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How to Talk About Latinos Without Sounding Like Racists Jerks – GOP Training Document Leaked (Video)

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Since the Susan B. Anthony list, an organization dedicated to restricting health care for women, recently launched a training program to help teach Republicans how to talk about rape without sounding like ignorant misogynists, GOP leadership has apparently decided they need sensitivity training for their members in other areas too.  A leaked document shows that party members have received a letter from the GOP’s Hispanic Leadership Network that explains how to speak about Latinos while discussing immigration reform.

A few “Dos and Don’ts” in the document include:

• When speaking about possible temporary visas, residence and citizenship  for those now here illegally, DO use the phrase, “earn legal status.”  DO NOT use the phrase, “pathway to citizenship.”

• When talking about securing our borders, DO use the warning, “enforcement of our borders includes more border patrol technology and building a fence–where it makes sense.”  DO NOT use phrases like “electric fence,” “build a wall along the entire border” or “send them all back.”

• When talking about immigrants, DO use the term, “undocumented immigrant.”  DO NOT use “illegals,” “aliens” or “anchor babies.”

The obvious question though is, if you have so many insensitive idiots in your political party that you have to provide training in basic humanity like, “How to speak about rape without sounding like a sexist pig” and “How to talk about Latinos without sounding like racist scumbags,” do you think maybe the problems runs a little deeper than something like “sensitivity training” can fix?  We sure think so, but we all know the TEApublicans are only pretending to care all of the sudden because they got their asses handed to them in November– largely due to the fact that they have aliened just about everyone who’s not an old, rich white male–anyway.

Watch the video:


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
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  • TheNightowl

    I recently was in a conversation with a teabagger talking about how the “Hispanic/Latino/Spanish-speaking culture is the fastest growing” segment of our society, and this is why “open borders” and “amnesty” are bad ideas. And I could not for the life of me make him understand why this was racist!

  • dj

    The Teaparty/GOP/Repubs are basically all the same. 1 just happens to be a bit more radical than the other. Can you imagine what the US would be like if Romney had won? Especially when it comes to the freedom of religion, think gun control reforms are having a hard time? Imagine having a Mormon/LDS Pres! Whenever you think Pres Obama is not doing his job, think about Romney & if your honest with yourself, what it would be like as Pres.

  • Daddycool

    I have a few ideas for the GOP.

    DO put your head in the oven.
    DO jump off a bridge.
    DO suck an exhaust pipe.

    DO NOT worry about being part of America’s future any more.
    The rest of us can handle it from here.

    • dj

      I like your ideas. Since they think women have tiny little dead fetuses in their wombs from taking bc pills, maybe they should have their wives & daughters ck’d by a obgyn & get them removed (if they can find them-I’ve heard that their very, very, tiny.) A simple D&C could clean those wombs out in about an hour, it’s a outpatient procedure.

  • Daddycool

    In other words …. What the GOP is saying here is this:

    DO pretend you think brown people are actual Americans

    And …

    DO NOT expose our actual opinion and disgust at the prospect of our white purity being tainted by taco benders.

    And remember to keep up this facade until we can gain back our party’s power.
    Once we accomplish that …. we’ll let these bean burritos know who’s boss!

  • http://www.freedreamstoker.com ray DeLotell

    Awesome pc, we cannot afford to be sucked in by these Teapublican frauds, they have done this throughout the history of this party, (which I pray will be brief) since Goldwater, Nixon, and up to and including Reagan and the two Bushes, they are constantly accusing Democrats and liberals of doin the very despicable sneak and immoral things that they themselves engage in. It’s called scare tactics and fear mongering see NRA…

  • Michelle Michon
  • Dorothy

    GOP dumbs down…again…

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