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Jon Stewart Hilariously Obliterates Fox ‘News’ for Cherry-Picking the Constitution! (Video)

Watch Jon Stewart call out Fox “News” liars, like Eric Bolling, for cherry-picking the Constitution to suit their agenda.  In fact, as Stewart points out, the ONLY Amendment they seem to give a s**t about is the 2nd one.

Stewart brilliantly goes over the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 9th Amendments, showcasing Fox’s blatant hypocrisy in only insisting on the rigid interpretation of one; the right to bear arms.

Watch Jon Stewart destroy Fox wannabe constitutional scholars in this clip, courtesy of Comedy Central:


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  • Victor Michael Lashewitz

    So you call about half the country “scumbags” because they believe differently on this subject matter Intelligent language from someone who wants to appear edumacated about regulating gun control. Why can’t we all just get along despite are differences and view points? All this name calling by both sides of the politically minded is absurd and very immature.

    As far a I know why not have the government just tell companies they no longer want certain type weapons manufactured in the United States?

    As far as I know America recently has made a lot of laws that take away freedoms of United States citizens. Look what they do to law abiding citizens at the airport for example. Lots of hassles to fly on an airplane these days. Do these regulation laws make me feel safer on a flight? NO!!! Just makes it a hassle to catch a typical flight in this country. I mean search children under 5 is absurd when their is a family with more than two children. Why would a parent want to harm their child on a flight?.

    I believe in all the Bill of Rights including the second amendment. As long as countries like Iran and North Korea exist with their type governments I support the second amendment freedom of rights to bear arms.

    I personally don’t desire to own a weapon. Never owned one either. But it doesn’t mean I should tell another what to do because they believe differently than I do.

    As far as regulating weapons in this country people should know criminals don’t obey the laws. If you tell citizens what they can and cannot own are freedoms will disappear at a faster rate then they already have been. A lot of laws are made just because people don’t act civil.

    • https://www.facebook.com/lisa.kazmier Lisa Kazmier

      So, we should decriminalize murder because criminals don’t obey, huh — just like we should have no gun laws?

    • Doug

      Iran has a functional military with class b airforce. North Korea has a nuclear arsenal. How does our second amendment rights to bear arms and form a militia help us Victor? Don’t get me wrong but you misinterpret the intent and purpose of the second amendment. The right the bear arms was written during a time when we did not have a formed national military. It was designed so that the govt. can quickly raise a militia to fight threats from native tribes or British invasion. It does not serve the same purpose today since we have a military with advanced capabilities. That does not mean I don’t support the right for individuals to purchase and own guns. That should be every citizen’s right but the purpose and intent of the 2nd amendment is grossly misunderstood by so many Americans.

    • https://www.facebook.com/John.J.J.Stevens John Stevens

      I support the WHOLE of the Second Amendment myself not just the second clause. I have owned a weapon, several in fact. I still believe however that some additional regulations need to be brought to the fore … were you aware that according to the NRA website 76 percent of all shooting fatalities occurred with a weapon that was purchased legally ? (funny how about 5 or 6 years ago they removed that statistic from their site ) Irresponsible gun ownership does need to be curbed due to that fact alone …
      As for your statement about children under 5 being searched .. I have twin eight year olds who were not searched on our last trip ( three months ago ).
      As for our rights disappearing well we have been handing them over for years .. think Patriot Act, the NDAA as well ( btw the one for this year isn’t the one that introduced the detention of citizen’s without due process that came quite some time ago .. not even under this administration)

      As for Mr Stewart he is a satirist – absurdist – a comedian it is his job to be absurd he even states that he is not an actual news source…… what is sad is that he and Colbert are the two sources of news that are more reliable than the actual news sources…

    • Roger

      I keep hearing about “freedoms” we’ve lost, Can you please name one or two ?

      • Patty Ramirez

        Check out the Patriot Act. It guts all our rights under the Bill of Rights, i.e, the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and 10th Amendments. And the SCOTUS just ruled that taking the firth and asking for a lawyer can be used by the prosecutor to imply guilt, even before you are arrested.

      • supercarp

        Since several red states are closing women’s health clinics it can be virtually impossible for low income women to get these services which include treating tubal pregnancies which are life threatening.

