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Hey, Paula Deen Sympathizers: Read This Before You Say Another Word in Her Defense!

In recent days we have had more than a few AATTPers tell us they are just THROUGH with us because we’ve “attacked” the beloved, and apparently infallible to some, Southern cooking sensation, Paula Deen.  Most of these folks say something along the lines of, “All Paula did was say the ‘N’ word 20 years ago!  Stop being so harsh and judgmental and leave her alone!”

Au contraire.  We ran across an article by Mr. Daryl K. Washington on BlackLegalIssues.com that supports our negative opinion of Deen.  According to Mr. Washington, who scrutinized the complaint, the following is a list of what Deen is actually being accused.

  • Paula Deen, while planning her brother’s wedding in 2007, was asked what look the wedding should have. She replied, “I want a true southern plantation-style wedding.” When asked what type of uniforms the servers should wear, Paula stated, “well what I would really like is a bunch of little n*ggers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around;
  • Black staff had to use the back entrance to enter and leave restaurant;
  • Black staff could only use one bathroom;
  • Black staff couldn’t work the front of the restaurants;
  • Brother Bubba stated his wishes: “ I wish I could put all those n*ggers in the kitchen on a boat to Africa”;
  • Bubba asked a black driver and security guard “don’t you wish you could rub all the black off you and be like me? You just look dirty; I bet you wish you could.” The guy told Bubba he was fine as is;
  • Bubba on President Obama: they should send him to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, so he could n*gger-rig it;
  • He shook an employee (Black again) and said” F your civil rights…you work for me and my sister Paula Deen;
  • Paula’s son Jaime’s best friend managed the Lady & Sons restaurant. He threatened to fire all the ‘Monkeys’ in the kitchen. When Paula found out…she slapped him on the wrist and suggested that the employee visited Paula’s $13,000,000 mansion so he felt special and could be massaged.

So, you see, the plot–like the gravy–thickens.  Before anyone chooses to defend what we conclude, based on the evidence, is very likely the real deal–a tried and true Southern-fried racist–they should at least know the whole story.


Americans Against The Tea Party is a group committed to exposing the Tea Party’s lies, violence, racism, ignorance, intolerance, bigotry, and corporatist fascist efforts to subvert our democratic process – and we are organizing to defeat Tea Party/GOP candidates on ballots everywhere.
  • ChocolateJeebus

    Way to lie through your teeth, well maybe your typing fingers.

  • https://www.facebook.com/Yonatan.Martin ג’ון מרטין

    As a Southern Jew everyone here in the south knows the difference between niggers and blacks. Obviously you northerners have never had to live amongst them to discern the difference

    • Equalizer

      Speak for your own race, because clearly you’re like rest of these insecure skittish minded scary misinformed people that know nothing black culture or stereotypes beyond your demon box tv….

      • Pat Hines

        Wrong answer. Your obvious problem is that you don’t understand that blacks (negroes, niggers, take your pick) simply aren’t compatible with western civilization.

        They’ve had more than 300 years to assimilate. Haiti, for example, has been a free and independent nation for over 200 years and it is all it’s ever going to be. A civilizational basket case.

        The whole notion that whites and blacks are equal is proven wrong every day in the US and European countries.

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  • Eggrolls

    You want to know what your rush to judgement and superior attitude clearly make YOU?

    • https://plus.google.com/105746447063572004650 Mig Crowe

      Based on her deposition, it would make us right.

  • https://www.facebook.com/todd.wyant.96 Todd Wyant

    golly gee…all this “evidence”, and yet, she was found not guilty in a court of law. so is it safe to assume all this “evidence” is total bs? curiouser and curiouser!

    • https://www.facebook.com/Apollyon1 Harry Moyer

      Yep… and I bet you believe OJ was innocent too because he was found not guilty. Just keep showing your never ending excuses for the obvious; eventually everyone will believe you aren’t a flaming racist either… NOT!

      • Eggrolls

        Probably around the same time people stop thinking your a child molester and neo-nazi, Harry. After all, if I accuse you of it, it must be true, right? Fact is, Dean almost certainly is a least a little racist – growing up in the south when she did, it’s almost impossible not to be. But on the other, Senator Robert Byrd was a member of the KKK, yet went on to be a tremendous advocate for minority rights and the Democratic party. Good thing he never had a cooking show, I guess – we couldn’t let someone with his kind of record aspire to that much fame.

        Bottom line- lighten up, Francis.

        • https://plus.google.com/105746447063572004650 Mig Crowe

          Regarding Sen. Byrd, history will tell you that “when running for the United States House of Representatives in 1952, he announced “After about a year, I became disinterested, quit paying my dues, and dropped my membership in the organization. During the nine years that have followed, I have never been interested in the Klan.””

          Further “In 1997, Byrd told an interviewer he would encourage young people to become involved in politics but also: “Be sure you avoid the Ku Klux Klan. Don’t get that albatross around your neck.”‘

          Finally, Byrd also said, in 2005, “I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times … and I don’t mind apologizing over and over again. I can’t erase what happened.”[

          He was in the Klan for a year. And then quit. But he was haunted by it the rest of his life. And if he were still alive, you would be one of those who, after 69 years (yeah, longer than you have been alive) continued making sure he never forgot it.

          Yes, Byrd was in the KKK for ONE year. And then quit. Please, if you’re going to drag that into the conversation, at least have the decency of giving everyone ALL the facts.

          • Pamela

            Senator Byrd will be long remembered as one of the finest, most decent, most civil Senators in US history. He was a role model for the Senate and was honored many times by other Senators for being so. I miss him very much. Rare integrity and, yes, very tolerant..

          • https://plus.google.com/105746447063572004650 Mig Crowe

            Thank you, Pamela. I don’t know if you’re from West Virginia or not, but I can tell you that we really miss him. He was a TRUE representative of the people.

    • lapushka

      Who cares if a court found her guilty? She is clearly a racist bitch.

      • pyrodice

        There’s that american spirit. Screw what the courts say, shoot em in the streets, right?

    • https://www.facebook.com/mig.crowe Mig Groves Crowe

      You need to do some research, if you know how. Deen was NEVER found “not guilty” because the whole thing was settled out of court. AND in her deposition, done under oath in a court of law, Deen admitted she was guilty of doing what she was accused of.

      Her admitting under oath that she had done what she was accused of was pretty much the best “evidence” they had to convict her had this gone to trial,

      Nothing curiouser about anything except your bs resources.

    • https://www.facebook.com/linda.rock.395 Linda Rock

      If she was found not guilty I would say someone took a bribe .Not hard to believe when our own Supreme Court is bought by corporate America . Remember the Citizens United verdict,corporations are people.

  • https://www.facebook.com/mig.crowe Mig Groves Crowe

    OK, one more time. She owns the majority percent of the Restaurants. This makes her responsible for everything that happens in them. This makes her responsible for EVERYTHING Bubba does in the work place. This makes her responsible for EVERYTHING OTHER PEOPLE do in them. She is the main owner of the restaurant. This makes her responsible for the behavior of the employees in the restaurant.

    She owns the majority part of the restaurant. This makes her responsible for everything any of her employees do in that restaurant.

    She owns the majority part of the restaurant. This makes her responsible for everything any of her employees do in that restaurant.

    She owns the majority part of the restaurant. This makes her responsible for everything any of her employees do in that restaurant.

    • Eggrolls

      So if my waiter has a psychotic break, and attacks me with a serving tray, the restaurant *owner* is the one who should go to jail for assault? I want to come work for you, Mig. I could literally get away with murder, evidently.

      • https://plus.google.com/105746447063572004650 Mig Crowe

        If your waiter has a psychotic break, the waiter will do the jail time. However, the owner will have to take care of your medical bills. And you are probably one of those “sue the bastards” kind of people who will sue the waiter, the restaurant and the owner. That’s pretty much how it works.

        BTW, I live in West Virgina (it’s a separate state from Virginia, in case you didn’t know). I would not hire you, since you only seem to be interested in getting away with murder. Or accusing people of child molestation. Or acting like a Troll.

  • http://fightingthefoodwars.wordpress.com fightforyourfood

    More than half of those are things other people have done. How can she be accused of things OTHER PEOPLE have done?

    • http://twitter.com/MigCrowe Mig Groves Crowe (@MigCrowe)


      In her deposition, done under oath, Paula Deen admitted to every thing she was accused of. You might want to read her deposition. It’s very interesting, especially the way she responds.

      • https://www.facebook.com/michael.moerland Michael Moerland

        No, the only thing she admits to is using the N word a long time ago. I just read most of her deposition. If there is something I missed I’d appreciate a link to it. Most of what aattp posts I agree with, but I have to take exception to this story.

    • http://gravatar.com/charlesalmon charlesalmon

      So THAT makes it okay?

      • http://twitter.com/MigCrowe Mig Groves Crowe (@MigCrowe)

        You would be amazed at how many feel that way. And they won’t go read what she said because I think they are afraid of what they will find.

        She admitted to everything that was not dropped by the court. And she admitted it under oath.

        What she did was wrong. Letting Bubba do the crap he did and basically turning away, was wrong.

        Sadly she nor her followers seem to think she did anything wrong. And THAT is wrong, too.

        • http://fightingthefoodwars.wordpress.com fightforyourfood

          I’m not a follower. I could care less about some tv chef. But I DO know that there are WAY more important things going on while you guys go on and on about this.

          • https://plus.google.com/105746447063572004650 Mig Crowe

            fightforyourfood, if you’re not a follower, and you could care less, why did you bother reading the story and then coming out here to comment?

            Why aren’t you doing the WAY more important things going on instead of going on and on about this like us guys?

      • http://fightingthefoodwars.wordpress.com fightforyourfood

        Makes WHAT OK? You want people held responsible for things other people have done? How is that fair?

        • lapushka

          I own a restaurant, and as owner, I am responsible for my employees actions. I can be sued for sexual harassment and discrimination even if I didn’t personally do anything. Why should she be held to any less of a standard?

          • Eggrolls

            No. You can be sued for creating a hostile work environment by hiring a person committing the harassment when you should have vetted your employees better, not the harassment itself. A significant distinction, I think.

  • Wendy

    This is what she was ACCUSED of – not what was proven. The woman suing actually said she’d never once heard Paula say anything along these lines. While she may have her faults, I honestly doubt they are this extreme. I was in her restaurant and there WERE black wait staff in the front of the restaurant. What her brother Bubba does, I can’t say. But, what I saw in her restaurant that Bubba does NOT own, I know proves differently. I don’t believe there is an ounce of hate in this woman. That’s my opinion.

  • W.G.

    Paula is a piece of trash ! She is a bigot and the worse kind of bigot .
    Because she doesn´t know she´s a bigot , she thinks she´s normal .
    Her son is a POS too I wish they would take that little creep off the
    FOOD CHANNEL also !

  • Conkey Joe

    I live in Oakland CA for 20 years now and if I had a nickle for every time someone called me “cracker”, “honkey” or whatever racist slur they could come up with, I’d have enough money move out of this shit hole of a town. Racists come in all sorts of races. It’s not always whites against blacks. Black Oaklanders are some of the racists people around.

    • cameron

      how come when ever there is racism against blacks there is always the redirect by whites? we are not saying there arent racist blacks, we know there are. but that has absolutely nothing to do with paula deen being a racist.

    • Eric

      Tu QuoQue logical fallacy. Translated to “You also.” Another name is the “Appeal to Hypocracy” Attempts to discredit the opponent’s position by asserting the opponent’s failure to act consistently in accordance with that position; it attempts to show that a criticism or objection applies equally to the person making it. IE – Hey kid,smoking is bad for you – Well, YOU smoke. The fact that the elder smokes does not negate the argument that smoking is bad.

      • Eric

        *Hypocrisy – sorry – i think faster than I type sometimes

  • Terri G.

    We’re all here, under the same Heaven! We’re all of the human race, for crying out loud! It makes me sick to see such bigotry! When will people learn to love one another?! Children DO learn what they live… and if we want to see positive change, we must BE the change we want to see in the world! Please indoctrinate your children with love for all mankind. It’s never too late! Thank you… and blessings to all!

  • AnnieK

    Here’s the truth about racism or any other form of hate or intolerance: It is pathological behavior. Hatred of any group is a sociopathic/narcissistic trait and we’d all be better off distancing ourselves from people who manifest these traits as hate.

    Hate in this way, is easily exploited by the teataliban and others with these traits that vote for them. Too bad that people who have this kind of hatred are so pathological, they deny they do and project onto others their hateful beliefs.

    But many of us know what it is. Paula Deen is pathological in her hate and pathological in her denial of that hate, as well as her supporters.

  • Junk Me

    Oh look! They made a movie about it!

  • Sheila Berry

    Is this the best use you people can make of your time?

    • https://www.facebook.com/mig.crowe Mira52

      Yep. This is what I do when I’ve taken care of everything else on a daily basis that needs done, including volunteer work for the Red Cross and Secretary/Treasurer/PIO for our HAM radio operators club.

      What about you, since you are out here and had to take the time to read some of the posts, possibly the story, and make your post? Because that remark now applies to you also.

      • Ghonorrheal

        I gave myself a handy this morning, top that.

        • https://www.facebook.com/mig.crowe Mira52

          Did you give your hand your gonorrhea?

    • Junk Me

      Oh look! They made a movie about it!

  • https://www.facebook.com/diane.crawford.9659 Diane Ferrara Crawford

    I read all this garbage, where is the garbage about the Black Panthers in Florida saying to start killing all the whities? I’m sorry, this world is full of discrimination and it’s not about black or white any longer, it’s about every race. I am sure everyone, even the person writing this article has some hidden words in their vocabulary too, so don’t being casting stones as you live in a glass house. How about leaving it alone now and just move on!

    • https://www.facebook.com/mig.crowe Mira52

      Diane, most of the posts out here were from July and August, so pretty much everyone is leaving it alone now. Well, everyone except you. Here’s some suggestions: If you don’t like the subject, don’t read the posts. If you start reading the posts and find them not to you taste, definitely don’t read ALL the posts. As for leaving it alone, perhaps you should have followed your own advice and moved on before posting that.

      As for the rumor about the Black Panthers saying they are going to kill all the whites, do you have any concrete evidence that this was actually said by the group, or that they have started killing anyone yet? If not, then there’s really nothing to say about it.

      • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

        A number of videos of the New Black Panther Party calling for the murder of all whites are freely available on youtube.

        The increasing violence against whites is well documented. One has to be blind and deaf not to hear about it or see it.

        • https://www.facebook.com/mig.crowe Mira52

          I’m sorry Pat ole boy, I don’t consider youtube an accurate news source. Anyone can dress up like Black Panthers and fake those videos. And since I’m not hearing a thing about it on the regular news or other news sources on the net, it is not apparently worthy of attention. I know this because I am neither deaf or blind. Sorry to hear you believe everything you see.

          • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

            Khalid Abdul Muhammad


            King Shabazz


            You’re in denial, blacks commit 55% of the murders in the US every year. They are the most violent race on this planet.

          • https://www.facebook.com/mig.crowe Mira52

            Poor, dear Pat. I’ve mentioned that issue you have with retention out here before. You need to work on that.

            I was discussing the Black Panthers and their threats to start killing white people and you gave me YouTube videos. I believe I mentioned, and you apparently forgot, that I do not consider YouTube a valid news source. Any and all of the videos out there could be faked.

            Then you give me YouTube links. Whatever makes you think I am going to go look at something that could very well be bogus from a site that I had already told you I do not consider a valid news source? Had I mentioned YouTube as a source in one of our earlier discussions there is no doubt in my mind you would have crucified me.

            Then you bring up a fact that 55% of murders in the US are being committed by blacks every year. Can you give me a non YouTube link for that information? And I don’t want figures that include blacks killing blacks. Only blacks killing whites. Nationwide. 55% may be a little high for that.

            However, when we began we were discussing the Black Panthers and their threats to start killing white people. Have they started since their claim? This was something current so the every year figure really is not relevant. Would you be so kind as to let me know the number of whites killed by the Black Panthers since they made their threat?

            One more thing. You said “They are the most violent race on this planet.” Can you back that up with a reliable source. Or is that just your racism shining through again?

          • funny dog

            mira mira on the wall who is the blackest of them all?

          • https://www.facebook.com/mig.crowe Mira52

            Apparently you are.

          • Equalizer

            Mira52 I love your intellect and humility… you also disk without applied anger and more with clarity… your positions here are valid!!!!

    • cameron

      black panthers in florida say kill all whites, KKK in the entire south actually kills a large amount of minorites. hmmm which is worse…

      • https://www.facebook.com/mig.crowe Mig Groves Crowe

        Would love to know the links to the facts leading to your statement

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686371027 Grace Smith

    Sure is quiet here since Lisa Jackson’s statement and the dismissal of all charges against Paula Deen: “During a very difficult period in my life the Deen family gave me hope and the opportunity to work to build a brighter future for my family and me,” Jackson said in a statement to TODAY.

    “I assumed that all of my complaints about the workplace environment were getting to Paula Deen, but I learned during this matter that this was not the case. The Paula Deen I have known for more than eight years, is a woman of compassion and kindness and will never tolerate discrimination or racism of any kind toward anyone. I now know that the workplace environment issues that I raised are being reviewed and will in the future no longer be at issue. I wish Ms. Deen and her family all the best in all of their future endeavors and I am very pleased that this matter has been now been resolved and can now be put behind us.”

    • Mira52


      Perhaps you should include the rest of the news story, which isn’t quite what you have made it out to be. Please note the “settlement agreement” that is mentioned. Please also note that the federal judge in GA has not signed off on the agreement, according to the filing, either.

      “– Celebrity chef Paula Deen, who lost endorsements and a national cooking show after she admitted using a racial slur in the past, on Friday welcomed the resolution of a lawsuit by a former employee who leveled accusations of racism and sexual harassment.

      The federal lawsuit will be dismissed by agreement, according to a court filing. It was not immediately clear whether there was a settlement, but a description on a federal court website labeled the filing as a “settlement agreement.”

      A federal judge in Georgia had not signed off on the agreement, according to the filing.

      The proceedings will be dismissed “with prejudice,” meaning the lawsuit cannot be filed again. The parties agreed the dismissal would be “without any award of costs or fees to any party,” according to the posting.

      Earlier this month, U.S. District Judge William T. Moore Jr. in Savannah dismissed a portion of the lawsuit that contended former employee Lisa Jackson was a victim of racial discrimination.”

      • Mira52

        Here’s an update. Oh before I get to that, a little about Dean’s lawyers;

        “Another document filed in the court on Friday [pdf] indicates that Deen’s high-powered legal team tried to turn the tables on their adversaries. They filed a motion to get Jackson’s lawyer Matthew Billips dismissed from the case after several improprieties of his emerged in evidence.”

        Now, here’s the real update, and it was not as squeaky clean as you would have us believe:

        “UPDATE: 8/23, 6 p.m. — Deen’s publicist sent The Huffington Post written statements from both Deen and Jackson, indicating that the case ended to satisfaction of both parties. Deen said she was “pleased that the judge dismissed the race claims and I am looking forward to getting this behind me, now that the remaining claims have been resolved.” Pretty much what you’d expect.”

        The race claims were the ONLY ones that were DISMISSED, per Paula. The remaining claims were NOT dismissed, they were RESOLVED.

        Big difference there.

        • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686371027 Grace Smith

          Mira, If you go back and read my comment you will note that I did not “make it out to be” anything. I merely noted that the suit had been dismissed and that Lisa Jackson had praised Paula Deen as being “a woman of compassion and kindness and will never tolerate discrimination or racism of any kind toward anyone.” I’m sorry that you have your heels dug in so far that you are unable to back away even a little from your self-righteous anger to see that maybe there was more going on here than met the eye.

          • Mira52

            The same could be said for you, Grace. You only went so far as to post what looked good for Paula and remarked, as you did again, that the whole thing was dismissed. I provided a quote from Dean herself that negates that, and you accused me of not being able to get past my self-righteous anger to see that maybe there was more going on here than met the eye.

            I’m not angry at Paula Dean. It’s people like you who only provide the part of the story that proves your point while you act all self-righteous about an outcome that wasn’t quite what you said it was. And I’m saying you need to research more than just those quotes since there was more going on than verbal stroking.

            Again, just in case you didn’t catch it the first or second time, The race claims were the ONLY ones that were DISMISSED, per Paula. The remaining claims were NOT dismissed, they were RESOLVED.

            Big difference there.

            BTW, the board is quiet, not because everyone thinks Paula won. The boards are quite because nobody knows what to say. There were no winners, and really, no losers. Ties never generate much news.

          • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686371027 Grace Smith

            Mira52. I used the term dismissed, but was not alone in that, as noted in the following excerpts. and have attached a definition of the term from law.com. It is what it is.

            People.com:Paula Deen Lawsuit that Caused Her Downfall Is Dismissed

            Huffingtonpost.com: Paula Deen Lawsuit Dismissed By Judge After Parties Reach Undisclosed Settlement

            Cnn.com: The federal lawsuit will be dismissed by agreement, according to a court filing. It was not immediately clear whether there was a settlement, but a description on a federal court website labeled the filing as a “settlement agreement.”

            Law.com: dismissal
            n. 1) the act of voluntarily terminating a criminal prosecution or a lawsuit or one of its causes of action by one of the parties. 2) a judge’s ruling that a lawsuit or criminal charge is terminated. 3) an appeals court’s act of dismissing an appeal, letting the lower court decision stand. 4) the act of a plaintiff dismissing a lawsuit upon settling the case. Such a dismissal may be dismissal with prejudice, meaning it can never be filed again, or dismissal without prejudice, leaving open the possibility of bringing the suit again if the defendant does not follow through on the terms of the settlement.

          • Mira52

            Grace, the writers of those stories use whatever words they can to make an impact and add readers. And Dismissed certainly will pull more readers in than resolved.

            I am aware that dismissed is the term, however, if you read any of the posts out here you will realize that most of the posters see the word dismissed as a vindication for Paula. It isn’t. Nor will they bother to read the legal definition. The majority of those that do probably will not understand it.

            It is semantics. You use the legal term. I am simply trying to make it clearer to the readers here that it was a resolution between the two parties, and probably a large settlement on Paula’s part that ended the court’s part in this.

            “Sure is quiet here since Lisa Jackson’s statement and the dismissal of all charges against Paula Deen”

            Your post that started this conversation also made it sound like Paula was vindicated and that Lisa Jackson gave in. I just wanted to make it clear that this was not a vindication, nor did Jackson give in They settled out of court.

  • marc

    While I see a lot of vile “quotes” what I don’t see is a list of citations backing up where those quotes came from. What I don’t see is the names of the people who said them. There’s a story, but “Carrie” is a story, it’s not true.

    When you list a lot of horrible things about a person but you can’t back them up with proof it’s call defamation.

    • Zen

      I have already heard all of these accusations before, and they are coming from the people who have worked for her. And the woman is not doing herself any favors by doing interviews. She is clearly racist, and does not seem to know how to hide it, or even that she should.

      • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

        “Racist” is a word made up by Leon Trotsky to divide whites.

        It is, in fact, anti-white and in this case, as usual, it’s anti-southern.

        That’s what the Paula Deen attack has been about all along. An attack upon a successful white southern woman.

        • Mira52

          Poor Pat. You just refuse to see anything but what you want to see. Too bad you don’t even realize how racist you really are.

          “Racist” is a word made up by Leon Trotsky to divide whites. It is, in fact, anti-white and in this case, as usual, it’s anti-southern.
          That’s what the Paula Deen attack has been about all along. An attack upon a successful white southern woman.”

