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Michele Bachmann Says the Tea Party is an ‘Intellectual Movement’ — With a Straight Face (Video)

One of the oldest jokes among editors is often attributed to 18th Century English writer Samuel Johnson. After having reviewed a fellow author’s latest work, he reportedly wrote in the margin of the title page: “Your manuscript is both good and original. But the part that is good is not original, and the part that is original is not good.” Paraphrasing this quip and applying it to the Tea Party’s ideas might give us a pretty clear indication of exactly the hole from which Michelle Bachmann has pulled her latest musing. From CPAC (with a straight face):

“You see, our movement at its core is an INTELLECTUAL movement. We are based on the greatest ideas that have ever been conceived in the mind of man, and I would put those magnificent ideas up against any other idea for freedom in the world.”

Now, to be fair, you do have to give Michelle this: the Tea Party’s ideology is based upon some pretty solid notions. At least, they are in much the same way that the idea of lobbing a brick straight vertically into the air and then looking up to see where it lands is based on some pretty solid Newtonian physics.

Of course, with the amount of botulism toxin in Bachmann’s face, she probably barely registered when THIS brick fell on it:

“The constitution, limited government, free enterprise, strong families; these are principles that have passed the test of time…and you know as well as I do that America hasn’t survived for over 200 years because of Washington bureaucracy.”

Oh, Michelle.

First, yes, it really HAS survived that long because of “Washington bureaucracy.” That “bureaucracy” is in fact our Federal government, the thing that “unites” the “United States.” Without that bureaucracy, there would just be…well, “States.” Of course, the Federal government’s job is to enforce the guidelines of the Constitution, which limits the power and expanse of the government, and creates a highly educated Supreme Court whose job it is to interpret said document. You know whose job it ISN’T? Guess.

And, lastly…do you mean the kind of “free enterprise” that allowed the East India Company to bribe the English Parliament into passing a 25% tax on tea that was re-exported to the colonies? Wasn’t it, in fact, this act of “free enterprise” that directly precipitated the Boston Tea Party?

You’ve heard of that, right?

Paul Ryan recently called the GOP “the party of ideas.” Aside from being a notion dumb enough that only a (pseudo)intellectual like Rand Paul would believe it, this particular notion has a certain degree of merit. At least, it does if we paraphrase back to old Doc Johnson’s reported editorial quip:

“The GOP: A party of ideas both good and original. Unfortunately, the ideas that are good aren’t original, and the ideas that are original aren’t good.”

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Richard Rowe
Richard Rowe is a full-time freelance writer who has written over 3 million words in the last four years alone -- mostly on automotive and technical subjects. He's also a seventh-generation native Floridian, and was born and raised in the Ocala National Forest. A conservative soul turned Bull-Moose Progressive, he believes that "When change becomes necessary, the once impractical ideology of progress becomes practical, and maintenance of the status quo becomes the impractical ideology." And also, that "Rustoleum Black Enamel is a primary color."
  • https://plus.google.com/112931182664188700555 Liam O’Sruitheain

