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Noam Chomsky Crushes Ron Paul And Libertarians! (video)

An audience member asks Noam Chomsky, “Do you support Ron Paul?”

Chomsky responds coyly,

“Ron Paul is a nice guy. If I had to have dinner with one of the Republican candidates, I’d prefer to have it with him. But his policies are off the wall!”

In this video clip, Noam Chomsky describes Libertarian “savagery” retelling how Ron Paul said that letting a comatose American die because he had no insurance was “a tribute to our liberty.” Chomsky goes on to discuss how libertarians are actually extreme advocates of total tyranny because they support giving power to private unaccountable tyrannies (corporations) which are even worse than state tyrannies. Chomsky says this because even in a tyrannical state “the public still has some kind of role.”


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
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  • http://ashkuff.com Ashkuff

    A few things.

    (1) I’m disappointed with Chomsky. He’s passing a lot of judgement over the Business World, but exactly what research has he done?

    (2) Corporations are, indeed, very “accountable” for their actions. If nothing else, they’re answerable to social justice measures like shunning (i.e. boycott,) public shaming (i.e. bad press,) and passive resistance (i.e. sit-ins and strike.) The only problem is, these measures require The People to care enough to take action, which they often don’t; but that’s not corporations’ fault, that’s our fault.

    (3) How do corporations make “worse” tyrannies than governments? Unlike government, corporations don’t get to imprison or execute people that break their “Terms of Use.” [Laughs Out Loud]

    (4) When did Ron Paul call a dying coma patient a “tribute to our liberty?” I Googled it, and can only find Chomsky’s quote, not Paul’s. Perhaps something’s been taken outta context?

    — Ashkuff | http://www.ashkuff.com | How to use anthropology, in business and ADVENTURE!!!!

  • http://www.babybusters.org Anthony Brancato

    Yet interestingly, Noam Chomsky and Ron Paul are kindred spirits when it comes to Israel. Both favor appeasing the Muslim extremists.

    • Thomas Plagemann

      Hmm. One of the more sophisticated analysis’ I’ve heard in this country in about 15 minutes. Favoring an equitable just settlement for Palestinians=”appeasing the Muslim extremests”.
      The only extremist I hear right now is your
      Zionist Cononial hogwash. But thanks for sharing.

      • Craig


      • Jamel

        Noam Chomsky is a Libertarian. Perhaps the author needs to be educated on the meaning of the word?

        • http://gravatar.com/ctrentham ctrenthamis

          The prefix “Liber” in the word Libertarian and Liberal means to be “free and unrestrained”, which I think is the desire of all individuals. Any other complex definition are just diluted people’s differing opinions on philosophy.

  • Matthew Dunham

    So all doctors have to do is give free health-care to the poor? Yeah KJ that will work(sarcasm)

    • Rehsab Thgir

      Hooray for straw man arguments!

  • kj

    Wow, I never knew Chomsky was a liar. Ron Paul never said any such thing. He said teh GOVERNMENT shouldn’t take on the charitable role, that it is private. Ron Paul himself (you can google it) never accepted medicare or medicaid and never turned a patient away for inability to pay. He gave discount or free service whenever needed and told the man he took as a partner that he would have to agree to do the same to join up.

    The debate where he was asked about that HE said No. The CROWD was unruly, and ThinkProgress and other rags pretended he said differently or cut off before his reply. But one good thing about Ron Paul, is, where there is Ron Paul, there is youtube.


    • Bob Cull

      No Chomsky is not a liar, as a matter of fact he is a brilliant man. You are typical of the Teapubs who claim to be libertarian and don’t even know what it is. You take someones words, distort them and then accuse them of lying or worse. Watch the video again brain trust, he never says a word about RON Paul, he talked about RAND Paul. I realize there is little difference that apple didn’t fall very far from the tree at all Rand is just as much a whack-a-doodle as his dad.

    • Jan

      WOW so you are a fanatic follower of Ron’s? Grow up and learn to think for yourself! Noam is absolutely right about Ron Paul! How old are you- let me guess- 19? 20?

    • KC

      LOL. Troll much for huffpost? I will never click a huffpost article if looking for truth.

      • Tommy McLemore

        Where do suggest looking for the truth?

        • Bob Cull

          Probably the Blaze or Drudge. LMAO

      • Jessica

        If you’re not a huffpost fan, you can watch the same clip on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T9fk7NpgIU

        Wolf Blitzer: “Let me ask you this hypothetical question. A healthy 30-year-old young man has a good job, makes a good living, but decides, you know what? I’m not going to spend $200 or $300 a month for health insurance because I’m healthy, I don’t need it. But something terrible happens, all of a sudden he needs it. Who’s going to pay if he goes into a coma, for example? Who pays for that?”

        Ron Paul: “What he should do is whatever he wants to do, and assume responsibility for himself. My advice to him would have a major medical policy, but not be forced . . . That’s what freedom is all about, taking your own risks.”

        Wolf Blitzer: “But, Congressman, are you saying that society should just let him die?”

