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Officer Who Killed Michael Brown Received Award from Ferguson Police Dept. Just 6 Months Ago (Image)

The officer responsible for killing Michael Brown, Darren Wilson, was reportedly given an award for his “extraordinary effort in the line of duty” six months ago. Yahoo News confirmed the award by referencing the February 11 Ferguson City Council meeting minutes, and photos posted by Wilson’s father to his Facebook page.

Shortly after Yahoo published its report, the website went down.

Wilson’s father wrote that he was “very proud” of his son for “receiving a Commendation from his Police Department.” John Wilson, his father, added “Congratulations Son.”Very proud of my son, Darren Wilson on his receiving a Commendation from his Police Department. Congratulations Son.

One of the images shows Wilson shaking hands with Ferguson Chief Thomas Jackson, and in a second photo, Wilson is seen wearing a smile as he walks back to his seat with his honor.

The details of what the 28-year-old did to earn the commendation are unknown, and when Yahoo News attempted to reach John Wilson by phone late Friday, Tonya Wilson, his wife and Darren’s step mother, answered instead, saying that “we’re not talking to anybody — thank you” before hanging up.

h/t: TPM

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  • David Yocum

    What were Michael Brown’s accomplishments 6 months ago? (successfully robbing convenience stores don’t count)

  • Sloppo

    This officer failed to understand that it’s wrong to confront gentle blacks right after they commit strong arm robberies. Mike’s gang membership (Vice Lords) and four felony convictions during the last 10 months are no indication that he was not a pillar of the black community. Mike will be sorely missed because his personality and his actions personify the spirit of the black community.

    • J. Fischer

      Hello, Klansman. I see that you believe any BS that makes anyone who isn’t white look bad. Do your non-EuroWhite co-workers know that you think they’re homicidal gangbangers? Wonder what Herman Cain, Allen West, and Justice Clarence Thomas would say to you, since they’re on the Right. Or do you think of them as ‘acceptable’ because they toe the party line?

      Pray, tell us who uncovered Mr. Brown’s supposed gang affiliation? Was it some site devoted to the idea that the only moral people on Earth are Teutonic?

      • Sloppo

        Every racial group has relatively good and bad examples, but substantial differences exist in the rates of violent crime among racial/ethnic groups. Substantial differences also exist in the way racial groups handle criminality among their own. Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery. Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate. Violent white criminals usually face condemnation from other whites. The opposite can be said for mainstream black society. Violent crime raises the status of the black criminal, giving him what is called “street cred”.

        • J. Fischer

          You need to stop listening to the racists. Or are you trying to say that the millions of law-abiding non-EuroWhites in the US have no problem with crime and criminals? If blacks are denying problems, it’s because of people who immediately jump to ‘All blacks are criminals’ every time one gets arrested.

          So, how does it feel to be a member of the race that produces almost all the serial killers in the United States? (The reaction you just had is the exact same one that blacks have whenever their criminals are used to slander them.)

          • Sloppo

            Wow. That really hurt when you asked … “how does it feel to be a member of the race that produces almost all the serial killers in the United States?” I see what you mean. Excuse me for a moment while I wipe the tears from my eyes. I’m a changed man now … because the only black mass killers I can think of are:

