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New Study: Republicans Lie More Than Democrats

According to a new study by the nonpartisan Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University, Republicans are far more likely to lie than Democrats. Shocker.

This is the second study conducted by the group and the results have repeated themselves. In fact, the study shows that during the Obama presidency the truth gap has actually widened.

Using data gathered by Politifact.com the researchers looked at 100 statements involving factual claims made by both parties over the span of Obama’s term in office so far.

The researchers found in the first four months of Obama’s second term, out of 46 of the claims made by Democrats and 54 by Republicans, 32% of the Republican statements were deemed untrue, while only 11% of the Democrats were.

If you are keeping score, that means 1 in 10 statements by the Republican Party are completely dishonest.

Republicans seem to have a lot of talking points attacking the alleged the dishonesty of the Obama administration, but it seems that as the Republicans try and try again to pin a new scandal on the White House, the party has actually widened the credibility gap as their false claims rose to 60%

The facts appear to be in and the it seems the Republican Party will say anything it can to trash the current administration even if doing so means making up everything they say.

About Dan Arel

Dan Arel is an independent journalist and author of Parenting Without God: How to Raise Moral, Ethical and Intelligent Children, Free From Religious Dogma. You can follow Dan on Twitter @danarel
  • gorgojr

    Why do you think I became a card-carrying, pig-*******, perverted hatriotic Republican? Because I was a pathological liar!

  • http://yahoo.com/ Joel Hackbart

    It was typo. It happens.

    • http://proudprimate.com Proud Primate

      shouldn’t it be corrected? that’s a pretty big stumble

  • Susie Sotar

    This sounds like a study paid for by Democrats.

    • http://yahoo.com/ Joel Hackbart

      Susie Sotar • 3 hours ago

      “This sounds like a study paid for by Democrats”
      We rest our case. Thanks for so quickly proving the point.

    • Robert Kennedy

      Nonpartisan means you’re wrong, but you always are, and George Mason U is not exactly a Democratic leaning institution. But I could have saved them money. Everyone with a brain knows Republicans are far more dishonest than Democrats. They have Munchausen Syndrome by Politics.

    • Steve Cain

      And it sounds like Susie is being an idiot again, not that it’s anything new.

  • Highlander

    One only has to watch Fox News for more then 10 minutes to figure that out.

    • PaulOnBooks

      Beware: that’s a lethal dose.

  • Robert Kennedy

    And on AATTP 100% of the right wing statements are completely dishonest. I guess that makes Susie Stupid, lil Lilly and PantyPooper super Republicans.

  • Robert Kennedy

    “If you are keeping score, that means 1 in 10 statements by the Republican Party are completely dishonest.” No, that means 1 in 3 is completely dishonest.

  • Deborah Dietz

    Sociopaths don’t know the truth from a lie. The truth is whatever they wish to believe or convince others of. Poor mad conscience-free slugnutties. The only thing sadder than this white trash on parade is the rot that comes from tolerating them in our nation.

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  • JO

    Well, DUH !

  • Perry Levin

    And yet they are the first ones to yell someone else lied. At this point in time, do they know the difference between truth and a lie?

  • Eleanor Earley

    Doesn’t shock me at all. Very obvious and they are proud of being liars.

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