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Multiple Scientific Studies Confirm: Extreme Conservatism Linked to Racism, Low I.Q.

An article published at Psychology Today by Goal Auzeen Saedi, Ph.D. of Millennial Media writes about the correlation between far right-wing conservatism, low intelligence and racism.

racist tea party sign

Saedi writes,

“Hodson and Busseri (2012) found in a correlational study that lower intelligence in childhood is predictive of greater racism in adulthood, with this effect being mediated (partially explained) through conservative ideology. They also found poor abstract reasoning skills were related to homophobic attitudes which was mediated through authoritarianism and low levels of intergroup contact.”

We checked the study Hodson and Busseri study, and the abstract certainly does say,

“Despite their important implications for interpersonal behaviors and relations, cognitive abilities have been largely ignored as explanations of prejudice. We proposed and tested mediation models in which lower cognitive ability predicts greater prejudice, an effect mediated through the endorsement of right-wing ideologies (social conservatism, right-wing authoritarianism) and low levels of contact with out-groups. In an analysis of two large-scale, nationally representative United Kingdom data sets (N = 15,874), we found that lower general intelligence (g) in childhood predicts greater racism in adulthood, and this effect was largely mediated via conservative ideology. A secondary analysis of a U.S. data set confirmed a predictive effect of poor abstract-reasoning skills on antihomosexual prejudice, a relation partially mediated by both authoritarianism and low levels of intergroup contact. All analyses controlled for education and socioeconomic status. Our results suggest that cognitive abilities play a critical, albeit underappreciated, role in prejudice. Consequently, we recommend a heightened focus on cognitive ability in research on prejudice and a better integration of cognitive ability into prejudice models.”

A January 2012 article in the Journal Live Science also cites the Hodsdon-Busseri study,

“There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb…Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice.”

racist obama treason

racist renig


Indeed, University of Washington Political Science Professor Christopher Parker, author of the new book Change They Can’t Believe In: The Tea Party and Reactionary Politics in America agrees.

Professor Parker, interviewed by Chris Matthews says,

“What we’ve found out, we’ve come up with something that we called Reactionary Conservatism. What that means is, where as a regular conservative or a more mainstream conservative recognizes change is necessary to avoid revolutionary change, a reactionary conservative actually wants to go back in time. In the book we tie the Tea Party to the Know Nothing party of the 1850s, the Clan of the 1920s, the John Birch Society of the late 1950s and 1960s. It’s the same belief system, Chris, this idea that they’re scared of losing the America that they know and love to these other groups of people.”

racist hang in there obamaracist hail to the chief
racist obama_08_monkey_t-shirt
racist obama mom and dad as monkeys
racist t party featured
Americans Against the Tea Party reported on this very subject when a white, racist TEApublican CPAC attendee suggested that slavery wasn’t so bad, and that blacks should be thankful they were given food and shelter while they were slaves.

Here’s the interview of Professor Parker by Chris Matthews

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racist tea party

So the next time you’re criticized for pointing out that conservative TEAvangelicals, TEApublicans and Libertarian-types are unintelligent, racist sociopaths – you can say, “It’s a scientific fact.” Of course they don’t believe in science either.

And just for good measure:


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • spambrando

    “Right to work” laws are even worse, you knucklescraper. They can let you go, just for a bad air day.

  • You’re mad. I’m glad.

    Right to work completely takes the ability to negotiate from the workers and explicitly turns them into dispensable pawns with no job security. With a union, there is actual job security, “Right to work” Is literally the business mindset that existed before unions were created and conservatives are trying to return the job market to that state instead of moving forward.

  • Katie08

    I am not at all surprised by these findings. In my experience the callous disregard for others is a common trait among the screaming, hysterical ultra right wing views
    of the Flat Earth Society. Sadly, conservatives are quick to take the moral high ground but rarely care about others – whether they are Republicans or the LNP (here in Australia) their cold blooded, sneering contempt for people who are less fortunate seems to fly in the face of their so-called pious Christianity.
    The thoroughly objectionable judgemental opinions by conservatives
    against left-wing socialists are completely unfounded and truly offensive. There is a REASON why the left-wing Labor movement in Australia is called the ACADEMIC PARTY and that is because most socialists are teachers, professors, doctors, lawyers and/or people who, by definition (as socialists) actually CARE about society, care about our children’s education, care about health, social welfare and care about the poor, the unemployed, the sick and the homeless and CARE about our environment. Compare the intelligent views of socialists with the selfish, self entitlement of ultra right wing conservatives who care about NOTHING unless it has a big, fat dollar parked in front of it. The ONLY things that motivate neoliberals are greed and their relentless thirst for power and the ONLY things they care about is profit at all costs, the bottom line and the financial/professional advancement of themselves, their families or their inner circle of pretentious, self serving cronies. Conservatives can be summed up as the ME-ME PARTY whereas SOCIALISTS are the WE-WE PARTY. Socialists really ARE the movers and shakers of this world – it is under SOCIALISM that progress is made. It must be pointed out that SOCIALISM should never be confused with COMMUNISM which is vastly different. Some of the greatest most enlightened leaders in the world were SOCIALISTS: Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Gough Whitlam (Australia), Einstein, George Orwell, Helen Keller and the former benevolent, modest and thoroughly compassionate leader of Uruguay, the inspirational José Mujica, to name but a few. There has not been ONE single conservative of any note who has achieved a single thing to benefit humanity. When you compare the illustrious, inspirational career of someone like Martin Luther King against the war mongering, war criminals like George W Bush and the fascist, John Howard (in Australia) the comparison is obvious.

  • Bill Taylor

    i am very conservative and have observed human behavior for decades, also my IQ has been tested several times with scores ranging between 150 and 161, the highest number was a test given in a classroom setting by a person with a doctorate in psychology in a one on one situation(i was the only person taking it).

  • Bill Taylor

    reality check time = this applies to BOTH side of the political spectrum…..i agree racists are dumb, but socialists/communists are just as dumb……because it has been tried many places and many times and fails because it ignores human nature…….sensible people are not found in either the far right or far left.

  • Sheldon

    I don’t think you can really lump libertarians in with this reactionary conservative mix. Although there may be some who confuse libertarianism with reactionary conservatism and mistakenly glom onto the label.

  • Brenden Ken

    How does that explain why the Democratic party was the Pro-Slavery party that created the KKK, made the head of the KKK the Senate majority leader for years, (Byrd) enacted Jim Crow Laws, fought the Civil Rights Act every time it came up, designed and produced the Confederate Flag and had to be stopped with force by the Republicans tearing the entire country apart in the Civil War.
    Republicans outlawed slavery in the north and had to fight to the death to get the Democrats in the south to free their slaves. Doesn’t make sense.
    I don’t believe one word of it – I think it just political propaganda, one party trying to hurt another, and I suspect Democrats. Are we supposed to believe this?

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  • chuckrobertpearson .

    Not really sure why you lumped conservatives in with libertarians. Libertarians obviously aren’t resistant to change (some want something close to anarchy) and aren’t racist (they advocate for the most liberal immigration policies in the world and have been completely on the side of the black lives matter movement). Also, I don’t know about this study, but a similar study would have classified libertarians as liberals based on the questions they asked, not conservatives.

  • WhatHappenedToCanaduh

    OK, from all that dribble i got high school dropout with a below average IQ.

  • WhatHappenedToCanaduh

    Some people just feel the need to provide evidence that the conclusion is true. Well done there, now back to your bible.

  • Samuel Mackey

    This comment almost certainly had to be written by a liberal–conservatives just don’t have that good a sense of humor. “Applying reason turns people into conservatives.”–?! Pure gold!

  • BonoboMan

    To use your own term, maybe you should “think before you type ass hole”. Or at least try to comprehend. No where in Batman’s post did they use the word “all”. You put that word in the mix to justify your anger and present your inaccurate argument.

    They didn’t suggest all conservatives are stupid, rather that stupid people are attracted to conservatism. I understand that may be offensive to you. Maybe deep down you’re not a conservative. But from you’re short temper, victim mentality, poor comprehension and your belief that conservatives are a race of people makes me think you’re probably on the conservative side.

    • Maria Sanchez

      I have 2 Ph.D.s, (Linguistics-Univ. of Chicago; and anthropology-Univ. of Arizona), which doesn’t necessarily mean I have a high I.Q. (though I do). I am also conservative, though not so much socially conservative. All that said, the one thing I have observed over time is that people who immediately resort to name calling and profanity are usually: (i) stupid; and (ii) liberal.

      • BonoboMan

        I agree that people who immediately resort to name calling and profanity are usually stupid. However, in reality, that behavior is conservative in nature. But then, so are uninformed opinions and unearned declarations of intelligence.

        If you were as smart as you claim you are, you would have noticed I only repeated the profane insult to the original conservative author of the phrase.

        Try reading both comments, or have someone read it for you who has reading comprehension. Mr. Sir called someone that name and I even prefaced my use with “To use your own term…”

        So, what are you suggesting? That Mr. Sir is liberal or that you were too lazy to actually read the comments you replied to?

        Either way, your alleged high IQ is failing you. lol

        • You’re mad. I’m glad.

          He’s clearly not as intelligent as he claimed to be. He had no counterpoint to the real meat of what you said. He just dismissed it because you didn’t say it nicely. He’s thoroughly worthless.

          • Maria Sanchez

            It’s so fun renting space in progressive’s heads. They are spacious and empty.

          • You’re mad. I’m glad.

            Projection from a woman with no counterpoints that nobody’s thinking about.

            Looks like I’m renting space in your head. Unfortunately it’s very small and filled with garbage.

          • Leota Scott

            Again you resort to name calling. Don’t you with your great intelligence have more of an argument than that?

      • You’re mad. I’m glad.

        Well I’m a progressive with an IQ that’s over 150 which I guess is high. I see plenty of conservatives that immediately resort to name-calling and truth be told, sometimes the most logical thing to do is just tell people that they are garbage and move on to something else.

        For instance, a conservative could make a STUPID argument against climate change or he could make a STUPID argument about general intelligence or a STUPID claim about something else. I could sit there and argue with his STUPIDITY for days or I can just sum it up by calling him STUPID. In fact, maybe I can call him STUPID while making my counterpoint and perhaps that will shame him into shutting up and going away.

      • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        You’re a liar – you spend all your time trolling the internet and so stupid.. yes STUPID that you “like” your own posts and too STUPID to know others can tell when you do it..

