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Mexican-American Boy Attacked by Bigots on Twitter After Singing National Anthem

During halftime at the San Antonio Spurs championship NBA match, 11-year-old America’s Got Talent sensation Sebastien De La Cruz, sang America’s national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner.  Instead of showing respect and admiration for a young boy with the courage to sing in front of millions of Americans, bigots took to Twitter with racist rants against this innocent child–even though Sebastien, born in Texas and raised by a U.S. Navy sailor, couldn’t be more American.

Thanks to the Public Shaming Tumblr page, we have a compilation of the tweets aimed at De La Cruz.

“This lil Mexican snuck in the country like 4 hours ago now he singing the anthem” –@A2daO

“This kid is Mexican why is he singing the national anthem #yournotamerican #gohome” –@Gordon_Bombay24

“Who dat lil #Wetback sangin the national anthem at the #Heat game????” –@Tj_Tha_Dj

“Can’t believe they had the nerve to have a beaner sing the national anthem of AMERICA #smh” –@bdub597

“Is this the American National Anthem or the Mexican Hat Dance? Get this lil kid out of here.” –@A1R_STEVEN

“Mexican kid singing the National Anthem now that’s pretty f**ked up! #AmericaFirst” –@D_nig_

“miami =cute white girl sings national anthem san Antonio= gets alittle Mexican to sing it .. i thought this was america!!!” –@jacked_doc


“Bet u that lil beaner hopped the border just to sing the national anthem” –@R_D_M_15

“Who this Mexican jit singin my national anthem at the spurs game” –@bigbenlf4l

“Who let this illegal alien sing our national anthem?” –@MCyrus2

Adding insult to injury, De La Cruz was actually singing in front of his hometown, as he was born and raised in San Antonio. In an interview, Sebastien took the high road and showed these bigots what it means to be American, responding to their Tweets with class and composure.

Judging from their response to the election and reelection of our first African-American president, it is only safe to assume that these bigots will next be demanding to see this child’s birth certificate, since anybody with talent and patriotism cannot, in their eyes, possibly be anything but white-skinned.  It seems the fear of an ever-changing America makes these racists explode in bigotry each time they feel that they are losing control of the old white Christian male power structure.

If only they were to actually follow the words and intentions of our founding fathers, they would welcome and embrace little Sebastien and his patriotic and powerful rendition of our national anthem.

Please do your part to expose their xenophobic bigotry by sharing this and other related articles on social media forums.

Watch the video of Sebastien’s performing here:


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
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  • jackie

    Little Sebastien you keep doing your thing and you keep wearing your traje de charro every step of the way. I am a black Hondurian and Mexican. Let me tell you kid, I wear my botas, I sing my corridos, I dance rancheras, I speak my Spanish just as much as I sport my Jordans, I watch the NBA, I watch the NFL, I salut our solders, and I stand behind my American flag every step of the way. That does not mean i don’t stand behind my American and Hondurian flag. Being multi cultural is a BEAUTIFUL thing and no one can take that away from you. You express your culture ALWAYS. Be proud of who you are. Way to represent your ancestors! They shed sweat, blood, and tears for us to be where we are today. We owe them this much. Stay strong kid.

  • Mike Longoria

    To all the haters and racists attacking Sebastien De La Cruz who has a God given gift with his incredible singing talent THANKS!, for you have made Sebastien famous all over the world with your hateful comments and has turned him into an instant celebrity overnight. His rendition of our National Anthem is and has been one of the best I have ever heard. Do you all remember what Rosanne Barr did (grabbing her ugly fat crotch) and how she sang our National Anthem? That was the most horrific and disgusting performance and the “worst” I have ever seen. (in case you never saw it, google it and see for yourselves). That’s what you haters should be talking about to include others that didn’t even know or forgot the words to our National Anthem. America is a land of immigrants, go back and research your genealogy and you’ll be surprise that your ancestors may come from other countries that you perhaps had overlooked. Sebastien, you have defended your critics with class, so proud to have you represent not only your hispanic heritage, but San Antonio as well, and of course America for that matter.


  • deborah

    this young man is amazing, and instead of being criticized(for whatever reasons, it’s beyond me) he should be looked up to, and used an example of what american children are like, not 16 and pregnant-and by the way, not many people can sing OUR national anthem-a good example is hank williams jr., who is one of the biggest racists in music, and can’t sing anything wortha damn, especially the national anthem-and sebastian and his parents are all u.s. citizens-so bigots and racists, GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT!!!!!

