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Hobby Lobby Owner’s Goal: ‘Mandate’ 4-Year Bible Curriculum in Public Schools — Written By Hobby Lobby (Video)

After the disastrous and unconstitutional ruling of the radical Supreme Court – half of the justices whom should be disbarred – it is no secret the intent of Hobby Lobby. They want to force their evangelical fundamentalist Christian belief system on anyone under their employ because they feel it is their “god given right.”

But wait! That’s not all.

In a speech given by Steve Green, the christofascist President of Hobby Lobby, at the Templeton Award Ceremony he let slip the truly nefarious intentions of Hobby Lobby. It is not merely impacting public policy in regards to the restricting of women’s rights. Nay! It goes beyond even that.

His intent is to overthrow separation of church and state. I suppose that’s not a surprise with this ever-radicalizing evangelical movement, but hearing the words come from his mouth certainly cements how bold they have become.

We’re working on 4 year public school bible curriculum.  The first year will be a summary of all three of those section. It’s history, it’s impact and it’s story.  Then the next 3 years is going in depth in each of those — a year for the history, a year for the impact and a year for the story — in some order… The nation is in danger because of its ignorance of what God has taught. . . . If we don’t know it, our future is going to be very scary … We were looking – uh- we — we were talking – – discussed a college curriculum but it’s no — we really want to get — be into the – um – high school level because we want to reach as many as possible.  Someday, I would argue, it should be mandated.  Here’s a book that’s impacted our world, unlike any other, and you’re not gonna teach it? There’s — there’s something wrong with that.

It’s not enough that they have the Bible in public school already, which really isn’t a problem. So long as it is in neutral and taught alongside other historical and religious documents it does not violate the Establishment Clause. What they want is something more. They want to exercise their religious rights while inhibiting the rights of others. This from the same people that cry foul when Muslims want to build a mosque in New York City to quietly practice their own religion – which was entirely Constitutional.

This a systematic attempt at the dismantling of the Establishment Clause. With psycho-religious activist judges on the bench of the SCOTUS these christofascist culture warriors have pushed a bold new initiative to help blur the line separating church and state.

All “curriculum” must meet state and national standards before it is approved. Oftentimes this is determined by the Texas State Board of Education merely because they have the most schools of any state and public education publishers pander to the highest bidder – Texas. In this case, however, Hobby Lobby is starting just a tad north – in Mustang, Oklahoma. The Mustang School District, headed by Superintendent Sean McDaniel, have decided to go ahead and give the thumbs up to the Bible Curriculum.

You see, it meets the standard. It is not a mandatory class (yet) – and it is opt-in, not opt-out (for now)….except it hasn’t even been written (yet)!

How is it possible that a school board can accept a curriculum that doesn’t exist, on a clearly biased religious subject that may or may not violate the establishment clause, in a system that is paid for with our tax dollars? Technically, they can’t. So why have they?

You can reach the superintendents office here and let them know how you feel about them approving a theocratic business model’s attempt to encroach into the taxpayer-owned school system.

h/t DailyKos

More on Hobby Lobby from AATTP.

About Paul Loebe

Paul Loebe
Paul Loebe is a Contributing Editor at Americans Against the Tea Party and also works as the Special Projects Manager at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. He is the former Military Director at American Atheists and has had his writings published in American Atheists Magazine, Secularite Magazine, Freethoughtblogs, Daily Kos, and Patheos.
  • jamcrky

    I heard of another group of religious nuts wants to take over as well….ISIS

  • Franklin Bacon

    Be sure to include lots of Hail Marys and Our Fathers. And throw in a Steps to Christ, for safe measure.

  • Jimmy Gross

    Do these Christian idiots understand separation of church and state?

  • rejectrepublicanlies

    Never doubt the audacity and venal nature of the Religious Right. They’re busy trying to convert the US into a theocracy. Our silence emboldens them.

  • Bill

    Welcome to “The Handmaids Tale” people. I’ve been saying for decades that this was going to happen, but nobody wanted to listen. “This is America, that can’t happen here,” was the general response whenever I brought this up… maybe someday, the sheeple will wake up.

  • glantern35

    I have no problem with the Bible being taught to some degree as a historical document, but we don’t have a 4 year curriculum to study Moby Dick or a Tale of Two Cities. If you’re spending more than a few weeks studying a document in high school, then it is more than a simple overview of the document and its significance. There is so much to teach these kids that to spend 15% or more of those high school years studying one book is not right. This is clearly an attempt to force their religion on the general public. If I had kids and this was required as part of the curriculum, I would home school them.