    • Will

      What are these freedoms we lost?

      • Dot

        Good question. Tea partiers keep telling me that we have lost freedoms. What? The freedom to not have health insurance and bum it off the rest of us? The freedom to carry weapons and blow up an airplane? No one has taken any freedoms to carry guns from anyone, they are just regulated in some places. Just like no one has taken the freedom to travel, you just have to go through a search to make sure you are not carrying any weapons. It’s a hassle, but you can always travel by train, bus or car. The weapons we have know would astound and probably scare the founders of our nation, and the 2nd amendment would have been worded very differently.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mel.h.sr Mel Haun Sr

    You nailed it Bob.
    I read through the comments. Nothing new here, Same whinny right wing folks and their 2nd Amendment they don’t seem to understand. Keep up the good work

  • Mark

    It’s no different today than when the country was being settled,if anything it is worse. Isn’t it ironic how today we have more laws on the book but are more lawless ? After the cowboys shot up Abilene a few times Marshall Earp made them check in their guns or go to jail and miss out on their party. Sure thet pissed and moaned and bitched about it but they didn’t run the town did they ?!! And they got their guns back when they left town too. What’s any different today ? Wyatt Earp needs to come to Dodge !

  • Bob Cull

    Erwin, if you think anything I have said about the AR-15 is inaccurate, then it is you not I who is ignorant. Everything I said is factual don’t take my word for it, take the word of one of your fellow phallus aficionados: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U6tORrODJE

  • Erwin Ritzkrieg

    If you want to watch news, watch Brett Baier. Eric Bolling is a conservative pundit, if you classify him as something else, you are ignorant.

    The second amendment gives us the right to bear arms. If you don’t agree with it, amend the constitution and change it.

    The Internet was not around when the first amendment was written, yet, we are still afforded that protection.

    And Bob, you ignorance about an AR-15 is embarrassing. If you are going to use a rifle as a scapegoat for change, at least know what you are talking about.

    I love how Liberals talk about how conservative are full of hate. Are anyone of you reading what you write? It is disgusting. I am a good person who happens to enjoy collecting and firing guns, and I am labeled an ignorant scumbag. Classy.

  • Jeff Starr

    Daily Show doesn’t claim to be “News” like FOX “News”. It’s Commentary, like what Fox is. Biggest lie in USA is “Fair and Balanced”

  • http://www.facebook.com/keltillos Alan Joseph

    Well, us lefties gave up providing fact based evidence to righties along time ago. They stick their fingers in their ears and say anything that they think of. Obama should tell the country not to eat yellow snow, just to watch Fox “news” try to convince everyone how great yellow snow is to eat, and the rest of us should take blood pressure pills before talking to righties.

    • Bob Cull

      Don’t you just love it when they cite Alex Jones or Glen Beck as a source and then ridicule you for “getting your news from a comedy show?” When Jon makes a factual error he always correct himself and apologizes, usually the very next day. When was the last time Beck or Jones admitted to a factual lapse let alone apologized?

      • Doug

        Bob, fox news (as they call themselves) never allowed facts to get in the way of a good story.

      • RINOVirus

        Under the circumstances, a”factual lapse” for them is actually getting it right. But like the old saying goes, a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • http://Facebook August

    Wowsers. No one admitws that there are extremists on both sides of this. The lefties hate the righties and the righties hate the lefties. And both side just resort to such name calling.

    • http://gravatar.com/bogleech Bogleech

      Except the “righties” clearly deserve it more because they’re racist, sexist, clueless homophobes. These aren’t two sides to a coin, that’s a copout to even say. They’re idiots and have to be STOPPED. The “left” does not perpetuate this kind of bigotry and ignorance.

    • Dot

      Sorry, I don’t hate anyone. I disagree with them; I get angry with them, but I do not hate them. I would never wish for their deaths. I am not sure a “rightie” would say the same about me however.

  • brandie

    The 2nd amendment says, in essence, the people have the same right to bear arms as any formed national army. which means.. if the army,police, etc, have bazookas, airplanes, tanks and nukes.. we have the right to bear the same technologically advanced weapons. so get over this hypocritical ‘control’ issue. a little lithium might help the more psychotic. PTSD is a pain.