    • Bob Cull

      These are the same idiots who call progressives “low/no information voters”. They are also the same people who see a Sikh and think he is Muslim, or the black woman who works at the Department of Social Services pull in and park her brand new car and enter the building and tell everyone how they “saw, with their own eyes a welfare queen driving a brand new car in to pick up her welfare check.”
      They are ignorant beyond compare and proud of it. They will not be swayed. You could show them incontrovertible evidence of five generations of lineage and they would still see someone with brown skin and say he’s illegal. I have had these fools tell me they want these damned illegal Puerto Ricans out of here too. They are so stupid that they do not know that they are natural born citizens. All they need to know is that they have a Spanish accent.

  • CJ

    People this is the United States of America,….please stop being so ignorant we are all Americans, North or South still America, and the people you call immigrants have history in this land way before any of our ancestors decided to travel across the ocean to immigrate to the new land…..is so sad to see that small minded people always suck the fun and beauty out of everything.

  • Gene

    He did a beautiful job! That’s a very difficult song to sing correctly. He is an American, but I wouldn’t care if he weren’t. He did a great job!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Halo.2u Sandra Hamilton

    In the bible there is a story about a blind woman that God looked down and decided to give her a gift. The woman ended up with the most beautiful singing voice and people came from miles away to hear God’s gift. If that child hasn’t been blessed by God and people look and don’t feel or see it they have really lost their way.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Halo.2u Sandra Hamilton

      This is God’s planet not yours or mine. Our country has turned ugly and bigoted worse than Archie Bunker ever even thought of being. Selfish looking down on to many people…but this is not the majority of us I am proud to say. Forgotten that just a few generations ago their families came here with hopes and dreams. Mine came over on the Mayflower and I haven’t forgotten the refuge they sought here when they came. Oh it is sad how blind and ignorant some of us have become.

      • http://gravatar.com/mamadivinedesigns mamadivinedesigns

        I too have ancestors who came over on the Mayflower. However, my husband and his family came here from Hong Kong just 40 years ago and he is more American than the yahoos who make these bigoted statements. He really appreciates what this country has to offer.

  • http://www.facebook.com/becky.taylor.35110 Becky Taylor

    That little boy is more of a patriot than any of those complaining asshats will ever be.

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  • Fluffy

    i say we deport these kinds of bigots so that we have more room for the kinds of Americans that the Statue of Liberty describes, those from all other countries yearning to breathe free. These people don’t yearn to breathe free. So send them to a monolithic totalitarian state that suits them better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lagreeneyes03 Michelle Mahnke Quintana

    And this tweet is on the guy’s timeline Picot ‏@jonathanPICOT 12h
    I swear the entire spic community is in my mentions cause of that tweet lmao

  • http://www.facebook.com/lagreeneyes03 Michelle Mahnke Quintana

    And another one..this just 48 minutes ago “Picot ‏@jonathanPICOT 49m
    Who’s bright idea was it to put an illegal immigrant to sing the national anthem…?

    • JC

      Lots of illegal immigrants sing the national anthem every time it is played. This kid was born in Texas, which is probably lucky since the teabaggers there want to secede anyhow. See ya.

  • http://murielsolutions.com Muriel

    He sings beautifully…Keep singing Sebastien…God gave you your talents to share it with the world…Looking forward to hear you sing more…

  • dakota

    I hate to bust y’alls balls but just think about it someone in your family is with a mexican, half the food you eat is either picked cut chopped or even cooked n made by the hands of mexican people. dont get mad because we work way more harder than white people and dnt forget that texas California n other states belonged to mexico so if yall dnt like it take tall polar bear asses back to Alaska germany n where ever else oo n when have u seen a mexican standing on the road asking for money getting welfare? we prefer to work n sweat for our money not like half of america does. so just shut up n quit hatin on the boy ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE PEOPLE NOT OTHER PEOPLE ycharritosige echando ganas miho solamente dios te puede jusgar no aga caso ala gente nunka dejes q te vean triste xke es lo k quieren mijito sige echando ganas q tus padres t ensenaron mui hien besos

  • libconsamerican

    I would like to know why the costume? With that said, he has a remarkable voice and he is so YOUNG!! Bless you Sebastien De La Cruz you are a true American and you shine brightly.

    • Ron

      Because he is a mariachi singer. Nothing should be gleaned from that. No one asked why the military boys were in “costume” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNGStoeu4BI

    • http://gravatar.com/mamadivinedesigns mamadivinedesigns

      It’s not a costume. He is a mariachi singer and that is a traditional mariachi outfit.