    You arrogant pretentious twits know NOTHING about what the TEA PARTY really stands for. Your whole argument is based on massive generalizations and deliberate distortions. The policies of the East India Company and the British government, mentioned above, were the policies of protective MERCANTILISM. It was NOT true UN-subsidized and independent entrepreneurial free-enterprise …. in which every enterprise is supposed to abide by the same laws and, in which, NO enterprise is supposed to receive special legislative and tax favors in return for campaign contributions to politicians. Much of the the statist government bureaucracy – loving Left seems to worship this corrupt crony corporate/state corporatism masquerading as true capitalism …. which it is NOT …. as long as corporate oligarchies — like those that existed in Mussolini’s Italy — are willing to cooperate with the social – engineering agendas of the control – freaks in the Federal government bureaucracy. James Madison pointed out more than 200 years ago that there is NOTHING in the Constitution that gives the FEDERAL regime the authority to simply hand out taxpayers’ money as gifts …. in the form of bailouts, subsidies, loan guarantees, etc. to PRIVATE for-profit companies and private organizations when NO contracts for services Constitutionally – required by the Federal government have been won by those private companies and organizations. If you feel the knee-jerk compulsion to accuse other people of “ignorance”, at least learn the true meaning of the terms …. and the history …. of what you are talking about. Every member of Tea Party organizations that I have ever spoken to has said they are OPPOSED to corporate favoritism and bailouts. They are OPPOSED to the government choosing who wins and who loses in a competitive market ……. a market in which every player SHOULD be required to abide by the same regulatory principles ……. a market in which NO player is allowed to get an unfair advantage over others as a result of being bailed out and subsidized by the taxpayers. The Tea Party as a whole believes that government should be DE-centralized as much as possible …. in order to prevent a dangerous concentration of political power in the hands of the Federal bureaucracy. The Feds are not saints. All the branches of the Federal regime are just as capable of being corrupted …. and often are …. as any state or local government. Increasing concentration of political power makes corruption all the more likely …. and distant from the people. Anyone with an ounce of sense should know that the Federal regime has, for decades, manifestly violated the parameters of its Constitutionally LIMITED enumerated powers. The same Federal regime ….. made up of BOTH major parties ……. which routinely hands out pork barrel goodies from the public trough in order to buy the loyalty of voters for incumbents …. is the same national security nanny-state that engages in constant interventionist wars and bombs children with drones.

  • GD

    HAHAHAHAHA…O.K., getting serious….what I think she’s really trying to say…BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Dick Leir

    Those who voted and would vote for her walk amongst us whichifindfrightening

    • https://plus.google.com/112931182664188700555 Liam O’Sruitheain

      The same can be said about you.

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

        Teabaggers should be frightened. Their fifteen minutes of fame is over. Real Americans are tired of their nonsense.

  • http://gravatar.com/labman57 labman57

    Far too many tea-chugging conservative pundits and politicians such as the reigning ‘Queen of White Tea’ share fundamental character flaws — they have a propensity toward making snide, petty comments about those with whom they disagree, they rarely do their homework before making public comments regarding important health and science-related issues, societal topics, and historical events, and most are not mature enough to accept responsibility for their own mistakes, failures, and shortcomings.

    • https://plus.google.com/112931182664188700555 Liam O’Sruitheain

      And you don’t think YOU just made snide and petty comments? You don’t think “Queen of White Tea” is snide and petty?

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000907279043 John Baker

        Yes, it is a bit, but she’s more than earned it, as have the vast majority of the so-called “Tea Party.” You dare to call yourselves patriots and “true Americans?” You don’t have a fucking clue what it means to be either.

  • Dave Brown


    like a bowel movement maybe!

  • masteradrian

    “Intellectual” implies intellect, and intellect implies the presence of brains, and brains imply the existence of brain-cells………. and we ALL will agree that neither of all 3 are present in both the so-called leadership of what is known as the Tea Party nor in the great majority of the followers of the “movement”!

    When one of the so-called leaders of the Tea Party, which is no Party in the meaning of a collective with a structure, open its mouth even the most backward individual shows 1 million times more intellect!

    What we have become to know as the Tea Party is nothing more then a group of probably once human beings who degraded by probably natural selection into a bunch of social failures and degraded humanoids, who think they have an opinion but fail to see that a few of the lesser degraded just tell them what to think,what to do, were to go, how to breath, when to stand up and scream unreasonable, anti-humanitarian things!

    Being ignorant of facts and truths is a distinction that is mandatory for belonging to the Tea Party (Movement), and the refusal to accept facts and truths from any other source is a most important norm!

    The Tea Party (Movement)……… simply a group of retards, ignoranti and simple-minded humanoids, nothing more, even lesser!

    • Richard

      They have opinions alright, but we all know what opinions are equivalent to, and everyone has one of those too.

  • http://AmericansAgasintTheTeaParty Sandra

    hahahaha…spot on Richard

  • http://twitter.com/LabRat0116 LabRat0116 (@LabRat0116)

    She’s a great spokesperson for the Modern day KKK = Tea Party.

    BTW, the Teabaggers are now officially know as TeapubliKLANS ! Pass it along!

  • Ken

    Like Palin, just an empty barrel rolling around in the bilge.

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