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Limbaugh: Poor Kids Getting Free Lunch Are Just Like Family Pets

On the September 6th edition of Premiere Radio Network’s The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh compares poor children getting free meals in school to family pets.

When you get a new pet what is the first thing you do to try to bond with it, you want to be the one to feed it right? You don’t want anybody else feeding that new puppy or kitten because you know that that puppy and kitten will bond with you first…

Listen to his outrageousness here:


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  • Mazio

    HA. Love this stuff. Another example of Lib BS. Libs are creative, and they are putting on a magnificent show! Wow.

    • Bob Cull

      And you are the typical TEAbagger, Mazio, if the facts don’t support your opinion then you think that you get to make up facts that do. It doesn’t work that way, you are entitled to your own opinion no matter how wrongheaded it is and no matter that there are no facts to support it, you do NOT have a fright to create your own “facts” to back your opinion and that is where you ignorant TEAbaggers fall short EVERY time. You are all big on mouth and short on factual information, that’s what happens when you see education as evil.

      • https://www.facebook.com/michellezahrte Michelle Zahrte


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  • Paul B

    Write letter to his advertisers to drop him, and dont buy any products from his “show”

  • L. D.

    can we say getting ever more desperate?

  • Ash

    The most perfect description I ever heard!! I can’t even add to it

  • https://www.facebook.com/barbara.wolfsong Wolfsong ThePoet

    We used to call it diarrhea of the mouth . . . he is showing how little he truly knows by opening his mouth and letting his uniformed thoughts flow out like muddy waters . .

    . .. . The apolitical children don’t know who is feeding them! It’s food and they are hungry and there it is . . . My Title 1, inner city school feeds all the kids, breakfast, snack, lunch, and supper . .. why? Because starving kids can’t learn . . their stomachs hurt from hunger . . . Before we started feeding them . . we had so many kids who were NOT fed for whatever reason . . poverty, drugs, neglect etc . . and SURE the parents should feed them . . . but if they don’t . . how can we make the kids suffer . .. Do you know that teachers fed kids with their own money in those days before? . . . well, we need a society that is capable of thinking . . and we need to teach them the best we can . . but food comes first!

    • http://gravatar.com/smallwoodenator Matt Smallwood

      He’s just a disgusting human being….comparing hungry children to family pets to try and support his bullshit theory that schools feed kids to exercise some kind of obedience to them. He’s an idiot…as has been expressed here by other.

  • kathy

    what is this world coming to when he has to get all upset cuz kids are getting free lunches some parents even though they work can’t afford to send kids to school with lunches everyday or send them with money every day ….

  • J. Thomasson

    did anyone know that he and Glen Beck started out in radio as Top 40 disc jockeys? I never thought that I would feel bad for all the other Top 40 dj”s

  • Jeffery

    Rush likes to f*ck little kids.

    • http://gravatar.com/biggreenones biggreenones

      there IS that rumour, isn’t there?

      • https://www.facebook.com/zairstudios Kaeylyn Hunt

        Oh,it’s no rumour.it’s why he got busted with that illegal Viagra in Central America his doc took a fall for.He goes down there to bugger teenage boys and get away with it.He also has been busted way back in the 1970’s having oral se* in an alley beside a gay bar when he was “Jeff Christie” on the radio.It’s also how he got his job at Clear Channel,by buggering and servicing the boss.Otherwise,he had NO shot His History is that of a closeted ,self hating gay man with power and daddy issues who then turns around and takes it out on Boys at precisely the age he felt his most powerless.He is a Pedophile,a Pyschopath,and is also a violently dangerous person to be in a relationship with.It’s why he paid off the 1st three wives and the fourth has a literal gag order should she ever decide to leave.He used to be our up the street neighbor,and he is every bit as vile if not moreso in person as he is on air.The Karma Bus just can’t squash this bug on it’s windshield fast enough!

  • https://www.facebook.com/adam.brummer.3 Adam Brummer

    Who feeds Rush, and what do they feed him ?

    • Ash

      Adam–I don’t know but I am sure he’s not going hungry.

      • http://gravatar.com/craniest craniest

        and it goes without saying do NOT pet him

  • Dora

    How can anyone take this man seriously. He has the ethics of a ten dollar whore (apologies to the whore), the character of a drug addict trying to get his next fix, and the conscious of an heir plotting to kill the family elder who holds the purse strings. You have to be one brick short of a full load to listen to anything he has to say with any kind of seriousness.

  • Rusty

    Well, it’s pretty obvious that HE hasn’t missed any meals. He just wants to keep them hungry so they’re easier for him to catch.

  • Phillip

    How does anyone listen to him and take him seriously? He is a joke and a fraud. A fear monger. So I guess having cafeterias at Google, universities, corporations, or any place is just wrong. This coming from a morbidly obese man who could eat three toddlers for lunch and still have room for a vodka OxyContin chaser. Sad.

  • Mitch A

    This dude must have huffed a lot gasoline in his drug days because it is obvious that he missing part of his brain

    • kangpower


  • Marty F.

    Limbaugh is just an uneducated, naive, former drug addict and moron. Five year olds have a better grasp of the reality of our world than he has; while some of what he says is no doubt for ratings, the bulk of it is sheer nonsense and those that buy what he says are either clueless or live on Gingriche’s Mars colongy.

  • Bob Cull

    The fat man is a master of CONVOLUTED logic!

  • http://twitter.com/GreenEyedLilo Jayelle (@GreenEyedLilo)

    Oh yeah, this dude should *definitely* be writing childrens’ books.

    • Bonnie

      So, it is “silly” to provide meals for children who may be food insecure at home. What a terrible waste of money that could be better spent elsewhere – such as Congressional voting sessions to repeal Obamacare.

      Limbaugh LOVES children. Says they taste like chicken.

      • thinkingperson

        Bonnie – GREAT comment!!!!!

      • Kris799

        LMAO Bonnie!!!

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