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Marauding Confederate Flag-Waving ‘Patriots’ Tell Obama: ‘Put the Quran Down’ and Surrender (Video)

It’s been an interesting day in Washington, DC.  The “Million Vet March on the Memorials” failed to attract anywhere remotely near a million people, the roughly 200 present have worked to make their voices heard!  They were joined by about fifteen trucks from the failed Ride for the Constitution takeover of the DC beltway.

Angered by the Tea Party-wrought closure of national monuments and parks, these flag waving hypocrites spent the day stealing barricades from memorials and dumping them in front of the White House.  Surrounded by “Don’t Tread on Me” and Confederate flags and shrouded in ignorance, these silly hicks were joined by a good number of speakers, including high-profile names like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin.

One speaker, Larry Klansman…excuse me….Klayman, of the possibly close to destitute organization Freedom Works, had this to say of President Obama:

“We are now ruled by a President who bows down to Allah…this President is not a President of “we the people.”  He’s the President of his people.  He needs to be the President of all of us….I call upon all of you to wage a second American nonviolent revolution– To use civil disobedience, and to demand that this President leave town–to get out, to put the Quran down, to get up off his knees, and to figuratively come up with his hands up.

Watch below:

About John Prager

John Prager
John Prager is an unfortunate Liberal soul who lives uncomfortably in the middle of a Conservative hellscape and likes to refer to himself as an "island of reason in a sea of insanity." While he is not a fan of politicians, period, he has developed a deep-seated hatred for the bigotry, fear mongering, and lies of the Right Wing. John also works as a counselor at one of Barry Soetoro's FEMA re-education camps and as a HAARP weather control coordinator. John's life's aspiration is to rule the world with an iron fist, or find that sock he's been looking for. John can be reached at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.
  • rotten rollin

    All you liberals are nuts.

    Merry Christmas.

    And all hail the Tea Party.

    • GailP

      Lucky for us Liberals, we are not as crazy as Tea Partiers…Happy Holidays to you, too, Rotten Rollin.

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  • privateergm

    I find it ironic that they were there in support of the Republicans while waving a flag that was defeated by a Republican president. The first one I believe. Things have definitely done a 180…

  • countryroads89

    Whether you veterans want to be associated with the Tea Baggers or not, you are being portrayed that way. When you have them and only them speak, it’s pretty clear. When you have radical hate groups like Special Operations Speak front and center, it’s pretty clear where you stand. If I were a veteran, I would shout from the mountain tops and get interviews with every major media organization that not all veterans are hate-mongering, racist, Tea Bag idots.

  • chase

    You morons think this has to do with political partys. It was about opening the veterans monuments back up, for everyone in congress to stop being dumbasses and get there shit together. Political partys and big government is the problem that need to be fixed. And another thing id like to see any one of you go fight for your country and then talk shit.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Braden79 Ernie Braden

    Another bias “journalist” reporting to benefit one side over another. I was there in DC yesterday, I’m a veteran, I was part of the march, I’m not a member of the tea-party, I have my own personal views but have no allegiance to either party.

    This was not a “tea-party” march. This was a veteran march in support of other veterans. This was not a veterans vs. democrats, or a veterans 4 republicans, or whatever other bias names that members of the media want to call it. Yes, there were some tea-party members there, and yes there were republicans there, but there were also democrats in attendance. The mic was open for anyone that wanted to speak. And yes there was one guy carrying a rebel flag who didn’t stay for very long.

    Somewhere someone has forgotten how to count, saying 200 people in attendance to minimize the march. The source that I have found on this was The Washington Times, when they put out that about 200 people gathered at the White House. The actual march was at the WWII and Vietnam memorials most of the day, where several thousands were in attendance. A small group left the memorials and marched to the white house on their own.

    The author of this article resorts to calling the veterans in attendance hypocrites, ignorant, and hicks. Well Mr. John Prager if that makes you feel better about yourself, then by all means call us whatever you want. We’ve been called much worse by far better men than you.

