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Negotiating With Terrorists

Are we really going to do this?

Is this what it’s finally come down to, is it really?

Retired Military Officer to Bowe Bergdahl haters: This revolting, disgusting display of hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy, is this what we’ve finally become?

Retired Military Officer to Bowe Bergdahl haters: This revolting, disgusting display of hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy, is this what we’ve finally become?

Look at yourselves, you silly selfish bastards.

Look. At. Yourselves.

Go on, do it, find a mirror and look into your own dead zombie eyes and see the empty void looking back.

This revolting, disgusting display of hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy, is this what we’ve finally become?

Are we now so filled with foul bilious hatred, are we now so consumed with soul-destroying fear, do we now despise our own selves so much that we would actually protest the return of one of our own? Is that it?

Is that what we’ve become?

If so, then the sooner America collapses of its own maggot-ridden gangrenous rot, the better.

No. no, don’t you dare look away. Don’t roll your eyes and dismiss the question. Don’t change the subject. Don’t click on to another story you find more palatable. You started this. You look into your own rotten soul and you answer the question.

Is this who we are?

Because the utter unmitigated, unhinged, unbounded yellow-eyed hypocrisy that defines this sick twisted morally bankrupt philosophy has finally, today, reached its zenith.  There is nowhere left to go.

I didn’t think these people could dishonor the spirit of this country any more than they already had, but I was wrong.

Oh, I get it. I understand that frightened people become more and more irrational, especially when they are allowed, encouraged, to feed incestuously on each other’s fear. And I get that they are afraid. I can see it in their faces, I can hear it in their voices. I get that they’re afraid of change. I get that they’re afraid of the future. I get that they’re afraid of the past. And I get that they’re afraid of the present. I get that they’re afraid of losing power and privilege and prestige. I get that they’re afraid of their capricious and childishly vengeful god. I get that they’re afraid of different races and different cultures and different accents and different religions and different sexual orientations and different viewpoints and different politics. I get it, they’ve screamed their small fears over and over and only a dead man could possibly miss it.

I get that they are so consumed with rage and so filled with naked hate and so programmed with their diseased ideology that it poisons their minds like a computer chip submerged in acid.

I get that they are so utterly terrified of the world that they piss themselves in abject fear at the mere thought of going to the grocery store without a goddamned gun stuck in their pants like an extra oversized prick.

More than anything, I get that they are afraid of Barack Obama, everything about him, every single thing about the president terrifies them. Obama stalks their feverish nightmares and he is the very symbol of their shameful impotence – so much so that they’ve written him into their precious bible, in a starring role as the devil, the destroyer of worlds.

get it.

And I get that it’s an uncontrollable mindless tic, a raging xenophobia, a political PTSD, and they know that it’s wrong but they can’t seem to do anything about it.

It’s just how their crippled minds work.

I know that I’m supposed to cut these people some slack. I know that an objective person would try to empathize. I know I should try and see the world through their eyes, to meet them halfway, to treat them as if their gibbering insanity is, if not okay, at least reasonable. Understandable. Sane. And I try, with varying and limited degrees of success, but I try because I understand they are afraid and they just can’t help themselves.

But this? This, right here, this is the limit of my patience.

With this, they can no longer claim that it’s a difference in political philosophy, or a clash of competing economic theories, or the debate between big government and small, or civil rights, or taxes or the national debt or jobs or gay marriage or abortion or any of the bullshit excuses they’ve used to justify their unhinged rage for the last five years.

No, it’s hate pure and simple.

It’s hate for hate’s sake, hate driven by unreasoned selfish fear and nothing more.

When these capering lunatics stand in front of the nation, the world, and without a single shred of decency, without the tiniest modicum of self-conscious shame, without any apparent awareness of their own boundless hypocrisy, and loudly protest the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl from the clutches of our sworn enemies, I have to say no more.

I’ve reached the limit of what little tolerance I have for this insane hatred.

They say it’s because Bergdahl is a deserter, that he could be a traitor.

And maybe he is. Maybe he’s both.

And maybe he isn’t.

We don’t know. No one knows, except for Bergdahl himself.

And Bergdahl has neither admitted his guilt nor proclaimed his innocence as yet. There’s been no Article 32 hearing, no trial, no court-martial. The military and the intelligence agencies haven’t even begun his debriefing. All we know for certain is that an American soldier was taken captive by the enemy, held for years, and returned as part of a prisoner exchange.  That’s it. That’s what we know. We don’t know what events led to his capture, not all of them, not yet. We don’t know the details of his captivity. We don’t know the particulars of his release beyond the broad details that have been published in the press.

Nevertheless, Bergdahl has been condemned by the popular media, by social networks, by pundits and politicians, not because they know more about the situation than you or I do, but solely because they hate the president. If Obama was behind Bergdahl’s release, then Bergdahl is a traitor, Q.E.D. because the president must never, ever, be allowed even the slightest acknowledgement of patriotism.

This condemnation isn’t about Bergdahl, it’s about Obama.

Certainly, some of Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers say he deserted. That he was disillusioned with the war, with America, that he left his guard post and walked away into the desert in some foolish and quixotic attempt to reach China.  They say that men, good men, real heroes, died searching for Bergdahl after he disappeared.

And those soldiers, they’d probably know, wouldn’t they?

And, yeah, if I was one of them I’d be damned resentful too and I have no doubt whatsoever that I’d use this blog to protest those who would attempt to paint Bergdahl as a hero – if I knew for certain that he deserted, if I’d lost friends searching for him.

I don’t begrudge those soldiers one iota of their resentment, they earned it with their own blood.

And let’s say it’s true.

Let’s say for the sake of argument that Bergdahl is indeed a deserter, that his capture by the Taliban was a result of his own cowardly actions.


So what?

Last time I checked, the punishment specified for violation of UCMJ Article 85 (or Article 86 depending on Bergdahl’s intentions) isn’t to throw him to our enemies!

Ultimately, Bergdahl will have to face his accusers, and if the allegations of desertion are proven true then he will answer for the crime of desertion as specified under the Uniform Code of Military Justice – which technically could include the death penalty since the desertion is alleged to have occurred during time of war and in the face of the enemy. Far more likely, of course, if Bergdahl is convicted of desertion he’ll probably get little more than a bad conduct discharge and forfeiture of any benefits. It’s unlikely that he’d see prison time – and, really, how would that even be a punishment compared to what he’s already been through?  Likely he won’t ever face a hearing and he’ll be administratively separated from the service at the Army’s earliest possible convenience.

But, and here’s the thing so pay attention, even if Bergdahl is tried and found guilty of desertion, even if he’s found guilty of treason as some would have it, he’ll go to prison – we won’t give him back to the Taliban.

There is no crime so great that leaving him in the hands of our enemies is the indicated punishment.

He was, he is, one of ours. Period.

For better or for worse, he’s one of ours, and we don’t leave our people behind – not even the deserters.

We Americans sent him into the meat grinder and it is our sacred obligation to get him home, no matter what.

Even if he was dead.

We’ve been digging through the jungles of Southeast Asia for the better part of four decades, trying to make good on that promise for the men we left there.  We’ve spared no expense to return home little more than tiny moldering pieces of bone.  Some of those dead men were heroes, some were hardened professionals, and some were just soldiers doing their duty, who came when called and who did their best to survive a horrible conflict they couldn’t understand and wanted no part of. Some were steadfast and some were cowards and some were fools. But they were, each and every one, ours. And we have done our best to bring them home.

And what? We should do any less for Sgt. Bergdahl?

The staggering hypocrisy of this becomes immediately apparent when you realize that the very same folks who would grant an unconditional pardon to the traitorous Edward Snowden, a man who provably and self-admittedly gave aid and comfort to our adversaries during time of war and who continues to do so to this very day, these same people would proclaim Snowden a hero and leave Bergdahl to die unlamented in a Taliban cave – solely because they despise Barack Obama and for no other reason.

For the last two years, these very same people have been screaming for Obama’s impeachment, because the President ordered the targeted killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, an American who publicly renounced his citizenship, declared his allegiance to our sworn enemies, and who then actively took up arms against the United States and loudly encouraged others to do so as well.  These same people would sacrifice untold numbers of American soldiers to capture a self-declared terrorist and give him a trial because they simply cannot and will not acknowledge that the president did the right thing, but these very same people would condemn Bergdahl and leave him to rot in Afghanistan without so much as an Article 32 hearing, solely to further their blind hatred of Barack Obama.

For the last eighteen months these very same people have been screaming for Obama’s impeachment. Impeachment? Hell, some of these silly sons of bitches, including sitting members of Congress and members of the military, have marched on the White House demanding the actual overthrow of the United States government and the imprisonment or death of the President, because four Americans died in Benghazi, Libya. They are outraged, outraged beyond logic, beyond prudence, beyond reason, because they believe Obama didn’t do absolutely everythingpossible up to and including an armed military invasion to save those men.  But these same people, these very same people, would leave an American soldier to die at the hands of the Taliban and they refuse to cheer his safe return, solely because they hate Barack Obama beyond all rational bounds and they will not allow this administration any victory no matter how small – even when they themselves have been condemning Obama for leaving an American serviceman in the hands of our enemies.

For them, Bergdahl be he a captive or a free man, is nothing more just another way to attack the president and they can spin their hypocrisy in any fashion necessary.

They are angered by Bowe Bergdahl’s release, because they say we don’t negotiate with terrorists.

But what they conveniently fail to mention are those pictures of Cheney and Rumsfeld with Saddam Hussein, back when we were giving the murderous Iraqi despot money and guns in his war against Iran and which he later used to invade Kuwait.  Or that part where we armed Osama bin Laden with Stinger missiles and all the guns he and the Mujahidin could carry into Afghanistan. Or that part where these people’s beloved patron saint, one Ronald Reagan, sold arms to our mortal enemies in Iran, a nation the US Congress and that very same President had publicly labeled a terrorist state, the very same terrorist rat bastards who took our entire embassy staff hostage and held them for over a year.  Or that part where that very same administration took the profits from that arms deal with terrorists and used it to finance still more terrorists in the jungles of Central America. And the really, really amusing part is that the same people who are right now shouting “we don’t negotiate with terrorists!” are some of the very same people, name for name, who were personally negotiating with terrorists in Iran, in Iraq, in Libya, in Afghanistan, in Colombia, in Nicaragua, in Somalia, and in Beirut.