  • Heidi Hanson

    Everyone should google Dominionist or Reconstructionists. This is a real movement who have been chipping away for 30 years with the intent of destroying the US Constitution and replacing it with Mosaic law. They are actually more bloody and extreme than the Taliban in Afghanistan. These people are real and they are serious. They are not to be laughed at but fought tooth and nail. Greed and power is what drives them. They think that if you are not one of them they should be awarded with all you own as the spoils of war. “Ted Cruz’s Father Suggested His Son Is ‘Anointed’ to Bring About ‘End Time Transfer of Wealth’

  • Heidi Hanson

    More people need to explore what the Dominionists actually want to do. They are scary people and would in fact destroy the USA

  • Heidi Hanson

    Yes I think we need to teach the fact that Charlemagne made the rivers run red with the blood of tribal leaders who refused to convert in the middle ages. And Yes we do need to teach how Christians burned more than a million women at the stake accusing them of witchcraft when in realty the females owned property or had been raped by the men and the men wanted their property or wanted the evidence of their sins removed. Yes we need to teach about the genocide of native peoples in the western hemisphere by Christians who enslaved the natives and worked them literally to death or dismembered them alive for refusing to convert. Yes we do need to teach a little about the history of Christianity, Like the Genocide of the Cathars and Albigensians for not bowing to the Church in Rome or the Crusades that killed millions over a couple hundred of years. Yes the kids need to know just how murderous and bloody the Christian Religion actually is (and still is)

  • David Agosta

    Uh…by definition a SCOTUS ruling can’t be unconstitutional.

    • Heidi Hanson

      There has been more than one SCOTUS ruling in the past that has later been overturned.

  • Yatgirl Teh Bucket

    so are they going to bring in “special men” to teach religion to public school children?
    i don’t think bringing strange, religious men into schools to teach them is a good idea based on the Protestant and Catholic HISTORY, putting these “men of the cloth” around young children…not a good idea. religion is the perfect scam for graft and pedophilia.
    oh, sorry….women won’t be allowed to teach! remember? perfect recipe for disaster!
    1 Timothy 2:12

    …11A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness. 12But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet. 13For it was Adam who was first created, and then Eve.…
    1 Corinthians 14:34
    Women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the law says.

    Titus 2:5
    to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.
    But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

  • Susan Weber

    Wow, we have really emboldened these nuts.

  • acktroll

    Well like the old saying goes: ” Give the devil your little finger, he’ll take the whole hand”. I feel very very sad for the people who have to work in this hobbly place!

  • Robert Kennedy

    Or its’. the ‘ indicates possession.

  • Robert Kennedy

    Well, there have been few books more influential than the Communist Manifesto or Mien Kampf. Should your Christian Taliban class be required to be taught alongside the Bible. Here’s something for you o ponder, no worthwhile Christian leader denies other religion’s correctness. But the Greens and other obvious asshats do.

  • Robert Kennedy

    Well, in the case of conservatives it’s a very fitting description.

  • Robert Kennedy

    Not only should religious propaganda not be allowed in non-parochial schools, but I firmly believe it should be a felony for a politician to even mention religion in any official capacity, and if they even mention what church they belong to they should be permanently banned from running for office. The same for atheism.

  • Ray

    Gee. I though a CHURCH taught all of that. They to outsource it to public school now?

  • rubato

    Check out HL’s involvement with Billy Gothard. HL donated a lot of land and money to the fundie creep for his “Christian” homeschool business so HL has already started. Gothard stepped down after dozens of women accused him of molestation and abuse.

    I’m just waiting for the day Green is found out to be a degenerate so we won’t have to hear from him again. It seems like that’s a life cycle of these holy rollers.

  • J. Fischer

    Missing the point again, as usual. Did you read two words and immediately jump down to comment?

    ‘Science denier’? For not buying into the literal, word-for-word truth of a Bronze Age anthology?

    • radpat_USA

      …..written by ignorant sheepherders back when the earth was flat!

  • George M Melby

    LOLOL… taught you something, eh?

  • George M Melby

    Actually, “a” is correct, when you take out the “elementary school” words, as in, “This is a _________lesson.” What kind of lesson? “elementary school.”

    • StephenM

      Wow! Correcting the correction with incorrectness. “A elementary…” is always wrong. At least in standard English.

  • George M Melby

    As a Christian ordained minister, I strongly condemn this faux practice of Bible indoctrination in our public schools, at ANY grade level. If you can’t get the job done in the churches, you’ve had your 15 minutes of fame. Quit using Jesus as your personal salesman! The Bible is NOT a WMD (weapon of mass destruction)!!!

  • Jakrabt

    Churches don’t even pay taxes that SUPPORT public schools for crissakes. Tell you what- start paying your fair share of taxes in your church and then we can discuss maybe mentioning the Bible in a limited context of history and literature classes. Until then the religo-bigots have no standing whatsoever to teach their bigotry to my kids!

