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McConnell: No Evidence Tying IRS Scandal To Obama (Video)

Appearing on Meet The Press, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) admitted that there is no evidence that President Barack Obama or the White House were involved in the IRS investigation into so-called “patriot” and Tea Party groups pretending to be non-profit organizations in order to protect donors and launder their dirty money.

Though there is no evidence, that didn’t stop McConnell and other shameless TEApublicans from insinuating that President Obama used the IRS to intentionally intimidate conservative groups.

McConnell told Meet The Press host David Gregory

, “There is a culture of intimidation throughout the administration, The IRS is just the most recent example.”

The usually weak David Gregory responded,

“Do you have any evidence that the President of the United States directed what you call a culture of intimidation at the IRS to target political opponents?”

“I don’t think we know what the facts are,” McConnell suggested, lying through his teeth.

Gregory responded, “That hasn’t stopped you from accusing.”

So the degenerate lying TEApublicans continue their witch hunt, even though they admitted they have no evidence to support it. This goes to show you that they hate President Obama more than they love America, and that they’re willing to destroy the whole country, if need be, in order to destroy him. But it’s not working. President Obama’s approval rating is climbing in the face of these manufactured TEApublican scandals, which suggests that the American people as a whole aren’t as stupid as the TEApublicans think.

Watch the video of Liar McTurtle (AKA Mitch McConnell)

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Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • C B Cox

    I truly hope that these Teapublicans AND McConnell are successful in their witch hunt and the witch turns out to be the wicked witch and she sweeps them up and banishes them to Uranus which is obviously where they came from.

  • http://www.facebook.com/LostInSpaceMan Steve Armstrong

    Where was the outrage when Bush did it?

  • Jim C.

    Randy, I can’t say I agree with your cancer wish. That’s going a little too far. I do wish that McConnell and others of his ilk be exposed for the racists that they are. Mr. Turtle can barely hide how much he hates having a black president. He should just don the white robe and pointy hat and be honest with the American people.

  • Poet Tribble

    what happened to notaxation without repesentation? that ok right? well it works both ways…if 501c or churches or anyone else wants to play politics then you pay the taxes for the game…no free rides to spout political claptrap….#votepoet

  • http://www.facebook.com/randy.brown.52438 Randy Brown

    Mitch McConnell never answered the question about tax-exempt status for these political groups. That’s what this issue is all about. It has nothing to do with donor lists. It has to do with tax-exempt status. McConnell is a slippery weasel. I wish he would develop a rapidly-spreading, inoperable form of cancer.

    • Gail Anderson

      Randy you are right, McConnell never answered the dam question for he knows what the answer is and he knows it has nothing to do with Obama. Their hatred for Obama is beyond words, it eats at them like a cancer that the Black guy lives in “their ” White house and they CAN’T ACCEPT IT. THEY CAN’T BELIEVE HE WON TWICE OVER THE OLD WHITE GUY. That is why they will NEVER WORK with Obama on any nomination, any bill or any issue. They should be ashamed of themselves but they are too dam ignorant.

  • Donald Miller

    Excellent Bob Cull

  • Don Sileo

    David Gregory is softer than a wet noodle.

  • Perry

    The real scandal is that Teapublicans are blocking scrutiny and an investigation of anti-tax groups who have designed a way to make tax-deductible political contributions. If you are the average mainstream contributor to a politician or political group you are warned that your contribution is NOT TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. But Teapublicans are starting “social organizations” under a tax-exempt label and then this organization turns these funds over to a politician or political group. This is a form of money-laundering, which is illegal. Instead of acting to close this loophole in the law, Teapublicans in the House are fighting to protect and expand this illegal scheme. If you don’t like this miss-use of the law, please email or call your Congressperson to pressure them to change the law. Don’t let this scam siphon away our tax base.

    • AATTP

      Good point, Perry!

  • Bob Cull

    I hope the people of Kentucky are proud of themselves for inflicting this man on the rest of the country! What would you expect from someone who would call for a vote that he really doesn’t want because he thought that Ried would not allow it. Then when he realizes that his motion for a vote is going to succeed, he objects to his own motion. But they aren’t obstructionist, I know they have told me so.

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