We don’t negotiate with terrorists?

Jesus Haploid Christ, we do business with terrorists on a daily basis and have all the way back to WWII when we contracted with the Mafia to run arms into occupied Sicily.

We don’t negotiate with terrorists, what a fucking joke.

Answer me a question, if we can sell arms to terrorists, to our own enemies, then you tell me why we can’t negotiate with those same terrorists for the return of our own people.

If our people aren’t worth it, if they aren’t worth more than the value we place on arm sales and political maneuvering, then you go right on and tell me what all the shouting is about over Benghazi. Go on, I’ll wait.

If our people aren’t worth four or five terrorists sitting in a Gitmo prison cell, then you tell me why we’ve spent the last twelve years in two wars, why we traded the lives of six thousand servicemen and why we killed hundreds of thousands Iraqis and Afghans to avenge three thousand Americans. Go on, tell me why it was okay for the previous administration take a hundred enemy lives for every one of ours, but it’s not acceptable for the current administration to trade five terrorists for the life of one American soldier – especially when we gave six American lives as a down payment looking for him after his disappearance.  Why were the Americans who died on 911 any more valuable than Bowe Bergdahl?

And if Bergdahl is guilty of desertion, then don’t we owe it to those six dead soldiers to bring him home and make him account for his cowardice?

These people are so eaten up with hatred, their souls are so corrupted by their poisonous worldview, that instead of satisfaction at the return of their fellow countryman they feel only loathing – because they simply cannot stand to see Obama with a joyous Jani and Bob Bergdahl, announcing the safe repatriation of their son.

The staggering hypocrisy of John McCain continues unabated, the man is a disgrace to the uniform he once wore and the honor he swore to uphold. McCain, more than any other living American, should know what it’s like when governments value politics over their own citizens. Navy Lieutenant John McCain, if he still exists inside that wretched bitter old man, that John McCain more than any other should remember what it’s like to come home as a POW under a cloud of doubt and suspicion. But Vietnam was a long, long time ago and John McCain is a rich man now and more than willing to condemn others for his own sins.

Ted Cruz, a man who wants to be President of the United States, who wants to be the Commander in Chief, is the very epitome of these intractable sons of bitches. No other American embodies every horrible facet of the moral bankruptcy that is this corrupt selfish philosophy – unless it’s his father, the turd-blossom didn’t fall far from the horse’s ass in the Cruz family.

Cruz said, “What does this tell the terrorists? That if you capture a U.S. soldier, you can trade that soldier for five terrorists?”

Cruz went on to say the prisoner swap was “very disturbing.”


What does it tell the terrorists?

This, this right here, is where we as a nation, need to say no more.

We need to stand up and say we’ve had enough. That not only are we sick and tired of being afraid of terrorists, but we’re even more tired of listening to the fearful cries of the other terrorists, the ones who practice being terrified as a political philosophy.

This madness, this crippling unreasoning fear, must be dragged into the heat of the sun and cauterized, before it kills us all.

What does it tell the terrorists?

Fourteen years we’ve been killing these cockroaches, we’ve killed thousands of them, we’ve killed their families, we’ve destroyed their country, we rooted them out of their strongholds, we hunted down their leader and shot him in the head and dumped his body into the sea.

And for what? So we can still be afraid?

All of this, all of these lost lives, all of the terrible terrible cost, all is for naught because we were willing to trade prisoners, because we’re the kind of people who would care enough about our own to want him back? Is that it?

What the hell have we been fighting for?

What were all those lives traded for?

If we can’t bring one American home alive.

Why do we have the mightiest military in the world? In the history of the world, if we have to live in fear of what the goddamned terrorists think?

If we have to live in terror all of the time.

If we can’t even go to the goddamned grocery store without a gun?

Here’s the really disturbing question:

What does Ted Cruz’s statement tell the US Military?

What does it tell the terrorists? Who cares. The real question is what does it tell America?

That under a Tea Party administration if you’re captured by terrorists, well fuck you, Soldier. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. Our vaunted principles, our inflexible ideology, our unbending politics and our sound-bite simple-minded doctrine is worth more than your life. We don’t negotiate with terrorists (even though we really do, don’t we? Pretty much all of the time). Besides, you’re probably a traitor anyway.

Think about that.

Think about it real hard.

Think about it real hard, especially if you’re the parent of a soldier-age son or daughter.

And then be glad, goddamned glad, that you have a president who was willing to do what it takes to get Bowe Bergdahl home.

Dead or alive, we get our people home, whatever the cost, that’s the one promise that must never be broken.

The day we forget that, the day the fear of “what will the terrorists think” becomes more important to us than that sacred obligation, that’s the day America dies.

Whether or not Bowe Bergdahl is a hero or a deserter or just a hapless fool who screwed up under the enormous pressures of war, he’s still an American.

He’s one of ours and and there’s only one thing to say:

Welcome home, Soldier.

Welcome home.

Originally posted by Jim Wright on Stonekettle Station.

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About Jim Wright

Jim Wright
Jim Wright is a retired US Navy Chief Warrant Officer and freelance writer. He lives in Alaska where he watches American politics in a perpetual state of amused disgust. He's been called the Tool of Satan, but he prefers the title: Satan's Designated Driver. He is the mind behind Stonekettle Station. You can email him at [email protected] You can follow him on Twitter @stonekettle, or you can join the boisterous bunch he hosts on Facebook at Facebook/Stonekettle. Remember to bring brownies and mind the white cat, he bites. Hard.
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  • Sunny

    Please become a full time writer. You have found your calling. I’ll be happy to edit for free just do I can read more of your thoughts.

  • William J Earley

    We always get our warriors back. They put their lives on the line for us. Get them back as safe as possible and sort out all the other stuff later. This is OUR duty to them.

  • Kayla

    I have given an honest effort to be open minded and see both sides of this argument, but I cannot.

    Easily put…

    I completely agree with Ted Cruz. We DO NOT negotiate with terrorists when it comes to our soldiers. We give them an ultimatum. We hold enough power to get our men home with force.

    This entire article is off point in almost every aspect. Absolutely rediculous, to be honest.

    ‘We’ do not have a problem with bringing a soldier home, deserter or not. We have a problem with the process behind it. We could have brought him home without trading such powerful men. We WILL see the repricussions of this moronic decision. And my son and his generation will be the one dealing with Obama’s destructive deductions.

    Bottom line:
    We should have sent our highly skilled and trained groups in to retrieve our soldier.

    But no, our President layed down. He gave in. He did NOT look ahead to see how this irrational decision would effect us all in the future.

    This debate is not about Bergdahl.

    I believe his fellow soldiers. Regardless if you’re standing on the left or right, they were there. They know. And Bergdahl did not act as an American when he deserted his troops. And you’ll be absolutely right when you say that ‘we’ view Bergdahl as less important than a soldier that will fight for his brothers and his country when at war. How dare he act with such negligence and get called a ‘here’.

    I can’t understand how people can not see the unnecessary danger the president has put us in, AND OUR CHILDREN.

    Benghazi is an entire different page of debate. Just another example of a moronic and not thought out decision by our President.

    • androphiles

      With all due respect, As a Vietnam veteran I have to tell you Ted Cruz doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If you agree with his statement, you’re agreeing with ignorance of the most dangerous kind, because he has a certain level of authority, and he’s just plain wrong.

      “We DO NOT negotiate with terrorists when it comes to our soldiers. We give them an ultimatum. We hold enough power to get our men home with force.”

      War isn’t a movie. This attitude will get our soldiers killed. Sending troops in to “retrieve our soldiers” will get them killed.

      Our president knows things we do not. He knows things other politicians do not. For us, the people, to second-guess the president or his cabinet or our military leaders, is dangerous and, again, ignorant. Wars, even undeclared, unofficial wars such as every one we’ve been in since WWII, are not conducted by popular vote or public opinion.

      “And Bergdahl did not act as an American when he deserted his troops.”

      We don’t know whether he deserted or not. Unless and until there’s a proper military trial to determine the truth of that, any talk of him being unworthy of the trade is premature and misguided. It’s not how they do things in the army and it’s not how we do things in this country. Even if he did, what more punishment do you think he deserves after spending five years in a Taliban prison? Be specific.

      No! As an American and a Vietnam Vet, I’m sick of the stirred-up attitude against this American soldier AND HIS PARENTS. The vilification fomented by the extreme right-wing politicians and TV commentators is disgusting and unworthy of our country.

      • http://gravatar.com/csbriers csbriers

        Well said and thank you!

    • http://gravatar.com/drbearphd Dr. Mark Bear

      Sorry Kayla,

      The Washington Examiner printed a piece reflecting the following: Bergdahl’s fellow soldiers from his unit were sub-par performers, and were not even remotely close to the supposed mission they supposedly had to try to find him. Second, it also states that Bergdahl did this on two previous occasions, therefore making it highly unlikely he deserted. Third, we DO negotiate with terrorists, and for you to ignore the very realities behind this notion is disingenuous at best, and hypocritical at worse. Case in point: Ever since George Washington served as our President we negotiated as a nation, with terrorists. As the writer of the letter suggests: “Hell, we even do business with them!” Go back and look at Eisenhower trading North Koreans for our men, Nixon trading for our men, and most notably; Saint Ronald admitting publicly that he did so. I apologize to you that the facts do not consociate with the narrative Cruz is selling and Americans are not buying!

      • Mickey

        androphiles and Dr. Bear nailed it exactly. Of course, Ronald Reagan fans probably agree with him that “Facts are stupid things”. :-)

    • Richard

      Kayla, you lost me at “I agree with Ted Cruz”. Either grow up or go away. You’re wasting our time and you’re wasting a space that could be occupied by a thoughtful person.

    • http://yahoo Jazabelz

      It’s pretty hard to take Kayla seriously when she can’t even spell. She really needs to turn off Fox and go get an education. By the way Kayla there have been reports that the members of his squadron used their military vehicles to purposely run down and kill Afghani children. This was part of the reason he lost faith in the mission and why he was so disillusioned he left the camp. I don’t have anything to prove this, but if that is the case, there will never be a hearing for him because the liked of McCain/Romney, etc. wouldn’t want this type of info displayed for the world to see. It would also explain why the soldiers in his unit have gone out of their way to demonize him because he took ballet and didn’t want to go drink with them (what lame excuses).