    Mr. Prager, you should be ashamed of yourself if you think you are a journalist. Where is your journalistic integrity? You use the word “marauding” in the title of this makeshift article. Do you know what that word means? Marauding definition: going about in search of things to steal or people to attack. No one there was looking to attack anyone or to steal anything from anyone. You also use “confederate flag waving patriots”, as in plural. There was one confederate flag carried by one guy…. open up your APA style guide for the correct way on how to write. You use the word “stealing”. Definition of stealing: Take (another person’s property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it. I can insure you, we made sure the barricades were returned to their proper owners.

    • https://www.facebook.com/MagicLady1945 Carol-Lee Armstrong Kehoe

      Ernie…thank you for your service and for your trying to help veterans. However, I think you should re-read the article. It never said veterans were hypocrites. It did, however say Tea Party members in attendance were. That includes Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin who spoke and encouraged the later demonstration…again, no one said it was veterans who proceeded to the White House or participated in that disgusting demonstration. It was terrible that Tea Partiers who were seeking attention chose to infiltrate a legitimate veterans demonstration that basically had nothing to do with them, except for the fact they were instrumental in actually causing the closings. There was another article by some of the organizers of the veterans march that condemned the Tea Party attendees including Sarah and Ted for commandeering the march for their own political purposes. I hope you will re-think your post. Mr. Prager did nothing to offend veterans.
      I am also a veteran and believe me, understand what you are feeling.

    • CJ

      I know that most of the vets there were not there for a tea party party. But your day in the sun was stolen by those who ARE tea party members crashing your party to make it part of their own political agenda.

      Vets have my utmost respect. My late husband was a veteran of the U.S. Army and the illness that took him was determined service-connected…so while he didn’t die in combat or while serving active duty…he still gave his life for his country. My youngest children’s father was Air Force and served in Desert Storm. My oldest son’s father was retired from the Army after serving over 20 years including 6 tours in Afghanistan/Iraq (his death was not service connected – motorcycle accident. My mother was in the Army in her younger days. So the military has been a big part of my life for a long, long time.

      So my feelings…those Tea Partiers who were there just to take advantage of your march for their own agenda DID NOT deserve to walk side by side with you.

      And let me tell you…my late husband loved this country…and he loved his military service.
      And he would be absolutely appalled and disappointed at what has become of our country.

      • https://www.facebook.com/Braden79 Ernie Braden

        Thank you very much CJ for your well written and kindly response. I appreciate the service of each of the people that you mentioned, and I’m sorry to hear about your loses. I too, like your late husband, am appalled and disappointed with several things that are going on in this country, however I am not here to push my political opinions on anyone but to stand up for the dignity of the veterans that this “journalist” has attacked. The one thing that I disagree with you about, is that the tea party members wouldn’t have stolen the spotlight if “journalists” like the one that wrote this garbage article didn’t focus on them. There were very very few of them actually there. This “journalist” focused on two guys out of several thousands to label ALL of the veterans in attendance as thieving racists ignorant hicks. Use the very very few, to label the majority.

        • CJ

          I think what bothers most of us is that people like Cruz and Palin were there pulling away what should have been the spotlight of our military vets. But as they have shown in the past…they are media hounds always happy to get into the spotlight regardless of who they hurt in the process. By showing up they pulled that attention away from the true purpose of your march. Even the organizers of the march have tried to distance themselves from the political agenda that those two were making it out to be.

          Now I don’t agree with everything the writers here say…I have had to correct a few in regards to the trucking industry. But I do believe in many of the things that are written about here in regards to the Tea Party.

        • John Prager

          Actually, I referred to the Tea Partiers as hicks…unless you were waving around a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag and incoherently babbling about how Obummer is stealing your rights to arm bears…or…something. You have just chosen to interpret it differently. First, theft is theft–even if you return it. Vandalism is vandalism. Got that?