        Ron Paul: “No. I practiced medicine before we had Medicaid, in the early 1960s, when I got out of medical school. I practiced at Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio, and the churches took care of them. We never turned anybody away from the hospitals.”

        As an “American Libertarian” I believe that if this hypothetical 30-year-old in a coma can afford to get insurance but chooses not to, the hospital should treat him and then send him a bill.

    • Rehsab Thgir

      Two things: Chomsky made clear he wasn’t directly quoting him, and Ron Paul is a kook.

      • Rehsab Thgir

        From the debate question about the dying man:

        “That’s what freedom is all about, taking your own risks…. I practiced at Santa Rosa Hospital in San Antonio, and the churches took care of them.”

        Yeah, he didn’t say it was a tribute to our liberty. He did say something like it, though, as Chomsky said.

        Oh, and Ron Paul is a kook.

    • sebastien

      nice !

      thx for the link. im from canada and LLLOOOVV the ideas of Ron Paul and when i saw that article about Chomsky against Ron Paul i got messed up. how a guy fighting against bigger and more “dangerous” gouvernment can be hated by Chomsky ?….

      i think in the air of the internet we are facing a new reality, NO ONE HAVE THE ABSOLUT SOLUTION. in the old days u could get a ( socialist, marxist, libertarian, etc ) book and put all your fate in it cause no one was able to debate against your ideologies. Nowadays every minutes, everu litle details, every quotes are one click away and you WONT BE ABLE TO CATCH UP! all those thinker should put their effort in their own work before commentating on the ideas of others. how the hell mister Swomsky could know with absolut precision how Mister Ron Paul think on every subjects ???

      • Narrative

        From one Canadian to another, you need to do your homework and find out a little more about the Tea Party and their manifesto. So you like Ron Paul’s ideas… Ron Paul is a racist…are you?

        • William Hoang

          Even if Ron Paul was racist, so what? He’s a Libertarian so he won’t enforce his beliefs on other people.

  • Jennifer HErmann

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  • Abigaile

    You might be interested to know that AdChoices has a BP.com ad placed in this article as I’m reading it. I’d say that holds definite potential toward damaging your credibility, and that would be a shame. They rotate ads I believe, so not everyone is likely to see said ad… but I’d be irate if it showed up on my page. :(

    • AATTP

      Unfortunately, we have little control, but will try blocking BP from advertising here. Thanks for the heads up.

      – AATTP

    • DennisMM

      There also is an ad for something called opsecteam.org that is pushing Benghazi conspiracies.

  • Bob Cull

    Way to go Noam! I couldn’t agree more! I used to identify myself as libertarian but no more. The people who call themselves libertarian today are actually a strange blend of corporatist and anarchist. They want no rules except for those made by corporations. I think Bill Maher best summed them up when he said that most people see a red light and say “hey, I’d better stop here and avoid an accident.” These guys see a red light and say “who the hell is the government to tell me that I have to stop here? It’s infringing on my freedom.”

    • guest

      Worst analogy, ever.

    • matt

      Bill Maher is an idiot. Saying this is how libertarians think about coming upon a redlight at a traffic crossing shows the depth of your own stupidity. No one thinks this way, much less a libertarian, who for the most part are better at seeing the whole picture or taking the longview perspective which time after time that view may cause many to disagree but in the end turns out to be correct.

      • Bob Cull

        I am getting sick of being called stupid by losers who are dumber than a bag of rocks! I quoted Bill, who by the way would have you crying like a little girl in a face to face debate. Bill was exaggerating but not by much, I talk to a**holes like you every day and you have no idea what libertarianism is. I had to stop identifying as one just as Bill did because of jerks like you and the other useless little punks who take the name but embrace the nattering of Emma Goldman. True libertarians don’t insist that all regulation is an imposition on personal liberty.

        • William Hoang

          You are an idiot, that analogy was terrible. Libertarians are for private ownership, if I am driving on someone elses road and he has traffic lights I have to stop for a red light because otherwise I’m disobeying the rules of someone elses road, running red lights is not what we Libertarians advocate, if it’s my road then i can run as many red lights as i own because it’s my bloody right to. I would love to hear your definition of a true Libertarian

          • Bob Cull

            A true libertarian believes in minimal interference in personal liberties but not a total lack of rules and regulations. He recognizes that businesses cannot be trusted to do what is right for society as a whole and not pollute the planet, because that will not happen. He also recognizes that taxes are necessary and not “theft at the point of a gun.” There are certain things that cannot be provided by private business such as roads police protection and the fore mentioned regulation of business. The term has been taken over by idiots with an immature frat boy concept of the world who think they should never have to pay any taxes or follow any rules, that is not a libertarian philosophy, it is anarchy. Read Emma Goldman sometime you will agree with her philosophy I am sure.

        • http://gravatar.com/wynsmythe jmichael

          >I am getting sick of being called stupid by losers

          Then don’t act stupid

    • R

      Most accurate analogy ever.

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