    • Mike Longoria

      It is NOT a costume, it a Mariachi attire that represents the mexican heritage of a Mariachi singer and his band. Sebastien is a Mariachi Singer and proudly wears his Mariachi attire to represent what he likes to sing. Check out his Mariachi singing and his Mariachi band on youtube.com


  • http://www.facebook.com/bonzai37 Steven’s Page

    Did anyone take a close look at the Firefighter Honor Guard?

  • http://www.facebook.com/bonzai37 Steven’s Page

    So stereotyping people on disability and welfare is OK?

  • Patricia

    I’ll bet most of those bigots don’t even know all the words to the National Anthem, let alone have the ability to sing it. This kid is amazing!!

  • JC

    Sorry, but most of us “old white males” probably have as much or more dignity than the people who would throw us under the bus because you need somebody to blame for ignorance. Condemn the bigots, but stop assuming all of them are “old white males.” Stereotyping is ugly no matter which way you want to perceive it.

    • RichardR

      Dude…seriously? Nobody ever said ALL old white guys were bigots. But older people are more bigoted than younger ones, whites are more (vocally) bigoted than other races, and men are typically more loudmouthed and wealthy than women. Hence, the “stereotype” of the old, white, bigoted man. Please don’t compare the accurate generalization of a narrow demographic with the wholesale stereotyping of entire races. Be realistic, man.

      • JC

        Yeah, you set the record there for stereotyping, RichardR. But it’s nice that you admit that not ALL old white guys are bigots. It makes me and my entire generation feel so special about not having wasted our time on the civil rights era, the women’s equality era and the evil Vietnam war. You can debate a topic without stereotyping. Trust me, you can do that. Just … try. You get a better debate that way.

        • RichardR

          That’s true, but there is no debate to debate here. The statistics speak for themselves, and nothing else changes that. It might be an unkind generalization, but it is a statistically accurate one. I never said ALL old, white men were bigots, or that ALL bigots were old, white men, But even a cursory glance at the demographics of self-professed prejudice negate the need for any debate on the matter. I’m sorry…that’s just how it is. I didn’t make the statistical averages.

          By the way, the entire Civil Rights era was the inevitable outcome of WWII. It was going to happen sooner or later just because blacks came back from WWII with education and money, and women spent the war working in factories. Everything that happened from there on out was just a matter of time and population growth. I’m not saying the Boomer generation didn’t participate in the civil Rights movement, but be realistic. Nobody can take credit for something that was inevitable. Again, I don’t mean to make anyone feel bad, but I don’t see much to feel accomplished about either. Especially in light of the fact that the Boomers pretty much gave up on trying to change anything for the better after Vietnam. Boomers got 8 years of witnessing an inevitable turning point in history, and 30 years of voting Republican and trading real estate derivatives on the stock market. Hippies sold out and became yuppies when having a Mercedes in the driveway got them laid quicker than having flowers in their hair. Again, sorry…I didn’t write history.

        • Bob Cull

          JC, Richard is not one to lump everyone who shares common traits together and say they are all the same. I have had many conversations with him and he does not stereotype. I think you are being overly sensitive here. I am an “old white guy” and other than one time when I misunderstood what he was saying about we boomers I have never been offended by him. Oh, and he cleared up that misunderstanding immediately.

  • Judith

    Too any of the commenters….or boo-ers….YOU are UN-AMERICAN.

  • Kate

    @bigbenlf4l doesn’t know how to speak English so he must be foreign… or is he just a dumb ass? Beautiful rendition, wonderful voice, proud to have him and hopefully not @bigbenlf4l as a fellow American.

    • Kate

      @A2daO, Bombay24, @Tj_Tha_Dj, ditto and etc…

  • http://facebook Lorraine Keshner

    Sebastien De La Cruz, you are a true American and I am and will be, forever proud of you son. I see in you, the man you will become. A far better young man than any of the low life ignorant people who dared to open their racist mouths. I am ashamed they even exist. They are not Americans and I would defend you to the max. Stay strong, God loves you and so do I…

  • Juan

    I bet half of the comments are from liberals trying to hype up the media since immigration talks are going on.

    • chris plants

      I bet your name isn’t really Juan.

    • http://nyjets011269.wordpress.com nyjets011269

      Yeah, that must be it Mr Paranoia.

