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Mario Batali: I Support Obamacare, Even if it Increases Business Costs Because ‘We’re All in This Together’ (Video)

Scott Gerber, founder of Young Entrepreneur Council, recently interviewed celebrity chef Mario Batali and asked him how Obamacare will affect business costs. This was Batali’s answer:

“We have to figure out ‘Are we all in this together?’ or ‘Are You on your own?’ and there’s a thousand ways to look at it. I’m of the ‘all in this together’, I’m a firm believer that Americans in the richest time of the richest country of all time with the greatest potential for technology, and still have 1 in 5 children hungry, it’s perplexing to me, and although I’m not ready to spearhead the political movement, I’m certainly voting that way when I think about it.”

Batali said his company has been thinking about how Obamacare will affect them since day one, but feels that this is how the economy will grow and thrive, even if it’s going to increase costs for him.

“They’re learning as they go, and all’s they can say is that if they don’t understand it then they’re going to throw it away, and that is probably the safest way to go, but the best thing would be more information.”

Batali is a firm believer in doing this right and following the law, so it makes sense he supports Obamacare, even if it will create more expenses for his business.

Watch Mario Batali’s interview here:
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  • Ian33

    Thank you, Mario – I entirely agree. It’s not perfect, but it’s far better than the disaster before it, and a good first step towards single payer, which is proven the world-over to be more cost-effective and superior in performance to our current overpriced system.

  • https://www.facebook.com/lucille.childs Lucille Childs

    I find it so funny that he (Mario) doesn’t have a problem with the cost of Obamacare but raising the min.wage to 10.00 a hr is just to much.

  • chris

    Bravo, you sound like a good little communist. Like sheep to a slaughter.

  • ocegrim

    Bravo, Mario! In’t it funny how when you’re asked to take a pay cut, a layoff, an hours reduction , you are told to “share the sacrifice” but when they are told to spend to give their employees, who make them their money in the first place, healthcare or proper pay it’s “every man for himself!”

  • https://www.facebook.com/robert.p.bloch Robert P Bloch

    Thank God someone of stature speaks up. Where are all the others?

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