        • Maria Sanchez

          Wow! That’s pretty high level intellect for a progressive.

      • Leota Scott

        Two PHD’S and you can’t read well enough to understand the article? You do realize in your statement you call name callers stupid, while name calling yourself.

  • James Moe Morency

    Yeah, it takes a true genius to vote for a lying, manipulative piece of crap like Obama. TWICE! And you still don’t get it! I think I’s obvious who the morons in this situation are. and the same clowns will vote for Hillary. Pathetic!

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  • ACAurelius

    Oh, so *now* IQ tests are relevant? Funny, that.

  • cascorgi

    I don’t see any numbers in this report. Please try harder next time.

  • Santaklaus Klaus

    In Spain the fascist are low IQ people. They only do well one thing: steal and lie.

  • bayhuntr

    If you remove all your assumptions, you would only have a few lines of grammar policing, more precisely “Typo policing” Good for you.

  • joseph66

    Intellectual leftist atheist marxist like Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Pol Pot… killed by far more than all right racist groups.

    They were smart people who did evil. So, even if I’m dumb and conservative, I prefer that than being intellectual and evil, and kill 50 millions in the past century because they didn’t think aboit “progress” as I did.

    Of course, lestists want to believe smart people are good people, but history says the worst people ever existed were smart enough to convince whole populations and kill millions because, you know, progress.

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  • wat

    Ok, they cite multiple studies but I only see one. I want the others as well.

  • bayhuntr

    Get back to me when you learn how to use proper names. I’m not interested in going to your link to find out what you’re talking about.

    • Catherine

      When you get enough intelligence to do a very simple thing such as actually clicking on the URL web address and reading it, then we might consider doing that. Also, when you get a profile name that is for a legitimate person instead of “bayhuntr”, then we might consider getting back.

      • bayhuntr

        If I changed my name to “Catherine”, then I would be legit? What is sad, you really don’t understand how ignorant your statement is.

        • Catherine

          Although Catherine might be a good name to come up to, how about using your legitimate name instead of hiding behind a fake profile name?

          • bayhuntr

            Catherine is a profile name. Bayhuntr is a profile name. Bayhuntr could be in real life Tom Bayhunter, Catherine, in reality, could be Bubba in the basement jacking off at his parents house. You think because the name sounds legit, it makes it legit? You’re an idiot.

          • Catherine

            So “Bayhuntr” is a real name of a real person that would appear on an actual DRIVER’S LICENSE and vehicle registration…..So then pigs must fly south for the winter in their own without wings also!

          • bayhuntr

            It’s a screen name, why would it need to be on a drivers license? Do you put your screen name “Catherine” on a drivers license? Maybe you’re like “Cher” and only have one name?
            If I wanted to talk to a clown from a clown car, I go to CPAC. Now honk your clown horn and have the last word, you’ve become a bore.

          • Catherine

            Silly screen name for a silly rabbit

        • Catherine

          Only sad to those ObamaBots, Libtards, and other dingy people who have no idea what’s really going on with the Democratic National Committee and the US Democratic leaders.

          • bayhuntr

            Now you sound like a Junior high school kid, maybe your screen name should be Beavis or Butthead.

          • Catherine

            Those with limited experience and have not actually studied things and researched things out, such as how the DNC supports that racist group talked about in the web link above, cannot even get out of the grade school level.

          • Catherine

            Only for those who have downgraded their IQ and ability to do Internet searches….

          • Catherine

            Silly rabbits, so easy to be tunnel-visioned.

          • Mimi

            “ObamaBots, Libtards” Completely invalidates any argument you might have.

          • Catherine

            Only in the limited minds of those who have drunk too much of their Emperor’s Kool-Aid….

    • Catherine

      So hard for tunnel-visioned people to actually go and read other things than what limited links and ideas they have been told by their own circles of friends.

  • Jon Jo

    I find this to be an interesting, if overly biased article. I would also like to know how this explains libertarians who:

    •Tend to reference/espouse ideas from the formation of the US (which according to this would be a reactionary trait)

    •Are center stage among elements of the tea party, and have donated many ideas to it/repubs. In general

    •Repeatedly outscore all other politically leaning peoples in the US

    I would be most interested to read an analysis on them, as they seem to contradict this article.

  • ozzie56

    Nothing to see here, just more unsubstantiated liberal claims, false narratives and hyperbole. Move along please…

  • ozzie56

    I guess the liberal racists Bill Clinton, Harry Reid and Joe Biden must have slipped through the cracks.

  • jim6661

    We actually needed a study to tell us this?

  • Chesty Puller

    Funny the selective memory Liberals have, while G.W. Bush was president, Tony Snow, was the White House spokesman , I can remember clearly he found out he had Cancer, and he he eventually died from it, the left was saying on posts just like this, that he contracted Cancer from being Bush’s spokesman and lying for him all of the time, and he deserved it.
    Also it was very common to see G.W as a Monkey, Even Dan Rather lost his job trying to make up lies about him , the left’s hate is ever overflowing and they are blind to it, their hypocrisy is astonishing.

  • SDkid605

    What a stupid website.
    I feel like I now need to go take a shower being so close to freaks.

  • Elizabeth Ingham

    Surprisingly enough, many scientists who actually do the research are trustworthy. It’s usually the ones who are doing the paperwork (reporting findings) that “adjust” the findings of the research. That’s why it’s so important that the punishment for such “adjustment” of findings is losing their job.

  • Verdad

    This is why Fox News is so successful with their obvious propaganda. The people who believe it are incapable of seeing or understanding all of the lies they are being told on an hourly basis.

    • Elizabeth Ingham

      And have you noticed that the stories nearly repeat verbatim? It’s like they’re on a loop. Oh wait, isn’t that brainwashing? lol

  • emeraldeyes24

    Is the mental deficiency the cause of racism because of their limited ability to absorb vast amounts of information or is narrow experiential learning what creates racism because they are mentally deficient?

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  • Mom

    Blah blah blah

    • bayhuntr

      LOL, You know who they’re talking about, don’t you Mom?

  • Proud Conservative

    Seems like typical Liberal rhetoric. No concrete information to provide so resort to kindergarten name calling. If you want to come out as the more intelligent, at least attempt to act like it.

    • bayhuntr

      Proud Condevitive, Why does it sound like “typical Liberal rhetoric” You’ve given us no concrete information to justify that claim. Also you say they “resort to kindergarten name calling” You’ve again, given us no concrete information to justify that claim.

      I know some conservatives that would not be “proud ” to be associated with someone like you, who relies only on stereotypes to make his case.

    • MaseDub

      What the hell are you talking about-the concrete proof are the posters these idiots made lol.

      • MotherEarth

        New study shows that stupid people don’t know they are stupid.

        • http://buric.co buricco

          That’s called the “Lake Wobegon effect”, não? Or maybe I’m confusing it with something *related* to the Lake Wobegon effect.

    • ebocious

      Concrete information? The information is based on the study of 15,874 individuals. Prior to that, there was no concrete information, only a hypothesis.

      There are three possibilities here: 1) the results of I.Q. testing on a sizable pool of 15,874 individuals are flawed. 2) the test never took place; they’re just lying to us. 3) you’re not happy with the results. So, are you questioning the validity of the results, or are you questioning whether testing actually took place at all? Just curious.

      • Eddie Powell

        Waste of time. Trying to give insight to blind reasoning is like trying to push a car up a hill with a rope. Facts, research and the like means nothing to those with the same type of mindset..

        • http://buric.co buricco

          “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like trying to administer medicine to the dead” – Thomas Paine

    • Billy Joe Jim Bob

      Here is another reply to your statement.

  • Batman in Arkham

    This isn’t surprising when you remember what conservatism IS: preserving the status quo and resisting any attempt at change. People of low intelligence — that is, people who have very little ability and/or willingness to process and assimilate new information — would naturally be resistant to change, and thus more likely to hold archaic, outdated (aka bigoted and ill-informed) beliefs than someone open to new ideas.

    It’s why I’m so amused at the conservative complaint that state-run colleges tend to be progressive. An institution whose purpose is the research and dissemination of new information and ideas is going to be progressive by nature, because that’s what the progressive movement is about: learning new things and improving ourselves. “Conservative education” is an oxymoron in that sense. If your whole aim is to resist any attempt at change, you aren’t educating yourself or anyone else one bit.

    • Denise Peace


    • Elizabeth Ingham

      I agree: It isn’t surprising. The lack of critical thinking skills that anyone can observe from individuals who are extremists of any group is astounding and when approached with scientific proof about why they are wrong, they retreat into “my doctrine this” and “my doctrine that” or try to make the conversation out to be racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

      • Robert Kennedy

        And it shows in Texas where they want to ban the teaching of creative thinking.

        • Joe T.

          The correct term is “critical thinking” skills, something a little different but not entirely unrelated to creativity. It’s also not surprising that in most Texas schools creative courses and extracurricular activities, from orchestra and bands to art, are seeing their funding slashed while sports continue to remain flush with educational dollars. That trend isn’t likely to change here, either, as our recent election of Perry 2.0 (aka Abbott) practically ensures that TX education will continue to be under-funded and privatization pushed harder. The only way that conservatism can continue to flourish is with an environment of ignorance and fear.

        • Katie08

          That is right, Robert because Conservative politicians know that the more they can dumb down the masses into idiocy, the more likely the naïve, uneducated masses are to vote conservatively. Rupert Murdoch’s LIES, hyperbole and nauseating gormless non-stop trivia, celebrity and outrageous attacks on anyone who questions, queries or challenges the despicable callous policies of the ultra right wing members of the lunatic fringe is a testament to just how mad, bad and dangerous Tea Party policies really are.

    • Mark Erickson

      Well, don’t think change by definition always means for the better. If your neighborhood were to be occupied next year by militarized police who say, “These are the new changes–now you can’t do jack with your life.” that would be a change, but it would be a dark and evil one. Too many times Obama has vaguely said, “Hope and change,” no specifics of what, and people just cheer. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s good.

      • badphairy

        I must have missed where anyone ever said that. Glad you were here to address this nonexistent issue.

      • Leota Scott

        You are just proving the point hon.

    • what

      Omg, what a bunch of closet homos, do u go outside any of u. I have average iq maybe. An I’m pretty sure the ppl who you say have low iqs, are the ones who will be left standing. After all. Sounds to me like if we came up on a bear in the woods. You all would be the ones eaten. Ha ha ha.