            1. Matthew Emanuel Macon (Murdered and Raped 5 White Women in Lansing)
            2. Jimmie Reed (Murdered his wife and his 2 month old daughter and set them on fire)
            3. Shelly Brooks (Murdered 7 prostitutes in Detroit Cass Corridor)
            4. Justin Blackshere (Stabbed two white cooks at Cheli’s Chili downtown Detroit)
            5. Jervon Miguel Coleman (Murdered three people.)
            6. Donell Ramon Johnson (Murdered a mother and a daughter)
            7. Brian Ranard Davis (6 women known murdered)
            8. Paul Durousseau (Seven women)
            9. Mark Goudeau “The Baseline Killer” (Eight women and a man in 2005-2006)
            10. Coral Eugene Watts (11 women in Texas & 1 in Michigan)
            11. Anthony McKnight (Five girls and young women)
            12. Derrick Todd Lee (8 Women)
            13. Charles Lendelle Carter (4 known murders; admits to ‘hunting’ Atlantans for 15 years!)
            14. The Zebra Killings (71 White people)
            15. Chester Turner (L.A.s most prolific killer 12 women killed.)
            16. Lorenzo J. Gilyard (Kansas City, MO.—13 victims)
            17. Eugene Victor Britt (Gary, IN.–3 known murder/rapes.)
            18. Reginald and Jonathan Carr (The Wichita Massacre–6 Whites murdered)
            19. Ray Joseph Dandridge and his uncle, Ricky Gevon Gray (Richmond, VA.–Murdered 7 people in 7 days, including an entire White family.)
            20. The Tinley Park Murderer (Suspect hasn’t been found but has been described as black – murdered 5 women in a store.)
            21. Henry Louis Wallace (Raped and strangled 5 women to death.)
            22. Charles Johnston (Murdered 3 unarmed white men in hospital)
            23. Craig Price (Brutally murdered 3 women)
            24. Harrison Graham (Brually Murdered 3 women)
            25. Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton (Murdered 6 Whites at the Kirkwood, MO. city council. )
            26. & 27. Darnell Hartsfeld & Romeo Pinkerton (Abducted and Murdered 5 from a restaurant)
            28 &29. John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo (Sniped 11 people from a car in DC, 9 died.)
            30. George Russell (3 women, WA state)
            31. Timothy W. Spencer (5 killed, Arlington, VA and Richmond, VA)
            32. Elton M. Jackson (12 gay men killed, Norfolk, VA area)
            33. Carlton Gary (3 killed in Columbus, GA)
            34. Mohammed Adam Omar (16 women, Yemen. Omar is Sudanese.)
            35. Kendall Francois (8 women, Poughkeepsie, NY and surrounding areas.)
            36. Terry A. Blair (8 women, Kansas City area)
            37. Wayne Williams (33 many of them children!, Atlanta, GA)
            38. Vaughn Greenwood (11 killed in LA)
            39. Andre Crawford (10 killed in Chicago – southside)
            40. Calvin Jackson (9 killed possibley more in NY)
            41. Gregory Klepper (killed 8, Chicago – southside)
            42. Alton Coleman (Killed 8 in the Midwest)
            43. Harrison Graham (killed 7+ in N. Philadelphia)
            44. Cleophus Prince (6 killed in, San Diego
            45. Robert Rozier (7 killed in, Miami)
            46. Maurice Byrd (killed 20 + in St. Louis)
            47. Maury Travis (17 and rising, St. Louis and possibly also Atlanta)
            48. Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh (killed 20+ in Florida)
            49. Lorenzo Fayne (killed 5 children in East St. Louis, IL)
            50. Paul Durousseau, (killed 6, two of which were pregnant women, Jacksonville, FL; Georgia.)
            51. Eddie Lee Mosley (killed 25 to 30 women, south Florida)
            52. Henry Lee Jones (killed 4 in, south Florida; Bartlett, TN)
            53. Richard “Babyface” Jameswhite (15 killed in, New York; Georgia.)
            54. Donald E. Younge, Jr. (killed 4), East St. Louis, IL; Salt Lake City, UT.
            55. Ivan Hill (killed 6 in Los Angeles area).
            56. Michael Vernon (Bronx, NY. Killed at least seven people – )
            57. Chester Dewayne Turner (12 women killed in, Los Angeles)

        • Saira Ramos

          Can i see your Sociology and or cultural Anthropology degrees to substantiate your theories.

          • Sloppo

            Do you think someone has to have those degrees to read USDOJ statistics?

      • joe barry

        You are correct – sir! There was no Vice Lords affiliation by Mike Brown. The people who make that claim by his upsidedown gang sign have never dealt with a Vice Lord except when they were running from one. He did not throw a valid gang sign – period.

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