          Now…Your event was co-opted. It’s unfortunate, but it happens. If you think people will not cover high profile names in attendance, though, you are sorely mistaken. These hatemongers need to be put in the spotlight…otherwise, how are we to know who and what they are?

          If you need a place to direct your anger, look no further than those who joined you.

          Thank you for your service to our country. I am glad to have fueled your irrational need for rage.

  • http://n/a A.R.

    A couple things:
    1. I have yet to see one confederate flag. Where are these supposed flags?
    2. He says Obama is a muslim (laughable) in a derogatory way, then says we should all behave like Gandhi? Uh…so Christianity (or rather, bigoted faux Christianity) and Hinduism are good, but Islam is bad? Right…

  • https://www.facebook.com/lindy.bone Lindy Fasteland Bone

    You mean Koran? This is totally disrespectful and uncalled for. Not to mention way off base. If these people would learn to stop the childish and hateful mud slinging then maybe others might listen.

  • W.G.

    These guys call Mr. Obama a muslim but honestly the way they wave around the confederate
    flags wich defines hate and bigotry they wouldn´t know Jesus if they tripped over Him . Worse yet they´d try to beat Him up for being a progressive and thinking that sinlge Moms
    should have the dignity of heaithcare and food stamps .

  • https://www.facebook.com/ally.reneer Ally Raymond

    I can’t express how much this disturbs me. Deceived, misdirected, bunch…stirred by hatred and prejudice. I am exhausted from trying to enlighten people to REALITY! Watching these folks and others like them, remind me of the ‘walking dead’. Mindless minions!

  • Jana

    “…to figuratively come up with his hands up.” Exactly, how does Obama do that?? lol And btw, Christians get own their knees to pray so suggesting Obama’s on his knees does not make him a Muslim. Dimwit statements.

  • Drew

    Have you ever been around some of these people? They are generally miserable and bitch about everything. If it’s not the president then it’s about their neighbor’s lawn being greener than theirs. As self-proclaiming Christians, they sure spew out a lot of hatred and intolerance. It’s no longer the same Republican party my grandfather voted for back in the day; it has been hijacked by a bunch of radical right extremists. I would almost like to see Sharia law passed so I can read about them getting their panties in a tangle more than they already are.

  • http://twitter.com/go2boat4winds Billbow (@go2boat4winds)

    Those TeaKlanGelicals are only venting their innermost racist feelings. The 1st Amendment also applies to them. Let them vent as long as it is non-violent. If their protests becomes violent, they should be crushed and hauled off to Gitmo like the other terrorists. Then, we will see how far that Islamaphobic talk will go.

    • Jacqueline Ballou

      Reading this feed ,it’s refreshing to see such open minded cool heads calling the state of our affairs as it is. Extortion and Terrorism ,plain and simple!!!! This can’t continue. To the POTUS ,”Don’t Blink” They’re betting on it…The truth is that this Country received a threat to take down it’s newly elected President and it was ignored since it came from the good old boys. Now we are under seige by a Terrorist Tea-Republican Party. The entire Country is being held hostage by shit for brain elected Republicans. The assylum is being run by the patients. This is another reason an IQ Test should be manditory for running for government office. I suspect that the President and the other powers that be are trying to figure out what to do in such an unheard of situation where as the government is being toppled from within.
      This makes no sense to me that any one or one group from within would be allowed to stagnate ,cripple & over throw our Democracy without declaring them as enemies of our government. .I suggest that the President treat this as the threat that they are by calling in the CIA ,FBI ,Special UNITS and declare the Nuts as clear and present danger and place these Tea bagging Republicans under arrest and deal with each as would be any other outside THREAT to the sovereignty of our democracy. It’s time to clean house with military action. An extraodinary threat takes extraodinary response/ action and I approve this message!!!

