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Irony At Its Best: Nasty FL Woman Hurls Racist Slurs at Fast Food Worker, Hopes Video She Took Gets ‘A Million Hits’

And we’d love to help Ms. Taylor Chapman, a 27-year-old (former?) public relations firm employee from Florida, with her wish.

Angry that she hadn’t been given a receipt and an employee had subsequently been rude to her (we wonder why?) the day before, Chapman went back to the Dunkin’ Donuts to speak to a manager while doing “video surveillance.”  After speaking to another employee who according to The Smoking Gun is 18-year-old Abid Adar, Chapman saw the woman she’d gotten into the skirmish with on her previous visit and said,

This s**t is about to go live b**ch!  Right on Facebook.  ‘Cause I already posted what your dumb ass did last night so I hope you’re happy with your little f**king sand-n**ger self.  I’m about to nuke your whole f**king planet from Mars.  You think y’all are tough, big fat Arabs bombing the Trade Center?  I’ll show you tough.

Chapman calls the woman behind the counter,

…a complete c**t sand-n**ger whore.

Here’s a tip, Taylor:  When accusing someone else of being a “complete rude b**ch,” don’t be a complete rude nasty racist b**ch…and then post your despicable behavior on the internet under the delusional impression that anyone is going to take to your side.  One more tip:  Valium, get some.

Watch the video.  WARNING:  Crude language NSFW


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.


  1. She seems nice.

  2. Or drinking and smoking and drugging/

  3. this woman is exactly what is wrong with america right now….why did her parents allow her to be brought up this way?? regardless of race speaking to anyone who is busting their behinds to serve you food doesn’t deserve this kind of harassment. this chick is lucky i didn’t catch her treating someone like that over a receipt, I would teach her the meaning of common courtesy. If there are any lawyers viewing this please please contact this poor woman and have her file a harassment suit against this woman for her behavior and recording her without her permission.

    • rankly, she sounds like the victim of crack. For all you know, her pareents are victims of her behavior as well.

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        Frankly, she sounds like the victim of crack. For all you know, her parents are victims of her behavior as well. Why blame the parents for the sociopathic behavior of these juvenile delinquents once they are beyond parental control? I have my hand FULL with one of these right now, and she is a lot older than this one.

  4. I would have handed her her food and told her never to come back as her business was not ever wanted here again.

  5. She has the voice of a bully, one that sounds like she spends a lot of time yelling and screaming.

    I’ve been teaching children for over 13 years and every single time I hear one that has that slightly raspy, gravelly voice it’s only a matter of time before I see manipulative and/or violent social behavior from that child, whether they are 3 years old or 13 years old.

    I am absolutely unsurprised to hear that kind of voice from this “woman”.

  6. I think this chick is on drugs. Apparently, she doesn’t care if people “$hit and hack loogies” in her food that’s why she says she “gives it to her boyfriend”.

    Can I be her next boyfriend???? Pretty please?

  7. What a racist c*nt! My wife doesn’t like it when I use that word (c*nt, not racist) but even she said the same thing when I showed her this video.

  8. Teach this stupid idiot how to hold an iPhone when shooting video… I hope this woman gets fired from her job and has to work a low wage fast food job. I pity her boyfriend. He’s probably as stupid and racist as she is.

  9. Actually, I do think the manager should have stopped her from abusing his employee. He would have been fully within his rights, and his responsibilities, to insist that she behave herself while he got her order. I also think it would have been appropriate to give her her stuff and then tell her that she will no longer be welcome in that establishment. He may not have had the authority for that, but he certainly could have stopped her racist rant.

    • Absolutely. An employer has a legal responsibility to “provide a safe workplace” for all employees. That means doing safety training, correcting workplace hazards and PREVENTING HARASSMENT. This woman was committing the crime of assault. Management should have called the police immediately.

  10. Borderline Personality Disorder, antisocial personality disorder. I hope she’s getting help. She’s dangerous.

    • funny, but she sounds more like the psycho woman democrat abortion supporters…you know, the ones who call murder “pro life” becuzz even they are embarrassed over what abortion REALLY entails? you know those wackos…those wack job murderers who think that they own another persons body…that is called SLAVERY! do you democrat wack jobs support slavery? …your southern dem brothers in the south did, along with senator al gore sr who kept the civil rights laws from passing for more than a decade!

      • OHHH!! A swing, and a miss! No troll points for you on this one, Vincenzo. All available credits deducted for spelling, grammar, composition, logical fallacies and deviation from context. Try again next time!

        • AATTP

          Here are three more comments from this bag of leaky douche for your consideration. I just had to ban his dumb ass. I don’t have the patience to read through his rancid word salads, but at least we can laugh at him. I would give him an “A” for effort for “filth f**ks,” but it was probably just a typo.

          1. “It is not your body you selfish b**ch….there is another human being growing inside there…..lets see, the power to own, control, even kill another human being…the southern democrats had a name for that: SLAVERY!”

          2. “wrong again liberal…Tucker Carlson (whose ass u r not fit 2 wipe) called them “race hustling poverty pimps” but I would not expect a deranged website like this to tell the truth about anything, especially the fact hat it was Al Gores daddy, the senator, who held up the civil rights laws for years, in deference to his masters, the southern democrats who formed the KKK…poor sad sack lonely liberal…has to make up stories for any one to pay him any attention! Oh yeah, it was also the southern democrats who owned slaves…do not expect you to have any knowledge, since you are nothing but talk….poor little guy…i will say a prayer for u and your baby killing ilk!”

          3. “good one nick….unfortunately filth f**ks such as yourself would piss on seal team memebers if given the chance…the chance that they would not choke you until your eyeballs popped out, that is….what a disease carrying parasite you are!”

        • AAAHAHAHAHH well said Richard. By the way I’m happy to report that this woman did lose her job.

      • Wake up Vicenzo – this isn’t about abortion. Keep on topic!

      • Lord, the stupid is so thick you could slice it with a knife. So you went to a whacked out church or logged on to some right-wing “Christtian” website and now you just can’t help but parrot the pure ignorance you heard. You should try reading this to yourself out loud so you can hear what you soud like.

      • So she has a business degree and she’s from Mars? She should have been escorted from the building, charged with disturbing the peace and wrapped in a straight jacket and given a Thorazine smoothy. I’m glad she taped it so we can see how not to be a horrible, spiteful, profane, racist, with no social graces.

      • The past does not change how things are now. Everytime a republicans hold a stupid perspective you cant throw a stupid couter-attack like “but liberals did this 200 years ago”. It also seems like you failed to notice that somewhere between then & now they switched perspectives, the modern liberal movement has more in common with the old republican movement. In this sense you are supporting the policies that were more likely to agree with slavery back in the day. There are quite a few tea party republicans who support stupid things like racism & homophobia, & other forms of minority hate. Claiming free speech as a method to remove other peoples free speech, its an incredibly hypocritical movement full of crazy people.

        Abortion arguments are obviously unrelated. This had little to do with politics so i dont know why you felt the need to attack this person who was giving quite an insightful comment considering the concept that she might have a disorder & even being really angry & mean towards other people does not make you evil or mean you deserve to be treated like shit (so many hateful comments here, wtf is wrong with people). Every-time someone is being ‘wrong’ in some way are you going to shout democrat? That is a ridiculous & illogical perspective to have.