  • http://roadscholarblog.wordpress.com roxy7655

    Don’t sugar-coat it, Jim. Tell us how you really feel!

    Seriously, though, excellent rant. There is no honorable American value, no standard practice, no human feelings the right-wing propaganda network won’t strangle if it suits their needs.

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  • Konga

    Let’s look America’s biggest problem (polarization) through the light of the Snowden affair.

    Snowden is a traitor. He knowingly released vital secret information to the enemies of the USA. This is obvious. Why else would he have disappeared overseas (to Russia, of all places) if he didn’t know beforehand that what he was doing was a CAPITAL crime.

    Snowden is a hero. The US government has been engaged, for decades, in some DEEPLY “unAmerican” activities. Snowden didn’t just risk his life, he forfeited life as he knows it in order to bring these criminal activities to the public – to expose the infection to the light of day.

    What he did will be of benefit to virtually ALL the world’s citizens for decades or centuries to come. BUT… what are US officials supposed to say? “Well, we’ll let it go just this once.”?

    Snowden is a traitor AND he is a hero. Although the government never can, the people need to thank him for betraying his country.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ultimo.patriarch Ultimo Patriarch

      Exactly. His actions were treasonous to the Government and loyal to the people. Sadly all the antigovernment nutbags (birther/teabaggers et el) never rally behind people who genuinely strike at Government tyranny as their owners (the KOchs, the bankers and the other ,01% percenter oligarchs) are the people who have corrupted the government.

      • androphiles

        As you say, but since we the people are in fact the government, being “treasonous” to those who do the work of the government is in fact no treason toward the country. E.M. Forster said, “If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country.” We owe more to each other than we do to the fiction of patriotism.

  • thegoddamnedbatman

    You do this country proud articulating what so many of us feel about this absolutely wretched display of hatred that reaches an entirely new low. Whether you like Obama or not, positioning Sgt. Bergdahl as a political pawn to attack the president is in itself, so treasonous a notion to the fabric of what this country and what patriotism is supposed to be about. Kudos to you.

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  • K. Quinn

    Mr. Wright is entirely correct and I fully agree with the level of his obvious anger and disgust at the obvious hypocracy and hatred of the crowd calling for the POW’s scalp on a spear and the impeachment of the President. If Bergdhal is a deserter then try him, convict him and punish him under the process and laws of the country he was sworn to fight for and honor. But until that happens he is entitled to be treated as a returning POW who, unlike almost all of those braying for his scalp, put his life on the line for this country and has had the benefit if five years in the hands of a terrorist group who has been chased from one country to another, hauling their prisoners with them. The level of Obama hate in this country is like nothing else in our history. It would be a godsend if the vast majority of Americans, people of decency and common courtesy, would raise their voices and drown out the corrosive bile that permeates our lives.

    • Eleanor Earley

      I agree with your 100% K. Quinn

    • http://gravatar.com/csbriers csbriers


  • Bryan

    Hate to be the barer of bad news, but the people youhave accused of being filled with hateed? They are filled with imbarressment! This country, which I love, got caught with it’s britches down back in the ’70’s when they found out that many of the things they were holding so close, considered so true, were being blasphemed by their own children! Rather than admit they messed up, they just covered it up! They are still doing it. They cannot admit any wrong doing, but , neither can you. That’s why there is so much hate in your diatribe.

    • rGiskard

      So why weren’t you filled with “imbarressment” when Dubya released hundreds of Taliban from Gitmo? He got NOTHING for them, not one American Soldier!

      Why would you be embarrassed by our Commander in Chief negotiating the return of an American POW, anyways? You say, repeatedly, that you love your country, so act like it!

    • victoria

      Bryan, spell check is a wonderful tool. It would be a benefit and maybe even give a bit of credibility to your point of view.

      To the author… you much have been visiting my thoughts while I wasn’t looking. Well stated sire. Well stated.

  • Doug

    Excellent article. I disagree with the writer’s characterization of Snowden, but otherwise dead on.

  • http://www.fantastic-realities.com SamuraiArtGuy

    Thank you Chief,

    As the mixed race son of a WWII Navy veteran, I have been trying to get across to friends and facebook my disgust over the conduct of the not-a-debate over Bergdal. Seeing the depth of hate and fear our political process has descended to in the decade and a half and the all-but-proclaimed EXPLOSION of racism since the election of Barack Obama tells me we’ve got a LOT of work to do in this nation.

    And you said much of what I was feeling with passion, logic, and a sharpshooters’ focus.

  • androphiles

    Aaron said, “You don’t trade pows until the war is over.” The only thing wrong with that is that we’re NOT AT WAR. The last war declared by Congress was WWII. Afghanistan is a “military engagement” authorized by Congress. This is yet another intervention for socio-economic reasons having nothing to do with the preservation of our country. My presence in Vietnam, my brother’s in Korea, and my cousin’s in the Middle East were and are non-defensive intrusions into other countries’ business.

  • androphiles

    Most of the things you say about Obama are things people on Fox have said, and most of them are completely made up. Bergdahl’s father may have said “Praise Allah” when his son was released. So what? We’re not at war with Allah or with the Muslim faith. We’re at war with militant groups fighting in the name of Allah–it doesn’t mean Allah likes what they’re doing. Obama knew about “this one guy” because he’s the Commander-in-Chief and we’ve known about him being in their prison for the whole five years he was there; i.e., Obama knew because he was doing his JOB.

    • Kurt David Steinbach

      Allah Akbar is an Arabic phrase that literally translated means, “Praise god.” An alternative translation is: God is great. I still fail to see why that should draw anyone’s ire since Muslim and Christians claim the same god.

  • Robert e bundy

    If the president had to give all GITMO prisoners, the republic party, and Fox news in exchange for one American soldier, what is the problem. Sgt Bergdahl is worth the lot of them. welcome home!

  • Robert e bundy

    I am a Korean vet with a disability. If POTUS had to give all Gitmo prisoners for Bergdahl, so what.

  • Michael B. English

    Sorry, I misspelled Libya.

  • Michael B. English

    How in the world did Jim Wright get the idea that people who support Edward Snowden are right-wingers? If Mr. Wright bothered to look, he would find that the people who support Snowden’s exposure of the NSA’s illegal wiretapping program (that is to say, us left-wing liberals) are also the most vocal opponents of the demonization of Bowe Bergdahl.

    Mr. Wright seems to have bought into the notion that there is no qualitative difference between a liberal objecting to actual illegal conduct committed by Barrack Obama (launching a missile at a man who is not on the field of battle and killing him without trial- then doing the exact same thing to his teenage son; pardoning CIA torturers; persecuting whistle-blowers; spreading false claims about how whistle-blowers have provided “Aid and comfort to the enemy”- a lie which Mr. Wright seems to have bought hook line and sinker; going to war against Lybia without a proper Congressional declaration of war) and a Tea-Party member condemning Barack Obama on the basis of specious rumors that really all boil down to sheer racism.

    Mr,.Wright then carries that false equivalency even further by confusing Tea-Party members with Liberals. In reality, I doubt you would find so much as a single supporter of Edward Snowden who is not disgusted at Bergdahl’s mistreatment. Far from attacking Bergdahl, we were on his side sooner than anyone else who wanted him condemned. But yes, we did point out that, glad as we were to see him rescued, Obama had needlessly broken yet another aw by failing to notify Congress 30 days in advance.

    The shame of it is that, about from his nonsensical condemnation of Snowden and his supporters, Wright’s article is otherwise excellent. I just wish he- like so many who have wrongly condemned Snowden, would take time to do some actual research on the subject.

    • http://jimlaubach.wordpress.com Jim Laubach

      The fact is that Mr. Snowden willfully gave our enemies top secret information vital to the defense of our country, in defiance of the oath he swore to when he accepted his responsibilities with the CIA. He did not simply “blow the whistle” on the NSA’s wiretapping program. Nor is Mr. Snowden qualified — or empowered — to make decisions about what is and is not so vital to our defense as to be characterized as “top secret.”

      • androphiles

        That is a mischaracterization. He did not give his information to “our enemies.” He released it to the world. He has not “aided” nor “abetted” anyone with whom we are at war. If you look very closely, that’s the definition of treason. No on in the government has accused him of treason. As a veteran I’m tired of the constant distortion of the anti-Snowden and now anti-Bergdahl forces. Bergdahl has done nothing to deserve the vilification that is leading some ignorant Americans literally to hate him.

  • Cheryl

    I could reverse most of this right back to your selfish “B” self. After reading your long, angry article, I see you are a hater of conservatives as much as you feel we are haters of Obama. I personally do not hate him, but I definitely DO NOT trust him. I have zero trust! He has lied, covered-up, or trashed the Constitution at every turn in the past 5 1/2 years. We are standing up against Obama for the saving of our America as we have known it and you are standing up for Obama regardless of his unlawfulness. Bringing one of our own home is good, but not at the cost and deal Obama made and accepted. You can’t say we hate Obama, because we don’t trust or agree with him. That’s what you sound like you are doing. I also would not ever use the language against you or Obama you used as names for us, especially Cruz and MCain. We are not afraid of anything other than losing America as we know it. You make us sound like whimps, NOT so! Yes, we are filled with rage, due to Obama lying to us on each and every issue or a cover-up. Like you said you had met your limit of trying to understand our hate (which is false on my part) and rage; so have we with Obama’s constant lying, cover-ups, trashing our Constitutioin, changing his own laws at will, being gone from the WH, more than he is there, traveling on Air Force One almost daily and making arrogant statements back to any disagreement we make with him, ie: he made the Bergdahl trade 1 for 5 crimminal terrorists and noted in his “normal tone” and I will do it again. Yes, you have your right to tag us as Obama haters, though false for the most part, but I have the right to be enraged with Obama’s narcassistic, arrogant, lawlessness, lying and sounding very anti-American like. So you are not the only one disgruntled Sir. I do think you are asuming Bergdahl’s platoon team are lying. I happen to believe they have more knowledge as to how this all went down than you, Obama or me. I do know Congress believes, as do I, he broke the law by making this trade without Congress being told or involved and his excuses, as always, don’t make sense and will be changed at each and every issue they catch him in another lie. He is a pro with lying and iignoring the laws, but a very poor and weak leader. Yes, I definitely have reached my limit of wanting to try and get along with this President. I’ve had it with all the lies and fake (not true, they are real) scandals that he has brought upon the WH at every turn. I just cannot see him ever being truthful with us and so I in turn do not see me ever trusting anything he or his administration says. Thank you for allowing me to vent.