          Set up do divide whites? That’s hilarious. Do you make up these remarks yourself or do you have a 10 year old helping you? We obviously don’t need a word to divide whites. People like you, who refuse to see the truth do a very good job trying to divide others. Again, I’m southern and I don’t see it as either anti white or anti southern,

          The “attack” on Paula Dean was brought on by Paula Dean with her contempt towards those of a different race, and her poor management skills when confronted by anything she really didn’t see was wrong. Discrimination and sexual harassment happen to be illegal whether she believed it was or wasn’t.

          It didn’t have anything to do with her being southern or a woman, despite what you think caused it. This you would know if you really researched anything about all this…

          • https://plus.google.com/104289312051776613190 John Sheehan

            You are a good “debater”…I am glad you were pointing these things out…you arent from Mira Bay are you?

          • andy

            as a colleague of paulas, i assure you half of those statements are just untrue. paula also doesnt have contempt for anyone. research is a funny word to use for gathering misinformation

  • devin

    The genetic differences between what we call race are only superficial, skin color etc. Biologist do not even discuss race anymore. We are equal as humans, regardless of differences…sure most men are stronger than women physically, but self-worth, human worth is not based on such silly things. Race is now an out dated social construct in which you just imput your biases and prejudices.

    • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

      That’s simply not true, in fact it’s silly to even say it.

      • Mira52

        ROFL!! Oh Pat, you can be so entertaining.

        How about backing your comment up with facts as to why it’s not true. Then we can ALL decide how silly it is to even say it.

        • 2smart2Brepublican

          We are human beings, first and foremost. Then we are men and women. Any differentiations beyond that are irrelevant.

  • http://gravatar.com/kfreed kfreed

    Obviously you have a few racist baggers commenting. As for those non-racists who continued to mindlessly defend Deen, I don’t know why people wouldn’t find out for themsleves what was in the lawsuit rather than swallow the “n-word 20 years ago” line. I wanted to know what she had done. I found out. It didn’t sound plausible that she had been dumped for something she said two decades ago. I suppose it’s easier to spout off cluelessly instead of actually thinking about it for half a second.

  • Seriously?

    Good grief. Who cares…..shit happens people. WE ARE NOT EQUAL!!!!! We never have been and we never will be. Just like women trying to be equal to men starting in the 70’s, not going to happen because we are not equal. Blacks call whites all sorts of things on sitcoms, comedy shows, news stories, you name it, and it is fine. Whites say one thing and everyone is ready to have a public hanging. Get the hell over it and better yourselves. Blacks, keep you droopy pants asses out of jail, stop robbing and beating and killing people, you might have some respect. Also, stop your fucking whining, good gawd! Whites, get over it, ya’ll will never be equal and you’re not better than everyone. Humans are not the same, were not made the same, races are different and will always be. That is what makes the world a wonderful place to live. NOT everyone looking, acting and believing in all the same damn things. What a horrible dull life that will be and why on earth do you want that? I have my own opinion about life and I will never change it, it’s my business. I could care less what you think or how you view things, it’s your business. Let it be people, it’s just not that important, to anyone who is of sound mind and is comfortable in his/her own skin. Humans have really screwed this planet up. Americans, well, we are a bunch of fools. If Paula Deen was acting illegally then fine, she should pay the price. If not, get over it. Not a single one of you are perfect. All of you have sinned, judged, lied, hid the truth and acted inappropriately. Every one of you is guilty as all hell of so many things, bet you wouldn’t want your laundry aired for the public. Just because she’s a public figure does not matter, this is about you claiming by your actions, that she should hang and your are without fault. Otherwise, you really wouldn’t be screaming so loudly would you? Idiots.

    • http://gravatar.com/sunny47446 sunny47446

      First of all don’t even go there with the “women are not equal to men” BS, Women are no longer the minority. Black or white. Secondly, yes none of us are perfect, but like you say Paula Deen is a public figure. It is not about what she said. It is about what she did not say and did not do. She knew what her brother was doing and she did nothing to stop it. That makes her as guilty as him. When you are a celebrity you are held to a higher regard than anyone else. We all want to believe that those who are public figures can do no wrong but alas they do and when they do they pay the price for it. Their fans are the ones that keep them on top. If they lose their fan base then they can come tumbling down.

    • http://gravatar.com/kfreed kfreed

      Decent people care, that’s who. You may think you have a license to abuse peope. Think again. We are NOT tolerating your idiocy or your ignorance.

    • Mira52


      If this sh*t bothers you so much, why are you even out here??

      You are right about the fact we aren’t all equal. You certainly aren’t equal to most of the posters here. But that’s OK. We’ll not use big words so you can understand better.

    • Torque51

      There may not be equality between races or sexes. But there needs to be. I applaud everyone who works for equality. People who would drag us back to the Jim Crow era do a great disservice to all of humanity.

      • Mira52

        Your words are so true. Unfortunately they are falling on blocked ears. Yeah, the dude isn’t deaf, just doesn’t want to hear that. And people like him are the reason it has been so hard for minorities and women to advance in equality.

        They just can’t stand the fact that those they feel are beneath them are actual as smart, if not smarter, as hard working if not harder working, and more business and politically savvy than most men voted into Congress, or standing in our way.

        All I have to say to them: Sucks to be you, because you and your cronies are not stopping our moves any more.

    • Brian

      Seriously? White people being lynched because of racism? I’ll buy you a history book.

      • Mira52


        If I were you I wouldn’t bother getting seriously a book on history. He won’t read it. It may be factual and he seems to have a problem with that.

        • http://sunny47446.wordpress.com sunny47446

          Not only that but all the books in the world can’t fix stupid.

      • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

        I don’t know of a single lynching wherein a crime had not been committed. Further, my research proved that the lynchings were far more accurate than the current judicial system is.

        • Mira52

          You don’t know of a single lynching wherein a crime had not been committed? What lynchings? You sound like someone who wears a white sheet and feels if you lynch someone because they are black you are not a murderer but a tool of justice. So NO lynching you participate in would EVER involve someone who is not guilty. That must be the research you meant. Too bad it was all on the KKK.

          And you think that is better than the current judicial system? All you white sheeted bastards think you are better than the rest of it. Got news for you. The 50s are over. Most people use their sheets on their beds now. Bigots and racists aren’t well tolerated.

          And being black, or a woman, or gay isn’t a crime.

          • funny dog

            a black, homosexual woman, aren’t we a bit touchy?

          • https://www.facebook.com/mig.crowe Mira52

            Pardon me? Are you assuming I’m a black woman? If so I suggest you read further in the posts because you assume incorrectly. And that usually makes an @ss out of you.

        • Sheila Toomey

          Like the crime of whistling at a white woman, Pat?

          • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

            Because that’s a myth, Sheila, one that the Yankee Empire’s press has created, I’ll forgive you for presenting it once again.

            The Yankee Empire’s “neswpaper of record, the New York Times” never forgave the death penalty for convicted serial rapist, Leo Frank, via lynching after pressure by Jewish industrialists to commute his sentence.

            That’s the truth of lynching.

          • https://plus.google.com/104289312051776613190 John Sheehan

            African-American journalist and anti-lynching crusader Ida B. Wells wrote in the 1890s that black lynching victims were accused of rape or attempted rape only about one-third of the time. The most prevalent accusation was murder or attempted murder, followed by a list of infractions that included verbal and physical aggression, spirited business competition and independence of mind. White lynch mobs formed to restore the perceived social order.[5] Lynch mob “policing” usually led to murder of the victims by white mobs. Law-enforcement authorities sometimes participated directly or held suspects in jail until a mob formed to carry out the murder

          • https://plus.google.com/104289312051776613190 John Sheehan

            Pat you really are just a plain ole everyday racist are you not? “After this partisan political violence had ended, lynchings in the South focused more on race than on partisan politics.[citation needed] They could be seen as a latter-day expression of the slave patrols, the bands of poor whites who policed the slaves and pursued escapees. The lynchers sometimes murdered their victims but sometimes whipped them to remind them of their former status as slaves.[11] White terrorists often made nighttime raids of African-American homes in order to confiscate firearms. Lynchings to prevent freedmen and their allies from voting and bearing arms can be seen as extralegal ways of enforcing the previous system of social dominance and the Black Codes, which had been invalidated by the 14th and 15th Amendments in 1868 and 1870.”…..what crimes? the crime of voting? The crime of breathing? You are a real ID10T!

          • https://plus.google.com/104289312051776613190 John Sheehan

            The frequency increased from 1901 to 1908, after African-Americans were disenfranchised. “In the twentieth century Delta vigilantism finally became predictably joined to white supremacy”…THERE IS TOO MUCH EVIDENCE CONTRARY TO WHAT YOU POSTED…

          • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

            So, what’s your point? Whites pioneered the south, built it, and naturally ran it. Before the Yankee Empire’s invasion and conquest, the south was the wealthiest part of the US.

          • https://plus.google.com/104289312051776613190 John Sheehan

            My point is pat…all you have is rhetoric…no sources…just BS you spew from your pie hole…you said lynching were only about killing someone who committed crimes…like that is supposed to be a good thing…my citation was to show you how utterly wrong you are…you have to ask what the point was? I lived on a mountain in Tenn. in the sixties…saw the whites only water fountain..whites only.pools one they closed because they refused to integrate… and back doors only for blacks to gain access to a restaurant…I lived it dude…lynchings happened to keep blacks from voting among other reasons…I bet you didnt read any of what I posted did ya?

  • Mira52

    This whole thing was never about the n—– word. When Paula found out that some of the employee were considering this she tried distract us all by whining it was about her saying the n—– word. It isn’t. It’s about the treatment her employees received from Dean and Bubba.

    And it’s really easy to say that if you don’t like it, leave. But those saying that apparently have no idea how hard it is to find another job right now. I hated a job I had but stayed because of insurance, earned vacation and sick days, and the fact that it was so hard to find work in our area.

    So STFU about leaving and finding another job. We don’t live in Utopia, you jerks.

  • NanaB

    I agree with just saying,, What’s wrong with this picture, black and white males walking around with their pants on the ground, what happened to indecent exposure laws?,
    Gays have taken over the country, though I agree with gay rights, but not
    marriages. Marriage, mean a legal union between a man and a woman
    Period. Gays should have what is called a legal Gay Union, not marriage, which is
    Meant to unite a male with a female, to go prosper and multiply, get it. One of
    The partners should be able to bare an offspring, fertilized by the opposite sex partner
    Ya know the common sense and natural law of nature.

    But this is America, where the majority no longer rules. Here’s a perfect Example:
    If only 22% of Americans do not believe on Jesus Christ, nor in the one God. and
    The other 80% do, then explain why we Christians are persecuted for speaking the
    Name Jesus, or using the word God, or any form of prayer in public schools, for which we all know American youths are standing in the need of. hmmm. When
    It’s okay for the 22% minority to speak the name satan and Hitler, and, the use word devil and hate, kids are doing drugs and having sex in school, and It’s okay to swear and curse publicly. Oh my bad that’s called Freedom of Speech by Paula Deem.

    A Quiz for Paula Deen:
    Q: Which list contains the most offensive words list A, or list B. or C none of the above.

    List A: Lamb, Jesus, racist, love, black, you people, boy
    List B: Spick, N*gger, Hitler, ch*nk, redneck, wetbacks, spooks
    C: None of the above.

    Paula’s answer: Well I chose C none of the above bacause
    I was raised just like I raised my children, bacause; we use all those words most the time, I taught them to exorcize their freedom of speech, and to pray it don’t offend anybody, like my investors or sponsors. Bacause from the bottom of my innocent, sad, little heart, we are not, and have never been racist, we’re just regular down to earth good people.

    CUT! Nice job Ms Deen you were almost pathetically believable.

    • Holly

      NanaB, your views on marriage in general, and gay marriage in particular, are of interest only to yourself. Like your religion. You are, of course, free to express yourself, and free you have your expressions ridiculed by a public rapidly evolving beyond such parochialism. Good luck to everyone associated with the Church of the Luddites.

    • http://www.examiner.com/food-in-long-beach/margaret-studer Margaret Studer

      NanaB, according to all polls and statistics, you do not represent the majority of Americans. The majority of Americans favor marriage equality.
      Even if they did not, the majority has no right to deny basic civil rights such as marriage to the minority.
      If the Civil Rights Act had been put to a vote and they vote and denied equality to black people, would that be right? Of course not.

    • Jab

      Just get a grip and leave Paula alone! What about when the n’s call white folk names??? Yeah….they are just as wrong!!! But they earned their names! And that is what it is! Time will change that but right now…we have to wait til this disillusional society is completely flushed out!

      • http://gravatar.com/sunny47446 sunny47446

        Apparently you seem to have the mistaken idea that it is all about the N word. It isn’t. It’s about how her employees were treated. There are laws against that.

    • Torque51

      Anyone who claims that Christians are being persecuted in this country have no idea what persecution is. You can’t throw a rock in any direction in this country without hitting a church, a crucifix, a nun, or a bus of children going to vacation bible school to get indoctrinated. Today’s contemporary Christian in the US has become a whiny, spoiled, overindulged toddler screaming, ‘Mine! Mine! Mine!’ As the old country hymn goes, ‘You will know they are Christians by their hubris.’

    • Bergstein

      Any idiot who says marriage should only be between a man and a woman for procreation needs to acknowledge that postmenopausal women can no longer be married, and infertile members of both genders lose the right to marry.

      • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

        Marriage has a definition, just like a watermelon or an elephant does. It is a religious sacrament between a man and a woman.

        I don’t know a word for two men establishing a relationship, or two women for that matter, but neither unions fall under the definition of marriage.

        • https://www.facebook.com/mig.crowe Mira52

          “Marriage has a definition, just like a watermelon or an elephant does. It is a religious sacrament between a man and a woman.”

          Why Pat, I would never have picked you as a homophobe!! NOT.

          Actually, the universal Definition of Marriage: “The legal union of a man and woman as husband and wife, and in some jurisdictions, between two persons of the same sex, usually entailing legal obligations of each person to the other.”

          Nothing mentioned about religion at all. Because your definition is religious, and marriage transcends religions.

          If marriage was a strictly a religious thing, it might fall into your definition. However, it ISN’T. In the US, Ship Captains, Justice of the Peace, and anyone, even atheists, who get an online “ministry” can marry two people. It has nothing to do with religion, or with what religious fanatics want it to be.

          “I don’t know a word for two men establishing a relationship, or two women for that matter, but neither unions fall under the definition of marriage.”

          Sorry, Pat old boy. The law in a number of states now says two people of the same sex can marry each other. Yeah. It’s the law. And by law, it falls under the definition of marriage. So now you have a word for the union of two people of the same sex . It’s called marriage.

          Glad I could help you expand your vocabulary.

  • Pingback: Explosive New Allegations Against Paula Deen -- She Made Black Staff Dress Up Like Aunt Jemima - Americans Against the Tea Party()

  • Sam

    Also, most of those are her BROTHER not Paula Dean.

    • Bob Cull

      That does not exonerate her, Sam. He was her employee and she was aware of his actions and did nothing to stop it, hence she is responsible.

      • lisa

        thank you bob

  • Sam

    RIP Freedom of SPeech

    • Velouria

      Right. Because bigotry and using slurs is freedom of speech. “Hey, be tolerant of my racism! I thought you liberals tolerated everyone!”

      • Dave

        Actually it is. Freedom of speech is NOT “freedom from being offended” Just because you do not like what someone says , that does not mean they don’t have the right to say it. She may be a pile of human garbage racist douchebag, but she (and her brother) have every right to say what they said. You don’t have to tolerate it. Don’t patronize her businesses, be it food, or merch. Write letters to publishers and any other forms of media she uses. But don’t for a minute think that taking away her right to say offensive small minded things doesn’t mean you are taking a dump on the constitution.

        • ? Cyncha

          Yes, and while this woman makes me sick to my stomach with her hatred I have to thank her for showing HER true color. Now I can boycott her insipid little food racket. Twit! (just exercizing my freedom of speech:)

        • kethira

          Actually it’s not about free speech OR the Constitution. The First Amendment is about protecting people from GOVERNMENT, not about protecting idiots from the people. There’s also that gray area about not shouting “fire” in a crowded theater and not allowing hate speech, but that’s a finer point.

          Paula Deen was sued in a civil court. She was fired by a private company. She is being boycotted by private citizens. NONE of this is infringing her right to free speech. For that she would have to be under threat of punishment by the government and no government is involved in this case. (You can’t argue that a governmental court is involved either because, in this case, it’s simply acting as an arbiter in a civil dispute between 2 private parties.)

          By the way, you can CRIMINALLY assault someone with your words. In the strictest sense, if she called someone the N word and that person consequently felt threatened by that name calling, that’s criminal assault, under the strictest legal definition.

          • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

            Case against Paula Deen dismissed.

            Time for you anti-southern, anti-whites to move on to your next victim.

          • Mira52

            Case dismissed, Pat? I don’t think so. You apparently only read what you wanted to, and forgot to read the rest of the news story, again. Only the allegations against Dean for racism were dropped. She still has to face the ones about discrimination and sexual harassment.

            “Time for you anti-southern, anti-whites to move on to your next victim”

            So sorry to break it to you. I’m southern and I’m white, and I still think she’s guilty. And she sure as he!! is no victim.

            You, however, are a victim of your own racism and arrogance. And once again you post without researching all your facts. Do something smart before you post. Research what you’re posting about before you comment out here again.

    • misa8607

      Freedom of Speech doesn’t exclude the consequences of what one says. Yes, she and her family can say whatever they like. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be sued, criticized or disliked.

      • Andrew Friet

        You can’t sue somebody for being a racist. Everybody can say what they like. If it offends you then that honestly is your issue. How YOU deal with it is your issue. She might have said something crappy but did she say it to you? Do you patronize her businesses? Do you work for her? Chances are you don’t so… Pound sand

        • Mira52

          You can if the racist is your manager and treats you like s**t because of the color of your skin. That’s discrimination and that is illegal.

      • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

        Criticize all you like, dislike her all you like; there should never have been a suit of any kind. Don’t like your boss, leave.

        • Mira52

          Sure, Pat. Just pack up and go find another job. In this economy.

          Wow, how stupid is that? If she has a family to feed she can’t AFFORD to quit her job. Our GOP is working hard to keep it that way. And most people DON’T quit a job where they dislike their boss. And employers like that, because it gives them such power.

          But you’re all for that, aren’t you, Pat. Bet you have one he!! of a relationship with your boss. I hear bleach removes most of the brown off noses…

        • https://plus.google.com/107623712524383165473 Charlie Adams

          Hey, Pat, the cleaners called – your robe and hood are ready to to be picked up for the next rally. Now, STFU, you racist shit.

          • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

            An accusation of racism is nothing more than an anti-white screed.

            I have no white guilt, think whites should return to control of the south, and will continue working toward that end.

          • AATTP

            “An accusation of racism is nothing more than an anti-white screed.”

            Is there ever an instance, according to you, in which this would NOT be the case?

    • https://www.facebook.com/jacknife451 William Talley

      Freedom of speech only means you can say what you want without being arrested or sued. It does not protect you from the consequences of said speech. Yes she can use all the racial slurs she wishes. However if her employer decides to fire her over it, they’re within their right to do so as well.

      • http://gravatar.com/kfreed kfreed

        This isn’t a “free speech” issue. This is straight up discrimination by an employer, which happens to be against the law (for good reason I might add). Racists and bigots may think they have the right to mistreat anyone anywhere with impunity, however, they are sadly mistaken.

    • http://www.examiner.com/food-in-long-beach/margaret-studer Margaret Studer

      Well there is a truly absurd remark. Just because you have the right to say it does not mean that anyone has approve of it.

      Yes, for the most part anyone can saying anything he or she wishes. This does not mean that their statements should go unchallenged. Furthermore, hateful and hurtful speech, lying, deception, and other misuse of the freedom of speech is exempt from the First Amendment.

      I love Paula Deen, Her recipes rock. I think she was insensitive had has some learning to do.

      I do not approve of hating people for their flaws. I believe in helping them become better people? Which way sounds more productive to you.

  • Wendy

    Complaints are just that – complaints. They aren’t facts until they’re proven to be. That said, I continue to support Paula. I can’t say anything about her brother. I don’t know enough about him. But, too many people have come forward and told an entirely different story about her, with the vast majority of them being black. I don’t doubt she said stupid things in the past when it was common vernacular. I do doubt, will not believe, that she is in any way shape or form a racist.

    • http://gravatar.com/vrswesley violet r schulert endres

      I agree did she say that? who says she said that? are they truthful?

      • Mira52

        Violet, yes she said it. She admitted that she said it. Hopefully she wasn’t lying about it.

      • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

        She said nothing that was a lie.

        • Mira52

          Oh Pat, were you with her every moment of her life? Were you there to see what she said and did all those years?? If not, then your statement is not factual, it is simply your opinion. You are certainly entitled to it, but please don’t act as if it is a fact. It isn’t.

    • Seth Dixon

      You are 100% wrong Wendy. All the facts that are in this article are accurate. It is all part of a court deposition. Paula Deen has admitted under oath to all of this. Paula Deen doesn’t see a problem with her racism. Maybe you should actually look for the facts instead of pretending they don’t exist. Paula Deen is getting everything she deserves. I’m glad her sponsers and Networks are all dumping her.

      • http://www.examiner.com/food-in-long-beach/margaret-studer Margaret Studer

        Seth, people lie in court and in depositions all the time. Having it “come from court” means nothing. That being said, I believe that what she did was wrong. I just do not think “hating her back” solves the problem. It is and insensitivity issue. What solves that problem is communication and experience. No one needs to add any more hate to the world. We already have that in great abundance.

      • http://gravatar.com/northwestjune juju

        Seth: I suggest you go to Facebook or the Web, and search “Who is Lisa Jackson?” who is the Plaintiff in this case. All Depositions from both sides are available for you to read. You will find that what has been written above as a “factual article” are in fact allegations made by Lisa T. Jackson in her Deposition accusing Paula Deen of Sexual Harassment, and Hostile Working Environment. Paula Deen has in fact NOT admitted under oath to all of this. And Paula Deen has gone on record repeatedly that she does not tolerate racism. Many many people, including past and current employees have all given their Depositions, and are supporting Paula. The article written above is unfortunately unsupported (where’s the footnotes and source info.?), and fallacious.

        • http://gravatar.com/sunny47446 sunny47446

          Really….you need to do more research.

    • Sherri Heitz

      These ARE facts stated in court, you blind sheeple.

    • https://www.facebook.com/fuffuster Holly Hayes

      So your theory is that all of these black people are lying, and Paula Dean is the only one telling the truth (even though she admitted to saying all of these things)? Oh, okay. Seems legit.

      • Gipper

        Well Holly, if you look at the same idiots that back Paula Deen and her cronies from a larger view, you can see the same pattern in that they also believe that Faux Noise is the only “Fair and Balanced” network in all of mainstream media. You have to remember, we are not exactly dealing with “the sharpest tools in the shed” here…

        • http://www.examiner.com/food-in-long-beach/margaret-studer Margaret Studer

          Excuse me, Gipper. I am a college graduate, a professional writer, and a liberal activist from the Sixties and I like Paula Deen. I think she was very wrong, but I still like her. Why? because everyone has flaws, some bigger than others, but if we shun people for being wrong, pretty soon each of us will live in his own private shell, or maybe Hell.
          I think Paula was wrong, but she is capable of redemption. I say we do not banish her to the cornfield. I say we invite her to join in discussion about why what she said was wrong and help her to learn.

