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Iowa TEApublican Bill: Jail Time for Raped Women Who ‘Murder’ Zygotes

By AATTP Contributor, Han Chimpson

If nine Iowa TEApublican state law makers get their way, they would define a person as “an individual human being, without regard to age of development, from the moment of conception, when a zygote is formed, until natural death.”

This would clear the path for doctors who perform abortion, and the women they performed the procedure on, to be charged with murder and almost certainly serve significant jail time. Even in the case of rape or incest.

The bill, House File 138, was introduced by Iowa TEApublican state representative Tom Shaw. According to Shaw, the bill will protect human life, whether “you’re a zygote, an infant, a teenager or an adult.” The bill, named the  Iowa Equal Protection of Innocent Life Act, was discussed by Shaw in an interview with Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart.

In that interview, Shaw explained that defining a fertilized egg as a “person” in Iowa’s murder statute “just simplifies everything.”

Planned Parenthood of the Heartland President Jill June called the effort to restrict abortion rights “the most extreme yet”, and questioned the logic of jailing a woman who was victimized and impregnated by rape or incest and received an abortion, along with the criminal who did the dastardly deed in the first place.

Left unsaid is that a great misjustice could potentially occur if the rapist was found not guilty, while the woman and her abortion doctor were found guilty and jailed.

Yes, TEApublican misogyny is alive and well in Iowa. Thankfully, the bill has little chance of passing if it makes it out of committee. The Democratically-controlled Iowa Senate looms, which is to say that sanity shall prevail – THIS time…

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  1. And the trailing edge of the bell curve is heard from yet again.

    How many times do you have to be kicked in the arse before you turn around to see who’s kicking you? When are people going to wake up and see what the Republicans are doing to them?

  2. In China, the date of one’s conception is celebrated as one’s birthday. Does this mean that Tom Shaw believes the same as mainland China? Oh, please, someone call him a commie for this bill!

  3. seriously?……what an inbred moron…. pandering to others like him. Too bad there are laws about culling the weakest and stupidest from the herd. Hey..all y’all….out of the gene pool!

  4. The fact that this bill has no chance of actually being approved indicates it’s just being introduced for political posturing. It makes their constituents think they’re doing something, when actually they’re just wasting time and resources.

  5. Innocent life eh? I guess they missed the part in the bible that states we are all born with original sin.

  6. This quote explains a lot ..”In that interview, Shaw explained that defining a fertilized egg as a “person” in Iowa’s murder statute “just simplifies everything.”
    In my life experience When someone says it “JUST SIMPLIFIES EVERYTHING ” or something along those lines they have a highly generalized devoid of working knowledge of the problem and a generically easy solution which completely solves the issues in accordance with their own mindset .

  7. Insanity….Tea-Nutology is demented and deranged.They Proclaim to be doing the will of God.I doubt that God is psychotic.Their desire to legislate their deviant twisted beliefs is at the least scary,closer to being a sickness on a sociopathic level….Dangerously Deluded

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