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Indiana College Student Reports Being Raped, School Reacts by Accusing Her of Harassment

Back in 2011 a student named Samantha at Hanover College in Indiana went to college authorities with a complaint about her roommate.  Samantha says that they handled that problem by giving her one day to move out of her dorm room, and made no provisions for her to be housed elsewhere.  With nowhere else to turn, she moved into her then boyfriend’s fraternity house where she reports that after a night of heavy drinking the boyfriend assaulted and raped her.

Samantha reported the rape to authorities at the college a month later, requesting at the time to speak to a female officer, but was forced to tell her story to a male officer instead. Not only did the officer refuse to believe her story, he demanded that she sign an agreement not to prosecute her attacker before he would allow her to leave the room.

After that the now ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend began a campaign of harassment against her, which she says ultimately led to the boyfriend coming to her dorm room late one night to deliver a beating along with some verbal abuse.

She reported this to the college as well offering to provide them with photos of the bruises from the beating.  After the boyfriend denied having been in her room, however, the college informed her that the photos would not be necessary.

Over the next several months Samantha continued to report the harassment in hopes that the school would finally intervene.  Instead the school told her not to expect any help from them and that if she continued to claim being harassed she might be expelled.

Finally, in the summer of 2013 Samantha and her attorney brought the case to the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) which attempted to negotiate an agreement between the parties.

In November 2013 the college announced that it had decided that the former boyfriend and his girlfriend were not only innocent of all of the charges Samantha had lodged, but also that Samantha herself had been waging a campaign of harassment against them.  They generously declined to punish her for her crimes however, noting that the type of harassment she had engaged in is not covered under the school’s code of conduct.

Last week the OCR informed the college, a small Catholic liberal arts school affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, that it is under investigation as a result of the way it handled Samantha’s case.  Under title IX of the federal gender equity law colleges are required to prevent and intervene to stop harassment when it is brought to their attention.  In Samantha’s case this clearly did not happen.

h/t:  Opposing Views 

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  • http://twitter.com/IdiotTracker TheTracker (@IdiotTracker)

    It seems hard to know if the school is victimizing this young woman, of if she has delusions of persecution. We’d have to see all the evidence, not just her side of the story. What does the boyfriend say when asked for comment? What does the roommate say? Was there a female officer on duty at campus security who could have taken her statement, or was a man the only option available?

    • Bob Cull

      Let’s put it this way, Tracker, the OCR attempted to mediate, the school stonewalled, the OCR has notified the school it is under investigation…What do you think? Is there anything to suggest impropriety?

  • Estacia

    Girl: I got assaulted and raped and I have the photos to prove it!

    School: we don’t believe you.

    Rapist: I was never there.


    Really, this is messed up.

  • Paul Levinson

    This is so cut and dried, I hope the School’s attorney has check-writing ability…it’ll be so much easier to pay Samantha back all her tuition plus an outrageous amount of money for the ignorance and stupidity the straight line thinkers in the “Administration” exercised in this case. Something along the lines of, “She is female, so she can’t be right…” plus, “She’s talking about sex, which ‘good’ women don’t do, so she must be wrong…” and “Men are omnipotent and all knowing, so the “boyfriend” cannot be at fault because he has a penis, therefore be must be male…” is about as close as any cogent, rational adult can get to summarizing the events in this case. Just write Samantha a HUGE check, make it easy for her by making it payable to “Cash,” and then pay for her to get home and to never look back at such a benighted place pretending to work for the betterment of young people of both genders. Jesus….incredible.

  • https://www.facebook.com/phil.bolton.79 Phil Bolton

    Here’s hoping the courts take this school to the cleaners.

  • Proud Socialist

    While I was reading this story, the whole time I was thinking it sounds like a Christian school and by golly, it actually was! Not surprising is it? Even if the girl was harrassing the boyfriend they then were STILL violating their own policies! Still not surprising? Nah, as per usual with these people.

    • Bob Cull

      Yeah, I sometimes get things a little out of order. In reading it over again I realize that I should have mentioned at the beginning that Hanover is a Catholic college. My bad. :)

  • Madbunny

    Wtf is wrong with these people?

    I would think that she has a solid case against the school for refusing to let her leave without signing an agreement not to press charges. Seems illegal and unenforceable in more than one way.

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