      • Kevin

        I agree

  • Daniel Casselberry

    I think Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, and the rest of these traitors need a time out…..preferably at Guantanamo. They are trying to destroy our democracy and our nation……In my book, that is treason at the least and terrorism at best.

  • Sam Best

    In Australia we look on these Tea Party mob and wonder why they hate the idea of the ACA so much when we have had a similar (but better) medical benefit system for nearly 40 years that is so successful both liberal and conservative parties compete at elections to see who will improve it.
    My vast array of necessary medicines cost me under $6 each and I’ve had 2 total knee replacements at the cost of taxi fares to and from the hospital. Even though I’ve paid a medical levy all my working life it’s still 100 times cheaper than private insurance and we all win including drug companies because the government buys medicines in bulk spending billions$ each year.

    • CJ

      I had a conversation with my father tonight and we got into politics and the ACA. I truly should have known better since he has fallen into the Tea Party’s lies about it. I mentioned of course Canada doing fine under a health care system in some similarity to the ACA and of course he said it doesn’t work claiming that he’s known people who did not get good care under it. But I’ve talked to those who have. They are convinced that a health system like yours will be the doom of our healthcare system here which is sad to say the least. We let our working poor die from illnesses that could be treated but they can’t afford it. We make our elderly have to choose between food or their medication. How is taking appropriate care of them the wrong thing to do? I’ll never understand their reasoning.

    • John Prager

      I wish Bannister would have stayed in the public eye longer. She was hilarious ;)

    • Drew

      I like Australia. The Tea Party mob hates anything to do with President Obama. Instead of working with him, they obstruct everything remotely resembling progress. The interesting thing is that the ACA (aka “Obamacare”) stemmed from 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Robmey’s-(R) Romneycare plan implemented in Massachusetts. Another thing is that RepubliCONS helped pass the ACA into law in 2010 and have tried 41 or 42 times to repeal it to no avail. When they didn’t get their way, they carried out their dream of shutting down the gov’t which is also backfiring on them. Such hypocrites!

  • Sam Best

    It’s bizarre how working men/women including truckers now believe parties like the Tea Party that is funded by billionaires whose aim is to reduce their pay and benefits. They vote against their own best interests.

    And correct me but hasn’t Obama done more for Vet’s benefits than Bush ?

    • Drew

      Tea Party companies like to pay low wages to their slaves so that their owners can drive around in fancy cars with “Don’t Tread On Me” bumper stickers and feel real manly and American. Bush created an unnecessary war while Obama was left with the mess to clean up. He is also doing more for Vet’s benefits than Bush, but the GOP-sponsored shutdown threatened to cut benefits to Vet’s and military families.

  • http://gravatar.com/les4toads les4toads

    Let me get this straight, Sara Palin is upset that the veterans are being used as “political pawns.” By whom? It sounds to me like it is the Tea Party and the GOP! As a Republican, I get angrier by the minute because of these LIARS! Who shut down the government! The House of Representatives! What is wrong with passing a clean CR to open government and open up the war memorials, the national parks and monuments, and getting people back to work? The Tea Party has turned out to be nothing but a group of terrorists!!! Every last one of them! I used to believe in the Tea Party when the stood for “Taxed Enough Already” and what they said made some sense. Now? THey have turned into LIARS, RACISTS, MISOGYNISTS, RELIGIOUS HYPOCRITES, and so much more!

    As a Republican, I would never even consider voting for Ted Cruz! His lies are more than just political rhetoric! Does he even really understand the Constitution of the United States of America? As an American, I demand that he prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is an American citizen. He was born in Canada, not the United States! Yes, his mother is a citizen but how about his father and was he ever really naturalized? And now we see Ted Cruz with protesters carrying Confederate flag! A true American!? How very civil of him! Is he also a white supremacist? Tha would explain a lot of things.