        Also, abortions, you must believe everyone has a soul. At what point, tell me, at what point exactly does the baby suddenly have a soul? We could spend a long time arguing about this, but when a fetus (a small clump that develops into something called a baby, the sort of thing that you want to give the death sentence to, pro-life my ass), but when a fetus becomes a baby is not fact. You cant just say that it is always a baby, that is a silly perspective, you have no idea how much sperm i have killed, clearly i am guilty of genocide. There are laws to ensure people cant kill babies in its late stages of its development, but before then it should be a persons choice as to whether or not they are ready or want to create a positive family environment, not just for their sake, or their families, but for the babies sake as well.

        And yes, these articles are pretty bias. They arent false, but they are overly dramatic / exaggerated, & way to aggressive to be considered proper reporting. The difference is that unlike fox news this site doesn’t pretend to be something that it isn’t (its pretty up front about its agenda), and it actually provides news even if it is in a bias way (fox news is more of a propaganda machine).

  11. What an ignorant, ugly little skank this is!

  12. At least this mentally ill person just brought a camera, and not a loaded gun!
    I can’t believe those guys didn’t inform her that she couldn’t post their image online. Or that the staff didn’t call the police, about her threats.

  13. “I don’t care if they piss and s**t in my food, I’m giving it to my boyfriend.” Lucky guy…

  14. I am No Kind of “Techie”, not in the least – but Please, PLEASE, tell me Someone seeing this post knows how to lift her video, repost it and make sure it STAYS online! Please tell me someone knows how to do that – the way employers check these things, this girl deserves every bit of backlash she can muster.

  15. Dear Lord! PLEASE don’t let her reproduce!

  16. This seems a little out of pattern for a “normal” person having a rant. This woman displays delusions of grandeur and persecution in addition to being highly narcissistic. She shows no regard for her boyfriend’s safety (by planning to give him food she believes is tainted) among possible deeper things. This behaviour is also part of a pattern with her. That reference to Mars is something odd as well. I certainly wouldn’t dismiss these things at face value. There is no excuse for disgusting behaviour, but when it manifests itself in a certain pattern, it shouldn’t be ignored either.

  17. Sounds to me she was the rude one. She should have left the store. WTF!!!!

  18. Her lawyer is all over this?? Give me a break! Where’s the manager? Give the girl her free order and tell her never to come back!!

    • Her “lawyer” isn’t going to be all over this… not if he/she sees that video. He’ll tell her to crawl into a very deep cave and stay there for the next ten years, until people forget about her. No jury would give her the time of day after seeing that video, let alone any damages.

  19. “cuz I have a business degree, and like …”

    • The man behind the counter deserves a lot of respesct, I don’t know how he stayed so calm. And this lady must live on fb, she has not real friends. Hahaha she is from KY, this is the real reason why sister shouldn’t mate.

      • I agree. I have no idea how the poor employee stayed so calm, but he deserves a serious raise. All this. Over a single failure to hand a receipt. She was given her free order, just not on her schedule. Failing to kowtow, forgetting ONE receipt, makes the initial server a bitch???? Worthy of firing?

        Nothing warrants the filmer’s behavior. Period.

      • Hey, now. Not all of us from KY are like that. Every state has idiots, and by you saying Kentuckians shouldn’t reproduce, you are no better than she is with her prejudice.

        • It seems to be a pasttime in Kentucky… rather than making this about you, maybe you could address the pure shitiness of this woman’s behavior instead of playing standby victim.

  20. good lord, she keeps harping on that receipt! “‘coz i’ve got a business degree…” wtf is she doing with her business degree? and does she need a freakin business degree to tell she needs a receipt?

    and just that n-word merits that she’d be thrown outta that place on her skanky ass so she gets at least a couple of bruises. just her whining all the time would be enough to make me go mental on her.

    i hope ms. looney tunes gets lots of hits so a lot of people can see what a crazy-ass bitch she is. so you’ve seen her face, if you ever see that face again, run the other way, for your life, coz whatever she wants from you is too much!

    • I had a customer like her one time, who was upset because his passport took more than two weeks to get back to him, at a time when we were telling people it would take a minimum of 6-8 weeks. He was first in line that morning, and spent ten minutes ranting and raving and CUSSING and LYING about it, and expected me to produce his passport, I guess out of my @$$. (I worked in a post office that processed the applications and sent the finished applications to the SF Passport Agency for processing… SFPA was so swamped they had about 200,000 applications waiting to be processed and the passports issued). After ten minutes, and with a line growing behind him, I gave him the “public” number and told him to call that number (at that time it was only answered by a machine). When he still wouldn’t leave, I told him he was now trespassing and that he was being ordered to leave (I had that authority). When he still wouldn’t leave, I picked up the phone and called the police. As soon as he heard me talking to the dispatcher (and the dispatcher heard him ranting in the background), he RAN out the door and disappeared. Never saw him again either.

  21. sounds almost like my ex sister in law,both are freakin wack jobs… Get a life you window lickers!!

  22. A capitalist spoiled brat that’s exploiting a worker.

  23. One is one Crazy B*tch and reason boys should not be having babies with your sister. She is a Model where Hollywood and Vine hope she does not bite. She also went to Business School lets see she has a MCA Masters in C^&* Administration from the Michelle Bachmann School of Management with a concentration in Bat Guano.

  24. I would bet she is on the public dole and as with most tea baggers thinks she should be treated royally, she would make a good politician seeing as she wants to live off of everyone else, yet they blame it on President Obama for giving free stuff but they all want to be in gov’t and live off us taxpayers yet to be above us who pay taxes and complain someone might get that whole $125 in free food to fed themselves for a month

  25. Not really that big of a deal, there’s obviously something wrong with her, a mental disorder, or she’s on some form of drugs. No normal, rational person acts like that.

    • Just because someone is a complete bitch doesn’t mean they have a mental disorder. People with mental disorders can be very cordial and kind people, don’t assume that being a bitch has anything to do with mental health problems.

      • She actually is mentally ill. She has Borderline Personality Disorder and apparently tends to go off her meds, as people are wont to when they’re feeling better. Once they cycle out, the illness hits back full-force (not to mention the withdrawal symptoms). It doesn’t excuse what she did (I happen to have a mental illness as well as an ASD and you won’t see me act like that even if I’m off my meds) but she needs compassion and support to get help and stay healthy, not people calling her terrible things.

    • Absolutely. So many of these “viral” incidents are just the exploitation of people who need help and care. Clearly something is not right with her.

  26. This person is hardly a teabagger and she’s clearly not interested in decency. Why on Earth did you bother with this?

  27. This is all because she didn’t get a receipt?! Is she crazy?!

  28. This is so sad, she is a poor excuse for a human. Her mother and father must be so proud I hope she has opened up a can of worms on herself and has to pay for the way she acted. She owes that store and the woman a “I am sorry from the bottom of her cold heart” Taylor grow up!

  29. I’ll bet any amount of money that Taylor Chapman voted for Obama.

    • You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Very commonly seen among the ignorant and foolish. Her vitriolic and denigrating attitude, not to mention the blatant racism, is far more indicative of Republicans. I’ll take that bet; she voted for Romney, if she was smart enough to
      wander into a voting booth.

      • Actually, she stated she has a business degree. Too bad she didn’t learn how to speak without using vulgarity to make a point. She is obviously one of the “I deserve” people that is ruining this great country. I agree with Helen, she most likely voted for Obama. And if you think that being Republican makes you a racist, you are delusional as well. Racism has no political affiliation. She just wanted her “15 minutes”. Congratulations, she got it and proved why first cousins are not permitted to reproduce together.

        • Jeff, I voted for Obama, and I am *not* an “I deserve” person. I am a “how can I help you?” person. This Taylor “person” probably didn’t vote at all, because voting is our civic duty (as well as our right), and she wouldn’t know the definition of the word “duty” if it bit her on her ass.