    • AATTP

      You’ve got to be kidding–but sadly you aren’t.

    • Bob Cull

      Too bad for you that the Supreme Court disagrees. Oh, that’s right I forgot, when they rule against you they are “legislating from the bench” and you don’t have to pay any attention to those rulings.

    • http://www.facebook.com/paul.williams.7399 Paul Williams

      That was written when it took 20 seconds to load and fire a single shot. The constitution did not take technology into account at all.

    • frank scigliano

      So idiot, I should be able to have a nuke? What a clueless dufus.

    • Warren Mcguffin

      Try buying a RPG or a Bazooka a Nuke.

  • Krash

    America has truly been dumbed-down when we argue pundit’s talking points and edited clips instead of offering our own within the political arena. ALL Parties (not their constituents) be DAMNED! Their greed knows no affiliation, Dem, Rep or Ind. “…that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

  • Brad

    Now there were a lot of things here pointed out real well. Yet everyone seems as always to be focusing on …. GUNS!!! From the entire thing here… I suggest those that got caught up on GUNS at the end, to go back and watch the video a second time, and stop RIGHT before the GUNS portion.

    • Brad

      It is important to note, that even without the Miranda rights… a person can just simply not speak. You have the choice of what words are coming out of your mouth.

      The surviving brother was here since he was around 9 years old, and in recent year/s became a legal citizen. He sadly isn’t the first American to do a terrorist act.

  • Edward Wright

    For those who don’t remember, it was the second amendment that provided us the rest. Don’t be so quick to judge, especially when those who signed off on the Bill of Rights did so for cases such as this.

    • Bob Cull

      No it is the first amendment that protects the rest. Only a pathetic uneducated loser thinks that violence is the solution to everything!

      • Brad

        No one said that violence solves everything Bob. Sadly there are times though when actions (violence) speaks louder than words. Our Founding Fathers were smart, and damned good with words, so if words are so powerful why did we need to go to war for our freedom? Shouldn’t we have just been able to talk our way out of it, over some tea?

      • http://www.facebook.com/patricia.h.zoeller Patricia Hill Stokes Zoeller

        Protecting and defending oneself isn’t always pretty…… I am a law abiding citizen. There is no reason to limit me of anything my beloved constitution awards me….. Keep your over reaching gun grapping hands off of mine!

        • Bob Cull

          You are delusional! In the first place what makes you think you have a greater claim to the Constitution than I do? You whack jobs constantly call any attempt to place any kind of control on guns a “gun grab” and I have never yet seen any proposal to confiscate one single gun. You try to claim you are more patriotic yet you people are the ones demanding the right to possess the means to overthrow the government. I submit that I and my friends a many times more patriotic than you because we are smart enough to know that we are the government. You want anarchy you are more than welcome to self deport to Somalia, they have no government no rules and you can have all the guns of any type that you want.

        • http://www.365ontario.info/ robby breadner

          that’s what i say patricia, but i think i should be able to purchase RPGs, grenades and small explosive devices, because we all know a grenade sitting there is completely harmless and we know criminals can get them so why not us?

      • brandie

        I’m a pathetic educated loser. 2nd amendment guarantees the rest.

        • Bob Cull

          WRONG! Contrary to what you Teapubs think (I know thinking hurts your head) the founders were not afraid of the government they had just formed, they were wary of a standing army. That is the reason for the 2nd amendment, not so the people would have the means to overthrow the government, which by the way is the PEOPLE. You do NOT have the right to overthrow the government we fought a civil war over that and you guys lost.

        • Bo

          First words in the 2nd amendment reads “a well regulated militia” key word being REGULATED. which is all we’re asking for.

          • http://gravatar.com/eqfan592 eqfan592

            Bo, you don’t even understand the meaning of the word in terms of the context it was written in. Also, guns ARE regulated. What you’ve been asking for as of late is regulation for the sake of regulation, NOT for the sake of actually doing anything to solve the problem. In fact, folks such as yourself have been successful in distracting from the real problems that would work to reduce violent crime, such as addressing poverty, poor education, lack of access to mental healthcare (and healthcare in general), etc.

