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How Cruel, Twisted TEApublicans Talk About Poor People (Video)

In this montage, compiled by Media Matters, callous right wingers give us their take on the poor in America.  The gist?

Well, that poor people aren’t really suffering because they have TVs and cars, that they are low-life, habitual parasites who decide to be permanently dependent on welfare and that they could easily pull themselves out of poverty if they just wanted to and tried hard enough.

You know, the usual.

Watch it here:


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
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  • http://www.facebook.com/AER1066 Al Renaud

    Sure seems like the bulk of the of the Republican party, particularly the Tea bunch OWNS a completely absurd idea of what Poor even actually is ! They complain when someone with an EBT card has a decent vehicle. (They can get around to look for work, and MAYBE…just MAYBE just go for a drive sometime to get out from under all their other troubles…. that’s GOOD for them !)… The Tea bunch complains when someone in front of them at the grocery store buys $200-$300 worth of food and they’re only getting like 50-100 or whatever…. (The Food Stamps are most likely being used to buy a MONTHS worth of Food for a family !)….. The Food Stamp recipients are “overweight”…. (FOOD… does NOT equal nutrition.. the fattier, cheaper cuts of meat, and other low dollar food stuffs … are just that ! Cheap Goods !) Oh, They have a cell phone !!! (MUST be an Obama phone….. but in Some places to have a cell phone is CHEAPER than having one of the bigger regular services)… It goes on and on….. These people are the funking SHEEP ! They believe virtually ANYTHING they get their eyes on, no matter how ridiculous. FEED THE PEOPLE !

  • derek

    Attacking hungry children is just about as low as one can go. Shame on you Rush thats a new low very sad. To attack the helpless like children absolutely pathetic.

  • http://facebook sharon landwehr

    Why don’t you live on what the people have to live on. People talk smart when they have more.The food in are stores are not good or health for use they can sit on the shelf the bugs will not eat them but we can come on. If food was safer better for use . we would be better off and not so sick .Or in pain

  • http://gravatar.com/troy1984 Troyka

    F*ck Rush, pretty much said poor kids should eat out of dumpsters…. Wow.

  • http://Amercainsagainsttheteaparty Carol Martin

    Obesity in poor people is caused by what they can afford to buy high carb low protein, non-fresh food. Take a look at how things that are on sale are so nutritionally poor. Crappy mac and cheeze: 10 for $10.00. Food stamps don’t cover a HEALTHY food budget for a month. Thank God for the gleaners and the food bank in our small community. Cattle ranchers also donate beef twice a year. The republicans are so out the loop of reality.

  • http://philipracuelshow.com/ Philip Racuel

    And all of these bastards have at least six figure wealth. Thanks for posting this. You all are doing a great job with this site! :)

  • Bob Cull

    I am reminded of a satirical remark that Bill Maher made in the process of ridiculing Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” campaign that was supposed to eliminate the drug problem once and for all. He suggested expanding on that idea for other problems. For poverty, “just get jobs” for hunger, “just do lunch.” Sadly, the modern Teapub apparently heard those ideas and took them to heart. Isn’t it ironic that these are the same people who call liberalism a mental disease?

  • Elegua

    I think we seriously need to purge our governments this year.

  • Juliet

    And how old are the cars and appliances?

    They are clueless.

    • Kim

      I do know a girl on public assistance who drives a 2 year old BMW…however, it was also left to her when her grandfather died. Her parents pay for the taxes and she’s on her parents’ insurance. She went years without a car, works hard, and has 2 young children. In my opinion, she deserves it. Apparently these people don’t seem to think so… Just sad. Oh her television? I gave it to her when I got a new one last year. I bought it in 1997 when I moved into my first apartment.It was made in 1994..

  • http://www.facebook.com/paula.m.smolik Paula M Smolik

    Hey, poor people need cars too! Although….$30 worth of food per person is easy enough to carry home on the bus….if you have busses where you live. If you don’t, you can carry that much in 2 bags.

    • Kim

      More than 20% of people on public assistance are disabled. Most of them wouldn’t be able to carry 2 bags of groceries.

  • Tritanope!

    Cruel? Maybe. Twisted? Surely.
    Idiots? 100% CERTAINLY.

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