        • Not all Republicans are racist but most racists are Republican. Skim Stormfront, Chimpout or their ilk then come back and tell us they are not.

      • If she was smart enough to stagger into a voting booth… she’d be more likely to wander in front of a car…

    • doubt it since she acted like a conservative piece of s**t.

    • No, she probably voted for Allen West or Ricky Boy Perry… she’s that STOOPID

    • I would take that bet in a heartbeat! I will also make an observation: You are an incredibly ignorant individual!

  30. According to Twitter, Ms. Chapman is pursuing a J.D. As a practicing attorney familiar with the absolutely atrocious job market for newcomers to the legal profession, I feel comfortable stating the following: Her legal career just ended. What a fantastically stupid move. Too bad; someone with ethical standards that low could have been an excellent litigator.

    • Well put! You would make a brilliant writer as well as an attorney.

    • lol…who says lawyers can’t witty? But I feel pretty confident in saying that she probably doesn’t care if she does anything with her degree or not. More likely, she only went to school so Daddy would subsidize her four-year party, and she could care less if she ever has a career. You’re right…nobody who cared even in the slightest about a career, or had any prospects for one, would do something this stupid. Trust me, I’m from Florida…I know 100 snotty little rich girls just like her.

    • Oh no, she didn’t get a receipt…OOOOH NOOOOO! Spoiled rotten little typical American, over-entitled BEEEEEOTHCH!

      • She is NOT a typical American, not by any stretch of the imagination, Prickly!

        • Thank you Bob for pointing out that she is not at all a typical American. President Obama would never have been elected if most Americans were like her. Most Americans care more about their country and their fellow Americans, and less about color than racists do. She is not just crazy, she is a hater.

  31. This woman is sick. She’s either on drugs or mentally ill. Dr. Phil, you are needed here!!

    • Why do people assume if someone is a bitch that they are mentally ill? Stop assuming people with mental illnesses are being bitchy, ignorant racists with no common decency.

      • I think the point they were trying to say was no one goes into a place, who is sane and a kind person, to make a scene (and not just in the store but, to have a lawyer and record their rant) over a freaking receipt giving you a free meal. (I’ve had someone forget my receipt and instead of asking for a free meal, I asked for the receipt.)

        • But lots and lots of spoiled people do things like this. I’ve worked with the public off and on for most of my adult life and have discovered that many of them are more than a little irrational. Not all of them do such a lovely job of embarrassing themselves, much less posting it with pride.

          She demands receipts, but she probably crumples them up and throws them on the sidewalk when she leaves.

          • On the other hand, she does a lot of signs that would indicate at least mild schizophrenia. There are at least two examples of almost every characteristic symptom: paranoia (people peeing in her fries, contaminating this food), placing herself above others (making the video to begin with, turning this event into an ordeal like this), delusions/ideas of grandeur (Mars and nukes), and recurring patterns in her delusions/ideas. The number of times she repeats the thing about mars and nukes makes me feel like this is something she has thought about beforehand, and if she really has schizophrenia, then it may be linked to one of her greater delusions.

      • B Being
        I in
        T touch
        C creates
        H healing!!

  32. Funny how her LinkedIn profile as Marketing Director at Comfort Care Medical Equipment & Uniforms, Inc is no longer available, huh?

    • She is one bogus bat crazy fox, as in sneaky like a fox, I don’t believe her one bit, her language says it all, she knows how to play the system and she knows her game. No fool here

  33. That cow ain’t got no lawyer! She acts as if she is at a 5-Star restaurant. Over no receipt? If they were so nice to her, WHY is she acting like this toward them. Sound as if she just wants free food. She needs to get ONLY what she ordered NOT what the whole car ordered. It just ain’t THIS serious.

  34. This is in the words of local Vermont speak,one sick puppy! Does she deliberately want someone to Hate her? Cause she has done one hack of a job making it look that way to me!

  35. Fla ,, it figures,, Spoiled , Boca Bitch, Brat.. with WAY too much time on her hands, S. Fla is full of them, probably goes to Florida Atlantic University or some pricey school that daddy pays for along with the BMW or Mercedes that she drives and a condo in Boca Raton,,, go out and get a job and learn how to deal with the public before you throw tantrums about not receiving a receipt ,, sheesh

    • Get a job and work with the public? Really, William? I think that ship has sailed, she’ll be lucky to get a job mucking out stalls at the race track after this!

  36. Ewwww, this chick is just a white trash tweaker. It’s evident that she is strung out.

  37. @_TracyChapman is waaaaay overdue for toilet training. A walking fist of pus.

  38. I don’t think the person who made this video realizes that this isn’t something you want to be tagged to your name. Blaming every arab on the planet for 9/11? textbook … Hopefully she’s her own boss or her boss is also prejudice …. or her boss fails at internet use.

    • Isn’t Nida a Spanish name? I don’t think she knows the difference!

      • Her name is Nithi, Nadine and she appears to be of Indian ancestry to me and the name sounds Indian as well.

        • Ah, you’re right. I didn’t find this until later. I believe you’re right. I haven’t heard of any girls named Nithi from our culture, but I was raised in the US. So I’m not completely sure about our common names.

  39. So I like have a business degree, like, what business? Stupiditiy? lol, what a nasty skank.

  40. Speaking of cporn, listen to this one go on and on! What a wack job!

  41. It seems to me, by some of the comments,
    that some of you are actually watching the video and that’s exactly what this person, wants. Why would you do that when that’s more or less what she’s hoping for?

    • AATTP

      Because, her plan backfired.

      • Irony everywhere. Best part is when she says, “There are no take-backs in life!” No babe, there are not! You made your bed and now you’ll have to lie in it!

    • I don’t know about anybody else, but I watched every single one of the videos on her channel…so I could flag them. If enough people do that, they’ll delete the skanks account, and then all of her supposed “fame” goes down the toilet with her soul.

    • I think she imagined herself as being the protagonist. She saw herself as a victim. Either way: if she was hoping for negative attention, then her actual intention was to show the crap that minimum wage workers go through. If her intention was for positive attention, then she failed miserably and still called attention to the crap minimum wage workers deal with. Either way, it’s a win for us (yes, I am one of those worker).

  42. I despise women like her. I’ve had to assist many of them working retail, and I didn’t keep my cool nearly as well as these workers did.

    I wish I could have been a customer in that store to give those poor workers a bit of help when dealing with this wacko.

  43. Sandra Scribner

    Wow — I don’t believe this girl!! What trash!!

  44. this b!tch is only scamming for free food and using the video to scare them in to her scam for free food just by hearing her voice i can tell she is pure white trash her business degree hasn’t paid off since she can’t afford dunkin’ doughnuts and has to scam them for free food not to mention she sounds bat sh!t crazy ‘merca at it’s finest

  45. what a grandiose sense of self-entitlement. people like her make me embarrassed to be white.

    • I’d hate to say it, but, I agree with you. At this point i’m almost proud of the Kardashians (did I spell that right?) At least they just complain about someone not inviting them to a party or not getting the right color dress and they don’t yell just pout and hide in the corner.
      Oh, and they get knocked up, they know how to do that REALLY well.

  46. I was born and raised in Indiana, this racist, entitled, foul mouth does not represent the people of my state. Now in language she can understand. You are one nasty little bitch. You probably got bad service because you get what you give.All this because of a piece of paper? If you thought this would get “likes” you are sadly mistaken. You are one sorry ass excuse of a human

  47. this chick is nothing but crazy! is this being recorded and posted on facebook later?