          • Holly G

            I have no personal animosity toward Paula Dean (Deen?), but can appreciate that she is a symbol of something. Just what she symbolizes is a matter of personal perspective. To her defenders, she symbolizes, perhaps, (this is a guess, as I am not among that group) the poor, victimized, defeated-but-not-humbled, group to which they belong: southern whites. Long live the confederacy, etc etc. Southern Whites, who are sick-and-tired of having their racist past rubbed in their faces, and who see the noble accomplishments of their formerly slave-based economy disparaged by Yankees, Europeans, internationalists, liberals and other UN-types, just can’t understand how anyone could be offended by something they routinely do themselves. How is it that these “witch-hunters” don’t recognize the graciousness, the comfort, the beauty of an economy based on enslaved labor, and its beautiful enduring legacy of gracious comfort food that their racism engendered? To them, the hypocrisy of singling out a successful southern white family for special approbrium, can only be explained in terms of their special history of defeat, victimization-by-progressives, and alternative interpretation of historical facts. When I read comments here using terms like “free speech” and referencing the constitutional right to hold offensive, racist and denier beliefs, I think, as a teacher, “hmmm, that moment when learners are permeable, the oft-referenced “teachable moment” – these Paula defenders are not just open to it, ready for it, yet. So while I agree that Paula D should be educated to become a better person, and to integrate her racist history into her personal narrative, in her current defensive posture, I just don’t think she’s at the point where the knowledge society is reflecting to her, can enter. And clearly her defenders are not permeable, at this moment. But seeing Paula D broken and sobbing on TV – I did feel pity for her. She was broken, and clueless. That’s what she symbolizes for me – a whole vast swath of the populace who are not ready yet, not capable yet, of moving forward, and are condemned by their unexamined, well-defended histories to repeat their errors
            ad infinitum.

  • DarlaC

    Most of these allegations have been proven to be false by other employees, mostly black ones… They are standing up for her… EVERYBODY comes in the back door and uses the same bathroom and so on… there are black people working up front and in other restaurants she has there are blacks that are also employees of the month… I believe that this place was run pretty much by her brother and I don’t know anything about him… however why is it that Ms. Jackson says these vile , unbearable things were happening yet stayed there 5 years? Not to mention that her girlfriend has testified that she never make any comments about it… and finally this is not the first time she has tried to sue someone about working conditions … she is obviously a liar and con artist who was hoping to get the big bucks on this one … she won’t get another chance as now she will be known and nobody is gonna hire her… Good for that !!

    • Aquiline

      It may be obvious to *you,* but not to the non-racist segment of society where the business deals are cut.

    • Seth Dixon

      Wrong Darla. All of the information in this article was part of a deposition where Paula Deen admitted to all of it. You can put your head in the sand and pretend these are not the facts, but they are. It is just shameful that you support racism.

    • aonewhoknows

      Did you also know Ms. Jackson is white?

  • http://SaneAmericansAgainstTheTeaPartyandOtherMadHatters Nik DeWitt

    So many people, so much ignorance. Yeah, I grew up with my parents and their relatives using the “n” word in all sorts of different ways, Like N*.* toes for Brazil nuts. At the time many Americans didn’t understand how truly damaging that word could be to a people who had been treated like animals in recent history. I am thankful that I very seldom hear that word in my family any more, except for one relative who has started using it again since President Obama was elected, but we really don’t have much to do with him recently. It’s called PROGRESS idiots. The only good thing I can find in this whole arguement is that if most of her supporters follow her cooking ideas, they will shortly be dead from heart disease or diabetes and we can move one step closer to equality and the end of racism in this, striving to be, great nation of “all” of ours.

  • http://www.facebook.com/villar777 JC Villar

    These are mere ALLEGATIONS in a complaint filed by a disgruntled employee with plenty of rea$on$ to lie. Where is the evidence?

    • Velouria

      In her deposition where she admitted it, that’s where.

  • Intelligence

    This is SO utterly biased and lacking in proof it’s almost laughable.

    • WHO CARES?

      I concur. To be real, I think this is all a bunch of bullshit a la mode. SO FUCKING WHAT. She said “Nigger” WHO CARES. We have more important things to worry about! All of this happened, and she’s obviously had the same mind-set since she became a Food Show star, so who cares now?! SHE IS 66! She was in her twenties during the segregation, what more do people want from her?

      • http://www.facebook.com/shawnoftheliberaldead Shawn Savage

        I don’t understand why people refuse to absorb the fact that this s**t isn’t about her saying the word “n**ger”. Take five seconds to learn an issue before you ramble on about it, in the age of information, where ignorance is a choice, is that REALLY too much to ask?

        • Mig

          I think part of it is Paula herself actually carried on about using the n word years ago. When she was interviewed that is all she would talk about. She never made mention of the more serious issues. So those who think she is so great, only heard she was accused of saying the n word and nothing else. Great job on Paula’s part to camouflage the real issues. Nice work Paula, you had some good counseling on that one.

      • aonewhoknows

        how about to stop being so f*ckin ignorant and get with the times.. no one deserves to be disrespected.. You must be just as ignorant to not see the wrong in her behavior.

      • Velouria

        Um, during her 20’s? She’s 66 now. She is not living in a remote cabin in the woods with no contact with humans for the past 40 years! More important things to worry about?

        “WE” are not the ones worrying about it; her employees are, and they were being treated like garbage because of their color. It doesn’t affect YOU but you should care that it affects others. Or like most right-wing jackoffs, do you have zero empathy about anything unless it affects you personally?

      • https://www.facebook.com/vexar Sean Gundlach

        Public segregation ended in 1964, so she wouldn’t have been in her twenties.

        • Mira52

          She would have been 17. So she WAS old enough to understand much of what was going on. However, she lived in the south and I’m sure the news reports were tailored to the southern mind and intelligence. So she may not have been exposed to much of that, or even MLK’s march and speech in DC.

          The blacks were fighting for their civil rights. And I’m pretty sure everyone down south didn’t want their uppity Negros getting more uppity. So a lot of the news may have really downplayed what was happening.

          Still, Paula did grow up and became more aware many things. But she had already been raised to see what she wanted to see, and believe what she wanted to believe. I don’t think she had any desire to do anything but cook and have people idolize her.

  • Just Sayin’

    If this is true, I hate to hear it, but we all have our opinions and usually no one’s is the same. I love Paula Deen for her shows. She is a great cook and I love her recipes. I may not approve of all she has done or her beliefs, but that is no reason to cancel her shows and contracts. I don’t approve of homosexuals either but they are taking over our TV shows and life style anymore. Something’s wrong with this picture.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kenalterwitz Ken Alterwitz

      ” I don’t approve of homosexuals either but they are taking over our TV shows and life style anymore.”

      No one is forcing you to watch. and whether you approve or disapprove of homosexuality, no one should be allowed to voice anything that is racist, bigoted or otherwise defaming to any individual or group of people. Live an let live. It is particularly reprehensible when someone who is in the public eye makes such a statement.

    • http://www.facebook.com/shawnoftheliberaldead Shawn Savage

      You don’t think Food Network has the right to separate their entity from her tarnished brand, ESPECIALLY if they feel like they’re going to lose money on her? Her ratings were in the tank even before the allegations came out.

      • Darinka

        Very interesting re: Deen’s low ratings – thanks for information that begs the question if the sponsors saw a way out of their Paula Deen marketing expense, took it and ran. Their rush to judgement smells of money – saving a bundle of money now and then making more money with a less expensive on-the-rise cooking star. It smells of sour dough!

    • Velouria

      “I don’t approve of homosexuals either but they are taking over our TV shows and life style anymore.”

      Holy smoke. Are you serious? Why is it that every Deen Supporter is a bigoted idiot? You “don’t approve” of homosexuals?How is it your business? I don’t approve of homophobes but they are everywhere trying to change or prevent laws that will help everyone be equal. “taking over our TV and life style” – because there are gay people on TV they are “taking over”? My cable system has 20 religious stations – the Christians are taking over my TV! I don’t approve of them either.

      • MarcusT

        Yes, Velouria I completely agree with your statement! What does homosexuals have to do with the whole situation away!!! Got to be republicans; and they still haven’t learned thats why they lost the election in 2008, 2012, and gonna lose in 2016. I actually watched Paul Deen everyday until I heard about the allegations and saw the evidence. I was a fan, but no longer; I’m 21 and a African American male.

    • Sue

      Something is wrong, alright – YOU. Your bigotry – so you don’t approve of homosexuals but they have TV shows so that makes Paula Deen’s blatant racism ok somehow? Do you even realize what you are saying? You are either unbelievably ignorant or just plain sick – or both.

  • http://twitter.com/DruidSanctuary The Druid Sanctuary (@DruidSanctuary)

    You know, I actually I had no idea who Paula Deen was until this whole fiasco started. What makes it really sad isn’t the fact that people are crying over it, it’s more that this stuff happens every single day. I work in a restaurant where people refuse to be served by people because of the color of their skin or their sexual preference. Thankfully they can’t see the cooks and have never met the owner. My point is however, that holding one person accountable, just because they are on T.V. does nothing but show that every once in a while, we will punish a rich person for doing something society doesn’t agree with. Yet most of society is actually out doing it themselves.

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is, NOT a single F*CK is given, about Paula Deen saying Nporn**.

    • greg

      I have to agree. Who cares about some racist cook, when we have racists in the Supreme Court.

      • joizy

        Yeah, and look at Bloomberg saying too many whites were stopped under Stop and Frisk (7% was too many for him) – let’s attack the real racists who are driving public policy and destroying lives and forget about this hillbilly – she’s gotten her due

    • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

      Exactly. In fact, I don’t care if she said npornr this morning.

      • Aonewhoknows

        Why should you? I bet you said it this morning too.

        • Mira52

          I’m thinking Pat doesn’t really give a shit about anything except himself.

      • BoLa

        Well, Pat, you’ve made it clear that you prefer she did use that word this morning, and every day. Your unapologetic evil on this board makes Paula look even worse. Nothing like a ringing endorsement from Hitler to sink your PR…

        • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

          Well, thank goodness you didn’t call me a racist. Now, give the keyboard back to mommy and change your wet pants.

          • Mira52

            Dear, dear Pat. You’ve already been called a racist. BoLa was adding to the adjectives and pronouns we have been finding to describe you based on your rather egotistical and prejudiced responses to everyone who doesn’t see things your way.

          • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

            I could care less about your individual opinion, Mira52, I and tens of thousands of other Southrons are sick and tire of your cultural Marxism, your anti-white and anti-south rhetoric is no longer effective.

            The only ones listening now are either in academe or political dinosaurs which we’re sending home now. See what’s happening to Senator Morse in Colorado, what’s likely to happen to US Senator Lindsey Graham, and many others.

            We’re going to break cultural Marxism on the anvil of freedom.

          • Mira52

            Pat, Pat, Pat, what you fail to realize is that NONE of us out here really care about your opinions, either.

            “I and tens of thousands of other Southrons are sick and tire of your cultural Marxism, your anti-white and anti-south rhetoric is no longer effective”.

            Where do you get this crap? Anti-White? Are you color blind? And who the heck are the Southrons? Again, I’m white and I’m Southern and I love Southern Whites. I married one 31 years ago. And I just don’t see where you get that whole anti-white thing. I’m not hearing it, not seeing it. It appears to only be in your imagination.

            As for anti-south, until you guys join the rest of the country in the 21st Century, and stop hanging on to your antiquated ways with your poor education, racism, bigotry, over inflated egos and social ignorance, you will be the brunt of many jokes. Not anti-south, just anti-idiotic.

            Wow, you honestly think the South is gonna rise again, do you? I wouldn’t count on it. Besides, sedition ( the stirring up of rebellion against the government in power) is a form of treason. Oh, and please remember this: Just like Wylie Coyote, “Southrons ” who use anvils usually end up having them drop right their heads, freedom anvils or not.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Hugles Jim Hughes

    Should not be thrown under the bus for the actions of her family. Should be ashamed of her speech, but unless it can be proved that she was aware of the actions of her employees and family and condoned it, that should be the end of her PERSONAL involvement. The corporation should be held responsible for the action of it’s employees.

    • maria

      Jim, Paula is co-owner of the restaurant in question, making her legally culpable for her brother. She also knew what he was up to and didn’t stop him. That makes her morally culpable.

  • AHin
    • Darinka

      WOW!!! Thank you for providing this valuable post. Possibly more employees will take the risk to tell their side of the Paula Deen business stories that differ immensely from Ms. Jackson. If Ms. Jackson has been untruthful in any part of her complaint, she will lose all credibility. It might have been wise for AATTP to have done a bit of investigating. Situations as such is a good reminder to not run with the pack – pack of wolves. Ms. Jackson’s complaint and Mr. Washington’s article need to be flagged as “read with caution.” I am disgusted with my gullibility. A previous post mentioned that a complaint contains “allegations” and is carefully set up in favor of the plaintiff. If Ms. Jackson’s allegations are incorrect or embellished, maybe there is more to her need to move to find employment outside of Savannah! There are more important issues of concern: IRS, Affordable Health Care Act, the Supreme Court, Bengazi, NSA, legal access to healthy foods and raw dairy, etc.

      • Aquiline

        The take-away from the Paula Deen incident, whatever the court decides, is that some behaviour, which in the Southern white context, is perfectly acceptable to other Southern Whites, strikes non-Southern Whites and almost all persons of color (except for perhaps the sub-category of Southern Blacks Who Work for Paula Deen) as highly objectionable, indeed so off-putting as to cause non-Southern White businesses to take action to avoid being associated with those sentiments, attitudes, language and behavior. To people who are comfortable and familiar with Southern White culture, either because they themselves identify with it, or because they have had life-long exposure to it, there is genuine anger and bafflement at how such innocuous and ordinary views could reap such extradordinarily dire consequences. Whether or not the allegations in the complaint are ultimately validated by the court, or not, the takeaway lesson is the same: certain sentiments and observations considered by Southern Whites to be normal, common, wide-spread and ingrained into their culture, are anathema, not only to the rest of America, (which Southern Whites expect and dismiss), but: HERE’S THE SHOCKER to them: to the free marketplace. The cognitive dissonance here, the anguish we see from Paula’s fanbase, is the slow disintegration of the cherished belief that there is nothing so wrong about their cultural legacy, nothing to be ashamed of, and no consequence in perpetuating it. The utter failure of the “reverse racism” meme to protect Paula from the judgement of the marketplace, is truly frightening to them. If it can happen to Paula, it could happen to any of them, and no-one is safe, not even from behind the hither-to-successful shield of “reverse racism.” This rocks their world, and is behind the anguish of Paula’s fans.

        • Darinka

          I feel taking the Paula Deen situation to the far-side of racism via “cultural” differences might be pushing the button toward one class against the other, which there’s been too much of during past few years. Then there’s the American north versus the south and the east and west versus that space between called the “middle of America.” As for the marketplace lost sponsorship, look at Tiger Woods, Chris Brown, and Michael Vick. Michael Vick’s situation was the southern culture Black heritage of dog fighting.

          I am not a fan of Paula Deen because her foods/recipes are unhealthy, and the cherry on her cake was hiding her diabetes disease while continuing to push those foods. Instead of educating herself about organic and pure/clean foods and using her celebrity status to promote healthy eating recipes, Paula Deen chooses instead to push a drug! This scenario alone should question one’s character.

          Pushing the racism or “reverse racism” cultural button on Paula Deem doesn’t make sense in the scheme of present day American society. Paula Deen will comeback again like all the other celebrities that don’t think before they act/speak. As for the Ms. Johnson complaint, it’s best to let it play out in the court legal system via a jury trial. Until then, too many cooks in the Paula Deen kitchen will continue to spoil the broth!

    • maria

      Mr. Smith worked at The Lady and Sons. The deeds in question happened at Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House. Different management, different experiences.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jody.stafford.9 Jody Stafford

    I’m sorry, but all I hear is a bunch of “He said She said.” If any of it is true, then why hasn’t it come out long before now? I think this is just some stupid b**ch trying to get rich off of Paula. and she supposedly used to work for Paula, did she quit or get fired?

    • Velouria

      Did you read the deposition? She admits it.

  • http://OneFamilyManyFaiths.blogspot.com Y

    She clearly has no backbone (otherwise known as “moral courage”) because she allowed this behavior in areas where she could have made a positive impact. She was in charge!

    What Paula seems to be most guilty of is “guilt by association,” but I was taught that the “boss” is guilty of what the help does. Unfortunately, most leaders exempt themselves from any responsibility, though they hold all the authority.

  • Evan

    I hate to say that if this article has been vetted, substantiated and outright factual as AATTP believes, it explains why sponsors are jumping ship. Their attorneys possess this information, and perhaps even more damning information, than the public. These sponsors may have been advised by their attorneys to risk taking a temporary “sales hit” in Deen sympathizers, until the information is publicly disseminated.

    I recommend that AATTP contact CNN reporters who may love to sink their teeth in this story. If CNN devotes its vast resources in substantiating this information (without holes), this story could be the retail industry shocker of the century. If what this article quotes Deen as saying is true, it is absolutely actionable and will nail her to a church cross (figuratively speaking).

    People need to know.

  • KR

    Unless he actually received a massage at Paula Deen’s mansion, I believe the word you are looking for is ‘assuaged’.

  • https://www.facebook.com/JohnDavidReynoldsMMA John David Reynolds III

    Scapegoat, because there are a lot of people that say they aren’t racist that would just as soon say a bunch of those things unknowingly offensive to black people or any other race a thousand times over. So overall it is stupid.

    I love being a black. I love being American. I love being a Southerner. Hell I live in California and yesterday while walking in the grocery store an older white man says to me OUT LOUD in a crowd full of white people,”Oh WoW, It is good to see some Color in the neighborhood.” I just smiled.

    Anyone with common sense will look at the Paula Deen incident like the following.


  • MommaBell

    Is it just me or is EVERYONE who states this happened 20 years ago bad at math? How the hell is 2007 twenty years ago? Last I checked it was only 6 years ago!

    Also, if Paula only said the N word that one time while being asked about her BROTHER’s wedding, why is she getting slammed so hard? Her brother is apparently the one who is the racist pig! He’s the one who repeatedly made racial comments and actions… He’s the one who sexually harassed an employee!

    No, Paula should not have even said it that one time, but give me a break. Should she get punished for her comment, sure. But not as severely as she has been. Do I think she came out with her “heartfelt” apology simply because of her financial losses? Possibly. But I do think she meant it, her timing was just late.

    Besides, when black people use it as often as they do in reference to themselves and their friends, it has lost its negative effect – HOW THE HELL YOU GOING TO GET PISSED WHEN PEOPLE CALL YOU BY WHAT YOU CALL YOURSELF!!!!

    Why is it ok to call people Cracker, Whitey, Gringo, Wet Back, Spick, Chink, Jew, Sand N*gger, Howlies, MudBloods, Slant Eyed, Yellow Skin, etc… Why is N*gger the only one people freak the F out on?

    Quit giving these words meaning and they will LOSE their effect! Let’s start thinking ourselves as AMERICANS and leave it at that!

    • Dani

      I really, REALLY hate that argument. You canNOT compare a white person calling a black person a a nigg3r and a black person calling themselves a nigg3r; it may be a double standard but it will NEVER BE OKAY FOR A WHITE PERSON TO SAY IT, because of how the slur originated. It is what it is, and white people who are as open-minded as they say they are understand this.

      Take a quick look at this, will you, and understand just how different things are when someone has a bit more melanin in their skin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-ckDJ3xTaE&feature=player_embedded

    • brandonkls

      I’m sorry, but you reveal your own ignorance when you claim Jew is on the list of slurs. Jew is what I call myself, not because I am reclaiming the word (like people do with the n-word or the f-word). Now, if you called me a kike or referred to me as scheisty, I would be offended. As for people using a word inside an ethnicity, they do that to reclaim it and take power from it, but that doesn’t mean people outside the ethnicity are free to use it. I would never use any of the words on your list (except Jew, as I explained) towards the group or an individual. But, go around saying those terms and see how people react. I’m betting it’s not only the n-word that will get a reaction. The exception will be the the derogatory terms for white people, in part because white people have historically had the power. You think you’re being post-racial, but in reality your spouting a lot of the same arguments racists use to justify their statements (i.e. why are you going to get pissed when people call you what you call yourself). If you had left that whole part onwards out, you might have sounded like a reasonable and decent person, but alas.

    • https://www.facebook.com/lisa.russo.315 LisaMarie Russo

      seriously best comment yet..totally agree with u

  • donnadara

    If you look at Paula’s deposition – her words, she waxes nostalgic about the slavery days when black men and black women worked for white people. Those were not accusations from the complaint, those are words from her own mouth. Google it.

  • Lauri

    I think the main issue is Paula Dean is a brand and now the brand is tarnished and the suppliers of her brand have an option of disassociating themselves from her and that is their right just as Tiger Woods lost endorsements over his affair. She lost money for tarnishing her brand end of story quit whining about people and talk about something more important…like the Kardashians ; h

  • Dan

    Aren’t most of these allegations aimed at “Bubba?” Bubba is obviously racist. As for Paula, it likely runs in the family, but seems like most of the accusations are about Bubba.

    • Catey

      Agreed, Dan. My great-somewhere along the line grandfather owned a plantation in Virginia in the 1600s..does that make me a racist? My grandmother was from the deep south and didn’t believe in interracial dating, or marriage..does that make me a racist? And as for her son’s best friend…that has nothing to do with anything. He’s not even a factor, except to say she slapped him on the wrist..do u know how many times in a restaurant I have heard manager threaten to “fire every retard in this f—ing place,” or moneys, or clowns, or whatever. Where can u prove that she didn’t treat all staff the same way by making them come and go thru the back? This is a rule in several places I’ve worked, over all this article was poorly written, with no proof. Come on AATP, there are MAJOR things happening in this country, such as the gutting of the VRA, DOMA being defeated, and the Zimmerman trial, which is showing how racist the south can really be..since he murdered a kid and there is actually a chance he will walk while another lady –who happened to be black–went to jail for 20 years for firing a warning shot where no one was hurt or killed. These are all worthy of mention and this is beneath you as an organization.

      • Aquiline

        No, Catey, it doesn’t make *you* a racist, but your grandmother was definitely one. You *are* the product of a racist legacy, however, and have personally benefited from the institutional structure of racism. That doesn’t make you a bad person, but you are kinda of an apologist for the poor defamed suffering racists of the infected region, alas.

        • http://gravatar.com/soutsidemike southsidemike

          Years ago I was taking an economics class in college in Chicago, and a group of young “Black Panthers” who were in the same class told me it was my fault that they and their people were oppressed. I told them my family may have lived 7 generations in Virginia, but all my relatives were dirt poor sharecroppers and never had to nickels to rub together, let along money to buy a slave; so don’t they dare blame me for any of their problems. My great Grandfather had a small farm near Roanoke as did my great, great, grandfather and his father. By grandfather worked that farm, and ran some moonshine till he was chased out of town by the sheriff, went to Cleveland to work in the mills, moved to Chicago to be a laundry driver till he retired. My dad worked for a car dealer for 40 years. None of them owned slaves. No, I will not accept the guilt trip. Not my problem man.

  • Dan

    Sounds like her brother is pretty racist. While it is likely that it runs in the family, most of these allegations are things that her brother said.

    • Dani

      While it may be her brother that is the main source of the legal complaint, Paula is by no means innocent. These are HER restaurants. If what the deposition says is true, then she’s been enabling his racist behavior for years (and this is not the first time that Bubba’s “views” have been talked about). Allowing it to continually happen is what makes her just as guilty, and just as racist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joanna.funkhouser Joanna Walker Funkhouser

    Just please go away. Everybody is sick of hashing it over and over and over! I don’t believe anything written. Go ahead and pick up your stone and be done with it!

  • Lohan

    This is by far the worst argument against Paula Deen, period. Yes, she made an inappropriate comment. No argument there. However, according to this list, it seems as though she’s being persecuted for things her brother said. Do not hold others responsible for things their family has done. Although they were brought up together, they are indeed individuals. In regards to the staff using the back entrance & staff bathroom–duh! Nice restaurants have private entrances & bathrooms for employees. That’s not racist, that’s class. It’s not some garbage restaurant like the Olive Garden. Educate yourselves. Stop looking for racism in everything.