    • JFischer

      If Obama was the horrid tyrant you think he is, the entire Tea Party and a good chunk of the GOP would be in prison or dead right now. Cliven Bundy would be dead. The ACA would look very different from what it does. And so on.

      If McCain or Romney had become President, and made all the same decisions President Obama has made, you would be praising them for their leadership skills and patriotism. (They wouldn’t have to make some of those decisions, because they wouldn’t face a Congress full of babies who screwed up their faces and said ‘No’ to damn near everything.)

    • Scott

      It’s amazing that you wrote hundreds of words of a screed to prove that you haven’t paid one second of attention to current events. And it’s abundantly clear that you’ve never served a day of your life defending your country. –Signed, a former US Marine who is wise to your BS.

      • http://www.thespacewriter.com ccpetersen (theSpacewriter)

        Scott, apparently you didn’t read where the OP HAS served his country. But, I guess when you went through training, they didn’t teach Marines to read for comprehension. Try again.

        • http://recoveringsanity.wordpress.com/ MonaLisa (in CT)

          ccpetersen, I think Scott was talking to Cheryl @ 5:36 pm.

      • https://www.facebook.com/laurie.neufeld.79 Laurie Neufeld

        Scott, there’s no such thing as a “former” Marine. Which you would know if you actually were one.

    • http://jimlaubach.wordpress.com Jim Laubach

      What is it Roosevelt said? “You have nothing to fear but fear itself?” You don’t trust Obama because you’re afraid of everything that White says you and your right-wing conservative friends are afraid of! Calm down. The world is not coming to an end. It’s just changing. Accept it.

  • https://www.facebook.com/bonnie.blaydon Bonnie Beals Blaydon

    It’s NOT everyone else! What the hell! I’m just so incensed that Obama released known terrorists among his other failures such as Obamacare, his lack of patriotism, his failure to conduct business with Congress (including his own party) and consistently acting the fool! No, it’s not his race that I detest, it’s his politics. He’s a one-man-band, and he is all sour notes. Fine, bring back “our own.” I agree with that, but all information indicates that this guy isn’t an all-innocent participant in our war against terrorists. And, what’s with the father of this soldier giving praise to Allah and Obama grinning like a fool? I’m sick of this administration and politicians in general. Of all our guys that are fighting for our freedom – How the hell did Obama even know this one guy existed and had to be saved from his captors?

    • http://seasongchronicle.wordpress.com alpheuswilliams

      Obama releasing five known terrorists…yeah…terrible…like the 540 Bush released. Did you ever stop to think that these guys were held without trial? Which is against the Constitution you rightwing whackos so religiously claim you uphold? Do you realise these guys were tortured which is why they never saw trial…because evidence would have been corrupted….which was in contravention of the Geneva Convention? Don’t talk to me about freedom…freedom is just a word that Republicans use in hopes that it will trigger your brain to go into breakdown. This whole affair is disgusting…just like Benghazi…nothing more than a beat up to keep the ignorant foaming at the mouth at the President. Iraq sure as hell wasn’t about “Freedom” nor was it about WOMDs…but you people conveniently forget the horrors of Bushdumb…All this evidence you refer to at this time is little more than hear-say…which isn’t evidence at all. And Afghanistan wouldn’t even have been necessary had Bush listened to warning provided by Intelligence instead of ignoring it…

    • http://gravatar.com/csbriers csbriers

      Ok, sweet pea. How about we ‘effing let the Military trial decide if he is guilty or innocent.

      Try really, really hard to put your hate for Obama aside for a while.

    • http://gravatar.com/drbearphd Dr. Mark Bear

      Bonnie Beals Bladen: You write: “I’m just so incensed that Obama released known terrorists among his other failures such as Obamacare, his lack of patriotism, his failure to conduct business with Congress (including his own party) and consistently acting the fool!”

      See Bonnie? First, the guy who writes this article is a tad bit more experienced than you; after all he is a retired Warrant Officer who served our nation. Second, you sort of lost the entire credibility thingy once you stated, “his lack of patriotism.” The part where you say “consistently acting the fool,” well let’s just say that’s the cherry on top of the denial of racism you proclaim. You can only engage in plausible deniability for so long, and you young lady have the clock expired!

  • http://facebook Patricia

    Thanks Jim, I agree with EVERYTHING you wrote! As for Snowden he was against whistleblowers before he was for them. This guy is no hero, hes a right-wing Obama hating, traitor. Its too bad some of my liberal friends cannot see this! These people will.stop at nothing when it comes to destroying this President! Including becoming a traitor!!

  • Greg

    I am totally amazed that so many of you are filled with so much hate. You live inthe greatest country inthe wourld . You have a roof over your head and food in your stomach. You seem to have such hate for the President, you didn’t have this same ate for Bush when he released 450+ encould it be your racism is showing. Get over it, you don’t have the guts to come out and admit that you hate all blacks in power position. Thank God you beliefs are in a minority in this country

  • Troy J. Peake

    Most people hold up the Israelis as models for their dealings with terrorists. The Israelis negotiate with terrorists. Israelis trade prisoners for hostages regularly. The U.S. has a long history of negotiating with terrorists. What are hostage negotiators for? The idea that we don’t negotiate with terrorists is both ignorant, and inaccurate.

  • Jeff

    I believe what disturbs most of us who dislike this trade isn’t that we trade terrorist for one of our own, because most if us on either side would agree, if he were our own son we would want him home. What bothers me is what his fellow soldiers said about him. I’m mostly moderate, probably libertarian, voting more with democrats my whole life than any other party. Having said that, I have seen more hate spewed from the extreme left as of late than ever in my life. This disagreement is not about hate or racism, that is what the extreme left argue every time anyone disagrees with Obama, witch is pushing more people to the right and Hutton they’re own cause. My personal skepticism with this trade comes after reading the accounts of the soldiers in mr bergdahls platoon. That he was using Rosetta Stone to learn an Arabic language (and we can debate witch of these, but that would be a waste because that is merely Symantec ). The fact that he did as if to prepare himself to communicate with the enemy and then wander off without his weapon is disturbing. Further, the majority of American soldiers we the public have seen captured have been killed. Not to say all, because someone wil cause an uproar and bring on a new debate. The fact that his father did speak to him in a foreign language, native to the Middle East, was a bit disturbing. Combine these issues with the realization that there will surely be more to come does certainly bother me. Do we now have one of our own back? Can he answer questions? Can he provide information? Maybe. Could this be one giant mistake , perhaps. The only thing I know for sure is that my skepticism isn’t fueled by hate or racism. That is simply the extreme left creating an imaginary war of backwoods hillbilly white folk, who cannot stand having a black potus.

    • http://Facebook Lauren Visovatti

      I don’t know where you have been living but the extreme hate is coming from the right. There are tons of reasonable moderates and
      Liberal folks who disagree with the president but the media is full of stories about racists and homophobes and conservative haters. Many of the tjingsy being said about Bergdahl by his platoon members indicate sour grapes, comments coming from one who was less than hororably discharged and from a wife of a paralyzed soldier and such There are many folks to learn the language of the country they are stationed in when in the military. I find this language learning and his leaving his weapon and walking off in a battle filled area to be more indicative of a !an sy!pathetic to theligjt of the Afghans who became disillusioned and imbalanced. He was clearly not military material and I believe he was sold a bill of goods by recruiters. There is st least one MSN he was friends with who has been thoughtful and supportive toward him. He was not killed because the Taliban felt Jim to be valuable and there were a lot of discussions that congress already knew of to trade some or all of the 5 guys for him. His father is a Calvinist, a man of peace. And his folks did not really want him to join anyhow. He grew his beard and spoke the language in order to stand with and support his son. They had not spoken to him and don’t appear to be very knowledgeable about the effects of being a POW. I think the dad, like me wants Gitmo closed down as fast as possible and that is what hr meant NY the tweet. We will find that we have one of our own back and unless he remains Solent for legal reasons we will get some answers as to what happened. There is s Real war against this black president and anyone who thinks otherwise is being intellectually dishonest

    • rGiskard

      Why would a soldier learn the native language of a country in which we are supposedly trying to win hearts and minds of the citizenry?

      Seriously? You actually asked yourself that question, and concluded that it must be to communicate with the enemy?

    • http://jimlaubach.wordpress.com Jim Laubach

      Did you read anything Jim White wrote, Lauren Visovatti? Bergdahl may or may not have willingly deserted his post. Nonetheless, we have always made sure that every last one of our troops is returned home, without questions, because that is the commitment we make to them when we order them into battle. The issue of his alleged desertion is for a military court to decide.

      I have a daughter in the Marine Corps. I hold our government to its promise that she’ll come back, no matter the circumstance. You would want the same for your child. It’s very easy, in the heat of battle, for someone to be suspected of something illegal. How would you react if your child was the focus of a controversy like the one the Bergdahls face? Right, you’d be glad they’re back and realize they are due a fair trial.

      Oh, and by the way, last I checked it was not illegal for U.S. troops to learn foreign languages, or speak in a foreign language with their parents. Maybe they’re Muslims. This is the country that prides itself on freedom of religion, after all.

  • https://plus.google.com/108591140731241763718 Melanie H

    Since when does the Tea Party want to pardon Edward Snowden? Last time I looked, they were calling him a traitor, too.

    Bad comparison in this rant. Too bad, it spoils the whole thing, because this business of “Bergdahl being a traitor” is vomitous–the man is no such thing. America’s wars have no more honor, period. But you better believe that from today forward, I’m going to be keeping a sharp eye out for those who try to tie the Snowden Traitor Meme to the contrived propaganda dividing of people over this POW.

    I find it appalling that this site would push such a ridiculous equivalence and if it’s a trial balloon, well, consider it POPPED.