    • Her Facebook page has been taken down, probably by Facebook. They do have standards and will not put up with this kind of garbage.

  48. I love how this stupid bitch thinks she’s going to Mars. She doesn’t know that the Mars One thing is a scam. When the time to colonize Mars arrives the last thing they need is this chick.

  49. reminds me of my sister-in-law

  50. Pretty sure she’s borderline mentally ill…

    • Hardly. Watch the video on her channel titled “Mama’s Boys” and look at the insides of her arms and the backs of her hands. Those aren’t freckles…those are needle tracks. She’s not mentally ill…she’s shooting pills like every other little dopegirl from South Florida.

    • She’s probably not mentally ill and definitely not “Borderline” if you are talking about Borderline Personality Disorder. She’s just a bitch.

  51. She is so evil. She should live so long and not by me already and a MOZELTOF to you A**HOLE.

  52. This woman needs help, period! As well as her video taping another customer while she rants about something that didn’t have anything to do with the issue she had. I would of told her to get lost! Honest to God, I never would of gave her a thing, would of called her bluff and waited to hear from her so called attorney, totally class less individual. Go back to that backward state you came from. Jessssssh

    • That poor guy that just wanted a coffee and a donut and ran into this basket case and her ‘video survellience’. Wow. It is scary these people are free to roam among us.

  53. What a nasty c***…

  54. Ha Ha Ha. “I think they’ll piss on it, I won” eat it. I’ll give it to my boyfriend.”

    • I am SO glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that!!!!!!
      I just went…wow, nice to see how much you like/love him.

  55. NASTY! i’m sure she is coming from a poor culture family and complete spoilt… she’s like a nasty begger who wants to have a meal for free and then coming and make all these dramas… somebody tell her OK bitch, you’ve got what you wanted, now just get lost!!! But she didn’t do that! you know why? ! Because herself knows that last night’s issue was not that big to ask for a free order like this( and not even same other like last night and probably more expensive) and then for protecting herself against the truth and mind fucking the people in Facebook she is going on and on swearing the people over there … nasty! creepy!

  56. Video evidence right here of her threatening the young lady working there. She should be prosecuted for terroristic threats. . Many employers Google anybody they are considering for a job, so this should effectively prevent her from working again. Although, I doubt what she says about having a business degree is true.

    • right! and the thing she keeps on saying that the lady crossed her line … she is crossing many people’s lines already by taking video of everybody without their permission and talking so abusively and also out of racism…

  57. If she’s not an official representative of TMZ then she might be sued for Fraudulent Misrepresentation because she clearly said “This is TMZ” at 4:40 in the video. That gentleman never gave her permission to record him or his comments, so she might be violating his privacy rights right now as well. I would love to hear that her video got her “Business Degreed” ass in more legal trouble than all the stuff she ordered the day before actually cost her…multiplied by a bakers dozen! Hahaa WOW…Seriously, for a receipt? You know what you ordered and about how much it costs, because the price of EVERYTHING is on the drive-thru menu and the dine-in menu….add the tax and check your change. I wouldn’t be surprised if the receipt was actually in the bag already!

  58. She’s mentally ill. She’s also racist, ignorant, selfish, demanding, rude and maybe on drugs. But basically, she has mental issues. Hope she doesn’t have access to any automatic weapons!

    • My Immediate and succint impression was she is hoping for the type of attention that a verbal hate crime would warrant? JAIL TIME and or a lawsuit? Either way this is one piece of work my friend!

  59. A cop would have tossed her out. A manager would have escorted her to the door.An employee should have stuck a raspberry cream doughnut into her rattling trap.

  60. Just kind of wondering what this has to do with the Tea Party?

  61. Oh Darn! She took her facebook page down. I so wanted to be her friend. NOT!

  62. Fu** her. Ignorant bitch.Sounds like she is stoned or on something. I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of watching her video. No hit from me pal.

  63. Wow what a liberal rap talking c**t.. the product of the black ‘experience ‘ interpreted by bored ignorant mid western kids spoiled and lazy from union parents..i see these types all the time..’my bad’ yo dog’. Total lack of reality from a single mom welfare generation entitled raiders fans frontin’, rep’n and thinking they’re something they made no effort to become.. thank you democrats for telling every kid in school he or she is a winner and special. This girl subsrcibes to it 100%. I dont usually support conservatives parental upbringing techniques, but this site really proved the damage of liberal child raising ideas, and the benefits of traditional parenting over the “Its all good” party dogma

    • AATTP

      WTF are you talking about? What does her political party affiliation, or lack thereof, have to do with anything?

    • You sound a lot like the girl recording the video.

    • That’s one hell of a leap you made there, Free! I fail to see how anything in this rag’s diatribe would indicate that she was raised by liberals or a welfare mom! Actually, I would be more inclined to believe that kind of nasty came from being raised in a life of privilege by conservative parents who taught her that being white meant she was superior to those who are not! Someone who can make the leap you just made should be able to jump the Grand Canyon from a standing start!

      • Go Bob!!

      • No doubt about it, Bob. This whole thing took place right outside of Ft. Lauderdale, which is like conservative-money Heaven. I guarantee her Daddy drives a Mercedes and voted for Romney.

        • I know that I was raised by liberal (by the standards of their generation) parents and my sisters and I would never have dreamed of behaving this way. We were not only taught that it was unacceptable but that those who did behave like that were to be avoided and if that wasn’t possible stood up to. My children would never behave that way and none of my grandchildren, several of whom are close to her in age, would dream of behaving like that. So I guess that is pretty convincing evidence that she was not taught those values by liberal parents, anecdotal though it may be.

    • You blame this sad excuse for a human being on the Democratic party? Really? We raised our daughter to be a liberal democrat and she is respected and admired for her kindness, CONSIDERATION towards others, and overall good character. Unlike some of her classmates that hailed from Republican-centered upbringings and were branded spoiled, whiny, bullying brats. And thats a fact. Its not about Repub or Dem….its about self respect and respect of others. This poor undereducated child has no decency and no morals….she’s a sad picture to behold.

    • You are an example of the “pot calling the kettle black” or better yet, “It takes one to know one.” What does her parental political leanings have to do with this at all? I could make the same argument for a conservative upbringing — but I wouldn’t because this young woman definitely has mental problems that have nothing to do with either.

    • Sounds like you’re just as bigoted as the bitch in this video. Congratulations.

    • You might want to try again Free.

      This mentally ill “liberal’ you speak of, voted for Mitt Romney

      Thanks for the usual TEAop tactics though.

      • I literally could not finish watching this due to the udder stupidity and insanity.
        Thank you for the truth. (Haha I made a funny bun there)

      • Someone said she “talks like black people”. Um. No. She talks like ‘high on drugs’ people. While it’s not right to assume someone is mentally ill just because they’re acting “crazy”, sometimes people who are mentally ill do act in socially unacceptable ways. Duh.

    • I smell a troll

    • Congratulations for trying to make this about your horribly prejudiced republican self. You are the one who read all the liberal stuff into this rude, ignorant female’s rant. Sorry, but there’s no politics here – move on.

      • This is what they learn watching a steady diet of Faux News. If someone is rude, nasty, intolerant of those who are different from themselves, has a sense of entitlement and superiority, then they must be liberal. It is called projection, a well known psychological disorder wherein the person projects his own flaws onto others.

    • Speaking of talking crap…do you actually know the definition of the word “Liberal?” Liberal: “Broad-minded: tolerant of different views and standards of behavior in others,” and “generous: freely giving money, time, or some other asset.” Do ANY of those things describe this nasty little bitch? Does she seem remotely “liberal” to you? No, but she does talk kind of like a black person. So I can only assume your problem is with blacks, not with liberals.