            If we had put those energies toward efforts to address THOSE issues, and not towards efforts to place a bunch of ineffective anti-gun legislation, we might have gotten somewhere. But to many progressives lose the rational part of their brain when it comes to the issue of firearms, as is on display right here in this very forum.

          • Violetsmike

            egfan592….”In fact, folks such as yourself have been successful in distracting from the real problems that would work to reduce violent crime, such as addressing poverty, poor education, lack of access to mental healthcare (and healthcare in general), etc. If we had put those energies toward efforts to address THOSE issues, and not towards efforts to place a bunch of ineffective anti-gun legislation, we might have gotten somewhere. – “………………Please point out where “You people” have actually legislated any law or action to curtail the important problems YOU emphasized ….yea,,,,thoughts so.

          • Warren Mcguffin

            Answer this 2Aer’s

      • JamesB22

        It is your right to sling personal attacks and name call under the First Amendment, but your choice to insult instead of provide any sort of factual rebuttal leaves me wishing you were on his side so the rest of us wouldn’t look so bad.

      • http://gravatar.com/eqfan592 eqfan592

        And Bob, only a pie-in-the-sky, rose colored glasses wearing person who is uneducated in terms of history thinks violence is never called upon nor required.

  • FBI Surveillance Van

    Begs the question: has good ol’ Cindy below me here actually ever watched or listened to a single conservative “news” show.

  • Jacobo Lopez Ceballos

    that was too funny. Fox News is so full of s**t they are just as bad as Piers Morgan

  • nmar

    why does everyone hate guns? WE should be hating evil

    • Bob Cull

      I don’t hate guns, nor do most of the people I know who want to see sensible legislation to govern them. I have owned guns and hunted most of my life, but there is no reason anyone needs military style weapons and high capacity magazines. There is also no reason anyone should object to everyone who wishes to own a gun be subjected to verification that they are in fact fit to own a weapon. I don’t believe that someone like Ted Nugent who proudly says “I own a lot of land and if you set foot on it I will shoot you” is qualified to own any kind of weapon.

      • Brad

        Seriously Bob, I am glad to see I am not the only one bored on a Friday night! The military style weapon thing, seriously have we become a nation that is selective of gun fashion? That we can only allow the very old school look of a gun, the newer look is offensive to our eyes, and we must shield ourselves from it as it is to repulsive? Get.. get that gun out of here, it looks filthy, bring me a semi automatic rifle with a wooden stock instead! lol

        • Bob Cull

          I was not referring to appearance! The only thing that an AR-15 is intended to do is kill as many as possible in as short a period of time as possible. For $350 and less than five minutes with a couple of simple hand tools that weapon can be equipped with a “bump” stock that effectively converts it to full automatic. I have seen these fired and the rate of fire is no different than the M-16 the army issued me in 1969. Today they don’t even have that, today’s M-16 fires short bursts not sustained fire. If you guys want the “fun” of firing those weapons join the military, not only will they provide you with one free of charge but they will even pay you to shoot people with it.

      • Kimberly Diaz

        Very well said, Bob Cull. I agree with you 100%. There is no reason for any civilian to own such powerful weapons and if a person refuses to be verified prior to gun ownership, they clearly have something to hide. We are not the “wild west” and as a Nation, we need more common sense laws.

        • Bob Cull

          It is always nice to hear a voice of reason while so many unreasonable people are shouting into your other ear. Thank you.

      • http://gravatar.com/eqfan592 eqfan592

        “Military style” basically means you hate the way the gun looks, therefore it should be banned. It is a blatently ignorant position to hold.

        Bob, you are part of the problem. You are distracting from the REALLY solutions to violent crime (here’s a hint, those solutions don’t have anything to do with cosmetic features nor with magazine capacity). Thanks to folks such as yourself, we miss opportunity after opportunity to focus on the more complex issues that need to be solved to help reduce our violent crime problem, and instead focus on things that have time and time again proven to be completely ineffective at serious violent crime rate reductions.

  • Cindy

    All Liberal News types are some of the most hateful people I have ever heard. When they disagree with those with opinions other than their own, they are very disrespectful

    • Bob Cull

      Why should anyone show respect to people whose go to tactic is to start calling anyone who disagrees with them names. These are people who are totally blind to their own hypocrisy while accusing others of it. The only amendment that these scumbags did not advocate abandoning is the 2nd, and they can’t even read that one! I refuse to “show respect” for people who do not feel obligated to return the favor!

