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Limbaugh Says Racism is Just a Liberal Fantasy Used to Help Democrats Stay in Power

Rush Limbaugh has once more dragged out another tired old argument based in pure fantasy, claiming that there is no racism in this country and Democrats just tell people that there is in order to stay in power.

He had a listener on the line who was originally from Honduras and he assumed that he could give her a false version of American history and she would not know the difference so he also dragged out the lie that it is actually the Democratic party that is the party of racism and always has been.  He told her that the KKK was founded by the Democratic party knowing that she would not know that it was not, it was founded by a group of Confederate veterans as a social club with no political agenda at all in the beginning.

He goes on to say that all Jim Crow laws were written by Democrats which, while technically true is still very misleading since those were the old Dixiecrats who now are part of the Republican party.

He explained to her that it was easy to fool those who vote for Democrats because they are all uneducated boobs saying, “fifty-one percent of Democrats do not know that the Earth revolves around the sun once a year.”

That blatant lie was apparently in reference to a recent National Science Foundation survey that found that 26% of all Americans do not know that simple fact; the survey made no reference to political affiliations, it simply assessed the scientific knowledge of the population in general.  Of course Rush has never been one to let facts get in his way and this was not the day he was going to begin.

Racism has been whipped up by the left, by the Democratic party as a means of silencing its opponents,” he told her.  “The Democrat party is not about self-reliance and rugged individualism and freedom, they’re about dependence, they need people depending on them.”

As a demonstration of how well it works, he finished up by telling her, “There is no criticism of Barack Obama, absolutely none of any substance from the Republican party because they’re so afraid of being called racist.”

Listen to the audio clip from the show below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhDbEEdecm0?feature=player_embedded&w=640&h=360]

h/t:  Mediaite

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I'm retired and live in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY. I have strong opinions and my political bent has not changed since I was in high school. Most of my family thinks that I need to find a "real" hobby to fill my time in retirement, but I am content to share my opinions with others and exercise my "right" as a cranky old retired dude to express my views--which are based on many years of real world experience.
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  • http://gravatar.com/majiir majiir

    If Limbaugh had to live in the American South while being black the way I’ve had to do, he’d have blown his brains out long ago. Dude couldn’t hack growing up under Jim Crow in the 1950s, being run out of public parks, riding in the back of buses, drinking from separate water fountains, being barred from sitting to eat in certain restaurants, etc., and still go on to be successful in a society in which many of the discriminators and their progeny still practice discrimination every chance they get, although the form of discrimination today is more covert.

    Limbaugh knows prejudice, discrimination, racism, and bigotry still exist in America, but he’ll never admit it. Why should he? He’s never been denied anything his heart has desired. If one has never been the subject of others’ rejection on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, etc., it’s easy for him/her to ignore what is happening to others, pretend it doesn’t exist, lie about it, and claim that s/he has played no role in allowing it to propagate.

    • paul fredine

      bravo! very well said!

  • http://kllypyn.wordpress.com kllypyn

    Doesn’t hew disprove his own statement every timer he opens his mouth? He has a lot of nerve calling people uneducated.If ignorance was a disease he’d be dead.

    • Bob Cull

      You’re absolutely right, Kllpyn. He is so ignorant that he can’t even get the figures right from the study that he is misrepresenting.

      • http://kllypyn.wordpress.com kllypyn

        He proves his ignorance every day.

  • rnf

    One thing that stupid people think is Rush is telling the truth!

  • Linda Juergens

    This is so amazing to me. What is wrong with these People?

  • paul fredine

    “there is no criticism of barack obama, absolutely none of any substance from the republican party because they are afraid of being called racist.”
    well, get your red pens ready and moderate away, but i just have to ask how this…how this talking pustule can even say that with a straight face and actually expect people to believe him. unless, of course, he is totally divorcing the tea party morons (and their daily rants being posted for his assassination, depicting him as hitler or a monkey, denigrating his wife and children…not to mention the bile that oozes out of ted nugent’s mouth) from what passes as main-stream republicanism. i always expect very little from this piss-poor excuse for a human being so i don’t know why, when he comes out with something like this i should be the least bit surprised or let it bother me as much as it does because it’s just rush being what he’s getting paid to be….a total asshole.

    • D. King

      You said it, Paul–and to think Limbaugh’s bust was installed in the Missouri State House to honor his fame!

  • D. King

    Yeah, right. (Rolling eyes)

  • Shawn Crippen

    Yes, my mother’s boyfriend informed me he was a ‘rugged individualist’ one day in conversation, and I nearly sprayed my coffee across the table. This ‘rugged individualist’ is an overweight 72 year old man who drinks too much and isn’t dealing well with the fact that he’s getting older.
    The next time I ran across that phrase was in a list of Republican talking points…Ohhhhhhh. Now I get it…If Rush Limpdick or Mark Levine says it, the next place you’re likely to hear it is falling out of Dick’s mouth.
    Rugged individualist…snort…

  • Svsportz

    Despicable liar. He is just out to make money off of lying to uneducated people.

  • Raji the Green Witch

    I think Rush is using the hillbilly heroin again.

    • Jo Anne

      Hillbilly heroin . That’s it.

      • rnf

        I think he ran out of hillbilly heroin!

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