    As a veteran, I am angered about the closure of the war memorials and veterans being used a “political pawns.” Sara Palin, Ted Cruz and other House politicians are responsible for the government shut down! These people are not patriots! They are terrorists! They are the American Taliban! Americans need to step up and put these people out of office! What they have done and are doing is unconscionable! I am also totally angry with Larry Klayman of Freedom Works and his bigotry! Part of his comment telling the President of the United States to “put the Quran down, to get up off his knees…” and “We are now ruled by a President who bows down to Allah…this President is not a President of “we the people.” You sir, are nothing but a racist bigoted liar! President Obama was elected BY THE PEOPLE and reelected BY THE PEOPLE! The President of the United States is a christian! I can definitely tell that YOU are in no manner way, shape or form a christian! If you say you are, you need to go back and really read the Bible again and again and again until you get it right!

    • CJ

      I love Republicans like you. Reasonable. Intelligent. We don’t have to agree on the issues. But able to articulate properly and not be afraid to stand up against those who are taking over your party. I do not hate the GOP…I hate what the GOP has been turning into.

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003656763648 Carol Neilands

        You’re absolutely right, another threat to your democracy is that you now have no credible Opposition party. Even their wealthy backers are starting to get scared of the monsters they have unleashed on the American people. Without a functioning economy who’s going to be left to buy their goods.These people are terrifying; they are worst, most unscrupulous & ignorant rascist bigotted pockets of your society & they are trying to take over for their own ends – by jumping on this out of control bandwagon. I’m in Australia & from here it looks like your country is well & truly under seige by evil forces. Don’t let them win!

    • Neal Feldman


      Except their ‘taxed enough already’ mantra was, and is, as false as any of their other lies. Taxes are at about their lowest point in nearly 100 years.

      Just more lies, ignorance and idiocy from the so-called ‘conservatives’. Seems to be all they can manage.

    • Neal Feldman

      And technically what does it matter what religion, or none at all, Obummer is?

      Constitution states clearly :

      No religious test for public office.

    • Tristo!

      I completely agree with your statement. It’s VERY sad that Teapublicans (who really should run under a 3rd party as to help flush them out, HINT HINT) are ruining this country, and what it stands for. Kudos for being a reasonable republican, although if a tea party member read this, you’d be considered Muslim, extremist, terrorist, communist, fascist, anti american, etc…that’s what they do. They manipulate the masses with key words and talking points, but really have nothing to say.

  • https://www.facebook.com/chris.flora.98 Chris Flora

    That speaker is too much of a Pussy to even make an un qualified threat…lol

  • TomC

    What are these people smoking. Obama bows to corporations, but just slightly less than the GOP. You have to conclude that these people are simply racists who will believe anything to rationalize an anti-Obama position. They know they can’t just say, “Let’s get rid of Obama because he is black” without being dismissed by the masses and the media.

  • Luke

    wow I used to actually follow this website. but considering the massive misinformation in this article I cant trust anything that is posted here. Roughly 200 people? were you even there? try near 1000. and while yes its far short of a million its 5 times what you are portraying. and while there was a teaparty presence a majority of the Veterans that were present were there to ensure that the three Honor flights planned for that day were able to visit the Memorial that was built to honor them for their service. To deny them the right to pay homage to their fallen comrades and to show them the basic respect that they have earned is a far worse crime then moving the barriers.

    • John Prager


      “About 200 people gathered in Lafayette Park outside the White House, although it wasn’t clear how many of them were participating in the protest. Some held American flags and others held “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and signs that said “Impeach Obama” and “Respect our vets.”

      Of course, those numbers may have been bolstered some by those oh-so-sane people from the Value Voters Summit leaving to join in the protest with the ARCHITECT OF OUR CURRENT MISERY and his loony sidekick Skittles Palin.

      But yes–I’m SURE this was just about making sure the veterans could visit the monument. You know what else would do that? A clean C/R!