  • aaron

    You don’t trade pows until the war is over. From my understanding we still have other
    troops in harms way and we just sent 5 more people back into the battle to fight them… Not smart.

    • http://logarchism.com dcpetterson

      President Bush released hundreds of prisoners from Gitmo, and got nothing for them. Did you complain then also?

    • http://recoveringsanity.wordpress.com/ MonaLisa (in CT)

      After 10 years in Gitmo, I wonder what kind of ‘fighting shape’ these 5 men are in? And I wonder if the ones in power over there now, will be all that willing to give up that power to them, after all this time.

  • Paul

    Interesting but here are a few things you should consider. Dissent is an integral part of democracy. Perhaps O’Bama is great at politics and lousy at governing? If people disagree with him that doesn’t mean they are hateful. Time and time again he and his administration have made very serious mistakes in judgement. That doesn’t make dissenters haters. You act as if before O’Bama everyone just fell in line. People are afraid of “change” because he is different? As recent as 50 years ago the thought of electing an Irish Catholic President was inconceivable to most Americans. America has always and always will be made up of immigrants. Germans and Italians kept their religious and cultural beliefs and also assimilated into society. We have always had extremely different cultures in this country and we have managed to become one nation. The anger and intolerant undertone of your essay is exactly what you supposedly are accusing the Tea Party of! We have a lot to learn about what really happened Bergdahl and I agree that we should never leave a man behind. Let’s stop confusing racism and dissent. Thats a weak argument. Perhaps this administration is just incompetent?

    • http://aattp.org/negotiating-with-terrorists-bowe-bergdahl/ 22chris

      I think you missed the point – fear. No person is perfect which includes Presidents, fortune 500 CEOs, etc.!! Yet, some political & religious groups will never give our current president any kind of credit for even the best work he has done, work done in spite of a vengeful hate-filled congress! The tactic his opponents often use is to use fear to rile up the people, ie ‘if this is done, then this awful thing will happen’ or ‘if we don’t do this, then this terrible thing will occur’!! Dissent is one thing, but what really screams out to many of us is the hate filled language, the stubbornness to negotiate and compromise, and the denial of any deserved compliment, ever!! Many of us feel that is exactly what makes us all & our country weak in the eyes of the world.

    • rGiskard

      The American Right hated our first Irish Catholic president as well, so much so that they blew his head off. As they would have done to Obama by now without an exemplary Secret Service.

      The difference between dissent and hatred is easy to spot. Dissent is reasonable and based on facts. Hatred is emotional and thus irrational – like the wingnut response to Bergdahl’s release. Turn on Fox News or CNN, and every rumor is breathlessly reported as fact, and they show no hesitation to smear the honor and reputation of an American soldier who just spent 5 years in grueling captivity. Surely ANY American soldier deserves to retain his honor until a military investigation is completed?

      If he is guilty of treason, then OUR military will punish him appropriately. We owe it to those six men who supposedly died searching for Bergdahl. Supposedly, because it is not a fact, since the source is a disgruntled soldier who engaged in war atrocities against civilians, which Bergdahl could testify to. He has motive to lie, so we need his allegation confirmed before we can consider it fact.

      Since we don’t yet know the circumstances of Bergdahl’s capture, his condemnation (and Obama’s) is clearly not based on any rational dissent. That’s why we think the howlers on the right are haters.

      • http://gravatar.com/csbriers csbriers

        Well said.

      • Mickey

        Excellent post, rGiskard.

        [i]”The difference between dissent and hatred is easy to spot. Dissent is reasonable and based on facts. Hatred is emotional and thus irrational – like the wingnut response to Bergdahl’s release. Turn on Fox News or CNN, and every rumor is breathlessly reported as fact, and they show no hesitation to smear the honor and reputation of an American soldier who just spent 5 years in grueling captivity. Surely ANY American soldier deserves to retain his honor until a military investigation is completed?”[/i]

        Exactly. While claiming to be the superior patriots, these same people have appointed themselves judge and jury, discarding any presumption of innocence.

  • http://www.skepdick.eu SMSgt Jesse Ohlsson, USAF, (ret)

    Well said, Jim. I have also noted, for a couple of decades now, how coweringly afraid my countrymen have become. In selling fear, there is great profit to be had for many. The greatest profiteer being the government.

    As a result of the reactions to this rank fear, I have watched my countrymen happily trade their own liberties for a sense of security. Liberties that we are not likely to wrest back from the government in this, or probably the next generation, if ever. I said a “sense” of security purposely, also. Only a fool or an idiot would think that the transportation security agency, or the PATRIOT act, for examples, have made us more secure.

    As you mentioned the cockroaches, Jim, I am reminded what it takes to eradicate them. You can’t step on enough of them to do the job, to be sure. You have to remove on what they feed.


    Until my countrymen rise above this fear, the cockroaches win. Big time.

  • Pam Pendergraft

    Thank you Jim W, for the article. Well said.. unfortunately they won;t understand. because they live in fear and feed from the media that makes them more scared. They are afraid even of their own shadow, so it will never change. Fortunately, they are the minority now so who cares what they say or think. I applaud the president for keeping OUR word to those heroic men who go to fight for us, because if I remember well nobody forced Bergdahl to go to war, he went because he believed it was a good cause, and maybe he realized at the end that it was an illegal war and was sickened by the brutality and mass murdering. We will know when he is back. In any case I agree with you. He is an AMERICAN CITIZEN before anything else so he can count on us!

  • http://twitter.com/Kamrom Kamrom Dechu (@Kamrom)

    Im a pacifist. Not just a pacifist, but I absolutely despise war and those who participate in it. There should never, ever be a time when I’m more sympathetic to person in the military than conservatives are. That should be literally impossible.

    But here we are. Even I don’t badmouth people in these situations. I at least respect them as human beings, the same respect all of us should get.

    It disturbs me greatly, just how far off the deep end they’ve gone. Im not mad at them, I can’t be.

    It’s just that when I look at them, it makes me want to cry.

  • Curt

    Bowe Bergdahl is now a poster boy for the liberals? I LIKE IT!

    • Yohannon

      [Note to moderator: Sorry for the accidental post! Please remove it…]

      Curt, funny you should say Bowe Bergdahl is a “poster boy for liberals”. Really?

      You DID know that Bowe is a registered republican, right?

      And did you actually READ what was written, above? Can you read that and NOT feel complete and utter shame?

      They have a word for people who feel no compassion, empathy, or understanding (not, mind you, acceptance… just UNDERSTANDING).


      Google it. And yes, that would be exactly what you are. No worries, I think wall street firms LOVE people like you.

  • Bruce Tarleton

    Hey, from one retired sailor to another, let me tell you where you’re screwed up:
    This isn’t about hatred for the President. This isn’t about hatred for the administration. This isn’t about disgust with a deserter being negotiated for. It’s about the NEGOTIATION. Bergdahl wasn’t being held by the Taliban. He was being held by the Haqqani Network, which IS listed on the Terrorist Watch list. This is about NEGOTIATING WITH TERRORIST.

    Pull your head out of your rear and think about every service member who is serving right now overseas. This administration just painted a target on every one of them for any lunatic fringe organization with a cause. And that includes my son, a Marine, currently on his 5th combat deployment.

    You tell me any other time that we have negotiated with terrorists for the return of a US Serviceman.

    • http://twitter.com/DaliDager Veteran_Patriot (@DaliDager)

      The JCS & CIA are all about the swap/exchange. Bergdahl isn’t getting pedicures and having beers. The people with him are professionals and have objectives above our paygrade.

      Wait to see how things play out. This is a process. He’s in military custody, not a guest at the
      White House.

      I lost my 19yo brother in Vietnam, retaking a hill given back a few weeks later. His body laid out overnight with 6 other patrol members. Next day more Marines were killed in body retrieval. I cried for John McCain and our other prisoners when they were released. I’m a vet or 9.5 years myself. I’m not a casual observer

      I used to tell people their hatred of President George W. Bush was misplaced, he’s only one man. The vitriol at the current POTUS is even worse. Obama didn’t make this decision in a vacuum just as President Bush didn’t make decisions in vacuums.

    • https://www.facebook.com/linda.nicola.7 Liadan

      Really? Do you know nothing of history? When did we negotiate with terrorists to release soldiers and hostages?

      Well, Nixon negotiates with the Viet Cong to release over 500 prisoners under the Paris Peace Accords. One of those prisoners was John McCain. Reagan negotiated with terrorists, and gave them MISSLES for our hostages in Iran. Bush did a prisoner exchange with Al Queda and the Taliban. And all of this was in the article above…so I guess you didn’t read it and just wanted to bitch at Obama.

      And the right were claiming Obama didn’t support our troops because Bergdahl was still a prisoner. Now they are angry Obama got him released. Hypocrites.

      • Bruce Tarleton

        Apparently it is you and the idiot who wrote this article that need a history lesson. The exchange of prisoners from the Paris Peace accords was an end of hostilities exchange which did NOT include terrorists bent on destroying America. (How many Viet Cong attacked AMERICA?) Reagan negotiated with a Government that was holding our people, not a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Get a Clue.

        And Bush did release 500 LOW LEVEL detainees deemed low risk by both the Pentagon and the Intelligence Community. As far back as 2012, Congress and the Pentagon OPPOSED this very transfer. Why do you think he BROKE THE LAW by bypassing Congress in releasing these 5?

        Get a clue. Get two, they’re free.

  • Sue

    I can’t get past all the blatant prejudices screaming out in the article, for lack of a better word, more like a written tantrum; I can handle the cussing, I do alot of it, mostly aimed at moronic low IQ liberals. But to be civil, I wanted to inject a thought of my own about this “trade” – yes I agree negotiations have happened in the past, I saw reference to it above (591 in Viet Nam) – but it’s NOT the same thing. We agreed to quit shooting them and they agreed to release POW’s – we did NOT release 5 to 1 in that “deal”, and alot of POW’s prior to that “deal” were rescued by American forces – I don’t recall any stories of this regime sending in troops over the last 3-4 years to rescue Bergdahl, no what we get is a TRADE of islamic jihadists FIVE TO ONE! I call bullshit – I’m not a Republican nor am I a Democrat – I am an American who sees a big picture of what’s happening here and after reading this article and other comments realize this country is so full of dumbass hateful morons who couldn’t think themselves out of a paperbag, it’s disgusting – you make me WANT to wear a Tea Party hat, thanks for showing me the way!