    • Bob Cull

      I don’t know why so many seem to have difficulty following the path here. Paula Deen owns the restaurant, her brother works for her, as his employer she is responsible for assuring that he is behaving properly in his supervisory capacity. She didn’t, he didn’t, she didn’t do anything about it, she is responsible. Now was that so hard to get?

      • Sue


  • Phil Mitchell

    You seem to associate her brother Bubba (legal name or one that makes your point stronger?) with Paula.
    Four of your nine points reference Paula’s brother. Are you crucifying her or her brother?
    Three of the points reference “Black Staff”, do you have any proof that “White Staff” was held to a different standard?

  • Becca

    All of this sounds way over the top, even for Paula Deen and her redneck brother. How do you know it’s true, and where did you find these statements?

  • http://HillaryClintonOffice.com Hillary Clinton

    What difference does it make?

  • kristi

    how is reading about her brother and her brothers friends employee supposed to make me change my mind. what she said isn’t that bad- they really do have plantation themed parties. racist, yes- hateful, no. all of the stuff in this article are things other peple have said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/george.greene.33 George Greene

    When Paula found out he had threatened to fire all the “monkeys” in the kitchen, THEY *DIDN’T* get fired. Y’all can just shut up. ALL y’all.

    I KNOW what threatens ME and THIS AIN’T it.

    • Sue

      But neither did he.

  • http://gravatar.com/mariawb85 MariaWB

    To be fair, you can’t place blame on her for what her brother said. That being said, any sane person would tell him off for saying such outrageous things!

  • Darinka

    I can not find the court filed complaint on the Internet, so until I can read its entirety, I choose not to believe print media. Mr. Washington’s article lacks important information for me, and there are unanswered questions about Ms. Jackson’s filing a civil complaint. I am not a fan of Paula Deen for obvious healthy foods reasons and, most importantly, she hid her diabetes instead of using her celebrity status for prevention of diabetes with healthy cooking! FYI: AATTP appears to be politically prejudice in a really nasty manner bent on scary generalizations. Really bad!

    • Dani

      You do know that the link to the actual legal deposition is at the top, yes? But just in case: http://www.atlawblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Jackson-v.-Deen-et-al.-Complaint.pdf

      • Darinka

        Thank you…I went through the comments, found it, and read twice…if any of it is true, Deen family businesses have serious problems. This is an interesting site with contributors, unlike so many blogs that are platforms for ridiculous rants. Too bad AATTP stands for the ridiculous. lol

  • Kristen

    Did you see her on, “The Chew?” She was acting really wild and strange, and the hosts had to reign her in.
    I’m glad her empire may tumble. She made millions making Americans fat and unhealthy with all that butter and crap in her recipes. She herself got diabetes from eating that way. Why we make celebrities out of these people is dumbfounding.

    • Evan

      Exactly my thoughts!

      Ms. Deen may be suffering age related dementia which could account for her sudden bazaar behavior.

  • Julia

    I don’t understand what the difference if blacks calling themselves the “N” word and Paula Dean saying it???? I can’t see taking away a person’s entire livelyhood because of this…I do NOT condone what she said but I do NOT think she deserves to be crucified! I will boycott Food Network and all stores and corporations that have dropped her products or appearances! This is just a bunch of crap!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jerome.a.higgins Jerome Alexander Higgins

      @Sharon if you don’t understand the difference then you are just as much of a racist as Paula Deen. There is a huge especially when that person is an employer openly expressing racist viewpoints and using derogatory language to refer to blacks

    • Deborah

      Because she is a public figure and it is a horrible nasty thing to say. Her brand which is supposed to represent what is good about the South (even if the food is not good for you) is no longer credible and forever tarnished. She can never take it back to what it was.

    • http://sunny47446.wordpress.com sunny47446

      This is not about what she said years ago. Do some research or can you read?

    • BoLa

      There’s not much likelihood that the black employees in question ever did use the N words to refer to themselves or each other. You’re probably thinking of a couple of hiphop lyrics, right? That’s not reality!

      If Miley Cyrus calls herself or her friend “Bitch” in a song, does that make it fine for YOUR boss to call YOU “Bitch” too?? Because all women are the same, right?

      Paula was a business owner, and she had certain legal responsibilities when it comes to protecting her workers from harassment. She clearly didn’t have the same ideas about what constitutes harassment as non-racists do.


    I would hope that Paul Deen Inc., or whatever is her company’s brand name, has a human resources deptartment. If they don’t they should have, to protect her company and her name, and employees. Her brother, may be at fault for the allogations mentioned, and therefore, he represents the brand of Paul Deen. When you couple all of this information together, it doesn’t look good for Paula! She had to be aware of her brother’s postion on the treatment of her employees. She has be held accountable, if she is the “head honcha” of her company. As they say, “All do-do rolls down hill, and it starts at the top!”

  • Susan

    When I was a deputy sheriff, I was sued by an inmate and ACCUSED of things that never happened! The jury found in my favor, thank God. For people to actually believe that there must be some truth to an ACCUSATION, is just naive. I hope to God it never happens to you!

  • Brittany casey


    • http://www.facebook.com/J.Blakemore.Actor J Period Blakemore

      Post… so… dumb… BRAIN… frying.

      I smell the colour green. Does anyone else smell colours after that post?

    • http://goatse.cx Brian

      I’d say the all caps make you sound dumb but I actually read what you wrote and I think it speaks for itself.

    • Mira52

      OK, so we should all mind our own business, but you went ahead and read the article and apparently some of the posts, before yelling your opinion at us and obviously NOT minding your own business.

      Why are you even out here?

  • Lee R.

    “Why is she the scapegoat for centuries of people just like her?”

    What?? I can’t follow that at all.

    She isn’t the scapegoat for anything. She said what she said, did what she did, and is being judged on that. And the judging of her words and actions aren’t being undertaken to shift blame away from anybody else.

    Do you have some unusual definition of “scapegoat?”

    • http://Alternet.com Gail

      Scapegoat my ass. Wake the hell up and smell the freaking joe buddy. Do you need someone to repeat what Lee R posted, or do you need some remedial help? GET REAL!

  • Chris Smith

    Hippocrates!! I use to support your cause.

    • AATTP

      Congratulations! You get the “Creative Speller of the Day” award.

    • http://www.facebook.com/debra.faber Debra Faber

      I’m not sure what the father of modern medicine has to do with anything.

      • chip

        Debra… tee hee hee. Good catch.

      • http://gravatar.com/davidabarak dbarak

        Debra, thank you for that retort. Awesome! : )

      • Don Draperist


      • Will

        Nice one.

      • heather


      • Lora

        Cracking up right now!

      • Morgan

        Well played

    • Steve

      Hippocrates? Your smart is showing…

    • http://sunny47446.wordpress.com sunny47446

      Best laugh I had all day!!

  • Aquiline

    In this discussion, the Paula Apologists make the following points: everybody is a racist, and Paula Deen’s “real” crime is admitting to using the N word once 20 years ago. Among Paula’s affinity group, “Ah is what ah is” is a compelling defense; their empathy towards Paula reflects their awareness that she is one of them, that they have used the same language, laughed at the same jokes, and have accepted these attitudes as normal and mainstream. Singling out Paula Deen for reprimand, when everyone is a racist, therefore no-one really is, smacks of the greatest hypocrisy to them. Some from Paula’s cultural and social identity group use the “everybody does it” argument right up along side the “other affinity group members have characterized *my group* in ways unflattering to me” defense, a version of “Ma! He hit me first!.” To the Paula Apologist, the potential of “reverse racism” is a not just a dire possibility that exists in theory, but a compelling injustice that justifies using racial slurs pre-emptively.
    I’m interested in this phenom of a public pillorying beyond the specific infraction here. I see parallels to Martha Stewart, the cultural opposite of Paula, but a woman who was also “brought down” by either a) the dominant power elite, or b) a PC mob run amok, who determined she’d been successful enough. Both women were alleged to be difficult to work for, and successful beyond societal expectations or tolerations. Both women had to be publically humiliated to advertise to other uppity bitches that it can all be snatched away from you in a second if you forget your place.

    • dbh

      I think I love you. Thank you very, very, much for making sense.

    • anonymous

      20 years ago? I think you need to get your calculator fixed because she was doing this SIX years ago, and probably still is. You don’t just stop being racist overnight and there had to be reason for these allegations to come to light now and they’re probably still happening. Do you think she’s actually sorry for what she said? She started losing crazy deals, which make her money, and THEN she was a blubbering, sobbing mess. She couldn’t even get through an apology without having to edit it. Both Martha Stewart and Paula Deen are well known celebrities, both did wrong and therefore both are getting whats due to them. The fact that they’re famous is the reason this is all public. If they weren’t famous you wouldn’t hear about it. And everyone is a racist? Even if that statement were true, does that make it ok? If everyone were a murderer would that mean it’s ok to murder? You’re an idiot.

      • Aquiline

        I believe you may not have read carefully enough. In re-stating, for clarity, the pro-Paula position, I am not adopting it as my own. In fact, I’m in the other camp.

      • Diane

        As a Christian I do forgive her. But Paula, her brothers are racist!!! Paula brothers are racist, because of how they view themselves as privilege people always looked down on blacks and, held those view until exposed. Yes she is sorry now, but why couldn’t be sorry way before this happen?

  • Carol Pattok

    You guys are unbelievable…you sit here and act like she is the most horrible person in the world because of what she originally said then you dig up as much dirt as you can find on her and THEN you call the Tea Party “tea baggers “

    • Carol Pattok


      • http://gravatar.com/ecoflame ecoflame

        Hippocrates? Really? Best to break out the dust-covered dictionary of yours.

        • chip

          Eco Flame. Ha. Another sympathizer also typed the name of the father of medicine emphatically. Tea bagger talking points memo must included the typo.

      • Wendy

        Hippocrates was a ancient Greek physician. I think the word you’re looking for is hypocrite?

      • http://www.facebook.com/J.Blakemore.Actor J Period Blakemore

        People keep talking about Hippocrates. I keep looking for him in the story, but I can’t find him. Is my internet different from THEIR internet?

    • AATTP

      1. This has nothing to do with what she “originally said.”

      2. We didn’t “dig up” anything. It’s all in the complaint.

      2. The Tea Party named themselves “Teabaggers.”


      • Diann

        I agree! Thanks for the post! And the corporations who dropped her have every right to do so because if those corporations thought that the complaints in the lawsuit did not have any merit, they would have supported her…They didn’t! She might do herself a favor and settle out of court! She already dug herself a deep hole…Maybe she needs Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson to get her out of it!

    • Ray Gross

      Paula Deens Corporation is being sued by the WHITE former manager. The complaint includes Bubba (Deens brother and partner) sexually harassing, violence, threatening and intimidating employees, challenging them to fist fights, telling the manager to bring pictures of her legs, leaving Pornographic images on the screen, telling the women of his exploits at the local strip club and calling the many black workers the N word. Google “Paula Deen Complaint” and you can also read the actual complaint. Don’t be a sucker for the Right Wing Propaganda. This is not just about language.

      • Suzanne Longo

        Thank you Ray. This is exactly what this whole Paula Deen thing is about.It’s not about what she said 20 years ago, which was just unacceptable in 1993 as it is today, but it is how Ms. Deen continues to treat her help. Those tears in her eyes were for all the money she’s losing, not for all the people she has offended.

      • Cheryl CC-E

        @AATTP; LOL! I’m really surprised…I thought Bill Maher came up with that name for the Tea Party folk…

    • Bob Cull

      Actually, Carol, a lot of people on here are too busy fending off baseless attacks like yours to be spending all that time and effort on making Paula look bad.

      It’s to late to make her look bad, she and her family have done a simply bang up job of doing that. Is she the most horrible person on Earth? Of course not! In fact, I have always liked her and would still watch her if she can find her way back to TV.

      The truth is that it appears that there is enough evidence to at the least move this case forward and, from all appearances, it is going to prove sufficient to cost her dearly. I don’t, nor have the majority of posters here, attempted to paint her as the personification of evil. All most of us are saying is that she screwed up and now there are going to be consequences and if she didn’t ever consider the possibility of this happening then that was an incredible display of hubris.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jerome.a.higgins Jerome Alexander Higgins

      Paula Deen deserves every single negative thing that has happened to her. As a public figure and as a member of a functioning MULTI-CULTURAL society this type of ignorance CANNOT be tolerated. I am personally disgusted by her and anyone that would support this woman.

  • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

    So, other than your obvious anti-white bias, what’s your point?

    • AATTP

      “anti-white bias”…BAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in quite some time. Thanks!

    • http://www.facebook.com/J.Blakemore.Actor J Period Blakemore

      Soooo… “White” is a synonym for “racist a-hole” now? You goofy kids with your rock and roll and your slang!

  • Eric

    So what?! It’s not that big of a deal. This whole f*#king country is and always has been racist. Why is she the scapegoat for centuries of people just like her?

    • http://www.facebook.com/jerome.a.higgins Jerome Alexander Higgins

      Paula Deen is not a scapegoat. She is a racist. This type of ignorance needs to be vilified.

    • http://www.facebook.com/dONTbEdICK Jeffrey Edmonds

      the whole country is not racists… where do you come up with this shiy

    • stephen james

      Why? Because she is a rich celebrity who put heself in the spotlight and made her self famous. Famous people who do stupid things tend to get all the attention. Live by the fame die by the fame.

  • Heather

    “When Paula found out…she slapped him on the wrist and suggested that the employee visited Paula’s $13,000,000 mansion so he felt special and could be massaged.” This sentence is a grammatical mess. If you’re going to write an article, perhaps you should take an English class or two first. Oh, you also spelled Jamie’s name wrong.

    • AATTP

      As mentioned in the post, the accusations were taken directly from the linked article verbatim.

      • http://gravatar.com/rjr162 rjr162

        And that’s where (sic) comes in to play

  • http://www.facebook.com/walter.o.neal1 Walter O. Neal

    The denial of racism is the first act.

  • Evan

    AATTP, I like you on Facebook. For your sakes, and you’ve probably already heard this advice until you are sick of hearing it, PLEASE make sure you have your ducks in a row, if you catch my drift. If this stuff hits the mainstream media, there is going to be hell to pay in Paula Deen land, and she is filthy rich. If this is true, I’d like to see her get politically roasted alive. If it’s not, God help whomever started these rumors. AATTP, I don’t want to see you get caught in the middle, in an unholy “Lawyer sandwich,” because I happen to like you guys! Keep up the good work.

    • AATTP

      Thank you and duly noted. We have, indeed, researched this entire debacle thoroughly and are confident what we posted is accurate.

      • http://www.facebook.com/shronberg Sharon B. Gofberg

        My concern is that I’ve heard this same Issue over and over, and yes it’s vile, my main concern, is what kind of storm will this now start with every moron who thinks they are” Acceptable” ? I think a Public Humiliation is more than enough. I’m a Liberal, is it Naive to give a chance? to wipe a slate clean? yeah I’m Jewish, I drive a Volkswagen, I am sensitive and care deeply, But actions speak Louder than word, Her food has casually caused , Probably as many Death’s as Adolph Hitler’s Concentration camps? she was diagnosed Diabetic and continued to sell Her Killer food. America is in the middle of an Obesity Epidemic, this is what I think she, in order to save her Tattered soul, will Need To Address.

        • Lulu

          godwin’s Law: you lose. Good day.

          • Evan

            Godwin’s Law only applies to Sharon in this thread. And Paul Deen? She wins the racist of the century award.

          • brandonkls

            While Godwin’s Law-esque, I would say instead of ignoring the entirety of her comment, just the aspect that employs hyperbole to shock should be omitted. Her point about Paula’s real “crime” being that she helped the country on its way to massive obesity while hiding the fact that she had diabetes is still well taken and correct.

  • Jay

    2007 is certainly not yesterday, and it cant be that offensive of a word if nearly every rap song has it, and most teenage conversations use it…so really?

    • AATTP


      • http://gravatar.com/northwestjune juju

        Dear Mr. Ms. AATTP:

        Please use quotes and footnotes, so your article can be cross checked more easily by interested readers. What you have stated as fact is actually the Deposition of Lisa T. Jackson, Plaintiff. These are her allegations. They have yet to be proven, verified, or supported by fact or witness. In fact, Ms. Jackson is rapidly loosing credibility.

        For readers of this article put out by AATTP:

        For factual and unbiased information, and to verify the accuracy of this article, see Deposition of Lisa T. Jackson, and Deposition of Paula Deen. Also see additional Depositions of Lisa T. Jackson’s live in partner, and many many of Paula Deen’s employees and former employees.

        If you are able to wade through and read the hundreds of pages of depositions, I think you will see some common threads. I will leave you to come to your own conclusion.

        My opinion: This is tantamount to a “Witch Hunt”. Be a truth seeker and do the research, then make an informed decision.

        • Darinka

          Bravo! – All excellent points for AATTP to absorb but it’s doubtful that it will make sense to this group.

    • Darius Bennett

      i swear do you ppl actually read or just glance at a few keywords?i hope you’re not a dr or anything that requires full knowledge of a subject to save lives because if you read a patient chart like you read this article somone would die

  • AHin

    All of that is heresay from the person who is suing Paula Dean. I don’t know if Paula is or isn’t racist. The point is that someone is suing her and likely they are making up a whole bunch of lies to get money. Not only that but the majority of what is listed above is what her brother supposedly said, not her. If the suer had all those things on video or in an email message straight from Paula then I would be more apt to believe it.

    • Phil

      I think that it is OK to believe what you believe. However, what if all of this comes out as true as there would have to be witnesses to back all of this up. This isn’t about her being a racist, it is about her organization being not only racist, but sexist, abusive, and discriminatory. Frankly, there can be traces run for the alleged porno sites on Bubba’s computer.

  • KAR
    • KAR

      The case proceedings can be followed
      here: http://www.chathamcourts.org/CaseDetails.aspx?caseno=SPCV1200396

    • Darinka

      I was unable to find the complaint on the Internet, so I began going through the comments on this site & , thankfully, found the complaint (two postings). To work in the Deen family businesses has to be a nightmare, and I hope Ms. Jackson and other employees will be awarded substantial compensation. The complaint answered my questions re: Ms. Jackson and those from Mr. Washington’s article. I am glad that I never purchased any Paula Deen merchandise and wasted my time watching her programs.

  • michelle

    I’m confused. This article is talking about allegations of things being said that haven’t been proven to be true. If you read some articles from Friday, those articles state that the woman that is suing for sexual and racial harassment never actually heard these things said in person, but was told to her by someone else that worked there. So before villifying someone for something, maybe got the true and honest facts. this is why i hate the internet. anyone can write anything and the masses will believe it because it is written on the internet. so annoying.

    • AHin

      That’s what I said….it’s all heresay! She has no proof!

  • http://gravatar.com/ribluebird ribluebird

    Question? Question? Question? This woman worked 5 years for Bubba Why? I think she should have walked out the door much sooner. Also why did it take 3 years to raise it’s ugly head?

    • http://www.facebook.com/debra.faber Debra Faber

      Perhaps she had a family to feed and the economy was in the toilet?

      • http://www.facebook.com/J.Blakemore.Actor J Period Blakemore

        Wow, Debra. Ya THINK?

        I’d love to live in the reality where I get to quit every job where I have to deal with an A-hole. I think the logic circuits on the Paulatrons are completely fried.

  • Pingback: I wasn’t going to get into this one … but … read on! | It Is What It Is()

  • http://www.facebook.com/Manda.Maehem Manda Mae

    I’m confused as to where ANY proof that any of these conversations actually happened is….

    • AATTP

      None yet, but you have to wonder why Food Network others are jumping ship in droves to get away from her. Probably because they know she’s innocent and will be exonerated of these charges aaaaaaaaany second now…because that makes total sense.

      • aaron armstrong

        Sources, or you are full of s**t.

        • AATTP

          Links…big bold letters…click them. Is this your first time on the internet? Bless your little heart.

          • Phil


        • Bob Cull

          And you are as dumb as a bag of rocks if you can’t find the links all over this page, Aaron!

          • http://twitter.com/ken_gulley Ken Gulley (@ken_gulley)

            You can’t expect these fools to counter anything that may make them look stupid. They run from the truth – why should they seek it?

      • Brian

        Probably because people like you perpetuate this nonsense that saying the N word is the worse thing a human can possibly do, so anybody who slips must be cricifued and distanced. She’s getting more backlash than Michael Vick did! Get a grip – Al Sharpton AND Jesse Jackson both forgiven her for the N-bomb (30 years ago) but you’re too good for that. Now you continue spouting off this speculative hearsay garbage because your hipster ways force you to automatically despise old rich white people. It’s sad that you want so bad for her to be a racist that you believe and republish a claim that someone could possibly own a restaurant that had a separate bathroom for blacks. Come on. But it’s unlikely that an employee who hated their boss is trying to exact revenge and get some money out of them…because THAT’S far-fetched….

        • AATTP

          She didn’t just say a word–which is what the entire piece is about! Do you work on being this willfully ignorant and uninformed or is it just a gift?

          • Brian

            So you wonder “why Food Network and others are jumping ship in droves to get away from her.” I gave ya my best guess (considering the root of her termination WAS using that word). You then accuse me of missing the point? Did you even read my comment? How’s that for irony? LOL Then, you bumble around and hurl insults. You’re not helping any liberal stereotypes. Thanks for having me, and thanks again for being so open-minded.

          • Evan

            Brian, dear chap, it seems rather that you have inherited the gift you accused AATTP of possessing.

            The first quote, just 6 years ago, were the words SHE allegedly said, and those words are enough to establish she is NOT a nice lady.

            “Paula Deen, while planning her brother’s wedding in 2007, was asked what look the wedding should have. She replied, “I want a true southern plantation-style wedding.” …”

            Then she goes on to wow us with the sordid details about her vision of a “wedding.”

          • Evan

            I hate to say that if this article has been vetted, substantiated and outright factual as AATTP believes, it explains why sponsors are jumping ship. Their attorneys possess this information, and perhaps even more damning information, than the public. These sponsors may have been advised by their attorneys to risk taking a temporary “sales hit” in Deen sympathizers, until the information is publicly disseminated.

            I recommend that AATTP contact CNN reporters who may love to sink their teeth in this story. If CNN devotes its vast resources in substantiating this information (without holes), this story could be the retail industry shocker of the century. If what this article quotes Deen as saying is true, it is absolutely actionable and will nail her to a church cross (figuratively speaking).

            People need to know.

      • aaron

        I’m not defending or accusing Paula, but I would think the sponsors are jumping ship because of the bad press. It doesnt have to be true for it to tarnish the image of the brand, and the last thing the sponsors want is bad press, and thus, fewer profits made from her now ruined image.

      • Jimbo Murphy

        They’re jumping ship because it’s a liability. It doesn’t have much to do with truth or not. As you have shown, guilt or innocence has nothing to do with public opinion.

    • kyle

      Usually the proof is when multiple witnesses attest to the same thing or similar things.

    • http://twitter.com/Parentingtip2go Theresa Santoro (@Parentingtip2go)

      Under OATH. That is where it happened. Under OATH, by Paula, the employee(s), and Bubba himself. If recounting a story under OATH means nothing in this country, then we are doomed. “Do you swear in the testimony before you, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?” They were sworn in, in each of the depostitons. What more do you need? I myself was a fan, until I read the complaint, and both depositions. Paula had Bubba’s sealed. What does that tell you?