    • conservativesdontlisten

      Very eloquently put, and very true

  • Rosemarie Benintend

    Look, I have no problem with people having limited intellects. It takes all kinds.
    And it’s certainly nothing either to be ashamed of, if you are a simple person, or be cruel about, because someone else is.
    Some people who are very simple are very happy, and sweet. I’m kinda jealous of those people.
    I have NO empathy, however, for the aggressively stupid who try to force the world, via brutality if necessary, to come down to their intellectual level.

    • bayhuntr

      Unfortunately, there are a lot of people on the down side of the bell curve that have been told stupid is the new smart. We have heard them demean and put down the “Elite.” They have been convinced that scientist are liars and crooks and can’t be trusted. Of course this benefits and is promoted by the Plutocrats; Stupid people will vote against their own internist, it you keep them distracted.

      • ebocious

        Agreed. They have invented a dichotomy of book smarts vs. street smarts. Anyone with solid grammar is brainwashed and ignorant to current events. Yet with all their superior street smarts, Mitt Romney’s jaw-dropping 27 lies in the first Presidential Debate somehow managed to fly right under their radar. What was actually being said meant absolutely nothing; to them, he won the debate simply because he was the aggressor. Of course, President Obama caught onto this, and adjusted his style to squash Romney in the next two debates. He now had not only the points for truth, but for style as well, leaving nothing for Romney.

        What I think we’re looking at is a natural survival mechanism. Information is the weapon of the future, and they are obsolete. Evolution is slow, but it doesn’t stop, and they are sensing the end. Bright, young minds tend to lean Democrat. And so the still larger but inevitably doomed breed is doing the only thing it can to try and survive: fight tooth and nail. They’ll score adherents while they’re young and impressionable, at home and in Sunday school. And for those of us who were raised by non-Republicans, or went through school and made up our own minds without conditioning, they’ll try and change voting procedures to limit our turnout in the polls.

        • Rosemarie Benintend

          My father thought I got an ivy league education because I was dumb enough to fall for the expensive designer name.

          Some things don’t change.

          There always WILL be a bell curve. There always will be an intellectual dichotomy.

          The insidious thing the current repugnantcans are doing is creating a cultural war between the haves (an advanced ability to reason) and the have nots.

          It’s not a real war, just like race and gender wars aren’t real wars. They’re manufactured to give an advantage to cultural puppeteers who find they can manipulate one side to their own individual advantage–which means both sides lose.

          We ALL lose when we build walls to keep one another out of “the good life”.

          • jmtaylor700

            The body of the American people is substantially republican. But their virtuous feelings have been played on by some fact with more fiction; they have been the dupes of artful maneuvers, and made for a moment to be willing instruments in forging chains for themselves.

            Thomas Jefferson to Thomas Lomax, 1799.

            As noted, gaming the less intelligent and poorly educated among us to be willing participants in voting in the interest of Aristocracy (natural aristocrats, so hereditary or self-styled changes nothing), which by its nature is contrary to their own interests, isn’t new.

        • XCellKen

          I was kinda a troublemaker in Junior High. Nothing too serious, tho. Most of my circle were the other bad kids. Most did NOT excel academically. I wanted to maintain my “street cred”, so I never talked about school, classes, etc. One by one, most of the “bad kids” found out I was quite intelligent. This despite my best efforts to hide this fact from them. Most were good with it. But some weren’t. I remember one moron who went with the “You may be book smart, but I’m street smart” line. I slapped him hard in the face, and said “If you were so smart, why didn’t you see that coming ??? Checked his Facebook page several years ago. Yep, he’s a racist Teabagger LOL

    • Robert Kennedy

      Stupidity is not your fault, but ignorance is. And even stupid people SHOULD be able to realize they don’t know what they are talking about and zip it.

    • Joe T.

      “Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.” – Mark Twain

    • joseph66

      Mao, Stalin, Lenin… all those intellectual smar people who were evil.

      • bayhuntr

        Mao, Stalin and Lenin, i’m not sure how smart they are, they could just be very clever, good conmen, very good salesman, but what they needed was a population of stupid people, they obviously found them.

  • https://www.facebook.com/martindeansloan MartinDean Sloan

    WOW! Thoughtless, You hate all government? Did you go to Public School? Or for that matter have you interacted in any way with anything since you were born? Public Parks, or anything funded by “PUBLIC” money ohhhhh Wait you’re on the Internet? I think you are a hypocrite because apparently you shouldn’t be on the Internet… IT WAS originally created and maintained by the Government and then given to the public. That makes it a Socialist program… GET OFF THE INTERNET HYPOCRITE AND GO HOLD A SIGN OUTSIDE walmart with your manifesto instead of using something you so obviously hate!!

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  • Dustin Dawind

    Sooooo… conservatives are stupid. No news here. Move along.

  • yedidask

    This article is written by the same person who paints Muslims as being as American as apple pie… At any rate, Any time the extreme liberals disagree with one’s dislike of Obama, they start yelling “racism”… OF COURSE, there ARE those who don’t like Obama because they are racists; but it is just as true that there are a LOT of people who do not like Obama because of his actions, and would not feel any differently if he were white – or green or polka-dotted, for that matter! Personally, I have always stood in support of non-White’s, after all of the bad history (including that of my ancestors); and in the beginning, I thought that Obama, while inexperienced, might be OK, but after seeing the horrible damage he has brought upon this country, and his narcissistic, anti-American and anti-Israel politics, he has shown that he is horrendous! I despise racists, and generally speaking, they truly do have low IQ’s and are really sorry excuses for people. I believe that a person’s character should be what they are judged on, and their skin color should have no more significance than the color of their eyes. But this article is nothing more than more of the same rhetoric of taking the easy way out and yelling “racism” instead of attempting to go the more difficult [if not impossible] way of attempting to explain why they think this serial prevaricator is OK [when he is not].

    Also see another interesting perspective – by a black journalist: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=554392954595839&set=a.168583359843469.33868.100000754190551&type=1&ref=nf

    • bayhuntr

      A lot of extremist hate Obama, just because they have been told to by the right wing media, just like they hated Clinton. Although Obama has brought a lot of racist out of the closet and their number one ploy when confronted for their racist remarks is “Not me, you” as in, I’m not the racist you are for pointing out that I’m a racist. Maybe if the regular extremist pointed out the racist around them, they wouldn’t so easily be put into that category, but of coerce they rarely do.
      About Obama you say… “but after seeing the horrible damage he has brought upon this country, and his narcissistic, anti-American and anti-Israel politics, he has shown that he is horrendous!” You clearly are part the the radicals that pretty much go wherever the propaganda leads you. Either that or you have one hell of a drama queen inside of you. Don’t forget to clutch your pearls when you repeat those Fox News lines! And as far as American Muslims, they can be as American as Evangelicals who want to trash or Constitution can be un-American. …I personally consider the faithful of any flavor to be at some level, damaged goods, but not anymore American or un-American than most groups with a selfish agenda.
      (See how I keep calling you an extremist? We can do it too!)

      • yedidask

        LOL :-D some of your writing is incoherent, so that it is not clear what you are trying to say; but your comment about me are way off base! I NEVER follow propaganda – that’s what gets people in trouble… I research things for myself, and come to my own conclusions. My comments about the author was simply to point out that she is BIASED, and therefore is not writing objectively.

        I am not, [as you seem to assume], a christian [of any flavor], and in fact, share heritage with the original Americans – the indigenous ones ;-) – and I am always the one who points out racism when I see it – in fact, I have gotten into big disputes, and been called all sorts of names by racists and crazies for my standing up and speaking out against racism – but the USA is quickly becoming a nation of coddled infants, each demanding his “right” to be swaddled in a cocoon of PC bulls*%# so he doesn’t have to ever hear anything “offensive”. Unfortunately, the rest of the world can be really, seriously, fatally offensive; and a nation of Milquetoasts has no hope of surviving for long… So, I DO rail against racism in all of it’s insidious forms, but trying to yell “racism” when it is not so only reduces credibility.

        I also do not support ANY political group – I don’t buy any of the BS from any of them! But the fact is, Obama is, at best, a communist, but also has very fascist leanings; and he is funding terrorists. He also has blood on his hands for Benghazi – no matter how many ridiculous cover-ups they come up with – and has trampled all over our Constitution. For many reasons, he needs to be impeached. I am not a radical – I am a realist.

        • bayhuntr

          You made me chuckle. “I NEVER follow propaganda…” The statement might be true, but not in your case, but still it has no meaning. Have you ever met anyone who thinks they follow propaganda?

          I try not to stereotype and like I said, a lot of people hated Clinton, it clearly wasn’t because he was black, most of those same people hate Obama, they would still hate Obama if he was white. You use a lot of descriptive names. sorry, but that is the first sign of someone who is easily led. “he’s this, he’s that, he’s this he’s that!” Communist – fascist, two completely different philosophies that end up hurting, pretty much, the same people. Please explain how he’s both and don ‘t leave out the conservative structure of ACA and how our fascist in the Republican party were not pleased that we didn’t go into Syria with guns blazing, how fast the deficit is dropping, or how high the stock market has grown. The left isn’t happy because he didn’t offer Single Payer or even a Public Option… !! The left also isn’t happy with the spying on Americans. Maybe he’s acting like a moderate republican to fool us into thinking he’s not a commy! Or… you have no idea what your talking about, because you don’t “research” you just look for any shit that agrees with how you feel.

          Here is another sign of being gullible and receptive to propaganda… “He also has blood on his hands for Benghazi – no matter how many ridiculous cover-ups they come up with” What does this mean? It means no matter how many facts you hear that contradict what you feel, you don’t care, you’ve been told to hate Obama and that is what you’re going to do! The only difference between Benghazi consulate and all the other multitude of attacks on American’s consulates and embassies over the last 40 years, is you hate for Obama; you wouldn’t give a f**k otherwise.

          You ever really read the constitution? What are the grounds to impeach a president? Please name what in the constitution he violated that is impeachable? Again, gullible people who eat up propaganda, talk in circles and blabber out an unending stream of accusations. It takes no talent, effort or intelligence to do so.

          Finally, if you want Israel telling you what to do, move to Is real. We should be doing what is best for America first, not Israel first. Israel is a friend, not a master, kneeling down and kissing Israels ass, isn’t being pro Israel, it’s being stupid.