      But you’re not going to change your mind on anything, and she’s always going to be a nasty bitch regardless of her political affiliations. She’ll never want to change her attitude or prejudices. “Reluctant to accept change: in favor of preserving the status quo and traditional values and customs, and fearful of abrupt change.” That’s the definition of “Conservative.”

    • OMG free? You should look up the word liberal. You are just too dumb to explain it to you. Go Michelle Bachman! One of your favorites, right?

    • Are you a fiction writer by any chance? You sure know how to make up a good story.

    • Wow Free, you must work out a lot to be able to make that kind of a stretch,

    • Actually the Liberals are the tolerant ones. Her ignorance and blatant racism is textbook Republican.

    • sounded like every racist immigrant hating conservative I ever met you moron.

    • Oh, please don’t eat me, Mr. Troll. My brother will be along any minute, and he’s much fatter and tastier. ;-)

  64. This just can’t be real !!! and this WITCH dose this complaining ALL the time !!!
    Let her work with the public for a month or two and lets see if she has respect for people who do this work.
    Too bad she didn’t find a REAL Nig#*r because the real thing would have jumped on her !!! this poor girl seemed like she was a student and this was her only outside income
    I just hope this girl the sand Nig#*r as she called her becomes her BOSS when she graduates
    After seeing this I can see why she gets Piss on her food !!!

  65. The other customers she recorded should sue her for invasion of privacy. What a stupid bitch!!

  66. Get a life lady !!! (Woops not sure about the “Lady” Part)

  67. This chick is a rude, racist, narcissistic bitch. I would have had a hard time standing there listening to her in such a calm manner and the employee that waited on her did a great job of handling her smart ass!

  68. I would have called the police and had her removed for harassment and trespassing!

  69. NashvilleRibeye

    Sadly things like this happen far too often, and most of the time it’s a woman just like this one. As someone who works in a restaurant, I have to say that we have to deal with women like this often. Many people think it’s just one ethnic group that causes the most problems, but as this example of sub-humanity shows, ghetto is ghetto.

    Not getting a receipt isn’t something to overreact about, but people like her do it all the time.

    • It’s true. I am first generation Arab-American. Also, I work in fast food. I can honestly say that a lot of customers are like this- minus the racism. They’re not racist because they can’t figure out what my ethnicity is (Arabs aren’t all brown!). But I promise you that this girl is nothing unusual in the business. I love the responses that people are making. I didn’t realize that fast food workers have so much support!

  70. coupla things: 1) she´s sure that they´ve pissed or s**t in her food so she doesn´t “trust” it and isn´t going to eat it, but rather give it to her boyfriend. She should get the girlfriend of the year award! 2) hope she got everyone´s permission before she filmed them and posted it.

  71. Fox news is going to hire her for sure

  72. russellsvocation

    Sorry to all the fine and nice ladies in the world… this is one time I would have had to come over that counter and slap a woman. Somehow, I think I would be recommended for sainthood. Well, that guy in the store should be recommended for sainthood for NOT doing what I would have done.

    • If she were my customer, I would have kicked her out. If she leaked the video, I would have sued her for breach of privacy. And I can’t get fired for either action! Gotta love what little protection we have left.

  73. I fail to see what this video has to do with the tea party. This woman does need some manners, just saying.

    • AATTP

      We don’t only post things about the Tea Party.

    • kathleen, your far to logical for this website, please remove yourself

      • I find no pain or insult in being called illogical by someone who thinks that it is a “logical” inference that this nasty little b***h with an inflated sense of entitlement and superiority must be the product of a “liberal” upbringing! Quite the contrary, I see it as further evidence of what I already know, and that is that I am rational and logical person.

      • You’re far too ignorant and off-topic for this site, please go play on the interstate.

  74. Sigh…DAMMIT. And now for today’s “This week in Florida…”

  75. White Privilege. Also, Who is she a PR specialist for, the KKK?

  76. Ugh. Go to her glamourgirll1 page on youtube and report her. This horrible excuse for a human shouldn’t have a mantle for hatred and ignorance.

  77. Completely DISGRACEFUL.
    I am utterly appalled that ANYONE would have the NERVE to speak to another human being this way.
    Hope karma delivers what she deserves!

  78. She called her lawyer?? ILMAO but kudos the worker behind the counter, he did a great job

  79. How about the part where she says she’s not going to eat the food because she knows they’re probably spitting in it, so she’s going to give it to her boyfriend? I would love to know what her boyfriend said when he heard that! I hope he dumped her ass!

    • LOLOL – Why was I not at all surprised to hear her say that she had already experienced an incident, at another establishment, in which her food had been tampered with? (Something about urine on her French fries…) After this video makes the rounds, she’ll probably be lucky if she can buy an unsullied meal ever again, anywhere!!!

      That poor boyfriend…

  80. Terribly written article. Full of typeos. No one edits anymore. It’s a damn shame.

    • AATTP

      Can you point them out please, because I wrote the article and I don’t see any obvious errors.

      BTW, you spelled “typos” wrong. More irony.

    • Hey, SVH, here is a copy and paste from your post: “Full of typeos.” Nobody bothers with spell check anymore, damn shame!

      • Bob Cull you are a fantastic human being. I am cracking up.

        And who the hell complains about an article and people not using spell check, and then misspells TYPO?! Priceless.

        Oh yes, point at hand…she is beyond disgusting and doesn’t deserve even negative attention for this rant. Racist, foul mouthed wretch.

        • Nit picking arrogance scorches my shorts! I will ignore it but if you’re going to do it you had better not make a glaring error like that while you do or I will call you on it.

  81. Wow this lady is off her rocker, and then some. It’s things like this that make other countries hate Americans! Hope she gets what is coming to her. That being said the comments above that say if the employee was white it would be a bigger deal are just as racist as that crazy bitch. I’ve seen people of every race yelling racism at some point. That’s the problem with this country, if some one says anything bad about some one of a different ethnicity that person automatically calls it racist. It’s not always racism, it’s probably because your an ass and your skin color has nothing to do with it. I’m not saying that there isn’t racism, it’s a sad fact that some people are bigots, but not every one is like that. I don’t care what color you are. A good person is a good person and an ass is an ass. Period.

    • She called her a SAND-NI&&ER!!!!! I had never even heard that before. If that isn’t racist, I don’t know what is. The problem with this country is people like you who can’t see racism/bigotry when it hits them in the face.

  82. If this moron were cussing at my staff she’d be asked to stop and if she continued, she’d leave, either under her own power or with police assistance. She and her toilet mouth could go whistle for her food.

  83. OMG!!!! No receipt??? You must have felt so violated!

  84. She had ten videos on her YouTube account, the girl in the Chinese food blip is definitely NOT the same person in the at home videos are the girl with an entirely different face and voice. What a loser and liar and psycho!

  85. Wow, what’s wrong with this girl? Is this even real? At some point, someone is supposed to jump out explaining that Dunkin Donuts just got “punked”, right?

  86. Barely Hanging On

    Does anyone else think she’s kind of hot?

    Naw, me neither.

  87. Dr Betty Schueler

    This bitch (my apologies to all female dogs) needs her head removed and screwed back on correctly. Receipts just aren’t that big a deal. If you need one, ask for it. Sure you shouldn’t have to ask but people make mistakes. That’s why we are people and not angels. My sincerest apologies to the poor person who had to put up with this crazy woman’s ignorant rant.