    • AATTP

      “I can’t get past all the blatant prejudices screaming out in the article, for lack of a better word, more like a written tantrum; I can handle the cussing, I do alot of it, mostly aimed at moronic low IQ liberals.”

      “…and after reading this article and other comments realize this country is so full of dumbass hateful morons who couldn’t think themselves out of a paperbag, it’s disgusting…”

      That, folks, is what we call irony.

    • http://gravatar.com/csbriers csbriers

      Wow! Seriously?

    • https://www.facebook.com/linda.nicola.7 Liadan

      You don’t think one American soldier is worth five terrorists? I say he’s worth ten! And let’s not forget, none of these “terrorists” were ever charged nor convicted of anything. Life imprisonment for mere suspicion is a violation of human rights and immoral. ALL of them at Gitmo should be tried or released.



  • Mo Brown

    I am also a retired military officer who spent 30 years in uniform. I support the President bringing home a POW even if he went AWOL. However, smoke usually means fire. And the soldiers who served with Bergdahl are convinced he deserted them and put their lives in harms way when they searched several years for Bowe. Furthermore, the camp latrine was located in the center of Op Met so it’s very unlikely Bergdahl was abducted. One of his unit members supplied photographs as proof of the latrine location. If Bergdahl is a deserter he must face a court martial hearing. Anything less will be a slap in the face to the six dead soldiers in his platoon and everyone who has served his/her country. Most of us have no empathy or respect for those who abandon their duty in war time. If Bergdahl is a deserter he put the lives of those searching for him in grave danger. He should be punished to the highest degree possible if found guilty of doing it.

    • https://www.facebook.com/linda.nicola.7 Liadan

      Bergdahl was showing signs of PTSD. He often walked away and returned hours later. Never deserted, no intent. He should have been sent home the first time he did it. He needs treatment, not scorn. With all the military suicides, I wonder if he sought suicide by enemy soldier. Bergdahl is so broken in mind, spirit and body, we may never know the truth of how he was caught and imprisoned.

  • http://www.47andstartingover.com julier322

    THANK YOU. Thank you. Thank you! I have never actually cheered out loud reading an article before until now. Bravo, sir! And thank you for YOUR service!

  • Joshua

    I Am Dumbfounded By Some Right-Wing Comments Here. Did You Right-Wing Commenters Not Even Read The Fucking Article? “We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorist” Yea Buddy There Is A Whole Paragraph On That. Then To The Idiot Who Made A Silly Rant About The Sergeant Disowning His Country. I Guess You Must Know It All Huh? Do You Have Inside Information? Go Fuck Yourself You Idiot. Right-Wingers Are Like Broken Records Damn.

  • https://www.facebook.com/laurie.neufeld.79 Laurie Neufeld

    “Let’s recall that the United States negotiated the release of 591 U.S. POWs held by North Vietnam as part of the 1973 Paris peace accord. McCain was among those who benefited from the accord. There’s no doubt that the accord came at a heavy price for the U.S. war cause because, in order to get those prisoners out, the U.S. effectively had to agree to withdraw from Vietnam. Considering what the United States had to give up in order to win his freedom, John McCain is the last person I would expect to question this administration’s effort to achieve the same result for Bergdahl.” Dallas News

  • http://gravatar.com/hfjai hfjai

    Well said, Chief. This retired colonel salutes you!

  • Miya Brown

    You are simply amazing. Thanks a lot!

  • col sanders

    I was directed here by some post. Reading this made me question my ability to comprehend rhetorical rants. Not only by the blog but by some of the comments. This nation will never be peaceful with the name calling that both sides do. Get rid of the D and R and try to have a honest conversation. Prejudice lives in our holier than thou country and all of you are prejudice. If you scoff, liberals if I say I am a republican your defense pops up and I am automatically a tea bagger or whatever and same the other way around. Get rid of your prenotions and start talking the points. Yes this guy is accused of walking away and deserting his post, Americans died trying to get him and if that is proven he should be held accountable. Do I agree with what happened..it don’t matter what I think. I do not have all the Facts to make a determination about this. I find the “make it up as the facts come in” news and blogs sickening and it reminds me of being back in high school..rumor like I guess or small townish if you understand that. Obama has done some things but just like with Bush you, the common country folk do not have the Intel or knowledge of the situation that the president or generals in the military do. Please keep your BS statements and hypothetical theory in a box marked undetermined BS.

  • biancaneve

    What a ridiculous piece of hogwash. Clearly someone needs to take his meds.

    Who exactly is saying that Bergdahl should not have been rescued? No one that I’ve heard. I have heard people question why five high-level jihadis were traded for one soldier. I have heard people criticizing the administration for negotiating with terrorists. I have heard soldiers share their concerns that Bergdahl is a deserter. I have heard people point out that Obama broke the law in releasing Gitmo detainees without giving Congress proper notice. I have heard people ridicule Susan Rice for once again lying on the Sunday shows and saying that Bergdahl was ‘captured on the battlefield’. In short, I’ve heard a lot of questions and criticisms of how and why this trade was done, but I haven’t heard anyone state that Bergdahl should have been left in Afghanistan.

    This diatribe is just part and parcel of how progs think. If you’re not in full-throated support of their latest cause, then you’re evil, a h8er, siding with the enemy, whatever. It would be nice if progs for once could set their emotions aside, look at things rationally, and realize that good people can disagree.

    • Kurt David Steinbach

      You should go on some of the non-liberal websites and blogs because many people are suggesting it, implying it, and some are coming right out and saying it. I am a veteran myself, and I have been over to military.com, and some people are screaming that we should have left him there to rot. Other think we should put him up against a brick wall and hand him from it after we shoot him. I think we should wait on the facts and the debriefing. Getting him out of there was the right thing to do, and the Right Wing that was so adamant about bringing this man home just a few weeks ago, wants to hang him and Obama now. So before you dismiss this article, go to some other websites, turn on Fox to find out what they’re saying, and listen to the hidden messages behind what they’re saying. Then try to realize and understand that had we left him over there, they’d be lining up to impeach Obama for leaving a man behind….

    • http://colorpros.wordpress.com Teresateresa

      Finally, someone with the intelligence AND the guts to claim the truth…out loud, no fear, no restraint. This I shall pass on.

  • http://gravatar.com/dodie13 dodie13

    Excellent post, I thank you for your words and passion. I wish we could identify just who is pulling all the strings, in the attempt to destroy us, by turning us against each other.

  • http://facebook Jeff Martineau

    You have got to be kidding. “throw him to our enemies….”? This f*cking disgusting piece of sh*t walked away from his post, removed his uniform and went searching for the taliban to aide and abet the enemy. He should have been shot. If we didn’t have a long standing policy of not negotiating with terrorists why would we give up 5 high value terrorists for one? Why not one for one? But that is not the case. We traded 5 terrorists for one deserter/traitor. He wasn’t in captivity – He walked off looking to change sides. So get off your soap box you idiot. Or maybe grow a beard like this Islamic wanta be and move to Afghanistan. His actions caused the deaths of other Americans who didn’t disown their country to join the other side. You disgust me sir. Retired military officer my @ss.

    • Kurt David Steinbach

      According to local residents near the post in the village where Bergdahl “walked away from,” he appeared altered and they thought he was high on hashish or some other opiate perhaps. In that area, one does not walk around at night unarmed because you will be kidnapped. I know it goes against the grain of all your mind believes, but try to wait until at least after the debriefing. Remember, they thought Jessica Lynch fought back until she ran out of ammo. Then she told us that her gun jammed, so she never got off a shot. We didn’t know that until she testified….

    • Barney Muldoon
    • https://www.facebook.com/laurie.neufeld.79 Laurie Neufeld

      Grow a beard? Like the “Duck Dynasty” patriots, perhaps?

    • JeffK627

      “This f*cking disgusting piece of sh*t walked away from his post, removed his uniform and went searching for the taliban to aide and abet the enemy.”

      Oh, I’m sorry, were you there? Do you have video? Because if not, shut your f*cking ignorant mouth and let the real Americans carry out the proper investigation and, if warranted, trial/court martial.

    • Larry Miller

      He is a piece of shit. PERIOD.

      • JFischer

        Enlist. Go to a war zone. See how things are.

        We don’t yet know what happened to him. Not entirely.

        But you’ve made up your mind, which means that you will continue to think that even if the Army determines that Bergdahl was merely a confused young man who wandered off and got captured.

    • Ellen Yarbrough

      Do you know that for a fact? Are you on any committees or were you there?

    • https://www.facebook.com/linda.nicola.7 Liadan

      I am amazed at how people can claim with such certainty what Bergdahl’s actions were that night. And they know his motives too. Simply amazing. Our military intelligence doesn’t have your intel. They never classified him as a deserter, he was listed as Missing in Action. He was given promotions during his captivity. And evidently Bergdahl forgot to tell the Taliban he was defecting, because they imprisoned him and he came back looking starved.

      Bergdahl was showing evidence of severe PTSD *before* he disappeared. He frequently wandered off, only to return hours later. He was distressed and stressed. he should have been returned home for treatment long before.

      If he had been at home and wandered off aimlessly, removing his clothes…we’d have him under a 72 hour hold in a mental hospital.

      He is so severely mentally incompetant now, he may never be the same. And people are condemning him without investigation, without charges, without trial or conviction. The Fair Weather Patriots want to dismantle the Constitution and our Democracy by ignoring the premise of our legal system. One is innocent until *PROVEN* guilty.

      This soldier fought honorably until he disappeared. He should be allowed to come home, and welcomed back with honor. But because of the lies, the Swiftboating, and hatred of Obama, this man will never be considered innocent–even if he is never charged. The tin-foil brigade will think Obama conspired to get him released.


      • Mickey

        Excellent post, Liadan. The extreme hateful reaction about Bergdahl’s release is disgusting.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jeff.parsons.3720 Jeff Parsons

    Wow. I knew a site called “Americans Against the Tea Party” (how revolutionary of you to take the side of the government!) would be stupid, but I wasn’t prepared for this.

    His own home town is canceling his homecoming parade.