          • yedidask

            No, communist & fascist are NOT “two completely different philosophies” – while having some differences, they actually have some great similarities… perhaps you should do some research yourself on the subject.
            The crap about Benghazi are not “facts” as you say – they have repeatedly lied from day one… and those killed there who asked for help from terrorist groups were just all in jest, I guess?
            Yes, I have read the Constitution. But the whole point here is that this article is implying that all who dislike Obama are racists, and are of low intelligence. You are going off in another direction entirely… and I HAVE lived in Israel; and you speak of Israel “telling us what to do” – that’s absurd – Obama has, several times, tried to tell Israel [a sovrein nation] what to do, [and with ZERO comprehension of the true history there either]. So, you’ve got that backwards.
            You are certainly entitled to your opinion, as am I; but I’m simply saying that it is asinine to claim that all who dislike Obama are ignorant racists… and I’m not going to keep going back and forth with this. Keep your opinion and welcome, and I’ll keep mine.

          • bayhuntr

            Actually, yes Communism and Fascist are very different philosophies. One is based on economic equality the other is based on nationalism, violence and war, how different they are is the only opinion. I’m guessing the WWII Germans and Russians would have a thing to say about it! Obama is neither, it is ignorance, not opinion to say he is. What has he done that is equal to a communist or a fascist? The statement is laughably ignorant. That is the subject of this thread. You, like most people with a lower IQ, per these studies, make your claims based propaganda and feelings, not facts. The facts around Benghazi are what they are, and from your comments, you’re completely ignorant on the issues and the issues we have had with American consulates and embassies over the last 40 years. If you cared about the men that died in Benghazi, you would care about all the others that died in truly questionable situations, like the report stating “Bin Ladin determined to strike in US” that was ignored. Or the fact that the house Republicans refused to increase security funding for our embassies before the Benghazi attack. Or the fact that the days leading up to Benghazi there were riots at other embassies directly related to those videos, why wouldn’t it be the same issue AND as the NYT just released, it was part of the problem. In all of your blabbering, you have still, even after calling you out on it, repeated more claims, but no specifics. It is your nature, per this article, to fall for propaganda, to be easily played and to not have any real argument, just talking point claims; you fit the description of a low IQ conservative to a T.

          • WhatHappenedToCanaduh

            Wow, you are amazingly stupid. Thanks for supplying evidence to support the findings of the article.

          • https://www.facebook.com/rosemary.butt.7 Rosemary Butt

            I believe that Israel has used the US for many years, I do not believe Obama is against or has caused any harm to them.Finally we have a president who understands there are differing views in this world, Israel has the right to defend them selves from invaders, but they have infringed on the rights of others by building homes where they signed an agreement not to. I believe Obama has the best interest of human kind. Not just of Americans but of all citizens of the earth. We need to learn a little compassion in this county that does NOT affect our purses.

          • http://wetgoddess.net/ Malcolm J. Brenner

            Israel IS the “invaders.” They stole the country from the Palestinians by slaughtering one village where they resisted in 1948 (Dar Yassin) and have been completing a campaign of slow-motion genocide against the original inhabitants of Palestine ever since.

        • MV

          Republicans cut the funding to embassy security; they get attacked, and it is the president’s fault. How does that add up? You must think that he is some kind of superhero.
          We also need to let Israel fight it’s own battles. They will never know peace. War is in their genes.

          • http://buric.co buricco

            Israel and the theofascist Christian right have been using and manipulating EACH OTHER for decades.

        • https://www.facebook.com/robert.nordgren.5 Robert Nordgren

          teabaggers always bring stupid to a whole new level everyday.

          • Catherine

            Then explain why the numerous shooters, like the school shooters, were Democrats who openly wrote and spoke about killing conservatives?????

          • J. Fischer

            Where? Cite some sources for this that aren’t from ‘Liberals are evil’ websites, or a few nut-jobs on the Left. I’m tired of reading claims that liberals are homicidal maniacs who want to emasculate the country, confiscate guns, and turn everybody gay.

          • msLou

            Sources please. I would like to see some facts to back up your claim. I’ve never heard of numerous ‘Democrat’ shooters killing Conservatives based on their political affiliation.

          • Mike

            Do you have sources for your claim about Democrats writing letters about killing conservatives, I’m sure there are, I just would like to see your sources. We can then give you sources where right wing leaders have suggested killing our present and people still vote for them.

          • http://gravatar.com/cafrench cafrench
          • http://gravatar.com/cafrench cafrench
          • Bignevermo

            Yeah, prisons are full on minorities and they tend to vote on the Dem side…but guess what? Those prisoners are also in there because of many reasons…one is longer and harsher sentences for minorities compared to whites, they are prosecuted more, they are arrested more for the same offenses…and they are poorer, which does create a climate of crime…

          • Mimi

            And if they are felons…they are not allowed to vote. Kinda cool how that works out for the GOP/TP huh?

          • Bignevermo

            Yup, my sister is married to Judge Alex, and he stated that he would not let felons vote at all…ever… yeah so lets make them pay forever…rightttt.

        • c. huus

          Swaddled eh…? Because heaven forbid we start being politically correct again. How exactly has Obama trashed this nation again? And I swear if you say benghazi I will chew your ass out…

        • ebocious

          You say this article yells “racism” against anyone who dislikes President Obama, completely overlooking the fact that it actually does make the distinction between mainstream conservatives and radicals. This is not about Republicans in general; this is about Tea Partiers.

          You also say that you never follow propaganda; you research things for yourself and come up with your own conclusions. So, where are your sources? You aren’t showing us any; you’re simply repeating the same memes we’ve heard a zillion times from those embittered either by the fact that a black man is in office, or by the fact that a Republican is not.

          Are you sure you don’t support any political group? Because you sure don’t sound very neutral. Here you are, calling Obama a fascist and communist who funds terrorists, saying he destroyed this country, and calling for impeachment. Impeachment for what? And what specifically did he do to destroy this country? And since when does an independent jump to the defense of the Tea Party?

          A lot of Republicans have taken to the closet since their party has gotten a bad rep as of late. Yet they think the solution is as simple as claiming to be independent, all the while belching out familiar, right-wing propaganda, nothing liberal. Right-wing is not something you’re born with, just FYI; it’s your point of view. And you’ve shown us all where you stand.

          P.S.: Do you know the difference between ignorance and stupidity? Because this article doesn’t call Tea Partiers ignorant. Ignorance is a lack of information. Stupidity is dullness of mind, a lack of cognitive ability. And these studies have revealed that Tea Partiers are outright stupid. That might explain your inability to distinguish fascism from communism, the former of which is more right-wing in its ideologies, and the latter of which is more left-wing. Oops!

        • suburbancuurmudgeon

          Where is the bias?

        • Bignevermo

          I dont think you are a racist at all…and you do write well and you seem intelligent.
          However, Obama isnt a communist, or at least he has not been trying to implement any kind of communist policies…he is no fascist as evidenced by the fact he isnt arresting anyone who disagrees and fascism is usually but not always a right wing ideology…he is not funding terrorism, please explain that one… if you are talking aid to Egypt you are way off base…
          Benghazi??? Geez dude, you were sounding intelligent… You have to be kidding… Congress has been trying to tie him to some kind of scandal ever since those poor people died…they spent millions…what happened? They could not find anything that the President did nor what he didnt do that caused this tragedy…he has tested his limits of power to be sure, like other Presidents before him, the SCOTUS or its lower courts have addressed some issues in this regard and they have overturned some of his policies… that’s how it works… checks and balances…he has not nor will he suspend the Constitution…that would be fascism and tyranny…the things that the right says he already does.

    • Bayhuntr

      One other thing, you state “…see another interesting perspective by a black journalist” why would you assume that anybody reading this would care what color journalist is as opposed to his name and what he says? At the link itself, the poster suggests Liberals can’t somehow disagree, because the guys black. You do realize that the color of the journalist skin has absolutely nothing to do with whether he is full of shit or not? Where did you come up with that idea? Oh, Fox news, I forgot. That journalist is blabbering the same nonsense you are, nothing you can back up, nothing that can stand outside of your echo chamber. Most of you radicals ideologues, you do not care what the facts are we could show you time and time again that you’re wrong you’ll just assume it’s a trick and believe you’re right. Like the halftime governor of Alaska, there just gotcha questions.

    • Andy

      You make a claim that the author is just another liberal crying “racism”, and that he/she is biased. Your claim could not be more inaccurate. The author is citing the results of a scientific study. The study, if you choose to use the Internet and read it, is not biased and has almost indisputable results. It has a huge sample base (over 15000) and showed predictability in a follow up study (one of the highest markers of scientific accuracy). So, unlike your opinion which is based on “drawing your own conclusions” (the very definition of biased), this author uses scientifically proven evidence to prove their case.

    • https://www.facebook.com/martindeansloan MartinDean Sloan

      WOW? Y* Well, no amount of facts or studies peer reviewed or not will convince a person like you. You are a Sheeple of the worst kind. Oddly, the studies actually confirm your ilk by your unswerving denial that Fascism is not the same as Communism… They are not similis they are juxtaposed to each other. Why would Fascist states have been wiped out by Commmunist Socialist, Democratic, Monarchical Republicanism, and even dictator states, if in fact they were the same? Fasicst states banded together in WWII and lost to every other kind of government in the world. The only fasicst state to survive past WWII was Spain only because it had already spent it’s wad in a nasty civil war over the same thing and that eventually fell. No, everyone if you want to argue what is fascist and what is Commmunism you first should study a little Poli sci before you jump into a conversation written by those who have… It, uh, proves the point made by the article and the studies confirmed… Do you really want to do that? Well, too late you did…

    • http://gravatar.com/bogleech bogleech

      Muslims are exactly as American as you are. Americans are all immigrants who stole this land from its natives, nobody can be “more” or “less” American according to their culture or religion.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Uh, when one calls Obama a “niggar”, says “Don’t re-nig in 2012, portrays him and his families as chimps and calls him a Kenyan Marxist Socialist Communist who should go back to Africa, that is racism, pure and simple. Not sure what your definition is…

    • msLou

      Anti-Israel, anti-American? That’s a rather sweeping allegation based on exactly what? Obama has an approval rating of over 65% in Israel. Israel got their $3.5 billion again this year, plus military munitions and equipment, and more US capital was invested in their Iron Dome. Just because he (a moderate liberal) and Bibi (a Zionist conservative) don’t get along personally doesn’t mean Obama is anti-Israel. Though I do not approve of everything he does his actions are no different than those of previous Presidents, some of whom caused far more harm to the country. Where have you been?

