17th century. They just hid it in very different ways that our times do.

    By the way, I certainly didn’t find my wife of now 30 years any less attractive after her hysterectomy, when she got a tumour in her womb, despite using it for what you seemingly think it’s only good for by giving birth to five children, whom all we love from the bottom of our hearts.

    The prevalence of divorce came from “no-fault divorce”–and that is what makes me wonder how same-sex marriage can possibly demean marriage more than no-fault divorce.

    Now, if your religious conviction requires that every time you screw, you gotta be aiming to become preggers, what about elderly couples who couldn’t possibly get preggers again? (e.g. Like me & missus.)

    And please, for the love of God, of whom you talk about a lot, and pick and choose carefully your quotations, like from Augustine who might just have been a little bit of a pervert–at least that’s what he thought about himself. Now, his Confessions where your quotation is from, is actually a confession of a pervert who now has seen the light. But for most of the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church allowed open prostitution, offered services to rich women, who became pregnant against their will, et.c.

    So, if you’re a racist bigot, it’s okay, you can be one, for all I care, but please don’t teach your prejudice & bigotry as “truth” about sexual desire and contraceptives.

    What you probably didn’t notice, you accidentally there compared human behaviour to chimpanzees, I would guess either it was a Freudian slip, or you don’t know that they are genetically the closest mammal to human beings, so chimp behaviour studies often work for the Naked Apes, too.

    Laughable & pitiful.

    • max

      i agree totally this video is a right wing propaganda scam.

    • http://gravatar.com/thebrooksstead thebrooksstead

      I hope your wife doesn’t mind, but… I love you. Ok, maybe I just love what you wrote. Totally true.

  • Danger Lee Kayutak

    There are so many half-truths and outright lies that if you want to rebuke any of it you really don’t know where to start because there are so many damn choices!

    Seven billion people can fit comfortably in the state of Texas, are you out of your mind? They completely forget about the farmland and infrastructure that is required to adequately feed, clothe and transport seven freakin’ billion people.

    I don’t think nuns have a right to give anyone advice on sex, birth control or marriage.

  • MiraJ

    Stopped it at 6:04 because the bullsh*t is driving me crazy.

    1. Birth control pills and IUDs do NOT stop ovulation. BC pills cause the lining of the uterus to be less blood engorged and inhibit the implantation of the fertilized egg that’s been floating around for up to three days. IUDs also stop the implantation of aforementioned egg. To my understanding, Depo-P, works with the same principle; I simply never paid much attention to how it works. The purpose of male condoms, diaphragms, and female condoms is to stop those pesky little sperms from meeting up with the playing hard to get egg.

    2. The world’s population could fit into Texas. O-M-G!!!!!! Okay… Shut down all oil operations and ranches, need the land for those FEMA cam… er, population centers akin to New York City. I want to be on the committee, no I want to –Chair– the committee that decides who lives in the mesquite overgrown, rattlesnake infested, coyote favored areas.

    3. Fish are getting ffcked up, and shellfish are dying from, pollution caused by runoff of chemicals to keep all those lawns and golf courses so lovingly green, green, green.

    4. What a heterosexual man does when he doesn’t find one woman desireable is to look at the next one, and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that, and the ome after that, and the one after that ….

    5. If #4 doesn’t work, he has this conversation with, well, you’ll figure it out: “Hand meet penis; Penis, meet hand.”

    Gawd. Every other line in this video is bullsh8t. That doesn’t even take into account the graphics.

    • Lindsay

      Your post made me laugh! But, at least my old pill said it made the vaginal fluids thicker to make it more difficult for sperm to make it to the egg. So, I guess women with naturally thicker vaginal mucus are also sinful.

      • https://www.facebook.com/jonah.manke Jonah Manke

        IT’S A SCANDAL! (In Republimerica.)

        • https://www.facebook.com/jonah.manke Jonah Manke

          I dont live in Republimerica. After all I’m a lazy self entitled system leech with severe ptsd from well let’s just say things went where they shouldn’t and my brain got fried. But that’s my fault right?; becuase me and my twin sister were dressed like each other on halloween day for trick or treating so I was ASKING for it right? Companies can’t hire me because they would have to pay way to much to insure me for work right? So yeah that’s my fault I guess because I was such a filthy, perverted, ungodly, whorish and gay toddler right? THE REPUGS NEED TO GO! (according to most Republican thinking it was all my fault, how dare me for needing help to live right?)

  • Jamie Meek

    I had to stop this video as it was so vile it was making me sick to my stomach. Some of the propaganda garbage this video is tying to spread is just insane; talking about women’s estrogen being leaked into the water supply and making fish neither male or female, which in turn makes us sterile; oh and how because women take birth control eventually men become confused and will start to prefer men (that is what is implied with that whole monkey study thing). Not to mention the sick shit it’s promoting with saying that women who take the pill or any other contraception are actively playing a role in aborting their own children. Does this video discuss the women who have children every year in this country who can’t afford them, who are left on their own with no support? Does it talk about families that can’t afford more children? Does this video talk about children who are neglected and abused? Does it discuss women who are molested and raped? What about women, and men, who simply just DON’T WANT ANOTHER BABY YOU IDIOT?? Whoever made this video, in my opinion, can go straight to Hell and rot there. The entire world’s population could fit in the state of Texas comfortably? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? F**king morons. This video should be banned.