    Take a few seconds and let that sink through your thick, dopey, left-wing skulls.

    It’s not all about racism and the eeeeevil Tea Party. Your jackass of a president just traded five Taliban leaders for a deserter and collaborator.

    If you don’t see anything wrong with that, you’re the one with the problem.

    • https://www.facebook.com/patti.cullen Trish Russ

      The homecoming was cancelled because they’ve been getting death threats, thanks to your tea-jerks! Your jack ass of a President put boots on the ground, to die, so he could look like a strong leader. The Industrial War Complex thanks him.

    • KatS

      His hometown is cancelling the celebration because of threats they have received. Thanks for playing.

    • http://gravatar.com/babrahamse agio

      Well, that’s a neat trick if ever I saw one. Cause his home town to cancel the parade through issuing death threats, then state the fact that his home town has cancelled the parade is proof that he’s a deserter. Well played.

    • JFischer

      Since you know so much about Bergdahl’s motives, you should join the NSA or CIA, or whoever. I’m sure they’d welcome your telepathy. You can also try out for James Randi’s million-dollar prize.

  • https://www.facebook.com/patti.cullen Trish Russ

    As long as misinformation is used to disparage the President,it’s considered new’s worthy by the Right. The article is right, it’s all about the hate for Obama.

  • Jack F

    How do you know that he didn’t get waylaid on the way to the field latrine.

  • Chad5181

    WOW! Somebody needs a nap.

  • js

    So what was up with Bergdahl’s Dad making the pro-Afghani/ Allah comments? I’m neither a Republican,or a teabagger, pretty liberal on most things, and sorta conservative on other things. I am also a veteran that served during Desert Storm. The comments that I saw him make seem disturbing considering that this persons son is a U.S. soldier. If it’s true that this soldier did in fact defect and aide in assisting the Taliban kill U.S. troops by providing information, then he should be court-martialed for treason. This carries a penalty of death, as it damn well should. IF what rumors that are out there prove to be true. But releasing 5 of the worst terrorists in history…idk. Probably not a smart move even if Bengdahl was merely just captured.

    • http://gravatar.com/hfjai hfjai

      “Pro-Afghani” is not pro-Taliban. Last time I looked, the Afghan people are our allies. Allah is just the Arabic word for God. He wanted to send a message to his son’s captors in their own language, so of course he invoked God as Allah. And fwiw, it’s pure propaganda that we are releasing “5 of the worst terrorists in history.” The men we are releasing were officials in the government we overthrew. We were bound to release them when the war ended. I don’t doubt that they are very bad people. If they have committed crimes, which I suspect they have, why haven’t we charged them and given them a trial? Or handed them over to the international court in the Hague? Or to the government of Afghanistan? We’ve had them in Gitmo for over 10 years. We can’t keep them forever. I think it’s pretty smart to get our guy back by handing over people we’d have to release soon anyway.

    • jakam

      Why can’t he make Allah comments? Is there not both freedom of speech and freedom of religion in this country?

      And…what does the son being a US soldier have to do with what the father can say? One isn’t responsible for the other’s conduct…this isn’t the Klingon empire.

  • Carol

    Beautifully stated! You took my breath away!

  • http://www.howdygram.blogspot.com Aunt Pee

    Well said. Bravo!

  • Irene Ilmonen

    Brilliant! If I were so eloquent with the pen, I would’ve written all of those words (outside of the Snowden issue where I sit precariously on the fence.)

  • Chris

    Americans are not upset about bringing a soldier home, we are upset that Obama without working with congress made a deal with terrorists, something we do not do. Do you not realize that this will open the flood doors, more will be kidnapped, the ones released surely will kill again. This is very dangerous, Obama is president not king, whether this should have been done or not, the big issue is how he did it, we have structure and laws and he continues to break them over and over again. you have to look at the big picture, failures today are regrets later.

    • AATTP

      You’re a shameless pathetic liar. Bush let 600 Gitmo detainees go, including one that did the Benghazi attack. So you can shove it up your teabagging a-hole.

      When a black guy does it, it’s suddenly treason.

      • http://facebook Jeff Martineau

        Whaaaat? Bush was out of office 5 years before Benghazi. What the hell are you talking about?

        • Uncle Chris

          A guy that Bush let out was part of the Benghazi attack. That simple. That it was 5 years after his release is irrelevant.

    • http://gravatar.com/dragonlive64 Jack Elmore

      The so-called man that wrote this diatribe of bullsh*t is more brainwashed than I thought possible …. you liberals need to learn that it is the GOVERNMENT that causes division and mistrust among it’s citizens, it is in that tactic that they justify and rationalize their reason for existing …. the government will not SAVE you or make this country the utopia you think it would be if only you could get rid of the conservatives ….. you had total rule by democrats in obama’s first two years and how did that go for you?

      You hate conservatives/republicans and that is a start in the right direction …. but until you learn that all the corrupt low-life scum in D.C. deserve your hate you are fighting an imaginary enemy they have directed you towards, and the laughter at your stupidity can be heard all the way from D.C.

      The Federal Government is enemy number one, they will not be satisfied in D.C. until they have complete control over every aspect of our lives, and the fact that they are spying on every one of us should have keyed you in on this fact. Republicans/Democrats are two sides of the same corrupt, immoral, disgusting coin and neither side is concerned or cares about your well being.

    • Kurt David Steinbach

      The President of the U.S. has sole responsibility and authority for foreign policy, except in the signing of treaties (advice and consent of U.S. Senate needed). POTUS also has all authority over the U.S. military and is the Commander in Chief. The POW, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was a U.S. Army soldier. The Prisoners in the exchange were POWs from the Taliban, who were the government when started the War in Afghanistan. The exchanged POWs were held in a military prison. The President had absolute authority over this, and did not require Congressional authority or approval. Any document to the contrary is Unconstitutional because it conflicts with Article II of the U.S. Constitution, violating the Separation of Powers. . . .

  • David Dallow

    A very passionate and full throated display of setting up straw men just to knock them down. I don’t need to look away. I don’t need to go on to the next article. I don’t need to because my motives are not what you, in a blanket statement, say they are. I, too, do not know all the facts yet. But you sir seem to object to the questions. And, for the record, if he deserted we would not have thrown him to our enemies. He’d have strolled there only to have buyers remorse upon arrival. I also enjoy hoe the Tea Party has really become the one stop shop for bogeymen of liberal fever dreams. Are they dead or dying or, in concert with the evil Koch brothers, pulling the strings on the whole world? Regardless, it is a non sequitur that fits part and parcel with this entire, straw man filled rant. Enjoy your righteous indignation. You created enough fiction to get there.

    • http://www.readingpokertells.com Zach Elwood

      Yeah, I agree with David’s post. The author of this piece is super-hysterical. I am fairly liberal (on the middle on many issues, conservative on a lot of fiscal things, though) and when I heard about this news story I thought it was very strange we were exchanging 5 guys for one guy because I thought we (the U.S.) didn’t do things like that. So it’s completely logical to question what the motives and logic were behind the strategy. I find the author of this piece extremely annoying and over-wrought.

      • http://ottawaedge.wordpress.com ottawaedge

        Overwrought? Have you seen some of the media attention this has gotten? FOX News has written this soldier off as a Muslim terrorist and even questioned his father’s beard. Everything the author said is true, every single thing.

  • JJ

    OK. Let me get this right. As you are clearly getting down to the bones of this discussion in your twenty five thousand word diatribe against Republicans, I have a couple of things to say, but I’ll try to keep it a little briefer than you’re capable of. No matter how horribly confused and mentally ill Bowe Bergdahl was, and quite possibly still is, did any single American wish him death. No. I’m fairly sure that “leave no one behind” was enforced since six American servicemen were killed in the search for him. Three American bases were bombed shortly after his “abduction”. To my knowledge he is the only Taliban P.O.W. who wasn’t beheaded immediately and posted all over YOUTUBE complete with gleeful Muslims chanting “Death to America”. Do the five terrorists President Obama released, who live to reign terror on America and die gleefully because someone promised they could have their way with a whole bunch of vaginally mutilated virgins in Heaven deserve a reprieve? NO. But that was the deal that the guy who was elected to be MY representative brokered.

    • Kurt David Steinbach

      Yes, many Americans, including veterans who should know better have wished Bergdahl dead and said we should have left him there to die. They’ve been saying it for days, now. So sit down and shut the hell up! We bring all of our troops home. We leave no one in the hands of the enemy. We were fighting to bring POWs, like Bergdahl home 20 years after the end of Vietnam. At the end of every war, legal or not, declared or not, we are rquired by the Geneva Convention to release POWs. If December had come, and Bowe were not home, they might never have released him. This is not the first time we have exhanged prisoners….

  • https://www.facebook.com/getthept Debra Robbins

    Thank you! My sentiments exactly, just not as eloquently.

  • J Owens

    “He’s one of ours and and there’s only one thing to say:
    Welcome home, Soldier.”

    Great rant, right on target!

  • http://gravatar.com/sunny47446 sunny47446

    ‘Nough said.

  • http://lostthethread.blogspot.com EvelynU

    During WW2, the greatest generation, the good war, thousands of Americans and British deserted in Europe. And how many were sentenced to death? One. Read it here: http://www.amazon.com/The-Deserters-Hidden-History-World/dp/1594204284

  • Kurt David Steinbach

    I looked into the eyes of my Conservative neighbor as he screamed his hateful, fearful bile at me, and I saw cold, dead evil…. No soul there just the devil in hell. My crazy Conservative neighbor yells at me because I refuse to give him a pass when he says it is a part of his religious beliefs. As for Sgt Bergdahl, the President of the U.S. has sole responsibility and authority for foreign policy, except in the signing of treaties (advice and consent of U.S. Senate needed). POTUS also has all authority over the U.S. military and is the Commander in Chief. The POW, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was a U.S. Army soldier. The Prisoners in the exchange were POWs from the Taliban, who were part pf the government we fought in Afghanistan. The exchanged POWs were held in a military prison . The President had absolute authority over this, and did not require Congressional authority or approval. Any document to the contrary is Unconstitutional because it conflicts with Article II of the U.S. Constitution, violating the Separation of Powers. . . .