    • Joe T.

      If they were born and raised in this country or immigrated legally and took the oath of citizenship to become a citizen of the US, then yes, any Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, or any other religious denomination is every bit as American as apple pie. I consider every Muslim lying in eternal rest beneath the Muslim Crescent and Star in our Veteran Cemeteries every bit as American as his neighbor lying beneath the Christian Cross or Jewish Star of David. As for the racism slant, Obama just happens to be the most prominent African American in our time and so naturally the racism aimed at him will be most prevalent in the public’s eye. But this article wasn’t about Obama, it was about racism and its correlational links to low intelligence and extreme conservatism. While the pictures show a lot of the racism aimed at Obama, nowhere in the article itself is he even mentioned. That you twist this whole thing around to be about criticizing Obama while spouting typical Fox News rhetoric makes me wonder if you do protest too much on trying to distance yourself from those “other” low intelligence conservative racists.

    • Bignevermo

      I can take you at your word, it is true not all who dislike Obama or his policies are racist…and just as surely(as you acknowlegde) there are racists who dont care if he walked on water, he is still a “Ner” to them.
      But if you look, there are many things that are better now than when he took office. No one and nothing is perfect, but right now the country is doing pretty good. None of the gloom and doom predictions of the right have come to fruition.

    • pennyjane

      agreed, there are some people who aren’t particularly racist….just stupid enough to think that they are being educated by the fox. not all very stupid people are racists, some of you aren’t even smart enough to profess your racism even when you have it. the studies cited just punctuate what is obvious to anyone who interacts with “conservatives”….you are generally a not very smart bunch of people who lack good character.

  • Gwen Lebec

    I am sure this might have been an interesting essay but this website is so poorly designed that I could barely follow it. Start over and fix your website. Make it normal, at least.

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  • Comicus

    I love science.

  • Tel

    Where are the facts behind this propaganda? Go into the inner cities and spellcheck.

    • Brandon

      If your comment is a defense for the tea party by attacking other people’s inability to spell simple words, you might want to reconsider your criticism and google tea party signs, it’s pretty hilarious

    • broadsword

      Read the studies cited in it. Oh, right: You’re a Tea Bagging idiot, so you forgot to do that.

    • Juliet

      Because there’s absolutely NO connection between poverty and a poor education. All those poor whites are able to construct grammatically correct sentences, perform higher-level maths, and understand complex physics.

      Just remember: when you decide that non-whites shouldn’t benefit from help, you condemn whites to the same lack of education.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/kariokey30 Carrie Mitchell

    This is hilarious!!!

  • http://smit fred

    We didn’t need any studies to prove this.
    One drive-by channel surfing past FAUX NOISE proves how ko0ok crazy these retards are.

    • Len

      I don’t agree with any of it. Including the crazies in the occupy movement on the other side

      • http://gravatar.com/cwo4 cwo4

        That’s because you are one of the types that were studied

  • http://facebook/anthony.bartoletti.9 Anthony Bartoletti

    Having clearly established that the TEA party are entirely racist morons, there still remains a major question. To what organization are intelligent, non-racist people who believe that social programs have grown too large and unwieldy, and that this administration has sadly doubled-down on the Constitutional abuses of the Bush administration, supposed to turn?

    • http://www.facebook.com/frankly.an.ogre Frankly An Ogre

      Socio-anarchism or Libertarianism is what you are looking for depending on how much power you want to give The State.

    • Bayhuntr

      Bartoletti, you might agree about the Tea Party, but you could still be dealing with the world on the same propaganda that was created to play the Tea Party. One of those things is thinking social programs are the problem. A better economy fixes a lot of the social spending. What also would help, policies that force business to pay all the cost of doing business; if there isn’t enough profit to pay the cost of the employees, without “social programs” being needed, maybe there isn’t enough demand for your product? Are you ignoring Walmarts involvement in politics to keep that public tax money rolling in? Are you anti union, thinking the only group that doesn’t need a unified voice are people who work for a living, believing labor has no real “barter” value and we should take what the Chamber of Commerce gives us and shut up? Would you think a business that runs a hug deficit every year, puts no money into capital improvements and at the same time pays the top executives huge bonuses every year is a bad business, but can’t understand an economy that does the same thing, is a problem, just the top 1% are the top executives?
      Our other problems come from the military-industrial complex, there is hug profit in the surveillance of everyone and selling things that explode. You actually thing Obama or even Bush (if he had wanted to) could do anything about it, especially while you’re looking the other way?

      • Connie

        Thank you. When are people going to wake up and realize all this infighting is just a way to distract us until the 1% has enough power and bought legislators to take over, shut down the government, and become the rulers? Naw, you little pawns can’t see beyond tomorrow and how pissed you are at your neighbors. You’re winning the war for them while they sit around and laugh at you.

        • skinsidedown

          In the words of the late, great George Carlin: “…And they’ll get it, they’ll get it all….cuz they own this f*ckin’ place!”

          • Mom

            George Carlin was a jerk

  • http://www.facebook.com/wesleygray1776 Wesley Gray

    i don’t like any government at all. i think on my own, i follow my conscience instead of man-made laws, and i AM MY OWN GOVERNMENT. how about THAT? Free thinker alert.

    • j

      Probably don’t like roads, schools, protection from our military either. Guess when your house burns to the ground you won’t need that fire department to come save your dumb ass either?

      • Charlie

        Also, that fire department & police department are examples of Socialism (so is Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid & the ACA)….all these things will one day save your ass Wesley Gray but ignorance is not Socialistic it is as Forrest Gump said best: “stupid is as stupid does”.

  • Shirtless

    Would liberals please explain what happened to Detroit? In 1950, it was 80% white, the Arsenal of Democracy, the Paris of the West, and had 1.8 million people. Today, it is 88% black, has only 700,000 people, and looks like Mogadishu.

    • Louite

      Detroit fell victim to blockbusting, a process through which real estate agents and agencies sent agents throughout the city. Using racism to scare the people who were living in those long established neighborhood’s, they convinced a lot of residents to move out to the burgeoning subdivisions throughout southeast Michigan.

      Other cities fell victim to blockbusting, but not as largely as Detroit. Before blockbusting was curbed legally, the damage was done. There were other factors for the demographic shift in Detroit’s population, but none had a greater factor than using race to scare people to purchase homes to the benefit of the builders and real estate companies at the time.

      The history of blockbusting was researched and published in The Detroit Free Press about ten years ago, and a detail search will reveal that wonderfully written article.

      Sorry, but it wasn’t the black population that “suddenly moved into Detroit” overnight. It was fear, greed, and idiocy.

      • John

        Libtard logic at its finest. Even when no white people are around to commit the crimes, it’s still white peoples fault. Because there is no way that anyone is ever in the wrong unless of course they are straight, white, and male.

        • Thomas C

          That’s not what he was talking about at all, but I think I can explain it for you, since you clearly know nothing about sociology. The black population was already there, and white real estate agents scared the innocent white people into the suburbs. The entire 1950s decade was marked by mass exodus by whites out of the cities and into suburbs as the middle class grew. Unfortunately, so did racism in society, thanks to tactics like the aforementioned ones, so the blacks were left behind in the cities, not having the same job opportunities as whites, so they were stuck. Over time, Detroit fell into disrepair because of other factors, like the auto industry taking a huge hit, and as we’ve seen time and again all over the world, anytime there is prolonged economic hardship, society gets ugly. It has nothing to do with the fact that they’re black- whites would respond the same way if the roles were reversed. You’re just a racist, and prove everything in this article to be true.

          • John

            Not directly, but it’s always implied in progressive propaganda. This sounds like a conspiracy theory to me, cooked up by someone who is so terrified of his own positions’ rhetoric that he can’t call what’s obvious. It’s not racist to say that a group of people is at fault, if they are in fact at fault. I’m not saying that ALL black people are criminals, or that ALL black people are bad or violent in general. That would be racist. But the ones in Detroit certainly are, because there are no white people left there to blame. The author concocts a cockamamie story about some conspiracy to get white and other middle class people to move out of town (they probably wanted to move considering all the crime in the inner city), subtly blaming not the group of criminals who are committing the crimes but white people. Rather than lay blame where is belongs you libtards are always trying to pin it on white, conservative, and often single males. YOU ARE THE RACIST, SIR. It’s not surprising you can’t see it. Racism is an emotional disease after all.

          • c. huus

            I read John’s response. Don’t even bother trying to put well reasoned thought out arguments out there. He clearly cant comprehent it. He thinks block busting, a historical event that led to reforms in real estate law, are a conspiracy. He probably thinks that about the great depression and the Holocaust are conspiracies too…

    • Larry

      All the great Auto jobs are now scattered all over mexico, south america, and asia. Because the big three got sick of giving money to the workers

  • Maggie

    How about posting a link to your sources? Some of us might like to read the study.

    • AATTP

      There are links. When you mouse over the text and the arrow becomes a little hand, click there.

      • http://twitter.com/taeric1 Eric Fisher (@taeric1)

        Lol. I think I love you.

  • Daniel

    Firstly this study appears to have set out to prove something, not to determine something. Conservatives, don’t get your knickers in a bunch. This study in no way proves that conservatives are any dumber and less racist that liberals since there is no representative sampling of liberals. Perhaps both groups are dumb racists. Just read some of the comments posted here. In my experience both liberals and conservatives at times seem like a group of intolerant, low IQ folks.

    • Daniel

      I wouldn’t be too quick to gloat about the results of this study. Even if the study isn’t flawed, this study in no way suggests liberals are any smarter or less racist. It’s always baffling to me why so many liberals feel a need to “prove” their superiority to conservatives. Do liberals suffer from some form of mental insecurity? Do liberals doubt the strength of the logic behind their arguments? Instead liberals often focus on name calling and personal attacks.

      • Subikahn

        The study doesn’t purport to show that liberals are smarter or less racist than main-stream conservatives. What it says is that less intelligent people tend to prefer conservative ideologies. (Imo this is because conservative ideologies, especially in respect to religion, claim to know the capital T Truth of the matter and are rigidly hierarchical, so thinking and understanding is not required, only obedience.) This in turn fosters groupish or tribal social structures, which rely on their cohesion and uniformity to reinforce their common ideology. As a consequence, they have little exposure to outside groups, and tend to demonize those different from them. The end result is tightly knit, closed minded group with below average analytic thinking skills who feel threatened by anything that challenges their ideology, and thus reinforce their positions through the use of hostile rhetoric, appeal to authority, and a simplistic naturalism that confirms their inherent superiority to everyone they fear.