    • The guy who gave her the receipt the next day (the guy in the video) just received DD’s Employee of the Month Award for putting up with this woman’s rant.

  88. She has a business degree? Oh I’d definitely hire her, I’m serious!


  89. So everybody have been so nice to her all this time and she flips out over one mistake. What a twit. I hope her employer sees this and cans her nasty butt.

  90. thatdamnvanmeter

    Its white trash like her that makes me ashamed to be from Indiana.

  91. OK, I hope you know how video sites work: they PAY YOU for getting over a certain amount of hits of people watching your video. YOU ARE PAYING HER BY PROMOTING HER RACISM. Stop watching this video. Don’t let her get her million hits.
    Please. Stop idiots like this. It will only be 100 times worse 10 yrs from now if you don’t get a clue NOW.

    • AATTP

      There are about 50 versions of this video and she’s not getting any money at all for 49 of them, including the one we used.

    • If you think this s**t’s gonna go viral, and she’s NOT going to see backlash in her real life, you’re the one that needs a clue.

  92. Cheers to the worker who kept it cool. The girl is a liar and a thief. Her attitude speaks for itself. I feel bad for her family and friends.

  93. She should have been arrested–Period!

  94. Pathetic woman. She doesn’t work for any PR firm. According to a little research, she used to be into modeling and working for PR firm but never hit it big because she was awkward and awful at socialising. Maybe she’s taking it out on these poor folk because she never made it. I don’t think we should give her the time of day because that’s all she wants. Making a horrible publicity stunt to probably just apologise later and maybe get some work.

  95. And I’ll have a side of crazy with that…

  96. Run and hide… Your career is over…

  97. I’m almost as surprised as this harpy must be that no one seems to be taking her side. Pleasantly surprised, in my case.

  98. I am glad she took down her Facebook page, or I would have been tempted to go on there! Are we sure SHE took it down or did FB do it. They DONT like that sort of nastiness! who does????

  99. She’s a stupid lush who should have been arrested for public intoxication and disturbing the peace, and trespassing.

  100. She said somebody pissed in her fries where she’s from…..and we wonder why? Sad, sad woman. Kudos to the employees here for keeping there cool. I can only pray I dont throw hot coffee in somebody’s face for talking to me like that. WOW!

  101. wow, she has a boyfriend? poor dude.
    and that older man in line shouldn’t have to suffer through this. hopefully she does take that one-way trip to mars. her cursing and racial remarks are uncalled for beyond belief. a mentally healthy person would never act like that.

    • NO! she cannot go to mars unless we send her to the living pods with no oxygen hooked up yet so we can barbecue her remains in the founding celebration of “Mars: Where S**t Like That Don’t Fly Mutha F**ka”

  102. Dang auto correct….*maintaining their composure

  103. This lady is crazy. Kudos to the employees for maintains their composure.

  104. Wow, she should be introduced as a FORMER public relations worker. First time I’ve ever been embarrassed of my entire species. For we should be judged by the worst and the best of us, and she is clearly a rep. of the former…

  105. This little witch is in need of some serious Mental Health attention….take your meds before you end up dead!

  106. Valium isn’t strong enough! She needs a serious cocktail. No better yet, a frontal lobotomy is in order.

  107. WHYYY are you posting this video?? For pete sake, don’t you realize that is only helping her succeed at getting a million views? Is she racist? Yes. Does she realize this? Obviously she doesn’t friggen care since she is the one who not only took the video but posted it. Passing this along, making it public, is only helping her get the million views she wants!

  108. Stephanie Jacob

    Wow! As big a bitch as Taylor Chapman is, Karma’s a bigger bitch! What goes ’round, comes ’round!

  109. Flood the bitches facebook page and let her know about herself. If she would have filmed me, she would be pulling that phone out of her cunt!

  110. I can’t believe that guy customer behind her just stood there like that. The minute she started with that foul language I would have immediately tried to shut her down, never mind the way she was treating the employee. And is it legal to just film someone like that and post (publish) the video without their permission?

    The racist remarks really are just incidental and not the point. If it had been a white person with a handicap I’m sure her vocabulary would have shifted to insults aimed at that instead. She’s a foul-mouthed, vindictive, highly unstable brat lacking any class whatsoever. Her parents should be ashamed of raising a piece of garbage like that. What I’m mostly seeing is a case of fraud through harassment to get free food and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s pulled this stunt at other places. They should NOT have put up with it, good employees or not; they’re still people and don’t have to put up with over-the-top rude treatment like that. I’m sort of angry they didn’t stand up for themselves.

    I hope this piece of trash tries this with someone soon who DOESN’T put up with it and gets what she deserves.

  111. The employees handled that ‘person of low quality with a camera’ very well. Poor other customers subjected to her tirade! They are victims of her, clearly.

  112. In what Cracker Jacks box did this moron get her business degree? That poor guy helping her! What an atrocious hag.

  113. Does Ms. Taylor /Chapman realize what she had done? What an idiot and complete loser. This is an extreme example of the self-centeredness “I-can-do-no-wrong-I’m special” attitude.

  114. That first line should read “… former public relations firm employee …” because her ass is on the unemployment line now. And hopefully they recognize her there.

  115. Lady you sicken me! what exactly was the point you were trying to make? other than you’re a racist loudmouth? that DD employees can keep their cool while dealing with the likes of you? I’d like to see you trade places with that girl. you wouldnt handle with half that cool. shows who the decent person is in this mess huh?

  116. TBayLightningFan

    This trash needs more than Valium………….How about electroshock therapy??

  117. Business degree? Is that a joke, I bet you failed your ethics class. Good job getting a job with that attitude. From the sound of your voice, it sounds like you have an opiate addiction that you should work on (I have experience with drug addicts).

  118. This woman is really over the top. I don’t know why she thinks she’s making Dunkin’ Donuts look bad, she’s the one that looks bad.

  119. “This guy doesn’t know what’s going on”. HELLO??? THIS GUY doesn’t care. Seriously? She is a joke. All of this over a forgotten receipt? The language out of this girl’s mouth is ludicrous. And trying to drag that poor guy into it. WOW… Then she calls the next guy who comes in a lady. Wondering if he’s going to the bathroom. And she wants people to be nice to her? What a joke!! She gives Indiana and Kentucky a horrible name. She thinks they pissed and shit in her food so she’s not going to eat it, she’s going to give it to her boyfriend? NICE!! She is the most racist, horrible, rude, obnoxious, nasty, skanky, etc… person I’ve ever seen.

  120. Deborah Davis Delacruz

    OMG, she should be arrested! What is wrong with her, she has some serious issues!

  121. What a despicable b*tch

  122. How rude, I hope they did spit in your food after your nasty rant. You act like you deserve everything handed to you on a silver platter. GET OVER YOURSELF!

  123. Dear ignorant wench who shot and posted this video and said so many slanderous things: you don’t deserve to be called American, treating another person like this just because you happen to be a different ethnicity, your “college education” etc. is despicable and wrong. I am disgusted to see one person saying so many awful things about another.

  124. Redneck poster-child of the week…

    • hey….don’t blame her on “rednecks”….I was raised by parents in the South that, if they’d heard me speak to someone the way she did and saw me act in such a deplorable manner in public, they’d have gotten rid of me and made another kid….lol. Actually, having been in the public school system for a number of years, you most often find that kind of behavior in upper/upwardly mobile/professional income families…..the girl obviously didn’t have anyone monitoring her behavior as she grew up, and this is the result. (sigh)

  125. I am shocked and sickened by the complete ignorant and idiotic behavior of this woman. I am so proud of the employees who were working at this place. YOU are the best examples of mature grown-up adults who know how to treat human beings. I don’t even feel sorry for this thing that calls itself a college graduate for being such a degenerate. What college? Really? What firm does she work for? Jerks Are Us? WOW! I wonder how she would react if she ever had a real problem?

