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Minnesota Pastor Offers the Worst Scientific Analysis Ever in Speech Against Gay Marriage Bill (Video)

By AATTP Contributor, Han Chimpson

At a Minnesota House of Representatives hearing on a marriage equality bill, a gentleman by the name of Mike Frey stood at the podium to argue against homosexuals marrying legally. As you will see and hear below, fellow liberals, his statement really brought to mind the phrase, “the stupid, it burns!”

Frey happens to be the pastor of Northern Lights Baptist Church, located in the town of Waconia, Minnesota, a town of 11,000 inhabitants located 35 miles west of Minneapolis. He left that part out as he introduced himself, calling himself a “concerned Minnesotan and father and husband”.

According to Frey, assuming one partner has the HIV virus, having anal intercourse is somehow more likely to spread the AIDS virus than any other kind of sex in which one partner has the virus. We’re not sure where he learned the science involved behind contracting the AIDS virus from, but it being Minnesota and all, it probably has something to do with crazy Michelle Bachmann. What follows is the entire quote from Frey, who stood there and spoke with the confidence of a man who thought he knew what he was talking about, which should really scare people, considering how colossolly wrong he was…

When there’s ejaculation into a vagina, there’s a barrier there — as in your packet it states there — of a cellular tissue that doesn’t allow the sperm that has an enzyme at the head of it to penetrate the blood flow. It is designed to go to the egg, that enzyme is meant to burn the outside membrane of the egg cell, go inside the egg and then deposit …

When ejaculation occurs inside of a colon, it’s highly absorbent material, the cells do not have a barrier for the sperm and those enzyme get into the blood flow. When those enzymes enter into the blood flow and a continued and prolonged environment to that happens — these enzymes into blood flow — it causes what we know as AIDS.

AIDS, of course, brings upon common diseases, colds and things.

stupid burns

The irony of Frey’s argument is that two homosexuals marrying and theoretically being monogamous with one another would prevent the spread of AIDS, for the obvious reason that unmarried people of any sexual orientation have more sex partners than married ones do.

At any rate, Frey’s (cough!) in-depth scientific testimony apparently failed to sway enough people to his way of thinking. Minnesota’s Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday approved the marriage equality bill 5-3. The measure now advances to the Senate floor.

Watch the video!

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  • confused in kansas

    Then by using his “logic or lack there of” could by chance say any Heterosexual Married Couple, possibly like this undereducated man and his wife are willingly engaging in say unprotected anal sex in the privacy of their own home are indeed practicing the sexual coitus as a gay male couple? So would they by his medical theory be putting themselves at the same risk of becoming the very same “breeders” of the the Aids Virus as well. Very, very flawed logic that doesn’t stack up to any verifiable scientific evidence at all. But then again when do Homophobic Republicans and/or misguided Bigoted Religious Zealots like him ever let scientific facts get into their narrow minded, bigoted journeys into politics or religious arguments?

  • Steve

    “When there’s ejaculation into a vagina,… It is designed to go to the egg, that enzyme is meant to burn the outside membrane of the egg cell, go inside the egg and then deposit…”
    Unless of course the ejaculation got there by way of rape, in which case the woman’s body has a way of shutting it down, which the male’s colon is unable to do with HIV. Unless perhaps he is being anally raped?
    And isn’t it great that it’s impossible for a woman to catch AIDS from vaginal intercourse with a man? Somebody needs to tell all those Africans.

  • Chuck G

    I really wonder if these ***holes really believe what they say or are trying to stir up controversy and gather the sheep. If they believe all this crap they spout, then our schools have really failed us. It’s just amazing how many of these people live in the dark ages, the believers and the brainwashed ones that believe them.

  • Perry

    When I hear a religious zealot trying to give a scientific answer based on the 2,000-year old bible I remember that only a few years ago these zealots claimed the sun revolved around the earth. Any testimony these idiots have should be immediately ignored.

  • Brent In OH

    Wonder if his head will get absorbed while in his Butt, then he will have stupid running through his blood stream? No he already has stupid running everywhere, its spewing out of him, dont step in the stupid people you may get aids!

  • Nicole

    While I agree this was just about the dumbest collection of words I have heard all year, I need to point out that anal sex does increase your risk of contracting HIV. Homosexuality doesn’t, but anal sex usually involves more ripping of tissues and risks blood to semen exposure. The problem is, this idiot seems to think you can get HIV by having anal sex with someone who is not infected, as if gay people could somehow generate that disease.

  • Seth

    What a vile stupid little man.

  • Susan

    Please don’t paint everyone who lives in Minnesota with the Michelle Bachmann brush, a large percentage of us are not crazy or delusional. Think of the sane people from here like Al Franken and Keith Ellison.

  • Edward Frevert

    In psychiatry, a number of distinct mental illnesses have been classified. One that not too many people know about is called, “chronic immaturity”. It’s used when other forms of common mental maladies do not fit a person’s weird behavior. I believe most of these religious radicals and tea-bag types suffer from this mental illness. Unfortunately, it is hard to treat.

  • MATT

    What Mr Frey said is, unfortunatelly, true. The fact is that anal sex is much more risky, when it comes to hiv, than vaginal sex. Of course, it shouldn’t be used as an argument against gay people.


  • Conor

    I really don’t wanna know what he thinks white blood cells “truly” are…

  • LateNight

    Are you sure BS Crazy Michelle Bachmann is not one of his parishoners? He’s about as lame-brained as she is, and more dangerous because he is a (supposed) pastor. Wonder where he got his Doctorate of Divinity? Oral Roberts University?

  • Mike

    Is his head up his ass for the warmth?

    • Merrily Snider

      I was born and raised in Minnesota, graduated high school and attention the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Campus. Whenever I read something like this coming from my home state, it makes my blood boil. Don’t people read anything but the bible – which was not written by doctors who would have knowledge of bodily functions, at least. Yesterday, another man was introducing his ex-gay friend who spent 10 years in the “life style” until he had reparative therapy. He is now married and has 2 children. That’s another crock of bu!!. This country is going to hell in a handbasket with all this ignorance. Pick up a real book of science and look up how a person gets or passes the HIV virus. It is rare these days with such good medicine for anyone to get full blown AIDs. Do yourself a favor and browse the internet. You can use Google.com and ask anything you want the answer to. Read a lot of different things to see if ideas have changed over the years. Don’t just take the bible’s word for something scientific that has nothing to do with god!

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