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Obama Shuts Down Obnoxious Jesus Heckler: ‘I Believe in God’ (Video)

In addition to calling out the Republican do-nothings during his Kansas City speech on Wednesday, President Barack Obama was one again confronted by some of that good old-fashioned heckling. And his response can only be described as “elegant.”

In the video of the event that streamed on the White House website, a woman could barely be heard screaming something that sounded like “Jesus is the Lord of Israel.”

The President responded by casually saying, “I’m sorry, what are you hollering about?”  After letting the heckler repeat their message for the crowd, Obama responded by saying “I believe in God. Thanks for the prayer. Amen. Thank you.”

David Nakamura, of the Washington Post, was the first person to mention the incident on Twitter:

Obama in KC to heckler: "I believe in God. Thanks for the prayer."

According to AP’s Nedra Pickler, the woman was escorted out of the event from the balcony:Woman interrupting top of Obama's speech from balcony yelling about God of Israel. Being escorted out.

As Obama tried to continue his speech, the audience began chanting “We love you! We love you!”

You can watch the event unfold below, courtesy of The Obama Diary:

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  • Rev. Tom

    Ron you are a pathetic even for a teabagger.

    Have you used Palin as your role model?

    It seems so as you show that you are too stupid to even write what you are attempting to say properly. Your attempt at being clever apparently in German fails drastically when what you wrote is translated into English.

    “Zeig” in German means show. When speaking to a child it is common to say Zeig mir which would mean show me.

    “Heil” may mean health, well being, luck, whole, safe or salvation.

    “Zeig Heil” is not a phrase that one would find a German saying.

    I understand that you were attempting to make a reference to the Nazi saying, but all you did was openly display your ignorance.

    If you have a problem with German, you should not attempt to use it.

    Here is something for you in German, maybe you can figure it out.

    Du bist ein verschwinden von samen.
    Schade das deine mutter hatte dich nich geschluckt.

  • Lisa Hawks

    and I cannot believe people still believe in him after all the lies and cover-ups, and all the lawless things he has done

  • Lisa Hawks

    he should have said, I’m Muslim praise Allah

  • Ellen Lincourt

    Obama for the win. I’m sure she was surprised that her tactic didn’t work.

  • smb11

    I am sure Israelis (Jewish and Muslim) and Jews all over the world will find that offensive.

    • J. Fischer

      Believing in God is what they all do. Jesus is another matter.

    • Grace N Love

      Why? Because Jews & Muslim both believe in God.

      • smb11

        According to the article, she was screaming “Jesus is Lord of Israel”.

        Jews and Muslims don’t believe in Jesus as God.

        • George M Melby

          Both religions believe Jesus was a revered prophet and teacher/Rabbi, however.

    • George M Melby

      I think people around the world find the American christian Taliban just as offensive as the Iraqi/Middle East Taliban.

  • E.A. Blair

    That was a good way to handle it, but every time I hear a politician, no mater of which party, invoke religion or a deity, I can’t help but think that it’s nothing but posturing and pandering, and that the person’s belief in scripture and their gods in no more sincere than mine.

    • George M Melby

      Welllll now…. :-) I up voted you… to a point (96%). I can’t say how a person thinks in their heart. HOWEVER, do they DO what they say, OR…. are their words just juicy Christian “nice” words?! What do their actions say? AND, do I/they work out of gratitude to God for what God has done for us, or are I/they expecting anything in return for their/my sacrifice? For me it is unbelievable gratitude that I have been so blessed and I am duty bound to “pass it on” to everyone I can. Then there are those who make it so difficult for God to bless them (like one troll I won’t mention) that they attempt to make life miserable for everyone! Those are the cases that are hard to crack. I try (Lord KNOWS I TRY!) to remain civil, but I am fallible like everyone else. God intervenes! Unfortunately, I do not tolerate “arrogant and/or stupid” well!

    • CJWatson3630

      To the Christians who say they are persecuted in this country- it is absolutely not true, and they need to look no further than the fact that every president has to pretend they believe in Christ at some point along the way in order to become POTUS. Look at the grief Obama has gotten over the conspiracy that he is Muslim (so what if he is?), or imagine if a candidate was an professed atheist or Buddhist; that wouldn’t fly in our “free” country.

  • Steve Cain

    That should make the teabaggers heads explode!

    • George M Melby

      I’ve been hearing exploding heads for the last two years… you mean there’s MORE of them??? ;-)

      • Skip Moreland

        They slap concrete onto them and then they are good to go until the next blast.

        • Rev. Tom

          You have just pointed out the problem with the teabaggers, after their heads explode they just slap concrete into them.
          Everyone should be aware what happens when concrete is used. It gets all mixed up and then is permanently set!

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