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Louisiana Republicans to Force Doctors to Lie to Women About Abortion

In yet another example of the right’s perceived governmental intrusion into our personal lives Louisiana state Representative Barry Ivey (R-Baton Rouge) has introduced the bill HB1262, which would require that before an abortion, the provider would have to supply a woman with a pamphlet describing the harmful effects that an abortion will have on her mental health.

Not surprisingly,  the bill completely ignores the science shows women who have had abortions are at no greater risk of mental health problems than women who have never had one.

The National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health in the U.K. analyzed 44 studies conducted around the world from 1990 to 2011, concluding that women who have had an abortion are no more likely to experience mental health issues such as anxiety and depression than women who have not.

In general, 11 to 12 percent of women can be expected to experience a mental health issue such as depression at some point in their lives, while that number rises to almost one-third in women who are experiencing an unwanted pregnancy.  Among those who went on to have an abortion, the numbers with mental health issues were no greater than the general population of women.

Should this bill become law, women will be required to sign a statement attesting to the fact that they were supplied with the pamphlet at least 24 hours prior to undergoing the procedure.  The pamphlet would cover the alleged psychological effects of abortion as well as coerced abortion and sex trafficking.

Under the provisions of the bill, the pamphlet would be developed by a panel composed of state Senators and Representatives along with representatives of anti choice groups. No input from pro choice groups or abortion providers would be allowed a position on the panel.

h/t:  Daily KOS


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  • BLH

    I had no idea I had mental health issues because of the abortion I had years ago. Must be like those flashbacks I was promised in school if I ever dropped acid (I mean did LSD) and all these years I thought those issues were from being abused growing up. Boy little did I know. Again the scary thing is too many people actually believe this garbage if they have never heard otherwise. That would be the reason they want to do this of course. I’m too disgusted to have these people in my brain anymore for the night. I want dreams not nightmares.

    • Bob Cull

      Sadly, many continue to believe these things even after they hear otherwise, BLH, they believe what they want to believe — it’s willful ignorance.

  • JFischer

    ‘Yes, I received the pamphlet’ — then shredded it and put it in the birdcage with yesterday’s newspaper. Which is what such a thing deserves.

  • http://daksden.wordpress.com dakotahgeo

    It would be appropriate to call the Orkin man and have him/them do a “number” on Southern States to rid them of the pests they are! Everything gained, nothing lost!

    • http://gravatar.com/lordbrucegiles Billy D

      Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hey now! …Could you give me time to get across the Mason-Dixon before doing so?

      • http://daksden.wordpress.com dakotahgeo

        Heh heh heh… of course. I’ll give you a weeks or months notice. Live well and prosper!

  • david saint

    theres that right wing “freedumb” rearing its ugly head again.

  • http://none marc fried

    Too bad they don’t let the doctors tell them (the pols) how lousy an unwanted kid is treated and bad it feels to be an unwanted and therefore (to be) a neglected child

    • Will

      Marc, they wouldn’t care….remember, people like this only care that the child is born. Once it leaves the womb, the next time they care anything about it is when it turns 18, then it can join the army and vote.

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