    • Phil

      Well there will be witnesses, payroll records, internet records, computer harddrives, etc. Manda

  • Horrible

    I was the only white girl in my middle school. And I would always get picked on by the other kids. They would pull my hair. Call me names. And treated me like shit. I never once called any of them the N word. Now a days I have a few black friends. And I still have one girl who is black who calls me all types of names and has threatened to beat me infront of my child. Tell me would I be racist for kicking her ass???? I don’t think it is fair for us to have to live in a world that is double standard. I had a horrible experience in middle school because of my color. But when I told the principle about it. She shrugged it off. Didn’t do anything to any of the kids. Oh and guess what. She was black.

    • Joe

      You have a choice. You can unfriend them.

    • iluvla

      Now you know how black people feel.

      • AATTP

        You win the internet today.

      • http://gravatar.com/northwestjune juju

        Such a helpful reply. You may as well have written sucks to be white doesn’t it…

    • Monica

      Uhhh… I’m hispanic and I was a victim countless times by racism. Sure it hurt, but I understood there were racist people and good people of every color. I even married a caucasian man. So obviously I didn’t let it ruin or bias me. That aside, you’re ridiculous for saying this is a double standard. I’m not black, but I am horrendously outraged by her and her management’s behavior. Your story is completely different from Paula’s. Treat it objectively and quit trying to justify wrongs by bringing up your own past as comparative material. You’re only making yourself look racist and butt-hurt.

    • Person2432

      99.9999999999999999999% sure you are full of it… a.k.a. lying.

    • Jessica

      Sounds like you came in contact with some racist people yourself. Black, white, whatever. Something was wrong with those kids, and something is wrong with that woman you came in contact with.

    • nik

      kicking her a** has nothing to do with the fact that you’d be racist but the fact that SHE is an a**hole! I’m sorry that you experienced such awful treatment, but not using the N word makes you the bigger person, in my opinion. Just know that kicking her ass could bring on a whole other kind of confrontation. Call the cops in her presence and tell them that you’ve been threatened. She’ll stop.

    • Kevin Stevenson

      I am very sorry for what happen to youw when your were in Middle School. And I am glad that you didnt call the Black in your school the (N) word. That would have made your life a whole lot worest then what it was. I also went to a all White school with the flip side to your story so I kind of know want you may have gone thought.And no you would not be a Racist for kicking the woman’s ass if she is truely still give you crap now and in frount of your kid.

    • Janet

      Awww that is the saddest story I have ever heard. :|

    • http://www.facebook.com/dedesupafly Danisha M. Freeman

      You wouldn’t be racist for kicking her ass.

    • Bonnie Lill

      No, you wouldn’t be racist – just don’t use the N word when you do it…

    • http://jaharijewels.com Jahari

      Racism is wrong no matter who the perpetrators are. And kids in middle school usually act out in immature ways. As for the “friend” who is threatening to beat you up in front of your child, I really would not categorize her as a friend. And instead of “kicking her a__,” why not simply stop being her “friend?”

      I am a person of color and my first experience with racism was at age six when my teacher walked out of the classroom because she refused to teach “them little (add racist derogatory word and stir). “ When I was twelve four racist white men found humor in shooting at 3 little girls of color. I was one of the girls.

      Today my friends are from all cultures and nationalities. Why? Because people are the same no matter the color of the skin they are wrapped in. You will find loving, kind, generous people from all nations worldwide. But you will occasionally find an ignorant, foul, hateful soul who judge you based entirely on your culture, your heritage, your skin tone. Unfortunately I suspect Paula to be one of the latter types.

      The thing is I would respect her more if she would boldly admit that she said what she said, and did what she did, and she meant it at the time. And if truly she is a changed person with a different worldview, then say so. Admit that is how you thought then but grew to change your perspective. We all can learn and grow. Or, I should say, we should all learn and grow.


      • http://www.facebook.com/lloyd.adams.50 Lloyd Adams

        Jahari You’re a very smart lady!!! I totally agree with you!!! I was raised in a racist family .. It’s not right to do this to your children.. My father was wrong !!! There is bad in every race there is also good in every race.. I have black friends and I don’t see them as being black .. I see them as nice loving people…

      • http://gravatar.com/naomiveganza naomiveganza

        Jahari, I have read every single one of the comments on this thread, and yours is the only one I felt moved to reply to. You are one of the few here (besides the administrators) I’d feel honored to know in real life. You sound like an intelligent and mature human being – the world needs more like you.

      • Lisa Merrick

        Jahari, your comment is full of the loving-kindness that people in our world need to learn most! We will not see any real change in the world until we DO ‘all learn and grow’. With people like you on threads like this, I am hopeful for the future. Like Naomi wrote, you are one of the people on this thread that I’d be honored to know. Much love to you…

  • http://gravatar.com/garretthkinlaw garretthkinlaw

    I think this article is bull. They have the right to be as racist as they wish.

    • iluvla

      Not in the work place. That’s why she’s suing! BTW, the lady that’s suing is white!

    • Dave

      And people are free to react accordingly.

    • Bob Cull

      Yep, and when they are sued and lose because they brought it into the workplace they have the right to pay whatever punitive damages are assessed.

      • Troy Heesch

        Exactly. Jesus Christ. It’s one thing to be a racist. That just means you’re a s**tty person. But it’s a completely different thing to inflict your bigotry on your employees.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Meemereno Mimi Ramirez

      Perhaps but there are laws in place to protect employees from this type of harassment. Not only was this racial harassment, it was sexual harassment and physical abuse. NOBODY, black,white, Hispanic, Asian or Caucasian has to put up with this. Its AGAINST the law, and I just do not understand what part of that people don’t get! Ignorance is Bliss and there is a shit load of Nirvana going on when it comes to this story.

    • Jessica

      No, not exactly.

    • http://www.facebook.com/charisse.a.hill Charisse A Hill

      I think your comment is BULL. Just my opinion tho.

    • http://Alternet.com Gail

      Garret, Trolling just to troll, huh? You are an immature prick, and need to grow up. We are here to have a serious dialog about the issue of race, not have idiots like you, and others being nothing but thorns in the side of this country, and this page. Now go get your big Tonka truck, and be on your way. Buzz off!

    • Phil

      Really? Wow. Are you a nazi too?

    • Dani

      Freedom of speech does not equal freedom from consequences, honey. It really is just that simple.

      • http://OneFamilyManyFaiths.blogspot.comandTnMtnHome.blogspot.com Y

        To: Dani
        I agree. Words are actions, and they have consequences.

  • http://www.facebook.com/huntercares1 Hunter Cares

    So your evidence is an opinion piece that focuses on a civil complaint as evidence. In case you don’t know the difference, complaints are allegations. And you might want to read the plaintiff’s disposition where she admits she never saw Paula Deen say or do anything regarding the accusations being made. You’d make wonderful tea baggers. They don’t exercise much thought either. By the way, Paula Deen is not my beloved, but you go on an label things that you don’t understand too. Some of us have higher standards before we accuse someone of being something….like a Kenyan or a socialist.

    • AATTP

      The mental gymnastics some of you will resort to to defend this silly woman are simply fantastic.

      • Justin

        I certainly didn’t have to do any “mental gymnastics” to notice how absurd these allegations sound. You guys are getting to be just as bad as the teabaggers.

        • AATTP

          Why are the allegations “absurd”?

          • George

            Look y’all I’m from the South, as if you couldn’t already tell. While I’m not saying that Paula Deen didn’t do these things some of the allegations do seem a bit over the top to be completely true. I’ve met some very, very, very, very racist people in my life down here and unless they were the Grand Wizard of the KKK not one of them would have actually said this stuff to someones face. While it is not always true, outward racism is dieing out in a lot of the South, and it has begun to turn inward. I don’t think I can stress enough that even if someone was racist and from the South how incredibly rare it would be for them to say even something half as bad as this to an African American, let alone repeatedly. So in short am I saying Paula Deen or her family isn’t racist, no, but are all of the supposed quotes true in my opinion, no. Experience: 23 years in the South.

      • http://www.facebook.com/Manda.Maehem Manda Mae

        Yes, we are truly ridiculous for not believing everything we read on the internet…..Since you know, everything you read on the internet is true……

        • AATTP

          It’s a formal complaint, not “just something you read on the internet.” Denial is a bitch.

        • Bob Cull

          So you think that after filing their complaint with the court the plaintiffs attorneys wrote up a fake one that somehow makes their case look better just for the internet? Who is it that is being ridiculous? You’re going to need a mirror to answer that one.

      • dennis

        Just another liberal site that drinks obama’s kool-aid and kisses racist rappers behind while pushing your own version of hate

        • AATTP

          Yeah, that’s us. We also love abortion, smoke copious amounts of weed, get government handouts and are elitist over-educated grammar-Nazi snobs. If you’re going to stereotype, at least be thorough.

        • Bob Cull

          And you are just another knuckle walking moron who thinks that ignorance is a virtue, Dennis. Of course since I used too many words with more than four letters this will go right over your empty little head.

        • Mira52

          Dude, I don’t drink kid drinks like that. I prefer adult drinks. And adult conversations. And adult intelligence. Do us all a favor. Keep your frigging kool-aid for yourself, and when you finally grow up and lose the hate, you can rejoin the human race.

  • Ausaru
  • kiki2u

    I’m sorry, I’m not defending her but to be honest, I really don’t care and I don’t think the entire country needs to point to her saying “she’s a racist.” Like they themselves are not. Half of this country is racist, the other half doesn’t realize they are also racist. I’m sure most people commenting, reading this article have used the word “bitch” to a woman. It is a gender pejorative. “Nigger” is a racial pejorative. “Gypped” is an ethnic pejorative and I can go on. Women have been subjugated in the world for a long time, but apparently no one gets offended when someone calls a woman a bitch. But apparently nigger is a worse word? No, nigger is not a worse word than bitch, regardless of the history. Calling someone a name based on their gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, and race is always bad. If you think calling someone a nigger is worse than calling a woman a bitch, I’ve got news for you, you’re a racist. As far as the complaint (and it is just a complaint at this point), that so called general manager is not such a prize either. You mean to tell me, she sat there for 5 years and did nothing? There are numbers to call outside of an organization when these things are going on. Why didn’t she report it, let’s say 4 years ago? As far as I’m concerned, she’s as culpable too. Yes, Paula Deen and her businesses may have done wrong, and that will be decided in the courts. But as for her personal use of racial slurs, I don’t think many in this country can point to her without pointing to themselves first. Maybe that is why people are up in arms, in her, they see themselves.

    • Monica

      You’re an idiot. How is that for being prejudiced about your intellect. I’m a woman and I hate the word, “bitch”. The N word IS a more horrible word BECAUSE of its history. You’re simply proving your sociological ignorance by casually assuming everyone is racist (or unknowingly racist) like you are. This woman has fought over this issue for five years, and no one has done anything to resolve the issue, so she took it further – and rightly so. Quit making wild assumptions of the masses. Just because you’re obviously socially inept, doesn’t mean we all succumb to the same fallacy.

      • Vivalaranch

        Wow, what a bitch ;)

    • Jessica

      The problem is that she tripped up, and was openly racist at work. That was her mistake and thats why she is getting all the flack. No defense for something like that. Sorry.

    • http://facebook Frankie Staton

      You need to be on the other side of being called the N word, to not only see how degrading it feels, but moreover, to see how profanely, stupid and ignorant the people are that expound it. If they only knew how sad they really…are……….

    • Janet

      My family is very mixed, we have white, black and asians… no one uses the n-word so you’re wrong again!

      • kiki2u

        my family is very mixed as well, but I hear people call women a bitch all of the time. So don’t give me that crap that no one EVER uses an ethnic, racial or gender slur…ever.

    • Bonnie Lill

      I’ve never used a racial or ethnic slur in my life, I know many people who haven’t – perhaps you’re just projecting your bad habits onto others..

      • kiki2u

        I’m sure you’ve used a gender one. So get real people.

    • http://www.facebook.com/smginter Sharon Ginter

      To kiki2u: I have to agree with you. Yes Paula did wrong. She said it, now it is over. She apologized and she is sincere. I am 100% Italian and I have been called racial slurs growing up. Yes it bothered me, but I dealt with it. We were brought up not to be racist. What do we know about Ms. Jackson, the culprit of all this uproar? Has anyone ever checked her background? Does she have a co-partner in all of this? You know what they say, you cannot believe everything you read on the internet. Also you have to read in-between the lines. Yes, I have read everything about the complaint. It is not just the word. Is this that pressing of an issue to all of you with everything else going on around the world? If there were no complaints against Paula and instead she said an Italian slur, would it be a big issue to everyone? This event will not change my mind about Paula. I have always liked and watched Paula and I always will.

  • Ausaru

    Really? At this point nothing surprises me from the pale skinned races. I think she just brought her personal life into the public and that’s the issue. So what she doesn’t like Black people. I don’t think anyone likes everyone. I know of the fraudulent his-story perpetuated by the pilgrims and their children against the original habitants of any land they have stepped foot on. The pale skinned races have shown no regard for anyone as long as they have been here. Y’all are acting like this is new. Besides this is just another distraction while the controllers take advantage of all of us. Best believe they are up to something. I don’t defend her in anyway. I am taking into account that everyone has the right to be who/what they want to be. Whether that’s a fat racist pig, or someone that’s just blissfully ignorant, wait those are one and the same lol….

  • kay

    seriously what happened to freedom of speech..seems as if it has become a one way item in this country.:-( .How sad .

    • Oregon Jeff

      Nothing has happened to freedom of speech. This isn’t a case of the government telling Ms. Deen what she can and cannot say. This is a case of the marketplace reacting in response to something she’s said. Nothing in the 1st Amendment says that freedom of speech means freedom from consequences. Do these companies not have a right to associate with someone that demonstrates themselves to be a bigoted, racist a’hole?

      • Lily Munster

        You get a cookie. Exactly. Freedom of speech does not equal entitlement to hurt and abuse others or freedom from consequences. She choose to exercise her freedom of speech, and now her critics are exercising theirs. There is nothing wrong with Foodnetwork or other companies deciding to hold their employees and business partners to an ethical standard for the good of the business.

    • Deer Park

      Freedom of speech? If a famous black person had held an anti-white party and done all these things in reverse, you would be baying for blood. How dare you be an apologist for a filthy racist by quoting freedom of speech?

    • Dani

      What the fuck does this have to do with freedom of speech? This is a civil rights issue. They were saying these things to actual PEOPLE. Not just to themselves. Paula Deen is a piece of shit racist who I hope spends some time in jail for discrimination.

    • Bob Cull

      This is not a free speech issue, Kay, if I have to explain it to you then you would never understand it anyway so I won’t bother.

      • KylaG

        Bob Cull is awesome!

    • http://www.facebook.com/debra.faber Debra Faber

      Last I heard, Paula Deen was not imprisoned by the government because of her speech. THAT and only that is what freedom of speech guarantees you in this country, and even that is not unlimited constitutionally (per the Supreme Court). Regardless, Paula Deen has exercised free speech, both publicly and privately for 66 years. That doesn’t mean that she is free from the consequences of such speech. (Imagine walking up to your boss, and calling him an a**hole – do you think a claim of “free speech” keeps you from being fired?) In this instance, she is being sued, and being confronted with the consequences of racist speech and action, thus upholding the free speech of other people as well. I think it is a good thing to have such a conversation in this “post-racial” America that so many people imagine to exist.

      • kiki2u

        I have no problem with the woman’s lawsuit, except that to me she herself is guilty if racism. (There was a case in California where a woman brought suit for sexual harassment. They worked at a landfill and you can imagine what people throw away. Anyway, they would “find” stuff and all, including her, would laugh and point to it and make comments. This went on for almost a year. Then one day the woman on the crew filed a sexual harassment lawsuit. While the court agreed that she was sexually harassed, they awarded her nothing. Because–here it is folks, she participated in the sexual harassment.) To me, sitting there for 5 years, means that manager PARTICIPATED in her own harassment. You don’t keep something like this in-house when it is the management team perpetuating the awful behavior. There are agencies, external to the company, to contact. You don’t wait 5 years to do it. Is Paula Deen a racist? Probably. But as stated before, most of the country is racist, sexist, xenophobic, et cetera.

    • http://kpauly44.wordpress.com kpauly44

      Only one item you listed is attributed to Paula Deen. Everything else you listed refers to her brother and son. Your headline is out of line with your post. You are not being fair here by inferring that she did everything on your list. She did not work in, much less manage, the restaurants. Leave this lady alone and fix your own house. Stop being sensationalist like FOX and post facts and truth without untrue inferences.

    • http://gravatar.com/justjack822 justjack822

      She has freedom of speech. No one is throwing her in jail for saying anything. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences of that speech.

    • Nope

      Hate speech is not protected as a “freedom of speech”.

    • Dave

      She is free to say anything she wants, Kay. How do you not understand that.

      However, it doesn’t mean she is free from repercussions from what she says.

    • Meem

      Freedom of SPEECH? This was racial harassment, sexual harassment and physical abuse. Read the deposition. This has gone far beyond Freedom of Speech!

    • http://www.facebook.com/robert.scalzi Robert Scalzi

      No KAY it is not a one way Item – people are free to say what they want to , and if it abhorrent then they suffer the consequences, what I would like to know is why you defend her right to be abhorrent yet when she experiences the consequences of said abhorrent speech you think that the people who are dropping her like the privileged plague she is don’t have that same right . there is a serious disconnect there.

    • kvn

      So it is ok that someone would call you a retard? Or perhaps a wasp? perhaps other names. Freedom of speech is a right, not privilege. It takes maturity and education to know what to say. Sad that the defense for Paula (the racist) Deen hasn’t learned that bit of manners as of yet.

    • tattoohero

      I love it when people say anything about Freedom of Speech and anything dealing with Paula Deen.

      Has the Federal/State/County/Local police arrested her for her speech?

      The answer to that is no. Her rights have been be infringed at all.

      This is the perfect example of how Free Speech actually works.

  • ruel24

    How come there’s not uproar about Ice Cube and other rappers putting anti-white slurs in their music? Instead, we make them movie and TV stars? We ignore that they did that? This is total hypocrisy…

    • Deer Park

      *heavy sigh* How many times do you have to have this concept explained to you, that an oppressed group cannot, by definition, be oppressors?

    • JoeRad

      It logically may not be right but there is something more than that…have you ever heard of white men being crushed by the foot of a black man? How about a hispanic? No, either do I. Racism also includes classism and academically speaking, the way african americans using “anti-white slurs” is a form of defense and retaliation for the history of white supremacy that still exists to this day (it is the “white” countries that contain most of the world’s elite as well as hold most of the wealth).

      It is ironic how white people complain that everything is about race, when they, themselves made it all about race in order to project their own power. We may not have slavery or segregated schools today, but one thing is for sure, we willingly subject a group of people of different races to higher poverty rates than their white counterparts…you are in no position to invalidate their historical context.

    • Ausaru

      Because the whites themselves have written into his-story the atrocities they have committed against the so called Blacks. Do you remember slavery?

    • Aquiline

      Rue, I would call that the invisible hand of the market at work. The market has determined that there is very limited demand for southern-fried n-word slingin’ belles in the US market. However the children of the Paula Deens of this world, and her affinity group, enjoy their rap music. :D

    • http://www.facebook.com/heidi.denver Heidi Denver

      I must have missed the part in history where white people were enslaved, beaten, lynched and put under thumb. White slurs don’t hold the same power as black slurs because they don’t come from one race dominating the other. “Cracker”means whip cracker, I don’t know of any rappers or their ancestors in charge of a bunch of white slaves whipping them with horse whips when they didn’t pick cotton fast enough. Don’t be naive. You know it’s different.

    • Lily Munster

      There is outrage about that sort of thing all the time. Like when Walmart and Kmart, both Christian leaning companies EDITED out those lyrics on the copies of those Cd’s or refused to sell them entirely. White pundits complained and still complain about it endlessly. Like your doing now. IceCube even APOLOGIZED and changed his rap style BEACAUSE of that financial pressure! Stop defending racism with strawman arguments.

    • Faith

      David Allen Coe

  • http://www.facebook.com/floyd.wilson.758 Floyd Wilson

    Those “allegations” have no basis in reality and are just a smear campaign from a greedy former employee.

    • http://www.facebook.com/debra.faber Debra Faber

      I guess we will have to see the outcome of the trial – the allegations will be difficult to prove. However, the woman who filed them is white, and appears to have filed these allegations on behalf of the many black employees working for Deen and her brother. On the other hand, Deen has already admitted, in deposition, to using the language in question, and admitted to having such a racial bias due to her upbringing. (Thus all the hoopla.) So, maybe the allegations won’t be difficult to prove, after all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/GEJWalden Glenn Eric Johnson

    @ AATTP you have posted a list of accusations as facts. Please explain to me again how this makes you different from Conservatives in this regard?

    • Billy Criswell

      Agreed. I’m no Paula Deen fan, and I’ve said many bad things in the past, especially twenty plus years ago (although the N word was not one of them) that I now regret – however the issue of double standards and blatant hypocrisy in this situation are more prevalent than is fair to the accused.

  • Saffi

    Nitpick: While I ABSOLUTELY do not defend anything that Paula Deen has said or done, she should not be condemned for the idiocy of her brother.

    Some of the points listed above, while definitely pertinent to the lawsuit that’s been filed, should not be included in a list of things to criticize Ms. Deen for personally.

    • http://www.facebook.com/debra.faber Debra Faber

      One of the allegations being made is that, when Paula Deen was approached about the behavior of her brother, she brushed it off and refused to do anything about it. She owns the restaurants in question, therefore she can be held directly responsible for such behavior as is reported to her.

  • Josh

    Use commom sense. Black people, (no, you’re not all african) have been using derogatory words towards white people just as long. No one seems to care about that. I don’t like the n word either, however, stands to reason that no one should be allowed to say it, regardless of race. White person says it: racist! Black person says it: record deal! Double standard at it’s finest.

    • JoeRad

      It logically may not be right but there is something more than that…have you ever heard of white men being crushed by the foot of a black man? How about a hispanic? No, either do I. Racism also includes classism and academically speaking, the way african americans using “anti-white slurs” is a form of defense and retaliation for the history of white supremacy that still exists to this day (it is the “white” countries that contain most of the world’s elite as well as hold most of the wealth).

      It is ironic how white people complain that everything is about race, when they, themselves made it all about race in order to project their own power. We may not have slavery or segregated schools today, but one thing is for sure, we willingly subject a group of people of different races to higher poverty rates than their white counterparts…you are in no position to invalidate their historical context.

    • Aquiline

      Would you like a little cheese with your whine?

    • Yes, I Read

      Does anyone take you seriously with that flawed logic? Does it hurt to be so stupid?

      • JoeRad

        whose flawed logic? If you are referring to me, you are truly mistaken

    • Robert

      I wonder why Blacks might have derogatory thoughts towards Whites. I can’t think of a single reason, or even three fifths of one.

      • Steve

        Awesome Robert!

  • DD

    I believe if the Black Community ever wants to see racism stop, they are going to have to start by having respect for themselves. They are going to have to stop calling each other “n*gga” if they expect the rest of the population to stop. They are going have to accept responsibility for their lives and quit blaming their troubles on whomever or whatever situation is handy to blame. I don’t own slaves, I have never owned slaves and it is not my fault that blacks were enslaved at one time. So therefore, quit blaming me and every other race for the situation they are in and get up off their ass and do something about it.

    • JoeRad

      It logically may not be right for them to use the n word but there is something more than that…have you ever heard of white men being crushed by the foot of a black man? How about a hispanic? No, either do I. Racism also includes classism and academically speaking, the way african americans using “anti-white slurs” is a form of defense and retaliation for the history of white supremacy that still exists to this day (it is the “white” countries that contain most of the world’s elite as well as hold most of the wealth).

      It is ironic how white people complain that everything is about race, when they, themselves made it all about race in order to project their own power. We may not have slavery or segregated schools today, but one thing is for sure, we willingly subject a group of people of different races to higher poverty rates than their white counterparts…you are in no position to invalidate their historical context.