  • http://www.kerribarber.com/ Kerri Barber

    UGH Which “Christian” faith are we going by?? No one seems to know. The Baptist free fellowship, the evangelical house of ever living bread, the Mormons, the Lutherans, New Harvest Bible Church, Willow Ridge Church, Uncle Willie’s Corner House of Pancakes and Prayer?? There are 32,000 registered “christian” churches and most of them disagree on tenets and application of the faith. Interpretation of the Bible is a mood-based, whatever-you-feel-like-it-means, taken out of context with no consideration to language, history or culture. So which of these these did SCOTUS rule from?

    • Robert Kennedy

      I’m ordained, but have never practiced. Although I once started a “Church of the Unwarranted Assumption” as a Sunday morning brunch or friends.
      I never claimed tax breaks though.

  • Amy Lutz

    I just clicked on the Mustang School District link embedded within the article, and they’re using the Denver Broncos logo as their mascot. Hmmmm…

  • J. Fischer

    What makes you think he’s a Christian minister?

    In a theocracy, there is only ONE designated religion. There are no sects or denominations of any sort.

    Right now, in the United States (especially in the South) it’s hard to drive more than a few miles without seeing a church building of some sort. Aside from the large-scale denominations, you can also see campers, sheds, shotgun shacks and mobile homes identifying them as the meeting places for congregations with fewer members than there are letters in the signs. They would be illegal in a theocracy. There would be the State Church. Period.

    Oh, and good-bye Constitution and the entire United States political system. Those are inconsistent with a theocracy. Back to the days of all-powerful rulers enforcing the will of God and punishing enemies (or ‘enemies’) of the state. Rights replaced with the whims of the priests. No more agreeing to disagree.

    Can you be certain that YOUR version of Christianity would be the government of the Christian States of America, Hooper? Oh, I forgot: that’s EXACTLY what you think would happen.

    • http://www.kerribarber.com/ Kerri Barber

      Priests?? This state run church would most certainly NOT have priests. Those fellow would be dead, the fist always to go. The socialists did that in Portugal and in Mexoc, the communist in Russia and Cuba, the Natzi party rounded them up in concentration camps with Jews, it is happening now in China to maintain state control, in Africa in the anti-gay whitch hunt where priests and nuns are being killed for protecting suspected homosexuals, etc. This is why I reel every time the USCCB (US Catholic Cardinals) side with these neo-christian lunatics.

      • J. Fischer

        Maybe I should have used the word clergy. Either way, the laity will no longer be in charge.

      • Heidi Hanson

        Sorry but the Nazis had a concordat with the Catholic Church and they colluded with them on the “Final Solution” Religion was taught in all of the Schools in Nazi Germany and you had to pay a tax for the Church. ( actually the Church tax still applies in Germany but now it is optional, but if you don’t pay it you cannot get weddings or funerals etc.)

  • J. Fischer

    You just keep thinking that, Hooper. This ‘Bible curriculum’ will be shaped by the Greens’ particular religious views.

    • http://www.kerribarber.com/ Kerri Barber

      AND THAT is what is terrifying. David Koresh (sp?) had that same kind of christian church, remember? It started out sounding familiar and then went left of sane until he was god and it was ok for him to sleep with children and the wives of the members. This is all just incredibly Orwellian.

  • Valk-Orion Yoder

    Congregation? Minister? Oh I get it, you’re stupid.

    “Only Slaves kneel, only beggars pray, and only the terrorized Repent”.

  • samwolf78

    That may be but the text book printers still look at Texas as there major purchaser.

    • George M Melby

      Their, not there. LOLOL… sorry sam, I couldn’t help myself… forgive me.

  • GrumpyDave

    So which “bible” do they want to teach? If they want to have the Old Testament taught, the best teachers for that would be people from the Conservative Jewish community; people with a reverence for their spiritual past, but understand the world they actually live in. The Jews are the traditional conservators of the spirit of the book, and are much better adapted to interpreting it than their Christian brethren, who have “moved on” to a “superior faith”.

    If they are looking to have the New Testament force fed, they first need to decide on which of the dozens of extant interpretations (innocuously referred to as correct versions, translations, or editions – each interpretation belonging to individual churches or allied groups of churches sharing identical or similar superstitions). It should be either the most widely accepted version, i.e. the one followed by the largest number of believers, or ideally the original Greek, taught in Greek (I don’t think that book means what you think it means).

    The next step for New Testament education is choosing an interpreter for the chosen interpretation. With the excessive number of competing, rivalrous, and often antagonistic “denominations” this will not be an easy task.

    Oh, who am I kidding, they will just say OUR bible and OUR teachers; why teach when you can preach, and that is what this is all about anyway, the right to unfettered proselytization of a defenseless audience. Just protect our children, our freedom, our country. Vote out the rascals who support radicalization and the Christian States in America.

