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Jon Stewart DESTROYS Fox Over Manufactured Benghazi Hysteria! (Video)

Watch Jon Stewart destroy Fox over their manufactured Benghazi hysteria on The Daily Show Wednesday, saying,  “You have no f**king idea!”  Stewart also made the argument that all of Fox’s theories are based on nothing concrete.

If what you’re saying is true, and it’s an important question. If what you’re saying is true–if the president let Americans die for political reasons, then by God, bring us the evidence and we will grab the pitchforks and torches right along with you.  But, remember, that game goes both ways.

Let me try:  In 2011 the state Department requested funding for worldwide security, protection and upgrades. Money that perhaps could have gone to Benghazi.  But, Republicans like Darrell Issa, who’s heading up this committee, voted to cut that funding.  Maybe because of political reasons in an election year, to make the president look weak, thus sacrificing Americans for political gain.  Did that happen?

Watch the outstanding Stewart smack-down, courtesy of Comedy Central:



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  1. why dont you check the votes as he says ? seems pretty simple.

  2. This whole thing is purely political. If this incident had happened under a Republican administration, the Republicans would be doing the stonewalling and the Democrats would be going for blood.

    • Oh, really? There were many more such incidents during Dubya’s administration and there was ONE hearing and it was open and closed! Yeah, you’re right the Democrats are the ones who always play dirty…NOT!!!

  3. Its always funny seeing stupid leftist and stupid rightists bash each other claiming the others politics is dirty. Maybe you need a history lesson on what politics is? Politics is dirty and nasty on both sides, and claiming one side does it more is just willful ignorance.

  4. The spin machine is in full gear and Stewart, as usual, is giving it a funny spin to accept his version with laughter, even if it isn’t the whole truth which none of us will ever know that. Both sides have good points but the real point is, government at all levels in this tragedy shows their incompetence due to politics.

    • Yeah, just like Bush had evidence of a coming attack in America (remember 9/11) with airplanes being used, and terrorists getting flight training, but republicans never said a word. Now they are in a froth over Benghazi, just like his birth certificate (bulls**t), his muslem leanings (more bulls**t), his trashing of constitutional rights (supreme bulls**t) so whats new? Eight months of hearings and all we here are “if” this or “if” that and Obama is at fault. Come on right wingers, stop your false accusations and show the majority of us how what you are complaining about wasn’t more amply demonstrated by the last Republican administration.

    • like nothing like this happened during the Bush administration…PLEASE…wake up and face reality.

  5. John Stewart, is a pinhead!!!!

  6. What is most disturbing about all of this is that Fox has so brainwashed their audience that they can’t see that if there was any merit to these claims other outlets would be covering it. When only one “news” agency follows a story it says to me that there is NO story. Even in Congress no one has actually produced any evidence to show that anything untoward has occurred, instead we get innuendo and ridiculous claims such as Jason Chaffetz saying that he can’t prove there was a cover up so that proves that there was one. I am getting a little tired of these Teapubs wasting our money and time (they are in our employ and therefore their working time is ours) on these constant witch hunts. We have more important things for them to be working on, like passing a budget and ending sequestration, another of their attempts to make the President look bad.

    • The President doesn’t need any help to make him look bad, he does that all on his own!

      • No, actually the President looks pretty good, one hell of a lot better than the Teapubs running this witch hunt. He has integrity something you can never say about them.

    • I don’t think it’s so much that Fox is brainwashing their audience as that they’re pandering to (and exploiting for their own financial gain) a demographic that has always existed in this country. There’s always been a minority segment of the population who are ignorant and proud of it, but in the past they didn’t really get much attention from the mainstream media and the public at large. Now, thanks to unethical panderers like Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and Faux News, they are getting attention, far more than they deserve, and they think they’re the majority. They don’t realize they’re just being exploited for a paycheck.

  7. He bitch slapped fox big time!
    Is Fox full of s**t?
    in words of Cenk of tyt “Of coooorrrrrsssse!”

  8. Why on earth do you have Lindsey Graham’s Benghazi petition at the beginning of this article?

    • AATTP

      We don’t have 100% control over the ads (Google serves them based on keywords and we aren’t able to approve/disapprove each one due to sheer volume), although we try to block stupid ads like that as much as possible. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. The main reason Republicans are politicizing Benghazi is because that is the only thing they can use against Hillary Clinton. But let us remember:
    1. More people died from Embassy attacks during Bush’s Administration
    2. The non-partisan Accountability Review Board did *NOT* find Hillary responsible for what happened in Benghazi
    3. We have had a total of 20 Accountability Review Boards throughout our history because security overseas is never 100%
    4. Hillary implemented all of the recommendations the Accountability Review Board set forth
    5. The biggest security failure, 9/11, happened under a Republican Administration
    6.Republicans cut millions in funding for “EMBASSY SECURITY”
    The bottom line is: those who decide to pursue careers in diplomatic work know the risks. Obviously we try to do everything we can to make sure our Embassies are secure, but Embassy security is NEVER 100%.
    Hillary Clinton was not found responsible for the Benghazi attacks according to the non-partasian Accountability Review Board, and she implemented all of their recommendations. This is not the first, nor the last, Embassy attack that will result in the death of American lives. Remember — we had more people die in Embassy attacks during Bush’s Administration.
    It’s truly sickening that Republicans are playing politics with a tragedy like this. They must really be scared of Hillary in 2016.

  10. “What difference, AT THIS POINT, does it make?” Republicans keep misquoting Hillary Clinton and forgetting the middle part. They also forget what she said right after it which is, “It is our job to figure out what happened and make sure it never happens again” Anyway — Hillary Clinton was referring to what difference does it make what Ambassador Rice said on the Sunday morning talk shows. Hillary was not talking about what difference does it make that these four Americans died. Anyone with half a brain should understand that. And guess what? Hillary Clinton is absolutely correct. Why were Republicans focusing on what Ambassador Rice said on a Sunday morning talk show? Ambassador Rice told the American people exactly what the intelligence communities talking points said. These were the same talking points Congress received. Obviously the intelligence community got it wrong, but that doesn’t mean the Obama Administration lied, it simply means the intelligence community got it wrong. Hillary’s point was that at this point, what difference does it make what Ambassador Rice said on a Sunday morning talk show? We know now the intelligence community got it wrong, but the Administration did not lie. The Administration simply told the American people the same talking points Congress received from the intelligence community.

    • AATTP

      They love to quote things out of context. “You didn’t build that” also being a great example of their willful ignorance.

    • That’s what they do! They take a few words out of context and it appears that the speaker has said something that they never would say. I still have people who tell me that the President did indeed tell business owners that they did not build their businesses. I accidentally came upon a perfect example of how taking words out of context can change the meaning the last time I was taking care of my mother while my sister was on vacation. I was walking past Mom’s room where she was watching her DVDs of Little House on the Prairie when I burst into laughter because I heard little Laura Ingalls say, “I’m going to catch crabs.” Now that was hilarious but only because I did not hear any of the rest of the conversation.

    • If a image is clearly photo shopped, it wouldn’t stand up, but some how these republican “pinheads” are allowed to continue to edit speeches as they please

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