      • l-villê

        A little bit of info for all of the people, over 90% of white people never did own any slaves. so to put all whites in that group is not correct.

        • JoeRad

          I-Ville…did you even read what I wrote? It’s not just about slavery it’s about a system that consistently pushed african americans down and still exists to this day

    • Ausaru

      It’s quite obvious you’re not the one to take responsibility for the devilish deeds of your ancestors whose profits you’re living off of right now. You’re a racist yourself. I guess you deny that the pale skins don’t want to help repair the damage they caused too huh. Just like the racist pig you are.

    • Aquiline

      The fallacy of your position is that it posits an equal playing field exists in the present. It does not. You are uninterested in analyzing the historical reasons for this inequality, because you feel the benefit you have enjoyed from it is your birthright. It’s not “blaming” you to point out that you have enjoyed unearned benefit from the institutional structure of racism. Your helpful “advice” to those who did not enjoy the unearned and undeserved advantages of a racist present is just self-serving ego-preservation. Your comment embodies the ole “born on third base, & thinks he hit a homerun” mentality of most racists.

      • AATTP

        Well said.

    • Rena

      While I agree with you in that no one in present day is to blame for the enslavement of African Americans in the past, your argument fails to truly acknowlege the consequences of enslavement. Consequences that continue to persist to this day. Also your last statement is ironic because by virtue of bringing Paula Deen’s blatant racism to the forefront, they are confronting the ever present issue of racism and are in fact “doing something about it”. With regards to the comment about African Americans needing to “stop calling each other “n”” , I agree that the use of this word in rap songs is a bit sketchy. But please realize that context is key. When Paula Deen chose to use that word she did it within a context that invoked imagery of enslavement, thus when she used the word it carried with it the sting of disrespect and hatefulness.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.anson1 Steve Anson


    • Aquiline

      Allegations, supported by witness testimony, admitted into court evidence. (Hearsay is excuded.)

    • http://www.facebook.com/maike.hudson Maike Hudson

      “Hearsay” or “heresy” — which one is it?

  • Jon

    I see four things here about her brother Bubba, and one accusation about Jaime’s friend.the rest is hearsay. none of this would hold up in court, where, the last time I checked we are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    • Bob Cull

      This is a civil matter, Jon, the same rules do not apply. In a civil case the defendant can cast reasonable doubt on the accusations and still lose. Reasonable doubt only applies in a criminal case. From what I have seen so far it doesn’t look promising for Paula.

    • Tony

      This is a civil matter, not criminal. All of this ‘hearsay’ can have very strong bearing on the outcome.

  • http://twitter.com/TomRN Tom (@TomRN)

    links, please.

    • Bob Cull

      I don’t believe it! The links are in the article and AATTP have reposted it repeatedly on the page and still you ask for a link? Do you have some sort of learning disability?

      • Deer Park

        I feel like I’m taking crazy pills after reading most of the replies on here. Thank you for being a voice of reason ¬_¬

      • Bonnie Lill

        Bob Cull IS awesome – I always look for his comments because they’re intelligent & onpoint! Thank you Bob:)

        • Bob Cull

          Thank YOU, Bonnie! I know that I’ve gotten it right when some Teapub starts bragging that he has shot me down with his “facts” because that means that he ran out of arguments against my actual FACTS.

          • Man

            I`m new here. I`ve read a lot. I have 1 thing to say. Go Bob!

          • Bob Cull

            Thank you! :D

    • larelle
  • http://www.facebook.com/david.kelley.927 David Kelley

    Why did the list include 4 things Paula Deen herself didn’t do? Also has 2,3,4 on the list been proven in court yet?

    • larelle

      Read the above-linked transcript of the lawsuit. Also, Paula Deen, as noted in the transcript, pretty much knew of and supported everything that was going on. She stated that the Paula Deen Family of Companies was “one in [sic] the same business”. So, yes, it is all relevant to the charges against this despicable person.

    • Lily Munster

      Because as the owner of the restaurant she is legally responsible for maintaining a non hostile work environment according to law. Which she failed to do. Do not own a business unless you are ready for the responsibility.

      One of the complaints is that she had full knowledge of the hostile work environment and did nothing to correct it and added to it herself.

  • Timothy DeLisle

    No one accidentally uses the word. i don’t care how many guns are in your face. Even if it’s in a time of duress, if you’re not a bigot, then you’ll never “accidentally” say it. You many say: scumbag, low-life, etc. But unless your mind’s phasers are normally set to racist, your response to said attack will not be of a racial one. I once worked at a convenience store with a friend. One night, it was robbed by 2 black men. One girl had a knife pulled on her. My friend had a gun to her head. Do you know how many times she’s dropped n-bombs since then. Well, I’ll let everyone know if she starts using it even though this was 16 years ago. But, at the time of this writing, all robberies aside, she has not used the word. So apparently it’s not caused by guns to your head.

  • http://gravatar.com/lynncowleswartberg Lynn

    I find it interesting that there is such an uproar over Deen and her family’s use of racial slurs, but few discuss what appears to be a blatant pattern of sexual discrimination and harassment. When will women begin to understand that they too deserve the same outrage over discrimination that targets them as other subaltern groups receive?

    • larelle

      Indeed! Thank you for this. I was shocked to see that none of the sexual harassment, which Paula Deen supported, was mentioned in this article, as if that wasn’t important in this issue. READ THE LAWSUIT, people!

  • Fluppa

    Definitely Paula made serious mistakes, didn’t use her best judgement and should have followed through when she could have. Like I said, Bubba always creeped me out.
    I DID read the transcript and disagree with some of the accusations this article is stating as fact.
    Just my opinion though.

  • Fluppa

    Perhaps everyone should actually READ the whole complaint and the court transcript. This article is misleading.
    Paula said some things she shouldn’t have. Haven’t we all?!! Bubba I always thought was creepy. That’s just the impression I got from the few times I’ve seen him on tv. So I wasn’t surprised to read what was said about him.

  • stephanie

    Ms.Jackson really nobody would keep working for accompany for 5 years and go threw all she said she did everyday!

    • http://gravatar.com/lynncowleswartberg Lynn

      But the economy has been in the toilet in the last five years, Stephanie. If you have children to support and bills to pay, it takes a lot to quit a job without one lined up. Maybe she couldn’t find another one.

    • sandra

      the reason we have laws against harassment is so that people can have jobs and not have to quit because their bosses are racist a-holes.

    • http://www.facebook.com/debra.faber Debra Faber

      Really? The economic reality of the last six plus years would say otherwise.

    • Lisa

      Where have you been these last several years? There has been a severe recession (really, a DEPRESSION) going on, and jobs that pay decent salaries are scarce. Meanwhile, Tea-Partiers in Congress have been doing their best to cut benefits for the poor and unemployed. Under these conditions, many have felt that they HAD to keep their jobs. Did you read the depositions? Did you read the part where it says that AFTER Ms. Jackson finally left, she was unable to gain employment elsewhere in Savannah, after even those vendors who liked her refused to take her calls? NOW do you understand WHY she felt that she was unable to leave earlier? Please check your naivete at the door and open your eyes.

  • carlosdev

    If I may…it seems to me that Ms. Deen has admitted to using that word in her deposition. The complaint, lest we forget, is the allegations of one person against another. Let’s not make the mistake of accepting them at face value – in this country people are innocent until proven guilty.

    For the moment I think it’s also important to distinguish between racism and racial insensitivity. Proving the former is a lot more difficult than proving the latter and at the moment all we have is accusations of one person. While I agree there’s plenty of circumstantial evidence that Ms. Deen is indeed a racist, there is also evidence that her restaurant has hired African-Americans in key positions and paid them at higher rates than competing restaurants in the Savannah area. I’m not taking up one side or the other – I’m just saying let’s not go off half-cocked before the facts are all in. That’s the Teapublicans job.

    • http://www.facebook.com/debra.faber Debra Faber

      I agree. I actually think we, as a nation, would be better off addressing the issues of racism and racial insensitivity that still significantly exist in America, as opposed to immediate overreaction (firing someone, dropping their sponsorships, etc.) The benefits would be great if, instead of martyring Paula Deen on the pyre of political correctness, we were able to use this as a learning moment for all of us, Deen included, and open honest conversations about discrimination, racism, racial insensitivity, sexual harassment, etc. It still goes on, no matter the denial, and the only way it will diminish is if we have these conversations.

  • NP_Truth

    Very interesting, I just wish there wasn’t a site called “blacklegalissues” as this is 2013, this is an issue for everyone not just a single race or group of people.

    If this is true then Paula does deserve to lose all that she has, but to make these issues go away we need to stop self segregating and seeing the bigger issue.

  • http://gravatar.com/thefightingmonk thefightingmonk

    Its just a thought… but most of the things that you listed were said or done by people whose names are not Paula Deen.

    • http://www.facebook.com/debra.faber Debra Faber

      Except for the fact that Paula Deen owned these restaurants and was informed of the behavior of her brother, informed of the racist practices, and she condoned them. That would make her responsible for such.

  • Brenda

    I think we should be more concerned with what is going on in the “GOVERNMENT” then harrassing Paula. I think this is making too much news so it can take the heat off of our government. Lets get back to world events that affect all of lives and do something about that. I don’t care what color your skin is we all bleed Red. What is our President and congress up to these days? just saying.

  • Fingal McCave

    The First Amendment gives her, and anyone else in the USA (citizen or not, BTW) the right to say anything, no matter how offensive, without getting thrown in jail (with the usual exceptions, like fire in a crowded theater, etc.).

    It doesn’t mean the rest of us have to pretend that what she said is fine and dandy.

  • WP

    I think everyone should take the time to read the full 33 page complaint before rushing to Ms. Deen’s defense. This is about way more than a middle-aged Southern white woman admitting that she occasionally said npornr. This is a lawsuit about a corporate enterprise owned and controlled by her, and managed by some of her close kin, that was as totally out of control and out of touch with modern day employment law as anything I have ever seen. I worked in a personnel management position in a very large (Fortune 500) company for years, and I can tell you with out reservation that absolutely NONE of the many, many violations cited in the complaint would have gone unaddressed in the the severest possible way. This complaint details a level of racial and sexual discrimination and harassment that I didn’t think was even possible anymore. Any one of the dozens of things named in the suit are sufficient to horrify anyone who has had a management role in personnel during the last 30 years. Paula Deen may be a nice lady, and a personable one, but she was legally obligated to observe the law in her employment practices, and as the ultimate person in that organization, she is ultimately responsible. She is morally culpable for her utter failure to rein in the worst actors and to permit this kind of workplace to exist for years. There is a tolerance for racism and sexism that is implied by her failure to act that is indefensible. The chickens are coming home to roost, as they always do.

    • Erin

      Actually, everyone should read the Complaint and the ANSWER. A Complaint is simply a set of legal and factual ALLEGATIONS. The need not be supported by PROOF at that stage, only a good faith belief that they’re true. What you should really read is the transcript of the deposition… and even then, you should realize that it’s a one-sided conversation – the Plaintiff’s attorney asks only those questions he or she thinks will elicit the response that is beneficial to the Plaintiff and that will put Deen in the worst light. And then, you should wait for a jury to actually determine what happened and who should be liable for it.

      This list is nothing new. Notice that the first allegations (about the wedding) are NOT confirmed by the deposition, and that Deen didn’t personally do most of the things on this list, and that the last item (if true) is actually Deen trying – and perhaps failing, but that’s a different issue – to right what she saw as a wrong.

    • Fooh

      I agree! This isn’t an issue about one person saying offensive things. This is about leadership cultivating a hostile work environment. The basis for this lawsuit enjoys much precedent.

  • john

    So when a white person says racist things we ruin them. But BET can use the word Cracker and say stereo typical things about whites? We can have dating sites called black people meet .com . When are people going to start reporting on that in the media.? Oh they wont because racism only goes one way…

  • Pingback: If ‘The Perils of Paula Deen’ Was a Novel, I’d Give It 1 Star « Kendall McKenna()

  • John Boog

    : True. No defense; but hey bigots, clean up your own party of racists. Starting from the top. Don’t be hypocrites.

  • http://gravatar.com/davidwhumiston davidwhumistondavid

    QUIT BITCHING… Instead of crying about this why dont you all figure out how to bring the troops home, and fix the economy.. you are all wasting time

    • http://www.facebook.com/nelson.romanbillini Nelson Roman Billini

      what have you been doing with your time? this is how you get things fixed. one @ a time. nobody is bitching….facts son, facts. the truth is a bitch…

    • Ed

      What in heavens name does this story have to do with the economy? Or the troops?
      Mad that it seems Paula Deen is being exposed for the racist that she is, so let’s complain about something else entirely???

    • nunya

      lol , well your asking the right group of people (liberals and democrats). Since the right, just wants to stuff things in womans vaginas and tell them how to live, and the keep trying to repeal the afordible care act..They don’t realy have a clue how to do anything else..lmfao..

    • Sherri Heitz

      As usual, faced with facts, change the subject.

  • CF

    You just can’t make this stuff up. I hope the rest of the empire topples. She should have kept “Bubba” in check. Stupid woman.

  • dais

    No – totally different. using a racial slur in a place of business, whne you are the BOSS, is criminal. A Black person using the word does not have the same intent – he’s not putting down another race, because he is owning it as part of that race.
    If you READ the article, you’d stop with the “all she did is say a word that black people use all the time” nonsense. READ it – she’s a racist.

    • AATTP

      Thank you.

    • Ed

      Yes, exactly. Italians call each other “guineas” and other racist gems. I’ve even heard gay dudes call each other fags. Why? Because it’s not the same thing.

      Blacks not being able to use the same entrance or work in the same areas as the others? Well you’ve got yourself a racist right there.

    • david

      How will having different standards for people ever make them equal? Either everyone can say it or everyone has to be censored. Otherwise will always be unequal.

      • Aquiline

        Some Paula Apologists here (David), are using a version of Voltaire’s (paraphrased) old line: the government, in its egalitarian quest, has made it equally unlawful for both the rich And the poor to sleep under bridges. Just because you, and SCOTUS by the way, puts an equal sign between two different quantities, does not make them equal. Don’t confuse a normative statement (they SHOULD be equal) with a descriptive one.

  • spazleey shlong

    I have changed my mind I think she is racist. Let’s also look at Congress and see what they are doing to our president. The American people are trying to give Paula a pass on her racism but John Boehner is the biggest racist I have ever seen.

    • Sherri Heitz

      right on

  • http://www.facebook.com/laurel.sayler Laurel Sayler

    I guess in your eyes Michael Jackson was a child molester because he was accused of it, even though the kids he supposedly molested came out and said it never happened and their parents made it up for money. You neglect the fact that many former employees have come out in favor of Paula and said that it was all lies. If this is a systemic problem and a true hostile workplace then more than one person would be suing, but that isn’t the case.

    • Art Williams

      I am not sure about MJ, but I will tell you this, each and every parent who pimped there child out to spend time sleeping with MJ, molested or not should be locked up. You just don’t permit that,
      molestation or not.

    • Oregon Jeff

      The only problem with that, Laurel, is that these are *her* words in the court documents, not words of someone else that is accusing her.

      • Erin

        No, actually, they are NOT “her words”. The Complaint is simply a document that alleges certain words were said. Plaintiffs LIE or EXAGGERATE all the time in order to satisfy the legal requirements of filing a lawsuit. And if you read the transcript, you’ll find that they aren’t admitted or substantiated.

        • Oregon Jeff

          Have you read the deposition? Do you note the parts where Deen is being asked questions and she’s agreeing with statements that are attributed to her? Do you note where she’s talking about things she said and she repeats them and clarifies them?

    • Adriane

      Actually she apparently has a culture of racism in her restaurants. Apparently it is more than one employee who is unhappy with her. Bottom line-RACIST.

    • Sherri Heitz

      The employees speaking out in favor of her, fear losing their jobs. Period.

    • Timothy DeLisle

      Micheal Jackson’s accusers NEVER denied it. In fact, the first one said he wished he never took the money. Read things before you speak.

    • http://twitter.com/galleryshops Erma Jay (@galleryshops)

      Well Laurel, no one has actually come out and said that it wasn’t true except people like you who weren’t there. By the way, the person that reported her was white just like her. The blacks apparently needed a job so badly that they were afraid to complain. That’s how the Republican want all of us to be.

    • Stacey Spencer

      Laruel, lstten to her own words. In Oct 2012 interview, she told a story about how it was so sad that her granddaddy lost all his “workers” after the civil war. workers? no, slaves. But her sympathy was solely for the slave owner. There are many other public instances of racial insensitivity.

  • CTF

    I believe the plaintiff. You just can’t make this stuff up. Now, after Paula and Paula Deen enterprises lawyers up, who knows what the outcome will be. But really, these were her businesses, she was the principal owner, and she didn’t know about all this ridiculousness going on? I call BS

  • http://www.facebook.com/shamus.mcangus Shamus McAngus

    has any one even seen the radio show she went on bitching about her treatment and how it was because of all them ‘Jews’ recently? because she apparently can’t stop her mouth so while that crap is being sorted and some people want to talk up how she is being accused of behavior that has gone on for YEARS, here’s her latest this time it was recorded. http://dailycurrant.com/2013/06/28/paula-deen-blames-the-jews-for-firing/

    • Michelle

      The Daily Currant is satire, like The Onion.

    • RisingPhoenix

      Hey Genius….the Daily Currant is a SATIRE site.

    • Adriane

      WOW how much worst can it get? GOOD LORD. She is a GONER.

      • Erin

        Adriane, do you read comments??? The website and the story about the Jews is FAKE!! The website is SATIRE: http://dailycurrant.com/about/ (in case you don’t know what satire is, it means it’s a FAKE story…)

  • Bernie

    Allegations, accusations, she hasn’t been proven guilty yet.

    • Michelle

      Actually, by apologizing, Paula admitted guilt. One doesn’t apologize if one is innocent.

    • Eric Mobley

      There is no proof of guilt, and there will be none. This is not a legal issue, but rather one of public opinion and, dare I say it, the rights of companies. Too many times I hear conservatives say, “It’s my company, and I can do what I want.” Same issue here. If her sponsors want to drop her due to an allegation, they can do this. The hammer swings both ways. She obviously felt she could treat her employees in any manner she wanted. Food Network can as well.

      • http://www.facebook.com/gtitus09 Gale Titus

        You’re right Eric. IT was Public opinion which caused the sponsers to drop her, not because of her words.

    • Scott

      You are only a racist if you are white.lol.Hypocrites.You should either be American or not. You keep putting titles before the word. Its your fault for being so politically correct.If the words are bad for one they should be bad for all.Hypocrites.

      • AATTP

        The article isn’t about the “word” she used. Maybe you should f**king read it before you comment.

      • Magdalene Jones

        I agree. A bad word is a bad word

      • http://gravatar.com/happyviking Fingal McCave

        It’s not just about the word itself, isolated from all of its context. Nobody seriously claims that the word, “duck” is 75% obscene, or that the word, “bigger” is 83.3% offensive.

        If your ancestors (or people who looked like them) abused other people’s ancestors with the word, then when you say the word, you associate yourself with those abusers. If your ancestors (or people who looked like them) were the ones abused, then the word has a different meaning coming out of your mouth. This isn’t rocket science.

        I’m not claiming that blacks do themselves huge favors by embracing that history of oppression, or its continuation in the present day, but that’s a different issue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shea.joy.9 Shea Joy

    Some who have commented here think this story is no big deal, find something else to cry about, grow up and get over it, etc. Racism and sexism is a big deal. Abuse of workers is a big deal. The biggest deal. You want to know why this went on for so many years without a law suit? The restaurant workers are too much in need of their jobs. They live from hand to mouth. They don’t know lawyers and can’t afford them. They have no time. They work hard and are tired. Read “Nickel and Dimed” if you don’t know what life is like for the poorest of the working class, or even just try hard to put yourself in their places. Finally, Deen is responsible for the restaurant she owns and the way she raised her sons. And if you think she doesn’t know what’s been going on, you are naive. She’s a public figure, she has earned everything she has from the public. This is not a personal, private issue.

  • PKNG

    The issues listed in the article are from the complaint filed by Lisa Jackson and have not been proved or disproved in court or substantiated by anyone.

  • Anna

    as soon as all those Rappers stop using the N word then we will stop supporting a white person for saying it. Like someone said….Target and Walmart needs to stop selling the CDs of all the Black Rappers that use that word. If you dont like us using the word then stop using it yourself….

    • Faye

      The problem is not “us” using the word – it’s the context that “us” use the word in because frankly “us” and the Deen’s both are just as much the n word as can be – defined as IGNORANT – WOOD LIKE – STUPID that would sum it all up in a NUT shell… So you can use the word just know that it defines who you are not who WE are..

      • Timothy DeLisle

        To be fair. And I have used this against many of my fellow white people who are dumb. The word does NOT mean ignorant, nor has it ever. It’s derived from the Southern mispronunciation “negra” and, since it’s inception, was meant as an inflammatory word. That being said, I have no objections to black people using it between each other. Considering the past, present, and let’s be honest, the future; if a people can take an inflammatory word and use it as a term of endearment among each other, I say more power.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Chelsie2003 Chelsie Hermsen

      Its different……get over it. Just like if someone calls me a “cripple” I’m offended, but if I’m joking around with friends I might say “I’m a f—— cripple” Totally different intents.

  • mike

    look at all the racists running to support paula with the its not her its her brother and wheres the proof (link has been posted 50 times). Judging from this thread racism is alive and well in this country.

    • Tim

      Look at all the racist who want to hang Paula before any proof of the accusations are substantiated. How many Black or Hispanic stars are there that made or still make racist jokes and outright threats against white people. If you are going to lynch Paula lets have equal opportunity lynchings.

      • http://www.facebook.com/keving79 Kevin James Gumm

        TOTALLY agree. Thank you!

      • http://www.facebook.com/nancy.honeycutt.1 Nancy Honeycutt

        As was mentioned in an earlier post, it doesn’t matter who it is that says it, it’s wrong. If people don’t like what is said in music lyrics, don’t listen, don’t buy them. Doesn’t it matter that she has apologized for doing something wrong even though she didn’t go far enough ? You don’t apologize if you don’t feel you’ve done anything wrong. If you are in a successful business and want to keep it that way, you don’t treat your employees like slaves. Lincoln freed the slaves over 145 yrs ago.. If we are all honest, I would imagine that there are few who can actually say that they never used a racial slur or treated others as if they were 2nd class citizens. I was never a fan and I certainly won’t take up for her for her racist behavior and attitude. Anyone who thinks she was right in her attitude or her treatment of her employees deserves to be treated as they were treated and see how they like it. People of color are not trash to be thrown away or treated like they have less worth. This country has a serious problem with their morals and values and unless we take measures to treat all as having equal rights as was afforded us in the Constitution by the words “that all men are created equal”, we all doomed to having what we say is most important to us taken away. I feel very sorry and sad for our country because we are letting it be taken away from us by those of wealth and station and that is WRONG. No person who was brought to this country as a slave ran down to the shoreline and begged the slave captains to bring them here. It was our white ancestors who forced them from their families and homeland. We need to own up to what was done and do our best to make things right.

        • http://www.facebook.com/chas.boyon Chas Boyon

          What Paula Dean did was wrong. Whenever anyone uses a racial slur against another it is wrong and should be equally punished. But lets not let emotional rhetoric cloud the facts
          Nancy, your right no one ran down to the beach and begged to be a slave, but No white ancestor forced them from their families. The largest slave trade markets have been in Africa, and they were running before the Portuguese (first Europeans to ideal in black slave, these slaves did not go the the New World)) got there. Black slave traders forced these people from their homes and families, and became quite rich doing it. Slave markets in some parts of Africa continued on until the mid 1900’s. You cannot blame all of the slaving on the south.