        It’s not that liberals are smarter than conservatives, it’s that stupid people gravitate toward right-wing conservatism, and right-wing conservatism fosters bigotry. QED.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pardomichael Michael Pardo

          well said sir

        • freesia

          Who do you think you’re fooling? There are no true liberals left in this country anymore. That mindset has been co-opted by progressives who do not countenance even the slightest opposition to their viewpoints.

          • Jeff

            So who was a “true liberal”?

          • Patrick Bittel

            Freesia. I could put conservative where you put liberal and radical conservative where you put progressive in your statement and it would be just as true.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

        This study doesn’t suggest that, true enough, but other similar studies have indicated that the more intelligent and better educated the person, the more likely he or she will hold liberal views – which isn’t to say there are no intelligent, well educated conservatives. There are. But you likely won’t find them watching Fox News or carrying misspelled signs at Tea Party rallies.

      • https://www.facebook.com/gary.carlisle.58 Gary Carlisle

        u must have read the conservative play book, .you know the passage where it says cast your faults on the other party. typ. conservative response to being wrong….

        • Catherine

          Very sad that you are so READING-CHALLENGED and cannot even look at the MANY publicly-available publications and books and magazines, but to be expected.

      • Bayhuntr

        Daniel, liberals don’t need to prove it, flaunt it? maybe but we don’t need to prove it.

  • Akinyele

    I guess it’s easier to be stupid than to actually do work, educate oneself and be smart!

  • http://twitter.com/Spasmo RMH III (Spasmo) (@Spasmo)

    People who have the mental facility can overcome the prejudice they were taught as a child….those who do not have it stick with those ideas because they dont have anything to replace it and cant conceive of anything .once they leave junior high it is set in concrete

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  • http://womensrightsgoneastray.blogspot.com/ Catherine

    You forgot about a very racist organization that the Democrats support whose founder worked closely with the German Nazis on racial cleansing, the founder being Margaret Sanger and the group Planned Parenthood.

    • AATTP

      Oh, for Christ’s sake. Take another guzzle of Kool-Aid before anything true can seep into your broken brain, Catherine.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.arthur.90 Sharon Arthur

      You have just proven the point of the article. Thank you for your ignorance.

    • bayhuntr

      Oh Catherine, do you sometimes eat, forget to open your mouth and poke yourself in the eye with a fork?

    • William Coleman

      Islam is another spectrum for this subset.Using science to propound this theory is a waste of time.Pseudo intellectual garbage I say.

      • Tommy Mclemore

        Of course, that’s what you think.

    • j

      Wrong, the Nazi’s were Republican extremists. Hilter’s private army was even called the Republican Army. Try looking something up before posting stupidity.

      • Anthony in Houston

        Correct me if I’m wrong,J. Isn’t NAZI the National SOCIALIST Party?? isn’t Dear leader a socialist/commie?? So, therefore, is HE not closer to The NAZI party?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

          Thanks for proving the article’s premise, Tony. ;-)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

      Catherine, you would appear to be exactly the sort of person this article is about.

    • Thomas C

      Just commenting on a few things I’ve read along the way: The whole Margaret Sanger thing is, to my understanding, largely a myth. Sure, she may have been a racist, but so were most people back then, by today’s standards, there is no solid proof she was a Nazi supporter. Also, even if it IS true, that’s clearly not the ideology of PP now, and it’s unfair to judge it by one person almost 100 years ago. Btw Catherine, Democrat does not mean liberal. Pretty much every major Democrat today (cough OBAMA cough) is in no way a liberal.

      As for the whole Hitler/Nazi thing, the National Socialist Party was an intentionally misleading name. Hitler hated Socialism and Communism, and when he broke his treaty with Stalin called him and the Bolsheviks “the scum of humanity”…..did we REALLY need to spell that out for you? It’s obvious he wasn’t a socialist. And no, “Dear Leader” is not a socialist/commie, you say that as if it’s been a proven fact…..maybe it has in the trailer park in rural Kansas that you come from, but not in the rest of the country.

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  • Rufus T

    *sigh* Do a little research before you waste all your hate, prejudice and intolerance based on an incredibly flawed “study”. “Gordon Hodson and Michael A Busseri’s study has been described as ‘a contender for the worst use of statistics in an original paper ever’ by Dr William M Briggs, Professor of Statistical science at Cornell.” http://wmbriggs.com/blog/?p=5118

    • Bob Cull

      I need no research to tell me what I have observed personally on a daily basis. I talk to Teapubs all the time and invariably hear claims that Presidents cut and raise taxes, spend money and enact legislation, that is proof of ignorance as they have the authority to do none of those things. They tell me that the Earth is 6,000 years old, proof of stupidity. And inevitably they will tell me that they “do not hate Obama because he’s a npornr, they hate him because of his policies.” That, my friend is absolute proof of racism.

  • http://www.facebook.com/larry.colin Larry Colin

    We have samples from time immemorial that the rich try to own everything and do anything and everything in there power to keep everyone else in poverty. The rich rule everyone else. We also have irrefutable evidence that the conservative (reference the previous sentence) does not work well for society in general but only for the very rich. So for a change we here in the US are in the process of changing this to make a country that works for the masses and trying to wipe out poverty. It seemed to start working when the power hungry rich found out that there were people out there that actually had something and became the middle class. We cannot have that. This is different from time honored ways where the rich own everything. So they are trying to take us to times past where the rich are again the owners of everything. But with their lower IQ’s for the poor people that seem to follow the rich they can be brain washed very easily. How else can you explain that the poor still vote for the ideology that is directly against their own best interests?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tara.marshall.33 Tara Marshall

    I live in Arizona, and my route to work coincides with that of a man with a Hummer. On top of that Hummer, he has a whip antenna… and hanging by a rope with a noose is a stuffed monkey with a “Nobama” pin on it.

    He might as well have his KKK robes hanging off his gun rack. It is precisely this kind of person who likes the Tea Party.

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  • http://tolerantpeople.wordpress.com sophist6

    While I would love to say that these “studies” actually prove something – I don’t think they do. It is fear and not I.Q. that determines racism and extremism (IMHO). I won’t go on forever here – but I wrote a response on my blog if anyone is interested in reading it.


    • Bob Cull

      Ignorance breeds fear! If you are on a dark road and hear a noise behind you you are frightened, however if that road is suddenly illuminated and you see a bear coming up behind you and a house only a short distance away you are not nearly so frightened. So yes fear of the unknown and racism are a sign of ignorance. Add to that the fact that these people ridicule others for being educated and I think you have incontrovertible proof that they are either ignorant or stupid.

      • Doesn’t Wanna Get Eaten

        I disagree with only one point of your argument. If I see a bear behind me, I’m crapping my pants whether I see a good place to run or not. lol

      • Dave

        Ignorance is not the same thing as low cognitive ability. Ignorance is something easily overcome, one simple must decide to learn what they do not know. However low cognitive ability means they do not have the capacity to understand that which they do not know. Please keep your terminology straight when arguing on the internet. That being said, I will weigh in with my two cents about this. Anecdotal evidence from my own life does seem to support the hypothesis that “low I.Q. leads to greater prejudice and racism”. I have found many a flaming idiot screaming about how Obama is ruining this country. These people completely forget, or maybe they never knew in the first place, that George W. Bush was in office when our economy went to hell. Obama is presiding over the greatest economic turnaround since we clawed our way out of The Great Depression. We got out of The Great Depression while lead by a Democrat as well. But I digress. Simply put, anyone with even basic observational skills and some honesty will tell you the dumbest people typically are the most racist or generally intolerant members of a society. OK I am done, time for bed.

        • http://www.facebook.com/robert.scalzi Robert Scalzi

          Ignorance is not easily overcome when it is entered into willfully – and there are a boatload of willfully ignorant people in this country

    • http://ferrisagain.com FerrisAgain

      But fear is fed by lack of education. Or rather, education is the best defense against ignorant fear.

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  • http://Facebook Bill Smith

    Is there any way we can require an IQ test and an IQ of at least 100 to vote?

    • Bob Cull

      You do realize that the Iraq war would never have happened if an IQ of at least 100 were a requirement to vote don’t you? Dubya and nearly all of his followers would never have been allowed to vote.

    • Dan

      Ummm… The IQ test isn’t a general test, but a test that judges whether or not a person is ready for University Collage courses… There are many other types of “smarts” out there; street smarts, musical smarts, textbook smarts etc. In the midst of chaos, I’d follow a person who ranks high in street smarts over someone who scored high on any standardized test…

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  • Al Berkman

    It’s fascinating to observe some mechanism at work here that allowed so few of us commenters to avoid trading supercilious if sometimes erudite barbs, this one included. If any of us are so smart, we’d best start figuring out how to get along….

  • Virgil

    You have one study, the Hodson and Busseri study, and a political science professor hocking his new book? Did you even notice this little note from the Hodson/Busseri study?:

    1. We focused on social-cultural conservatism rather than economic
    conservatism, given that the former is more clearly related to prejudice
    (Jost et al., 2003; Van Hiel et al., 2010).’

    I fail to see how this study indicts all conservatives. The social conservatives who make racist & homophobic comments, sure. But how the heck do you go from there to ‘Libertarian-types’ in the same jump? Would you really argue that the study describes Gary Johnson as well as Todd Akin or Rush Limbaugh?

    • Dave

      Virgil there are exceptions to every rule.

    • Bayhuntr

      To your point I think there’s two groups of make up conservatives those the pull the strings and those with strings to pull. The latter would be social conservatives. And you have those that are greedy and amoral, but also have to be intelligent. That’s where we have the party of God, that is also the party agreed.

  • Tony domino

    Lincoln was wrong: he should have let The South seceede

    • Timothy Spruill

      I tend to agree. I think several more nations in North America would be more manageable and cooperative than just three. I also think the imperialist American mindset might then be confined to whatever would have been included in USA. Finally, I see supposed intelligence and IQ does not eradicate bigotry, regionalism, or generalizations about certain groups of people. I cite your comment as an example.

  • alex

    I can see how Extreme Liberalism can be linked to low I.Q. as well, even if they are more likely to have come from higher education.. regurgitation of information is different from critical thinking.