    • Kate

      I’m a liberal and I find your comment offensive.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.serrano.963 PwningULOL

      Typical conservative “they’re all out to get us” paranoia. You’re just too stupid for words

    • Fluffy

      People who use racist terms like the ones above don’t do it just occasionally. I never use those kinds of terms and it would never occur to me to do it. So I doubt that it is from “liberals trying to hype the media,” unless those liberals are racist to begin with, which would seem to be contradictory, don’t you think?

  • Bob Cull

    Well I, for one, know who is and isn’t a “true” American. Sebastien is a true American, the a$$holes posting those disgusting and ignorant comments…They aren’t even close! At 10 he is many times more man than any of them ever will be.

    • http://facebook Lorraine Keshner

      Bob, you are 100% on the money. Bless you always.

  • Joe

    Maybe the real, real, REAL problem is we allow the mixed nationalities label. WHY CAN’T WE JUST SAY AMERICAN??!!

  • http://gravatar.com/mamadivinedesigns mamadivinedesigns

    OMG, it is sickening to read these comments. These people better wake up, the America I know is not lily white and never has been. It consists of a multitude of races and cultures and this young man is just as American as they are (probably more so).

    • Kate

      Excellent. Thank you.

  • Pushkina

    Do these extreme patriots know that the tune of the Star Spangled Banner is that of an old British sinking song, s song to sing while drunk? They are so proud of it but do they know that we stole it?

  • Valerie Scott

    These comments literally make me ill. Where do these people come from and who the hell do they think they are? Just because this boy isn’t lily white they have to attack him?

  • http://russgrantink.wordpress.com russgrant

    The ignorant never cease to amaze me.

    • http://facebook Lorraine Keshner

      well said

  • http://www.facebook.com/gregweaverindiana James Weaver

    I bet most of these pathetic ass wipes only have a GED or less and are probably sitting at home receiving welfare illegally.

    • http://russgrantink.wordpress.com russgrant

      I’d bet disability because they slipped and fell on the job site and “hurt their back” or some kind of mess like that.

      • http://www.facebook.com/bonzai37 Steven’s Page

        Ok Hold on…I’m disabled and I would never say anything like what was said and I don’t think like that.

        • Fluffy

          Yeah, I don’t understand villifying one group of people (those who are temporarily or permanently disabled) while you are trying to defend another group of people. I also know a lot of people who only have GEDs that would still never engage in racial slurs.

    • Bryan Devianza

      That women who went off on the employees at Dunkin’ Donuts and spewed out numerous racial slurs, Smoking Gun found out for a fact that she does indeed have a bachelors degree in business and marketing. The reason I’m bringing this up is because I feel those who claim bigots must only have a GED or less, or are sitting at home receiving welfare are underestimating the “enemy”. I’ve come across doctors, dentists, lawyers, and others with a higher education who’ve made comments far more racist than the ones above. And there’s the thing, unlike the racist at home collecting welfare, these men are in the position to hire people, and help people when they are ill. So think about that for a moment, what if you’re a minority and the doctor working on you isn’t very fond of minorities. Do you really think he’s going to bring his A game to the table?

      Some claim the US has made a lot of progress when it comes to race, gender, and sexual orientation in this country. But it isn’t as much progress as one may think.

      • AATTP


      • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.lee.3950178 Brenda Lee

        I know a dentist who is quite talented but a huge blow hard racist. That means he is smart but not wise (nor caring).

      • Manuel Martinez

        This is why we need to strengthen our minds and our children’s minds, knowledge is power. And when we chose to be ignorant and not progresson our own, we are left on the bottom of the food chain. Wake up sleeping giant.

      • Bill Wallace

        The child who went off at Dunkin’ Donuts will probably be marketing herself on the unemployment line soon. And probably without much success given how the internet follows you when you behave badly. She’ll see how the world really lives since when you’re fired, you get no unemployment insurance. How ironic a new welfare queen..

      • Cyndi

        well said!

      • Ron

        I agree. I USED to believe it was only low level people with little contact or experience with the ‘big city’ that was this ignorant until I moved to North Carolina and I can tell you…IT IS people with degrees, in hiring positions, the people who process your remodeling permits, the church pastors and just about anybody you would think SHOULD have better sense…..but you check their facebook postings and man…..they are not afraid to spout their racist and most hateful speech. They think NOTHING of it. It’s crazy. I’m white and I often get the old ‘wink, wink’ on their racist and hateful religious comments. I make it VERY clear: “I am NOT in your GOOD OLE BOY CLUB! Move Along!” Yep….the US is NOT as progressed as we would like to think. Sadly.

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