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McConnell Lashes Out Against Rabid Tea Partiers

Now that he’s in the crosshairs of rabid Tea Partiers who see compromise as a sign of weakness, Mitch McConnell has decided that it’s time to stand up to them. Since the rise of the movement, the Republican Party has embraced them, partly because they can win primaries by appealing to the party base.

But now that he’s facing the threat of being “primaried,” McConnell is finally speaking up, saying in an interview with the Washington Examiner:

The Senate Conservatives Fund is giving conservatism a bad name. They’re… ruining the [Republican] brand. What they do is mislead their donors into believing the reason that we can’t get as good an outcome as we’d like to get is not because of a Democratic Senate and a Democratic president, but because Republicans are insufficiently committed to the cause — which is utter nonsense.

McConnell, who has nearly 29 years of experience, knows that in Washington, effectiveness requires compromise. In Tea Party candidates’ eyes, this means that he isn’t conservative enough. Mitch McConnell too liberal, though? That’s a hard idea to wrap the mind around.

McConnell told the Examiner that extreme elements are making people afraid of conservatism, and for that reason, “It’s time for people to stand up to this sort of thing.”

McConnell thinks that in the last two election cycles, Republicans lost many winnable races because they ran candidates who appealed to the conservative base but did not have sufficiently wide appeal to win a general election.  Fail to do that and you will fail to win.

McConnell has good reason to worry, he already faces stiff competition in his reelection bid next year from Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Grimes has posed a serious challenge since announcing her campaign against McConnell: she’s very popular, and almost immediately began posting polling numbers which showed that the race between the two would likely be very close.

Matt Hoskins, executive director of the SCF and the man who decides who the Tea Party will support, thinks that McConnell is wrong – that the way to win elections is by appealing to the party base. SCF is backing Matt Bevins, who’s challenging McConnell in the Republican primary.

Hoskins said:

Grassroots conservatives are very worried about the direction of the country and they believe urgent action is needed to save it. This is why they’re not happy with politicians who vote with them most of the time. They want people who will actually stand up and fight for them.

h/t:  Mediaite


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I'm retired and live in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. I have strong opinions and my political bent has not changed since I was in high school. Most of my family thinks that I need to find a "real" hobby to fill my time in retirement, but I am content to share my opinions with others and exercise my "right" as a cranky old retired dude to express my views--which are based on many years of real world experience.


  1. Hey Greg and Nas, Why don’t you two go back to reading brightbart.com and watching Fox instead of filling up the comment section here with your Tea Party nonsense? Nas, if helping the poor and caring for the sick is socialism then count me in. As a disabled person who is a former EMT, who dealt often with people on some sort of government assistance like Medicaid, I can tell you both from personal and professional experience that most of us don’t want to have to be in this position. What we do want is to get health care and help to survive, nothing more. If you think I’m mooching from the government by being on SSDI and receiving Medicaid then you are very wrong. Trying to live on $1,000 a mo. isn’t easy in oday’s economy. I encourage both of you to live on my income, with my disability, and try to make ends meet. I can’t and neither can you. 1k a month a whopping $42 a month and these people think we live like kings and queens. Well, we don’t and I’m tired of them saying so. I suggest that if you don’t like a country that cares for it’s poor and disabled that you move to North Korea. I hear they have a real great facsist government there. Right up your alley.

    • “Hey Greg and Nas, Why don’t you two go back to reading brightbart.com and watching Fox instead of filling up the comment section here with your Tea Party nonsense? ”

      Kevan, I can only suggest that you go back and go over my posting history. I am NOT a TEA Party person/GOP supporter/etc. I have explicitly SAID so, and my posting history SHOWS so.

      I am (as I keep saying) a moderate/populist with Democratic leanings on many issues (but not all). I am a part of the “middle 20%” whose votes swing elections one way or the other.

      People like you (along with many others here) might want to remember that the next time you want to bash my faith (Christianity), my gender (male) and my values (traditional family). And calling me something I’m not (TEA Party) is probably not a good idea either.

  2. I think the left suffers from mental illness. Millions out of work and you want to let millions of illegals in to take more jobs and suck off the government teet. Obama lies to us all about keeping our doctors or insurance and the sheeple on the left go blindly over the cliff. The left caters to the welfare crowd and assists in keeping the slaves down on the plantation by continuing to enable them. Our foreign policy is a joke. The left arms our enemies in Syria and screams about citizens having guns. Sure the GOP could use some changes but going the way of the current crop of socialist idiots isn’t the answer.