  • chilly1952

    I suppose it could be taught along side Greek Mythology. This guy will not be happy until there is absolutely no religious freedom in this country! It is not the public school system’s job to teach Christianity it is the church’s job.

  • Two Piece and Biscuit

    Christian Sharia

  • Dan Pasternack

    My issue with this article is the fact that IT’S written by someone who does not know that when IT’S is used IT’S a contraction…the possessive of IT is ITS. Seriously, this is a elementary school lesson.

    That said, the idea that PUBLIC schools should teach the bible is insane…unless the Koran, Torah, books of Lau Tzu, etc. are also taught in the same class.

    • boB

      The only place I see “it’s” being misused is within the quoted section. What I cannot find, however, is that text’s source. Whether it was transcribed by the article’s author, or is clipped from some release of the text by the speaker, we don’t really know.

      But you’re right … someone screwed up mightily. :-)

  • Deebee

    So can we try to make it mandatory that churches teach science and math?

  • Dot

    They may offer their bible curriculum as an after school program. They may offer their curriculum to private schools. But they are getting pretty damn arrogant offering it to public schools. But if they go through with this we need to demand equal time for Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Hindu, etc. I am all for an elective of Comparative Religions, but what is keeping people from going to church and studying the Bible there?

    • George M Melby

      Most of these christian bastards like Hooper and his kind don’t even go to church!

      • radpat_USA

        Kind of difficult to find his way to one with head up his ignorant ass.

      • Yatgirl Teh Bucket

        those rich bastards do WTF they want and put on a BIG, SUNDAY SHOW! LOOK HOW MUCH MORE JESUS WE HAVE THAN YOU!

    • Heidi Hanson

      You can not control and indoctrinate EVERYONE if you keep it within your own church.

  • SmarterThanGlennBeck

    Dreams of an American Taliban loom in the minds of the Green family. Oh the anticipation, the exhilaration!

  • Valk-Orion Yoder

    I cant wait for the Hoopers and Susies of the world to find out that even they are not Christian enough for these Theofascists, at that point there will be great wailing and nashing of teeth by the “Conservative Christians” who supported these assholes only to find out they were never even close to their ideology. You reap what you sow assholes, you reap what you sow.

  • Martin Pollard

    Not surprising in the least. I figured this out the first time I ever heard about the Hobby Lobby case and its rabid religious right owners. These people dream of turning the US into a theocracy, with the Christian God at its head. (The irony that they want what they often decry about countries in the Middle East, i.e. a state ruled by religion, obviously eludes them.)

  • Steve Cain

    And what about the fact that not all the churches agree on doctrine? The Supreme Court 5 are Catholic and Episcopalian, their doctrines are definitely different than Green’s. They may say no, you have to teach our beliefs. This is a very slippery slope.

    • Robert Kennedy

      No, the SOTUS are L Catholic and I believe all of them are also from Opus Dei, the most radical sect of Catholicism

  • Andrew Long

    My oldest brother is one of these religious right wing nut theocrats and I’ve been doing all I can to tell people that they are real and they are serious and they might win if we don’t vote and keep voting. Please take it seriously and do whatever you can to help people get out and vote.

    • J. Fischer

      Not to mention that he might suddenly discover that he isn’t considered a ‘real’ Christian by the theocrats.

    • http://www.kerribarber.com/ Kerri Barber

      Keep your head up, Andrew. I had a nice little old lady here at the door last weekend. All sweet and inviting me to a big auditorium-sized prayer vigil to pray for a one-religion government. She could not articulate who’s religion they were praying for in this theocracy, so I suggested Muslim, Mormon, Buddhist or Catholic. She was not amused but felt very, very strongly a theocracy was the only way to peace…once all the priests, nuns, mullahs and all were hung. Remember I said auditorium full of people just like her…

      • Heidi Hanson

        They are already in our government. Cruz, Bachman, Perry, and several others are all dominionists. Please google, Reconstructionist/Dominionist and see what they actually intend, This stuff is serious as a heart attack. They want to destroy the USA

        • Andrew Long

          you are absolutely right, Heidi, they want to establish their own kind of Sharia law and they are making way too much headway. I wish someone from the mainstream media would do an expose on this for the mass of people who hide their heads in the sand.

  • Mike Behan

    Let’s take a trip back to the 18th Century. For people who claim to cherish the Constitution they do a great job of shitting all over the separation of church and state. If they want to teach abstinence based sex ed, and gay marriage is going to destroy society in their private schools, fine. But this is PUBLIC SCHOOL. Let’s see how they react when someone wants to include the Hebrew bible and the Koran into a 4 year curriculum.

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