  • pogo

    one thing that was omitted above but in the original article quoted–the accuser is a white female. something to think about, folks.
    because it is sickening to watch human beings demean other human beings. what a horrible work place for any human being. people are fooled by paula deen’s public face, smilin’ and saying y’all. obviously her private self doesn’t run the good ship lollypop with her food empire. she can tap dance and cry, but i’m not buying the act. segregating bathrooms, employment and i saw the footage of her talking about her employee as darker than a chalkboard. she is so ignorant she thought adding some thing about how she just loves him anyway, he’s like a member of the family–doesn’t make it a compliment.

  • Derpy Derp Derp

    Jesus, how many times does this poor bastard have to link to the PDF report in the face of all this denial and pearl-clutching?

  • Tina

    sounds like Paula’s family is more the issue than her. If these things were actually said, why didn’t the offended people file discrimination suits? I just think it’s awfully ironic that all of a sudden there are all these racial complaints . . . In summary, there is no more evidence to support the attack on Paula Deen than there was before. I still say leave the woman alone. She generates millions of dollars in revenue for numerous companies as well as salaries for employees, now what is going to happen to those people? Don’t bite off your nose to spite your face!

    • http://gravatar.com/lynncowleswartberg Lynn

      Really, Tina? And her desire to hire a bunch of “little n*&&#rs” to staff her southern plantation style wedding is not racist? Well, I guess you and I have different definitions of racism then.

  • http://www.facebook.com/justin.john.fischer Justin Fischer

    You keep saying read the article. I did, and the complaint, and the deposition. The points most are making here are correct. The article is one person’s view of the lawsuit. The lawsuit is an accusation, not fact. And the deposition is Paula’s view. I’m not ready to say she’s innocent, I’m just tired of her getting hung out to dry before the verdict. Whoever moderates this comment thread needs to learn the concept of unbiased views.

    • AATTP

      We’re not The New York Times. Our opinions are injected into our articles here. In fact, this particular article is categorized as an Op-Ed.

    • Marcie O;Brien

      Nicely said, Justin.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ej.fleming.77 Ej Fleming

    I didn’t realize she lost her 1st amendment right, .No matter how wrong it is.

  • LaKeishaJackson

    I will not defend Paula Deen, nor what she said. What ticks me off is that rappers use the same offensive slur (and yes, it’s offensive even when WE say it) and…in addition…refer to me and my sistahs as “bitches” and “hos”. And none of the people raising hell at Paula Deen say a damn thing about it.
    And that lack of outrage seems racist in itself. The underlying message seems to be “We can’t expect you BLACK people to know how to act. And we sure can’t hold you to the same standards that we hold white people.” And that offense me a hell of a lot more than something some old white woman says.

    • foggedin

      I’m old, and my memory might be fuzzy, but I think that Tipper Gore tried to do something about the offensive language used by rappers, and she was laughed at and told to mind her own business. Black teachers of my generation were angry and saddened to hear black students calling each othe Nigger, or worse, my Nigger because of what their generation had gone through to make the word unacceptable. I don’t pretend to know the answer to this problem or the lyrics demeaning to women unless people’s pocketbooks are affected. My students thought it was some kind of in your face gesture to white folks to say the N word because they owned it now and whites can’t say it. It’s very confusing, and I wish I understood it.

      • AATTP

        “My students thought it was some kind of in your face gesture to white folks to say the N word because they owned it now and whites can’t say it.”

        That’s always what I’ve understood. African-Americans took their power back by changing the meaning of the word used for generations to relegate them to the status of animals to a term of endearment when spoken in the black community. And that’s why it’s NOT acceptable for white people to say it. Doesn’t seem in any way complicated to me.

    • http://gravatar.com/happyviking Fingal McCave

      The word bothers me when it’s used to key into, and keep alive, the racist history of the USA. Not the word itself, but the way it’s used. Both Paula Deen, and the rappers you refer to, use the word to key into that, and keep the fire burning, keep the hostility alive.

      On the other hand, when Richard Pryor said that when he went to Africa he “didn’t see any niggers”, he *wasn’t* using the word to keep racism alive, but to break that connection. When Lenny Bruce used the word a few decades earlier, same thing — he wasn’t talking about niggers, or kikes, or spics, he was talking about words, and the power they have to inflame us, if we allow it.

      That’s different from throwing ugly words around to make yourself feel powerful, the way (it seems) the Deen crowd and quite a few rappers are in the habit of doing.

    • http://facebook Kelly

      LaKeishaJackson, I couldn’t agree with you more! Well said

  • http://www.facebook.com/skulljackets Kasper James

    She needs to come out with a rap album now…to gain acceptance. everyone knows racism is acceptable in other circles publicly. why aren’t those people getting hated on? because we don’t care that much about indirect bs in society.

  • http://gravatar.com/donmiddendorf donmiddendorf

    Read the transcript! She doesn’t admit to using the N word in reference to wanting the southern plantation style wedding setup.


    She says she used the word “Blacks” It’s around page 125, it’s a long, boring read, and it sort of leaves you with the impression she’s lying, and did in fact use the N word in that situation. But that’s not the context she admits to using the word in.

  • Jen

    im not sticking up for Paula deen. what was said was said.. but its no different then others cussing white people thru their records etc.. my family is biracial,, we take a look at the PERSON.. and with this article.. its people around Paula her brother her sons friend.. PAULA DIDNT SAY she wanted a racial theme I believe her own brother did.. and as for as ” black” people not working in front of her restaurant.. THATS A DAMNED LIE. ive ate there on vacation visiting my daughter.. a very sweet girl sat us to our table. she did her job and was very very nice . there is an old saying guilty by association and this article proves it,,,

  • Jenny

    wellll….I can imagine someone wanting a “plantation style wedding” and not meaning it in a racist way. Perhaps naive of them, but it brings to mind southern bells and Scarlett o hara and parasols on the lawn under the oak trees and such…it might be offensive to some, but i don’t think i would hold it against anyone if they meant it to be harmless. The second part, the bit about the dancing servers, I entirely doubt is something someone said. It sounds too exaggerated. And yknow, in the context of planning a family member’s wedding, I’m not sure how this has anything to do with “creating a hostile work environment,” Unless she went to her restaurant and was blabbing on about it. do you people even think she has much time to spend at her restaurant?!! I doubt it!!! Anyway as for the rest, I work in a restaurant too. I am white. I am not allowed to enter through the front door or use the customer’s bathroom, that’s just policy, and its not unusual or racist and i doubt it is at Paula’s restaurants either. Also, I’ve eaten at her restaurant and seen black men and women working in the front of the house, with pictures to prove it. so, there’s 3 more “points” unsubstantiated. Most of the other points are really things that should be held against Bubba, not her. In the end, I believe in justice AND mercy, and i think forgiveness is the right path here. she may have said something that is coming back to bite her—doesn’t even matter when she said it—but i heard her apology, she admitted she was wrong, and I don’t want this woman to lose her whole life over it. I don’t think Food network or walmart or whoever even cares about what she said, they’re just saving their own butts. I really hope this all blows over and she is able to build her life back.

    • http://gravatar.com/kbingaman1 kbingaman1

      Very well spoken. My beliefs fall in line with yours almost to a tee. I also used to work in a restaurant and never once was I allowed to enter through the front or even park my car where the customer parking was at. Even if she did want her waiters to dance, I don’t see how that is a racial problem. I have been to places such as the Rainforest Café which have their servers get up once every 15 or 30 minutes or so. No one freaks out about that. If you have some pictures to call to her defense, you should get ahold of her defense team and send them to her. She’ll need all the help that she can get in this witch hunt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gabi.benschop Gabrielle Benschop

    All I see here is heresay. What her brother supposedly said. If these things are true, that’s awful. But I’m not believing anything until you back up these claims. As far as I’m concerned, she was asked a question and she told the truth. I would never try to justify racism, but denying the fact that every single adult, no matter what race or how liberal, is somewhat racist. What you’re doing here is a witch-hunt, the very same tactic that the GOP uses to try to discredit our president. Put down the torches and move on.

  • Cliff Barnsby

    Well, if everyone can “forgive” Michael Vick for the atrocities committed against innocent animals all in the name of a little bit of fun, why can’t we forgive someone for saying a word that black folk throw around amongst themselves all the time? I don’t care for the word no matter who says it, but if black people are going to go around calling each other the N-word, it must not be as hurtful as they make it out to be.

    • AATTP

      The entire article is about how saying the “N” word is not the only accusation.

  • Ken

    Well, this sounds like an article about what BUBBA, NOT PAULA Dean said and did. Shall we judge all democrats by what Alec Baldwin just said ? WOW, to justify your hatred to a WOMAN WHO CAMPAIGNED FOR OBAMA, you really show no bounds…

    • Ken

      Oh, and what about Robert “KKK” Byrd and ALL the venom HE spewed toward African-Americans ? No one ALLOWED this to tarnish HIS reputation on the democrat side…

      • http://gravatar.com/happyviking Fingal McCave

        You can jerk your outrage if you want, but Byrd apologized, unambiguously, a good while ago, and was no KKK’er after that.

      • http://www.facebook.com/nancy.honeycutt.1 Nancy Honeycutt

        Let us not forget when Byrd used such words, people of color were not as educated as they are now nor was it considered wrong by most white people. Times have changed and how we treat people should have changed with them. I am so tired of people making excuses and telling lies to cover up racism and bigotry and using double standards because of the color of one’s skin. I was horrified when I first heard of this and I’m still wondering how some can act so “socially and politically incorrect” and still get away with it. Just being born and raised in the South doesn’t give you Carte Blanc to offend others that are different. As human beings, we should all be offended and work to make things right for all. You don’t need to walk a mile in anyone’s shoes to have compassion. You just need to have good morals and values and believe that God made us all and He doesn’t make mistakes. Those who forget their history are bound to repeat it.

      • Mira52

        You really need to do more research before name dropping, Ken. Regarding Sen. Byrd, history will tell you that “when running for the United States House of Representatives in 1952, he announced “After about a year, I became disinterested, quit paying my dues, and dropped my membership in the organization. During the nine years that have followed, I have never been interested in the Klan.””

        Further “In 1997, Byrd told an interviewer he would encourage young people to become involved in politics but also: “Be sure you avoid the Ku Klux Klan. Don’t get that albatross around your neck.”‘

        Finally, Byrd also said, in 2005, “I know now I was wrong. Intolerance had no place in America. I apologized a thousand times … and I don’t mind apologizing over and over again. I can’t erase what happened.”[

        He was in the Klan for a year. And then quit. But he was haunted by it the rest of his life. And if he were still alive, you would be one of those who, after 69 years (yeah, longer than you have been alive) continued making sure he never forgot it.

        I’m betting once this is over for Ms. Deen, she’ll not have it follow her for the rest of her life. In fact, most people won’t even know or care who she is in 69 years.

    • AATTP

      What in the actual hell are you talking about? No one said they hated her and no one said we should judge all of anyone based on what she said. This is about how she’s being accused of more, much more, than just using the word “n**ger” 30 years ago.

      • David in the O.C.

        Did Paula publicly admit to doing #1 in your list? You seem to be assuming that everything the plaintiff said was the truth. That isn’t fair. — 95% of the complaint targeted Bubba. The main thing Paula is guilty of is not firing him five years ago when she knew he was a racist and a misogynist.

        • http://gravatar.com/rdj1066 rdj1066

          For the love of all that is fricking holy, read the damn article. Nowhere in there does it ever insinuate that these things were necessarily true. All it does is shows people what she is actually accused of instead of the ’30 years ago she was naughty’ rumor. The FACT is that these are the allegations brought against Deen. Deen, as CEO, knowledgeable of the complaints against her brother and taking no action is a violation of several laws. It is called being an accessory. Whether she committed the act or acts personally, is not the issue. The issue is that she was allegedly aware of the complaints and DID ABSOLUTLY NOTHING to protect her employees from discrimination. Yes, it needs to go through the courts before judgement can truly be placed but do you honestly think that: a) a lawyer would back a case he couldn’t prove and that b) a judge would allow the complaint to proceed without evidence of wrongdoing?

          • http://gravatar.com/donmiddendorf donmiddendorf

            But, to me anyway, the implication is, upon seeing this article, and knowing she has admitted to using the “N” word that shall not be named, we’re supposed to assume that since she admitted using the word, and she’s accused of using it in this context. That she admitted to using it in this context, which is simply not the case.

  • Jacki Arcala

    Is there a reason…that these statements are showing up now?? Why would one wait so long to make these statements…when if all this is true, why wouldn’t you do something when the incidents happened….we live in the days of the internet…and our fast pace media would have been more than accommodating to take up the cause..and hang the person….as it seems they are doing now….modern day “Witch Hunt”

    • http://twitter.com/TheFatherTeresa The Father Teresa (@TheFatherTeresa)

      They are not just showing up now.

      This was the original story I read before all the apologist groups popped up.

    • http://www.facebook.com/skulljackets Kasper James

      i see no apa citations here.

    • http://gravatar.com/loulah51 loulah51

      Because people are just NOW getting around to reading the entire complaint regarding her business practices. She supported and defended racial and sexual harrassment on a daily basis, and her corporate structure was required to look the other way as well. http://www.scribd.com/doc/148781831/Jackson-v-Deen-Et-Al-Complaint

  • Christine Christie

    He said, she said. People believe anything they read. If you don’t know the facts, don’t believe what you “read”. Bigger problems in this works than this…get a life.

  • Karina

    Are there any other sources? I mean, I’m sure BlackLegalIssues.com is great and all… but that’s kind of like getting news on Obama from TeaParty.com

    Looking for something a little less biased.. or at least more links to back up BlackLegalIssues.com’s claims.

    The workers could have refused the job from the start… or quit and sued for racism if happened with out their consent.

    Even from the white lady who first came out saying Paula Deen was a racist… there are no quotes, or any black people saying she was racist to them. (That I have seen)

    Now, I for one am no racist. But in my time in Plainview, TX (Dec-Mar 2013).. most couples were interracial.. and most of them used the N word as if it were no big deal. Black, white.. brown… they all used it. And not in a derogatory way… and I’m not referring to the slang people use for the N word. This was the actual word. Every time somebody said it, I was the only one who looked around to see if somebody got offended LOL

    • AATTP
      • Karina

        All I saw there is Bubba being mostly a sexist pig…. I’ll reread it…

        • Gipper

          Please do reread it, Karina…

          There is apparently a hell of a lot more to the complaint than just about “Bubba”. The complaint by Miss Jackson appears to be very detailed and specific and it alleges a corporation wide philosophy by most all within upper management, including Paula Deen, the majority owner and controller of all companies involved, of racism and sexual harassment, along with the belief that women are nowhere near as competent or equal as their male counterparts in performing their work duties. I would personally like to believe that Paula Deen is NOT like that in any respect, but again, the complaint is very, very specific in its entirety and it certainly shows the the plaintiff appears to have a vivid recollection of matters as they may have occurred. It is very disheartening, to say the least, as it gives one the potential idea that her transgressions go much deeper than what she has described in her public apologies as “using a racial slur a very long time ago.”

          It will be interesting indeed to see how this plays out in court, if witnesses are introduced, etc., unless a settlement is reached beforehand.

      • ellen bollinger

        At this point its still all accusations, yes? No one has offered any proof , yet? Cant we just wait till something is proven , before she is tarred and feathered.

        • Gipper

          Ellen, I am all too happy to wait and see on this, but that complaint was very, very specific and it certainly gives me and many, many more, that there is a lot more to this than just Paula Deen apologizing for using the N word many years ago. Something truly seems out of place here…

      • Karina

        I skimmed through it.. maybe I’m missing something.. but seeing as she’s white, I don’t see her being able to file for racial discrimination. So far all I can tell is… Bubba is a sexist pig and Paula seems ok with that. But seeing as the bible states the woman was made for the man.. and seeing that they are in the bible belt… and seeing he goes by “Bubba”… I’m sure there is much more to see… but with these things alone, I would not work for them.. I would not be a GM, a cook, a waiter, nanny .. I would probably not even deliver mail to them if that were my job lol

        Yet a bunch of black people apparently not only worked for them… stuck around.. took the money.. and didn’t complain afterwards (Unless you have links)

        And maybe this sounds racist… but, in this day and age.. I’ve have yet to meet a black person that would stand around and let people discriminate them with out getting loud and rebellious. The fact that a white lady brought it up first, seems crazy to me.

        But maybe people in south FL react differently to racism than people in TX?

  • http://www.facebook.com/armond.ben.carroll Ben Carroll

    If you are “offended” by this, you may be mildly retarded, if not full blown retarded.

    I once heard a great guy say: I don’t like the word offended or offensive. These are just synonyms that mean “I am upset about something but do not have the intellectual capacity to explain why.”

    So, please, explain to me WHY this is offensive to you, or HOW it correlates or affects your measly little lives?

    Please, somebody tell me and I’ll give a crap.

    Otherwise,.. Please realize your ignorance and cry about something else.

    • Debra

      At Ben Carroll…and you just threw some name calling into the mix!!! Shame on you.

    • kl chip

      Speaking of ignorance; we certainly can’t explain “offensive” to someone who uses the word ‘retarded’ in an offensive manner to justify hateful remarks. Jerk.

    • Bob Cull

      You’re right, Ben, there is some serious ignorance here but it isn’t those who are offended by boorish behavior who are displaying it. I’ll leave it to you to figure out who is displaying his ignorance.

    • Troy

      N-Word : Slave. A word that dictates ownership of one human being by another. / Originally used exclusively by white people that owned black people as slaves. / If you, Ben Carroll, can’t grasp the inherent evil of the vile filth that used the N-Word while they kidnapped and enslaved previously free people from their own homeland, then you are the only person that needs to “realize your ignorance”, and the sooner the better.

    • Kbed

      Civil rights totes don’t effect me in ANY way. Lolololol.

      Grow up.

    • http://marie-everydaymiracle.blogspot.com/ Marie

      So you managed to insult this writer as well as the entire developmentally disabled community with your hateful “r” word. Words are powerful.

    • http://twitter.com/Tisha_Dolynchuk Tisha Dolynchuk (@Tisha_Dolynchuk)

      Talk about ignorance. You use a term that’s offensive towards a large group of individuals to insult someone else, then you turn around and speak about ignorance like you aren’t guilty?

      Pot called the kettle black.

      Go back to your hole, you ignorant piece of crap.

    • Poppa Boone

      So Ben, you’re a real tough guy… Defending Paula by making fun of retarded people, you Grandmother would be real proud. You are a cowardly, petty, little boy, trying to seem relevant, but the truth is you’re not! Actually all you’ve shown is that like Paula Deen, you are nothing more than white trash! You’re both pathetic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ann.keenan.140 Ann Keenan

    Except for the comments actually made by Paula, the ones she has already apologized for, none of your “charges” have to do with her! So what exactly is so shocking? If you have a problem with her brother, fine, but she doesn’t pay for the behavior of others. So yes, Bob Cull, the charges against her are really very weak.

    • Raiann Springer

      As owner the brand name, she IS responsible for her employees, including her family members. Really you think she had no idea was going on ??? And it seemed the whole disgusting wedding idea was hers. The only thing she has said was that she was sorry. But she never said what for, that could mean the entire thing or just the word. Who knows. I will wait to see what happens BUT it does not look good. If you do nothing when bad is happening you are just as guilty as the perpetrator.

    • zenxen

      The point is he allegedly condoned her brother’s and other employee’s actions.

    • http://twitter.com/Tisha_Dolynchuk Tisha Dolynchuk (@Tisha_Dolynchuk)

      She never apologized for the recent ones… only the ones where she was called out on them over 30 years ago. The one in this article that has her name all over it was from just a few years ago. Perhaps you should pay more attention before someone lets you speak.

  • Evan

    It sounds like Deen’s brother and other family were (and perhaps are still) racists, and she is shamefully trash talked with them (you know, like a bar where people swear or talk a certain way to fit in). Perhaps she looked back, realized what a disgrace she made of herself by going into the gutter with them, and is really sorry. That may explain why Deen apologized so profusely, if (big if) this is true, not just saying “Sorry for using the N word,” but rather, “Sorry for disparaging African Americans in a hatefully racist way.”

    In the case it is true, it’s not so much Deen was being “excessively honest” or overly sensitive about using the N word once or twice (recent president Carter quote), but rather, because she really f*cked up, humiliated and made a complete fool of herself before God and everyone, and is really seeking forgiveness. She’s getting up there in years and perhaps has serious health issues, realizes her mortality, and wants to come clean in this life. Who knows.

  • Cindy

    I can’t imagine that any thinking person would believe that she would have legal action brought against her for a word she said 27 years ago. Or that all of these businesses would cut ties with her for using that horrible word ONE time. So I did my research. I am not judging her. I am just saying I would not want to work for someone who treated me that way and spoke that way. Would You??

    • ellen bollinger

      No, but here is the deal. These are all just accusations at this point. Cant we just wait and see what the facts are? The Media sensationalizes EVERY thing and people just fall for it. She may be the biggest racist in the south, or she may not be. I really just think we don’t know…yet.

    • Guin

      In case math is too hard for you. 2007 was not 27 years ago. It was six.

  • Anne D.

    I read through her entire deposition. What she said there and what she is accused of saying in the past, according to what is posted here, are two different things. Where is it PROVEN that she actually SAID what she is being accused of?

  • Lisa

    Have these statements been substantiated? If so, she is reaping what she sowed and is a closed minded leftover from a sorry time in our history. I read commentary today that spoke of forgiveness for people who have truly changed. It is not about the mistake made but he heart and intent to be a changed person whom we should forgive. If these statements are true and with the way she’s handled this debacle I believe she has not changed. “I is what I is” is not true change. I am horrified that people in our country still feel and have these small-minded and biased views.

  • Ted Taylor

    I actually thought these charges DID come out first. This info is at least a week old, but thank you AATTP for helping to get it out. I do think most who liked her in the first place (I was not in that group) just kind of lazily put up defenses without bothering to find out what the actually problem(s) was/were.

    • AATTP

      You’re welcome. I think it’s important people know the whole story. A lot of denial going on here, none the less.

      • http://www.facebook.com/AlfsDogs Don Alfera

        The problem with all this, the people talking (even here in print) are talking at each other. Either tones of defense or accusation are both misplaced. The real issue is to try and put together facts and timelines. That means facts, not charges, but facts, like judgements in a court of law, a plea by an accused. The transcripts are facts, that is true. Prior charges that were never substantiated are not relevant. If people can not even read a transcript and list of charges without losing sight of the dealing with facts. Guess that is the problem with trying to discuss anything online, it involves listening to understand, not reading to respond.

        • AATTP

          We understand that and we never said she was definitely guilty. Our point is that the charges against her are much more involved and substantial than casually saying “n**ger” 30 years ago.

  • Jen Nelson

    It sounds more like Bubba’s attitude and words then Paula’s. Once something comes out, people come out of the woodwork with lies and inuendo. Maybe she did say the “n” word 20 years ago, maybe she recently said it, but the fact of the matter is that it’s been WAY overblown. Get over the political correctness. She apologized and I believe she is sincere. Maybe I’m gullible, but I believe in second chances.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.cunningham2 Bill Cunningham

    Read the lawsuit:


    If the allegations are true then her brother Bubba is just as sexist as he is racist. Black Legal issues only covers the tip of the whole iceberg.