    • Here’s an idea, Politicalnaz, learn how to think for yourself (hint: you’ll have to actually research some FACTS). You impress no one but another “ditto head” when you regurgitate the fat man’s BS.

    • speaking of mental illness….nah, you’re making it too easy. i, for one, don’t mind someone disagreeing with me, but could you please present some fresh thought instead of rehashing the stale ideas gleaned from the right wing talking heads like rush, glen and alex (i’d mention michelle and sarah, but they tend to talk more out of their asses these days….well, to be honest, they all do)? if not, maybe you’ll consider sticking to your gun-loving, hate-spewing, conspiracy theory promoting sites where everyone will agree with you. that appears to be what you are looking for.

  3. Hopefully Mitch will lose his Primary and incensed at the mendacity of his constituency will run as an Independent ,thus opening up a viable opportunity for Alison L. Grimes

  4. What I find both fascinating and deplorable is Grumpy Turtle’s self-interest in this matter. He has almost thirty years in office, yet still only cares about winning and continuing to impede any progress. How much money must he be making to run when there’s a real good chance he will not win. And for him to not understand that since President Obama was elected, him, Boehner, and Cantor have made complete idiots of themselves, yet it’s always someone else’s fault. They make me sick.

  5. “the reason that we can’t get as good an outcome as we’d like to get is not because of a Democratic Senate and a Democratic president, but because Republicans are insufficiently committed to the cause — which is utter nonsense. ”

    This is true. It IS utter nonsense. The reason really is the GOP is a MINORITY and will remain that way because they have NO IDEAS that any thinking person likes or wants.

  6. The ACA is doing just fine. The web site is very close to being able to handle the overload that comes from the red state governors who are playing to baggers by hurting the people of their states.
    Teabaggers are determined to do major damage to this country and they are clueless that that is what they are doing. They are the poor undereducated followers of the Jonestown mentality of the Koch boys…
    Liberals dig in and work hard to make this country something to be proud of once again.

    • No, Terry, it is NOT doing “just fine”. MILLIONS and MILLIONS of dropped policies by the insurers, employers dropping insurance altogether, skyrocketing premiums, huge deductibles, top hospitals excluded from programs, drugs excluded from formularies, the Medicaid gap…that is NOT “doing just fine”.

      We HAVE a good bill available now: Sarnders/McDermott. With REAL reform sitting right there waiting for support, why are people (esp here) bitterly clinging to a failed law that even WITHOUT the implimentation failures was bad policy (a give-away to Big Medicine).

  7. Right on point, Rusty! Greg, what universe are you living in? Certainly not this one as while many might be upset with the roll out of the ACA, most are smart enough to realize that part of the problems have been the relentess denial of service attacks against it by of all groups, the Republicans themselves, both Tea Party crazies and just plain old GOP people who hate the idea of Americans getting health care at a reasonable cost while the insurance companies now have to play fair and cannot cancel a policy for you reaching a cap and when you need it most. Also no longer can one be denied for a pre-existing condition. My point is this, the ACA, while not perfect is a very good thing for the American people and the GOP, led by Boehner and McConnell among others have fought tooth and nail against it. While McConnell appears to be speaking a shred of decency here, remmeber that he is in the fight of his political life against the challenge of Grimes and the local Tea Bag Nut who is facing him in the primary. Just more politics from a career politicia

    • I have linked SEVERAL times to the information that proves you wrong, Kevan. Higher premiums, cancelled policies, unpayable deductables, drugs denied, hospitals denied, etc.

      The ACA has admirable GOALS, but the execution is abysmal.

      And, (as I apparently have to keep pointing out), THERE IS A BETTER BILL ON THE TABLE IN BOTH HOUSES: Sanders/McDermott. REAL reform with a single-payer system.

      With that bill on the table, WHY should we keep backing the fatally flawed, crippled and inadequate ACA?

  8. funny. they never seem to notice the fire until it’s their pants getting singed. won’t say he’s actually finally grown a pair, but i do think it’s about time he opened his yap for something other than the newest “let’s-trash-obama” rant., but it’s only to save his own ass. i do, however, hope he can pull this one out. one thing we don’t need is another intractable t-per in office

  9. I notice a lot of talk about winning but nothing about bettering the country or doing right by the people in it. This is what is wrong with politicians today. They think like McConnell; it’s about victory, not helping the people.