    I think that Libertarians have, by far, the highest I.Q. compared to Liberals and Conservatives.

    • Bob Cull

      There are no libertarians anymore. Those calling themselves libertarians today are mostly young punks who, like any spoiled child, want no rules of any kind. Read Emma Goldman, you will find her views mirror those of today’s “libertarian.” That is anarchy.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jay.ka.93 Ja Ka

        So are rules and laws!!!! Look at politicians and lawyers!!! It is human nature to buck the system. They look for loopholes to bend the system. That is ANARCHY!!! Every single law is a form of oppression or discrimination. Why do we have criminals!!! They don’t want to be told how to live. That’s why our forefathers designed this system to prevent the government from doing what it has been. Like all Empires this one is failing!!! England failed we took over and now we are failing!!!! Human nature does not change and history keeps repeating itself!!!!

        • Bob Cull

          Since you hate it here so much you are more than welcome to leave. I understand it’s lovely in Somalia. Oh, and by the way, that is what anarchy looks like, I suggest you read up on it before you start making claims about where it exists.

        • http://www.facebook.com/divadarya Darya Teesewell

          You seem excited!!!

    • Ted


      Libertarians tend to be just smart enough to know something’s wrong, but lack the critical thinking to get past conservative economic dogma and realize actual solutions to complex problems.

      Let’s not go tooting your own horn so quickly, pal.

      • Matthew


    • Aaron

      Well, libertarians certainly have the highest self-regard of any political ideology. But considering how many support flat earth notions like the gold standard, removing all or most regulations on business, and often support conspiracy theories such as Trutherism or anti-vax, I can’t say I have much regard for their reasoning skills.

    • http://republicandirtytricks.com Taradacktyl

      Reporting reality (and history) to ideologues who would rather continue begging billionaires to trickle on them than align themselves with the “other” because of their inherent racism is not “regurgitation of information,” my sad CON. It’s called “having a clue.”

    • Cal

      Libertarians are Republicans who want to smoke dope and get laid. Go. Do. Come back when you’re used to those things. We’ll discuss the rest then.

    • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.gyetko Stephen Gyetko

      As rebuttal to the theory of ‘high IQ Libertarians, I offer four words: Rand Paul, Ron Paul…. Say ‘Goodnight Gracie’…

    • Matthew

      Libertarians live in a dream world, which you pretty much proved by your comment.

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.scalzi Robert Scalzi

      You just made me laugh so hard my coffee is coming out of my nose – libertarians are the most willfully ignorant voters in the country-

      • http://tadpolesjewels.wordpress.com M. T. Noah

        YES! Can’t say more, but you are not exaggerating!

  • Joe O.

    This study was done “across the pond.” How does the British definition of Left-Wing vs Right-Wing and Conservative and Liberal differ from that in the USA?

    • Subikahn

      One data set was from the UK, another from the US had similar results:

      “A secondary analysis of a U.S. data set confirmed a predictive effect of poor abstract-reasoning skills on antihomosexual prejudice, a relation partially mediated by both authoritarianism and low levels of intergroup contact.”

  • Joe O.

    Have you seen the criticism of the study Gordon Hodson and Michael A. Busseri of Brock University?

    You may want to look at it here: http://wmbriggs.com/blog/?p=5118

    Here are some quotes:

    “They gathered two large data sets from the UK, one started in 1958 (NCDS), the other in 1970 (BCS); about 16,000 individuals in total, roughly equal numbers of males and females. The quizzed the groups when they reached 11 and 10 years old on their “intelligence”; they then came back to these individuals when they were 33 and 30 and asked them about their “socially conservative ideology and racism.”

    The authors do not say how many people they used in their analysis; how many individuals were lost in the 20 years between surveys is not noted in their paper. [Briggs] read of the NCDS website (pdf) makes the loss about 30%. That leaves about 11,000.”

    “The NCDS (pdf) also had available the Peabody Individual Achievement Test Math and Reading sub-scales which were not used as intelligence measures. ”

    “According to the NCDS (pdf), there were about 50 questions, of which only 13 were used.”

  • Joe O.

    Was this a peer reviewed study? Where can I see the data?

  • mrfun

    All that you have to do is listen to the wing nuts , like Rush The Hutt, to see how brain dead his audience must be.

  • Kim P

    They even left out the study that showed conservative brains have larger amygdala than liberal brains. The amygdala is responsible for fear response. http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-human-beast/201104/conservatives-big-fear-brain-study-finds

    • Patrick Bittel

      Fear, hate and paranoia are prevalent among conservatives. Especially teabaggers.

  • John Costley

    To all commentators: Thank you for proving these studies to be true. Notice the grammatical content of each response. And this page even spell-checks for you!

    • Bob Cull

      Now now, John I think you’re being too harsh. I had one of these idiots chastise me yesterday for being mean to him because he is dyslexic and that is the reason his spelling sucks.

    • Al Berkman

      Hahaha! Gotta love this sort of comment from a guy that starts a sentence with a conjunction….

      • The Greatest

        It has been stated in style guides for “American English” that starting a sentence with a conjunction has actual “no historical or grammatical foundation” what so ever.

  • Linda

    Does anyone else find it ironic that everyone carrying an anti-“Obamacare” sign is retirement age–and probably on Medicare? Yet they are against “socialized” medicine? Huh?

    • https://www.facebook.com/rosemary.butt.7 Rosemary Butt

      i am old (78), on medicare, have kept the suppliment that I had when ACA was passed, my choice, I LOVE OBAMA, my decision was based on my experience with the company I am with. Everyone old does not hate obama, I may be wrong but I assume most of these pictures were of wealthy retirees in Florida.

  • Randy

    Well, DUHHH!

  • Kevin Mills

    This comes under the same “breaking news” heading as “the sun rises in the east” and “water is wet.”


    Three pairs of college freshmen do not comprise a “scientific team”. Few of the pictures could be consider “racist”, and they were all truthful (we thought only islamist went ballistic over cartoon of ‘their prophet’). democrat/socialists are all for freedom of speech until they don’t like what they hear (read) and they have no comeback. If a black Tea Party member, black Conservative, or black Republican even read these signs in public, you would label them a racist also. If a black democrat/socialist said these same things in public, on the street, or it was your black homies sitting next to you sucking on a blunt, you would not DARE call them a racist. democrat/socialists always play the “experts all agree” card when trying to convince others that their lies are true, but letters behind your name do not make a lie any less than a bald-faced LIE! They found a group of signs and put them on a video. How many hundred rallies did they have to go to collecting these pictures? How do we know this is not a klan rally, not a Tea Party Rally? A dead giveaway is, there are NO MINORITIES IN THE CROWD! You children are too young to fool a mature adult. I could do the same thing with democrat/socialists, but I could use footage from the 1950-60’s, when ALL the perpetrators were DEMOCRATS! I can go all the way back past President Lincoln, when the Republican Party was founded, specifically to END SLAVERY! If the democrat/socialist have to always try to elevate themselves by putting fellow Americans down, and STANDING ON THEM, they are not fit to call themselves Americans! I attended my first Tea Party Rally, and a montage from that single event would dispel all the perceived hatred portrayed in this so-called video (even that is a lie – this is a slide show of still picture, NOT A VIDEO). I noticed that some thought is was so vile, they could not even look at it, yet I would bet my life, every one of you has watch pornography, and committed adultery, NUMEROUS TIMES IF NOT DAILY! In fact, “scientific studies” shows, democrat/socialist are more likely to shack up, have multiple abortions, be poison addicts, divorce, practice homosexuality, and have a lower character in every category, than Conservatives. Don’t think you can pick out the bad apples from any group and convince Conservatives that the whole group is bad. I noticed on Conservative talk shows, that liberals regularly call in and thank the host for converting them, simply by revealing The Truth! I have listen to public talk radio. I noticed they are taxpayer funded because no one will pay for (advertise on) their BS shows. I noticed there are only two or three socialist shows on the whole radios, because they cannot survive on their own merit and content. I notice I NEVER heard a conservative call in to say they converted by listening to the facts on the socialist state-owned media toilet. History shows that if you had no Tea Party to hate, you would hate each other. How many wars were their in Europe? How many Europeans hate America today, yet we are comprised of their decedents? What color were the people that started (and ended) both world wars? Yet democrat/socialists talk all cumbaya, and then enslave every minority and every lower caste white person with the cattle prod of “welfare”, out of false humanity, false humility, and false guilt!

    • http://N/A Marc West


    • Mary

      So, you must be one of the statistics of this research…..

      • http://Facebook Bill Smith

        Wow, I think everything is covered in this long dissertation. This is wrong… on so many levels. I was doubting the study about Ultra Conservatives… until I read this.

    • JNWesner

      4per, you need to get back on your meds. You’re frothing again.

    • anne

      u mad

    • Linda

      Affirmation of the study’s conclusions–right here. Too many syllables? Let me make this easier—You. Are. Exactly. What. The. Book. Says. You. Are.

    • Weston Progressive

      Thank you for validating this study.

    • becca

      Oh, man… this comment is like one of those Highlights Magazine back covers where you end up dizzy and winded from trying to find all the things that are wrong in the picture. “yet I would bet my life, every one of you has watch pornography, and committed adultery, NUMEROUS TIMES IF NOT DAILY! ” – best laugh i’ve had in awhile. as a liberal dirtbag, i DO commit adultery MULTIPLE TIMES EACH DAY, while sucking on a blunt with my black homies. it’s like this person has a special window right into my soul.

      • http://Facebook Bill Smith

        Thanks for finding some humor in this. I feel I am shirking my duties by NOT watching pornography and committing adultery several times a day. I hate it when that happens.

      • Marc

        lol. thanks Becca :)

    • JamesInCA

      The researchers must be gratified to see their theory in action here.

    • Bob Cull

      No need to answer all of your claims, one will suffice. The Republican Party was NOT founded on the premise of abolishing slavery. It’s intent was simply to stop the spread of slavery to NEW states, not end it where it already existed. Like they say, once your veracity has been proven questionable on one point anything else you say is questionable. Oh, and by the way Lincoln freed NO ONE, the Emancipation Proclamation applied only to the states in rebellion and they weren’t about to follow any edict from him since they didn’t recognize his authority. All slaves held in the northern states at the time were, in fact, still slaves even as far as Lincoln was concerned.

    • Yvonne Galindo


      “practicing homosexual”

    • teri

      LOL. Thank you for providing even more proof of the validity of the study results.

