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McDonalds CEO Makes Over $9,000/Hr, Says Minimum Wage is Too High!

McDonald’s has been a very vocal opponent of raising the minimum wage, with claims that it will kill jobs, raise prices, make companies uncompetitive, and anything else that can be said to demonize the effort. Why not? Who could expect anything else from a company that would rather tell its workers to go on food stamps than raise wages?

In a sample of 10 retail and fast food chains paying the highest CEO compensation shows that CEOs earn 874 times more than a sales “associate.”


It’s easy to oppose fair pay for workers, especially when your CEO makes 1,196 TIMES that of the average wage-slave, as is the case with McDonald’s. The average worker, working 40 hours per week, must work 466 extra hours of overtime to equal what the CEO makes in one single hour, according to Nerd Wallet.

Mileage may vary, of course. McDonald’s pays its CEO well above the sample median of $7,334 and pays its workers well below the sample median of $8.73. Surprisingly, Walmart pays its workers somewhat above the sample, and its CEO below the sample, hourly.

CEO pay has also grown much faster than worker pay. CEOs in the sample earn about 62% of their “wages” through stock and stock options, which have been quite beneficial financially, while worker wages are usually hovering near the $7.25/hr minimum wage–something that has not risen since 2009.

Of course, McDonald’s wouldn’t know how to treat workers fairly if it wanted to. Just watch this video.

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  • Aristotle M.

    I don’t want to defend McDonalds here, but it is not McDonalds as a corporation. These are individual franchisees that are doing this shady business.

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  • No political affiliation

    I’m not one to comment on articles, but I find it necessary in this instance. I worked very closely with McDonalds for 7 years for one of their vendors. Due to this I have to point out that what the CEO makes has nothing to do with the minimum wage in this instance. People need to understand that the majority of McD restaurants are owned and operated by individual franchises (think small business owners). I have met a large number if these owners and they are good, hard working people that want to do the right thing. However as business owners they have to stay profitable to stay open and the cost of business, especially for them, has sky rocketed. They are facing huge increases in the cost if business due to insurance with the new obamacare as well as just food costs in general. There is just so much you can do before there is no more money to give – if small business like these fail then minimum wage workers are in a worse position then they are now. I’m sure there are instances where these workers aren’t treated well but I know for a fact that in this company there are even more instances that they are treated beyond well. I know the media loves to have a villain and McD is an easy target but there are two sides to every story. There are stories like the franchises that paid every employee for months while the store closed for renovations so that they could go and do community work. There are instances where these owners have programs set up for their workers to help pay for college etc. Many of these franchisees do huge amounts of community work as well – so as easy as it is to say what you will – this article is so inaccurate it’s not even funny.

    Media needs to learn to get it right

    • Robert

      If the rich puke CEO made it easier on the franchise owners, then the workers would be able to get paid higher wages. The media has it right. The top dictates what happens to the bottom, so you can’t protect the top CEO because you say the franchise owners will suffer from paying higher wages! The CEO can afford to allow franchise owners more profit margins to pay these higher wages!!!! Your statements are funny.

      • No political affiliation

        Robert – have you worked for McD? Have you seen the numbers or how they conduct business other than what you’ve read? I’m going to guess that you haven’t and thus you have no facts other than what is told to you in which you base your comments. You have no idea what McD or any other company does or doesnt do internally. So no, my comments aren’t funny they are based in actual fact. And why is the world has it become such a horrible thing in this country to make money? I’m not defending any CEO specifically but seriously you speak with such disdain because he makes good money. Why is it bad to work hard and get ahead? I’m all for everyone doing well but if you work hard you should get ahead. I think we’ve lost out drive in this country – instead of seeing someone doing well and thinking “if I work hard maybe I can do that we’ll” we now say “screw that jerk – I deserve that too” (even without putting in the work) but I digress – my main point is that the article as well as most articles about McD make the company out to be horrible and misrepresent how the company actually operates. It’s a good place with, for the most part, really good people.

        • Robert

          Very nice diversion tactic by saying how nice they are, but you went way off topic. Many of nice people have been found out to be serial killers. Now, the topic is about raising workers wages. It’s been proven that companies as large as McDonald’s franchise system can raise workers wages to a livable wage which in turn enhances the economy for all. You don’t have to work for the company or be a rocket scientist to understand this. Also, it’s been calculated that the price of product would be raised to an almost insignificant percent to offset the pay increases. Anyone working against our economy aren’t really nice people in my book. They can give the people dignity by paying livable wages and still be able to make their billions. COSTCO and others are a prime examples of this! And, yes you may have facts, but are facts not pertaining to the topic at hand. Yes, your diversion is very funny!!!

  • JFischer

    After they get rid of minimum wage and taxes, the restaurant industry can include unsold food in the ‘pay’ of employees. It’ll be the only thing that the employees can afford.

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