  126. She may have a promising career as a Fox News contributor or a protege of Ann Coulter or Pamela Gellar, or maybe Rush the Hut’s slave girl dancer.

  127. This woman is a nut….. a complete nut and she’s rude. Give me this give me that. She needs to get a life. Get a life you stupid woman.

  128. James Covington

    Dunkin Donuts needs to reserve its right to refuse service to this azzwipe and tell her, in no uncertain terms, to take her business elsewhere!

  129. I liked that too, Ray. I can’t imagine why anyone would piss in her fries, she’s such a lovely person! LMMFAO!

  130. What an imbecilic jackass this spoiled brat is. First she needs to go back to kindergarten to learn how to respect people and as for her “business degree” she needs to go back to that school she paid tuition to and do another” posting on facebook” to let the world know her schooling did her no good because it doesn’t and will never teach her common decency…her parents failed her on that count.

    • Whatever college issued her a business degree needs to cancel the degree and refuse to let her take any classes there in the future… she has sullied the reputation of that college for a generation to come.

  131. “I won’t eat this s**t that’s why I’m giving it to my boyfriend” LOL!

  132. Referring to Mars once is just a saying, but she seems to believe she has some way of getting there. She is not in reality. Who cares about a receipt? Just ask for it. I hope they get her meds right this time.

  133. I find it hard to believe that anyone in their right mind would behave like this woman did. She seems like she’s on something to me. No excuse for horrific over the top behavior. She deserves to be denied service anywhere she goes now and I believe every business reserves that right. I hope she gets help before she brings in something more dangerous than a video camera.

  134. maybe she should just eat at home. stupid bitch

  135. Unbelievable language to use in public. She has to be one of the rudest patrons to ever grace the doorway of the establishment. And she wonders why others peed in her food. Hey idiot, I’ll tell ya why!

  136. Your mother must be REAL proud of the way she raised you.. If MY DAUGHTERS treated ANYONE like you treated these people, I would kick the snot out of them. I raised my girls to be proud women, NOT what you are.. you have the audacity to call that girl a sand n**ger?? well honey YOU are what the definition of N**GER is…..YOU are a low degrading person.. simply because you dont have the decency to treat people humanely and to forgive and forget… I hope these people turn around and sue you for EVERYTHING you have.. and t rust me, you will DESERVE it

  137. WOW!! She really went way over board. What a way to make yourself look like a bigger idiot. I mean seriously, was all that language needed? And did this crazy chick need to post it on Facebook? She got what she was supposed to get by not getting the receipt but she then had to post it? ONE person messed up, didn’t give a receipt and she had to go crazy? Yeah. She is truly from Mars. Business degree my foot. I would have settled for etiquette classes!! Its just asinine that she made such a big stink about something so trivial. Such love, they can sh!t and spit in her food and then she will give it to her boyfriend. I hope he dumps her for that. Just plan ridiculous.

  138. Public Relations employee ? Really ? I hope she gets fired !

  139. What an ignorant, nasty B***CH! Wow if I was that man she was filming without permission I would have called the PD then my lawyer and sue her ass for posting my image without my permission! She is in public relations? I hope her company fires her for this. She will bring a bad name to them when it leaks out who she works for. Oh and a warning for her “boyfriend” DON’T eat any food she gives you, ever! Apparently she will give the good they”piss, spit and s**t” on to him to eat…nice girlfriend!

  140. Inexcusable, racist bigot! I will boycott anyone who hires this low life.

  141. She is a complete jerk and exactly what is wrong with this country you entitled worthless piece of broken humanity.

  142. I hope every prospective employer Googles “Taylor Chapman” as part of the screening process. Afterward, she would be fortunate to find a Dunkin Donuts to hire her.

  143. She has some serious issues!! she’s stupid and crazy
    if she thinks people will side with her with this disgusting video!! Joke’s on her cause she showed what a disgusting human being she is!!

  144. Regardless of Dunkin Donuts satisfaction guarantees, she has absolutely no right to treat their employees this way. She should be banned from the store permanently. Hopefully Dunkin Donuts Corporate steps in and supports their franchisee.

  145. real quality person there…NOT!

  146. she is a BITCH…

  147. I would have asked her to leave and when she didn’t I would call the cops. Rude biyotch does not deserve the time of day.

  148. What a miserable little girl with no life. She must hate her life to act like that. She’s nothing but a racist. I hope she gets hate mail and everyone just hates on her. She deservers nothing less for how she was acting. I feel bad for the worker.

  149. Undiagnosed bi-polar much? Kuddos to the staff who kept their cool in the face of someone headed toward a psychotic break. Dealing with the public is often a test in courtesy under fire.

    • Bonnie, she wasn’t headed for a psychotic break, she was neck deep into it!

    • Please don’t associate bipolar with this woman! I have bipolar and belong to bipolar groups both online and in person and nobody I know with bipolar acts like this woman. Thank you!

      • I seriously believe this woman is mentally ill or was under the influence of something or other. No rational person would act like that and believe people will stand behind her. She pulled her fb acct down which says she may have sobered up and realized what an idiot she made of herself…

    • Definitely not bipolar. If i had to guess I would say more like “narcissistic personality disorder.” Just look at the way she makes it all about her with the comment about “why would she do that to me” and how she makes herself sound importannt by saying she’s planning on going to mars (a topic that has nothing to do with what she’s doing at the moment), or the way she makes sure to be on camera like her FB friends wouldn’t know it’s her. Very sad.

  150. Mirror, meet glue. There is nothing that can justify this bitch’s nasty, self-aggrandizing behavior. I think she has serious, deep mental and emotional problems.

  151. What a sad horrible child that is. She is obviously very much in need of attention and therapy. If she was my employee, I’d show her the door as soon as I finished viewing her video, and I would certainly never do business with anyone who would hire her. A sad racist brat.

  152. and she’s ordering a TON of stuff to get it free… that’s BS!!!!

    she’s not a nice person *at all*

    effing this — effing that .. and the racial slurs!! omg!

    I guess if nothing else it should serve as a warning that if she comes in their store – she’s going to make them miserable.

  153. The clerks could have called the police. She threatened that woman.

    • You know, what she did is a hate-crime. Had it been a non-white person yelling at a white person, we’d be talking about the woman being in jail.

      • You’re absolutely right. Someone on staff should have phoned the police. I’m also disgusted that those other patrons just stood by listening to her rant without saying a word about her totally out of line behavior.

  154. Rhonda Carlson-gonzalez

    I know there’s freedom of speech but isn’t there a point it becomes slander and a threat. Couldn’t charges be filed? I’d like to see her sued just to set an example.

  155. damned racist. I don’t know why you starred out the words that she used, since you can hear them, plain as day, on the video. She says she’s going to Mars? Good, I wish that we could exile her there. She is an embarrassment to the human race.

  156. I can’t believe the clerk is so nice. I hope he gets promoted.

    • These kids have been praised by Dunkin at the corporate level and the kid who took her order is starting college in the fall aspiring to be a doctor. There is a campaign to raise money to be split evenly between these two exemplary kids who took all of that abuse for a mere $8 an hour. The link for those wanting to contribute to these fine young people is: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sorry-abid-adar-and-nithi

  157. Cernan Sixtyeight

    If this crazy lady shows up applying for a job, here’s what she looks like, so you can avoid hiring her. Now that her face has become infamous, the last thing anyone wants to do is use her in anything visual such as magazine ads, porno films, PR videos or public speaking.