      • CJ

        Fer sure! I’m so sick of hearing TP’s yelling that Obama ordered these parks shut. If they’d do their research they’d find out that was setup previously to happen during government shutdowns. When workers are furloughed there are not enough there to protect the monuments or enough to watch over the safety of the people visiting those parks. If someone falls and gets hurt…there may not be someone around who can help. Those are the biggest reasons to have people working the parks.

    • mikael

      luke why don’t you blame the house for closing the government down, I am a veteran and I am more upset that your rally could even host the disrespect to our president, whether it was 200 or 1000, it was a hugh flop because these self righteous fanaticals do not represent the people of the united states

    • Brian Link

      I seriously wanna punch every Teapub with the nerve to say Obama shut down the government, or acting as if Obama forced their hand in this shutdown and it’s all his fault the american people are suffering. They’re nothing but a bunch of brainwashed power hungry egomaniacs who always have to politically correct. If there’s fact slightly in their favor they milk the living shit out of it and when there’s facts against them they just make up your own facts. You people who support this shutdown are no different that those of us who think Obama is right, only at least we didn’t shut down the government when pres Drinky McDumbass Bush decided to take us into a pointless and wasteful war with Iraq.

      • Brian Link

        their own facts*

  • Gail Anderson

    These people are all demented. There is something wrong with them. Of course they are from the south, guaranteed, REDNECK AND IGNORANT. Please will they do something with these no god dam good idiots. Why are they allowed to disrespect the president of the U.S. IN THIS WAY AND NOTHING IS DONE TO THEM????????????

    • Neal Feldman

      It is called Freedom of Speech.

      Yes, they are ignorant morons. Yes they have no clue. Yes they are offensive to those of us with educations and possessing IQs to the right side of the bell curve.

      But they have the right to express their idiocy, just as we have the right to point out their idiocy.

      Now shutting down the govt because they lost in 2012? Not so much. And they will have a very hard time scrubbing this debacle of theirs in a year.

      These clowns in under 10 years, have managed to all but eradicate the Republican party from relevance in America.

    • Erik Medeiros

      I’m sorry to say that they are not all from the South. We have many like-minded people here in California.

  • https://plus.google.com/101701230120282620494 Paulo Ledesma

    Sometimes, the best way to deal with stupid is to ignore it..

  • GailP

    Ted Cruz, and all of his Tea Party companions should be charged with Sedition. And the sooner the better.
    Furthermore, he should be ashamed. The vile remarks that come out of his mouth are beyond repulsive.

    • https://www.facebook.com/ken.atzenhoefer Ken Atzenhoefer

      I agree with you GailP 100%. It is time to hold these fools responsible for trying to overthrow the government, and put them all away. Ted Cruz is just out to get more than his fifteen minutes of fame.

      • Neal Feldman

        Agreed as well.

        Round the teatards up and ship them off to Gitmo which they were so intent on keeping open.

  • http://twitter.com/PedroAVazquez Pedro Alfon Vazquez (@PedroAVazquez)

    These people have come to the extremes of hight treason, they are taking advantage that Obama is a humble and nice person, Obama should take vacations and put a vice president or some person to treat these terrorists as they deserve. What happens is that there are enough fanatics to endorse them, although with one or two stealth planes their hideouts in the “nature” can be overcome in some minutes or hours. These is an extreme that should not have occurred in the United States, people should see that this is now too much… terrorists have taken the streets of Washington… somebody do something because this will be very sad for history.

  • Marty

    these idiots are out of touch with reality or need to be put in a nut house

  • CJ

    Seriously…if the president was jihadist as they claim I’m pretty sure he would have done something to push his so called Islam agenda upon the U.S. Hmmm…have yet to see that and it’s getting pretty late in the game for him to do so. I actually feel sorry for those vets (whom I have enormous respect for) because the party they revere has become so deluded and diluted by the Tea Party. Unfortunately my own father has been a victim of the Tea Party…he just doesn’t know it.

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