  • http://www.facebook.com/patricia.houghtalen Patricia Houghtalen

    I have never been real impressed with Paula and I always thought that she was a died in the cotton old time southerner with all the bells and whistles of racism in her private life. I am not surprised by any of the revelations of the past couple of weeks. I do not believe her apology that she regrets having ever made a raciest remark , I think she is very angry on her real person being exposed to public view. I do not believe as long as Paula draws a breath on this earth she will ever change her heart and mind on thinking of the Negro as inferior to her genre. That is who she is and that is who she deep in her spirit will continue to be. Contrary to the Supreme Court’s pronouncements of the death of racism we find racism is alive and well and flourishing in the Republican Party and spreading out into the general population like a long forgotten but not eradicated plague. This is something we should react on now and with strong language and action to limit the devastation this renewal of hate can inflict on this Country. With this small matter of Paula, no sympathy , you are who you are ,you took all the glory while it was raining down on you but you gave up privacy and what came to light is not nice and now you will have to take the blows instead of the bows.

    • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

      An accusation of “racism” means you’re anti-white.

      • Mira52

        “An accusation of “racism” means you’re anti-white.” No Pat. And accusation of “racism” means you’re anti-RACE, which could be black, white, yellow, olive, pink or whatever. It is not specifically anti-white.

  • James Shin

    I feel so disgusted. She must really believe people with different color skin are different/inferior to herself. Such a shame. Didn’t she learn anything from civil rights movement?

    • http://www.facebook.com/marie.mccloskeybrown Marie McCloskey Brown

      I am sick and tired of people pre-judging. The list is what she is being accused of by a former employee. So nothing has been proved yet but you have no problem with believing the former employee. Have you checked into the employee? Could she be lying?

  • John Trout

    So, compared to her family, she’s Eleanor Roosevelt?

  • Pam S

    While this is a lose-lose situation, many of the items you listed have to do things that Paula’s brother and Jaime’s friend said or did. Is that really being fair, to hold her accountable for what they said and did?

    • Ted T

      Pam, if she is the business owner and knew these things were going on–likely, but debateable–then yes, case law says it is fair to hold her accountable.

    • Kathy

      She is the owner of the business and “Bubba’s” supervisor. Many of these things were done in her presence. So yes, it is fair to hold her accountable for acts that she witnessed and allowed to happen.

    • DB56

      She’s 51% owner of the all of the companies … so she’s accountable for what happens in her businesses. PLUS in her deposition, she admits that ALL of “us” participated in these behaviors …

      “Lawyer: Are you aware of Mr. Hiers admitting that he engaged in racially and sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace?

      Deen: I guess

      Lawyer: Okay. Well, have you done anything about what you heard him admit to doing?

      Deen: My brother and I have had conversations. My brother is not a bad person. Do humans behave inappropriately? At times, yes. I don’t know one person that has not. My brother is a good man. Have we told jokes? Have we said things that we should not have said, that — yes, we all have. We all have done that, every one of us.”


      Why are people working so hard to defend this woman … she, after all, isn’t denying what she’s done?

  • Kait

    are there any resources that corroborate these claims? Not defending her, I’m just curious. In theory, you or anyone else could write a bunch of accusations people have made and act like its based in fact, unless you have some sort of proof.This is just a list of heinous accusations and nothing to verify then against.

  • jim shields

    so her brother’s an ass and racist. Many families have the same type of relatives they aren’t proud of

  • Ellie in Idaho Falls

    The key here is “accused” of saying/doing. I’m not a fan of Paula’s or a detractor. Could care less either way. But the lawsuit should settle whether or not the accusations are true. Either way, I have more important issues on my mind: jobs, climate change, jobs, immigrations, jobs, education…this is a simple lawsuit and it matters little to me.

  • http://rtwministries.org Stephen Duplantis

    Proof, please! This article is hearsay–

    • AATTP

      There’s a link in the article and the complaint has been online for about two weeks, but here:


      • Stephen Duplantis

        I read that link. What amazes me is that you fail to mention this woman put up with this alleged abuse for over five years. Doesn’t it make you wonder why she didn’t leave after the first incident? This is all fabricated by a money hungry idiot who wants things given to her just because she is black. Have a nice day!

        • AATTP

          Can you PROVE that or is it just conjecture? I’m going to guess the latter.

          Have a nice day, too. *smiley face or whatever*

          • Stephen Duplantis

            Is what conjecture? Her working there for 5 years? That fact is on page 5 of the complaint. Or that she is out for money? Let me ask you this–would you stay at a job for 5+ years and subject yourself to abuse? Either it didn’t happen as she claims or she is just one stupid woman! She was free to leave that job anytime she wanted but chose to stay. And it seems she was doing pretty well as GM. There is more to this story than the biased one sided hatred you have for Paula Deen. Use common sense, please! And have a nice day!

        • Mary

          The woman who is suing is WHITE, not black. Get your facts straight.

        • Mira52


          You apparently have no idea what the economy and job market have been since Bush threw us into a recession. NO ONE is FREE to leave ANY job right now if they have a family to feed and don’t want to be on welfare.

          I worked for years for several bosses that made my life he!!. Low pay, uncompensated extra time (as salaried they could work me 50 – 60 hours a week), doing extra work and having the boss take the credit for it. That’s only part of it.

          But I had a son to put through college and I could not afford to quit my job. And I shouldn’t have to give up insurance and vacation/sick time because my boss was an ass hole.

          So I stayed and worked, cried on my drive home many nights, and did what I had to.

          And I don’t think I’m the only one who was in that situation. But hey, I didn’t go on welfare or need food stamps so I should be a hero for going through that, right?

          It ain’t so easy to just walk away. And any person who follows the real news and has a lick of smarts knows that.

    • http://gravatar.com/happyviking Fingal McCave

      Does she deny it? Does she disown and reject the behavior? Does she declare that she will not tolerate it in her organization? If so, please provide the linky.

  • http://www.facebook.com/carrie.wallace.355744 Carrie Wallace

    The depo has been out for over a week. I highly recommend reading it. Hilarious!

    • Marcie O;Brien

      Haven’t read her deposition, but it sounds like she might want to consider getting new lawyers who would better prepare her for having her deposition taken.

  • http://marie-everydaymiracle.blogspot.com/ Marie

    I read the deposition–you should post that here as well (it’s on scribd)–and the other thing that bothered me was that she was aware of the racist (and horribly sexist!) treatment of her employees, but she did nothing to stop it!

    • kiki2u

      and so was the woman filing the lawsuit…for 5 years.

      • Mira52


        You need to read my response to Stephen Duplantis posted a bit above this. It’s just so easy to criticize her for doing nothing for 5 years when it’s not you. She had to put up with all that crappy behavior for 5 years, and was quiet because that is what you do when you CANNOT afford to quit your job. (Or be fired)

        Or do you even have to work? Some of us do. And jobs are NOT easy to find. When you do find one, and settle in, get to know what you are doing, it’s hard to quit. But add to that the economy we have had and the job market we have, and it’s down right impossible. Especially with a family.

        Please try to remember that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000194585042 Mary W. Lukens Goodson

    I’ve read most of this on various posts. Not sure where I read them from though. The woman is pure Southern Cracker.

  • Nunya Bithneth

    Sounds like Bubba, not Paula is more at fault here. She said one thing six years ago.

  • A.B. Clark

    And where is your ourtrage for the “actual” words that the black artists rap about or use in daily conversation. N**ger seems to be a famously popular word among many….along with racial slurs for Jews, Whites and Latinos. And you provided NO proof that she actually said any of those things.

    • AATTP

      It’s linked in the article, but it seems many here are incapable of clicking the link:


      • Juan

        I really don’t understand… People would rather take the digested version as opposed to going to the meat. What trips me out is that people are still riding with her and she never denied she said any of the things in the depo, she apologized. You can’t apologize for being a racist and move on with life like nothing happened. It’s a way of thinking… wtf?

  • Teresa

    How about a link to the original article so his sources can be checked out? So far, all you have is hearsay. And I’m no Paula Deen fan. I’ve always thought she was in it for the greed.

  • Ganja Mon

    The first clue is that the N-word admission came in a deposition in a case in which Dean and her brother are being sued by employees for creating a hostile work environment. I can over look a little racism in the past, it’s treating workers poorly, and not correcting it without a lawsuit that has me pissed at her.

  • Dawn

    I would like proof, not just writing on the internet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.adams.16547 Laura Adams

    The article says this is what she has been ACCUSED of, not what she has been convicted of or admitted to (fat chance!). If she and her brother has done even one of these things recently or currently, then both of them are truly despicable and deserve lawsuits giving some financial compensation from their vast empire to those who have suffered under them. But so far these are accusations. I will be following this story with interest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mchels Melissa-Mellie Chelberg

    Not defending her, just stating this is simply what she is being ACCUSED of and nothing new. None of this has been proven at this point.

    And just for the record, she was an avid Obama supporter.

    • Mira52

      “And just for the record, she was an avid Obama supporter.”

      So? That doesn’t exonerate her from any of this. Nor does it make it OK for her to be a racist.

      If she had killed a black person, she would still be guilty of murder even if she was an Obama supporter. (Well, unless she lived in FL)

      So who she supported for president really has no bearing on all of this.

      And just for the record, *I* was, and still am an avid Obama supporter. Unusual for a Southern white, but there ya go.

      • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

        MIRA52 said, “And just for the record, *I* was, and still am an avid Obama supporter. Unusual for a Southern white, but there ya go.”

        That certainly explains your self hating, anti-white and anti-southern statements. We’re done.

        • Mira52

          Oh Pat, how sweet that you want to project your failings on me. But it’s not really necessary, sweetheart. Really, I think your time would be better spent actually reading and trying to retain what is in the posts and story here.

          You apparently did not read, or read and did not retain, the fact that I am southern and white. And there isn’t anywhere in my posts where I showed any kind of self hating. There couldn’t be, since I don’t hate myself, or my race, or my color, or my creed. I certainly don’t hate most southern whites, blacks, greens, yellows or any other color of anyone who lives in our southern states.

          I only have problems with folks who are bigots. Also racist, ignorant, close minded, arrogant people, no matter what part of the country they live in. Sadly, the majority do live in the south. But that is not to say everyone is that way. We certainly can’t base our opinions of southern folks on the rantings from people like you.

          You actually are a detriment to those in the south trying to distance themselves from the extremists. So it’s a good thing you are done.

          You have a nice day, hon. I’ll see you around.

  • http://twitter.com/royceearnest Ikea Monkey (@royceearnest)

    I know the part about the black employees not being able to work the front of the house, enter the front door and use more than the one specific restrooms are false. I have been to that restaurant several times and have seen for myself. We had blck servers, cashiers, we saw them enter through the front door, and I have saw black employees in the regular customer restrooms. I also have 2 black friends that have worked there in the past and one that is still there. They all adamantly say that none of those accusations is true.

  • B Fisher

    But who is to say what you’ve said above is really true?

  • http://www.pammccall.com Pam McCall

    i just hope this is exaggerated and not true. yucky stuff!

  • http://www.facebook.com/elise.williams.520 Libby Madeleine

    you reap what you sow

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjaminadams1966 Ben Adams

    You neglected to mention that the person bringing the charges is white, by the way, which Mr Washington carefully pointed out in his piece..

    • AATTP

      There’s a link to his piece–anyone can click on it and read Mr. Washington’s article in its entirety. That’s why we put it there.

    • CCinRI

      I’m not doubting that Ms Deen has made racially insensitive remarks, but is the inference that because the complaintant is white the testimony is more trustworthy? I would suspect that it’s very likely that someone has an axe to grind and corporate fear of political incorrectness is the grist for their mill.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.barker.77398 Robert Barker

    These allegations are shocking. But they are ALLEGATIONS. That’s my problem with this. If true, she is getting what she deserves. If not true, she’s being railroaded.

  • Alexander M.


    That’s what this article is. This is literally reporting what someone said someone said. C’mon, be a little more professional and credible AATP..

  • Roz

    Why do you guys think she is in court about this stuff? If it were from that long ago the statues would have ran out by now.

  • peter zullo

    Such talk bandied about by upper mgmt. at work creates what is known in employment circles as a “hostile work environment”, not unlike, say, boss talk about boob sizes, “fags”, etc. Companies understandable do not want their brands sullied so. … Having said that, Ms. Deen’s personal sins do not -remotely- approach the racism of the big banks who hoodwinked millions of working poor people of color into mortgages they could not afford. That was Racism, in caps. … Had it been a few hundred minority homeowners here and there, you could think they were people who just got too greedy. But millions of vics? That indicates a massive, racist banking scam.

  • Brawny71

    What?! No wonder people can’t believe it. That’s out of a bygone era. The key words there are “being accused of”. I can’t believe that separate-entrances and bathrooms stuff is true. But if it is, she’s toast.

  • Marcie O;Brien

    I’m still not convinced. If you want to bet up on Paula Dean do so, but don’t bring in what others did that you have not alleged she knew about. Sorry, but I’m still not with you. I go back to all the rap music and it’s denigration of women and racism. Nobody seems to think that’s so bad. Like AATTP but you don;t get me with this one unless you are prepared to be consistent across the board.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=686371027 Grace Smith

    I also have been accused of defending her, but what I have actually been defending is the idea that everyone is entitled to his or her day in court. So far, the charges against Deen are accusations and allegations; they have not been proven to be facts, but everyone has assumed that charges are only filed if they’re true, which experience tells us is not true. If the allegations are proven to be true, then yes, Paula Deen and her business empire should be punished. But that is to be decided in a court. It is not right for a person to be tried, convicted and punished via the press and social media sites based on charges that may or may not be true. And that seems to be what has happened. Lisa T. Jackson, who filed the charges, has already been caught contradicting herself in her deposition, but that document is not being circulated as widely. Should be an interesting trial.

  • Mary

    You forgot to mention the interview she did where she referred to her bodyguard (Hollis Johnson) as ‘black as a board’ and ‘we can’t see you in front of that board’ referring to a black backdrop. It’s on ETonline.com.

  • http://www.facebook.com/roger.l.moore.16 Roger L. Moore

    Who is this Daryl Washington?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tlafavor1 Timothy Lafavor

    oooooooh and was feeling sorry for paula!

  • Jeff Jones

    This has nothing to do with politics! Please get back on focus of debunking the Teabaggers agenda. Move on from Paula!!!

  • Kimberly Dodson

    She’s been accused of these things. ACCUSED. It doesn’t necessarily make it so. Maybe the person accusing her has a hidden agenda…MONEY. Last time I checked, ACCUSED was not the same as guilty. Everyone is rushing to judgment.

  • Barry M. Greenberg

    I don’t believe anything anybody attributes to another without evidence and the person making the accusation signing their name to the accusations.

    • DB56

      Here’s Deen’s testimony … this isn’t about long ago slurs … this is the crux of the issue, how she ran her businesses, which by the way she is 51% owner of each.

      “Lawyer: Are you aware of Mr. Hiers admitting that he engaged in racially and sexually inappropriate behavior in the workplace?

      Deen: I guess

      Lawyer: Okay. Well, have you done anything about what you heard him admit to doing?
      Deen: My brother and I have had conversations. My brother is not a bad person. Do humans behave inappropriately? At times, yes. I don’t know one person that has not. My brother is a good man. Have we told jokes? Have we said things that we should not have said, that — yes, we all have. We all have done that, every one of us.”


      • http://gravatar.com/garretthkinlaw garretthkinlaw

        She was telling the truth. Witch hunters the lot of you. Like you never have said a bad thing about a Redneck.

      • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

        Who cares what Paula Deen said, the question is did she fulfill the obligations she had with her employees or others.

        What she says in her own place of business is her business. If employees don’t like it, tough, quit and go someplace more to their liking.

        • AATTP

          Uh…wow…so much wrong it’s not even worth trying to sort out.

        • Mira52

          So tell me, if you’re sexually harassed and groped by your boss, as long as your boss fulfills the obligations they have with you, their employee, then they are doing nothing wrong????

          That is the most ignorant post so far.

          • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

            Groped is a crime, it’s called sexual assault and is prosecuted in a court of law.

            Using a term blacks use all the time and calling it the same thing as being groped is male bovine excrement.

          • Mira52

            I don’t believe *I* compared groping to using a bad word. I was talking about the real issue, discrimination, which is actually what the whole thing is about. It’s not about using a “bad” word. That was all a smoke screen to keep people from focusing on the real issue. And it certainly worked on you, since that is what you keep going back to. Go read the deposition. Do something smart before you post again.

          • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

            This whole essay about Paul Deen has worn out it’s “gravitas”, if it ever had any. Blacks are employed in the parasitic relationship they’ve always been in.

            When whites do well, blacks employed by them do well. When whites don’t do well, blacks don’t do well either.

            Anyone attacking an employer of blacks for any reason, is hurting blacks more than they’re hurting the whites. Thus it has been, thus it will always be.

            You can either come to grips with that, or not, it makes no difference to me or reality at all.

          • AATTP

            We’re only letting your myopic little comments on our blog to show others how truly stupid people can be. Pathetic.

          • Mira52

            So I take it you didn’t get your sorry @ss over to her deposition or the employee’s allegations and read them. Typical.

            You really have no business commenting on something you are too lazy to get the facts on first. You’re just an arrogant moron wanting to force you idiot ideas on anyone who would listen.

            Lucky for us, most of the posters here are a he!! of a lot smarter than you will ever be. And we all can see just how ignorant you really are.

  • JJ

    I’m not quite ready to ignore what Deen said, but I really don’t think she lives in a 13 million dollar house; not in South Carolina, even if it was a plantation.

    • http://fastpatone.wordpress.com Pat Hines

      Paula Deen’s restaurant is in Savannah, Georgia. While her house could be in nearby South Carolina instead of Georgia, you obviously don’t have a clue as to how much a home could cost in the Lowcountry areas of South Carolina and Georgia.

      Good, maybe they’ll go down in price as Yankees leave our lands. Hope springs eternal.

  • Bob Cull

    I am one who has been accused of defending her, although all I was really saying was that what I had seen so far was that she had engaged in boorish behavior and that I had seen nothing that actually rose to the level of discrimination. If these charges are true then of course she is getting what she sowed. This is the first I have heard these things, I just wonder why these charges weren’t brought out first rather than the weak charges about her crude language.

    • AATTP

      I was shocked to be honest–which is why I thought it important to get the information out there.

      • S Atz

        Why stop at Paula Deen then… may as well go after everyone else that use the “N” word and any other offensive racist words. No matter the color of their skin… may as well make it a WITCH HUNT.

        • AATTP

          I feel sorry for you.

        • Lisa

          You actually have to ask why and we wonder why America is twirling down the drain….it is the same thing as anyone promoting their product…their name…..their book…they are held to a higher standard …..after all they are pandering their wares to millions.

      • http://www.facebook.com/mickiehalley Mickie Lynn Halley

        So the information Mr. Washington wrote came from the deposition she gave? depositions others gave? from the lawsuit filed? or a combination? And if those charges are true does the lawsuit have multiple plaintiffs?

      • http://www.facebook.com/GEJWalden Glenn Eric Johnson

        These are all accusations. How do you feel when conservatives make unfounded accusations about the President? Based on one person’s word?

        • http://www.facebook.com/debra.faber Debra Faber

          These conservative accusations seldom reach the level of lawsuit, and when they do, they are required to be proven or disproven. However, in the instance where a lawsuit may be filed, I don’t have the President’s deposition which seems to corroborate some of the allegations, nor national apologies, which also seem to corroborate some of the allegations. We DO have that in the case of Paula Deen.

        • Mira52

          Paula Dean is NOT our president. And nothing that occurred in her business was in any way shape or form even related to politics.

          And you need to do a little research. It’s not one employee saying these things, it’s several.

      • Mira52

        I think it was done as a smoke screen to get everyone’s attention off the truth. Dean made a big deal about the language and did a great job of creating a diversion. Look at all the posts where they are still carrying on about her language and NOT about anything else. And most of it is in favor of her, poor dear, being attacked for one little bad word. How dare we!!

        Someone gave her some good advice when the shit hit. Not so much afterwards, but definitely at the very beginning.

    • http://gravatar.com/manycatsonekid manycatsonekid

      They actually were brought up, but most people never bothered to read the complaint (which has been on line for a couple of weeks). Add to the list the issue about Earl Hiers (“Bubba”) and his nasty habit of watching porn on the office PC and leaving it up when female employees were in his office. He also supposedly called women into the office just to embarrass them by having the crap up.

      • http://Alternet.com Gail

        That in itself is sexual harassment. What is a person to do when the actual owner of a business is the person doing the harassment? I ran into that problem in the past. I didn’t do anything about it, because the ladies in the office did not want to do anything to back it up. Even when the ladies knew about the issue. The name says it all “Bubba”. Inbred idiot. Sorry, but I am not going to work for someone named Bubba.

    • http://www.facebook.com/huntercares1 Hunter Cares

      They aren’t being focused on by many, because at this point those are only allegations in a lawsuit and so far unproven. In fact some already disproven in regards to Paula Deen. Apparently, AATTP does not possess the ability to discern an allegation based on financial motive to a proven fact. You know, just like the people they built a site to be against.

      • AATTP

        As another poster said: Allegations, supported by witness testimony, admitted into court evidence. It’s you who can’t discern simple allegations from those supported by evidence and testimony. Of course, only time will tell.

        • http://www.facebook.com/villar777 JC Villar

          Exactly what witness testimony are we talking about? I haven’t been following this case too closely. I’ve heard Deen gave a deposition and that’s it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/shawnoftheliberaldead Shawn Savage

        You realize, of course, that as far as public opinion goes, it doesn’t matter if the allegations are proven in court. The fact that the allegations exist tarnished her brand. Food Network AND her sponsors had EVERY right to let her go, and frankly, wouldn’t be very good free market businesses if they didn’t. Now, you say that some of the allegations have been proven wrong, but then you provide no source to backup that claim. Perhaps you’d have a stronger case if you would provide information to back the things you say up, rather than just saying some random words and hoping it makes you look smart.

        • Andy

          It is really sad that AATTP published these lies.. and yes I am 100% sure that they are lies. I am not a fan of Paula Deen, the butter queen… but I don’t like to see this kind of injustice done to anyone. If you review her comments about the plantation party she was talking to her friend Oprah Winfrey… it’s on OWN, look it up. She wasn’t racist at all…she wasn’t saying she wanted to enslave anyone… she just thought that black men in white suits was elegant….period. If you were one of those black men, you might feel differently, but her observation showed her ignorance, not her racism. Using the N word 20 years ago under stress is not worth destroying her. Hell, Bethany Frankel loves to call gay men Faggots (some of her best friends are gay men…..)… and she’s getting a talks show! What is troubling is the woman who’s cooking made Paula Deen famous made a measly 10 dollars an hour until the story broke.. a lifetime of service to this fake cook, and all they could find was 10 bucks an hour.. unbelievable… her greed is comparable to Donald Trump.. but we celebrate that bastard… AATTP, can I trust anything you write? what a disappointment

          • Mira52

            If she admitted everything in her disposition, then how can they be lies? She was under oath so she wasn’t supposed to be telling lies. So, is AATTP telling lies by using Deen’s own admissions, or is Deen lying under oath. That would be perjury, which is illegal and could result in jail time for Deen.

            Also, this whole thing was NOT about her saying the n word. It was about prejudice, sexual harassment, discrimination, and knowing what Bubba was doing without stopping him.

            Forget the stuff she claimed on talk shows, go read the dispositions. Those are what she said under oath. The links are all over this page.

        • Jeff T.

          To Mira- Brilliant responses to the bigoted people who choose to blindly follow and not listen or accept any of the real facts….I nearly stood up and cheered as I read your dismantling of the numerous ‘defenses’ of this woman. Please don’t stop taking the high road….well done, Mira, well done!

          • https://www.facebook.com/mig.crowe Mira52

            Jeff, thank you.

            I actually have not ever heard that and wasn’t sure how to reply.

            Many of the people out here have a much different opinion about me, but I do consider the source, and really don’t care what they think about me.

            Again, thank you, especially for letting me know I am making a small difference

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