  10. If McConnell had fought them off before, he wouldn’t be in a mess. Sorry, turtleface, no sympathy here.

  11. McConnell has every right to fear being “primaried”. He knows that the TEA Party has been emboldened by the collapse of the ACA. There has been a MASSIVE shift in public sentiment away from the Democrats and “moderate” Republicans, fueled by the millions of cancellation notices, premium increases, and the Medicaid “gap”.

    The “tide” is flowing strongly towards the Republican side, and the Democrats are splintering as ran-and-file rush to distance themselves from the lies of the administration and the failure of the ACA. That is not good news for the centrist wing.

    • Millions of cancellation notices — mailed out by the Insurance Industry
      Premium Increases — enacted by that same Industry
      And a Medicaid gap written into the ACA — by the GOP “legislators” working on the ACA (and funded by the very same Insurance Industry)

      The Tide you speak of is temporary. A low-water mark that has, somehow, become the ideal.

      With the 80 / 20 rule still firmly in place; those Premium Increases will go back to the consumers. – And the consumer will wonder why. Those few who retain their integrity may also remember the Democrats told everyone that is what the 80 / 20 rule is for. – To reign in the blatant greed and price gouging of that same Insurance Industry.
      Those who have received cancellation notices -at least those who still have a pair- have said “good riddance to bad garbage” and already found cheaper Insurance that does more, and costs far less. And the fact that you chose to refer to this as a tide tells us all where you stand… it’s a tide you’ve been fighting against. Obviously. And why? Because only you have noticed it lessening.

      I don’t scare easy.

      I received the same cancellation notice from my employers health care provider. And I said “thank God!!! Now I am free to buy what I want… not the cheapest thing my employer can find”.

      I do not take lies well – which is why I am responding to you. (and before you beat your chest and ask “are you talking to me?” – Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Now go pout.)

      Healthcare.gov is still up and running. Rumors of it’s demise have been wildly exaggerated.
      - With a purpose. – If you could call blatant greed and outright propaganda a “purpose” that is.
      A year from now those who actually fell for the Insurance Industries coordinated efforts -will- be receiving their refunds. And those Insurance Companies who took part -will- be hurting.

      As long as we stand strong.

      We the People vs. the Insurance Industry.
      You may have the money, but We have the will.

      • How many times do I have to repeat myself? I am NOT a GOP supporter, nor am I an “insurance industry”! I am a moderate/ populist with Democratic leanings. I also respect truth, and that truth is (as the polls show) that the tide is turning Republican.

        I WISH IT WERE OTHERWISE (all caps since people keep missing it when I don’t cap it). But I acknowledge that it is, at present, factual. If the Democrats want to turn that around, they need to stop bitterly clinging to the ACA and support REAL reform: Sanders/McDermott, a SINGLE-PAYER system.

        Now, John, would a “shill” for the GOP be saying THAT? I don’t think so.

    • OMG, talk about hyperbole! The ACA has neither collapsed nor failed, Greg, those who expect to fail will likely succeed, we don’t need defeatists at this point. The public is far more distrustful of the TEA party than they are anything Democrat, if Speedy McTurtle loses his primary it is just about a guaranteed victory for Grimes. She is not the only one who will benefit from these idiots replacing traditional Republicans with TP extremists, this movement is GOOD for Democrats.

    • “The “tide” is flowing strongly towards the Republican side, ”

      I bet ol’ Greg believed that right up until the 2012 election results were in…. like the rest of the GOP.
      They simply cannot learn anything can they?

      • I am NOT a member of the GOP. I voted for Obama both times and will vote Democratic in the next election in all likelihood.

        That doesn’t mean I am incapable (as many seem to be here) of acknowledging the facts. The polls show a strong surge in support of Republicans, fueled by the millions of people who lost their policies, saw MASSIVE increases in premiums, deductibles, etc.

        The Democrats SQUEAKED through ’12 in most places. Here in MO, Akin made a strong showing even AFTER his “legitimate rape” remarks, and McCaskill is reviled by many on BOTH sides of the isle. She supported the so-called “Monsanto Protection Act”, for example, which infuriated the Left, while backing the ACA, which has PO-d just about everybody else.

    • Yeah, that’s why so many states are going purple then blue. The GOPerverts are LOSING in races all over the country.

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