    • Sephia8

      Don’t they know that a birth control pill reduces conception?! Fewer fertilized eggs are a result of BC than without BC. Women who are NOT using BC will have MORE fertilized eggs (aka “babies” in their deluded minds) pass through them without ever becoming implanted and they’ll never know they were even “pregnant” – according to these idiots.

      So if it is TRULY about “Saving the unborn babies” then put more effort, money and research into WHY all of these fertilized eggs don’t implant NATURALLY, and more money, effort, and research into stopping miscarriages!!

      These people are beyond help. I mean basically they are saying birth control pills . . . even though WOMEN take them, it turns men gay! LMFAO!

  • Ryan

    This can’t be real….

    • http://www.facebook.com/zairstudios Kaeylyn Hunt

      It is,was REQUIRED Viewing in my HEALTH Class at a PUBLIC School no less in The South..I did NOT Fall for the BS,but lemme tell ya,SO many of my Classmates(and former friends DID)…SICK,SICK,SICK…

      • Susan Skorc

        Kaeylyn, Was this really required in your public school? I cannot believe that no parents were objecting to it! I would be so angry if my children were taught something like this.

  • Bubba

    “What does a man do when he doesn’t find a woman desirable? uhhhh…….CHECK OUT HER ASS !!!!

  • Maggie

    did someone really us the word “contracepting” in a sentence..

    • Jamie Meek

      Yeah, I caught that…lol!!

  • Sydney Carten

    Ahem…. Chimpanzees are NOT monkeys.

  • Kellie

    the stupid…it burns.

  • Bubugao

    So let me get this straight. Contraception is wrong in all circumstances. So nuns, by virtue of their celibacy are thwarting the will of god. Perhaps they will burn in he’ll for this dereliction of their procreative duties.

    • Lindsay

      Yes, they do say the only 100% way to prevent pregnancy is to remain abstinent. So, that is also thwarting God’s plan…because it is, technically, a form of birth control.

  • Russ

    To think all of my gay male friends are only that way because of women not being ready to bare children. I take it my lesbian friends were all too close to guys with vasectomies so they turned to women.

    • Jamie Meek

      Uh oh! My husband has been thinking of getting a vasectomy for a while now…I may take a walk on the wild side any day now! lol!

  • kaeylyn

    Translation of this Video:”Hey,us Tax evaders,er Churches are running out of slot machi-er,I mean parishoners from which we can parasite off,er I mean get tithes to help the Church from because you infidels quit believing in our bullshi* Scheme,er,religion,and no longer fear The little Man behind the bIg Green curtain pulling Levers&strings,ah,I mean,The Almighty ,Vengeful Creator God.So,we’re left with no choice but to compile a boatload of BS ,complete lies&innuendo,terrible videography that not even the most developmentally disabled would fall for save for the willfully ignorant&tell you that God told you to open your legs and start spitting babies out,before God sends down a Plague,as in, we pedobears in funny dresses have to actually go get a job for once in our lives,and considering where OUR hands have been,does Society really want us NAMBLA members,ah,I mean Clergy,to have to ask if you want fries with that?How will we ever raise more cash once all the starving abndonded children in Slums around the World we created with this Anti-Science pro communism Video no longer exist,because everyone has a choice instead of cowering in ignorant fear??please,Save the obese,greedy,lying,worthless,pasty pedophiles,quit being responsible folks using Contraception!”.Sincerely,The Christian Taliban..er.woops.I meant The Priests&ministers of BS Religion International.also known as”Gods Word”..hmm,did i miss anything??WHAT a load of CRAP the Christian taliban is tryn with THIS one..they should be thrown in GITMO for Terrorism against humanity&for willfully breaking The Constitution!

    • Pixie

      …I think I love you…

  • Chris

    Perry, you’re right. I’m just wondering how they found a woman with ANY self respect to narrate this.

    • http://www.facebook.com/glenna.joneskachtik Glenna Jones-Kachtik

      They offered her an obscene amount of money….no one said she was dumb….she just kept telling herself “It’s only a job, It’s only a job……”

    • carma62918


  • Barbara

    I am pretty sure that Youtube’s TOS make misleading and false information grounds for removing a video. This video is dangerous for human intelligence and for people that might take it seriously.

  • Anon

    QQ. Why the hell are Catholics thinking in terms of Science.

  • linette

    But…but…evolution is a LIE. Man is not an ape. So…their argument is invalid. Right?

  • Perry

    This is just too stupid for a comment.

    • VV

      My grandmother, great grandmother and great great grandmother all died as a result of complications in childbirth. Maybe they could have lived longer if they had not had babies every year.

      • http://gravatar.com/latenightlarry latenightlarry

        One of my great-great-great grandfathers had three wives and fathered 26 (TWENTY SIX) children… the wives were consecutively (he wasn’t a Mormon) and the first two died in childbirth.

    • Jacquelyn Weddington

      At first I thought this had to be a joke. Several things I noticed. All of “Gods” contraception rules came from men. I wish Jesus had something about this subject, but he didn’t did he….You are correct to stupid for a comment.

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