    If she works for some PR firm, as she claims, I would not keep her there since it would be an embarrassment to the firm if any client knew Chapman worked there.

    While her behavior was pretty juvenile, the worst part is her racism. A lot of people claim not to be bigots, but when push comes to shove, their true irrational beliefs come to the surface.

    We should not make fun of this Chapman character. Mental illness is not a joke. It’s a serious matter. But it’s up to her if she wants to get help. For the rest of us, here is what she looks like so we can just avoid or ignore her if she shows up:


  158. Wow! Who made you God’s gift?! What a ill mannered little witch! I just want to commend those employees for holding their cool the way that they did! Bravo to all of them! And the poor man in line with her, if she didn’t get your written permission to post your picture on the internet, sue her. You held your own too and I high five you for not falling in with her craziness!

  159. Does Dunkin Donuts have some policy about not kicking out rude, disruptive customers who bother the other customers and verbally assault the staff? If I had been the manager, her video only would have been that long if she was waiting for the cops to haul her away.

  160. She was given the receipt the night before – just not as quick as she wanted. She then demanded the entire menu (x2) for free. She was told to come back the next day and talk to the manager. What you see is what happened then. Also her boy friend has a lovely record of violence, grand theft, assault etc. A match made in heaven.

  161. LMAO. What this bitch needs is a 48 hour stay in someplace like Somalia, just trying to get clean water. That’s an attitude adjustment your entitled little ass won’t soon forget.

  162. Like, if you have, like, a, like, business degree, why are you like trolling like Dunkin’ Donuts, trying to like get like a free Coolatta? And what does 9/11 have to do with not getting a receipt at Dunkin’ Donuts? She wins the Most Despicable Person in a YouTube Video award this week.

  163. She said in the beginning it wasn’t ever her order, it was one of the guys she was with. She’s nasty, in everyway.

  164. Somebody should probably inform her that Indians are not Muslim, generally. They should also inform her that none of the 9/11 hijackers were from India.

  165. WOW – can you say BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER? Because I can – she’s a trainwreck.

  166. Wow… This is the most annoying bitch I’ve seen in a lonnnnng time. I feel bad for anyone that has to interact with her. Doubt shell go anywhere in life anyways though…


    Did this little loudmouth even get a release from the other customers who came in on line? No? SUE HER ASS!!!!

  168. seems like this woman needs help, its just a receipt there are other things in life to worry about than a dam receipt. The poor guy who took her order had no idea what was going on. Get your priorities straight lady.

  169. She’s a bitch and she wants all this stuff for people that aren’t there anymore? Marrying material for sure. With no evidence? Get the video camera and check it. Let her stand there until you find the video. Get the lawyer so he can shit on this cunt. She bought a phone with a camera – something tells me its the first one she ever had. She’s just looking for a fight and needs to get laid or get lost. Go back to Indiana or Kentucky. She’s getting free stuff and isn’t eating it. The counter person “crossed the line” because “You’re a BIATCH!”

    • She is not from KY or IN. She is Florida trash through and through. Florida is full of garbage like her.

      • Ugh, shudders. Why? Definitely a screw loose.

      • Tell me about it. This is exactly why I’ve almost given up on dating anyone here…this place is FULL of ignorant, nasty, self-obsessed, dope-girl skanks like her. Doesn’t matter where you go, it seems like any remotely attractive female under 35 thinks she’s Jesus Hilton. But I’d suggest this as a point for consideration: Florida has been a Teabagger state since before there were Teabaggers, and we started selling our state’s soul to the highest bidders after Walt Disney bought Orlando. We’re 20 years ahead of the rest of the country in terms of having a culture formed around corporatism, narcissism, greed and short-term thinking. That environment attracts people like her, and creates more of them. I’ve said before that Florida should be a cautionary tale to the rest of the nation…bitches like this are one of the many prices of decades of pandering to the rich and self-entitled.

  170. Eat dirt, bitch.

  171. so where does SHE work, I’d like to talk to her boss

  172. I looked it up. If they forget the receipt, you get that order free. The clerk who did that should have known, but maybe she wasn’t sure. I have a feeling this woman was rude to the clerk the night before or the girl was rattled and told her to talk to the manager the next day. BUT the customer went WAAAYY overboard. I would like to call her a c**t, but I never use that word. 15 seconds into this rant she starts cussing. I hope she gets run over by a truck.

    • I used to manage a fast food restaurant, and often the younger staff are unsure about giving items for free, even if there’s a policy in place. They worry that their decision to do so will be second-guessed by a manager and they’ll get in trouble. I bet that’s what happened here–counter girl forgot to give a receipt, evil girl calls her on it, so counter girl prints a receipt and gives it to her, but now evil girl is screeching about not getting a receipt and wants this huge order for free. I can totally a see a young employee thinking, but I did give you a receipt, just now…do I still give you a free order? The default setting for young employees is to hand it off to a manager when they are unsure, AS IT SHOULD BE. I’m willing to bet she wasn’t rude to the evil girl at all–Evil girl just couldn’t stand that she wasn’t going to get her way. By the way, in my store, this chick would have been kicked out, and cops called if necessary. I would have given her one warning/chance to clean up her language, and then, boom. Out the door. NO ONE comes into my store and mistreats my people.

  173. We can thank 30 years of creeping conservatism and the extremely inhuman and stupid tea-baggers for this. Hope this pitiful excuse for a human being gets fried from her job.

  174. And everybody sees you too Ms. Chapman for the rude nasty bitch that you are. Hopefully your employer saw you too, I’m sure a PR firm would be just pooping their buttons to have the clientele seeing their employee behaving this way on the internet. I have to give the kids that were working there credit, I could not have maintained my cool like they did. I would have first asked her to leave and when she refused I would have called the cops and hoped that I could hold myself back from coming over the counter and “nuking” her nasty a$$. Her boyfriend must have felt really appreciated after she gave him the food that she thought they may have tainted and then saw her saying that was the reason she was going to give it to him. I can’t imagine why the people at the other fast food place she mentioned would have pissed in her fries, she’s such a sweet person.

    • I had to call the police one time for a customer who was ranting like her, lots of profanity thrown in, and LOTS of lies… I finally told him I couldn’t help him, that he’d have to call the Passport Agency (and gave him the public number which was “answered” only by a machine). When he wouldn’t leave after I told him to get out of the office, since at that point he was trespassing on Post Office property, I picked up the phone and started calling the police… he disappeared so fast the wind almost knocked me down.

      • A bully always loses his/her courage the instant that someone actually stands up to him/her. If I had been one of the other customers she was harassing she would have been warned once to keep her camera off me and not to look to me for support. The second time she turned it on me she would have needed a new iPhone. I’m guessing that all of the witnesses would back me up when she called the cops and I swore that she had dropped it and stepped on it herself.

    • Well-said, Bob. I would have had to restrain myself in her presence too. I don’t believe in hitting ladies as a matter of principle, but some of these millenial ‘ladies’ are so un-ladylike that they almost deserve a backhand across the room. The temporary make-up smear would be the least of her problems.

  175. Superiority complex .. Most racist truly believe that they are superior.

  176. What a greedy, ignorant b*tch! I would have told her to come back when the manager was there. HER order, not everyone’s order! They always treat her good so why does she go ballistic over 1 receipt? She won’t eat the food because it may have been tainted so she’ll give it to her boyfriend?! Is that ignorant or what?

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