      • Brad

        Holy cow, talk about being blind to your own hypocrisy, while accusing others of it. You just called them scumbags because they disagree with you!

        • Bob Cull

          No, I did not call anyone a scumbag for disagreeing with me! I called the liars on Faux News scumbags for advocating the shredding of nearly every one of the Bill of Rights except for the 2nd. I deal with Teapubs every day and am I angry with them? Hell yes! They immediately call anyone who espouses a view that differs from theirs by one iota names. They then proceed to dismiss out of hand any fact that contradicts their “facts” usually gleaned from Faux News, Red Flag, Drudge, Beck, Alex Jones etc. Finally they label anyone who disagrees with them a traitor and claim some kind of superior patriotism as being exclusively theirs.

      • JamesB22

        Bob, so what you’re showing us here by example is that we should all just sling crap at each other and forget the facts? No Bob, I won’t resort to petty name calling and personal character attacks instead of addressing the issue at hand. Because if we stoop to that level and they stoop to that level all we are left with is a big pile of crap while those in power continue to do what they want to further their personal agendas as we fight it out over nothing.

        • Bob Cull

          I’m setting a poor example? I started out trying to be civil as I always do and then the names and denigration started to fly in my direction from the RIGHT, the same direction it always comes from. That is the go to tactic. As soon as I respond in kind it is, as always, ME who is showing a lack of respect and starting the name calling. I refuse to apologize for something that I am not responsible for starting. I love it when someone with no argument accuses me of being the one with no argument, it shows their ignorance not mine. No, I’m setting no example I have just been pushed over the edge by un-American jerks who attempt to wrap their intolerance in “patriotism.”

    • Haley

      I’d hae to say, the conservative news channels are much worse. I tried to watch a Bill O’Reilly commentary once, and even though I understood his point and could agree on a few of the things he said, I had to turn it off. Within the first 5 minutes he had used 12 blatant insults by calling people “idiots,” “completely stupid”, “mentally impaired” etc, and not because they had done anything other than held a different hypothetical view point.

    • Jake

      ..Rather ironic that you consider the Daily Show to be news. Is this why you also believe that Fox is news?

    • phil

      That’s always the response of you types “Oh, the Liberals are worse.” It is not hateful to point out your party are a bunch of ignorant douchebags.

    • Edmond

      The Constitution of The United States of America is not an opinion.

    • david saint

      LMAO thanks, i needed a good laugh today…PS Rush, Beck, Jones, Hannity, O’Reilly, all promote hate and intolerance. By contrast, Maddow just tells the truth

    • Aarash

      This is such an unbelievably ironic post that it HAS to be sarcasm. Otherwise, porn your disrespect. Also, how is Ann Coulter still breathing? Hasn’t Satan called in the contract on her soul yet?

      • http://www.facebook.com/DerekRaynerGL Derek Rayner

        What soul?

    • Maitreya

      Respect is conditional on how hypocritical, short-sighted or bigoted your personal beliefs are. You’re not entitled to it by any stretch of the imagination.

    • I have a brain

      this is a satirical comedy show…its supposed to be offensive you blind sheep.

      • Colleen Bartell

        What does the term “blind sheep” tell you about This person?

    • SpiritOnParole

      LOL Somebody is bitter that their heroes got outed for being the hypocrites they are. Suck it up buttercup, I’ve been to FOX’s website and seen the rank hatred and demand for progressive slaughter so don’t bring your whiny ass here and complain as if the right are saints. Politics has become a rough topic, if your little feelings are so easily hurt you need to log off grab your binkie and curl up on the couch with your tv lock into FOX so you can remain in your fantasy bubble.

  • Jeffery Chinn

    May God bless you and keep you safe, thank you for all you are doing for the heart and soul of America!

  • Bob Cull

    Watched the show this morning and I have to agree, Jon nailed it…again! Isn’t it telling that there was only one amendment that they were not ready to shred? I knew that the second would come through their shredding party unscathed. These losers are all for limited government except for when they can do something to someone who disagrees with them or wants to do something that they don’t approve of.

    • AATTP


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