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New Survey Shows Evangelical Christians Most Likely to Cheat on Spouses

The “family values” party is not going to like this one! A recent survey conducted by Ashley Madison, a web site for married people who want to find some discreet side boom-boom, found that Christians — especially Evangelicals — are the most likely to cheat on their spouses, with Christians in general making up nearly 70% of the site’s infidelity-seeking individuals.

“You can go and pray every Sunday, or Saturday, or three times a day, and it may not make a difference in how monogamous you are,” Ashley Madison founder Noel Biderman told the NY Daily News.

The survey broke down the religious preferences of the more than 63,000 aspiring cheaters on the site. Ashley Madison found that the majority of the would-be unfaithfuls are comprised of the faithful. The top ten faiths listed may surprise you:

  • Evangelical 25.1%

  • Catholic 22.75%

  • Protestant 22.7%

  • Agnostic 2%

  • Mormon 1.6%

  • Muslim 1.5%

  • Jewish 1.4%

  • Atheist 1.4%

  • Jehovah’s Witness .5%

  • Hindu .3%

That’s right — the largest percentage of cheating spouses are Evangelical Christians! So much for the “sanctity of marriage” and the “preservation of the family” and all that nonsense.

h/t: Opposing Views

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  • steve rose

    The total does not equal 100%, so it’s not slanted towards readership. Of 100% of evangelicals that responded, 25.1% said they cheated. That’s a good survey.

    • sara

      Actually, it looks like the survey was only of cheaters, and a quarter of them were evangelicals. I’d like to see it compared to the population in general.

  • SleepsWithCats

    “Addiction” is just a pejorative term for “habit”. Evangelicals are likely to be ashamed of their interest in pornography, so they are likely to call it an “addiction”, instead of the normal activity that it is.

  • DWWO

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this just a list of their web site subscribers categorized by religion? This isn’t a survey at all, in fact it seems to more or less mirror the population of the country.

    • http://www.facebook.com/saberfang321 saberfang321

      I agree. This doesn’t seem like a very valid survey. The fact that 25.1% of their users are Christian does not in fact denote that Evangelicals are more likely to cheat on their spouses. It might just be a coincidence, and cannot portray the religion as a whole. In fact I am extremely disappointed in aattp for insinuating this without proper research.

  • majiir

    Of course, they’ll deny what this study shows, just as they deny the fact that research shows red state citizens are the biggest consumers of online pornography.

  • Verax

    An alternate name for this article would be “New Poll Shows Who the Biggest Hypocrites Are.”

  • Andrew Long

    Absolutely not surprised. A couple of years ago I read of a “confidential” survey done by the a well know bible college asking the faithful questions about their use of pornography, one question was “do you feel you have an addiction to pornography?” Surprise surprise, 75% of them answered that question YES.
    Pesky little addiction I would say.

  • paul fredine

    if i’m not mistaken, wasn’t there another poll that showed states with a majority of evangelical christians are also states that rate highest on porn consumption? sounds like a lot of ‘do as i say and not as i do’ goin’ on. just could be that’s why they spend a lot of time goin’ to church….they need a whole lotta forgivin’. pardon me, but should i feel guilty about mocking hypocrites? sorry. don’t.

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