    • Mary

      If your comment about Article II of the U. S. Constitution is correct then we are all lost anyway. The politicians are ensuring we are divided so we can be conquered. Why cannot any of the special interest groups see it, including the man who wrote this rant.

      • Barb

        Of every comment on this page, I find yours the most disturbing. “if your comment about Article II…..” This is what I don’t understand about people- if you don’t know if the comment about Article II is true, why wouldn’t you go and read it? You’re posting from some device that clearly has connection to the internet. Full text copies of the Constitution are literally a few taps of your fingers away. How can you begin political commentary after essentially making a statement that you can’t be bothered to go read the central governing document for our entire federal government?

        • Paul

          Thank you, Barb.

  • https://www.facebook.com/shawn.klaus Shawn Klaus

    Best. Rant. Ever. I salute the Chief.

  • SleepsWithCats

    Excellent post. Excellent. Except for the smearing of Mr. Snowden. Otherwise, excellent.

    • Kurt David Steinbach

      Except it’s been Conservative, Right Wingers and Christians calling Snowden a traitor and some liberals calling Snowden a hero, so I don’t get that part of what this article either….

      • http://gravatar.com/hfjai hfjai

        Not really. The libertarian wing of the GOP has been treating Snowden like a hero. And Snowden himself is a right-wing libertarian who only minded intelligence community overreach after Obama was elected.

  • Barney Muldoon

    That was righteous anger at it’s finest. I haven’t seen a better explanation anywhere else. Good job sir whoever you are.

  • KatS

    Thank you Jim. You just laid bare the cancer that is eating away at the heart of our nation, and eloquently. I want everyone to read your words and feel your passion. I will be sharing this piece far and wide. Hopefully someone who needs a wake-up call will read it and understand.

  • thomas


  • caknuts

    We never leave our own in the hands of the enemy. Not ever. If he deserted, then try him and administer what even justice is appropriate, but never, not ever, leave a living member of our military in the hands of the enemy. Period. I find it interesting that this has to be explained, usually to people who have never served in war or peace. Oh, and McCain, who seems to forget it was prisoner exchange that got him back. Such a whore. Next war, the children/grandchildren of Congress should be the first ones in the line of fire. I doubt we would ever be in another war.

    • Kurt David Steinbach

      You should go to military.com where veterans are weighing in on this exchange. Some of the responses are downright hostile, and others are disgusting. People are acting like we’ve never done POW exchanges before, and many are calling Bergdahl a deserter and traitor who killed those who died looking for him. Some say we should have left him there. They are responding to scuttlebutt about Bergdahl. Many veterans are up in arms about this, and it is disturbing….

  • JFischer

    Yes. This.

  • Jan

    Wow! What a writer! What a patriot! What a man! I really enjoyed reading this piece and wholeheartedly agree with all you say. Thank you!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/martin.pollard.77 Martin Pollard

    First read this excellent article over at Jim’s site. It perfectly encapsulates the sheer insanity of today’s Republicans. Their reaction is a vileness that doesn’t just border on the obscene, it jumps into the obscene with both feet and wallows in it like pigs in a mudhole.

  • Richard Goldsberry

    Yes Just yes.

  • http://allndallday.wordpress.com lovinthatsomanyhateonnd


  • Susie Sotar

    When a soldier voluntarily deserts his post, wanks into the arms of the enemy, stays for five years while his comrades die and then comes back in good health speaking the language of the enemy to a father who is also speaking the language of the enemy. A deserter who caused the release of men who had killed thousands then, yes, Bowe Bergdahl deserves to be behind bars awaiting trial for treason. He is no longer “one of our own”. Anyone who defends this man is also a bilious piece of scum who should look at himself and be revulsed by what he sees.

    • Perry

      Susie/Hooper, you should read this article again because he is talking to you. And then just sit in a corner and STFU.

    • Heide

      So did you support Reagan when with the Iran Contra deal? Or when he applauded Jesse Jackson for getting some service men out? And do you know for sure he deserted his post? I mean if you were there and know for a fact cool, if you were not there then you are going by assumption. You do know what it means to assume correct?

      • Kurt David Steinbach

        Bergdahl was a POW. The Taliban soldiers were POWs. It was a prisoner exchange. It is not akin to the Iran-Contra situation. The embassy personnel were not soldiiers, and Reagan and North broke the law, several laws trading arms for hostages. Obama exercised his authority as Commander in Chief undr Article II of the U.S. Constitution by exchanging Taliban soldiers held in our militarty prison (POWs) for our soldier, Bergdahl, held by the Taliban, formerly the government in Afghanistan….

    • http://gravatar.com/bhimreyes bhimreyes

      Then an Article 32 trial is what’s needed. But I agree with him on this point: why are we scared? I remember visiting my friend in Bellingham, Washington in 2004. I was all set to go into Vancouver, BC for the first time ever. The day we were at the border, we were told that now we needed passports. My friend asked why and he was told, “This was new American policy.” All I had was my California ID and my birth certificate. We then went home and we watched CBS News and found out that then-Secretary of State John Ashcroft sealed the US/Canadian border because they got a tip that the “Top 10 Terrorists” were coming from Pakistan through Canada to hit the US. CBC went further talking about the implications of sealing off the border, especially since towns on both sides benefited from each other. Funniest thing was that the “terrorists” were school teachers in a middle of a school year – they couldn’t leave even if they wanted to. THAT was my revelation that the people in power at that time wanted everybody to be in fear. Traitor or not, there is Military Justice and there is Article 32 – and if you were in any foreign country that doesn’t speak English for a long period of time, YOU WILL LEARN THE LANGUAGE, because YOU WILL BE IMMERSED IN IT.

    • Eleanor Earley

      Hey ignorant Susie, none of what you have said has been proven so before you go off on your Hooper rant, wait until the proof is there instead of following the teabagger/repug liars and Fox lies. He did not voluntarily stay ignorant, he was a POW. Have you looked at yourself – do so – and you just might be repulsed by what you see. Until you walk in the shoes of our military troops, you don’t know what you would do. Before you call us scum, look in the mirror.

    • https://www.facebook.com/christine.maxfield.9 CM

      Failed to read the whole thing, didn’t you, Susie. I hope you don’t have kids in the military, and I hope nothing every happens to them if you do.

    • Miang

      What color is the sky in your world?

      We don’t know what happened when Bergdahl was captured. That’s part of the point. There hasn’t been a completed investigation yet. Just because someone says he deserted doesn’t make it true. It might be, it might not.

      Either way, you’ve managed to totally, totally miss the point. First: He didn’t ‘stay for five years while his comrades die’ he was a captive. He couldn’t leave. He didn’t have the choice of coming back. That’s what being a POW means. They don’t give weekend passes. Second: He’s not in good health. Right now he’s being treated in a military hospital in Germany for medical problems that were severe enough that the military feared if he wasn’t recovered soon he’d die in captivity. Three; Being multi-lingual isn’t a crime. In fact its’ often a plus. Go read up on the Japanese and German speakers of WW2, just for one example. We always need people who speak the local dialects of the countries and territories we are involved. The father seems to have learned the language after his son was captured, probably so that he could learn more about what was happening to his son, but even if he knew it before hand saying that is a reason to leave him as a POW is piss poor reasoning and shows a serious lack of empathy. Four: HE didn’t cause the release of the five detainees. That was the call of the President. Bergdahl would not have been asked his opinion on the conditions of his prisoner exchange. He was a reason, not a cause. There is a difference. If you don’t understand this you might try consulting a dictionary. Fifth: Whatever Bergdahl may or may not have done, trial for treason against an America is an American problem. We don’t outsource justice. If he deserted that’s for the Army to try him and level punishment. But as an American citizen he’s entitled to the same presumption of innocence that any of our citizenry would be and is entitled to under our laws.

      Finally, if believing in the rights and ethics espoused by America makes me a piece of scum then I’ll gladly take the label. Attempts at shaming from people who can’t or won’t think through their positions always fall flat with me.

    • Disugsted

      A piece of scum? What the hell kind of American are you? What has given YOU the right to be the judge, jury, and executioner of a man on ONLY unsubstantiated allegations? Innocent until proven guilty is how justice is served in this country!. YOU, are a vile hypocrite and the epitome of UN-AMERICAN. Only a bigoted, bible thumping, gun-wielding, climate-change denying, delusional, save-the-fetus, starve-the-child, support our veterans until they come home, right-wing nut job would make a comment as anti-America as yours., YOU and your fellow brainless fear-mongers ARE THE PROBLEM, “lady.” I’d tell you to go to hell, but, that place is only a myth and would have been too good for you.

    • Comicus

      Susie, you need to look up the words ‘prisoner’ and ‘health’, for starters. The language of the enemy? The majority of Afghans speak Pashtun, including those Afghans who are our allies dying alongside our soldiers. Your xenophobia and ignorance are showing. Should it be proven he is a deserter or even a traitor, he will be punished. No one gets left behind. NO ONE. EVER.

    • Kurt David Steinbach

      You are listening to and hearing what those of us in the military call scuttlebutt or rumors. Bergdahl has not been debriefed. Jessica Lynch was called a hero who fought back and fired at her captors until she ran out of ammo, except when she testified, she informed us that she never got to return fire because he weapon jammed. So let’s wait unil Bergdahl is questioned by the DoD before we listen to rumors. Listening to scuttlebutt is contrary to good order and discipline. It is bad for unit cohesion and bad for morale for that reason.

      So he wrote a note telling his unit he was deserting, but he was not listed as a deserter or as AWoL. Huh? Something there does not connect. If someone leaves a note saying they are leaving, and then walks away into the Afghanistan desert, to where, god only knows, then he would be listed as a deserter or at least as AWoL until we received word that the enemy had captured him. That is not what happened, and since when does the DoD publish the results of an investigation before they have debriefed the person in question? Never….

    • https://www.facebook.com/laurie.neufeld.79 Laurie Neufeld

      Susie, I usually just ignore your trolling, but the whole bilge about Bowe’s father speaking “that there enemy language” just begs for a smackdown. Your kind of thinking is what led to the internment of thousands of innocent Japanese-American citizens during World War II. Careful, honey, your xenophobia is showing.

  • Eleanor Earley

    Yep, the teabaggers/repugs have reduced many in this country to that type of mentality. I agree with your article and what you say.

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