    • Tony

      So glad you are the good Christian you think you are and hate not one bone of hate and would never “bear false witness” against anyone. I would suggest you do a little fact checking before you write anything and learn some comprehension skills when looking at these photos.

    • dragontech64

      SO which study were you the subject of? Your spell-check free, grammatically flawed diatribe (that’s “rant” to you conservative types) shows that the study was 100% correct. Let me guess, you’re also a big fan of that psychotic moron, Glenn Beck.

    • Oliver O’Brien

      I really hope you’re a troll.

    • chris

      Quite a few lies there dippy… Fyi, the tea party and kkk are eessentially one and the same.

      • Dave

        False. While The Tea Party and The KKK do share SOME common beliefs about the current state of The Union, there are MANY differences between the two. I can’t believe I am arguing against you people, I am a registered Democrat.

    • ANW

      I honestly tried to read all the way through your single paragraph rant, but I couldn’t do it. It’s just too much text all at once. Large blocks of text such as your rant are not advisable if one wants their post to be taken seriously. Not to mention the copious capitalization, spelling, sentence structure and word tense issues. The only good thing I have to say about it is that at least it was not all one sentence and you at least attempted to adhere to proper punctuation rules.

      What kind of bullcrap revised history have you been force-fed? The Republican Party was not founded to END slavery, simply to prevent it from spreading to new states. Republicans, for the most part, were completely fine with having slavery in the existing states, just not new ones.

      Few of the pictures could be considered racist? We must have different definitions of racism, because I see elements of racism in EACH of them. If not out and out, it is implied through image or tone. Implied racism is still racism.

      Also, thanks for the assumption, but I have never watched pornography in my life. Of course, it depends on what one defines as pornography, though it can still be said that I have not watched pornography. And as for committing adultery, well, since I’m not married, I can’t very well commit it, can I?

      A filthy liberal college student.

      P.S. You see what I have done with my post? Breaking it up into easily readable chunks? You should try it sometime.

    • Daniel

      Hey ‘4percenter’, could you translate for us? We don’t speak dumb-a**. You’re the epitome of ignorance, and a case in point for the experiment mentioned above. You need to stop watching Fox News.

    • ImaniOU

      You see. You had me until you started talking about mythical creatures… you know – black Teapublicans. You might as well have claimed there was a black Klansman as well. Then again, considering the two groups’ ideology, that would be pretty much the same thing.

      Here’s a riddle for you… a black Teapublican, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and a compassionate conservative come to an intersection where a $100 bill lays. Who picks it up first? The answer? No one… because none of them really exist.

      Anyway, I bet you’re also against any legislation that makes stronger background checks to keep guns out of the hands of crazy people because that means “they’re trying to take your guns away”. Those mean ol’ people making you take those mental health tests with all those confusing questions.

      Don’t worry, cupcake. Your secret is safe with me. ;-)

    • Lee Burkett

      You spent too much time wasting words. You only needed one- racist.

    • Christine Dannemont

      So, that’s 4 percent of your brain that’s working? Amazing. I think we just found the missing link between ape and man.

      And FYI, public broadcasting is non-profit. Legally, they CAN’T run commercials, you blithering one-celled excuse for sentience. However, they are sponsored by various grants and by contributions from businesses and individuals, so your argument that they ‘can’t get anyone to support them’ is as baseless as, well…pretty much everything else you said.

      I hope you’re a troll. Really. Otherwise, I’m going to have nightmares about your contributions to the gene pool.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.arthur.90 Sharon Arthur

      I see you support anti-intellectualism. Oops, is that too big of a word for you?

    • Marc

      Looks like this article stirs up a lot of emotions, but when the dust settles everyone really knows who the racist, bigots are. No titles or labels necessary. You know and I know and we all know who you are. Simple as that. You can put lip stick on a pig . . . (still a pig). If my comment makes you angry or uncomfortable . . . gotcha!

    • http://twitter.com/taeric1 Eric Fisher (@taeric1)

      I think someone just realized they’re stupid. That’s why 4pecker or whatever just exploded stupid all over his computer screen. Much like I do when I watch my pornography whilst committing adultery. As far as that headache it got after reading the article, that would be an aborted epiphany.

  • James

    Do we really need to spend so much money on studies that support the obvious? The sad fact is that the people who most need to understand the correlations of these findings either cannot read the conclusions or discount it out of hand as hogwash.

    • Linda

      Yes. But sometimes results are actually surprising and what seems obvious turns out not to be. When studies support common observations then they help to not only provide unbiased confirmation, it can narrow down what exactly is and isn’t true, how strong that correlation is, and what factors influence the results. And you don’t have to have a lot of letters behind your name to come up with some good solid studies. You are right though that it seems that most often the people that really need to understand the results of these studies are the ones least likely to listen, let alone believe in what they say.

      • dragontech64

        These studies are all science, and, since conservatives fear, cannot comprehend or accept science, they will refute the obvious. After all, “it ain’t in the Bible”, right?

  • John McCarthy

    I’ve been saying this for years.

  • Southern Pete

    It’s interesting to see the conflation of religion, conservatism, racism, and homophobia evident in the visual examples given.

    Interesting, too, how appealing and repetitive some of the memes are! Men and women (black only, of course!) with chimp faces, stick figures, in fact all the things that small children find appealing and accessible.

    “…and my wrath will fall upon you unto the fourth generation.” Surely it’s not a rolling count?

  • Malinda Walker Chilcote

    And THESE people are reproducing

  • Nice video

    Nice video. It was spot on. Just can’t wait in three mor years our country will be 20 trillion in debt. That should be real good for us. Thanks obama

    • Bob Cull

      Why would you blame the President for our debt? Presidents cannot spend anything that is not authorized by Congress and since the Teapubs in the House won’t give him anything, even if he asks for something they previously supported and the minority Teapubs in the Senate misuse the filibuster to keep anything meaningful from getting done there, I’d say everything falls squarely on the shoulders of the Grand Obstructionist Party.

      • ImaniOU

        Don’t bother using logic and facts with these people. It just makes them angrier.

    • John McCarthy

      Thank Bush and the GOP.

    • teri

      Congress creates the budget, not the President. Nice try, though.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gordon.lacey Gordon Lacey

      pretty sure most of that debt is due to the war he is having problems ending (which he was elected to stop, if he’s’s guilty of anything it’s breaking an election promise), and the war before that, and the war before that. I wonder how much money america would have if it decided to, under no circumstances, go to war with ANYONE for 5 even 10 years. to get an idea check how much money they’ve spent on the Iraq war. those numbers I don’t have. of course if the tea-party has anything to say about it you’d be at war for the next 50. and frankly Obama was handed a shit hand and a country where at least most of the south (that what it looks like anyway) hates him simply cause he’s black and they’ve been told to. the fact that he got elected again and he’s still sane is a testament to how awesome he is…..if nothing else.

      • http://www.facebook.com/gordon.lacey Gordon Lacey

        also also just cause I’m Canadian doesn’t mean ALL my points are invalid, so don’t anyone try pulling that card please.

  • racist

    Nice to see how all the pictures you show are white people as if they are the only ones capable of racist thought.

    • Bob Cull

      No but we do make up the lion’s share of the Teapubs and have the majority of racists among us.

    • rickey

      now why would any be racist against whites?

    • Brett

      I think it’s kind of silly to see that one statement means the the opposite couldn’t be true. I imagine you’re experiencing some form of cognitive dissonance from the test results, trying to come up with something to argue against. Everyone knows everyone is capable of any thought, it’s one of those things that doesn’t need to be said because it’s already understood by those with half a brain. But the reality is still there, that these are white guys who clearly are very racist. Again, this doesn’t mean that racism doesn’t exist in any other form and I’m not sure why you would think it does. But then again, perhaps the results of this survey might explain that…..

  • Shawn Crippen

    I started to watch the video of all the morons with their racist signs but I couldn’t watch the whole thing…it’s vile.
    I’m not at all surprised to find that these idiots are, in fact, IDIOTS.
    What sends chills down my back is we’ve given these imbeciles licenses to own and carry firearms. People have talked for years about a civil war here in America–a race war, or a terrorist uprising. I’m far more fearful of these low IQ whack jobs target practicing in the woods of Appalachia for the day the government comes to take their guns.

    • kcponte

      I am with you. I started watching the hate video but could not stand it past the third photo and shut it off. I have always been fearful of Obama in office because we never know what Bigoted Idiot lurks in the shadows just waiting to take him out. My only hope is that he makes it through his Presidency and that when Hilary gets into office she does not have to endure the same bigotry as this wonderful man.

      • Mary

        Hillary is a woman. Therefore, she will get it twice as bad as Obama has gotten it. Mark my words. Women are on the very bottom rung when it comes to prejudice and discrimination.

        • http://Facebook Bill Smith

          You, ma’am, are the perfect example of what this article is talking about. To stereotype all women as prejudicial and discriminatory is one of the most ignorant comments I have heard come out of anyone’s mouth, “mark my words.”

          • http://www.facebook.com/joe.walsh.18041 Joe Walsh

            Bill, you misunderstand Mary’s words. Mary said that will be s**t on far more than Barack due to, through no fault of her own, being a woman.
            Mary said, “Women are on the very bottom rung when it comes to prejudice and discrimination.” meaning that women receive the most s**t while us white men stand pristine at the top, s**tting on all of our lessers… as you so brilliantly demonstrated with your utter lack of reading comprehension skills.

    • dragontech64

      Videos like this make me want to wade through their ranks with a baseball bat, seeing how far I can knock their heads. People as racist, stupid and hateful as these don’t deserve the freedoms our forefathers fought for.

  • Bob Cull

    Simple observation told me that long ago! Glad to have my observations corroborated scientifically.

    • Catherine

      And now we know why the Democrats support the racist group whose female founder worked closely with the German Nazis (and that group flat refuses to contradict their founder, but actually reinforces their “faith” in her and have named clinics in her honor). That group is Planned Parenthood, founded by Margaret Sanger. Just do a Google search on her.

      • Zero Dark Thirsty ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        christ people like you are stupid. .utterly stupid

        • Catherine

          So sad that you are so READING-CHALLENGED and cannot even look at the MANY publicly-available publications and books and magazines, but to be expected.

  • Subikahn

    Lol, sounds like a typical right-wing “expert”

  • https://plus.google.com/103633175936775952067 Lita Fnord

    “Numerologist”?! hahaha

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